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GM Poisonbladed Hollow's Last Hope (Inactive)

Game Master Ross Hearne aka poisonbladed

Right o' a deadly plague, a mysterious forest, goblins? Whats not to love.

Combat Posting

DM rolls Iniatitive.

Post when ever you like but at the top of your post you should have this.

Round #, Hit Points current/max, spells in effect and their duration current/max,

Example - Round 4, HP 45/60, Spells: Haste 7/10, Wall of Fire 1/10

You are to label each combat post in according to your round action. There is to be no bunny hopping rounds of combat. Meaning you can only post for the current round. When all parties have acted/posted for the current round we move onto the next round of combat. Careful reading and timing is important. Though you do not have to post in order.

All rolls when concerning percentile dice will be under. Example; 20% miss chance. Rolling a 1-20 on your d100 roll is a miss.

Posts for combat will be in order of initiative. In Character out of order posts will be ignored. You will have one day to post your turn. If you fail to post your turn before then you will be skipped and will not be able to make up the turn.

All attack rolls can attain Critical Hits and Misses. Rolling to comfirm the miss as per confirmind a hit. Saves can be also critically succeeded or failed, as per the Core Book. Rolling a Natural 1 on a save can and will effect a magic item, determined as per Damaging Magic Items.
Fast Track Experience

I award Experience for all kinds of things but only when you rest and are safe.

When you are not camping in the lowest level of death dungeon expecting an ambush at any time, you don't XP. When you are safe in an Inn and can think about what happened in your travels and how you could have done this or that differently and will next time, you get XP

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