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GM_Pace's Serpent's Skull

Game Master jhpace1

Another Serpent's Skull, but with psionics and 3rd party material. Uses the Pathfinder Reference Document online as well as the Open Gaming License

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Male Human Gamemaster

Serpent's Skull Adventure Path
Chapter 1- Souls for Smugglers Shiv

For various reasons, you have all found yourselves aboard the ship known as the Jenivere, a ship that routinely travels between Magnimar in Varisia and the Cheliax colony, Sargava. The voyage is nearing its end, with First Mate Alton Devers sharing that you will arrive in Eleder, your destination port, in about four days.
As you have all spent some time aboard the Jenivere at this point, you should have at least passing familiarity with several prominent crew members and passengers making their way to Sargava.

(I've included some information about these characters - some is found in your Player's Guide, but I've also added a little.)

Aerys Mavato:

This severe half-elven woman boarded in Port Peril, where she immediately got into a scrape with a crude sailor. She spends most of her time in her bunk, seeming to purposefully avoid fraternizing with the ship’s other passengers. She is a trim, athletic woman with short dark hair, tanned skin, and fierce blue eyes. She dresses in tightly fitted leather armor and favors dark clothing and tricorn hats. The few times you have seen her, you get the impression she spends most of the day drunk; the smell of alcohol is always present on her breath.

Alizandru Kovack, Captain of the Jenivere:

A Chelish man whose family has made the Magnimar to Eleder run for generations, Captain Kovack is pleasant enough with his passengers, but a strict disciplinarian when dealing with his crew.

Alton Devers, First Mate:

The Jenivere’s First Mate is friendly with both passengers and crew, but he sometimes seems to chafe under the strong discipline of Captain Kovack.

Gelik Aberwhinge, Gnome Writer:

A sharply dressed gnome from Magnimar, Gelik spends much of his time writing in the ships’ common areas, and takes every opportunity to tell long-winded stories, boast of past journeys, or quip about anything in his field of view. Gelik is a spry, energetic gnome with blond hair and a neat goatee. He dresses like a noble at all times. With liberal use of prestidigitation, his fine clothes always seem freshly cleaned. Only the ink stains on his fingers break the illusion of a proper gnome nobleman. He has something of a cruel streak, and a tendency to mock others.

Ieana, Varisian Scholar and Loner:

A bookish Varisian scholar who tends to keep to herself, Ieana is traveling to Sargava to explore the ancient ruins there. Rumors aboard the ship alternately suggest that she’s the Jenivere’s owner, a Chelish agent, or Captain Kovack’s secret lover. Ieana keeps mostly to herself, and grows more intent on her studies with each mile the ship travels closer to Eleder. A small and quiet woman, Ieana has shown no interest in socializing or making friends on the voyage.

Ishirou, Rugged Tian:

A scruffy human of Tian heritage, Ishirou boarded at Bloodcove and waits to reach Sargava with a quiet eagerness. Aloof but not rude, he gives the impression of one who has had a hard life but find himself currently without direction. He appears much older than he is, with graying hair worn in a ponytail and a perpetual scruffy beard. His clothing and armor are well kept and clean, but obviously of low quality. Only his sword, a beautiful katana, has any real value. Ishirou is fiercely protective of it, as it is his only material link to his cultural heritage.

Jask Derindi, Garundi Prisoner:

Jask is a prisoner loaded aboard in Corentyn. Captain Kovack sees to this taciturn human’s needs with curt courtesy, but insists he be left alone, sequestered in the ship’s brig. He is a middle-aged, plain-looking Garundi man with graying hair and watery eyes.

Rambar Terillo, Jenivere's Cook:

A taciturn man from Senghor, Ship’s Cook Terillo has served in that capacity aboard several ships, though apparently not on account of his culinary skills, which seem to be limited to watery soups.

Sasha Nevah, Adventurer from Mediogalti:

This red-haired human boarded the Jenivere in Ilizmagorti. Since leaving Mediogalti Island, the woman’s somber demeanor has gradually faded, revealing a boisterous and optimistic personality. None have yet questioned her about her missing left pinky finger. She has tousled red hair and mischievous green eyes.

It is the morning after the previous cloudy night. The weather is gloriously sunny, unlike the weeks of stormy weather that has kept most of the passengers inside for their safety. The Captain and First Mate are privately consulting with the navigator about their course, while the crew is busying themselves with the routine tasks. Though there are still a few grumblings among the crew regarding the current heading, a general calm has come over them since it is widely know that Captain Kovack is finally meeting with his navigator. Most of the paying passengers of the ship are out on the deck, enjoying the sunshine as the ship plows the ocean under full sail. You haven't lost a single person on this voyage, which has some people in good spirits.

(As we wait for the characters to get finalized, feel free to get to know one another here. No dice rolls needed - just interact in-character.)

For our Stowaway:

Since you've chosen the Stowaway option, your story is a little different. You've spent the last several days in the cargo hold under the main deck, surreptitiously moving from crate to crate. You've managed to live off of the stored food in the hold, including breaking into a few barrels of water, dried fruit, tender salted beef and fish, and hardtack. It looks like the ship's cook wasn't using them anyway. Apart from hiding from the sailors as they move cargo around as needed during the voyage, cursing all the while, your only companion has been the ship's cat, who you see the first mate feed from time to time. The dark, stuffy hold has been thankfully rat-free and you spent most of your time sleeping, seeing sunlight only when the hatch is opened by the sailors above. The near-constant storms have kept you nauseated nearly the entire voyage.

(OOC Link)

(GM page)

Female Catfolk Rogue(Scout/Knife master) 1

From the stowaway:

Ashana awakes with a start as she hears the hatch open again and quickly moves to hide behind some barrel. Stealth check to hide and avoid detection1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21. As she ducks down behind one of the crates she hears two crewmen enter the hold, take a box and then return back to the deck above. She sighs and slumps on the floor. She thought she would like having her freedom but so far its been to much like the bondage she lived in in Cheliax.

She sits there hugging her knees for a second before she notices that the ship is finally not violently rocking back and forth from a storm. At least its going to be good weather today she thinks to herself. She then feels something that she hasn't felt for days. She feels the pain of hunger. Hmm guess with it being a calm day I don't have to worry about keeping a meal down. Lets see what I can find today. With that thought she starts scowering the hold for food. She walks by the boxes she had previously inspected fish...dried fruit...salted beef...hardtack...none of this sounds good but I need to eat she things to her self as she walks by all the boxes. After a few minutes of pacing she sighs and goes over to the crate full of fish and helps her self to a few. Using an old piece of wood as a plate and a old chipped mug she had found here previously she helps herself to some fish and some water. Drawing one of her daggers she begins to eat.

Male Half-Orc Verdant Sorcerer (1)

Varash sits and enjoys the fresh air, looking dubiously at his bowl of, surprise!, watery soup. He scowls, then makes some passes while saying a few quiet words (prestidigitation to flavor the food). He speaks to the nearest person (npc or pc), "How did Terillo ever get hired as a cook?"

OOC: My character looks like a more humanish half-orc although has a lighter green skin (leafy colored), speaks very well, and carries himself with a friendly confidence that people tend to respect and feel drawn to.

Male Gnome Bard 2D8

The small, blond-headed gnome calling himself "Master Aberwhinge", or simply "Gelik" when pressured, responded, "Perhaps our nautical culinary expert desires to keep this ship as light as possible by ensuring our lack of constipation on the voyage." The gnome carried his own bowl of thin soup. Sitting on a crate near the half-orc, he sniffed disdainfully at his breakfast, and muttered under his breath as he wiggled his fingers above the broth. (Spellcraft check: DC 16, Prestigiditation)

"Still, this is better than staying in our quarters, seeing if we will make it to the slop bucket in time as this vessel rolls up and down the waves during a storm. If the bucket would stay still!" Gelik offered, and laughs at his own joke before spooning the soup.

Male Human Aegis 1

"Well said, Master Gelik."

Phillip grabs the salt shaker, and after applying a generous dose of sodium to his gruel, places it back in its place. He moves off to lean against a wall as he eats.

"Could be worse, I suppose. We could have no food at all."

He looks at the small bowl of soup disdainfully, and with much apprehension, digs into yet another bowl of the substance he has been eating for roughly 3 months.

Female Half-Elf Fighter 2D10

A severe, ravenhaired half-elf dressed in grey and brown clothing comes from the womens' quarters, squinting and shielding her eyes against the sunlight. With an uneasy step, she makes her way to the galley, ignoring sailor and passenger alike, and enters the other room. You know her as Aerys, who has been in her cabin almost the entire voyage since Port Peril in the Shackles.

A few minutes later she comes out on the main deck again, a bowl of soup in her hands. Looking around with a puffy face, she settles on a spot far away from anyone else. You see Aerys lift the wooden spoon to her lips and shudder at the taste. Getting out a glass flask from inside her shirt, she upends the bottle but is unable to get more than a few drops out. Disgusted, she chucks the bottle over her shoulder into the ocean below. The crew pay her no mind as the half-elf continues eating.

A strongly built handsome man emerges on deck from the cabins below. He goes to the rail and gazes across the open water, a look of contentment on his face. He carries a small bowl of soup with him and is sipping from it slowly. A wooden symbol hangs from a cord on his neck.

Male Half-Elf (Varisian) Cleric of Sarenrae 1

A young awkward youth wearing a symbol of the dawnflower. Comes out from the galley carrying the soup that reminded him of the days in the caravan when times were tough. He walks towards his fellow passengers. "This soup reminds me of home, just like my granny made." he eats a spoonful and shivers "When she accidentally used the laundry water to make soup." he smiles broadly

Female Human Ranger 2D10

Sasha strides on deck, a pale-skinned redhead that makes several of the sailors look at her out of the corner of their eyes. She moves to the bow of the ship and looks out across the water. Those who look can see a wide, almost manic smile on her face. After just a few moments, she turns back to the middle of the ship and moves towards the rigging. In a swift movement, she leaps onto the netting and climbs the ropes to the crow's nest. All of this happens within the span of a minute.

Noel walks up to deck with a clinging Tessara right behind her. watching the others go about there daily motions, looks for a quiet spot to sit and enjoy this beautiful day.

Male Human Gamemaster

The morning passes by uneventfully. You haven't seen land since leaving the port city of Senghor and sailing for Sargava, so the prospect of actually having solid ground under your feet is a welcome one after so many weeks at sea.

At noon, Captain Kovack calls for a full assembly of crew and passengers alike. You notice even Aerys Mavato, albeit in a bad mood, with Ishirou, the mustached Tian, nearby and redheaded Sasha Nevah in the crowd. The only people missing are Ieana, who always stays in the small cabin across from the galley, and the prisoner, Jask. When enough people gather on the main deck, Captain Kovack loudly told them from the upper poop deck, "I would like to voice my appreciation on the crew. I know this trip's been more challenging than our usual voyages, given the storms, but we are now only four days out from Eleder. I am as eager as the rest of you to get shore leave, and I am going to try a little-used route around an island here in Desperation Bay called Smuggler's Shiv to trim off a day with the winds around that path, gods willing. Once around the Shiv-" Everyone's attention was drawn away from the Captain as Ieana, the scholar, arrived late to the crowd, looking up at the senior crew on the upper deck. Even the Captain paused, his right hand lifting involuntary, almost in greeting, and his normally serious face almost smiled before he caught himself and continued his announcement. First Mate Devers saw the motion and frowned heavily at the Captain. "As I was, um, saying, Captain Kovack corrected, "once we are past the Shiv the city of Eleder will be in sight. Our final stop. I have ordered Cook Terillo to fix us a celebration tonight, since our journey is almost complete. The last barrels of food will be opened, as well as some of my personal stock. So when you hear the anchor drop after sunset, the feast will begin! First Mate Devers, you have the deck." The Captain descended to the main deck, leaving go to his cabin.

The cheer from the crew is only half-hearted, and as the sailors dispersed one grizzled old man was overheard saying loudly "The Shiv? Is the Captain mad? The dead walk there, and eat anyone who get close! That's it! I'm done with this worm-eaten ship! I'll take me chances at Drenchport in the Shackles, I will! Staring into the Eye every day is better than risking our luck with every trip!" The man is set upon by the bosun, and shuffled off to the other side of the ship, away from the passengers. The crew mutter among themselves, and grudgingly get back to their sailors' duties among sharp commands from the First Mate. Gelik Aberwhinge appears from behind a mast, looking thoughtful at the altercation.

Male Half-Orc Verdant Sorcerer (1)

Varash stands up, thinking to himself that it is unlikely that the ship would be on its last barrels of food, when they don't seem to have opened 1 yet.
Anyone heard of this Shiv? he asks the remaining passengers, as he searches his memory for anything he may have read.

knowledge history 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14

Male Human Rogue 2D8

Ishirou, the stoic Tian with greying hair, glances over from where he was standing by himself. "Smuggler's Shiv is not on most maps and rarely spoken of. It looks like a shiv, with a curved blade, and wrecks most ships that try to land or get close. Only smugglers and pirates, escaping Sargava's navy, think of using the island. Rumors talk of failed attempts to set up a colony; all have ended among stories of cannibalism and ghosts." The weathered man finishes speaking and looks as if he has said all he knows.

Male Human Aegis 1

"If it's so dangerous, why does the Captain want to come so close by it? It seems that the risks are great, with only a few days travel averted as the reward? Last time I checked, his first responsibility is the safety of all passengers, not the time it takes to get to our destination, while it is a factor."

Male Human Rogue 2D8

"I do not know." Ishirou replied slowly. "This is a merchant ship, but we were not told what the cargo was." He shifted uncomfortably. "The Captain must have his reasons. He is allowing the crew to have a celebratory dinner, which is a change from his usual strictness." Ishirou concluded.

Male Gnome Bard 2D8

"Well I, for one," Gelik piped up as he joined the small group, "would like to see some excitement. This voyage has been as dull and gray as the storms chasing us from Magimar. Not a single day worthy enough to write of in a journal! Not even a pirate sighting." the gnome complained.

Male Human Gamemaster

The door to the bow section of the ship opens, and you see the middle-aged prisoner, Jask Derindi, emerge led by the First Mate. Alton Devers shows the shacked man a bucket of seawater, a sea sponge, and a wide brush, and together with two other sailors, the silent prisoner begins to swab the main deck from bow to stern.

You overhear the First Mate tell the bosun, "Let the prisoner get some sunlight and fresh air. It's probably his last chance before we reach Eleder. I'll lock him up tonight." The other sailor gruffly agrees. The First Mate moves on to supervise the men on the rigging of the secondary sail.

Male Half-Elf (Varisian) Cleric of Sarenrae 1

Adriano looks up at the bright sky and give a little prayer to the Dawn Flower wondering why she would have sent him to a place like this. After hearing the first mate tell the bosun to leave the prisoner out he wonders what the man did.

He walks over to Gelik and in a low voice "Excuse me, you don't happen to know why that man is being locked up do you? he shifts his eyes over to Jask

Male Half-Orc Verdant Sorcerer (1)

Varash walks over to the captains cabin (assuming shut) and knocks politely on the door.

Captain? May I have a minute please?

"We will soon be there finally" she thought. Well Tessara lets go back to enjoying our day. Noel walks over to the railing and watches the sea.

Male Gnome Bard 2D8

"Eh? Gelik responded. In a normal tone he said "Just that he came on board at Corentyn. The Captain ordered him locked in the brig; the First Mate has let him out from time to time. Since he's still here, I suppose he's going to Eleder, like us." The gnome looked at the older human, finishing with "He's not the image of the typical prisoner, but his story's not going to have a happy ending, I suspect. Here! Ask him yourself."

Male Human Gamemaster

(Actually, the Captain's cabin is opposite your room under the poop deck to the aft of the ship; the womens' common room is opposite the First Mate and navigator's room. Only Ieana has a private room on the other side of the ship, next to the brig, crew's quarters, and galley; this has made her the focus of rumors about her importance to the Captain.)

When you knock on the Captain's closed door you hear a voice respond with "Come!". Opening the heavy wooden door, you see the Captain and his navigator both studying a large map of the oceans, the navigator holding a tool to the thick parchment. "How can I be of service, Master Ironskull? Something the First Mate cannot handle in my name?" Captain Kovack asked gruffly.

Male Half-Orc Verdant Sorcerer (1)

I am a bit concerned with our course to attempt to go through Smuggler's Shiv? The risk seems rather great for simply saving a day or so out of a months long voyage. I am hoping to hear a better explanation. Varash states in his most reasonable tones.

untrained diplomancy1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24

Male Human Gamemaster

The Captain drew himself up to his full height, and sternly replied, "We lost too many days in the storms, Master Ironskull, and I have cargo with an expiration date on it. What that cargo is not your concern, my good sir; neither is the means by which I conduct my ship. If you have complaints about me or my ship you may take it up with the Portmaster at Eleder after we arrive. Now then, if you will excuse me, I must confer with my navigator. We...must go to, around, Smuggler's Shiv." Captain Kovack's eyes get a little glassy on the last sentence, but he quickly regained his composure. The navigator, a nondescript sailor, shifted nervously on the other side of the table.

Male Half-Elf (Varisian) Cleric of Sarenrae 1

After pondering the gnomes words Adriano decides it would be a good idea to talk to Jask himself. He takes a deep breath and walks over to Jask crouching down to be at his level. "Excuse me, Sir I was wondering why it is you have been locked up during this voyage." Adriano smiles the smile of the naive he looks at the man called Jask waiting for a respone.

If untrained Diplomacy will work here. 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

Male Human Cleric 2D8

A look of anger immediately crosses Jask Derindi's features and he grips the mop tightly - but it passes almost as quickly as it appeared as his passive, defeated look returns. "You won't believe this, the middle-aged man said, "but I am guilty of nothing more than speaking the truth. I am innocent of any crime. But the powerful have spoken, and I am in chains. So my innocence is of little comfort to me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I really must finish these chores. I want to give no reason to the crew to lock me up in that dark brig again." His eyes fall and he returns to mopping the deck.

Shevan watches the comings and goings on deck. When the prisoner is brought up on deck Shevan gets a quick flash of contempt that he instantly squashes. That is no way to think Shevan! Control...Calm...that is the way. Taking a deep breath Shevan goes below and enters the hold to get away and meditate on his poor reaction to the man.

Let me know if that's not ok Pace. He would just be looking for a place of peace and quiet and he wouldn't have afforded a cabin to himself.

Male Human Gamemaster

(Now that it's sunny, instead of rainy, the crew were opening the holds anyway, but the hatches were battered down with nails and will take a few minutes. If you want privacy the upper bow has a deck similar to the helmsman's area but smaller.)

Male Human Gamemaster

You watch the sailors unlatch and un-nail the hatches on the deck leading to the storage holds below.

for Ashana Blacktail:

You hear the rear hatch being un-nailed and opened. Bright sunlight pours in as the hatches are lifted.

Female Catfolk Rogue(Scout/Knife master) 1

I do my best to hide as the hatch is being opened, moving to the front of the hold and trying to hide amongst some boxes.

Stealth check if required:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (20) + 8 = 28
Disguise check if found:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22
Bluff check if found: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

If she is discovered(or the stealth check fails) she will claim to be a lost passenger that has misplaced her ticket(the bluff check). She will be pinning her ears back and trying to tuck her tail into her vest so it isn't noticeable(the disguise check)

Male Human Gamemaster

(Another Nat 20. How come I never roll like this?)

for Ashana:
Two sailors with hammers and crowbars come down the stairs into the hold and make their way to where you have hidden yourself. You manage to stay quiet as the men go to the very back of the hold, far from your hiding place. They move boxes around several of the barrels you found with food in them, talking to themselves. You hear the sound of a barrel being opened at the top, then another. One of the men lets loose with a string of curses the likes of which would scour the wood.

"Rats!" he says. "Look at the size of those scratches in the wood, there. Warf rats the size of a dog! I thought the First Mate put a cat down here! Now what are we going to take to the cook?"

"Cook can boil his boots, for all I care. the younger man replied roughly. "But you're going to have to tell the bosun so he can tell the First Mate so he can tell the Captain his precious stash's half gone. Looks like they got the good stuff, too."

"I'm not telling the Captain, you tell the Captain something's eating his stash." the sailor growled.

"Not me! I'm not spending two days with my arse in a sling from a rope, scraping barnacles off the hull while everyone laughs at me and dumps their slop buckets on me head! Not again!" the salty sailor insisted.

"Well, listen." the burly man said, dropping his voice "There's enough to make half here, plus the big salted ham. It's untouched. We'll take that up and give it to that fat Terillo. He won't know the difference. The wine barrels too. Then when we get to Elder, you grab your pay and go into town and don't come back for a couple of days. Tomorrow I'll make it look like these rats got it all, and the Captain won't know the difference. Here, let's get the ham first."

You hear the sound of a barrel head being nailed back on, and then the barrel is rolled to the stairs leading up. Over the course of several minutes, the two sailors move numerous barrels and crates where the best of the food you found was kept over to the stairs and up to the main deck. The bigger man came down and spent a full hour moving crates around, thankfully missing the area you were in. When they are done, you hear the hatch close to the main deck. The hatch is latched but not battened down.

A few minutes later, you hear the ship's cat padding along the top of the crates near you and meows in the dark.

Female Catfolk Rogue(Scout/Knife master) 1

She watches, her eyes wide and ears pinned down as the men investigate the barrels she had been eating from. She scolded herself for not being more careful to hide her tracks so to speak but it seemed as if the men were willing to cover it up for her.

Man that was close she thought to herself as the hatch finally closed. She slumped back against a crate. Hearing the cat come near Ashana clicks her tongue to call the animal over and if the cat approaches she will try and pet it.

I'm not sure how this would work but she would try to communicate with the animal. Since they are both feline I'm sure they could but I don't know what kind of language it would be so I'll let you decide how well it works.

Also I'm not sure if you want my posts in spoilers or not, but I'm leaving it unspoiled for now. If you want me to change it from here on out I will

Male Half-Elf (Varisian) Cleric of Sarenrae 1

Looking around to see what the crew is up to, then looking at Jask "What truths do you speak and may I help you so you may get the chores done and maybe enjoy part of the day without work.

Male Human Cleric 2D8

A grateful look flashed on Jask's face but he shook his head. "If you were to try and help me," he said, "someone would notice and complain and get me locked up for the rest of the trip. But I do thank you. A last friendly face before I am silenced for knowing too much." With that, the prisoner moves on with his mop and bucket.

Male Human Gamemaster

for Ashana:

Ashana, I like spoilers but I'm not pressing you to follow them just yet.

Also, the ship's cat (you get to choose a name!) just sees you as another big cat, or the Human with the Right Smell. She is not pregnant (the ship has been at sea longer than 70 days). The First Mate usually feeds her in the middle hold, even though he has sometimes tried to lock her in the bow and stern holds; the walls dividing the holds has holes near the top to allow the cat to go back and forth. The First Mate just wanted something to take care of the vermin on board.

Male Half-Elf (Varisian) Cleric of Sarenrae 1

Adriano looks at Jask "May your work go swiftly, if you need to talk before we reach port I am always available to listen." nodding at Jask he heads over to the other passengers.

Male Half-Orc Verdant Sorcerer (1)

Varash, sits and ponders quietly, then heads over where the sailors are moving crates of (presumably food) up to the deck, as they finish as start moving crates to Trello, I unlatch the hatch and prepare to descend into the hold.

OOC: If anyone challenges me about going into the captains hold, I explain I just talked to the captain (true :) )implying that i have his permission.

bluff 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25

Male Human Gamemaster

(Varash, the bosun (second or third mate, traditionally) does come over, but the fact you are a paying passenger and the Captain's name appears to do the trick.)

(You see a wide set of stout wooden stairs leading down to a wooden deck. Several dozen crates and barrels of various sizes are arranged to give a semblance of ordered rows. The sunlight coming through the open hatches is enough to illuminate half the hold.)

for Ashana:

(Ashana, here we go again.)

You see the hatches opening again, and a different person's feet at the top of the stairs.

Female Catfolk Rogue(Scout/Knife master) 1

Ashana's action:

I do my best to hide on the dark side of the hold.

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25

Sorry for holding up the game...its been a crazy morning.

Male Half-Orc Verdant Sorcerer (1)

quietly casts detect magic, using darkvision where applicable, and searching through the leftover boxes.

OOC: untrained perception to notice the stowaway or anything revealing about the captains cargo 1d20 ⇒ 7

Planning on spending no more than 2 minutes in the hold.

Male Human Gamemaster

(A 25 beats a 7, Varash, and "1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt" blocks Detect Magic.)

You find nothing in the tightly-packed hold.

Male Human Gamemaster

When the crew moves the food barrels and crates into the galley, some try to stay behind to "help". They are set upon by Cook Terillo with thrown knives and salty language, the man saying "I don't need no scurvy dogs stealing food while I cook! I gots 'til sunset, the First Mate says, so everybody out or you're in a cookpot!"

The crew get back to their duties, closing up the Captain's hold again and seeing to the sails. The rest of the afternoon passes by uneventfully. A single cry of "Land ho!" is called from the crow's nest, but without a spyglass the island is merely a smudge on the horizon. The Jenivere tacks to one side after that, slowing down.


Just after sunset the bosun blows a whistle and the sailors move to trim the sails and drop the anchor. First Mate Devers announces from the poop deck "Dinner in the galley! I've already checked, and it's not soup! So you get some real food tonight! Crew, mind your p's and q's, the Captain will be dining with us!" The sailors give a huzzah in return, and the First Mate adds "Passengers, we have a Captain's table for you, the Captain will be along shortly!"

The sailors crowd into the galley, and instead of the usual soup pot and lines of bowls and utensils an actual feast greets your eyes. Real salted beef lies on the tables, with marinated fruit and vegetables, kabobs of fish and vegetables, fried potato slices and mushrooms, and worm-free hardtack bread, a welcome change from the usual fare. The Captain's table, a shorter one in addition to the long tables for the sailors, has a nearly entire cooked ham in the center. Pitchers of red wine are on each table, instead of the usual water with lime juice.

"Well!" said Gelik Aberwhinge from the front of the line as he made his way to the Captain's table. "Finally a meal befitting my noble attire, and the price paid for this voyage!" Aerys Mavato is already seated at the table, downing a large mug of wine before anyone else. Amid shouts of excitement from the sailors, each of you make your way to the Captain's table, including Sasha Nevah and Ishirou.

Notably absent from the lamp-lit room is Rambar Terillo, the cook, although he could be in his tiny kitchen; Captain Kovack himself; the prisoner Jask Derindi, still locked in the brig; and Ieana the scholar. First Mate Devers brings up the rear of the line into the galley, and shouts "Listen up, sailors! The Captain is, um, trying to talk one of our passengers into joining us-" This announcement is met by jeers and catcalls from isolated corners of the room, to which the First Mate shouts louder "ORDER! As I was saying, the Captain will be along shortly, so we shall start without him. We have wine. But if any man cannot climb the rigging tomorrow, I'll stick him in the crow's nest to get an eagle eye's view of the Shiv as we pass by! Bosun, I'm going to take some of this fare to our prisoner and our helmsman, and then I'll be back." The sailors cheer as the First Mate grabs two pottery plates and piles food on them, then leaves the galley.

Everyone enjoy!

for our Stowaway:

Ashana, most of the food down in the hold is gone now, but you do find several crates with dried beef jerky, dried fruits, and hardtack biscuit. One of the casks of limed water was left as well. After you hear the anchor chain drop into the ocean, loud revelry appears to be coming from the bow of the ship, where the galley is located.

The hatch is locked down but not nailed. The hold has four manual water-resistant side hatches for letting in air and throwing stuff out, so you can look at a few stars above the waves.

Male Human Aegis 1

"Now this is more like it. I haven't had food like this since we left from Magnimar."

Phillip seats himself at the Captain's table, helping himself to a large serving of ham, as well as assorted vegetables.

Male Half-Elf (Varisian) Cleric of Sarenrae 1

Adriano walks over to the captain's table taking an open seat. Doing his best not to drool at the sight of real food. Looking at the rest of the table and those sitting.

"Good Evening Everyone, such a nice change from the normal fare, I am glad the captain felt like celebrating the end of this Journey."

He looks again at the food and says a silent pray to Sarenrae thanking her for the food.

Sitting at the captain's table right next to Tessara. Noel almost lets out a tear as she mumbles.

"Real food thank the gods...."

helping herself and Tessara to the ham and veggies.

To Adriano Fierro

"Yes! so much better then all these storms we been going through. I don't know if I could stomach soup again..."

Shevan sits down in the nearest empty seat and sends a prayer of thanks to Erastil and the other gods of good for this bounty. It is a pleasure to be having this meal with you all. He raises his glass and says to your health and happiness.

Male Half-Orc Verdant Sorcerer (1)

Varash responds to the half-elf, The food is nice, but I think the captain has his own reasons for changing the route, and having everyone inside. with that, he continues to eat slowly.

Female Catfolk Rogue(Scout/Knife master) 1


Ashana will grumble as she picks over whats left of the food and then look towards the bow of the ship. As usual I'm stuck with the left overs while others stuff themselves and celebrate. I wonder if we're getting close to Eleder, I mean why else would the captain drop anchor. she thinks to herself as she picks at some of the dried fruit and hardtack biscuits. From the sounds coming from the galley the deck looks would be nice to get some fresh air... she thinks as she takes her make-shift plate of food and heads up to the deck.

Disable device on the lock:1d20 + 11 ⇒ (4) + 11 = 15
Stealth to go unnoticed if there is someone up there:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

If she is able to escape she will eat the rest of her "meal" up top on the deck of the ship enjoying the fresh air and the clear night.

Male Human Gamemaster

for Ashana:
Ashana, the hatch is only dogged shut, not locked, so working the wood clamps from the other side is easy. So you make it up to the main deck. The night is cloudless, the moon a crescent, with a light breeze.

After several minutes, give me a Perception check.

Female Catfolk Rogue(Scout/Knife master) 1


Perception check:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11

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