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Hello there!

This is GM PDK, and I’ll be your GM for the following two adventures:


Book 1: “In Hell's Bright Shadow” Legal Character 2–4
Book 2: “Turn of the Torrent” Legal Character 5–7

I enjoy Play-by-Post, because we can get a lot done with plenty of time for roleplay if we keep a relatively tight pace.

I am hoping that we can keep moving throughout this averaging 2-3 posts a day. I will try to communicate to all of you when I am hitting a crazy time.

I am hoping that you communicate with me your crazy times as well. If you have any conventions, sick times, crazy vacations scheduled during this, let me know.

Bot Me Spoilers

I would like for you all to take a moment to create bot me spoilers for yourselves and your combat companions. Include your go-to rolls, favorite attacks, and strategies. Keep it very simple there and low risk, as I will not play the character for you.


I am recruiting 6 players for this one. Please note that both of these adventures happen in urban settings, in the city of Kintargo, Cheliax. The adventures are written from the perspective of Chaotic Good heroes, so lawful and neutral characters need not apply. If you're not NG, CG or CN, please do not apply. Preference will be given to Chaotic Good heroes that fit the setting the best. Please read the Hell's Rebels Player's Guide for more details.

DO NOT DOT THIS THREAD WITH THE WRONG CHARACTER. This is not first come, first served. When you apply to play the two above-listed adventures, use the proper online PFS character avatar you will use in actual play for Book 1 "In Hell's Bright Shadow," and provide three direct links to PbP posts you've made in the past which best demonstrates your style of roleplay.

Your online PFS character avatar should contain all stats in a concise manner. When I click on it I should at first glance be able to see your whole stat block like this.

This is for existing CORE PFS characters with the above listed level ranges. Although the ideal scenario would be to bring a level 4 character in Book 1 and have him level to 5th for Book 2, please note that both of the above adventures can accommodate level 4 and level 7 pregens, respectively. Please note that you cannot play both adventures with a pregen: one of the above 2 adventures needs to use one of your own, pre-existing CORE PFS character. Therefore, if you are using a pregen for Book 1, in your pregen online avatar's application post you should provide a link to your level 5-7 CORE PFS PC you intend to use for Book 2.

This recruitment thread will be opened long enough for you to take your time and provide the above information properly. I want to see quality not quantity. I don't anticipate to start Book 1 before the first week of May.

I will handpick the players based on their roleplay examples first, and then by which character they apply with. Those who are picked will be referred to the Discussion thread for detailed PC / PFS Chronicle Sheet info.

If you have any questions on the above, PM me before you make your application post.

Good luck!

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I have this 4th level cleric of Sheyln who could come.

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Do you have an estimated start date? I am a little overloaded at the moment, but I have two games wrapping up soon as part of gameday (so a few days left), and 2 others that shouldn't be far behind. Also, I finally finished my taxes today (lot of paperwork!), so will have more bandwidth in general.

If you are interested, I submit Geoclunicus - a wanna-be arcane trickster. He is only 3rd level now, but by the time we finish, I will have GM credit to apply to him so he will be level 5 in time for part two.

Links for roleplay examples:
August Dupine

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Or I could bring him.

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can I bring a 4th level pregen and then play my 5th level fighter ranger in book 2?

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Never mind I'll put in for the standard game

Qstor: you can put in for both, and the scenario you described works, as long as your Fighter 5 is Core. If your Fighter 5 is Classic PFS, yes, please go to the other recruitment thread.

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I will apply with level 4 Merisiel as a pregen.

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Got a Bard 4 here

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This would be an interesting group.

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Hello there, I am putting forth Kranzer Kraken-Mouth, male dwarf rogue 3.2, for consideration. I should have one (or more) GM credit(s) to apply to him after the first book is done, so this would be my submission throughout the entire two-book series.

Kranzer has consistently been one of my favorite characters to play in PBP. The three links below demonstrate my playstyle, with the first being Kranzer’s…unique and sometimes garish way of viewing the world. Surprisingly, almost all the scenarios I’ve played with him, he gets himself into social situations or negotiations, and seeing how he overcomes the impediment of his less-than-stellar charisma is quite amusing sometimes. Otherwise, he is a passable scout and good trap breaker, and as a dwarf is a bit hardier (Pun? Pun.) standing toe-to-toe in combat.

Kranzer Keeps Talking

Hadega’s Story

Ashivla the Time Thief

Thank you all for your applications so far!

Except for Merisiel, who is new to PbP, and except for Geoclunicus and Kranzer, who have already done it:

--> please finalize your choice of character and provide examples of your fine roleplaying skills as per the recruitment guidelines above. When you have settled on a choice I will open up the Discussion thread and request additional PFS info for your characters.


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Thank you. I have created a new CORE character that I will apply this to. Looking forward to honing my writing skills.

I've been reading painlord's guides as prep. If you, or the other players, have recommended useful guides to being effective in PbP, I would be happy to review them in advance.

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I have to bow down from this game

Geoclunicus / Merisiel / Kranzer: thank you for your roleplay examples and character plans for book 1 and 2. Go ahead and fill the info in the 'Discussion' tab with the character you will use in book 1 (i.e. level 2-4). The PFS info required in the form is for the character that will earn credit for this adventure (e.g. in the case of Merisiel, she will enter the PFS info for her new CORE character; when we move on to the Gameplay thread, she will use the Merisiel alias however)

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Here are his roleplay examples

The Exchange

I would actually like to play two different characters if at all possible. Lartes here would be my character for book two, whereas Andracar would be my character for book 1 if allowed, once I level him to 3 and update profile for both he and Lartes. I hadn't played either online before, so their profiles are rather lacking.

Post 1
Post 2
Post 3

@Daereon: Are you set on bringing Daeron? I'm a bit worried about bringing a LG with a gang of CNs... it is also NOT the AP / adventure where you should bring your lawful types... would you consider changing to NG or CG?

@Lartes: I would need to see the fully fleshed out profiles before making a decision. See my first post above for a sample stat block. As long as both profiles are fleshed out and they fall within the level ranges below, I'll consider it:

Book 1: “In Hell's Bright Shadow” Legal Character 2–4
Book 2: “Turn of the Torrent” Legal Character 5–7

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Is there a penalty for changing an alignment this late? I have no problem going NG.

Let me check the PFS Guide tonight. I'll get back to you.

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I do have a 4th level NG cleric of Sheyln kinda face and healing :)

Shelyn really fits this AP! which alias?

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Here he is!

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I do have a lot of fun with him but havent played him in a while


Go ahead and fill the info in the 'Discussion' tab with the character you will use in book 1 (i.e. level 2-4). Thank you.

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Everyone: I want to keep Discussion thread clean for now. Let's do all the chit chat here and just keep Discussion for the long form info sheet. Thanks.

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Is this more in line with what you wanted, GM PDK?

Daereon Phoenixstar wrote:
I do have a 4th level NG cleric of Sheyln kinda face and healing :)

From Hell's Rebels Player's Guide:

"Shelyn: Shelyn’s faith has long been the second most
powerful in Kintargo—and by some measurements,
it might have been, for a time, the city’s most powerful
religion. Certainly, by sheer count, her faithful numbered
more than Asmodeus’s... at least, before martial law
was instituted. Shelyn’s worship is still allowed by the
church and government, but all worshipers of Shelyn
must register with Thrune, and all ceremonies and
rituals performed by her faithful must be observed by an
Asmodean priest, an Order of the Rack Hellknight, or an
agent of Thrune. The fact that Shelyn’s temple has given
asylum to several persecuted priests of other religions
(mostly Sarenites) has only further enhanced the tension
between the church of Shelyn and that of Asmodeus. It’s
only a matter of time before one of the two churches is
forced to take drastic action."

Andracar wrote:
Is this more in line with what you wanted, GM PDK?


Go ahead and fill the info in the 'Discussion' tab. Thank you.

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I have posted using my actual CORE character in the discussion thread. Unfortunately, Merisiel has no social skills and a 10 charisma. Challenging!

Please let me know of any changes needed and I will edit.

Geoclunicus / Merisiel / Kranzer / Andracar / Riceak: Please head out to the Discussion thread if you haven't done it already.


Expected date for core table start: Fri, May 11.

@Riceak: when do you expect you'll be able to fill the form in the discussion thread?

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All done.

Maybe the Church has sent him up to see what is going on in the town?

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Thanks for organizing the game GM PDK. I am good to go for the target date above. If for some reason the game started earlier, that is fine too. I will continue to check boards and PMs.

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Hello everyone!

Please use the following TEMPLATE for your character's stats, which I got from GM Granta. I think it's an excellent idea! Disregard the 'Faction' and 'PFS / Previous Module' sections as we have already addressed all this in the Discussion thread.


Example of end product using one of my level 1 PCs.

I just got word we need one more. I'll be playing the martial pregen from this game. Hell's Rebels looks interesting and never got a chance to DM or play this.

We're getting two new players, including DoubleGold. When you're done creating a Core PC, go enter the PFS info in the Discussion thread. Thanks DoubleGold.

Welcome Shrec and Kavor! move on straight to Gameplay: you've heard there were fellow Pathfinders in town, but you didn't know they'd get in trouble pretty much right away! you just arrived in Kintargo to lend a hand, and you see a group that matches the description given by the Absalom's VC right up ahead in the street, beset by thieves!

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