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GM Nel's Kingmaker Campaign

Game Master CRobledo

From the depths of an untamed wilderness, bandits and monsters run rampant across the land. Do you have what it takes to conquer the lands and raise yourself up as King, Emperor and God?

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Drispeera D'Lith wrote:
Good to know you are okay.

+1 :)

Drispeera D'Lith wrote:

Good to know you are okay.

Finally! We can get started on this whole fortune-seeking thing. I've got the first half of my fortune spent already. Shoes! First thing is some nice shoes....

If you are going shoe shopping, I'm going to take my horse out for a ride. That is, if I get to keep my horse.

I'm glad you are still with us, DM_Skull

Glad to hear you're okay and back :)

Yeah. Glad to know that it was something super serious. We are all here and ready to get going on getting sheets put together when you are.

Still psyched :)

Alright you should have all received a message from me with your stats. Don't get all O.O over them, there's a reason I always use the same d6 for character generation in my table top games. Now I command thee, finish thine sheets!

Campaign info, gameplay and OOC threads are all up.

Okay here she is for your approval DM Nel

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