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GM Nel's Kingmaker Campaign

Game Master CRobledo

From the depths of an untamed wilderness, bandits and monsters run rampant across the land. Do you have what it takes to conquer the lands and raise yourself up as King, Emperor and God?

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female human Cleric of Shelyn 2nd

" Isn't there a way for us to change them back?" She says as she taps her chin.

"You know with out killing them?"

Drispeera D'Lith wrote:

Dris whispers to Ionnia, Werewolves, that's gotta be overactive imaginations, right? Do you, um, happen to remember the phase of the moon the last couple of nights? And maybe we outta get the boys gussied up with mithril or silver coated weapons just in case...

[dice=Knowledge Nature, Trying to remember phase of the moon]d20+7

You know that the full moon started 3 days ago, and tonight will be the last of this cycle.

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

Once everyone has gathered back together and shared what they've learned, Dris will put on her "I'm being serious and responsible now" clothing, and get to work strategizing.

So I would have said that a werewolf is extremely unlikely, and more likely to be one of our Warg "friends." But with the human footprints that the boys found, and the fact that the attacks happened on full moon nights makes it seem more likely.

As I was saying, I think it would be good to make a curfew at sunset tonite. Keston, set up patrols in town, every squad should have a silver or silver-blancehed weapon. We'll set up an ambush-- I'm thinking a sheeps pen, not too far from the other sheep attacks. If its possible to capture instead of killing it, that would be good. at least until we can talk to it and figure out what's going on. But the safety of our people comes first.

Maybe we should see if Mornie has any books that will help us figure out weaknesses or cures for lycanthropy.
Knowledge Arcana: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20

Anybody else got ideas?

Morn knows:


A creature that catches lycanthropy becomes an afflicted lycanthrope, but shows no symptoms until the night of the next full moon, when the victim involuntarily assumes animal form and forgets his or her own identity. The character remains in animal form until the next dawn and remembers nothing about the entire episode (or subsequent episodes) unless he makes a Will save, in which case he becomes aware of his condition.

A remove disease or heal spell cast by a cleric of 12th level or higher cures the affliction, provided the person receives the spell within 3 days of the infecting lycanthrope's attack. Alternatively, consuming a dose of wolfsbane gives an afflicted lycanthrope a new Fortitude save to recover from lycanthropy.

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

So I guess it's possible that we have a werewolf that doesn't know its a werewolf. Is everyone on board with the ambush, idea? Get a few sheep just outside of town and see if it'll come for them, then we try to snag it, alive if possible, like Ionnia wanted. And Kaeso, you might wanna borrow a silver weapon or get one blanched.

female human Cleric of Shelyn 2nd

"I like that idea Dris.Alive would be better than we can possibly cure them, if not than may The Eternal Rose ever bloom on us for seeing to what was needed"

Kresten and Akiros consult with Kaeso, and Akiros approaches the group. "If that is the plan, we can surely do that. Rounding up some livestock is easy enough. Just let us know where you want them. AS for silver weapons, we may be able to find a few in the city. We can ask the shopkeepers in the city if they have any, as we fear we are a bit late to commission some to be made."

At this point, Bingo rides back. His quick conversation with the Worgs basically ended with "they say they didn't break their deal, and to please leave them alone."

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

Alright, sounds like we've got a plan. Let's talk to the shopkeepers before dark, see if there are any silver weapons around. Round up a few sheep, maybe even nick one so its bleeding and the scent is strong. Anybody else got some ideas before we go ahead with our ambush?

With Dris taking 10, the party is allowed to find any simple or martial melee weapon made from alchemical silver, as well as up to three of them being masterwork if you want them.

female human Cleric of Shelyn 2nd

Gonna grab a masterwork Silver Glaive, and some silver bolts for my crossbow

female human Cleric of Shelyn 2nd

"So with no objections I say we set it up?"

Male Human Fighter 3

Silver longsword and silver arrowheads? It would be nice to be a masterwork longsword

"Alive? I guess. But if it gets close to you ladies, well, I'm going to take care of it."

"Then it is settled,", adds Akiros. "Snag the armaments you want, and let's get ready. I will ask the owner of the McLure farm outside town if he can let us use his flock. It's near the attacks last night, and his sheep are yet to be targeted?"

Before the ambush is sprung the group meets for their final pow-ow. Dris, Bingo, Kaeso, Ionnia, Akiros and Kresten all meet near the walls of the town. To the group's surprise, they are also joined by Mikmek.

"Hi friends!" blurts out the little kobold. "I come to talk to you, yes! While you rummage about town about the attacks on the sheeps outside, Mikmek has been doing his job around the city. I go to inn and taverns, and listen to rumors. Find out strange things afoot recently."

"I hear, a foreigner is in town. Come to the city 3 days ago. He ask for a room at the Sleepy Halls Inn, but only for one night. Next day, he leave, and go to different tavern, get different room. But same guy! Other patrons say he is very strange. He likes to wake up late in the morning, and apparently goes out to party before supper! I mean, who parties out with empty stomach! Anyways, me wanted to come and deliver news in case it helps with dead sheeps."

female human Cleric of Shelyn 2nd

"Aww thanks Mikmek, you are shaping up to be a very valuable warrior to our new country" Ionnia praises as she grips readies the crossbow and than looks about.

" Did you get a description of the man? I mean could you point him out if we asked the Brave Mikmek such a question?"

Lady Ionnia Orlovsky wrote:
" Did you get a description of the man? I mean could you point him out if we asked the Brave Mikmek such a question?"

"They all say stranger wears heavy cloak everywhere. I ask the innkeeper at last place, yes. Innkeep say stranger left at night with blue clothes on, but returned at dawn with red! And he say stranger didn't even have backpack with him!"

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

That's very helpful MikMek! Perhaps there is time for some quick interviews at the two inns, before our sunset curfew.

Drispeera will take anyone who wants to come for a quick visit to each inn. She'll ask each innkeeper to see the room where the "mysterious cloaked man" stayed, and if they remember seeming him at night.

Male Human Fighter 3

"I'll come, Dris." Mysterious cloaked man, huh? Maybe I need to get a cloak. I could be Mysterious Kaeso. . . Perhaps I could wear a mask? Super Kaeso!

"er, coming."

female human Cleric of Shelyn 2nd

"I will come as well" She says smiling as she follows the two and readies herself for the coming night.

The group decides to do a quick trip to the inn. The bar falls eerily silent as the group walks in. Whispers of "the founders" are heard about the room. Finally the barmaid coyly walks up and says, "By Cayden, if it isn't the founders, walking into our small inn. Welcome, I... I hope we are not in any kind of trouble are we? Can we offer you a table, maybe some of our finest ales? Sadly, I am sure our finest ale pales in comparison to what you are used to, but we would be glad to offer it..."

Male Human Fighter 3

"Ale for everyone!" says Kaeso. Aside to Drispeera and Ioannia "We can afford it, can't we?" To the barmaid, in a whisper "Tea for me, I think." More loudly, "Lovely place you have here!"

With the ice broken, perhaps we can charm information out of them, as well as raise the morale?

female human Cleric of Shelyn 2nd

Ionnia looked at Kaeso and shook her head."Kaeso you silly boy" She says as she gets up and smiles.

"Blessings to you all from The Eternal Rose and as well as me and my compatriots" she than sits down and looks about she was seeking to find the man.

A few patrons look puzzled, but definitely most cheer at Kaeso when he buys a round, and nobody turns it down! The barmaid seats you at a corner table, overlooking the whole place.

There are a few tables of patrons. Two tables seem to be farmers from the outskirting farms, drinking some ale after a hard day's work. One table has three hunters eating a hearty meal, their traps a telling sign of their profession. A rather rotund man sits by himself at another table, slowly picking at a rather large mutton roast in front of him. A few more farmers and shopkeeps sprinkle the bar area, all drinking.

The bar staff so far seems like one barmaid, one innkeper, and a cook that randomly comes in and out of the kitchen.

female human Cleric of Shelyn 2nd

leans over "I think I will try and perform a song and see if you two can coax some info from a few patrons? Or maybe we could you know try and flirt with a few" She looks at Kaeso."You try your hand at the barmaid and see if she knows anything, plus if you get smitten may Shelyn bless you and keep you" she says giving Kaeso a quick kiss on the cheek.

Kaeso blushes for a second, but starts to chat up the barmaid. In the meantime, Ionnia starts a lovely melody, which is a refreshing tune to all the bar patrons. It seems the inn hasn't had a regular bard on staff for quite some time.

Kaeso learns little from the barmaid regarding your "friend", but points you at the innkeeper himself, who handles most of the stays. The barmaid only works nights, when patrons are drinking.

Kaeso slowly makes his way to the bar, where Garogo, the innkeeper is filling some mugs of ale. "Well met Kaeso, welcome to our humble establishment, what can I do for you?" Kaeso gives the "sanitized" story to the man, leaving out any details that could stir up a panic.

"Ah, you are looking for Johnny. Well, I mean, I don't know his actual name, I just call him that in the books so I know who I'm talking about. Nice fellow. Pays in advance every day. Came to town recently."

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

This "Johnny", you say he came in a few days ago? Does he keep odd hours, by any chance? Dris will include a reason that fits with Kaeso's story for asking.

female human Cleric of Shelyn 2nd

She continues to entertain the masses flirting here and there with man and woman alike.

Male Human Fighter 3

"Well, I might as well get some food. Kaeso picks a table and reminisces loudly about how coming into town with his dad to trade. "Farming was a rough life, but a good one. Takes character to do that job, I say. And hunting--did I ever tell about the time I got a 14 point buck. . ?"

Trying to charm the locals, hoping to glean a bit more information. Plus, charming the locals is good. Make them think I'm one of them.

"Drispeera, Ionnia? Care for some grub?

"Yeah, odd hours I guess. Never eats in here though. Leaves at night, comes back in the mornin. Not too strange, we have a lot of night shift guards and trappers that rather hunt at night. I reckoned he was just a trapper too."

Ionnia learns little from the other patrons. Some confirm the employee's stories that this fellow came a few nights ago and comes and goes at odd hours. Never stays in the bar for a drink or a meal.

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

May we examine his room? We're concerned that he... that something may have happened to him.

female human Cleric of Shelyn 2nd

She successfully flirted and sang to the patrons as well as winked at the waitress."I would love yo see a room, and about the waitress, is she available"

"Yes, of course. I don't see the problem... It is quite early so he may still be there."

"Upstairs, 4th room in the right"

female human Cleric of Shelyn 2nd

"oh, so he might still be here. guess we should watch our steps than" She says as she smiles at her glaive and nods.

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

Thank You for a wonderful Game, and my best Play by Post ever GM Nel!

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