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GM Nel's Kingmaker Campaign

Game Master CRobledo

From the depths of an untamed wilderness, bandits and monsters run rampant across the land. Do you have what it takes to conquer the lands and raise yourself up as King, Emperor and God?

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Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

Okay sure, let's assume Mornaura paraphrases what the kobolds say.

(common) "Well. I'll try to persuade them, but if that doesn't work... Do you want to fight for radishes?"

(draconic) "You can't eat all those radishes anyway, so why risk a fight with us? We promise not to take all the radishes, so that you can come back to eat later."

(draconic) "Sure we can't eat them now, but, but... We want them later too! The more we let go, the less we get later. Now shoo!

Is there a diplomacy check in the works? Only people who speak draconic can aid/roll it.

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

Well, that would be Mornaura. But right now, she doesn't really care.

"They don't want to share, and they don't want our rations. We could try trading some of the armors or attack them, but is it worth it? We have enough food, and we can always come back later if someone really wants to cook radish stew, so let's just leave them."

Male Human Fighter 3

"Perhaps a friendly word? Who knows what allies we may need against the Stag Lord?" Kaeso scratches his hair, which could use a good scrubbing. "Mornaura, perhaps you could say to them something nice and flowery, you know, like noble folk use. I remember Bingo is good at that kind of talk."

Kaeso suddenly perks up: "I almost forgot! After the nice flowery bit, you should ask them about the Stag Lord. Nicely."

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

The witch gazes at Kaeso for a moment, half frowning and half chuckling.

"You want to me come up with something nice and flowery, even better, something that sounds nice and flowery in Draconic and for Kobolds?"

She shakes her head, then sighs again.

"Yeah, sure I am the right person for that task. But before you pout again, I try it."

Clearing her throat, she turns to the Kobolds once again and tries to sound as friendly as the Draconic language allows.

"Even if you come back later, there's too much radish for you to eat. But since you were here first, we accept that it's all yours and you get to decide who may eat of it. We don't want to be your enemy.
As I said, we're here to take care of bandits. Speaking of which, you surely have of the so-called Stag Lord who terrorizes these lands?
We want to get rid of him. Maybe you can tell us something helpful about him, or show us where his fort is?
We would appreciate any help, and perhaps we have something we can offer you as a reward - silver pieces or a fine leather armor, perhaps, if you don't like our food?"

Diplomacy check: 1d20 ⇒ 12 ... I told you so.

(They seem to remain indifferent)

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

@Nel: And they don't answer any of Mornaura's questions?

(Draconic) "We no hear of no Stag man. We see bigses from time to time with Stag jewelry, like that one the blue bigsy has on," the kobold is pointing at Drispeera and the broach she put on earlier. "But no see a stag man... we rarely have use for bigsies shiny coins. We only use it for trade very rarely. Maybe we can arrange trade of our radishes for bigsies' coin... they whisper in Draconic between themselves for a second.

"We will.. discuss this idea among kobolds. We no decide today. If you want to trade, come back later. We maybe trade then."

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34

"Ain't no sense makin' enemies over radishes. They don' wanna trade, they don' haveta. Mark the patch on the map and let's git goin'." Bingo recovers his rations and gets back on Fern.

M Human Paladin 3 | AC 18 T 13 FF 15 | HP 25/25 | F +8 R +8 W +7 | Init +4 | Perc +1

Norn kinda shrugs at Bingo, and readies his horse to move on.

Male Human Fighter 3

"Are they magic radishes? Do they make one immortal, or able to breathe fire? No? Then onward, I say."

After just a few hours of travel, you are now back at Oleg's Trading post.

When you get there, you see Kesten chatting with an older robed gentleman. He seems to be a new arrival to the post, and he is sitting with another traveler, a human lady. When Kesten sees you, he waves and motions the party to come over.

The man stands up, and introduces himself, "Ooooh, these must be the chartered adventurers! Finally, finally. My name is Jhod Kavken, a humble priest of Erastil. This is my travel companion, Hermia. I believe she is also looking for you.

Nevetheless, I have come from Restov because I need your aid, you see? I have heard of your exploration charter, and I have come to Oleg to offer you my help. I know of a temple of Erastil, guarded by what seems to be a bear. I am tasked to find this temple, so I started my journey south from Brevoy. I got to Restov, but my feelings kept pushing me south. I did not want to come to the Greenbelt alone, which is when I heard that the swordlords were sending this lady down with a charter, I knew I had to tag along. And look! Erastil's grace shines on me once again! Please, promise me you will keep an eye out for my temple!"

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

I'm baa-ack. Just a side question, besides the healing potion Drispeera drank from the one tower bandit, how many healing potions were collected in total, including from the bandits we allowed to live?
Edited to suit Hermia's post:

At last somebody useful! A healer even if he is a priest, tho'. (sigh) As long as he doesn't try to save me... I wonder who the girl is. She looks a bit fragile to be w andering about in the wilderness. Although I suppose the same could be said of me.

Drispeera puts on a warm smile. Welcome Brother Jhod! Hermia! I'm Drispeera. This is Mornaura. We're the arcane contingent. These strapping young men are Norn and Kaeso, strong warriors. And the shorter one is Bingo. Don't let the size fool you, he's quite a nimble warrior himself. (she winks at him).

A temple you say? Do you have clues as to where it might be? Once we have a chance to rest from bandit hunting and radish-crazed kobolds, we'd be happy to help you look for it.

Female Human Cleric 1

Hermia blushes at the elder priest's brief introduction, and keeps her blonde head low while he speaks at the charter bearers. There is away among the elder priests that makes Hermia intensely uncomfortable. For the word 'humble' to accompany his introduction when he so easily dismisses her as a 'travel companion', and the oversight rankles. She pushes a rogue curl behind her ear and rises when he has ceased speaking, and dips her head in an awkward sort of salute, touching the stag antler longbow holy symbol she wears around her slim neck.

"Hermia Robin, devotee of Old Deadeye," she introduces herself, and holds out her hand. "Pleased to meet your acquaintance."

Drispeera D'Lith wrote:
I'm baa-ack. Just a side question, besides the healing potion Drispeera drank from the one tower bandit, how many healing potions were collected in total, including from the bandits we allowed to live?

I think 6 total, since Kressle drank hers.

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34
Hermia Robin wrote:
"Hermia Robin, devotee of Old Deadeye," she introduces herself, and holds out her hand. "Pleased to meet your acquaintance."

"Nice to meetya, cutie. I'm Bingo Underbough, I foller Ol' Deadeye, too. Mebbe you and me could git together sometime and... pray."

Male Human Fighter 3

Kaeso greets the young woman with a smile and a bow, taking her hand gently: "Delighted to meet you. Erastil helps archers? Perhaps I should have paid more attention in Sunday school!"

Or whatever the Erastilian equivalent of Sunday School is.

Female Human Cleric 1

Hermia blushes, but giggles at Bingo's introduction. "Then you are also aware our Lord is very fond of families," she replies and winks, then spares a quick glance for the elder priest she hopes is pointed enough an indication.

Her green eyes flick to Kaeso, still quite liquid with mirth. "The Good Lord favors hunters, farmers, and defenders of the community," she reports happily. "As I understand it, you were instrumental in protecting this community from bandits?"

Male Human Fighter 3

"Me? No, not really. I mostly stood in the middle and missed, but kept the bad guys distracted while the others did the work. But, yes, we have been fighting bandits." Kaeso gestures to Drispeera and Mornaura: "Ladies Drispeera and Mornaura have done wonders with their magic, but we almost lost Drispeera and Norn in our last battle. We certainly could use a healing touch."

Female Human Cleric 1

"Ah, certainly!" Hermia says, more than a little embarrassed that she did not recognize the wounded sooner. Of course, they had done little by way to distinguish themselves. "Um, I must confess that my abilities at a healer are limited..." she continues, then waves the thought away. "Still, there are those who suffer, and the Good Lord would not have me stand idle!"

Hermia touches her holy symbol and whispers a prayer in a language evoking flowers, sunshine and warm winds through the meadows, and the scent of rich earth seems to emanate from her, lifting her blonde curls in a rush of magics before all within thirty feet of her are consumed in a blinding healing light that lifts the spirits and makes one aware of fraternity.


"Father, lend thy blessings upon these men and women, that they and I may continue to do Your will."

Hermia Channel Energy 01 1d6 ⇒ 1

Feeling that the magics have done relatively little, Hermia blushes again, and sighs. "Pray, pardon me, I will call upon His aide again."

Hermia Channel Energy 02 1d6 ⇒ 6

Hermia giggles, and her pupils are dilated from the expenditure of magics, lending to the appearance of one who has communicated with the divine on an intimate level.

"Might I be of any further assistance?" she inquires, swaying a bit on her feet.

M Human Paladin 3 | AC 18 T 13 FF 15 | HP 25/25 | F +8 R +8 W +7 | Init +4 | Perc +1

Greetings all. Seems like there are a lot of Erastil's faithful gathered in one place. Some would call it coincidence, others fate. Whichever the case, I welcome you. We are tired of our journey and want to lay down for a rest. Perhaps in the morn we can talk bout this temple of yours, priest?

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

"Oh good spirits...", Mornaura mumbles to herself.

She musters the priest, frowning slightly, then focuses on his companion and observes her display of healing magic, with an even more skeptical look. But she seems to approve the results and grants her a crooked grin.

"Well, recalling how our first encounters with the bandits of these lands played out, and considering that we have only met their vanguard, my guess is that if you stay with us, your assistance surely will be begged for sooner than you would probably like. Welcome."

The night passes without incidents, and the morning comes with a warm feeling. Svetlana has prepared a very large breakfast, with eggs, bacon and fresh milk. She looks a bit morose while working on her duties, as if something was on her mind. Even Wenry is up and about, eating while donning the leather armor you gave her.

A few minutes later while everyone is eating, Jhod comes out of the guest house and greets the party. "Morning friends! So, are you going to find the temple today!?" Norn rolls his eyes a little bit, as he starts to see how single-minded the priest is.

You see Oleg has started to pile up some furs and goods, probably to take and trade at Restov. He is starting to look more and more lively since you came to his outpost. Later, after Svetlana has gone into the kitchen to clean some dishes, he approaches the party and whispers:

"Masters, I apologize and hate to impose on 'ya but I got a favor to ask. The first time the bandits came, that Kressle took Svetlana's wedding ring. Our anniversary is coming up you see, and I think that is why she is a bit gloomy. She misses it. As small a token as it was, it was two years of tradin' to get enough Crowns to get her that. Did you happen to find it in the bandit's camp? If no, can you keep an eye out for it?"

A little later in the morning, Kesten goes over to the main announcement board of the trading post and nails up two large WANTED posters on it. One reads:

"Task: The bandits in the Greenbelt need to be shown that their actions will not be tolerated. Capture or defeat at least six of them to send a message."
Reward: If bandit activity is noticeably affected, the swordlords wil send a reward of 400 Crowns.

The second one reads:

"Task: The Sootscale kobolds dwell in a cave somewhere in the Kamelands. Normally not a problem, they’ve been riled up by something lately. Find their lair and ensure that the kobolds aren’t going to continue being a threat."
Completion: Either slay the kobolds or forge an alliance of peace with them.
Reward: The swordlords will send a reward of 800 Crowns once the kobold activity is under control.

After he puts up the posters, he walks over to your table.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have a personal request for you. Since you are going into the Greenbelt, I want you to look for Falgrim Sneed. He is a Varisian mercenary I worked with months ago. Falgrim robbed my company and fled into the Greenbelt to become a bandit, and I hope to catch him alive and return him to Restov for punishment. If he is delivered alive, I am willing to put in a special order of weapons for your group. Four of them if you bring him alive, two if dead."

Finally, Svetlana comes back from the kitchen. "Well that was a good breakfast, eh? You know what I really want to make for dinner? Moon Radish Soup! Oleg has been under quite a lot of stress lately, and I want to make his favorite dish. A patch grows about 16 miles to the south of the trading post, so if you happen to be going that way, would you be so kind as to bring me a basket's worth?"

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

Going back in time slightly, Drispeera says to Bingo, I hear you came running to my rescue. Thanks for that. I'm not sure it was good to leave Morna alone with those bandits. But still, the thought was very sweet. Gives him a little kiss on the cheek, and hands him back his potion.

Back to now: Drispeera grunts a little, looking at their ever-growing to-do list. The reward for a job well done seems to be more jobs.

She shakes her head at the pushy priest. I'm glad its the pleasant bookworm who's going to run the charter with us, instead of that Jhod priest. His zeal is annoying. And the whole group except Morna is in with this god of the middle-of-nowhere. -Sigh- As long as they don't try to talk me into living off the land and wearing animal skins. Life isn't worth living without beautiful clothes. Thinking of which...

Drispeera approaches Oleg. Hello there, glad you're back. I was a little nervous leaving Svetlana here with these guardsmen. They seem to be legitimate, but who could say for sure. Did you have a chance to pick up the clothes I was hoping for? This dress has only seen a couple of days and its already shot. Pokes a finger through the hole where Kressle's dagger hit.

And we have some more gear from those bandits. Perhaps you would be interested in buying and reselling them? Maybe.. "X" gp for the lot?

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13
Do you have a list of the booty from the first and second battles? Or should one of us keep it?

Svetlana addresses Drispeera, "Why yes, actually. Arrived just yesterday. Three different dresses were received, one directly from the high-end district in Brevoy. A pain that was, let me tell you. The merchant wanted two crowns for delivery only. TWO crowns, can you believe it, the nerve. Finally agreed to one crown, and I still think that it was not exactly worth it. Hopefully these will be to the linking of the lady."

Female Human Cleric 1

Hermia wakes before the dawn, and with a bowl and a bar of soap, hides herself where none can see her and quickly washes in the cool morning air before ascending to the battlements to do her morning devotions where she will not disturb any who continue to sleep. She considers the ancient siege engines there and takes several minutes to observe one more closely before climbing down and making herself useful in some function, whether assisting with cleaning chores or Svetlana with the cooking.

When Kesten rises and puts the posters to the post, Hermia watches from a less than creepy vantage. She is delighted when he comes to their table, hoping for an opportunity to learn more of the man who appears to keep the Levetons safe, then disheartened at the prospect of fulfilling his vengeance.

"He must be exceptionally cunning to have fled this far south on his own," Hermia observes, her expression pensive. "Or exhibit exceptional cowardice. In either case, we should be careful when we meet him, he will likely be difficult to convince to come peaceably."

Hermia clears her throat. "I have little use for the weapons, but I can be relied upon to keep the man alive should it come to blows. And of course, I would never advocate ignoring an offensive solution if he is unwilling to be taken. If Kesten speaks truly, he is a bandit and a thief, and a threat to our community."

Male Human Fighter 3

Kaeso gets up early to work with his horses, attempting to get Joss combat-ready: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18 Handle Animal.

"I suppose I ought to grab one of the quivers and the rest of the arrows. They could be of some use."

"Madame Leveton, I bet your radish soup is delightful. We saw the patch on the way back, but some Kobolds were guarding it. I'd rather trade than fight--any idea what Kobolds like?" Kaeso is still quite thrilled when he's actually in combat, but the near loss of two companions has made him a bit less likely to seek it out.

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34
Oleg "Masters, I apologize and hate to impose on 'ya but I got a favor to ask. The first time the bandits came, that Kressle took Svetlana's wedding ring. Our anniversary is coming up you see, and I think that is why she is a bit gloomy. She misses it. As small a token as it was, it was two years of tradin' to get enough Crowns to get her that. Did you happen to find it in the bandit's camp? If no, can you keep an eye out for it?"

"Whut's it look like, Oleg? Is it inna box er a bag er whut?"

Later, to the party, as they plan their next move, We shud head back to thet camp and search it agin. Mebbe Svetlana's ring is hid somwheres. On the way we kin drop by them kobolds and see iffen we can figger out whut's riled them up. Git us som of them radishes too."

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

Mornaura raises an eyebrow at Bingo's request.

"I bet returning to the camp will turn out as futile, because Kressle has certainly given the ring to the Stag Lord.

Even if she hasn't done it, either it is hidden so well that we could spend weeks searching the forest, or the returning bandits will have taken it. Speaking of which, we don't know if they really decide to diverge from their chosen path, in which case they flee the country, with the ring if it has been there. Maybe they went to the Stag Lord to get reinforcements instead.

Wenry, you knew these people, so I'd like to know what you think about that?"

She takes out the map and rolls it out on the table.
With a focused mien, she studies it for a moment, humming to herself quietly.

Knowledge Geography: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20 <- enough to use what the Player's Guide told me, right? ;)
Knowledge Nature: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20

"The Kamelands are the eastern part of our charter territory, everything over here. The Kobolds at the radish patch don't necessarily belong to this Sootscale tribe mentioned in the wanted poster, but at least they probably know them. I propose we go and check if they're still at the radish patch and track them down if necessary. Let's think about what we could offer them, as they didn't want our money..."

Male Human Fighter 3

Kaeso, to Hermia: "I saw you up on the towers this morning, and I couldn't help wondering: do you know anything about how to fix those catapults? I'm afraid I don't." He stretches a bit after his morning ride, then continues: "If you have the knowledge, I can supply the labor. Wish I knew how those things work."

"Nobody knows what Kobolds like? Then maybe we should bring a variety--tasty snacks and shiny stuff."

Kaeso then goes off to practice with the handaxes, throwing them repeatedly into a hunk of wood.

Female Human Cleric 1

Hermia Knowledge Engineering (catapults) 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13 should have done this last night, but apparently was distracted by something.

"I have studied engines of war, yes, in theory and construction, but my village was very small, and..." Hermia pauses and her green eyes flick to Jhod. "The eldest were responsible for our defenses. Given adequate time to study them, perhaps?"

Hermia's smile is helpful as she turns her attention to Oleg. "Master Leveton, do you believe it will be difficult to procure a book about constructing siege engines?"

And while I'm at it, Knowledge Nature (Kobolds) 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11

Hermia knows the basic Kobold stuff. Usually speak only Draconic, although a few smarter individuals speak Common.

Oleg will be able to special order an engineering book in a weeks time if you want it. Cost will be 50 crowns on delivery (equivalent to a masterwork tool for a skill).

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

To Svetlana Drispeera says Thank you, these are perfect. And thanks for haggling that shipping cost for me... Outrageous! I have no idea what things are supposed to cost, I usually just send the servants out and they bring back what I want. Svetlana seems like the honest sort. I'll just take her word on prices I guess. And eventually I'll figure it out.

And don't worry about your ring, Svetlana. We'll get it back for you. We didn't see it at the bandit camp. But one of them did say they send most of the good stuff on to their leader. We'll track it down.

To the group she adds My vote is to go after one of the quests with a reward. Probably the Sootscale kobolds, since we know where they are. We can keep an eye out for radishes, temples, svetlana's ring, and this Sneed fellow on the way.

She tells Kesten Like Hermia I have absolutely no use for weapons, but a protective item of some sort would be useful-- since I can't wear armor either. She shows him the knife hole in her dress, revealing soft blue skin underneath.

Well, current map of the area is up on the site. We ready to continue exploring? Where do you want to go from here?

Male Human Fighter 3

Kaeso comes back from his handaxe practice. "Turns out these things are no good for throwing, and I probably won't use two very often. Norn, Bingo, care to take one of these?"

"Seems to me Kobolds should be our first order of business, since we already know where to find some. We might be able to get the radishes too. Hey, Bingo, do you think you could steal radishes, if we made a distraction?"

To Svetlana: "I think I'm going to need some saddlebags. Do you happen to have any?"

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

"It's actually the other way round, Drispeera. We know where the radish patch is and can keep an eye out for the Kobolds, as we hope they are still there and that they belong to the Sootscale tribe, or at least know them. But yes, let's do that."

The witch walks over to Kesten and talks to him for a moment before she starts preparing the horses.

"How does your former comrade look like? Is there anything special about him that helps us recognize him?"

To the Radish Patch! ONWARDS! *gg*

"I got some saddle bags for ya! You can take some from the bandit's attack a few days ago, not a problem!" says Svetlana

Kesten says "Falgrim is a middle aged man, but already has a full head of silver hair. He should not be hard to recognize."

GM rolls:

hex1 1d20 ⇒ 9
hex2 1d20 ⇒ 20

You arrive at the radish patch in 4 hours.

Once again, there are a few kobolds here. They are a 100 feet away currently, just eating at the radishes.

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4
Mornaura wrote:

"It's actually the other way round, Drispeera. We know where the radish patch is and can keep an eye out for the Kobolds, as we hope they are still there and that they belong to the Sootscale tribe, or at least know them. But yes, let's do that."

To the Radish Patch! ONWARDS! *gg*

No, I'm afraid I meant exactly what I said. The only quests I'm interested in actively pursuing are the ones with rewards. That would be the Sootscale kobolds. Kesten said they were in the Kamelands. Since the place has a name, I presume he can tell us roughly where that is. And... we could have explored new ground too, per the charter. But apparently your desire for soup ingredients outweighs my and Kaeso's opinions, so by all means, let's go.

In the future, if we disagree, could we discuss a little before automatically doing it your way?
In the meantime, Drispeera has +13 Diplomacy but doesn't speak kobold. Can she "aid another" in discussions?

Drispeera D'Lith wrote:
In the future, if we disagree, could we discuss a little before automatically doing it your way?

Sorry just trying to keep it somewhat moving, and I don't mind if we go back and redo where you want to go. For the record, there is a reward of 250gp for the radishes that Svetlana wants beyond just soup.

Male Human Fighter 3

Kaeso looks down at his feet while the elf and half-elf exchange bitter words. "Please, don't fight. . ." he mutters under his breath.

"Look, the soup is good, and Svetlana has been good to us. Also, the hope is that these Kobolds will give us some info on the Sootscale bunch. I hate going into a situation unprepared. Besides," he pauses and gives his biggest smile to Drispeera, "how could this bunch deny anything to such a beautiful and gracious woman?"

Female Human Cleric 1

Hermia observes the interactions between the senior female party members with her head bowed. The impression Hermia receives from the exchange is that this group is not in need of another opinionated female. Bingo and Kaeso seem genial enough, and the quiet Norn.

She orders the book from Oleg, and begs him to hold on to her remaining coin so that it does not burden the horse she rides further, and perhaps to make investments on items that he could not secure purchase for without advanced funds.

"If I may," she says to the group, "I am most interested in pursuing the bandits. These kobolds and others... surely they will keep until we have eliminated the greatest threat to us?" Hermia opines. "Exploration and rewards are not fleeing, and in the mean, this so called bandit lord is allowed to continue terrorizing the innocent. Surely they should be our priority?"

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

Sorry, I didn't mean to push anyone. I thought we all meant the same Kobolds (those at the radish patch) since we don't know where the others are exactly. But of course we can have a nice inplay discussion. I'd propose we have it while we're riding, to save some time?

"Drispeera, as I showed on the map after breakfast, 'Kamelands' is the name of about the whole eastern half of our charter territory. If you want to risk spending weeks searching an unknown countryside for a hidden Kobold cave when, for all that we know, there is a bunch of Kobolds on a radish patch just a few hours away, who are in all likelihood able to tell us where to find the Sootscale tribe, and might even be able to help us against them, if they don't happen to belong to the same tribe, which would also provide a shortcut to solving this quest, please, go for it."

Male Human Fighter 3

"How about this? I mean, I don't speak Koboldish or whatever lingo they speak, but maybe we could say that we have returned, that we offer a trade for radishes and information on Sootscale. We've got some money, or we could offer to do a task for them in return. By Erastil, I've done enough manual labor in my life that I don't mind working for them, if it helps the quest." He shrugs his shoulders. "They can't be worse than my brothers were. If that doesn't work, we can always try to scare them."

"Hermia, ordinarily I'd be ready to go straight for the bandits, but we don't know where the rest of them are."

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

Backtracking slightly: In response to Hermia's question, Drispeera will speak to the captives from the bandit camp. Which way from your camp to this Stag Bandit's hideout? And how much time to travel there? I will ask nicely once. And then I will let that overeager musclebound lad ask you again, his way. I suggest you just answer now.Diplomacy:1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20

Mornaura, I am open to hearing your suggestions. You have some skills that I do not. But if you ever presume to talk down to me, to know what I "meant to say" or what I "meant to do" again-- you had best sleep lightly from that moment on. I promise you, most of my thoughts are beyond your ability to guess.

I'm thinking it's good this group is finally showing remote signs of competence. Missing far more than they hit? Negotiating with opponents during active combat? And now? *Working* for kobolds? Too much more of this and I'll be straight off to see what this Stag Bandit has to offer. I doubt Mornaura's guessing that.

I just don't want to be run over by people posting more than me, if I'm posting a reasonable amount. Other than that we're good. And if you don't mind a little in-party bickering, it can be fun to role-play as long as neither of us takes it personally. It appears the women have the strong personalities in this outfit, Hermia included.

Kaeso, you're a dear boy. But let's be clear. I do *not* work for kobolds. I do not associate with people who work for kobolds. We will offer them a reasonable bargain. If they do not accept it, I will put them to sleep and we will take all the silly turnips we wish.

Now, I have decided: We will go to the cabbage patch and find whatever clues we can about all these other fools errands.

Male Human Fighter 3

I'd dig ditches if it meant peace and prosperity for these lands. Kaeso shrugs acquiescence.

And you thought it funny that Kaeso was afraid of Drispeera? She's scarier than Kressle. In a good way, of course.

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

^^ No offense meant nor taken. All good.

"Listen, Drispeera, I'm sorry if I misinterpreted what you said, and I surely didn't want to talk down to you, but I thought Kaeso, you and me all talked about the same Kobolds. As it seems now, Kaeso and I actually did.

And I don't know how it was in your homeland, but since we haven't actually done anything remotely similar to, I don't know, electing a leader who gets to say 'I have decided that we will go', the usual practice in this land would be that everyone who has one voices his opinion and then we all follow whichever opinion the majority of this companionship supports. Most of us have already proven that we are doing exactly that.

So as long as the rest of this group doesn't suddenly proclaim you our leader, maybe you should think about wether you are able and willing to do the same.
If you aren't, this companionship might not be the right environment for you, after all.
This isn't about you, this isn't about me, this is about all of us making compromises so that we can work together."

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34

Bingo nudges Kaeso, "I gots two gold Dris scratches her eyes out."

Male Human Fighter 3
Bingo Underbough wrote:
Bingo nudges Kaeso, "I gots two gold Dris scratches her eyes out."

Kaeso tries very hard not to laugh, and fails. But he attempts to cover it up with a cough. Stealth roll? 1d20 - 3 ⇒ (7) - 3 = 4

Female Human Cleric 1

Hermia, standing nearer the gentlemen, purses her lips. She has only just been introduced to the group, and this is not exactly the reception she had imagined.

"Sirs, does disagreements like these occur frequently?" she inquires softly. "I... am not unfamiliar with heirarchy, but..." she pauses and colors. "We are each signatories to the charter, correct? And subjects of Brevoy?"

M Human Paladin 3 | AC 18 T 13 FF 15 | HP 25/25 | F +8 R +8 W +7 | Init +4 | Perc +1

Norn, who has been watching and listening to the exchange while finishing his breakfast, *pounds* his fist on the table and stands up. After a few seconds his face, which had been red for a second, returns to his usual fair tone. He turns around, and gives Kaeso a pat on the back, while heading over to where Hermia is observing.

"Sorry Hermia, I am sure our other ladies here are just venting their frustrations. We had a... short brush with death, you could say, just a few days ago. I think with your help we will not have that occur again...

"As the charter says we are to do two things, explore and get rid of bandits. I believe we have taken care of the latter at least for now. I for one am very curious as to what awaits us in the Stolen Lands. Money is not exactly my motivation, but crowns do purchase better gear for us in the long run to help with our mission.

"I honestly do not have a preference where to head to. Maybe we can stop by the radish patch, approach at night, and simply grab some from the sleeping kobolds? We can then start exploring east from there, into the Kamelands.

"If it helps anyone, the kobolds we found were evil creatures. I know that they did not want to fight, but I believe they did so because they were afraid, not because they were giving us some sort of mercy. I say if we go back, we give them an ultimatum. They either learn to share the fruits of these lands, or suffer the consequences for their greed. These are not our lands, but they are also not theirs."

Afterwards, he snags his falchion and slings it on his back, and starts heading towards the stables.

"Come on gang. There is adventure out there, and I didn't sign up to mope around all day."

Btw, not actually trying to diffuse the argument. It's just really what Norn would do in this situation ^^

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