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GM Nel's Kingmaker Campaign

Game Master CRobledo

From the depths of an untamed wilderness, bandits and monsters run rampant across the land. Do you have what it takes to conquer the lands and raise yourself up as King, Emperor and God?

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Your adventure begins in the most southern tip of Rostland, a rough and tumble trading post called Oleg's. The trading post is run by Oleg Leveton and his wife Svetlana. When you first arrived at the post there are very obvious signs of reconstruction and you are greeted at the 30 foot wide gate into the post by a middle aged human female with blonde hair, green eyes and wide smile.

"Praise the gods, you're finally here! Please, come in, come in I'll get you settled in. My name is Svetlana Leveton." the woman says, motioning for the group to follow her into the walled post.

And let the festivies begin!

M Human Paladin 3 | AC 18 T 13 FF 15 | HP 25/25 | F +8 R +8 W +7 | Init +4 | Perc +1

"Good day Svetlana. As you can see, my companions and I have been traveling for a few days and would love to get some rest at your fine trading post. We are hoping we could maybe spend the night and resupply our packs, and maybe our stomachs as well."

Were we actually instructed to stop at this post, or is it more of a "pit stop" along the way?

Svetlana turns back, a frown creasing her brow. "Resupply? Weren't you sent here to guard this post?"

At this time there was a creak of wood from across the yard as a large chested human man climbed down from the roof of one of the buildings. Though obviously in his fourth decade, his black hair and beard had only the lightest dusting of silver and he carried himself like a warrior. Setting a wooden toolbox on the ground the man dusts his hands off and moves to stand next to Svetlana. "Oleg Leveton."

You were told this would be a good place to start dealing with the stolen lands.

"I apologize Mrs. Leveton but I'm not sure what you're talking about" a young darkly robed young man replies stamping his feet to keep them warm.

The man is young, most likely in his early twenties with short dark hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. Under his armour he wears a dark purple robe and carries an array of weapons including a heavy mace, a dagger and a light crossbow, wearing a quiver filled with bolts on his hip opposite the mace. His face is long and hawkish looking to be of Taldan descent but his eyes mark him as some form of crossbreed with the whites of his eyes being a reflective black. Despite his inhuman eyes, he comes across as friendly and amiable, if sometimes a little dour and contemplative.

M Human Paladin 3 | AC 18 T 13 FF 15 | HP 25/25 | F +8 R +8 W +7 | Init +4 | Perc +1

"As Andrezi has pointed out, we are not exactly guards. However, it does not mean we could not be of assistance. Why are you so worried, and why did you have to send out for guards?" states Norn.

Sorry guys, Lawful good and all that jazz

Norn is a pretty staunch fellow. He carries both a bow and a rather large sword on his back, and despite his age he seems to have been in his share of trouble. He looks rugged and pretty beat, although more from the sun and manual labor than battle. He wears about as heavy an armor as he could scrap up from his local village. Above the armor and around his neck, he wears a scarf with Elastril's holy symbol. He speaks quietly and calm, and throughout your shorts travels with him, you curiously have't heard him use a single contraction when speaking.

Male Human Fighter 3

Kaeso says "Yes, ma'am, we're here to help, but I'm afraid nobody gave us the details." He dismounts from his large black horse. "When you get a moment, could you show me to the stable? I'd let your hands take him, but Joss tends to bite." Noticing Oleg, he nods his head to the man of the house, saying "Good day, sir.

Kaeso wears scale mail, carries a shield, and even has a horse and an old lance, everything that a proper soldier should have. At least, according to the stories he's heard! Yet you can see that he's fresh off the farm, a big blond kid more used to mending fences and tending fields than he is to war. It's evident--after all, he doesn't carry a sword, but a warhammer. One doesn't have much chance to learn swordsmanship on a farm, but swinging a hammer? Count him an expert!

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34

"They din't say nuthin' 'bout guardin', they said 'splorin' and travelin'," says Bingo, from atop his pony, Fern. "They did mention killin' bandits, though, so if guardin' means they come ta us and we dun't haf ta chase 'em, sounds good ta me."

That speech was more words at one time than any of the group had heard the young halfling say during the whole trip from Restov. While pleasant enough and always willing to help around the camp, Bingo had not, as yet, opened up much to his companions.

Oleg and Svetlana looked at each other for a moment before Oleg threw his hands in the air and walked away muttering. Svetlana casts a worried glance after him before turning back to the group. "Well you see, my husband has been sending messages for weeks up to Brevoy asking for a squad of guards to be sent. Ever since we've been here a group of bandits has been plaguing us. We've been trying to build up this old fort ever since but with just the two of us and the odd migrant hunter, work goes very slowly. I know this might be an inconvenience but I beg you, please help us."

Male Human Fighter 3

"Could you tell us anything more? Which direction they came from? How many, and what sort of folk they are?" Kaeso grins. "The way I see it, chasing them down is part of our job." He tosses his warhammer up in the air and catches it easily, as if he's looking for a nail to hit.

Male Human Cleric / 1, AC 16 (Touch 12, FF 14), Fort +2, Reflex +2, Will +5; hp 8/8; Init +2, Perception +3; Channel 4/4, Travel 6/6, Nobility 6/6

"Well, the charter outlines what is to become of bandits we come across, I don't see why we can't stick around fer a bit to help these folk out with their problem."

Decked out in supple leathers, Borden slides off his horse and nimbly lands on the ground. Attached to the saddle of his horse rests a quiver of red fletched arrows and a longbow is carefully packed with his things. Borden's blue eyes look sharp and seem to take in every detail as they scan the outpost.

Those who have traveled with the relatively muscled half breed knew that he came from the village of Rendin and he was with them to not only explore the lands, but to also stop the bold bandits that have begun preying on the frontier villages in Southern Brevoy. They are also aware of his keen hunting skills and knowledge of the wild, having made the trip to the outpost subsiding off of the food and drink that Borden was able to hunt and forage for the group.

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

Sitting on her horse, Mornaura has silently monitored the conversation, only moving to caress the hawk siting on top of the gnarled willow branch sticking up from the saddle holster in place of a lance or banner.

Now, she finally pulls the fur-lined tube-scarf from her mouth, revealing her finely chiseled facial features, but only to mutter: "Why exactly did I sign up for joining a group of people who are so obviously fond of getting a chance to kill somebody...?"
After looking at the hawk for a moment, as if the bird knew the answer, she shrugs and rather inelegantly dismounts her horse, provoking an annoyed screech from the hawk as his chosen perch shakes from her movement.
Ignoring the animal, the young half-elven woman takes a moment to stretch herself, trying to remind her body of resuming blood circulation in her legs, and slowly her expression changes from distress to relief. Then she looks at the others and cuckles shortly.

"Can't we go in and grab something to eat first, and discuss wether 'waiting for bandits to attack this outpost' counts as 'coming across bandits on our way' later? Oh, and Kaeso, you surely don't mind taking my horse along if you're heading for the stable anyway, right?"

Instead of looking in his direction to wait for an answer, she dusts off her wool and bucksin attire and musters the other half-elf for a moment.

While she has shown that she can compete with him in terms of knowledge and experience of the wilds when necessary, she always seemed more than content with letting him take care of the job whenever he volunteered.
In fact, she hasn't volunteered for any of the tasks requiring physical work on their journey, but she has done her part when asked, sometimes resorting to summoning an unseen servant to make it easier, and has happily kept watch - even more so when she could share the shift with Drispeera, as the two could discuss obscure arcane phenomena for hours.

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

Drispeera is a gorgeous elven maiden and knows it. Her fey heritage gives her odd traits like blue hair and lavender skin. Nonetheless, she is lovely. Someone gave her a dress to replace the torn one, and complaining that the rough material chaffs, she has loosened the ties to reveal more of her soft skin. She has also complained about riding horseback. "They smell and are bruising my tender backside." When someone suggested she walk instead, she quieted down.

She has also enjoyed the discussions of "arcane phenomenae" late at night. -wink-

Drispeera gives Svetlana and Oleg a quick appraisal. Deciding that Svetlana is pleasant-looking, but certainly not competition, and Oleg is not worth ingratiating herself to, but perhaps useful enough to be worth courtesy, adds her two copper pieces.

I agree with Mornaura. I need a hot bath to wash this smelly beast off me, and a good meal. After a good nights' sleep in a real bed, I will happily dispose of any bandits that you point out to me.

Oh, Kaeso, you forgot to take my horse as well.

Male Human Fighter 3

"ἄ λενιατης βαθωτιος, χαριατης." (My pleasure, ladies in Elvish.)

Kaeso smiles as he takes hold of the bridles of the horses. He doesn't mind the work, and is rather pleased to be around such beautiful creatures. They didn't have girls like this back home.

M Human Paladin 3 | AC 18 T 13 FF 15 | HP 25/25 | F +8 R +8 W +7 | Init +4 | Perc +1

"Why do I feel like I am the only one that likes walking in this place?"

Norn turns to face the Leventons again. "Fair Svetlana, why do not we come in to the trading post. If it is not much to ask, my companions and I are hungry and tired from our travels. Maybe your husband and you can accompany us, and we will discuss this bandit matter over the dinner table. Kaeso brings some good points and questions, and we need to know as much as we can if we are to help you."

"So let us go inside your gates, give these lovely ladies (waving to Drispeera and Mornaura) a little rest, and I am sure that with the correct information on these bandits we will take care of your problem than any rag-tag band of guards could."

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34
Kaeso the Human Fighter wrote:

"ἄ λενιατης βαθωτιος, χαριατης." (My pleasure, ladies in Elvish.)

Kaeso smiles as he takes hold of the bridles of the horses. He doesn't mind the work, and is rather pleased to be around such beautiful creatures. They didn't have girls like this back home.

"You'll not be gettin' anywhere wi' those two, lad,"Bingo says to the young fighter as he follows him to the stables. Bingo takes an apple out of his pocket and slices off wedges, which he feeds to Fern. "Where'd ya learn that fancy talk?"

Male Human Cleric / 1, AC 16 (Touch 12, FF 14), Fort +2, Reflex +2, Will +5; hp 8/8; Init +2, Perception +3; Channel 4/4, Travel 6/6, Nobility 6/6

Deciding it better to not respond to the other helf-elf's comment for the moment, Borden also dismounts, turning to the owners and saying, "Yes, it's been a long road and I know that Maribel here could do with a proper brushdown. Would it be okay if we came in and rest our feet? Yah don't even have ta worry about Maribel here as I've been taking care of her since she was but a colt.

It is obvious for one perceptive enough that Borden's speech comes from one of the smaller village in Southern Brevoy, His skill will Maribel also suggests that he is accustomed to tending to animals.

Should the Leveton's allow Borden to take Maribel to some shelter, Borden disappears for a few minutes as he take the saddle and pack off of Maribel's back and gives her a fair brushdown before returning to the group.

Male Human Fighter 3

Kaeso responds to Bingo's query: "Dad's a bit of a scholar, and I guess it rubbed off. I've got a bit of Dwarvish too."

Svetlana beams at Norn and turns her lovely smile on the rest of the group. While not as beautiful as the elven sorceress, her bright white smile light up her face with joy. "Oh thank you thank you! Yes, come with me, we've got fresh venison stew. Maarg!" she calls out, turning to the small building that was apparantly the stable. A moment later the double doors open and a stooped figure comes out. A very old man, his white hair and beard reaching down to his chest, shambled out of the stable with a gnarled quarterstaff clenched in his hand and thumping into the ground with every step. He was dressed in a simple white tunic and buckskin pants and barefoot.

"Yes?" his quavery voice came out. Though he was walking, his head never came up.

"Could you please take these horses and see that they are cared for?" Svetlana asks with a kind smile.

"Of course child, of course." the old man says. He looks up and everyone could see that this man was in fact an ancient half orc and his milky eyes were obviously blind to the light of day. The old half orc says something a bizzare language and the horses react immmediately, trotting over and nuzzling at his outstretched hand. When he returns to the barn the horse follow docilely behind him, even fiery Joss, though not without a contemptuous toss of his mane.

"Come everyone." Svetlana says. You all follow her towards four large outdoor tables and benches that had been set in a small courtyard bearound a large bonfire. She has you all sit down and begins to serve a hearty and spicy venison stew for lunch.

Feel free to blast away with questions.

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

"Now that's quite a fire. If we were in Galt I'd be inclined to believe it is a makeshift stake. But this mouth-watering smell tells me of better intentions," Mornaura says half smirking. She sits down at one end of a bench, grabs her bowl as soon as it hits the table, glances skywards for a quick, non-audible prayer, and starts eating.

This is too tasty to let it run cold solely because of talking about bandits...
While she doesn't look up ever so often, being busy with the stew, she still listens, should anyone else really decide to give talking priority over eating.

Male Human Fighter 3

"Food!" Kaeso dives into the stew, and consumes a bowl without, seemingly, coming up for air.

"That was very good, ma'am," he says, "but I do have some questions: who are the bandits? Which way did they come from? Do you have any idea of their numbers? Did they demand anything of you? What sort of folk are they? Is there anyone else here who's had dealings with them?"

Kaeso attempts to cover a burp politely with his hand. "Sorry for the barrage of questions, but knowledge is power, at least in a fight." He refills his bowl, and settles down to seconds.

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

Drispeera looks at her bowl apprehensively, and watches the others. When none of them drop immediately from food poisoning, she takes one tentative half-sip. Apparently satisfied with the taste, if not the appearance of the stew, she begins eating it with refined table manners--although rather more rapidly than she was taught.

For a long time she is quiet as the others converse. It is not clear if she is listening, or planning her next shopping expedition, until she blurts out Does this body of scum have a head? It is my experience that if you cut off the head the body will die. Or at least... it will hesitate to trouble you for a good while.

With that she dishes herself a second portion of stew, and seems to drift away again.

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34

Bingo eats his way steadily through his bowl of stew. "Right good tucker, ma'am, thank'ee much. 'Zat mushrooms I tasted in there? She's right," he adds, nodding at Drispeera. "Bandit bands is run by fear, take out they boss, they'll mill about fer a spell, tryin' ta figger out what ta do." He helps himself to more stew, it's been a while since he had as much to eat as he liked.

M Human Paladin 3 | AC 18 T 13 FF 15 | HP 25/25 | F +8 R +8 W +7 | Init +4 | Perc +1

"In addition to Kaeso's and the fair lady's questions, my assumption is that if you requested for guards that you have been attacked by these bandits more than once and it is not just a single event? And if this is true, do they happen with any regularity?"

Norn is impressed by Kaeso's eating speed, "Maybe he takes after his horse and not the other way around, hah!" he thinks to himself in his head.

"This is also very good stew madam. I have hunted my share of game in my days. Erastil be praised for this bounty."

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34

"Aye, thank'ee, Deadeye," says Bingo, between spoonfuls. "Urpp! Sorry.

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

Looking up, then frowning for a moment, Mornaura decides that the avalanche of questions is large enough without her adding to it.
After shrugging her shoulders, she resorts to refilling her bowl and pitches into it.
You never know how long it'll be before your next meal.

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

@Mornaura-- what big teeth you have...

Male Human Cleric / 1, AC 16 (Touch 12, FF 14), Fort +2, Reflex +2, Will +5; hp 8/8; Init +2, Perception +3; Channel 4/4, Travel 6/6, Nobility 6/6

Recognizing real talent with animals, Borden grudgingly allows the half-orc to take Maribel into the stable for tending. Joining the others around the fire and taking the proffered bowl with a simple thanks, Borden began eating, enjoying the food as he was a hunter so could catch the meat for such a dish. However, he still lacked the skills to cook so effectively. "Yes, Erastil indeed be praised. This stew is delicious."

Listening the the discussion, Borden takes in what their hosts had to say regarding the bandits while evaluating the observations he had made regarding his travel companions. Keaso, that one is certainly eager to prove something. We'll see how he handles himself in the wilds. Norn is pretty clearly a devotee of Erastil, I just hope we can swing that heavy blade of his as well as he can talk. The ladies so far havn't shown much of themselves outside of their beauty. We'll see how they react to combat for no matter how much Mornaura, wishes it, we will end up facing bandits here in the Stolen Lands. Bingo is an interesting one as well. He seems to understand the ways of bandits. Definitely a good one to have along on this expedition.

Thinking of something else to say, Borden adds, "Yes, if'n we're to help you, any information you have will help. However, I apologize fer myself and everyone else you have allowed inta yer outpost. In our eagerness to help ya'll with yer problem, we forgot proper introductions. The name's Borden, Borden Alhurst. I actually come from a village about three days ride northwest called Rendin. I don't pretend ta know the others well enough ta make introductions fer them, but what I know of them so far, they are all right good folk. Even if some of them seem a little eager fer a fight."

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34

Bingo jumps up from the table. "My young friend is quite right to rebuke us so. It is the height of incivility to not introduce ourselves. I hight Bingo Underbough, late of Restov, scion of House Underbough and Lost Duke of Orleans. It is a pleasure and an honor to make your acquaintenances." He makes a sweeping, courtly bow... and promptly sprawls head over heels in the dust.

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

Drispeera lifts an elegant eyebrow at Bingo's fall, and chooses not to comment out loud.

The males from these parts seem strong, and are not hard to look at. But they seem to lack grace, and the ability to hold more than one thought at a time. Hmm, I wonder what they will show themselves to be.

My apologies, the road has made me weary, and seems to have stolen my manners. I am Drispeera of House D'Lith. I am a noble elf from Kyonin and a sorceress. Rest assured, if these creatures are unfortunate enough to cross my path, I will end them.

Although -she glances again at Bingo- I wonder if the bandits would make better minions than my current companions? I will probably have to kill a few to get the leader's attention in any case. Then we'll just have to see who proves more worthy.

Male Human Fighter 3

Kaeso tries to hold back chuckles at Bingo's pratfall. He wipes his mouth on his sleeve, but has enough good manners to stand as he makes his introduction: "Kaeso Tullius Scaevola. I know, it's a mouthful. Everyone just calls me Kaeso. We're farm people, not too far north of here, and have been for a few generations. We even had a bit of banditry round us, and I know how much trouble they can be."

Finished with the stew and the introduction, he starts to gather up the plates and bowls. "Pardon me, but where should I take the dishes?"

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

So I have been right with my initial assumption, it would have been customarily appropriate to introduce ourselves right away...

Being ripped out of her thought by Bingo's probably involuntary stunt, she indeed chuckles for a moment, then looks around to find out wether it's her turn.

"And my name is Mornaura," she says. When she thinks the Levetons look at her questioningly, she quickly and perhaps a bit snarkily adds, "I'm sorry, but I don't have any titles you would recognize," before she looks down and finishes up the rest of her stew, just in time to let Kaeso pick it up with the others.

"I am Andrezi Giovanni, priest of Pharasma, the Lady of Still Waters and Judge of the Dead" says the young berobed man in a slightly stilted voice mixed with a generous helping of shyness.

"I too have no titles" he adds, "Though I don't think badly of myself because of this lack, I am an abandoned bastard and raised by the holy fathers of Brevoy and as such am glad of the gods blessings on my life, many are not as fortunate when discarded as children."

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

Drispeera turns her gaze to their hosts. So we've told you about ourselves. Now what can you tell us about these bandits you wish us to handle for you? I believe you've left our enthusiastic human friend here -nods towards Kaeso- straining at the bit.

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34
Bingo Underbough wrote:
Bingo jumps up from the table. "My young friend is quite right to rebuke us so. It is the height of incivility to not introduce ourselves. I hight Bingo Underbough, late of Restov, scion of House Underbough and Lost Duke of Orleans. It is a pleasure and an honor to make your acquaintenances." He makes a sweeping, courtly bow... and promptly sprawls head over heels in the dust.

Bingo looks around at his companions and the Levetons. "Y'all did get thet I wuz just pullin' yer legs with all thet high-falutin' foofraw I jist spouted? I'm jist Bingo, not no fancy duke or nuthin'." Shaking his head at the gullibility of the longlegs, Bingo helps himself to a third bowl of stew. "This's right stew, ma'am!"

Svetlana looks around at all the adventurers and is surprised by both their appetites and flurry of questions. She thinks for a second attempting to compose her answers.

"You are all such fine adventurers! Please let me tell you what happened to us, and hopefully you will see it in your hearts to help.

"My husband Oleg and I came down here years ago to set up a trading post. We thought it would be very lucrative, since not many people are willing to go this deep into the Stolen Lands. Everything was actually going great! But that all ended 3 months ago."

"We were taking care our post as usual, when a band of scoundrels invaded the post. It must have been, I don't know... a DOZEN of them! They came and demanded that we surrender our goods, or they would burn down the trading post we had worked so hard for." Svetlana is noticeably having trouble keeping her composure. She starts to tear up a little before resuming her tale. "We thought the troubles were over after that day, but the next month they returned, once again demanding the majority of our furs and trade goods... Ever since, they come back on the first Oathday of every month to collect this as "tax" for setting up a post in what they call their territory. At first, this mean lady with two hatchets was leading the group, with another rugged fellow as her second-in-command. The two visits after that, we only saw the man leading the bandits. It is so awful! And of course, the first Oathday of the month is tomorrow! They are going to come back and take our furs again."

"That is why we were so hopeful when we saw you. My husband had sent word north about these bandits and we were hoping you were the guards they sent to protect us. We thought the timing was impeccable, considering tomorrow's events. Please, I know you are not the guards but we have no one else to turn to. We would be willing to offer you free room and board for the night if you just help us, please!" once again she bursts into tears. Oleg, who has been also hearing her recount the tale, finishes his stew, and with a grunt he gets up from the table and returns to assemble a pile of furs near the trading post's gates. You assume this pile must be this month's "taxes".

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

So how many of these nitwits do you expect tomorrow? Do they have armor and weapons? Or are they just thugs? Drispeera feels a little more genial after having eaten.

Male Human Fighter 3

"Bastards!" Kaeso mutters under his breath as he listens to Svetlana's story. He looks around the trading post, wondering if there is any place suitable for an ambush, perhaps a tight place where the bandits might be bottled up.

Wish my horse was ready. . .

Svetlana looks with hopeful eyes to Drispeera. "I'm not sure... At first it was a dozen, the next month we had eight, and last month we had six. They are still led by that dumb hooded man though. We have not seen the cruel hatchet woman since the first time they came. My guess is there will be at most as many as last month."

"As for their gear I am not sure. They all seem dressed... alike I guess? Probably leather armor. For bandits they seem fairly organized to be honest. They carry some swords and bows. Similar to what the trappers take with them into the thick of the Greenbelt to the south. The hooded man is a pretty good shot though. He shot an apple out of Oleg's hand last month, when he spit towards them when they took the furs."

@Kaeso Map of Oleg's uploaded. you are all sitting at the picnic tables between A2 and A6, in the courtyard.

Other locations:
A2 - Guesthouse
A3 - Stables
A4 - Storage pen
A5 - Middens
A6-A11 - The Leventon's house

M Human Paladin 3 | AC 18 T 13 FF 15 | HP 25/25 | F +8 R +8 W +7 | Init +4 | Perc +1

Norn, who has been listening silently, raises his head and asks his companions, "Well then ladies and gentlemen. Sounds like we have a group of bandits coming in the morning, and we have the choice to either be here or not at that time. My choice is pretty set, but what say the rest of you?"

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

For the price of a meal, a hot bath, and a comfortable nights' sleep, I will happily swat these insects for you.

Male Human Fighter 3

"I'm in, of course. Those thieves, living off the work of others!"

He looks at Norn, and then at the ladies, and the halfling, the priest, and the ranger. "We've got a good group here, and a real advantage. They don't know we are here. If we let them get in the post, then surprise them with Norn or myself in the front, perhaps with Andrezi, then Bingo and Norn or me behind them, with Borden up in the tower, and the ladies," he nods at Mornaura and Drispeera, "can do whatever it is they do."

"The real question is whether we leave any alive. with a surprise attack, we should be able to take them. If we kill them all and hide the bodies, we might get a chance at a second surprise attack when the bastard in charge sends another group to see what happened to this group.

Kaeso sits down, a bit surprised at his own bloodthirstiness. "I know I'm just a pup, and if anyone has a better idea, just tell me to shut up and be quiet. I'm used to that--I've got older brothers."

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34

"Well, iffen we're gonna be killin' bandits, it's right hospitable of 'em to not make us chase 'em down. Bring 'em on, says I!"

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

Drispeera gives Kaeso an admiring glance. I think surprising them, and then crushing them is a splendid idea. Perhaps keep one alive to get more information about the others. I can be very persuasive.The edge of her mouth quirks up in a smile.

I think I shall cast my spells from the tower as well. I wouldn't want to ruin this dress too, such as it is. You wouldn't happen to have anything nicer for sale? she asks Svetlana.

Svetlana's mood has been looking a lot better since listening Kenso talk about attack plans. She looks at Drispeera with an odd look, half between a warm and an incredulous smile. "I... currently do not, but I can certainly special order anything for you from Brevoy should you take care of these awful bandits!"

"A suggestion might be to hide in the guest house or the stable, and when the bandits are busy loading furs and other goods onto their horses, you can rush out of the stable and the guest house to attack them. We will do anything to get rid of these tormentors, so let me know how we can help too! And please, if it will help, feel free to check our house for any supplies you might need for your ambush!"

Once you decide to help, you have the reminder of the day and all night to set up your defenses and prepare for the bandits. Let me know how you want to prepare, if you want to search around, etc...

"Abadar teaches that the blessings of Law and Civilization must be avaliable to all the men and women of the world" Andrezi says in a deep rumbling tone "and it seems to me these bandits are getting in the way of your legitimate enterprises, I think they're due a lesson in civility."

The man smiles and strokes his goatee having filled his belly with the stew.

Male Human Cleric / 1, AC 16 (Touch 12, FF 14), Fort +2, Reflex +2, Will +5; hp 8/8; Init +2, Perception +3; Channel 4/4, Travel 6/6, Nobility 6/6

Borden didn't see a need to issue his support for helping the frontier couple, so the ranger adds, "Sure, I can take the wall somewhere. That way we can see them coming in advance. However, I don't think killing them is tha way to go. They may be bandits, but they are still people. I say we keep to tha charter, give them opportunity to surrender. If they choose not to then we simply make sure they can't make it back to warn their boss. If we can capture at least one however, they might be willing to tell us more about the hatchet wielding woman."

Male Human Fighter 3

Kaeso concedes the point to Borden. "I guess we need to give them a chance to be 'repentant bandits'. But I hate to give up the chance for surprise. Nothing beats a good suckerpunch."

"Master Bingo and Borden, perhaps we could take a stroll around the post to see if there's any place some of us could hide, if there's still light? If it comes to fighting, we don't want any of them getting away. If we hide some of us tomorrow, we can come up behind them and pen them in."

Grand Lodge

HP 18/18 | AC 16/20 (T 15, FF 12) | CMD 15 | Fort +2 | Ref +6 | Will +5 | Init +4 | Perc +6 Elf Sorcerer 4

Just so you know, my most effective spells are area-of-effect spells. They work best if all the idjits are bottled up together, if they're surprised, and you guys aren't tangled up with them. It's actually a sleep spell... so you could wake them after you tied them up, or you could just kill them. Whatever. Depending how strong they are, I might be able to get several of them. But not if you've warned them, or are chatting with them.

My vote is to surprise them. Let me cast my spell. And then you guys can do whatever to the ones who are still awake.

Female Half-Elf Witch 4 — HP: 27/27

Mornaura inquiringly looks back and forth between her acquaintances, and when she realizes that they are serious about defending the Tradepost, she lets a deep-drawn sigh escape her lips. Conforming to the others, she focuses on listening to their planning for a moment while also looking around to examine the confined tradepost, then finally raises her eyebrows and nods in approval of Drispeera's vote.

"What I don't understand is why most of you seemingly think that a surprise attack is irrevocably adjunctive to slaughtering those thugs. If we manage to lure them inside the compound, say, by pretending that the post is deserted, we should be able to take them all alive with Drispeera's spell, like piglets in a pit trap. Lock the gate behind them, just in case.

If anyone resists the spell or is just outside of the area, I have similar means of sending someone asleep, and if someone flees our spells' reach, Borden's arrows surely fly faster than any thug can run."

With a shrug of her shoulders, Mornaura gets up from the bench.

"In any case, we should take the offer of checking the supplies."

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