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GM Nani's Realm of the Fellnight Queen (Inactive)

Game Master Nani Z. Obringer

Nani's Pathfinder Society Organized Play module.

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Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

"Rune? Oh, my tattoo! I am glad you asked. I picked it up in Kaer Maga to help enhance my spellcasting"

Drezi explains a bit about what he knows of the history of the Varisian's, Thassilon, and Tattoo magic as he nonchalantely unbuttons the first 3 buttons of his shirt and carefully folds the placket back to reveal his tattoo. No real need for a check here as this has all come up from history checks from other characters in previous adventures. Drezi only knew enough about the history in order for him to be aware of the tattoo magic as evidenced by how he summarizes the facts. Here is a Knowledge History Check for any questions that may come up that go beyond this gathered knowledge. 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

Drezi points at the different symbols as he illustrates. "The center symbol is the symbol of Sloth in ancient Thassilonian. As I understand it, Thassilon was a nation that controlled Varisia in ancient time. They aquainted seven sins with the seven schools of magic. Sloth goes along with conjuration since conjurers have the propensity to be relient on their conjured minions. I never much liked the negative connotation of sloth , so I had the artist add the words for destiny here, creation here, and battle here in the design of a spiral since I draw my magic from the destiny Pharasma is guiding me to, and I use it to create my own view of the battlefield. I like the idea of using tattoos to record my history, I will certainly have to get more. To be honest I never really thought about getting any beyond enhancing my magic."

As the food arrives, Drezi rebuttons his shirt and eats and/or continues the conversation as appropriate.

Dark Archive

Female Tiefling Magus 7

"Now, now boys! Why do you all look so serious?" Asharii has approached the gathering quite discreetly. Stealth: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22.

Asharii runs her fingers through Valorian's beard and smiles at him teasingly. "Lets drink and forget our troubles for now. Soon enough we will have the road and ... what not to contend with."

Asharii drops heavily into a vacant chair and slams a tankard on the table. Her breath smells of ale and half the buttons of her top are undone.

Grand Lodge

I keep forgetting to post as Valorian :-(

Valorian's discomfort increases as he feebly tries to make eye contact with Asharii, but keeps drifting down to stare at her bosom, then shoot his glare back up her face. All the while scanning his companions to see if anyone noticed.

Diplomacy 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10
gruffly, "Just like a woman to be late." He shoves a plate of venison towards her.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

"I can agree with that sentiment" Drezi fills another glass of Brandy and toasts to the group smiling widely. He makes no effort to hide his looks at Asharii's bosom.

Sovereign Court

Female Chinese Graphic Designer 3/ Gamemaster 3

Where on earth did Valorian get venison from? :-P

Grand Lodge

I brought it with me of course. Told ya I'm socially handicapped :-)

Grand Lodge

Male Human (shoanti) Ranger (falconer) 7

Swift Wind glances momentarily at Asharii's open shirt, but then meets her eyes. "We've worked it out Asharii, so you don't need to worry about us. We've just been working out our... differences." Swift Wind quickly finishes off the remainer of his pint and refills it. "It's nice to see that most of us are finally here. Although the priest is sitting away from us and the daydreamer doesn't seem to like us very much. Well, I guess I'll need to count on you three then?"

Dark Archive

Female Tiefling Magus 7

Asharii is obviously amused by Valorians discomfort. In no way does she appear offended at his inability to meet her eyes.
She takes the plate. Picks up a piece of meat. With a smile Asharii bares her teeth revealing rows of inhumanly sharp teeth and elongated canines before sinking them into the juicy and greasy piece of flesh in her hands.
"Are you going to be my meat-shield?" she asks him.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

The brandy is starting to kick into Drezi's system. "Wait, the Ghost Mask Tribe were Kellids. Kellids and Ulfens aren't the same? Wait, daydreamer? I like you guys, you are good people and good whatever Asharii is. What priest?" Drezi laughs and proactively flinches in expectation of retaliation.

Grand Lodge

Still not quite meeting Asharii's gaze, "Meat-shield? If by that you mean will I protect you from the dangers of the forest? I can only guess that is the reason I was summoned here. I have no skill worth mentioning in this environment, but in the woodlands, I shall toil to see you all safely reach Woodsedge."
He motions to his surrounds with a disgusted snear. "I need to return to the woods. The air here is too close."
Valorian rises from his seat and adjusts what little gear he brought with him to dinner. Shanks also stands looking eager to depart.
"The morning is fast approaching and we need our rest. The road is long and filled with peril. I will be in my quarters should you need me. We should be on our way before first light. Don't be late." He directs his glare towards Asharii with his final comment...and sneaks another look at her amble bosom before turning to leave.

Upon returning to the arranged quarters, Valorian grabs his bedroll and clears a make-shift sleeping area in the courtyard, opposite any outside entry and where he can observe the entries into his companion's chambers. He also tries to pick a spot that will be shaded from the moonlight throughout the night, hoping for some concealment. Shanks lays next to him, facing the entry.

Grand Lodge

Male Human (shoanti) Ranger (falconer) 7

"Asharii, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by a 'meat-shield', however I will be up there next to the enemies keeping them busy. At least that and bringing us through the wilderness is why I was chosen for this mission, at least I assume so."

Swift Wind turns to Drezi, takes a deep gulp of his drink finishing it off, smiles, and says, "I'm sure you'll figure out the answer to these questions soon enough."

Standing up and gathering his supplies he says, "Perhaps Valorian is right. It may be time to get ready for our trip ahead. I'm sure we'll have time to continue this talk later over plenty of fires."

With this he takes his leave, spending the entire night researching the wedding rituals as previously described.

As the night wears on, the various member of the group make their way back to the Pathfinder Lodge sooner or later. Drezi has to extricate himself from Lailah who seems quite insistent that he stay and have a few more drinks…and spend a little more coin. The night passes without incident, save for the lodge servant who trips over Valorian’s bedroll, shrieking when Shanks investigates. ”Sir, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were here, I thought you were in your room, please keep the animal away from me, I was bitten by a dog once so I’m terribly afraid of them, uh, nice doggie, nice….”

At dawn, the sun rises behind the buildings, casting long shadows over Cassomir’s Harbor. There is a slight chill in the air that betrays the coming of fall. It’s easy to tell which boat is yours. Sitting far from the deep-keeled ocean vessels, the Shillelagh is a flat-bottomed riverboat crafted entirely from darkwood. At her prow is the carving of a face carves from oak leaves, eyes watching the water. The captain, a weathered man with a mistletoe and holly charm around his neck, waves you on board. “Ye must be the Pathfinders. Ah’m Capt’n Tearn. Pleased to have ye on board. Getcha on board and we’ll be right underway right quick. It’ll be an easy journey. Trig can show ye to yer quarters, and stow yer stuff.”

A sprightly gnome with blue hair that contrasts sharply with the earthtones of the ship leads you to your cabin. It’s barely large enough for the two bunk beds inside, let alone the two hammocks that have been strung up.

Paizo Employee

Male Human Miracle-Worker of Razmir 7

As Valorian and later Swift Wind begin to depart, Jokhas takes a moment to wipe his mouth with one of the napkins provided with his dinner. Hands and face clean, he stands, puts his hands together in a prayerful salute, and gives a shallow bow graced by a toothless smile. "A fine evening to you, and peaceful night. We shall plenty of time to learn more of each other on the boat tomorrow."

After another twenty minutes of savoring seafood and appreciating ale, Jokhas fishes out the two crowns of Razmiran mint that are due for the meal and places them - mask up - on the table. To this he adds a folded piece of paper decorated on the front with a colorful woodcut of a masked person swimming in a pile of gold and silver. Below the scene is printed "Not getting enough out of life? Take the first step - contact a friendly associate of Razmir today!" As an added bonus, Jokhas slips an extra gold coin into the folds of the friendly pamphlet such that it will only be found if someone takes the time to unfold the paper to read it.

The first coin of deserved riches for one of the future faithful.

With that, he cleans his hands in the finger bowl and departs with a smile and a compliment for all of the establishment's staff.

Everyone can just take 10 on this check, with Swift Wind taking 20. Valorian, you have a +2 to this check for being a local.

Knowledge Local 20:
Andoran wedding rituals vary widely according to the patron god and the social class of the participants. Marriages by Shelyn and Erastil are the most common. However, you know that in Bellis and other rural areas of Andoran, marriage celebrations usually involve various forms of activities and entertainment before the ceremony, a brief ceremony, and then a great feast afterwards.

Common pre-ceremony activities include displays of skill, sometimes competitive, such as archery, horseshoes, or arm wrestling. Unlike other countries, frequently there is music and dancing before the ceremony. Another tradition is called the "box social". The bridesmaids each prepare a desert and place them in a decorative box for atendees to bid upon. This is to raise money for the bride's dowry. Winning bidders recieve their chosen desert and also get to enjoy it in the company of the lovely bridesmaid who made it. This time-honored tradition helps pair young ladies of marrying age with potential suitors in a supervised setting.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Drezi enjoys the meals and the company. Anyone staying towards the later part of the meal-I believe Asharii and maybe Jokhas-witnesses a very different Drezi.

For those who stayed:

The night goes by enjoyably, at some point a new bottle of brandy found its way to the table and Lailah found her way to Drezi's lap. The haze of alcohol and the lateness of the night have creeped their way through Drezi's head. A joke has just been told and as the laughter starts to fade, so does Drezi's smile.

"Foolishness!",Drezi says and suddenly stands from his seat dropping his glass and Lailah to the floor with a shatter and a shriek. Drezi pauses, his face and body contorting almost as in pain, his green eyes almost seem to glow as he spits out the words through gritted teeth, "I waste my time with drink, women, and foolishness while I should be walking a path to greatness, walking my path, not the fools in camp, not the clan. MINE!" Drezi traces a spiral upon his chest with his hand, looks up and exclaims loudly, "Woman, you promised me!"
His scowl drops and left with a blank expression, void of emotion he says bluntly, "I am done."

Drezi takes a step, staggers, and falls to the floor. As guards step up to escort him out he looks up, the impact seeming to have cleared his senses, Drezi smiles, the rage he previously displayed seems completely gone as if a spirit left his body. Drezi laughs and shakes his head. Oh, I am sorry, I seem to have had a bit too much to drink. Drezi stands and offers his hand to Laila. "Please forgive me" as he places another platinum coin on the table. Diplomacy: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (9) + 15 = 24. Drezi then thanks his remaining companions and quickly leaves.

Nani, please correct me if you disagree with the check or the DC.
A knowledge(Religion or Local) check for those left in the inn with Drezi DC10:
The spiral he drew upon his chest is the symbol of Pharasma and drawing it upon his chest is a gesture of prayer in Ustalav

Drezi sleeps fitfully, and wakes up on the call of the lodge servants. He rushes to get his things ready, writes a quick missive to leave to the Ruby Prince affirming the mission and describing his opinion, facts of the mission, and known details of his companions then seals it with a scarab and leaves it with a servant for delivery.

Drezi arrives at the ship at the ship at the last minute, a tray of pastries in his hands. "Please forgive my lateness everyone! I brought treats if anyone is interested" On the ship Drezi puts on his usual show, attempting to make an impression on anyone fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to run into him. He does his best to avoid anyone who stayed with him to the late hours last night and doesn't make contact with them unless cornered.

Dark Archive

Female Tiefling Magus 7

The party heads to the river boat without Asharii. Lodge staff explain that she returned from the tarven at five in the morning and asked for directions to the boat.
Arriving at the boat the ramaining companions find out Asharii boarded the vessel early in the morning and took the best cot for hersel.
Ashari now rests on a makeshift matress on the ships upper deck. She has kicked off her long boots and apparently enjoys the morning sun and light breeze with a pitcher of water in hand and the remains of a half eaten watermelon strewn about her.

Grand Lodge

With a disapproving glace and a bit of a, "Hrumph" directed at Drezi's timeliness, Valorian boards the ship. He stows his backpack and other gear, but remains armed and spends most of his time roaming the rail-edge of the ship peering into the water and to the banks of the river. It is clear he is ever watchful for anything suspicious.

Occasionally, he will shoot a disapproving glace towards Asharii. He appears none too happy with he "relaxation," and perhaps trying to steal another look at her bosom.

Shanks largely remains near the center of the ship and sleeps. He is not too fond of river travel.

Grand Lodge

Valorian spends an ample amount of time agitating Captain Tearn with his incessant "back-seat" driving. He often references his map of the surrounding area and "reminding" the captain of shoals and sandbars as well as narrows.

He is often heard saying things such as, "Be cautious. The fey are known to frequent this area of the river. Deceptive, dangerous creatures, you don't want to be caught unawares if they decide to ambush us."

Grumbling to Shanks, "We should have stayed to the main road through the forest. We are too exposed on the river. Who knows what evil is hiding in the treeline, watching us and waiting for the right moment to strike. " Searching his quiver, Where are my fey-bane arrows? Shanks did you leave them in the cabin? Stay here, and keep a close eye. I'll be right back."

Valorian heads to his cabin mumbling something about, "dirty fey" and needing more arrows.

Paizo Employee

Male Human Miracle-Worker of Razmir 7

As he wipes his lips with a napkin and prepares his payment, Jokhas is privy to Drezi's outburst at the restaurant. Knowing the effects that alcohol or other imbibed substances can have on a person, the priest allows the Varisian space and the opportunity to sleep off his night's revelry.

And yet the grape can grease even the most recalcitrant tongue... Razmir hears your prayers, brother, and he respects your ambition.

He leaves soon after, spotting Drezi's sign of Pharasma (auto-success on that check).

Like all of the others, she does not listen.


"Your hospitality and skill are appreciated, Captain," says Jokhas, his face unburdened by his mask that instead hangs from his steely belt. The priest is again wearing his black robes, which he lifts a little to avoid absorbing any of the water than licks up on the dock. With a glance at Swift Wind and Valorian, he judges the hammocks would be better appreciated by others, so he instead claims one of the bottom bunks.

As Drezi voices an offer of treats, Jokhas graciously accepts. "Think nothing of your tardiness. As is said, 'Better late than never.' I find this holds as true for life as it does for religion." Though Drezi might flinch from the memory of last night, Jokhas lightly hooks the man's stylish tunic with a finger and imparts, "If ever you wish counsel about last night - what was said or how best to realize it - my time is yours. You may seek me out at any hour." He then delicately releases the weak grip, bows his head in respect, and backs away to favor Cassomir with one last look.

As the ship pulls away, Jokhas dons his mask and stares at the shrinking cityscape. As it starts to disappear around a turn in the river, he bows and whispers, "The blessings of Razmir upon you."


Over the course of the journey, Jokhas tends to leave his mask at his belt. He spends an hour or two each day inscribing and lightly incising symbols into his staff. He also sometimes dons the mask and reaches into the bag tied to his belt, whispers a few words, and waves a hand. As he pulls tight the drawstring, it is sometimes hard to tell whether it is the person behind the mask that laughs softly or something from within the bag.

Asharii's activities are slyly observed by the crew, at least until the shrill Trig commands the crew to get busy. When Asharii ignores his requests to move her mattress, he begins piling rope and canvas on top of her until she is forced to move or be buried alive. Captain Tearn puts up good-naturedly with Valorian and Shanks for the first day, but on the second morning he relegates the dog and man with a task below decks.

It takes two and a half relatively peaceful days for the Shillelagh to reach Bellis, arriving early on the day of the wedding. The frontier town of Bellis stands within the quiet shade of the Verduran Forest, nestled along the western banks of the slow-moving Sellen River. Flower gardens color every homestead, painting a vibrant scene under the summer sun. Common folk go about their business, tilling the land, tying off keelboats, and hobnobbing over cups of mead. In the distance, a dog barks, children laugh, and the bees hum while gathering pollen in the late summer sunshine.

The ship springs to life as the crew dock and start unloading supplies from Cassomir, bound for the Druids of the forest. Tearn nods to the party gruffly. "We be berthing here fer the day. Come back to the docks by nightfall or we be leaving ye!"

Dark Archive

Female Tiefling Magus 7

Asharii observes her comrades during their travels together. She keeps an eye out for anything that might look like a spellbook.

Upon reaching Bellis Asharii, who during the boat trip has worn a suit of chain shirt, grabs her haversack, which contains all the belongings she does not wear, and runs down the gangplank. Her fiery red hair blowing wildly in the cool air at the harbor and a mischievous smile on her lips.

Asharii turns about when she is off the ship and shouts back at her travelling companions "Come on, we are wasting time. We have a wedding to attend and have to be back at sun-down, so we have precious little time if we want to have some fun in town as well!"

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Drezi is unseen for most of the voyage. If sought out, he is found in an almost comatose state in his hammock. The stench of garlic surrounds Drezi as he has hung several heads from his hammock and has a spiral of Phrasma charcoaled into the deck below.

On arrival, Drezi is found on the main deck in his wedding outfit - A light, scarf laden, breathable, and multilayered suit accessorized with a feathered cap.

"Good morning! What a glorious day for a wedding! I look forward to seeing the town and celebrating our fellow pathfinder's journey into a new life of love, family, and happiness."

Drezi is full of smiles and spins. He almost appears to be a new man as he offers Asharii his arm to head to explore the town before going to the wedding.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

As Drezi wanders through town looking for the perfect, last minute wedding gift he practices traditional Varisian Toasts out loud.

"Mai Desna zâmbet asupra vieţii viaţa ta împreună şi atenţia pot Pharasma lui binecuvânteze doar tu pentru soarta bună."

"May Desna smile upon your life life together and may Pharasma's attention only bless you for good fate."

"Poate să existe întotdeauna de lucru pentru mâinile împrejurimi.
Mai geanta ţineţi întotdeauna o monedă sau două.
Fie ca soarele străluci mereu cald pe geam dumneavoastră.
Poate un curcubeu fi sigur să urmeze fiecare ploaie.
Fie ca mâna unui prieten să fie întotdeauna aproape de tine.
Şi poate Desna-ţi umple inima cu bucurie să te înveselească."

"May there always be work for your hands to do.
May your purse always hold a coin or two.
May the sun always shine warm on your windowpane.
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be near you.
And may Desna fill your heart with gladness to cheer you."

"Pe măsură ce aluneca pe balustrada de viaţă,
Poate niciodată punctul de cioburi în mod greşit"

"As you slide down the banister of life,
May the splinters never point the wrong way"

yes, that last one is perfect

Drezi smiles.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Backtracking to respond and discuss since I read too fast

Jokhas wrote:

As Drezi voices an offer of treats, Jokhas graciously accepts. "Think nothing of your tardiness. As is said, 'Better late than never.' I find this holds as true for life as it does for religion." Though Drezi might flinch from the memory of last night, Jokhas lightly hooks the man's stylish tunic with a finger and imparts, "If ever you wish counsel about last night - what was said or how best to realize it - my time is yours. You may seek me out at any hour." He then delicately releases the weak grip, bows his head in respect, and backs away to favor Cassomir with one last look.

Drezi stops and spins around and sees a bit shocked to be turned to someone who he believes saw him acting the fool last night yet he relaxes when he realizes it is an offer of comfort.

"Oh Jokhas! I appreciate the offer" Drezi Smiles "I always appreciate the counsel of clergy."
Drezi leans against the rail, scratches his head and sighs

"I am a little hazy on what occured last night. I think I just drank too much and let my emotions come out. Please, tell me of this Razmir. I have heard the name a bit in Absalom yet know nothing. I think we met some of your clergy when my caravan camped near lake Encarthan when I was young but I remember very few details other than the masks, I think at the time I thought they were performers."

Drezi looks to Jhokas, eager for an answer, fiddling with a silver charm bracelet he picked up as part of his wedding outfit which carries the symbols of Desna and Pharasma.

"What is Razmir the god of?"

Shadow Lodge

Male Human (Mixed ancestry) Bard 7
Drezzi wrote:

Drezi looks to Jhokas, eager for an answer, fiddling with a silver charm bracelet he picked up as part of his wedding outfit which carries the symbols of Desna and Pharasma.
"What is Razmir the god of?"

Oggie, who has been very quiet and introspective ever since leaving the lodge, mutters under his breath, “Best get this over with”.

Striding up to Jhokas and Drezzi, Oggie fishes in his pack and pulls out a battered and abused Razmirian mask.

I know a bit about Razmir seein’ as how I was a member for a time.” As Oggie turns the iron mask over in his hands it becomes evident that parts of it have melted slightly.

Oggie looks up and continues,

Jhokas, you and I gotta talk. I want to get things out in the open so that this isn’t a problem later.

I want to start with saying that I have no problems with you but I do have some history with the church of Razmir. I think I’d better start back a ways. Before I was a Pathfinder I did a bit of adventuring with some people I grew up with. We ended up in Tamran about eight years ago and met up with Reginar Lacklan who’s a Pathfinder Field agent."

He was looking for details on what the cult of Razmir was up to in town. There were lots of reports of bad things happening and the guards just looking the other way. He couldn’t do it himself so we ended up stepping in."

"I joined the cult as an infiltrator.”

A pained grin crosses Oggie’s face.

“I stood on the first step and received this here mask.” holding it up for inspection.

I’ve sat through the teachings. I know all about Razmir’s teaching on the importance of money and power. I've scrubbed the temple floor with that tiny brush they give you. And I have no problem with any of that. What you need to know is that my little group was responsible for getting the Razmirians kicked out of Tamran. They were bad people. We found proof that the Tamran bunch were into slave tradin’, drug dealin’, blackmail and running all sorts of protection rackets.

Oggie’s voice gets quieter

… and you also need to know that we were also behind the failure of the Razmirian mission to the Isle of Terror in lake Encarthan and it was all of this that got me an introduction into the Pathfinders and led to me becomin’ an agent myself.”.

Oggie’s eyes lock intently on Jhokas’s,

I’m not normally as withdrawn as I have been recently. I’ve been working it through and I know that I can work with you on this mission. What I need to know is can you work with me?

Paizo Employee

Male Human Miracle-Worker of Razmir 7

As he listens to Oggie's tale, Jokhas's eyes grow sadder, and his mouth curls slightly in a sympathetic smile of concern. "Your deeds purged a cruel sect from the Temple, and for that you have my thanks. I apologize that your first impressions had to be so dark," he articulates, as if all too familiar with seeing the types of behavior described.

"Since the regrettable loss of Aroden, there has been much chaos in the world. Eternal storms lash the coasts, planar rifts rend the earth, and revolutions tear to pieces the kingdoms, lands, and families who knew the Age of Enthronement and gave thanks. Although Aroden is remembered as the Last Azlanti, he was also the last of the elder gods to walk among his disciples."

Jokhas shifts his gaze between Oggie, Drezi, and the landscape that slowly begins to roll past as the ship departs (considering the time when this happens). His eyes take on a momentarily accusing cast as they glace at this invisible audience, but he continues, "Think about what happened some hundred years ago. Lacking a proper mentor and consumed by strife, Cheliax turned to diabolism. Once-allies of that fallen empire fell to infighting that even today spills blood of brothers who both invoke the names of the same gods in defense of their supposedly holy charges. The unshakable sophists of Galt burned with ideological rage at the aftermath and instigated one of the greatest crimes against humanity.

"Where were our divine champions? The astrological philosophers of Lirgen sought answers by gazing into the sky with spyglasses so strong as to pierce the veil between the planes, but I fear the suicides that followed speak of disappointing revelations as to how the gods have directed their energies over the past century. I have known these same disappointments, I have seen this hopelessness in others, and I have found one who would soothe the storms and stitch tight the sore of Sarkoris.

”This after having been raised at the feet of Erastil and taught the inevitable arts of Gorum…”

Wiping an eye to stifle a tear barely formed, he smiles. ” His ascension was performed not to capitalize on the void left by his patron's death, to hear every whispered secret for his own amusement, or to meet a drunken dare. Rather His recent apotheosis grants Him a unique insight into mortals' toil, troubles, and needs. Instead of constructing a palace sequestered on another plane and accessible only to a chosen few servants who must first know death on the chance of knowing their divine patron, Razmir has chosen to live among his people and has crafted a means of restoring civility, dignity, and peace to the Inner Sea.

”The truth He spreads is new, and as the only divine representative on Golarion, He is receptive of all who seek His counsel and sheltering hand.” With a meaningful look at Oggie’s mask, Jokhas raises his hands in a pleading gesture. ”This invitation may appeal to villains as much as the pure, and with time the former shall adopt His timeless message. While one might simplify the teachings to speak only of Power and Wealth, they are far deeper,” he explains while untying his mask and raising it to his face. Upon securing it, he intones in the rasping voice that so faithfully accompanies his veiled features:

” Sacrifice to realize one's humility - through this, Charity to show others hope for the future.
”Pain so as to better recognize it in others - through this, Empathy to salve the wounds left by lost omens.
”Obedience to know what it is to be powerless – through this, Authority tempered by care for the meek and uninitiated.
”Diligence to understand the order of the world – through this, Wealth earned by one’s industrious ministrations.
”Anonymity to serve a cause greater than one’s self – through this, Glory earned in recognition of one’s unique talents and fortune.”

He removes the mask and hangs it from his belt once more, and his voice smooths and returns to its less remarkable yet still impassioned tone. ”I have been so honored as to speak with Razmir once, and I long for the day that I ascend so high as to speak with Him again in this life.”

To Oggie he adds, "I shall be honored to stand by your side."

Later during the trip upriver
Jokhas takes the first appropriate opportunity to leave a friendly, colorful pamphlet on Drezi’s bed. On the outside, a woodblock print depicts a lonely, scraggly man sitting on the doorstep of an abandoned building. Above it is printed “Has the Inner Sea’s turmoil robbed you of your trade? Your loved ones? Your sense of worth?” The pamphlet opens up to reveal a different woodblock print that shows a figure in an iron mask and white robes throwing an abundance of coins into the air while two attractive women in suggestive outfits hand him a crown and scepter. “Reclaim the Respect You Deserve! Speak to a Razmiran Representative Today!” touts the interior in large print, and smaller testimonials and holy scriptures are included towards the margins. To give a few samples:

“When the gods fled the ripples cast by Aroden’s death, Razmir heard the cries of their servants and his pure heart knew that He could not abide such abuse of the gods’ divine privileges. Since taking the Test of the Starstone, He has acted as an advocate for the Inner Sea and all of its citizens.”

Adapted from Unyaris’ Second Letter to the Andorans 1:17


“Shelyn visited me in a dream and granted me oracular powers, but what she didn’t mention was the horrid wasting curse that would accompany them! Sometimes a god’s sense of irony is nauseating, and that’s why I turned to Razmir. His clergy welcomed me and rid me of my curse. Now, instead of wearing a mask out of shame, I wear a mask with pride! Thanks, Razmir!”


“You might think that one who grew up in Rahadoum would never know divine inspiration, but that was before my father’s ship went down near the accursed Eye that haunts our western shore. In the height of my despair and the depths of my finances, Razmir found me, took me in, and helped me to found a plantation on the shores of Lake Encarthan. With it, He restored my sense of worth and blessed me with the opportunity to pave my way to affluence. Some days I find I just can’t tithe enough!”

A bit of OOC information:

Yep, Jokhas has an interpretation of the Razmiran faith that differs from that of His more archetypal followers. Even so, he believes in it wholeheartedly.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Drezi stands by semi-uncomfortably during the intense conversation. He sighs with relief as it seems to end well.

Wow, it is nice to know I am not the only one with a past. I for one won't be sharing so easily.

"Wow guys, I am glad that bit of pie went down sweet. I am through with talk about the past, fortunately I have never infiltrated either of your pasts or done any slights that you would hold against me....well unless either of you are hell knights" Drezi laughs, stops aprubtly, looks around cautiously, then laughs again.

" Oh and by the way, what are Andoran weddings like? Do we have to toast? I know a few varisian toasts..." See above post.

Directed to various members of the party along the way (except for Asharii unless she helps break the tension from the previous night, if nothing happens along the way to break that tension with Drezi the trip will suffice to make him comfortable with her again thus the offering the arm in the future-tense post):
"Do you know anything about drawing or collecting samples from creatures? I owe some favors to the ruby prince for helping me set up my concert hall in Absalom and on my travels I am to document and collect, unfortunately, I am not skilled in either of these things. In the past I have relied on Pathfinders I have been assigned with to help me fill the gaps in my skillset. Maybe there is something I can do for you in exchange?

Grand Lodge

"What do you mean by samples? And creatures? The remains of dead animals or do you intend to cut the eyes from a live bear? If so, we will be at odds. Perhaps, by creatures, you mean Fey. In that pursuit I would caution you. Those creatures are devious with evil intentions from the Abyss itself. You would be warned to avoid them if you value your life."

Valorian is overheard grumbling, "zealots" from a short distance away during the exchange between Oggie and Jokhas.

Sense Motive DC10:
It is clear that Valorian does not care much for religion and only gives a passive acknowledgement to the gods of nature.

Shadow Lodge


Sense Motive DC 10:
When Oggie is talking about 'stopping' the Razmirian mission to the Isle of Terror, he means killing a whole lot of worshipers or Razmirian.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Sense Motive for Valorian: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6
Sense Motive for Oggie: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Drezi stands blissfully ignorant to the unspoken messages from Valorian and Oggie.
"Nothing cruel I promise. My debt to the prince requires the most minor and harmless tasks. Samples of rare creatures and drawings of architecture. Unfortunately I am not skilled in either arena. I don't know how to identify a creature as rare and interesting, collect a sample (which is usually blood, claw, or fur), or draw. I assure you, the only creatures I care to collect for this kind of thing will be killed in self defense or the left overs from food." Diplomacy 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (2) + 18 = 20 just to see how pretty Drezi's words are.

At noon, the sound of church bells ring through the forest and along the shores of the Sellen, telling all of Bellis of the celebration. The Pathfinders make their way through the town and towards the sounds. Festivities for the wedding stretch from the stone chapel and rose gardens of Shelyn, past a large open-air tent, and down to the sun-drenched, tree-lined banks of Stillwater Creek. Music and laughter fill the air, with partygoers calling out for attendees to join their games and merrymaking.

<<Map of the Verduran Forest>>

<<Map of the Wedding Festival>>

You enter the grounds from the southwest, and just ahead is the footbridge over the Stillwater Creek (A1). Children laugh as they dangle fishing poles into the water, staring curiously at such obvious outsiders. Across the water, you can spot a large canvas feast tent (A2) and a large gazebo (A3). The sounds of music drift from a grove of trees at the north end (A4). As you make your way into the grounds, you also spot a horseshoe pit (A5), the wedding chapel to Shelyn (A6), and a rose garden (A7).

Please state in your post roughly what kind of equipment your character is wielding or wearing. Note that it is not entirely out of place to have weapons as it is a rural area, but perhaps sporting an entire armory or waving weapons around is regarded poorly. Just let me know what areas your characters would like to explore and I will give descriptions of areas as you come to them :)

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Drezi is wearing his new outfit purchased in Cassomir. His haversak is carried like a messenger bag and set down at his feet when sitting. He wears his silver dagger and fine, scarab shaped mithril buckler on his belt. He looks around the festival to see where the most people are starting to mill.

His other weapons are stowed in his bag.

I would like to have Drezi use his skills to learn the wedding routine, who's who (especially faction representatives), and any drama that is going on. Diplomacy to Gather Information 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (8) + 18 = 26 Bluff for Discreet Inquiries 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (16) + 17 = 33 Perception to notice odds and ends 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9
I am also looking for opportunities for Drezi to sing.

Grand Lodge

Valorian is wearing his typical wilderness gear including all of his weaponry. I would like to approach the groom well prior to the ceremony and pay my respects and offer the wedding gift. I am happy to role-play this if necessary, but I am not sure of the nature of the groom so not sure how we would know each other. I don't want to make assumptions that would derail the story.

Afterwards, he will stay within the treeline near the horseshoe pit, keeping an eye out for anything unusual. Being a suspicious pragmatist, he guesses that this event would be an opportunity for a bandit attack since most will be without arms.
Perception: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (9) + 12 = 21

A few of the townsfolk may recall that Valorian is thought to be an expert horse-shoe competitor. This is largely due to a contest that occurred years ago where he was the benefit of fortuitous pairings and an opponent who had to withdraw. As it turns out, he is not really much better than anyone else with decent Dexterity, but the villagers may believe otherwise.

You notice that there seem to be a lot of people at this wedding, perhaps as many as three hundred. As you look around, you can see that most people head towards the gazebo first, where the couple are greeting guests (A3). If any of you are holding gifts, some of the organizers point you in that direction. A lot of people seem also to have massed near the food tent(A2), where the aroma of food and the excitement of roasting are attractions in equal measure. Also, there is a great deal of music, laughter, and the tapping of feet coming from the tree covered dance area (A4).

You also very quickly notice that as a group, you stand out a great deal from the rest of the wedding guests (except perhaps Valorian). While everyone is wearing their best, your tuxedos and hand-crocheted lace far exceed the norm. But it is not simply the clothes. Your demeanor as a group sets you apart. It's very obvious that there are no familiar faces from your usual Absalom contacts here. These are simple folk who live their lives quietly in the shade of the great Verduran Woods. Many of them sneak furtive looks at you when you walk in the grounds, and most are polite enough to smile, nod and then go back to their activities.

As you linger at the bridge taking in the sights of the wedding, several small, fidgety children gawk at you. Fishing poles dangle from their hands, but judging by the empty buckets next to them, they haven’t caught anything yet. Soon, however, their curiosity overcomes their fear of strangers.

"Hey mister, are you an adventurer? Boy that's a big sword you have. Are you friends with Elyin? He's a great Pathfinder, doncha know?"

"Have you ever killed a dragon? My ma says dragons don't exist 'cept in stories."

"Look! Look at the pretty lady! She has horns!" "Stop, Jeanie, it's not nice to point."

"Ooh! I bet they could help use catch fish for Mister Renwald! Would you help us catch fish? Pleeeeeeeeeease?"

The best way to describe this wedding is that it's just like Bilbo Baggin's party form the start of LoTR. Just taller. And your entrance is sort of as if the Fellowship of the Ring showed up. :-) As for drama, you'll just have to explore the different areas to find some!

Valorian ninjaed me! I'll get to your post when I can!

Valorian, a well-worn path strewn with flower petals leads between plain wooden benches to a decorative gazebo at the bottom of an amphitheater. More flowers adorn the structure itself, and a line of well-wishers extends to a seated couple dressed in finery beneath its roof (A3). The soon to be married couple sit here, greeting guests. Elyin is busy chatting with a group of three woodsmen, all with a feather charm pinning to their breast.

Valorian +2 Circumstance

Knowledge (local) DC 15:
These men are Foresthawks, a group of rangers local to the Bellis Area. They are famous locally for their skill at archery. Elyin got his start as an adventurer by joining their ranks.

Kailah, the bride-to-be stands with her own circle of friends. She seems to know everyone in town. Both of them graciously accept Valorian's gift, but seem more interested in chatting to their friends. The woodsmen seem to recognize Valorian, and give him hearty slaps on the back.

As you make your way over to the north, the clang of horseshoes against iron stobs announces an unmistakable game of skill hidden by the treeline. A handful of bystanders mill about, watching the throws of a massive half-orc wearing the face paint of his orc ancestors. A nearby board keeps score with wooden pegs, but the half-orc doesn't appear to have an opponent yet. He looks up as you approach, "Valorian! Did not know you come to wedding. Not usual for you." You know this to be Halak Klent, one of the town's blacksmiths. He is currently wearing a leather vest that is open in the front, showing off fierce red and black paint that runs from his navel to his face. Everytime he turns to look at the bystanders, they jump a little. He lowers his voice a little, but not exactly a whisper, to Valorian. "Halak supposed to organize great tournament. It not going so well though. Perhaps if horseshoe champion enters, then more people want challenge, yes?"

Shadow Lodge

Male Human (Mixed ancestry) Bard 7

Oggie walked to the wedding wearing his Andoran tuxedo and some of his regular mission gear. His short bow and quiver are loosely carried over his shoulder and a small dagger is on his belt. Everything else is in his large well tied down pack.

Oggie’s gear:

+1 Mithril chain shirt (under tuxedo), +1 composite short bow, 20 arrows, Alchemist’s kindness (in his belt pouch) Belt of dexterity +2, Circlet of persuasion, dagger, Eyes of the eagle (in his belt pouch), Hat, Headband of charisma +2, Ink, Ink pen, Journal (a pathfinder must chronicle), muleback cords, potion of cure serious wounds (in belt pouch), potion of lesser restore (in belt pouch), belt pouch (has alchemist’s kindness, eyes of the eagle, potion of cure serious wounds, potion of lesser restore, smelling salts and his wayfinder), smelling salts (in his belt pouch), spell component pouch, wayfinder (belt pouch)

Oggie takes in the wedding with a spreading grin. Small bits of tension leave his body as he relaxes into the familiarity of the scene.

A small group of children say wrote:

"Hey mister, are you an adventurer? Boy that's a big sword you have. Are you friends with Elyin? He's a great Pathfinder, doncha know?"

"Have you ever killed a dragon? My ma says dragons don't exist 'cept in stories."
"Look! Look at the pretty lady! She has horns!" "Stop, Jeanie, it's not nice to point."
"Ooh! I bet they could help use catch fish for Mister Renwald! Would you help us catch fish? Pleeeeeeeeeease?"

Tiping his hat back Oggie replies“I guess you could say we are a type of adventurer but really we are pathfinders here from the society to bring gifts to Elyin. He must be a great pathfinder since they don’t normally send out full teams to weddings.

At the mention of the word dragon Oggie’s eyes go cold and distant for an instant.

A vision of a city with rivers of molten gold and a young woman in full plate falling nightmarish slow towards their embrace and there is nothing that I can do to stop it. A skeletal dragon roars in rage at its attacker.

Sense Motive DC 10:
Oggie’s reaction to the question about dragons leads one to believe that he has encountered them before and that it didn’t end well.

Summoning back his smile, Oggie continues enthusiastically, “This ain’t no place to be tellin' tales about scary things like dragons.” He winks as he sets his pack to the side and peers down in the water, “Whoowee! That looks like a good fishin’ spot. I’d be happy to help you out if you don’t mind me joining you for a bit.” He rolls up his sleeves and loosens the bow tie of his tux as he settles in to join in the fishing for a spell.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Following Eric's Example:

Drezi's Worn Gear Detail:

  • Haversack
  • Courtier's outfit and jewelry
  • Amulet of Natural Armor
  • Belt of Might Constitution
  • Bracers of Armor
  • Cloak of Resistance
  • Headband of Alluring Charisma
  • Wayfinder with Ioun Stone inside
  • Belt pouch
  • Miniature shovel for create pit in belt pouch
  • Ring of Protection
  • Mithril Buckler
  • Silver Dagger
    Everything else is in Haversack which he wears as a messenger bag or keeps close.

GM Nani wrote:

"Have you ever killed a dragon? My ma says dragons don't exist 'cept in stories."

Drezi stops by the children on the way to the Gazebo. He smiles a genuine smile to the innocent question and says.

"Your ma is just trying to spare you the scary truth. Dragons are real but they live far far from here. In fact, myself and my fellow pathfinders (not the one's you see with me here today but another great group) did in fact kill a dragon. A nasty white one named Aralantryx in the land of ice known as Irresen. That is quite a tail involving witches, trolls, and goblins. I am not much of a storyteller myself, so couldn't recount it perfectly but I am sure if I told it to your storyteller he could tell it in a very entertaining well. Who tells the best stories around here?" Diplomacy: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (12) + 18 = 30

At the Gazebo Drezi makes sure to be present on the presentation of the gift. He gathers information as previously posted.

Oggie, give me a survival check to catch fish.

Drezi, if you want to tell stories, you can make a perform (oratory).

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8
GM Nani wrote:

Oggie, give me a survival check to catch fish.

Drezi, if you want to tell stories, you can make a perform (oratory).

clarification for Nani:

Sorry if I didn't make it clear, Drezi doesn't want to tell stories (since he can't, he doesn't have the skill). That's why he told the kids he can't tell stories and wanted to know who the storyteller was. I worded it as a diplomacy to get in the kids good favor to get directed in the write direction. I was just using as it as an excuse for him to meet people at the party. I figured whoever the kids directed him to would be a good source of information.

Shadow Lodge


Oggie tries his hand a fishing with the kids a for a little while his pack never further than arms reach the whole time.
Survival Check: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (19) - 2 = 17

"I think I may have gotten a bite!"

At the Gazebo
Drezi wanders down to the gazebo just in time to see Valorian hand the happy couple a massive gold paper and blue ribbon present (more than slightly crumpled from spending time in Valorian's bag).

You don't really have time for a full gather information (takes 1d4+1 hours), but you do pick upon some local gossip. Also, check out Swift Wind's knowledge (local) from before (right after the ship intro).

"Oh aren't you a nice young man. Why, you should meet my niece! She is one of the bridesmaids, and has just the loveliest cherry tart at the Box Social. You should head over to the feast tent. A nice handsome young man could surely win her auction, hmmm?"
"Mister, why won't you tell us a story about the dragon? Mr. Salsby won't tell us stories today either since he's too busy with the orchestra."
"Sniff. I can't believe Kailah didn't ask me to be one of her bridesmaids. She even asked Darice, and we've been friends for so much longer. Just because she is the apothecary's daughter and now marrying some adventurer she's too good to ask me to be in her wedding."
"Have you seen Halak today? I always thought he was savage, but now it looks like he is about to start a fight. Simply frightful. I'm not allowing my children anywhere near the horseshoe pit. "

At the Bridge
Oggie manages to catch three trout in the span of twenty minutes, much to the admiration of the wide eyed children. They enthusiastically thank him, with one little girl no older than six clinging to his leg. They quickly dash the fresh fish over to the feast tent and return holding three shiny copper coins. In another few minutes, a child brings Oggie a wooden plate with a helping of delicious roasted fish, lightly seasoned with butter and lemon. However, the child, Darvin, appears to have forgotten a fork, but still presents the plate to Oggie proudly.

Grand Lodge

Male Human (shoanti) Ranger (falconer) 7

Swift Wind seems eager to get to the wedding festivities in the morning. Overnight he seems to have taken some mud nearby materials to make some crude paint, which he has put on his face and arms to form some ancient tattoos.

Swift Wind seems to carry everything that he brought to the wedding, answering questions with a shrug and saying "My tribe has always valued it's safety. You never know when a storm roc will blot out the sun and carry a child away."

Right he before arriving at the wedding, he whistles at Eagle, which causes the bird to fly down to his arm. He waves the arm with the eagle around in a circular fashion and employs a strange set of whistles and clicks. With this Eagle flies off of his arm and begins to circle the wedding grounds.

Once he gets to the wedding though Swift Wind starts to seem uneasy. He seems to stare for a few moments at the bride and groom, as well as the trappings of the festival. Immediately after this he looks for the place with the fewest people and then wordlessly and quietly moves toward the Rose Garden.

Perception check (+4 vs. humans): 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (20) + 15 = 35
Stealth check to get to / once at the Rose Garden: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (20) + 12 = 32

Grand Lodge

Male Human (shoanti) Ranger (falconer) 7

Because I forgot the description of what he's wearing... Italic means it pops up as magical, and if you've IDed it, I'll let you know what it is.

Swift Wind is wearing his blue dragonhide breastplate. It probably is fairly obvious what it is to the others and even possibly the children. His katana is at his side, and his klar is on his back. He wears the remainder of his magical items, like any other day, with the only exception being that the vast majority of his weapons are stowed in his bags. Outwardly the following items can be seen:

  • katana
  • klar
  • blue dragonhide agile breastplate
  • belt
  • wayfinder
  • ring
  • cloak
  • headband
  • boots
  • composite longbow
  • masterwork backpack
  • spell component pouch
  • cracked dark blue rhomboid
  • cracked dusty rose prism
  • cracked incandescent blue sphere

Eagle is only adorned in a fitting of studded leather barding.

The Rose Garden
A wide path leads to a maze of thick, ten-foot-tall hedges with songbirds nesting within them. A few wedding guests stand at the entrance, with one or two occasionally venturing into the maze to explore the flower gardens and statuary inside.

Swift Wind disappears into the rose garden like a ghost. There are few people here, mostly young couples who are walking together with heads close. A few sleepy bees buzz from flower to flower, going about their business.

Dark Archive

Female Tiefling Magus 7

Asharii is wering a gown of safron silk. It is very light and slightly transparent when the light hits it right. She carries an assortment of jewelry, including anklets, a thin hold necklace and her ussual gold and mithril headband. She also wears a delicate red silk gold thread belt (which she is never without) around her hin, wasp-like waist. Asharii wears a corset in Taldon style. It is very tight and gives a considerable lift to her bussom. That Asharii is not accostumed to wearing a corset is evident from her rapid breathing and at times pained expression. Last but not least, she wears a pair of thin golden sandals. Her footwear is simple yet charming, but unfortunately they reveal Asharii's clawed and fiendish feet with scaly patches.
At her side she caries her haversack.

Asharii walks up to Kailah with a giddy smile. When she gets the hostess's attention she hands her a gift and with a knowing smile says "From a friemd who wishes your mariage to be blessed with fertilityvand pleasure".

After a quick curtsy she goes looking for the party.

Asharii, it seems like the biggest crowds are gathered in the dance area (where you hear sounds of laughter and music) or the feast tent. It seems like they have just started passing out food, and quite a crowd has gathered.

Grand Lodge

Valorian gives the children a stern look and continues on to the gazebo.

Presenting the gift to To Elyin & Kailah...
"Major Maldris sends his regards."
Valorian notices that the bow and box are a bit crushed from the trip and tries, feebly, to smooth it out. He hands it to Elyin with an apologetic look.
I hope whatever it is wasn't damaged. The Major would be disappointed.

I am not trained in local knowledge so I should not be able to make the check based on the DC, but just in case...Knowledge Local: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6
Valorian notices the woodsmen and recognizes their faces, having seen them around town before, but they have done nothing to draw his attention so he has largely ignored them.

Trying to avoid the half-orc on his way to the treeline.
"Oh great, Halak is running another tournament. He is sure to try and draw me into another one."
"Halak, I am not here for frivolity, as should be apparent from my dress. I really do not have time for 'shoes."
Valorian hopes to avoid the tournament, but knows it might be inevitable. Diplomacy: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 21
wow, was not expecting a nat 20 on the diplomacy check :-(

Paizo Employee

Male Human Miracle-Worker of Razmir 7

Unarmed and unarmored, Jokhas wears the preposterous outfit cobbled together for him by that Taldan harpy and her false god Current Trends. He wears his bag at his right hip, and his mask hangs from his left. On a silver chain around his neck hangs a beautiful amulet that depicts the eyeless mask of Razmir in all of his glory.

Initially Jokhas meanders while asking whether or not guests will have the opportunity to give a toast later. He is quickly sidetracked when children swarm Oggie and Drezi.

Too busy to tell a story, perhaps, but never too busy to tell the Truth.

He does a little fishing of his own with the intention of relating a few of the foundational nonfictions of his faith.

Knowledge (Religion) 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (17) + 13 = 30

Of course! he concludes as Oggie departs with a few children to hunt trout. Inevitables 4:35! That would whet their appetite while sating their souls' hunger for tales. I might need to adapt the language so as not to bore the little ones. He waves his hand in an undulating pattern while staring down at his hanging mask in a plea for divine Guidance before joining the crowd.

"We are fortunate to be so safe here, for the world was not always so peaceful. Those same dragons - cruel snake-like, scaled beasts known as Linnorms - stalk the northlands in search of prey: elk, mammoths, or even...small children. When the snows howled and their favorite foods were consumed, the dragons turned their noses south to sniff out the next meal."

Jokhas crouches down to be on-level with the children, and he leans in slightly to continue in a hushed tone. "Irrisen is a land choked by ice and starved of freedom, so simply a whiff of the happiness and liberty of this land was enough to bring the great serpents slithering across Belkzen, land of mighty orcish warriors. The orcs fled, preferring to throw themselves upon the waiting blades of Lastwall rather than fight a linnorm. Unchecked, unstoppable, they slipped into Lake Encarthan just to north of us, all the while whispering:

"We seek the children of the gods.
"We know they hide in southern lands.
"Their bones shall snap inside out mouths.
"Their flesh we'll savor from dawn to dusk."

He give the children a worried look. "As their bodies wriggled beneath the waves, the water froze solid behind their furiously lashing tails. Where were the gods and their champions to save the people of Avistan? Gorum was wasting his time in battles to the west, while Erastil busied himself with a rare hunt - too engrossed was he to hear pleas for aid. Abadar contented himself with counting his countless coins, while Torag dozed beneath a mountain of unfeeling stone. The linnorms believed they might sneak in to feast with no one the wiser, but they were mistaken; there was one on watch: Razmir.

"You may have heard of Him, and not all that you have heard may have been good. Whether you praise him or not, he alone saw the approaching Linnorms and declared, 'hear me, vile wyrms of darkness and ice. Though these people you hunt have not learned to trust me, I shall not betray the trust they may one day learn. Turn back!'

Here Jokhas pauses dramatically, and he asks the diminutive crowd whether or not the dragons ran at this warning. One child volunteers a inquisitive 'no,' at which point Jokhas again launches into the story. "They called back with voices that churned the lake with wrathful bubbles, shouting, "here us! We yearn to sup on such delectable morsels as those living in the soft southlands. Leave us to our feast!'

"Razmir would have none of this, and he issued a second warning. 'Hear me, cruel dragons of acid and hate. Though these people you long to consume have not learned to love me, I shall not deny them my love. Turn back!'

"Still, the creatures swam on, laughing a defiant response. 'Hear us,' they called. 'We shall rime their fields with ice and dine on frost-covered corpses by moonlight. Leave us to our feast!'

As if saddened by his patron's necessary actions, Jokhas continues to tell the story while making claw-like hands to illustrate the linnorm's seeking talons. "Razmir shook his head in anticipation of the actions he knew would follow, but he granted the dragons one last warning to depart before inviting certain reprisal. 'Hear me, stubborn linnorms of gluttony and sin. Though these people may never thank me for protecting them, I shall not deny them my protection. Turn back!'

"But the dragons simply chortled with anticipation of the meals ahead, their saliva flooding the lake and killing fish so unlucky as to touch the linnorms' vile spit. Razmir raised His hands and called upon the same fires that punished Melcat to punish the linnorms for threatening so noble a people as His neighbors to the south. The waters, already warm from the summer sun, boiled as a Razmir brought one hand down. In his other hand, Razmir conjured a sword of purest flame to melt the icy hearts and frost-coated talons. As he walked across the water of Lake Encarthan, his blade beheaded a serpentine threat here and a draconic menace there. As the sun sank below the surrounding hills and painted the sky red, the lake's waters reflected the holy flames of justice and purity wielded by the Living God in the defense of the mortals he so loves."

Jokhas smiles at the children and playfully shrugs. "I may not have the strength of The Living God, but I know who I will pray to should I ever face a dragon myself. Perhaps one day some of you will also be so strong as to fight by His side."

Perform (Oratory) with Guidance 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20

Inevitables 4:35-47. Praise Razmir!

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Oh! Forgive my ignorance, I had no idea Perform could be used untrained. Learn something new every day.
Drezi stands agape, amazed, and very jealous of the looks of wonder and adoration from the children upon hearing Jokhas epic sermon.

Drezi feels a tug on his cloak and hears a small voice as the applause at the end of Jokhas story fades and looks down.

"are you Razmir?", a small voice asks.

Drezi can't help but laugh loudly. He clears his throat, "No, No, no, little one. I am Drezi Varian, great in my own regard but no where near as epic as Razmir. I can't come near to telling a tale like my friend here. He is a great priest of the god Razmir has many more tales better than that one but they will have to wait as we are on our way to the Gazebo." Drezi looks to Jokhas, "Join me for a drink my friend?" As they are walking. "Hey, which one of us is supposed to be presenting the gift to the bride and groom?"

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