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GM Klothar's Skull & Shackles SOLO Game

Game Master bsongy

**** Closed Game for One PC ****

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Male Human Cleric 4

Septa brings his shoulders in and raises his hands (attempting to look sheepish and cowed), steps back while talking. "Hey no trouble here, just want to . . want to work . and . . "

With that and being at least 10' away Septa will cast Obscuring Mist, pulling the dampness from the surrounding area and the exterior bulkheads, then move 5' right (attempting to stay at least over 5' away from Slipper and then diagonally to the wall and around the bulkhead, left, towards the passageway up.

Lantern Lodge

Obscuring mist is effective and Septa manages to skirt away from Sy, but the other three circle around the staircase on the otherside and Septa finds them blocking the way up the stairs.

From on the staircase, Septa can see Quinn. She looks worried, but continues up the staircase.

Sy coughs and waves the remaining crew up the stairs. Skirting away from the obscuring mist, Sy and Septa, the last few crewmembers run up the staircase, leaving Septa alone with the four.

Lantern Lodge

Sy Stands to the South of the staircase.

Septa is against the hull to the East.

The other three are clustered around the staircase, two on the east and one on the north.


Male Human Cleric 4

Mist is 20' of no sight, they were that far from the passageway up? I was hoping to gather them and the passageway up in the spell. Darn it with no map.

Cast Murderous Command Save 15 on one that is closest to the stairs that I can run past. Using that confusion to slip past and up the stairs.

I am trying to get a guy that will when the spell works (hopefully) will cause him to turn away from me and put his back to me and I run past him, and I don't get a AOO from him and hopefully anyone else.

Horrible Ascii attempt to describe


x = target of spell

I will take a aoo of a punch on the way up if I have to.

If it seems the spell fails, I will attempt to run past them to get up the stairs, taking any aoo's that are there.

Septa knows he cant beat them in any type of fight, except perhaps verbal. :)

Lantern Lodge

Clarification: everyone is within the effects of the obscuring mist

Septa moves towards the staircase. When he is 5' away he sees Jaundiced Jape and Aretta Bansion blocking the way.

Casting Command, yes?

on which target?

Male Human Cleric 4
Klothar wrote:

Casting Command, yes?

on which target?

Who ever is closer to me, so they will turn to attack the other one, then I get a chance to bolt up the stairs. :)

Lantern Lodge

Septa casts on Jape......

1d20 - 1 ⇒ (2) - 1 = 1 will save for Jape

Lantern Lodge

....Jape swings on Aretta, who then swings on Jape.

The other two begin to shout "Did you catch Septa? Dam this fog!"

Septa hears someone else pummeling Arettafrom the aft (north).

Septa hears Sy wandering around searchingfor Septa.

Their is no one blocking the stairs.


Male Human Cleric 4

Run like the wind [Double move], using the fog and confusion as best he can. Through the passageway and up the stairs.

With a mod of -1 to my stealth, its not worth it

Lantern Lodge

With double moves, Septa catches up to the other crewmembers right as the last one is stepping out of the officers cabin.

"Hurry up!...." cries Master Scourge before suddenly stopping when he sees Septa. "No delays, I see, Septa."

Mr Pugg and Master Scourge are assigning the days tasks, when the four from below suddenly stumble.
All of them have obvious fight wounds.

"Tardy to duty! That'll be three o' cat for each of them at the bloody hour Master Scourge."

Mr Scourge stares evily at Septa as he answers "Aye Mr Pugg."

1d6 ⇒ 2 duty assingment

Male Human Cleric 4

Septa does nothing to to betray his little victory, he waits for his duty.
Perhaps a small smile to Ms. Quinn while in line.

More later when I have my assignment, or find out whats going on for the day

Evil Laugh, that should be good for some experience points :)

Lantern Lodge

"Septa! Get out of my sight and git below and kill me some vermin! And I dont see enough dead rats, weevils and roaches by the end of the day, it'll be the lash for you!"


i need a stealth, survival or dex check from you; your chpice of which

i also need a fort check vs seasickness

do you wish to work diligently, influence another crewmember, sneak around and explore some part of the ship, visit the purser amd shop
Or shirk your duties and rest?


Lantern Lodge

800xp for avoiding Sy and friends

Male Human Cleric 4

"Aye Sir." Septa will then go to the berthing area, break off a piece of the broken chair as a club and take one of the lanterns and oil to assist with his duties.

During the day, Septa will work at his duties, with the following exceptions;

Talk with Ms. Quinn "How did you get back my Holy Symbol, I must thank you so much, I thought I lost it." Septa will pat his thigh where the silver symbol rides below his pants.

Talk with either Giffer Tibbs or Tilly Brackett, where before I had cast Cultural Adaptation , tell them of how (I believe) Master Scourge's cronies attempted to beat or kill me and that we have to watch each others back, and that any friend of mine is also a friend of the dashing cleric, Ms. Quinn. He will also mention that calling on the power of his Goddess he can cure with healing surges him/her of any injury that they might have received during the day; "Jaundiced Jape and Aretta Bansion and such won't be receiving the goddess power, and ask the Gnome if you don't believe me."

A diplomacy roll for influence.

Diplomacy 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (15) + 9 = 24

Vermin duty: Dex Check 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10

Seasickness roll: 1d20 ⇒ 9
Really for someone with Profession: Sailor?

Lantern Lodge

Septa finds Rat Catching much easier duty than yesterday's swabbing the deck. he can wander around the ship as he pleases, he can avoid the officers, and it's no where near as tiring as swabbing.

Septa said wrote:
Talk with Ms. Quinn "How did you get back my Holy Symbol, I must thank you so much, I thought I lost it." Septa will pat his thigh where the silver symbol rides below his pants.

Sandara Quinn responds, while splicing a line on the main deck. "Grok, the half-orc purser is pretty superstitious. I was able to convince her that holding onto my gear would offend Besmara, that she was risking a curse, and she decided to give me my stuff back. I guessed that the other holy symbol was yours and told her that it was mine too."

Septa speaks to the one-eyed gnome Giffer Tibbs briefly while she is supposed to be running a message for Mr. Scourge. "Thank' for ya' concern, Septa. I' just worryin' about da' bloody hour today" she says. "Ay to git six lashes for dumpin' my rum a sekond time. The first time near killed me! Six will do me in fo' shuh'. If yuh' gots heallin' spare fo' me, it would be a life saver! Dats fo' shuh! I thank ye, and if I can be of any help to you, just let me know."


Giffer Tibbs is now helpful.

At the end of the day, Septa approaches Mister Scourge with his catches. "If ya' don't have at least a ha'-dozen rats and a fistful of bugs, it'll be the lash for ya'!" When he sees Septa's catch for the day -- six rats and a fistful of biscuit weevils -- he scowls and storms away.


Septa made the minimum possible roll to not get the lash for shirking.

You also passed the seasickness roll and you have a point about profession sailor. From now on, you will only make rolls under severe sea states.

At sunset, Sy, Jape, Fipps and Aretta receive their lashes (Mister Scourge obviously refrains from putting his strentgh behind the cat and Mr Plugg notes this but says nothing):

3d4 - 6 ⇒ (2, 2, 1) - 6 = -1 HP for Sy
3d4 - 6 ⇒ (1, 3, 3) - 6 = 1 HP for Jape
3d4 - 6 ⇒ (3, 4, 2) - 6 = 3 HP for Fipps
3d4 - 6 ⇒ (3, 4, 3) - 6 = 4 HP for Aretta

Then Mr Scourge gives Giffer Tibbs her six lashes. Mr Pugg and Master Scourge insure that Sandara Quinn and Septa are kept out of range of a healing surge while the lashes are administered, but are allowed to administer to her wounds once the lashes are finished.

6d4 ⇒ (2, 3, 3, 2, 2, 3) = 15 HP for Giffer Tibbs

What healing do you provide Giffer?

Immediately after bloody hour, an unusually sober cook, Fishguts, and cook's mate, Rosie Cursewell, distribute stew and fresh bread. Surprisingly it's tasty, even if it is a bit thin.

Purser Grok, comes around after dinner and issues everyone their rum ration.

With a look of trepidation, Quinn downs her rum and shortly she is rosey cheeked and quite inebriated.


What do you do with your rum?

The ship is anchored 400 yd from a barren island only a few dozen feet across, the sails are furled and the crew begins breaking up for sleep or various entertainments.


What do you do choose to so with your evening?
* sleep
* gamble
* entertain
* influence a NPC
* sneak into an off limits area and explore
* attempt to steal something
* something else

Lantern Lodge

Klothar wrote:

15 HP for Giffer Tibbs

Before any healing, Giffer is unconsious, but alive and stabilized.


HP -4 and stabilized

Lantern Lodge


800XP previous XP
+200XP for making Giffer Tibbs helpful
(Note: no XP for making Sandara Quinn helpful.)

Current Total XP: 1000XP

2000 XP for 2nd level

Male Human Cleric 4

Looking at the rest of the crew, does anyone else require healing? I only have 5 healing surges left for today. If Ms. Quinn can cast a Cure lights wounds for now on Giffer, I will use Healing Surges later in the evening for Mr. Tibbs and others that require it.

Regarding that:

I will approach the four bully boys/girls from earlier in the day:

"You don't like me and I did not appreciate the four of you attempting to delay me earlier so I would get lashed. I did not want you to get the Cat, believe me. I will heal your wounds now in exchange for a truce sworn on Besmara." Pull out Holy symbol. "I know you might not believe, but the Goddess Besmara seems to believe in me." <pause> "Or you can try to sleep on the cots with the welts and rips on your back."

In short, Healing surges for all during dinner, and for the 4 Bully boys if they agree to my demands

Septa will take the Rum and watch carefully, waiting for the right time to dump the rum, if seen he will act like it was a accident and ask for another cup, "Full this time."

Septa will take 20 to dump his rum.

Since Septa rolled his story yesterday and its only can be used once a week.

Instead of entertain he will attempt to influence Tilly Brackett, within the earshot of Ms. Quinn and Mr. Tibbs. Using much the same words I did with Mr. Tibbs. If it looks like it might fall on deaf ears, et cetra, I will ask Ms. Quinn or Mr. Tibbs to assist, if possible.

Diplomacy to Influence Tilly: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11

Lantern Lodge

Sy, Jape, Fipps and Aretta glare at Septa as he approaches. Sy, whose escaped without any serious lash wounds stands and demands "What you are goin' to do is heal all of us. Now. And no waistin' ya' healin' on any o' the other. You work for me now."

Sy stands there with his arms folded, while his companions cackle at you.

Male Human Cleric 4

"Besmara will take you and I." Step back and Withdraw. Heal everyone else. Use that encounter to attempt to strengthen my case with the others.

Male Human Cleric 4

One other thing before bed, I want to save out some of my food and give it to the cat living in the barrell. I will take it and throw it in the barrell where the cat lives likes its a piece of bad gristle.

Lantern Lodge

Sy, Jape, Fipps and Aretta head of to bed. Sy spits on the deck, in the direction of Septa before head to the lower decks.

Septa is unable to find a time to ditch his rum, before speaking with Tilly.


Because of the risk, you can not Take 20, which would imply that you conduct the task repeatedly.

Instead you can Take 10 or roll.

While speaking with Tilly, Quinn and Ms Tibbs come and talk with her too.

Tilly has consumed all of her rum, rum that has change her mood to jolly, a jolly mood that makes her difficult to talk to. Quinn, being in her sheets also, chums up with Tilly and soon both of them are singing sea chanties. Tibbs, seeing what you are trying to accomplish, backs you up by being friendly with Tilly, directing her attention towards Septa and agreeing with Septa a great deal.

After several songs, Tilley leans way too close to you, saying "Yo' a nice boy! I liiiiiiiiiiiik' yo'!" before beginning another round of Bottles of Rum on the Wall


Tilley & Quinn are both at +2 CHA due to the rum.
This makes Tilley harder to influence.
Quinn and Tibbs both, in there own way, attempt to aid you in this task, are successful. You receive a total of +4 for their efforts.

You succeed in making Tilley friendly (but not yet helpful).

Lantern Lodge

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23 attempt to influence cat

Actions concerning Rum?

and then to bed, unless you want to creep through the night

Lantern Lodge

The cat purrs

Male Human Cleric 4

OK about take 20

If I take ten, I am still -1 for stealth which is a fail. Unless can I ask one of my friends to stand up at a auspicious time for an assist on take ten to make a eleven?

If I have to roll here it is:

Ditch Rum:1d20 - 1 ⇒ (13) - 1 = 12

Off to bed and pray to Besmara to wake me early so I can be on deck before the bells.

Male Human Cleric 4

Spell list for the next day
Zero: 'Mending', 'Purify Food and Drink', and 'Spark'.
First: Command, Obscuring Mist, Murderous Command

Lantern Lodge

Ditch Rum:1d20 - 1 ⇒ (13) - 1 = 12

Once again you manage to pour your rum down the scuppers without being caught.

off to bed.

Lantern Lodge

Day 3:

Once again, everyone is awaken and quickly assembles on the main deck. No one troubles Septa.

The day is clear and calm.

Those who received the lashes are a bit more healed, but still suffer from the effects.

Several members of the crew appear to be suffering from the after effects of the rum, including Quinn. Quinn, and the rest, steel themselves and get to the work assigned.

Septa also notes that he has met only about half of the crew. There are a lot of riggers, mates and junior officers that he hasn't met yet.

work assignment [dice] 1d6 [/dice

Lantern Lodge

work assignment 1d6 ⇒ 2

Lantern Lodge

"Septa. Rat Catcher!" yells Master Scourge.

As Septa heads off to work on catching a few rats, he notes that the cat he fed yesterday is following him


Need a survival, stealth or dex check

+2 from Cat performing Aid Another


Lantern Lodge


do you wish to?

* work diligantly
* influence NPC
* sneak off and explore a new area of the ship
* visit the purser and shop
* shirk your duties and rest

Male Human Cleric 4

While moving about the ship he will continue attempting to influence Tilly:

Influence: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

Vermin Patrol: Dex 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

Lantern Lodge

Septa, with the cat's help, manages to gather a basket full of rats. Master Scourge scowls. The cat sleeps.

You help Tilly in moving a heavy hawser that she was struggling with. "Why arn' you helpful! As nice a a glass of top shelf rum." she chuckles while watching you finish the task for her.


Tilly Brackett is now helpful.

1000XP previously awarded
+200XP making Tilly helpful

Lantern Lodge

Day 3/bloody hour, rum ration and entertainment:

Septa is shocked when Master Scourge breezes over bloody hour -- until he realizes no one has earned the lash today!

The meal is issued out: chunks of roasted cod and hardtack. A poor quality meal, but no worse than you had in some cheap inns.

Grok, comes around with her bucket and issues everyone's rum ration.

Tilly drinks her's with gusto.

Tibbs tries to swap her full cup with Tilly's empty cup.

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13 for Tibbs stealth attempt

Quinn looks at her's dubiously, and pours her's into the scupper.

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7 for Quinn's stealth attempt

What does Septa do with his rum?

The ship anchors and furls sails for the evening. The crew begins to seek entertainment.


What do you do choose to so with your evening?
* sleep
* gamble
* entertain
* influence a NPC
* sneak into an off limits area and explore
* attempt to steal something
* something else

Lantern Lodge

Quinn wrote:
7 for Quinn's stealth attempt

"I see that Quinn!" shouts Mr Pugg. "Wasting rum? Three lashes for you 'morrow!"

Quinn looks over to Septa with an angry expression.
Quinn's cup is refilled and Grok watch her as she drinks it.

Tilly polishes off Tibb's cup, after already drinking her own.

Shortly Quinn and Tilly are back to a drunken song time.

Male Human Cleric 4

I want to make sure that the cat gets a full belly of rat if it wants.

I want to talk to Ms. Quinn about the Rum and how its effecting her and others, "I don't want to drink it, can I have your assistance to get rid of it during the evening?"

After Bloody hour and the meal I want to talk to the Master of Stores and ask if I can talk to them about some items that might be cause problems without my influence.

"You see, my Bucker and Sword has been dunked in the waters where the Seawraith went down, if they stay with those who did not dunk them it could cause bad luck to you, as keeper."

Diplomacy 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10

Dumping Rum: With Quinns assistance and take ten, I cant fail, so to speak.

You posted before I could finish, I was going to assist her as she took ten, than I assist her with take ten.

Lantern Lodge

Quinn acted too soon with dumping her rum, but decides Septa's plan of one person providing cover or distraction while the other person get's rid of their rum, is a good one. "I'll remember that tomorrow."

She stands next to the scupper, to block line of sight, while Septa casually pours out his rum.

Septa finds Cut-Throat Grok down on the gun deck, drinking with Fishguts the Cook. She cuts off Septa "Yah. Sure sure. I know. You want your stuff. Everyone wants their stinkin' stuff. The important question is, what do you have to drink? Something other than ...Or, do you know a good song?"


Grok is indifferent.
An NPC has to be at least indifferent before they will considering doing a favor.
Your roll was insufficient to get her to release your gear; even with your helpful friends assistance.
She is asking for something from you; providing these would give you a bonus.

Male Human Cleric 4

Is Grok a Orc? If so I will speak in Orc, if not I will continue in Common.

"I only know what they are singing downstains {Mr./Ms.}Grok, I do know stories, I have several dozen of them. What would you like to hear, or perhaps you Mr. Cook?"

Perhaps I might have a story where there is singing in it, if Grok is to drunk or to slow in a suggestion.

Lantern Lodge

Cut-Throat Grok is a female half-orc, skinny & lean in body, with a dark scar across her throat where someone once tried to CdG her.

"Stories? Pfft! Anyone can tell one of those. What I need is a good song!"

If Septa doesn't have anything to alter the situatin, she will go back to drinking with Fishguts.

Male Human Cleric 4

Will NOT use Orc in front of her then

Head back to where my friends are and ask them if they know any good unique songs. "Grok wants a song to give me my Buckler and Sword back. Can any of you help me?"

Lantern Lodge

"No" replies Quinn. The other two shake their head no also.

"..but I do remember one of the new crewmembers brought onboard with you -- Rosie Cusswell, the cook's mate -- she was singing & playing a fiddle at the Formidably Maid"

It's getting too late to do much more (unless you plan for some late night skulduggery), your friends recommend heading off to bed.

Lantern Lodge

Day 4: Morning
Hot & Calm

It's seems like it's going to be just another day. You make it to job assingment without any porblems ....

1d6 ⇒ 2

Lantern Lodge

...and once again Mr Scourge sets you to the job of killing vermin.

As he goes about his job, making his plan to reach out to other crewmembers, Jack Scrimshaw comes running up the stairs, from the bilges, to the main deck, where he starts a frantic and loud explanation to Master Scourge.

I need a perception scheck

Male Human Cleric 4

It being hot and calm, Septa will be sure to drink water as much as possible. Within the rules that is. Stale or not.

Perception: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10

Lantern Lodge

Hunting rats on the gun deck, through the grating overhead, Septa can overhear bits of conversation between Master Scourge and Jack Scrimshaw.

"Why are you not workin' the bilge pump, you lazy shirker!" belows Mr Scourge.

Jack responds obviosly agitated "Thars sumtin' down there !"

"What? Are ya frightful of a little bilge spider?"

"Not spiders. Sumtin else. Sumtin big. Big as a mastiff. Swimmin in the bilge. It bit me it did. Look! It bit me clar through me arm. Big as a wolf and covered in fur like a beabeaver. It bit me and tried to bite me again, but I saw more of dem movin in da water so I thought best to run, and get help. We need the masyer o arms to open the locker and snd half a dozen syrong men to hack those things to pieces."

Master Scourge merely says "hmmmmmmmm"

After a moment, Master Scourge yells "Septa!"

Assuming Septa goes up to the main deck, he sees Jack with his injury - severe enough that it couldve easily been fatal.

Master Scourge smiles as he says "Septa, Jack here says there vermin in the bilge. Go take care of it. Ill give ye a ha' hour to get it done. And ye better not come back upuntil everything is dead down there, or ill have to give you the cat again."

Male Human Cleric 4

"Aye Sir"

Septa turns and runs and heads one of two places, which ever is closest:

1)The Ships stores:

"Ms. Grok, I have been assigned by Master Scrouge to look in the bilge, it seems there is a big rat in there or something. I would like to use the weapons I asked for earlier. I have been thinking about your request and I have a idea, I know a song in Kelish, and I could translate later tonight on the deck for you. You have not been having any bad luck have you?"

Diplomacy Roll: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14
Well thats a bit better.

2) Berthing area:

Septa wants to collect a short (20') piece of rope, fill his oil, collect the holed net, cast Mend on it and large (10' square) hunk of old sail and quickly tie rocks or non float-able debris (like the metal hook on the block and tackle) in the corners of the cloth.

If he does not have his Buckler he will wrap a length of rope around his off-hand hand and arm to act like one.

Again drink almost to much water, I want to be able to move without a full belly.

Then head down with what I have.

I will tie the lantern to the end of the rope, open the hatch and look if I have a set of stairs or a ladder to use.

Lantern Lodge

Septa heads to the pursers office, through the galley, a tiny space on the gun deck inhabited by a score of chickens and three goats, a kitchen with every flat surface covered by tools, pans & filth, the place where Fishguts sleeps peacefully upon sacks of rice and flour, where Rosie Cursewell is frantically trying to prepare a meal & responds hostilely to any interruptions.

Lying aft of the galley, the purser's office is tiny tidy space, a small room 10 foot by 10 foot, with a heavy wood door and a window with a counter, the door currently locked, the window open with Cut-Throat Grok leaning through looking bored, eating a pie.

Grok listens to what you have to say. "Your offa' o' the song is kind of ya'. Listen, you need something to helps ye' in da' bilge. Take these".... she says handing Septa his sword and buckler "...I don't whan' cursed stuff in here no hows. It's best you take ya' own cursed stuff right out of here, but the rest is Capt' booty. If ya' wanna' that stuff you are gonna' have to fin' summtin' to trade."

Along with the buckler and sword, Septa finds his length of rope and sail cloth he's looking for. The net turns out to be too large for the mending spell to repair -- each time the magic fizzles before the strands of the net are re-knit together -- but Septa manages to weight the edges of the sail cloth easily.

Down on the Orlop deck, Septa lights his lantern, the lantern lowered through the open hatch in the floor, the lantern illuminated a cramped space fill with brownish water, water filled with floating debris, debris the smallest including bits of rope and food waste, the largest debris being barrels and crates. A tarnished brass crank bilge pump sits to one side.

Septa's lantern fails to illuminate the entire bilge, his lantern illuminating only the midship portion.

The bilge is hot and moist. Even just looking through the hatch, Septa is already sweating, the temperature making his armor uncomfortable.

Septa is on the orlop looking through.
I need a FORT roll for the heat.
I need a PERCEPTION roll.
I need a INIT roll (not yet, but I'll save it for later).
Actions? (one combat round worth)

Male Human Cleric 4

Septa belays his lantern down a foot and ties it off so it will stay there.

Septa will then get on his hands and knees and peek his head down looking into the area illuminiated. His sword is in his belt, buckler is on his off hand.

His on hand is raised near his head ready to fling Ice Daggers at anything snapping at him.

The sailcloth is rolled near him.

Perception: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

Heat rising from the Bilge rushes into his face makes Septa blink:

Fort Save: 1d20 ⇒ 16

Lantern Lodge

Septa sees nothing, but manages to stave off the effects of the heat.

INIT roll (for the future) please

Male Human Cleric 4

Sorry thought you wanted the INT roll later

Int: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21

Action is to observe for one round, ready to strike if needed.

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