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Female Halfling Alchemist (Construct Rider) 2

”Then what can we do?”” Bellis asked ”I’m not going to just stand here and let them die!”

Shadow's Status HP = 4/9 | AC= 15 (T 13) (FF 12) | (CMD 16) F+2 | R+7 | W+4 | Ini+ 4 | Per +5 | Harrow Points 2

"To where was the Chief Priest called away? Perhaps we can bring them to him if he cannot come to them".

Female,;HP17/17, Perception +5, Init +3 Alchemist 2.; bombs 6/6 ; extracts l1:3 unprepared

"do you have any hints towards the likely cause? Is it more like a poison, an illness or a curse or more akin to what some of the undead can do?"

can I use my portable lab to analyse the drug we got from Lamm's? Shorterm/longterm effects, composition, effects of an overdose?

CRIMSON THRONE: Table 1 Wiki, Maps, NPCs Table 2: Fishery Map, Harrow Points

Ok, let's get this going again and see if I can at least get us through Book 1!

Through the night, the children do show some minor signs of improving. They are a long ways from full recovery and not out of danger, but maybe, hopefully, the worst has thankfully passed.

The priest says, "I'm not sure what else we can do or what would have caused it. Normally, I would say they just show signs of dying of old age and their bodies simply giving up. But obviously that's not the case here. It looks like whatever caused it, their youth is working in their favor, however, and with care, they may very well pull through."

When asked where the Chief Priest was called away to, he hesitates and gets nervous, but seeing your determination replies, whispering unintentionally, "I... I really shouldn't... but... well... he was called away to the Castle. It seems the King is direly ill and they were summoning all the high ranking priests to his side to aid him. So, unfortunately, I do not think you can take the children to him, but hopefully he will return to the temple soon and I will tell him of these children and implore him to help!"

Samantha studies the drug through the rest of the night. Most samples appear to be a typical crude drug that causes a euphoric sensation, but long term use can lead to nerve disorders and uncontrollable muscle twitching (in the poorer sections of the city, the addicts are quite apparent, although a rare noble occasionally goes too far and scandalously show mild signs as well). However, one of the samples appears slightly different. The normal vinegar-like smell is barely apparent, but initial testing shows it to be much more potent. Examining it for a longer time might reveal more.

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