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GM Henry Fortuna's First Steps (Sessions 1-3) [Group 2] (Inactive)

Game Master Signore di Fortuna

More fresh-faced adventurers seeking their destiny for the Pathfinder Society.

Fear of Mind

Silver Crusade Elross Kuthburn

Fighter 1 - HP 13/13 (anything Dex related lowered by 1 modifier point)
(122 posts)


Friendly Fighter
Shadow Lodge Simon Rivers

Oracle 1 (HP 11/11)
(101 posts)


Jarl of the North Wind
Osirion Cedrick

Character Stats:
  • 23 HP
  • AC 19 (T 13 : FF 16)
  • Fort +6: Ref +6: Will +2
  • Initiative +5
  • Tiefling Mindchemist 2 / Lore Warden 1
    (179 posts)


    Shag Solomon

    (131 posts)
    Grand Lodge Aesantiel

    female Elf (Taegrejee na'Maauteran) monk 1 - DECEASED
    (250 posts)

    Previous Players

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