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GM Hector's Rogue Trader: The Warpstorm Trilogy (Inactive)

Game Master LordHector

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Male Arch Militant 1

"Yes My lord-Captain Militant.
I would like to take the chance to report that the former troopers that accompanied us on the Bounty are settling into their roles as corporals and leaders of their own individual fire-team well."

"The decision to elevate the fallen to post humorous status of corporal and thus increase the compensation to the families seems to have gone down well."

"Our men are becoming more skilled at basic soldiering, but I fear little more progress will be made with the basic weapons availed to them at the moment."

"That concludes my report for now."

Master of Etherics on the Adamenent will

Crew is ready all systems functioning above requirements. We are ready for warp translation.

Just a checking in post. Figure the Navis will make any needed rolls/narrate the jump.

Not in Use

The Navis being a cautious creature and the warp travel tables full of all sorts of unimaginable horrors... I'm more than willing to narrate a trip through the warp, but would like some direction in terms of exactly what is needed in terms or rolls, etc.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

Alessaunder sat wearily at his fine wooden desk, mentally drained from the many months of hasty accounting, purchases, mergers and takeovers he had co-ordinated with dizzying financial acumen. Xantrius signed the final documents and made his final notes on the items the other senior officers had asked him to acquire for them and put his signature to one more letter- reminding a stubborn merchant that if he would persist in his efforts to stall the sale of a particular piece of gear the Lord-Captain had desired, he would be forced to simply buy the man's entire trading company; with a subtle hint that the share price might take a dramatic drop before such a buyout took place. Trading was a dangerous business, after all...

He arrived late to the bridge as a result but nodded in approval that his friend and captain Silas was eagerly pushing the dynasty forward.

I was wise to tie my fate to his... and his to mine. The Emperor clearly has great plans for us both.

The results of the salvage and the economic growth it had stimulated within the dynasty had been truly impressive. Faith in the dynasty had been restored and the dynasty's wealth, influence and power had risen from being somewhat equivalent to an average hive guild to being the equal of a powerful planet's noble or perhaps a weak imperial governor.

By a Rogue Trader's standards, the dynasty was not yet considered "wealthy". But in all fairness, the flagship of the dynasty was truly impressive and a far mightier vessel of the Emperor than many wealthier dynasties could field.

Male Arch Militant 1

After handing in his report to the Lord-Captain Militant, Ludicus began to head back towards the part of the ship where the military training was housed.
His own quarters were placed quite closely to that area as a matter of convenience.

As he walked through the corridors he noticed that more than once, crewmembers would stop and salute.
Whenever that happened he would give them a terse salute back and nod.

Stopping for a moment, he leaned on a reeling, looking down at crewmembers scurrying about, performing their various duties.
They have become more comfortable in their positions now, we have done well here.

Eventually, Ludcius found himself back in his quarters.
Hanging his twin bolt pistols on the wall he pushed back his chair, placed both feet on his desk and leaned back with a sigh.
By his feet there were a large stack of reports, but he decided not to bother with them right away.

The crew has become much more skilled and competent during these last year’s.

Drumming his fingers on the side table where he kept some drinks in case he got visitors, Ludicus considered the changes that had been made.
After the return from the Bounty all the senior officers had made several points on how to improve the crews overall skill.
It has been the first officer that had been responsible for putting down the various concepts in good order.

I am glad that he have military experience, far too many pencil pushers have the administration down pat, but HE knows how it works in practice.

Picking up a datapad, Ludicus began thumbing through the various orders, marvelling at the simplicity of it all.
By having a rota of various tasks, every crewmember were given a basic education in most of the skills needed on the ship, and it allowed the officers to make note of anyone showing particular aptitude fro any one task.
Such crewmembers were placed in a permanent pool of equally skilled personnel and given a position in that area of competence.
It also made it possible to identify deadweight and remove it during dockings...or earlier if necessary.

All in all, placing each crewmember where they could do the most good, but at the same time giving them a chance to try various duties had strengthen the competence of the crew overall, and allowed each individual unit to function as a part of the whole.

It took some time, but the new skills are starting to show now, the Lord-Captain Militant will be pleased.
This is quite a bit of difference from the reports I used to hand in before.

Eventually, Ludicus decided to begin going through the reports on his desk.
It was time to start distributing some of the new arms to the crew, so each of the "soldier" crew had been put through a number of various tests.
Marksmanship, melee skill, discipline, morale under live fire etc.
Any member that scored a consistent 80% on all tests was a likely candidate for further training and equipment.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

DM, it may be worth PMing everyone. New posts won't show up in the campaign thread as its been a while since we've posted in it.

Alessaunder was something of a new man after the two years. His faulty, fleshy heart had been replaced with something far more sturdy- a bionic heart now pumped blood through his veins and did it with optimal efficiency, using algorithms far more efficient than his original.

He and the Lord-Captain had slowly introduced an old ganger tongue they had adapted for their needs- although he was happy to teach it to the other members of the command crew if you spend 100XP on Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) at some point in your ranks ;) it was refreshing to be able to talk to his old friend in private for now.

He had also trained meticulously to be light on his feet, aware that Silas might call upon his stealth in the future. Despite the weight of the additional, well-concealed bionics throughout his body (including a fell set of sub-skin and cranial armour underneath his skin) he moved as silently as a cat throughout the vessel and had become infamous for surprise inspections. His old xeno-mesh armour had been replaced with a glorious full set of excellent quality Storm Trooper carapace armour, bought for a costly sum from a rather shady merchant.

Alessaunder's spirits were high, as the Adamant Will made its journey through the void...

Silas sends out messages to his comrades for them to meet him in his quarters to discuss the next endeavor.

Not in Use

Yosarni receives the Lord-Captain's command while crouched over the most valuable tome his fingers have touched. Wrested from a dynasty of cartographers through the leverage of wealth, the almanac has rarely left his side. The Navis rubs his tired eyes, feeling the excess skin on his face slough under the kneading touch of his knuckles.

Rising to his feet he moves through the halls of the Will and unto the meeting.

Male Arch Militant 1

Here we go...
Ludicus rose with a sigh, leaving an untouched glass of spirits on his side table.
Not being a man willing to take chances, he next strapped on both his twin boltpistols as well as his chainsword.

The captain expects me to be his strong arm, so the hand of that arm better be holding steel.

For a moment he even stops to look longingly at the sniper rifle mounted on his wall of weapons.

No, that would be overdoing it...besides, I hate to leave the wall empty...

In time, it was Ludicus goal to fill the wall with all manners of weapons, but for now it gaped fairly empty.

After making his way through the ship, Ludicus stopped in front of the Captains door, giving a respectful knock.
"Master at arms Ludicus Morleno reporting."

Male Human Missionary Rank 1

Malachi heard the summons on his microbead, waiting to finish his prayer before rising from his knees. A proper Shrine to the God-Emperor would have kneelers to provide some comfort to his creaking joints. "No sacrifice to great for the Emperor," he muttered to himself.

The scarred Missionary adjusted his belt, smoothed his robes and started the long walk to the Captain's quarters. He didn't know the crew or the officers to well, save for Vorgen, whom had spent a few misbegotten years together outside of the Grace of the Emperor. This would be one of the first "official" meetings in which Malachi and all the officers were present with the Rogue Trader.

Master of Etherics on the Adamenent will

Vorgen enters the captains quarters, his skin still feeling odd with the armor and muscle treatments. A data pad detailing ways to add launch tubes to the Will in his hands.

"Greetings friends. It seems a long time since we were all together. I see some changes and new purchases."

"Greetings to one and all. Please take some refreshments while we wait for the others."

Silas' chambers are illuminated by a dull yellow light that seems to shroud the room more.

Testing darkvision here. We'll see who hasn't upgraded yet.

Male Arch Militant 1

An interesting trick, but I am not hindered.

Ludicus moves into the room with confidence and an easy grace, clearly the light in the room does not bother him as he picks up a small thimble of amasec and finds a chair.

At Vorgens comment he chuckles a little, noticing how his friend seem a little...bulkier himself.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

We're the senior officers of the dynasty and the flagship, probably present on the bridge to report to the Lord-Captain several times a day. I think we'd be seeing each other quite frequently.

Little has changed about Alessaunder- at least, not in an obvious visible manner. Rumours circulate around the ship about what exactly the First Officer has been up to during his extensive R & R in the past couple of years; most recently, a young ships mate spotted him leaving an augmentation clinic, leading to rumours that he is now more machine than man...

While certainly a gross exaggeration, Alessaunder had certainly had several cybernetics put into place- all designed to be as discrete as possible.

He sat to the direct right of Silas, sipping a cool glass of water, his eyes darting around the room.

Male Human Missionary Rank 1

It's my first ;P

Malachi half-walked, half-stumbed into the room and sat down at a chair near the end of the table by the door. It was difficult to see in the dim yellow light, especially when his pain wards activated momentarily, filling his vision with flashes of green. Blessed knees.

'Lord-Captain, should we contact one of the tech-adepts to see if they can fix the lighting in your quarters? There seems to be a power failure.'

"There is nothing wrong with the lights, Father."

"But if you require more light then let us try these."

Silas starts to light some candles.

Male Human Missionary Rank 1

Malachi mutters, 'How quaint. Are we to discuss the object of our next venture?'

He shifted his weight slightly. Malachi still wasn't completely comfortable around these men. Including Vorgen, these were people cut from a very different cloth than him. They are from Forge Worlds and Imperial Fleets, nothing like the untamed frontier on which Malachi was reared, a rock so full of jungle and lacking in resources it didn't even merit a name, just #2005BLG390LB.

Yet, here is the Heir of the Dynasty, lighting candles for ambiance...

Not in Use

The flaring of the candles into light causes Yosarni to shy away slightly before his eyes adjust. He remains silent and bereft of beverage, awaiting some elucidation as to their next venture.

Male Arch Militant 1

Nervous fellows...I do not know the preacher well, but I did more or less expect it from the navigator.

"My compliments on your amasec Lord-Captain Militant, I've rarely tasted a better vintage.
It goes down like a high caliber explosive round into an orcs gut.
That is to say, it fits perfectly"

Hastus was beginning to like this ship. He thinks this as he makes the long walk to the Lord-Captain's quarters. Though like was never a word he'd use himself, Hastus finds it appropriate and resolves to file the notion away to be archived within his neural-processor's memory banks. His heavy feet clank across the corridors of the Will as he rounds the corner into the chambers. It would seem he is the last to arrive.

Very little of the Explorator-Magos can be seen beneath his rust-red robes, which is probably for the best. His face, however, can be and appears to be mostly machine. Its silver surface gleams in the dim light.

+++I note that my presence has been requested, Lord-Captain Silas Tyr of the Adamant Will. What is the nature of your inquiry? Based on data gathered upon entering this chamber and the presence of the other officers of the Adamant Will, logic dictates that this is a meeting pertaining to the details of the Adamant Will's next endeavor.+++

GM Hector has graciously provided me with the mission briefing so that I will be the one dispensing the information in the meeting. Please bear with me.

"Be at ease everyone, we shall begin the briefing in due course."

Silas sips some amasec before proceeding.

"Some of you may recall the high stakes card game we played in a few years back."

Silas looks at Alessaunder and nods in his direction, suggesting his hand in the victory.

"The last turn of the card was what won for our house that last all-in pot and which has now granted us a stake in an ongoing concern managed by the Kasballica Mission."

"From what I vaguely understand, they're digging for treasure. Now to ensure that our house is not being short-changed on its investment we are going to visit the site at Egaria Omega. But first we travel to Footfall to obtain a letter of introduction from our contacts at the Mission so that there won't be any problems dealing with the overseer of the site."

"Your data slates are now loaded with the pertinent data on Egaria Omega."

+++Planetary Data-fax: Egaria Omega
Population: 0
Tithe Grade: N/A
Geography/Demography: Cold. Abiding climate is arid with constant winds, ranging from low to moderate to storm force. High amounts of airborne particles scoured from the plains make exploration hazardous, especially using conventional aircraft. Topography is largely uncharted, but no surface seas are known to exist. Small amounts of frozen liquid observed at poles, but no samples are known to have been taken. Equator is ringed by a substantial mountain range.Further exploration of the mountains has proven inconclusive. No autochthonic life forms known to exist and no further life forms are known to have been introduced.
Governmental Type: Subject to the Winterscale Writ of Claim.
Planetary Governor: Heirs to the Winterscale Writ hold nominal title (non-ratified, pending nominal exclusion process).
Adept Presence: 0
Military: N/A
Trade/Economy/Addendum: An estimated total of twelve officially-recognised expeditions have been mounted to chart Egaria Omega, with only limited survey results submitted to the proper authorities. In recent years the Kasballica Mission has sponsored several more expeditions, none with official recognition. A single Egarian Maze City has been discovered, but all attempts to penetrate it have failed. The Mission has sponsored the latest "Omega Dig"," initially confining its activities to the area surrounding the city. Very little has been discovered and the Mission has ordered its dig staff to begin operations inside the city itself.+++

"Before heading off into this endeavor, I want us to be armed with all the information and leverage we can have on the Kasballica Mission and on Egaria Omega."

"We do not want a repeat of that scam-ambush. My compliments to our master at arms for his quick reaction."

Male Human Missionary Rank 1

'Does anyone know anything of this planet Egaria Omega or the Kasballica Mission? What could they be digging for on such a desolate rock? They say "treasure" but what is to be had on a planet with no inhabitants?'

Not in Use

Yosarni keeps his thoughts inwards as he racks his brain for anything he could recall on the target of the mission ahead.

Common Lore (Navis Nobilite-Int): 52 1d100 ⇒ 77
Forbidden Lore (Navigators-Int): 52 1d100 ⇒ 39
Forbidden Lore (Warp-Int): 52 1d100 ⇒ 23
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy-Int): 52 1d100 ⇒ 39
Figured I'd try the full set of lores ;)

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

Nope, none of those.

For Alessaunder

[in code] Our Chaplain may display some qualms against xenos artifacts. Tis best he remains in the dark. Don't you agree?

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

When the meeting is concluded, we'll have the navigator do his thing.

Malachi the Indefatigable wrote:
'Does anyone know anything of this planet Egaria Omega or the Kasballica Mission? What could they be digging for on such a desolate rock? They say "treasure" but what is to be had on a planet with no inhabitants?'

"Precisely, the need for a visit."

"I have my suspicions but they're better left unsaid as that may only cause worry."

"On a different matter, how are you finding your stay with us? I trust that you are not having a difficult time."

Male Human Missionary Rank 1
Lord-Captain Silas Tyr wrote:

"I have my suspicions but they're better left unsaid as that may only cause worry."

"On a different matter, how are you finding your stay with us? I trust that you are not having a difficult time."

The Rogue Trader's phrasing was more worrisome to Malachi than what he may have shared. 'What are those suspicions? I would rather not walk into something for which I am unprepared. I assure you, I have seen much in my crusades against the Orks and am troubled by little these days.'

Regarding my stay, I am a little disappointed in the lack of a proper shrine aboard the ship, but things have been well. My quarters suit my needs and the crew have tried their best to help me find my way. I am not used to life aboard a ship, but I will adapt.' He pauses for a moment before adding, 'I hope to start holding regular early morning masses for those that can't make it to the mid-morning or evening masses. You know, for the sake of the crew.' Malachi glances around the table to make sure his hint wasn't too subtle...

Male Human Missionary Rank 1

Throughout the awkward silence, Malachi looks uneasily around the room, perhaps his comment was a little out of line.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

Unabashed as he was well aware he made more visits to the shrine than most of the command crew, Alessaundr bowed his head slightly.

I shall endeavour to make devotion more often, Malachi. My faith will not be found wanting.

Footfall hmm... Alessaunder mused as he thought about the fine settlement just into the Koronus Expanse...

GM, what knowledge checks would be appropriate to roll? Also, I have a friend who I believe would want to join our game if a slot opens up. He has played with Nebel and Boggbear in the past in my own Rogue Trader PbP before it collapsed from the other players becoming inactive.

I think we have an opening for the Techpriest.

"Father, we shall endeavor to put that devotional shrine to He who sits on Terra the first priority on our list of improvements."

"Now the suspicions I harbor are just that. Unsubstantiated. I do not want all of you to have biases."

Silas looks at the First Officer.

First Officer, there is a spoiler above for your consideration.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

Thanks for the reminder. Note that its not hand signals we are using, we're using a different language essentially. Hand signal secret code would be a Cipher skill IIRC.

Alessaunder, sat to his Lord-Captain's right, spoke quietly back-

Ho il sospetto che probabilmente una buona idea il mio amico, fino a quando non garantire la sua lealtà è prima di tutto alla dinastia ...

Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader):

I suspect that is likely a good idea my friend, until we ensure his loyalty is first and foremost to the dynasty...

Using Italian to represent Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader), as it seemed suitably... mafioso.

Not in Use

Yosarni offers Malachai only a slight grimace at his talk of increasing the devotional quotient aboard the Will. He had always found that the warm embrace of the emperor was of little use when only the eggshell of a gellar field stood between himself and oblivion.

Yosarni has exhausted all of his lores, and is ready to rock the warp travel when we're finished up here.

I think we're ready for your Warp-spawned travel scene, Navigator :-)

Italian, marvelous.


Master of Etherics on the Adamenent will

"We are allying the house with the Kasballica? The Cold trade is fraught with dangers and Kasballica does not have the cleanest reputation."

Actually have no idea who/what the Kasballica Mission are. Just assuming that they are no knights in shining because this is a 40k game.
Also wondering re: relevant lore skills.
Expect Astromancy might get me something on Egaria. Test vs 37 1d100 ⇒ 2. 3 successes, any new data?

Male Arch Militant 1

Ludicus raises an eyebrow as he overhears the subtle communications between the Captain and the first officer.
Some kind of secret code or language? We used such in my old unit in the guards...I should ask Alessaunder if he can teach me that later, it could be a sound tactical asset to have.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

4 successes. One for rolling at or under 37, three for every ten below 37 you meet (27, 17, 7). Otherwise known as 3 "degrees" of success.

Vorgen Alph wrote:

"We are allying the house with the Kasballica? The Cold trade is fraught with dangers and Kasballica does not have the cleanest reputation."

Actually have no idea who/what the Kasballica Mission are. Just assuming that they are no knights in shining because this is a 40k game.
Also wondering re: relevant lore skills.
Expect Astromancy might get me something on Egaria. Test vs 37 1d100. 3 successes, any new data?

"I share your concern but the House's creditors are demanding more each passing day. Survival is our primary concern."

"I do not wish this vessel to fall in the hands of bankers."

Not in Use

I'm ready for the warp scene as soon as the lores are expunged

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

Most of you have at least heard of them in passing. I'm going to go with this since they primarily deal in the Cold Trade, and based on your most recent acquisitions, you've probably dealt with them before.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

GM, which Lores are applicable, will save us a lot of time if we know in advance.

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

The closest I can think of would be Forbidden Lore (Xenos) since they're a minor criminal organisation that deals in Xenotech.

Also, Vorgen, with a roll like that, you know pretty much everything astrological about the planet. I'll get that to you because there's quite a lot.

Yosarni, I'm going to ask you. Has Yosarni been near or around the area of Footfall before?

Not in Use

Yosarni is not idle within his seat, he fidgets and squirms as his mind turns to what is to come. Standing he turns to his Lord Captain "If that is all Lord Captain... I would prepare for our passage." seeking leave to approach the bridge so that he might prepare himself.

Edit: DM Hector - I'm not sure... to be honest I'm still very much in my infancy of understanding how the relative geography is laid out in 40k at present.

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

I'll assume you have a modicum of passing familiarity with that region of space. You are currently near Port Wander. Here is a map of the Koronus Expanse. Make me a Navigation (Warp) Test to see how accurately judge the duration of passage. The correct duration, as well as the difficulty of the test are a secret. Based on your roll, I'll give you how long Yosarni thinks the trip should be.

Not in Use

Navigation (Warp) (TN=52 (62 if Almanac Astrae Divinitus applies)): 1d100 ⇒ 11

Master of Etherics on the Adamenent will
DM Hector wrote:

The closest I can think of would be Forbidden Lore (Xenos) since they're a minor criminal organisation that deals in Xenotech.

Also, Vorgen, with a roll like that, you know pretty much everything astrological about the planet. I'll get that to you because there's quite a lot.

Forbidden lore Xenos 37, 1d100 ⇒ 70. Well at least you won't have to add anything else to the data block.

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

Yosarni, you figure that the Will should remain in the Warp for somewhere in the area of 25 days. Next you can narrate the translation into the Warp and make an Ordinary (+10) Awareness Test to determine the location of the Astronomicon.

Not in Use

Yosarni moves calmly of foot and frame towards the bridge... though those that look closer notice an even greater depth in his eyes, the weariness of his face enhanced and the bags under his eyes seeming to have grown in volume with each step. By the time he finally arrives at the Navigator's chair he looks a haggard and broken man, stooped and moving with a halting staccato cadence.

Resting in the chair he breathes out with a long sigh, turning to an adjutant nearby and nodding. The adjutant solemnly moves forward and silently places handcuffs around Navis Yosarni's wrists that bind him as though a prisoner to his position upon the throne. The adjutant gently tests the bind of the cuffs to ensure that they are strong before leaning close to the Navis and whispering "Midway upon the journey of our life, I found myself within a forest dark..." to which Yosarni replies "For the straight foreward pathway had been lost... thankyou"

Breathing in and summoning his strength Yosarni awaits the attendance of his Lord Captain unto the bridge... and asks "Upon your order Lord Captain..." leaving the honor and responsibility of ordering their passage through into the warp to him.

Male Arch Militant 1

As ever...ready and vigilant.

With a long pull of extra smooth amasec, Silas relays the word: "Navigator, take her in."

Silas leaves instructions for Ludicus to maintain a squad at all times at the trophy room since that is where the xenos device from the last adventure is stored.

Silas asks Alessaunder to find all he can about the Kasballica once the ship is at Footfall.

Lastly, Silas invites Malachi for a quiet chat.

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