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GM Hector's Rogue Trader: The Warpstorm Trilogy (Inactive)

Game Master LordHector

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Enginseer Prime Explorator R1

The summons came as no surprise. After the intense logic debates in the forum, Regulorum's accomplishments had been to difficult to overlook, and begrudgingly even his dissenters had been forced to recognize him as Magos. Regulorum knew that his choice to join the Explorators had assisted in the acceptance of his elevation. If he had chosen an order which would keep him in a more visible role, he might have been instead purged and his work relegated to Archival status. That could not be allowed, and so Regulorum's presence was "suggested" in the private audience chamber of Arch-Magos Cypherius Hodelph, chief amongst the Explorators.

The chamber was full of displays. Many rare and powerful archeotechs which the Arch-Magos kept to remind himself of the time he had spent amongst the stars beyond the Imperium. A few, Regulorum noted, were in fact of Xenos origin. If Regulorum had still possessed a mouth, he would have smiled.

Acknowledgement of Cypherius' greater knowledge in their field was projected, and the Arch-Magos accepted the signal of obeisance with a chitter of electric sound and the wave of a mechandendrite. A flurry of noise emitted from the Arch-Magos' vox,

"#*-+*, --+ *+- #^++-= +--**."

(Regulorum, I will not waste time as your transport leaves immediately. A Grand Cruiser of some interest was wrested from a space hulk recently. The Adamant Will. It belongs to the last scion of House Tyr, one Silas. Do your remembrances recall this man?) Man was said with a subtle tweak of sound which indicated a tad bit of contempt. The members of the ruling body of the Mechnicum often pitied those poor wretches that did not know the joy of being merged with the Machine Spirit as intimately as they. Regulorum squawked a noise of recognition. His electro-field zeroed in on a mechanical sphere projecting a Xenos script hovering above a plinth off to one corner.

(Yes, the same Silas Tyr whom you assisted with a petty feud involving Clan Tremium in order to obtain those secret hereteks' Rylos Sphere. I believe you had dealings with both him and his current First Officer Alessaunder Fortunus Godwinne.) The Arch-Magos' fine manipudendrite stroked the curve of the sphere. (We have need of their naivete once again. The Adamant Will's Machine Spirit has acquired some rather...singular signatures as a result of its time as part of a space hulk. You are uniquely qualified to work with it as it contains quite a bit of archeotech. Additionally, you will be able to advance your theory and work on the origin of many Xenos-tech as Tyr intends to use his Warrant of Trade to ply the Koronus Expanse. There is a 27.67398654% chance you will find the missing piece in this region) The Arch-Magos fingers a part of the Rylos Sphere which seems to have a hole.

Regulorum's magno-servers smiled again.

=++-* #--+ +=***-

(Thank you, Arch-Magos. I praise the Omnissiah for making your logic servos able to predict the best probable location. I will leave at once.) Regulorum once again acknowledged the Arch-Magos superior knowledge and left the chamber.

Regulorum had been waiting for this chance. These men should remember the invaluable tech and weapons he had provided, and should see the value in bringing him on board The Adamant Will. He would be more than valuable to them. And Tyr's ship would welcome Regulorum's devotion. And the Koronus Expanse...the chance to finally be unrestrained to research and prove once and for all, that most Xenos-tech was merely stolen technology of the Ancients!

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

Sweet. Thread'll go live tomorrow. All aboard!

"The house finances are just two steps from hell. We need...." Silas rubs his right thumb and forefinger together meaningfully.

Cue in Cinematic Theme

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

I love TSFH. Behold the theme of The Adamant Will! Cinematic theme, check.

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

Behold! The Gameplay thread is now live.

Whats our starting morale and crew pop?

Male Arch Militant 1

Background is up and finished.

"Yamato Gun, Fire!!!"

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

As this is your first Endeavor aboard the Adamant Will, your crew is excited to be out of whatever hole you found them in and are equally awed by their first time in the Expanse. You trip through the Maw was long, but only because Navis Yosarni was especially cautious and took no unnecessary risks. As such you have sustained no casualties thus far. Your morale and Crew are both at 100%.

Because The Adamant Will only has weapons on its broadsides, we need to perfect the maneuver called "Crossing the T":

Any comments?

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

From experience playing RT, its very, very easy to get a broadside lined up to fire, even on a cruiser. The arc of fire is very generous and we can always use a 'come to new heading' maneuver to turn twice.



PWO, you around? Give them augurs a whirl would ya?

First Officer Alessaunder wrote:
From experience playing RT, its very, very easy to get a broadside lined up to fire, even on a cruiser. The arc of fire is very generous and we can always use a 'come to new heading' maneuver to turn twice.

Nice suggestion, First Officer. We would need to train the crew accordingly to perfect the maneuver.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

Actually, it is dependent on the skill of the pilot making the maneuver. Crew skills only relevant if we use some of our crew actions to make maneuvers.

Master of Etherics on the Adamenent will

"Put your backs into it!" can help though correct?

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

Yes, although its best used on other PC's.

I will ask our first officer to illuminate us with what data he has on the derelict.

Then I will ask our Magos on his thoughts on the derelict's particular ship design and if technical difficulties are the reason for the derelict's present condition.

Our Navigator can offer thoughts on how this ship could have ended here (i.e. warp related accident).

Our Master at Arms can help with discussing the possible weaponry of such a ship, as well as if there are threats to the Adamant Will.

Our voidmaster can make inputs at any point he deems necessary.

I will then continue to ask questions until we have a more or less accurate situation of the problem.

I will also like to hear some input from our astropath and missionary.

Master of Etherics on the Adamenent will
The Adamant Will wrote:

Acquiring Shipboard Emergency Kits for our ship.

Emergency kits for every one!

free aquisition used. Not that I think the Will will explode or any thing. Just think of these as decorations.

Thats your acquisition then? Roger, will add it to the ship.

Edit: Done.

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

A note on these two NPC's before you all get excited about having eight party members and two more people to do stuff during ship combat, they exist primarily for RP purposes and to further flesh out the ship. They won't likely be involved in much combat, and during space combat they'll be amongst the crew population and won't have their own actions.

Enginseer Prime Explorator R1

Sorry for being so absent, I will get something posted soon.

Female Human Astropath Transcendant (Rank 1)

Origin Path:
Void-born - Scavenger - Duty-bound - Dark Voyage - Pride

Noemi Anystese was born on the Imperial Navy cruiser Throne's Glory. Born to a family of stowaways that had managed to live for generations within the battleship's massive cargo holds, her early life was spent scraping together a survival from the scraps of imperial soldiers. Had her psychic powers never manifested, it is likely she and her family would have continued to go unnoticed within the bowels of the Glory. But manifest they did. The ship's captain, Caius Morran, being a good emperor-fearing man did his duty and surrendered her family to the void while notifying the Inquisition of a psyker for their black ships.

Once at Terra, she underwent the rituals and tests of the Scholastica Psykana and, despite all odds, was not found wanting. She was chosen for the ritual of soul-binding where the holy light of the Emperor stripped her of her sight and blessed her with the powers of an astropath.

Every day, Noemi sings praises to the Emperor for delivering her from her life aboard the Throne's Glory, and she knows that the only way she can repay him is to do her duty. She has lived at the bottom of society and through strength of will and determination, she has risen far above the station of her birth.

Her record is impeccable... with one exception. After spending some ten years aboard a merchant vessel plying the Maw traveling between Port Wander and the Calixis Sector, disaster struck. The Maw is harrowing at the best of times, and a single misstep can end an entire ship's crew. The Navigator, having grown overconfident at having made the journey through the Maw several times over, misjudged the warp currents and got their ship sucked into the Screaming Vortex. The ship reappeared in real space back in the Expanse some few hours after they disembarked from Port Wander with a skeleton crew, no captain, and no recognisable damage. She quit the crew and was on Port Wander for about a year before joining up with the Adamant Will more as an excuse to get out of the space station and back onto a ship than anything else. She refuses to speak of the experience.

Enginseer Prime Explorator R1

O Wise mentions owners of servo-skulls usually modify them. I was wondering to what extent I would be allowed to modify mine. Aside from the standard equipment it comes with, how much else can I add? Obviously I realize it's just a skull, so it's not as if it can hold much. How many "devices" total would you allow to be attached or added?

Posted some questions for our officers on the IC thread, which should keep them busy while I attend a hearing this morning.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)
DM Hector wrote:
A note on these two NPC's before you all get excited about having eight party members and two more people to do stuff during ship combat, they exist primarily for RP purposes and to further flesh out the ship. They won't likely be involved in much combat, and during space combat they'll be amongst the crew population and won't have their own actions.

Excitement wasn't exactly my reaction I assure you... I cannot stand DM/GMPC's. I approve of them fleshing out the RP.

Master of Etherics on the Adamenent will
Lord-Captain Silas Tyr wrote:
...These preliminaries should pay big dividends once we actually get to finding the treasure hehehe Any comments?

Not sure what friend magos could tell you. We are all pretty much in the dark until we find the silly thing. I mean it just might be the beacon and a 9volt floating alone in the void.

Well, estimates can help us prepare contingency plans. With the lord-captain off to claim the derelict and without standing orders, our inexperienced crew might go haywire in case of an emergency.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

GM, are you comfortable with us taking crew onto explorations/missions with us? Personally I prefer a more hands on approach with just the 6 of us until it proves otherwise necessary but i'd like to hear your input.

RT can easily spill over into 'Zap Brannigan' style play where we just send minions to do everything for us.

If the Adamant cannot dock with the derelict then we would need to ferry across our team and what additional personnel we can take along with us in gunship. So we might not be taking that many escorts.

Besides, we might have a mutiny on our hands if our troops believe that we value their lives so lowly that we use them for cannon fodder.

Enginseer Prime Explorator R1

Sorry Silas. Looks like Regulorum's knowledge of the Bounty is limited to its last known flight plan. No technical data beyond the basics.

I would assume then the "Salvage process" would basically be the Extended Repair option which is measured in 1d5 weeks as the crew strips down those parts of the Bounty that can be recovered and either transfers them into or installs them onto the Will. So I am guessing unless stated otherwise by DM Hector we would roll for the expected time based on the number of different components we are attempting to remove. Or actually repairing the bird if we have the right materials naturally.

We will know more once we find the derelict and get to perform a much more detailed scan on its systems.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)
Master At Arms Ludicus Marleno wrote:

"Well my lord captain militant, you have employed a number of skilled officers, each one a leader in his own right.
I am skilled at leading men in war, and First officer Alessaunder can lead men in commerce."

It would be remiss of me not to point that in terms of pure command rolls (which is what fuels the larger combats and boarding actions), Alessaunder is very nearly the master-at-arms equal ;).

I just don't want to be pigeon-holed as the space accountant. Alessaunder is both willing and capable of leading boarding actions ;).

Haha, no offence intended, I was sort of groping for words really.

Besides, between the art of war and the book of five rings being studied by businessmen all over the world, we can safely say, accounting is hell, and business is war.

Alright I have tried to load all the positive modifiers in our favor. The rest is up to the one rolling for the auspex.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

You can give +10 to the auspex roll if your present (see your special ability at the end of the classes chapter, you should be applying it as often as possible).

First Officer Alessaunder wrote:
You can give +10 to the auspex roll if your present (see your special ability at the end of the classes chapter, you should be applying it as often as possible).

I am present at the bridge. (Will go to sleep now.)

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

I think we need to stop assuming the successes and failures of our rolls, as we don't know the modifiers applying to them (they range from -60 to +60 or so) and it makes for strange reading when narrative is based off speculation. Sorry to be a pain but its really bugging me.

It would help I think, if GM listed the difficulty for any obvious checks (I mean, we were always going to use augurs to try and find the ship) or we could wait for his feedback on rolls before assuming success or failure.

Theres more flexibility in combat- if you make your ballistic skill test you generally know your aim is true, and that the opponent will either manage to avoid your accurate shot with a Dodge or be hit (and the hit is up to the GM to describe generally; especially as TB and armour might negate it). But outside of combat... it will make for some awkward retcons down the line.

Also, our navigator's wife gave birth so he'll be absent for a while longer I imagine.

Going to bed now, will respond IC in the morning.

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

Indeed she did. Thank you Alexander. As of so far you've been pretty correct on your successes, but then again nothing has had any modifiers as of yet. I'll do the same here as I do in my home games. Whenever I ask for a roll from you, I'll inform you of any modifiers than need to be included. Otherwise assume it's Challenging difficulty (+0).

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

Ok that helps to clarify things in my mind. Thanks

Not in Use

As our First Officer reported my family has indeed grown by one and am currently wi-fi-ing from the hospital room as we speak. Bub came out lacking a warp eye... for which I am grateful ;)

All things considered should hopefully be back in our own home as of tomorrow. Will see how the home-life settles out before committing to a specific time for wading back online so if DM-botting can continue that would be grand.

Congratulations Navigator :-)

Male Human (American) Dungeon Master (Action Movie Director) 17

No problems. Congratulations, Mark.

Haha, one is a start, and sometimes enough.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

I highly doubt even our ship's armsmen have decent armour anyway.

GM, what are our four warriors working with? I assumed it was laspistols and autopistols at best as we haven't actually made any acquisitions.

I was talking more to the other PC's. The Lord-Captain can't take his armour (which should be Common craftsmanship not Best btw), neither can Regulorum, Vorgen or Ludicos. Myself and the Navis are the only ones with Mesh armour or bodyglove.

Male Arch Militant 1

Always nice to go into a dangerous situation without armour innit? At least we are not unarmed.

It's kind of Ironic, Alessaunder wants to take fewer men because he is cautious about wasting crew; Ludicus wants to take more men because he wants to put them to the test.

Enginseer Prime Explorator R1

Actually, I was going to ask about void suits. Since so very many people have cybernetic additions, Mechanicum members have mechadendrites, and canon drawings always show Rogue Traders and members of the Ecclesiarchy in huge bulky outfits sometimes with smokestacks and burning incense holders, I had been assuming that most void suits would also be somewhat roomy allowing more than just skintight clothing.

Are we just hand-waving those elements then?

Enginseer Prime Explorator R1

Also, I suppose I should make my weapon choices now...I have been procrastinating that.

Male 40K Human Seneschal (Rank 1)

I've been going by the guidelines told to me by GM with regards to the Void Suits, but generally in 40K RPG, canon is what the GM tells you.

Edit: Hmm, sorry. That didn't quite come out right. What i'm trying to say is when i've played 40K RPG (either PbP or RL), arguments about what is and isn't canon seem endless if not controlled. I'm not a 40K buff myself but i've played with several and it was often nightmarish as they quoted different books and images for opposing viewpoints...

Enginseer Prime Explorator R1

Forget my use of the word canon. I definitely am not here to debate canon in WH40k. I will claim only a smattering of knowledge and often google information on how Regulorum should speak and act before posting.

My point was merely that unless Jedi/GM hand-waving of certain things is occurring, Regulorum is unlikely to fit into a void suit period.

EDIT: I appreciate the softening of your post, Alessaunder. Though admittedly, of everyone, I would have assumed you to be the most knowledgeable, lol.

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