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Question - Lamm's Ledger... is this something Ophelia is carrying or is this something to add to party treasure?

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GM-Grenfax wrote:

Nik - Consecrated Weapon out of Adventurer's Armory? What god or image would be represented on the staff - we will have to bend the rules a bit, as Shaman do not typically worship the "gods" as much as the divine power in all things- you have been playing Nik as kind of a general follower of multiple divine entities, so it is doable; just need to figure out the details. And who would consecrate it for you.

4 scrolls - subtract the gp, add the scrolls to your equip list.

As we discussed I was going to have it consecrated to a combination of both Desna and Erastil, two gods worshiped by Varisians and the cause of the duality in Nik's thinking. Shaman's do not need to specifically worship a god but I am required to have a divine focus for channels. Hence the desire to make my main weapon a holy symbol to avoid those types of issues, and it is cool flavor in my opinion.

As for who, why can I not do it. The description of Channel Foci does not specifically call out how it is done, nor does it mention the need for spell casting. This is a GMs call, but I figured I would mention it.

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The ledger was left in the room. Never considered it treasure, so I didn't put it on the list.

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Actually Ophelia has the ledger. It was never turned in as evidence.

We questioned Yargrin and the gnome outside the Citadel and got this asnwer:

GM-Grenfax wrote:
Ya be lookin for kin. Ne'er 'ad kin come lookin fer me. If 'ere is anythin to learn it is in 'at ledger, but its in code. We was ne'er trusted with 'e code. the gnome adds as he looks up at the walls of the citadel.

Then Nik asked about Trefate:

GM-Grenfax wrote:
Giggles, the half-orc you killed, said he got the dog from a shiver addict. Other than that we did not ask. Yargrin begins, W'en it came ta Giggles, 'e less we knew 'e better. 'at one was bad to the core. Not 'at we be saints, or nothin, but that half-orc was jest mean. and the gnome finishes.

Trisane said we should keep the book:

Trisane Imphawke wrote:

That half-orc was pretty mean... at least he's gone now. We'd better hang onto that ledger though.

I think we've heard enough outta these two. Ophelia, hang onto that book for now. It may be our only link to finding Tobar now that Lamm's dead.

Ophelia kept the book:

Ophelia Wintrish wrote:
Ophelia tucks the ledger back into a pocket before approaching the guard. She'll remain quiet, letting Trisane take the lead.

Then at the Imphawke estate Trisane tried to figure it out.

Trisane Imphawke wrote:

I don't know about any codes... maybe there's someone in town who can help.

Knowledge Local: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13

GM Grenfax wrote:

The ledger contains a combination of Taldane (common) and another language none of the party reads. Even the bits in Taldane do not make sense. You would be able to recognize it/and have been told that it is a code.

Trisane - You know that many groups use codes, including undercover members of the Sable Company. Unfortunately, the only people that might be able to decode this are people you wouldn't trust with whatever information they may find.

Then it seems to have dropped off the map since we couldn't get any leads on it.

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Nice job, Trisane. I actually forgot about it since it seemed we wouldn't be able to do much with it yet. I'll mark it down on Ophelia's sheet, unless someone else wants to hold on to it for now.

Nik - After looking over the channel foci info and holy symbols; there isn't a lot of detail for any requirements for spell casting. Let us just say that you have to perform a religious ritual/rite and that act consecrates the staff. You will need to do it twice, once for each symbol.
I am guessing that one at each end makes sense. Will you carve them yourself (Craft Woodwork) or have them carved by another?

Trisane - You have earned a Scooby Snack! I will assume that Ophelia has the ledger unless she notes that it is with the stored items.

Join into the response to Cressidia when I have satisfied all the pre-meeting items.

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No, I was looking to just simply commission someone to do it.

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Awesome! Can I trade in the Scooby Snack for a lead on Tobar? :)

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Let's move on from this.

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Anyone have any other prep or whatever before we head over to Trinia's house?

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I am good.

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Nope, I should be good.

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Ok. We can wait for the others before moving on. I think Elden, Nik and Ophelia have some catching up to do. Just let me know when to pop back in the action.

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I am not sure what the delay is but this PBP has not seen activity in a few weeks. Are we continuing this?

I was waiting for Nik to make the requested bluff and sense motive checks. Hit up the gameplay thread with 3 each and we shall continue!

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Rd 1

I don't see anywhere to make skill checks... Are we using Roll20 maps for the chase cards? I understand how the PF chase rules work but how are we going to handle it in this pbp format?

P.S. I don't expect to get into it until next week so Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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Thanks and the same to everyone else.

Yes - I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!

As for the Chase:
When a character decides to pursue, I will give them the checks and let them pick one or two for a full-round/3 space move.

I will try to add descriptive text to flavor the chase "scene" aside from the mechanics.

This will be run as a "chase"... starting next round, you will be able to choose 1 of 2 actions.... The Chase rules are detailed on pages 232–233 of the Pathfinder RPG GameMastery Guide.

Chase rules - the basics...
There are a number of cards that make up the length of the chase... each round you will be presented with two obstacles based on where you are in the chase...

Significant mobility advantages over the baseline speed type (such as flight) grant an additional +10 bonus on checks made to avoid obstacles.

Each round -
Move action to move through a single card (distance wise) AND a standard action - choose one of that card's two obstacles to face as a standard action before moving to the next card.

Success = move to the next card
Failure = face the obstacle again on the next round.
Instead of exiting a card, a character can choose to take another action not directly related to navigating the chase's course, such as casting a spell or drawing a weapon.

A character who wants to attempt to move three cards during his turn can do so by taking a full-round action. That character must overcome both obstacles on the card he is leaving.
In this case, if a character fails either obstacle check by 5 or less, he only moves one card forward and his turn ends.
If a character fails either obstacle check by more than 5, he cannot move at all that turn. A character unfortunate enough to fail two obstacle checks in a turn becomes mired in his current square (he might have fallen from a ledge, gotten a foot stuck amid roots, or got caught in a crowd, for example). A character who is mired must spend another full-round action becoming unmired and effectively loses his next turn in the chase. In some cases, becoming mired might impart additional penalties (such as falling damage).

A character can also choose to make a ranged attack or cast a spell during his turn in a chase. If the action is a full-round action, he can't move at all. Use the number of cards and their established distances to determine ranges as necessary. The terrain where the chase takes place might provide the target partial or even full cover or concealment, as you wish.
A character can only choose to make melee attacks against targets that are on the same card.

On a PC's turn they may:

As a move and standard action (by making one of the two skill check options) advance 1 card.
As a full round action (by making both of the two skill checks) advance 3 cards. Note - potentially bad things happen if you fail both!
Take a standard or full round action not associated with moving through the chase cards - such as a spell or attack. To make a physical ranged attack you must have line of sight/effect. Follow the normal rules for spells regarding range...

A card is considered roughly 30'. PCs On the same card as the NPC character may engage in melee.
An adjacent card (1 card) is considered 30', 2 cards is 60' 3 cards is 90'...distance to the NPC.

The shingles are known for being a mess of ledges, shanties, add-on construction with twists and turns, rooftop eaves and other "stuff" so I would like to adjudicate that line of sight/effect is:
same or adjacent cards - you have line of sight;
2-3 cards distant 50% chance for line of sight,
4-5 cards 20% chance of line of sight and 6+ cards no line of sight

It took the concealment miss percentage chance and reversed it for every 2 cards distance - I thought this was simple and fair, but would appreciate any input or insight if someone has a better idea!!!
The idea of chases is not to bog down in simple movement distances or mechanics.


If there are no major concerns regarding that houserule - then Trinia would be slightly out of Nik's range to start based on the distance of where she is now (Card 5 pre-skill check for this round to go to card 6).

Regarding Nik's proposed actions in the chase:
Based on all the options Nik provided - I am going to say that he slides down the roof to the ledge and nearly fall - catch himself against the roof (effectively still on card 0).

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That line of sight rule sounds fair, considering the terrain.

I will be off on a holiday get-a-way and probably will not be able to post until the 27th

Merry Christmas! (If you celebrate another holiday; I hope you enjoy!)

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had good holidays.

Happy 2018 to everyone - hope you are all safe and warm.

I figured we would get back to our Crimson Throne adventure come Monday.

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Sounds good!

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