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GM-Grenfax Curse of the Crimson Throne

Game Master Grenfax

Roll20 Map
Treasure List

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Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

Yeah. My trip to Thailand isn't for another month. I leave on June 16th and should be back a week later by the following Monday.

Nik - I am sorry to hear that.

Trisnae - Well.... don't I feel silly....

Continuing on then....

Grand Lodge

Thanks. Our cat was sick, so we decided it would be bad to leave her. The good news is she seems to be recovering, so it was worth it.

On a game note... I have updated the treasure list for the 500 gold, and I will be updating it for the borrowed items from Trisane shortly.

Also for down time I will probably be making scrolls (if finding Tobar doesn't take all of it), so any special requests? I have a list below of ones I intend to make if possible (in order of what I think would be appropriate).

Charm Animal
Heighten Awareness
Protection From Evil
Alter Self
Delay Poison
False Life

Beyond this I am open to suggestions.

Also, since it looks like we will not be joined by our alchemist friend, I may also take brew poison at some point.

alchemist friend?

Grand Lodge

The character that was with us for about a week. The elf.

AH!! Dalian, the investigator. Sorry - busy day; I am with you now.

I'll be gone with Mat/Trisane from June 16-24. I will also be gone from July 11-17. I'm up for whatever until then.

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