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GM-Grenfax Curse of the Crimson Throne

Game Master Grenfax

Roll20 Map
Treasure List

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Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3
As for a familiar- How about: Bothriechis schlegelii, the eyelash viper. It is a venomous pit viper species, yellow with black flecks...

I like it!

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

Places I suggest we go:

Galloping Ghost: for Trisane's mount barding
Hedge Wizardy: Nik's supplies
Slicing Dicers: sell off the shuriken

It doesn't look like there's a good place to sell off the ivory figurine or holy symbol in this section, so we'd have to go somewhere else. I'd say we visit the above first and then see how things go.

Also, if no one wants to claim that silver dagger, Ophelia will take it.

Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

Ok. Sounds good Ophelia. The silver dagger is yours if you want it (I sharpened it for you :)). I'll remove it from my sheet.

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

Oh, I didn't realize that's the dagger Trisane had, it was unclaimed on the loot sheet. That's fine then, keep it. You'd probably need it more than I would.

Grand Lodge

About the dagger... Opps, I forgot to update the sheet.

All of those places sound good to me, also Nik can see about getting some barding for Trefate as well. Add I would add Trapper's Hole as well. Nik would be interested in looking into upgraded crossbows, specifically a darkwood crossbow.

Not sure where to take the statue really but Nik would eventually like to see about returning the holy symbol to the Church of Shelyn. To Nik it is the right thing to do, to the player it is a contact for help with certain gear Nik will be getting.

I also think in game it would be worth it to keep the lock box. Kind of as a security thing for the group.

And last, there are two questions...

1. Should Nik or the group make an appraise check to figure out the true value of the composite longbow from Verik? We can be sure it is MW but what kind of pull it might have, if any.

2. The Key-like Dagger that we have found, is that the key to the lock box, or was it just hidden in the lock box and we have yet to figure out what it opens?

Thanks guys.


Grand Lodge

A third question...

3. Given Nik's recent experience with poison, would the guard be willing to loan out a few antitoxins?

First - greetings Elden and welcome! I will figure out a way to work you in just as soon as possible! Look for an email -

The silver dagger is with Trisane then, unless someone says different.

Give me a knowledge local for the Trapper's hole Nik.
There is a shrine to Shelyn about 1-2 blocks from All the World's Meat.

For the long bow, yes, an appraise check by a single member; the other 2/3 can aid another.

Key-Like Dagger, it is a weird dagger more than an odd key. It does not fit the lockbox (You have Lamm's key that does). Although I thought you sold the box to Quixzlette. (if I am right (50-50 chance) and you want it, that is fine, just cross the gp off the sheet and put the box back on)
You have done nothing other than have the key dagger fall on a table in front of you. If you want to test your knowldege, let me know.

Look over any loaned equipment you have, you can request up to 100 gp of stuff, assuming that you have not exceeded that you can requisition antitoxin vials.

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

Hello Elden!

Grand Lodge

Sorry guys, busy week or so. I thought you had jumped ahead so I never gave you the check. I am doing it now and shouldn't be lost again for a while.

No worries Nik - we all have points where life will happen!

Grand Lodge

Nik just needs to go to the wizard shop for supplies, the archery shop to see about a source of darkwood, and if possible the shrine of shelyn to pass off the symbol to them.

Just let me know if I should continue with the group split - or if you decide to stay together, and I will let you know what happens next!

Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

Sure! Let's split the group. What could possibly go wrong? :P.

Oh, do I be nice or "answer" Trisane's question accordingly.... decisions, decisions....

Hi all - I will be on travel next week - I should be able to post, but if I miss a day, it will be because of limited computer access.

I just realized I didn't have Cressidia pay the group - in addition to the 1000 gp bribe money, there is the bring 'em back alive 1000 gp payment in a second pouch.

Grand Lodge

GM-Grenfax... Can we say that before the night ended, Nik created a scroll of bless?

Hi Nik - no problem - whenever Nik has the time and and supplies, just let me know and add the item to your sheet. Thanks!

Grand Lodge

Thanks to Ophelia poking me about the treasure list, it is being updated. Also, I guess it wasn't editable by everyone, so I reformatted it to Goggle Docs.

Of course as I am updating it I find some questions...

1. There are two tanglefoot bags on my list but not on the available list. I don't see that we sold it, nor would I expect us to. Who took them?

2. Did we ever see the bow and +1 arrows? I never saw where we did. And now I am wondering if maybe giving them to Eldren might be a better idea.

OK, that's enough I think. Thanks.

I updated the link to the treasure list - thank you Nik and Ophelia!

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

We grabbed the tanglefoot bags, but no one claimed them. Also, we have the bow and arrows, we had discussed giving them to the guard, but we haven't yet.

Hey everyone - I have checked the module and realized it is time to advance to Level 3! You know what that means, the things you face are that much worse!

Grand Lodge


One question... How do we want to handle spells? Do we assume we prepped the new level of spells before we left?

Good question - yes, please update your spell lists to your full 3rd level options; as you would have started feel free to adjust your memorized spells as desired based on having higher level slots available.

Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

FYI to my Varisian companions and the bird. I put a rank into Linguistics as part of Trisane's 3rd level advancement. He now speaks and understands Varisian.

Varisian = Romanain using Google Translate; if you want to "say" anything in Varisian, use the Romanian translation (for flavor).

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