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GM-Grenfax Curse of the Crimson Throne

Game Master Grenfax

Roll20 Map
Treasure List

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Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

A few posts up, I posted a list of treasure we had collected. I don't think much has changed since. I didn't include the boat, though.

First - If any of you are or have served our nation in military service - thank you and happy Veteran's Day!

With your business at Gemshare concluded, let me know where the party wishes to go.

Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

I say we head over to All the World's Meat. Any objections?

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

I think that is a good plan. The other option is to investigate these kids, but we can come back to that once we're done at All the World's Meat.

Also suggest we split up the money from the gnome, so everyone gets 250 gp.

The secret compartment/dagger are additions to the new CCT materials... I added them in the secret compartment to introduce them to this game (as they would have been part of the initial items found in the lockbox). Just so you know you didn't miss something, and I am not trying to "lead" or mislead you guys anywhere.

I am still trying to get caught up with reading, but I will say I really like to new CCT format!!

Grand Lodge

GM-Grenfax... Glad to hear they added to it!

Sorry I have been absent for a few. Kind of got down with the state of things and work. But I'm back.

I did go over the treasure and went through the posts a bit. I found a few things we either decided not to deal with, we forgot about, or we ignored. Take a look and if you know what we did with it, let me know and I will record it. Otherwise I will consider them dropped for various reasons.

Lamm's good quality shortsword
Lamm's good quality dagger
Yargrin's Wand (I think wand of Acid Splash and I think it went to Ophelia)
2 tanglefoot bags
1 thunderstone
1 dagger
1 light crossbow
10 bolts
1 garnet amulet
1 kukri
1 disguise kit (4 uses)

Nik - no worries, hope things are looking up!

There are links within the pdf that make navigating a lot easier (especially if you were using it electronically for a tabletop game.

Ophelia has the acid splash wand (she threatened Douglas or Nelson with it).

I think some of those things were turned in with Yargin and the gnome... I think the amulet belonged to Yargrin and was never taken from him - although if it came from somewhere else, let me know...

The thunderstones, tanglefoot bags, disguise kit and other weapons are fair game.

Typically "good quality" means it is masterwork (houseruled DC 15 appraise to identify MWK items). Even a casual inspection should be enough to identify "quality" craftmanship, even if you don't roll to recognize it as MWK for the $$$.

So you have a MWK short sword and MWK dagger if no one claimed them previously.

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

Assuming no ones has objections to selling the box, everyone gets another 50 gold from it.

Grand Lodge

Let's see what we get on the knowledge checks first.

I am adding the MW items to the list. If no one else wants the MW dagger, Nik will take the upgrade.

Grand Lodge

Thank you Gm-Grenfax!

I added the treasure list to the header below the map link. I cannot edit it, but it is a good record - thank you!

You may (or may not) want to add/make note of:
the coded ledger found with Lamm's lockbox
the "borrowed" boat currently moored at the Guard citadel
1 dog at the Imphawke estate
You also have room and board at the Three Rings Inn

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

Nice list :)

Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

Ok. I'm all for selling the lockbox to the gnome. Trisane will snag the MW Shortsword. Subtract 200g from his share for the 2 cure potions, antiplague and antitoxin that he bought at the apothecary.

I think we should sell the shuriken and the rest of the unclaimed stuff. I'll have Trisane make an effort to return the "borrowed" boat when we return the Citadel next. Do the gold ingots sell at full value?

Gold Ingots would be treated like "trade goods" and sell at full value.
Gems and "art" -you get full value for these items, I usually give a correct appraisal role the value/sale value.

If it is listed as equipment, including weapons and armor,; these used items fetch 75%.

If you are role playing an loot sale (later in the game) or are selling special items; I may use diplomacy or bluff roles to give a slight +/- to the outcome.

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

Am I correct in thinking that Ophelia saw no exchange of coins for the "purchases"?

Yes - that would be totally correct. No money changed hands for any of the transactions you saw.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

Happy Thanksgiving!

Grand Lodge

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys as well.

Then on to the holiday madness!

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday (if you were out there shopping or working)!

Grand Lodge

I am suggesting that we bail out here...

Nik has now taken at least 4 points of dex damage, is now looking at having to make probably 9 more saves at DC 20 and he only has a +1 Fortitude save.

Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

Yeah. Not sure what we did to invoke the ire of the GM. We are incredibly outmatched here. Let's regroup back at the citadel and approach All the World's Meat another day.

Hi Guys -

First - no one did anything "wrong" and there is no ire being unleashed!

The imp attack is written into the campaign as a random encounter, and the previously mentioned House Drakes would swoop to the rescue in a moment if needed, so you would not be crushed by a "random" encounter.

I chose to use the encounter here for a couple of story line reasons (plot devices I will keep to myself for the moment for future game events), and because it is the first time anyone has tried in the game to go up into the Shingles - a dangerous place.

And I did do a little reading, and realized I have more imps than the encounter calls for....(sorry - really not trying to kill everyone!)

This was not meant as any type of punishment, or vengeful wrath type of scenario.

Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

No worries. It happens. There were just a few too many imps than we could handle. We'll roll with it.

Additionally, Trisane will relish the opportunity for a rematch with his nemesis creatures :).

Hi everyone - sorry I have been a bit spotty in posting - holiday season and all. I expect the holidays to be a bit busy for us all, so no pressure to post, enjoy your time with family and friends. (I will continue to try to keep up with the normal schedule as we are available).

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and your year is filled with the best of the season - Peace Hope Joy.

And if any of you do not celebrate this holiday - my sincerest wishes that you find Peace Hope and Joy throughout the year to come in whatever you celebrate.

Grand Lodge

No big worries here man. Holidays are busy for us all (well, not work wise usually here) and there may be delays on my end as well.

Either way, Merry Christmas and other what not. Also Happy New Year.

Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope Santa brings us all better rolls!

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

Hope you all have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

And I agree with the better rolls :)

Perhaps Trisnae should have wished for better player rolls...

Speaking of rolls - how do you want to handle critical hits moving forward? Do you want to maintain the standard damage multiplier, or would you rather use some version of the critical hit/critical fumble decks? i will do whatever the players want - with the only caveat being if there are critical hits, there are also critical fumbles.

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

I'm fine with either. The standard multiplier might be easier in this format, though.

Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

Yowza. One hell of a hit there. I'm more in favor of the standard multiplier system myself. Never been a fan of the critical fumble.

Grand Lodge

I've always been a fan of the standard, simple but devastating.

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

We're not doing any rerolls are we? :)

No rerolls.... it would be hard in this format.

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

Oh, I know...I was just joking, due to all the horrible rolls we were having. :)

Grand Lodge

Updated treasure list for the new items. I added the weapons mentioned that our opponents used against us, that we confiscated.

Grand Lodge

GM-Grenfax, not sure how you would feel about this but we were not fully healed before the end of the night. Would you be cool with me using the last two channels to heal us and consider us all full?

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

I have 4 more infernal healing spells I can cast, too. I think that will cover us.

I have no issue with you guys using healing spells or even taking simple actions before moving on.

Consider yourselves healed!

Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

I didn't realize we'd have so much time on our hands...

I suppose Trisane would spend it training with his new Hippogriff companion. Does the KG have any Lances available (MW if possible)? How about equipment for the mount? (exotic military saddle, saddlebags, bit & bridle etc..) What tricks does she know? I'd need a week to teach her anything with Handle Animal.

Grand Lodge

Not sure if you have a specific way you want to track what scroll supplies I will purchase or if you just want me to spend gold at the time. I usually track it by spell and CL as the "QTY". If there is another way you want to handle it, let me know.

And for Ophelia and Trisane... Should be divide the loot or keep it as a party pool. In character Nik would be ok either way, he trusts Ophelia enough and feels that Trisane wouldn't cheat him. Out of character, I also ok either way, and I will continue to track it if we want. Let me know.

Grand Lodge

Also, I updated the treasure sheet. This should show what we have to work with.

Silver Crusade

Male Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Sable Company Marine/Urban Ranger)/3

Thanks Nik!

I'm not sure exactly sure what sort of barter system we have with the KG but would it be possible to trade that nice bow & arrows for other gear (MW lance, MW barding etc...) Might be easier than running out to buy/sell. Just a story suggestion is all.

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

IC/OOC I don't mind pooling the spoils.

Grand Lodge

If the guard could provide the special material stuff I would be more than willing to work with them. The other stuff I need though probably won't be able to get from the guard. Either way I am up for it.

All sorts of stuff -

The way the module is written, the city should burst into chaos (upon the death of the king) while the party is fighting Lamm, and the party emerges to a city in flames.... done.
There is then an assumptive lag until the party continues to act (which is not written into the module up front, it only becomes apparent when you start doing other things) - but you - very logically continued to act right away, and bypassed a number of plot items meant to fill your time. This is not a bad thing - it just means that I need to stall the party to allow the city time to truly devolve into the module level of chaos to make the story items make sense - such as why the residents were worried about starving... in the module, this would logically be days/weeks after the death of the king and food shortages would be a very real concern because food is actually scarce.
So, just to make a timeline make sense, I am stalling the party/and accelerating the chaos, to allow the city timeline to catch up to the party, so that the city unrest makes sense when you encounter it.

That said - the city as a whole is not safe. That does not mean that you are unable to leave the citadel - just be prepared for things to go sideways quickly when you do. If you did not pick up on it, the party has never been able to leave the citadel and reach their destination without some event occurring, even if was simply forcing the party to spend extra time going around rioting.

There is a "reputation" scale for the guard based on the things you do in game that can raise your standing and access to certain benefits. I do not have the list at hand, but will tell you out of game what you could ask for.

I will allow normal/common weapons and armor to be "sold" to the Guard at the usual 50% sale rate to make things easier (normal/common = equipment wanted/affordable by the garrison... a huge sized lasso or +5 flaming holy avenger of undead slaying for example wouldn't sell). You can always purchase normal/common weapons and armor. MWK within reason. It would make sense that under normal circumstances, merchants would be selling upgrades to weapons and armor near the citadels and schools.

I would assume that average quality tack (bridle/bit; saddle; and saddlebags would have come with Silverbeak. An exotic saddle suitable for flight will have to come later, but in this city, acquiring such things should not be too difficult. We will have to work out the progression for flight/feats tricks. I have not looked at animal companions and how hippogriffs fit into the progression for things like HP/feats/tricks. As you had been working with the hatchlings, it would make sense that they have some basic tricks learned, but also room for additions - giving you a chance to handle animals and not simply making it a throw away skill (or having to work with Nik to achieve your goal)!
Barding is 4x the PC cost, and normal leather/studded leather shouldn't be hard to find - after that - you will have to look.

I am perfectly fine with Nik paying gp as he scribes spells - just remember that the maximum is 1 spell(on a scroll)/day (12.5 gp × the level of the spell × the level of the caster × .95(Hedge Magician)) There are a couple of places in the city that would have the materials needed. I will look and let you know where Nik would go, what shop, the proprietor etc for the scroll materials.
Likewise, I will let you know if/where darkwood/darkleaf materials could be found/ordered/acquired.
having alchemical silver applied to a mace will not be hard in this icty,, again, i will have to find the right place to have it done - just remember alchemical silver adds a -1 penalty to damage (but bypasses imp damage reduction!)
The holy symbol tattoo can be played out as you encounter religions that you would wish to include, or simply ping me that you have the needed gp for the tattoo, and the church you wish to encounter - if it isn't something readily available I can script an opportunity. Right now you have the holy symbol of Sheyln, a natural in game in. The church of Abadar you could encounter simply by going to their site, or doing some sort of banking/money exchange (like gold ingots for coin). And Pharisma is in the Gray District. Plus Ophelia can do that tattoo - the priest will perform the ceremony.

Also -thank you for keeping track of the party loot!! - would you be willing to add a weight column and location/party member column... Assuming that you are not lugging everything with you all the time, the location will be where a given "thing" is if no one is carrying it; this could even be used to keep track of Trefate, Silverbeak, the still not returned boat... or party member, to help determine encumbrance.

Ophelia is rather quiet - I heard rumblings of a familiar? Is there anything else that you are interested in doing, learning, acquiring? I assume that you would be willing to do the artistry for any additional holy symbol tattoos that Nik acquires?

Finally - other general loot selling - if you frequent certain establishments; such as Gemshare Jewlers, there are advantages to forming relationships with the owners such as saving Quixzlette from Nelson; he is more likely to give you fair trade value for gems/jewelry and as such I can write the whole encounter allowing you to move on (assuming everyone is ok with that).

Finally - all that being said...
Ping me if I missed anything, and I will post a couple things in the gameplay side to help move us forward.

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

Ophelia wouldn't mind creating the tattoo for Nik. She will be getting a viper familiar at 3rd level, so that will be coming up soon. As far as items, just ditching any excess and looking for wands and potions. I haven't made a list yet, been a bit busy, but I will soon.

Also, Ophelia would propose going back to familiar merchants, if they had anything to sell/purchase to/from them.

Here are the advancement ranks for being in the Guard - as long as you are working for the Guard, you will advance in "rank" as you complete certain missions....

Right now you are rank 1 - even though you have borrowed more gp value, that is fine.

Rank 1: borrow resources (100 gp), gather information
Rank 2: borrow resources (500 gp), recovery 1, retrain
Rank 3: borrow resources (1,000 gp), command team (1d6 3rd-level martial NPCs), recovery 2
Rank 4: borrow resources (2,500 gp), recovery 3

New Benefits The Guard grants the following uncommon benefits.
Recovery 1: If the PCs spend a night recovering in Citadel Volshyenek (Chapters 1–3) or [place to be named later] (Chapters 4–6), healers among the Guard restore all lost hit points and each PC can benefit from one of the following spells: lesser restoration, remove blindness/deafness, remove curse (CL 5th), or remove disease (CL 5th).
This benefit isn’t available during Chapter 2 due to limited resources.
Recovery 2: Add break enchantment, restoration, and raise dead to the spells available to a PC during a night of recovery. The borrow resources benefit can be used to cover or defray the cost of expensive material components for spellcasting.
Recovery 3: Add heal, greater restoration, and resurrection to the spells available to the PCs during recovery.
Retrain: See page 117 of Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Intrigue.

more to follow...

Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

Is that gp value per person or for the group as a whole?

The GP value is per person, but I am fine with a group pool, as you seem to be operating that way.

As for a familiar- How about: Bothriechis schlegelii, the eyelash viper. It is a venomous pit viper species, yellow with black flecks...

Shopping - Eodred’s Walk (14 shops) *=You have been here. >Places to go based on current inquiries.

Aram’s Crown: Tavern
Basha’s: Bookstore and map shop
Doom and Gloom: Harrow readings
>Galloping Ghost: Tack and barding. Crafts all the equipment used on the city’s Sable Company hippogriff mounts.
*Gemshare Jewelers: Jeweler - Gnome Quixlette
>Hedge Wizardry: Supplies for the crafting of alchemical and magical goods.
High Bridge Haberdashery: Clothing
Kep’s: Fishmonger
Fair-Fished Baitshop: Fishing tackle and poles, crabbing traps, and clamming shovels, as well as nets, clothing, and gear specialized for catching fish and seafood.
Pinking Shears: Barbershop
Slicing Dicers: Bladed weapons
Smoked Foods: Smoked foods...
Time Stop: Clock shop.
Trapper’s Hole: Hunting equipment but specializes in archery supplies.

There are "markets" in almost all districts, as well as a smattering of other shops such as the Gilded Orrery in the Heights - and Arcane shop that only sells to Acadamae students.

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