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Players please dot in here

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M Animal - Raven Familiar to Nik Falliniz



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Ho do you add a picture to your character?

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Looks like you figured it out. You can't upload a picture, but there are a lot available to choose from. If you want to use a different one, you'd have to do something like share it on Google Drive and post the link.

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By the way, you can Edit your post and change the Post As, if you messed up. I just did :)

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Ophelia_Wintrish wrote:
By the way, you can Edit your post and change the Post As, if you messed up. I just did :)

Yep, had to do it twice already as well.

EDIT: Seems after a certain time or number of posts it can;t be done. I noticed I needed to fix a third and can't.

Me too, so we are all in the same boat.

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Yeah, guess you can only do that up to 10 posts. If you don't often post on the Paizo site, I think you can make it the default one.

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That works. If you go under My Account you can make an alias a default.

By the way, hope you don't mind the Desna knowledge. Figured since she was Varisian, it would be common knowledge to know her portfolio and symbols.

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Oh, I should have noted that The Courtesan is Ophelia's card.

In TX for a long weekend, I will provide Dalian info on Harrow decks.

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Couple OOC questions for Ophelia & Alistair.

#1 Does Ophelia wear any visible signs that she's a member of the church of Calistria? Holy symbol? Tattoos?

#2 Can Alistair's ethnicity be determined on sight? Is he Varisian, Shoanti, Chelaxian, Taldan, Ulfen, Azlanti etc...?

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Hmm, could have sworn I wrote something about the holy symbol, but guess I didn't.

She does wear a holy symbol around her neck. If you look at the avatar, imagine one of those necklaces having a pendant with Calistria's symbol.

All - I missed a question Ophelia asked about the messages. Don't be afraid to remind me if I respond without answering questions.

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No problem. I was going to ask, but saw that you posted it in my spoiler tag, so checked the others and saw it there too. Don't worry, didn't read anything else there.

Ophelia and Nik (and maybe Dalian once he picks languages)

For those that speak Varisian, I was planning on using Romanian as the Varisian "language". It is available in Google translation if you want to us it, otherwise, you are free to ad lib the language. I just find it easier to use an existing language rather than try to constantly make stuff up - and Google is pretty handy.

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I spoke with Chris (Dalian) yesterday. He's still interested, he's just had a couple of really busy weeks. He should be joining us again.

That is great - whenever he is able, he is more than welcome!

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Posting in discussion since it’s all OOC stuff for now.
Late Night/Early Morning before meeting up w/ Alistair: Trisane would like to meet up with his friend Daedlin first if possible to begin making arrangements for his original plan: Boat & fishing gear at Pier 1 East Shore the following morning (two days from our meeting w/ Zellara as mentioned) around 0400. I can make the purchases for a fishing kit (5s), Peasant’s Outfit (1s) and a Keelboat rental (1s/mile, I didn’t see any specific boats for fishing in the PRD so I picked one) if needed.

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14
Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17

Scouting Objectives (Day 1): Trisane will rent a boat and get the gear he needs to go fishing undercover. He’ll be looking to see what sort of activity happens at the fishery on this outing. Is it operational? Is it busy? How many men look to be guarding and/or on the lookout? Can he spot an easy way in? Maybe spot his nephew? Similar to what Alistair might be looking for but with far less concern for exact details. He also wants to catch some fish to keep up the charade as well. Other than that, he wants to use it as a bonding experience with Alistair, iron out some character conflicts and find out if the boy is really as green as he thinks. Dalian can also join in on this team if he wants.

Character background/ Thought Process:Trisane’s training has taught him that he has to complete his mission in less than ideal circumstances as is common in his line of work. Sable Company Marines are a more elite force than the common Korvosan Guard dealing mainly with aerial and amphibious operations. He’s a soldier so he’s keen on following orders without asking too many questions and likes to see that sort of attitude in others. From what Trisane’s seen and heard so far, he thinks he’s got the most experience and is best suited for taking lead on this task. He’s not going to accept too much direction/criticism from the others unless he feels it has merit. Especially the drunk, he doesn’t have much respect for habitual drunks since he spends a good deal of his patrols fishing them out of the river.

Daedlin knows a guy that would be willing to help "off the books" and can get you set up with a boat on the east shore.

Trisane's thought process makes perfect sense - that was actually my interpretation of his actions. Whether he ever comes to "like" and respect Alistair or the Varisians (Nik and Ophelia) will be a fun party dynamic to watch! I am enjoying seeing it play out.

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One question, do we see people approaching the specific fishery we are looking at?

If so, would Nik be able to approach with his catch and try to sell the catch? I would love to RP it and he would cast Heightened Awareness before doing it. He would try to get a look into the building if possible and maybe talk to someone, even a kid.

Let me know if you are okay with this and any rolls you might need.

Yes, there are a number of fishermen selling catches, and buying chum. This occurs primarily on the section to the left. You could certainly approach and try to sell what you have caught. If you want to do that, just have nik walk up in that area and we will RP the rest.

Diplomacy would be the most likely roll, but Bluff or Intimidate could come into play.

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GM-Grenfax wrote:

Yes, there are a number of fishermen selling catches, and buying chum. This occurs primarily on the section to the left. You could certainly approach and try to sell what you have caught. If you want to do that, just have nik walk up in that area and we will RP the rest.

Diplomacy would be the most likely roll, but Bluff or Intimidate could come into play.

Yeah, let's avoid Bluff and Intimidate. No need to start some s~&#.

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Is there a door on the right-side of the building as well? The map has what looks like a door, but I missed it in the description.

Yes, there is an additional door along the right side/street view. You didn't miss it in the description - I did. That door the front doors and the dooble doors on the "left" would be identifiable by Nik/Ophelia/Rom. The second door at the bottom of the staircase on the left is something that Trisane/Alistair would have noticed. There are also a number of grease coated and dirty windows.

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Ophelia's "on hold" waiting outside for Nik to return. She's trying to stay vigilant, so if you need her to make any more Perception checks, let me know. Otherwise, I probably won't post until Nik is back.

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Hi all - Ophelia's situation is likely to happen to each of you at some point - waiting for another character or situation to resolve before you are able to act - Please be patient (and I am in no way implying Ophelia is not!!); I will do my best to keep things moving and keep each of you involved, I will do my best not to rush the interactions with the other character - so Nik, take your time and do what you need to do there is no rush.
That said - if you feel like you are "on hold" too long or forgotten, please ping me! I want to ensure everyone has their moment in the sun, which means everyone is going to have to sit the bench at some point - just please know, either way, your time will come!

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The first installment of Nik's personal story (his letter back to his clan) has been loaded into his profile. Feel free to check it out. There should be 3-4 more that take place before the game started. There will be more, chronicling the events from Nik's point of view. Let me know what you think.

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Guys, I want to let you know that after next week, beginning on 4/17 I will be away for a week. I'm going on a boat ride... To the Bahamas. I'll drink a few on the beach in honor of the team.

Have a wonderful trip!!!

Thank you for the heads up - typically, we will probably just bypass you, (sometimes I have seen it referred to as bot), or I will determine your actions as needed to carry the story forward. Jump back in when you get back.

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Have a good trip!

I'll be away the first week of May. I may be able to pop in here and there, but I'll be pretty busy during the day, and some of the nights, so not sure how often I'll get to post.

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Just an FYI. Unless Alistair has more to add to our afternoon conversation, Trisane is "on hold" pending the results of the afternoon perception & fishing checks. If anyone needs any other info from me just let me know.

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Unless Ophelia has more to say, Nik is going to head to his hovel to drop off his fishing gear. Then he will head to the Emerald Lantern. Ophelia is welcome to come for the walk.

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Nothing more specific. That's fine, she'll follow Nik.

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I got nothing left for the fishing trip. Trisane will part ways with Alistair cordially after docking then return to the barracks to clean up for dinner at the Emerald Lantern with the others.

I'd also like to make sure we still have the boat available at pier 1 in East Shore to keep in line with the original plan. If that requires another rendezvous with Daedlin or more $$ just let me know. I actually would like to give the rest of the fish Trisane caught to Daedlin and have him supply us some chum for the mission.

@ Trisane - no issues with having the boat available, per the original plan. No additional action or money is required for that.

You can also get the chum.... but after you hand Daedlin a bucket of fish, and ask him for chum - He calls "OK, but now we are even!!"

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I am enjoying this game very much and I hope that the rest of you are as well. I do like the roll playing part of the game very much but I have a question about that.
This is my first PBP game please be patient with me.
We have been playing the game for more than 2 months and have progress a single day. Is this speed of play the way it is in other games or are we putting to much into our roll playing posts.
I just do not know what to expect??
and if this is not the place to post I am sorry

Perfect place to post this question...

my thoughts.....

I for one am new to GM'ing PBP games; and have played in one that is still ongoing (been in 2 more that died out); so I don't have a good answer....
I will say this; I like the character interaction - in my opinion (for what that is worth) that is what makes the PBP experience unique - the emphasis is more on the characters and their interactions.

That said, the most important thing to me is that you have fun (overall) as players and enjoy the adventure... if I am going too slow, or too fast, please let me know your opinion. You can also wait to see what combat is like before deciding; as you are creeping closer to fighting Lamm.

I enjoy the story that your characters are telling - and I think the mistrust, judgements and jabs of the characters are exactly what these people would do and be like together....I think it is going to be fun to see if you can come to trust, respect and perhaps even like one another. And if not, that is ok too, as long as the PCs don't try to kill each other and the players remember it is only a game and enjoy the experience.


Female Human (Varisian) Sorcerer 3

I'm enjoying it. PBP games take longer due to the format. Even if we weren't RPing and having much character development, it'd still take longer.

Personally, I like the pace. It allows for more player creativity and interaction. As long as we don't have time constraint, like at a table, I don't mind a 5-minute scene taking a month to play out.

For PBP experience, I've GMed one and played one. Combat can be dreadfully slow. Typical game combat is: player does X, waits for GM to declare the outcome, then player finishes. Next player. That takes a long while in PBP. One thing that I've done before is have players make a combat post like this:

Initiative [roll]

I'm going to shoot so-and-so [rolls]

If I hit, I'm going to do this. If I miss, this.

If so-and-so isn't a target anymore, I'll do this instead.


I'm going to continuing attacking so-and-so. Once they're down, I'm doing this.

It helps you to post out of initiative order, and gives the GM options for you to do, if your desired action isn't valid. What I liked to do as a GM was get everyone's post that turn, then I'd make a post in initiative order that narrated what happened. That way everyone knows what happened and can easily follow it.

You could modify the above and make a post like this.

Initiative [roll]
Round 1: doing this
Round 2: doing this
Round 3: doing this

It allows for more to happen quickly, but doesn't have the flexibility of per round posts.

Combat is tricky, and one thing I found to be really annoying was tracking HP of NPCs. I eventually went with a Savage Worlds type of damage tracking. I was running a Star Wars game and having a handful of stormtroopers that the group was having trouble damaging was taking way too long. Minions were out if they were hit once, bosses were out after three hits. Made the combat move a lot quicker, plus players could anticipate when one was out.

Obviously, those are just suggestions. Everyone's games run differently, but if you feel the combat is lagging or not fun, try to switch it up and see if something else works better.

The PBP game I am still in does combat like so...
The DM sets the stage for combat; factoring in surprise and does an init calculataion to determine who acts first, the party all acts on the same "initiative" either before, after or in between (for multiple opponents) the bad guys initiative. This way the party can all post in any order and act based on previous posts. This is why I said not to do init based character builds.

Doing this post an attack roll (or other appropriate roll) and a damage roll (used if needed). Apply all your pluses and minuses (eg for power attack, for attacking at range increments, etc...)

Movement will be on the map, and I will move bad guys during their turns.

This is my proposal to start - if anyone has any strong (or not strong) opinions about it, tell me. If this doesn't work for people, we can do any of the options Ophelia mentioned. I just worry that a true init based round would have us all waiting on one another (not because of lack of attention or care, but just our different schedules and posting availability).

For example:
Nik rolls a perception check for Rom, and the roll is high, so Rom notices the Imp sneaking across the beam toward him. The imp moves quickly and jabs his barbed tail at Rom, hitting Rom.

Attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
Damage: 1d4 ⇒ 2 +DC 13 Fort save

Dex Damage: 1d2 ⇒ 1

Party Go

When Nik posts, he will make the save for Rom. He would then most likely attack with a crossbow or thrown dagger, rolling and attack roll and damage roll. I would narrate the results when I post, which may include other PC's attacks... if you all happened to post and the imp died before all actions resolved, I would go back to that point and have the those characters still to act choose new actions.

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This is my first PbP as well (Mostly just tabletop and live Roll20 sessions). The RP stuff is great in this format in my opinion since you don't get to see a lot of solid, well thought out stuff at a table on the spot. I'm enjoying it so far and looking forward to the first combats. I don't have any issues with the pacing so far. I would think there's generally a lot of background and story build up to get things rolling before the action at the start of most campaigns.

Grand Lodge

This is also my first PBP and while I have been enjoying it, I am suddenly concerned for the future of it.

Grand Lodge

Alright guys. Getting on a boat. See you in a week.


Hi all - if the game seems to be dragging a little - it is; but that is intentional... I am stalling a bit to get Nik back from his boat ride to the Bahamas to take a boat ride across the Jeggare (or at least be here for the combat.

I will post more later, and we can move on, but please bear with me while we get this first fight under our belts!

Grand Lodge

That's cool. I know Nik wouldn't wanna miss it. I think we're pretty much wrapped up with dinner anyhow unless Alistair or "bot" Nik have anything else to add. I also don't mind waiting until Monday to put the finishing touches on the meal. All good either way.

Grand Lodge

I'm back and I will catch up tonight and post by the morning.

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