GM Erich's Forged in Flame Series for PbP Gameday VII

Game Master Thereus, Silver Crusader

#8-09 Forged In Flame, Part 1 - The Cindersworn Pact and #8-11 Forged In Flame, Part 2 - Cleansed With Fire that will be run in the two slots of PbP Gameday VII.

Grand Lodge

This is a recruitment thread for:

#8-09 Forged In Flame, Part 1 - The Cindersworn Pact
#8-11 Forged In Flame, Part 2 - Cleansed With Fire

That will be run in the two slots of PbP Gameday VII. Part I will be run in the first slot from August 13th, 2018-September 30, 2018. Part 2 will be run in the second slot from October 1-November 12th.

Selection preference will be given to players who desire to play both scenarios, otherwise I will select on a first come/first served basis, with the only exception being to form a proper sub-tier. I will finalize the roster (hopefully) a few weeks before starting.

If you are interested please provide your:

Player Name
Character Name

Thanks everyone.

Applying for booth
Player Name Helikon
Character Name Felicitas
PFS ID 50731-3
Faction Exchange
Race/Class/Level Aasimar Bard 6/Swashbuckler 1

Silver Crusade

Hi! I'm applying for both.

Player Name: Tarondor
Character Name: Amarthecthel
PFS ID: 2405-2
Faction: Silver Crusade
Race/Class/Level: Elf Magus (hexcrafter) 9

The Exchange

Applying for both:

Player Name: Greenclaw
Character Name: Garmit Kee-ow
PFS ID: 74677-3
Faction: Exchange
Race/Class/Level: Tengu Rogue (Swordmaster/Scout) 9

Scarab Sages

I'm interested in playing both session.

Player Name MindXing
Character Name Malusha
PFS ID 212812-3
Faction Scarab Sages
Race/Class/Level Human/Cleric/6

Dark Archive

I'm also interested in playing both sessions.

Player Name: Baerlie
Character Name: Piety Angelbane
PFS ID: 123480-6
Faction: Dark Archive
Race/Class/Level: Tiefling Witch 5

Sovereign Court

I'll put myself in as well, for both.

Player Name Aaron
Character Name Sickly
PFS ID 84637-8
Faction Sovereign Court
Race/Class/Level Dwarf Fighter 1 / Barbarian 7

Though have many other characters in that range, so can change to others if needed.

Grand Lodge

If this is the group, it looks like we would play 8-9 with the 4-player adjustment (APL 7.33).

Sovereign Court

Fine by me... I'm delicate! =)

Are you willing to take a 7th for part 1? Not offended if you say no.

Grand Lodge

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@JDDyslexia Not a fan of 7-person tables personally, but you can certainly be first on the waitlist if someone decides to drop.

I would like to be on the waitlist too please. ;-)

I have no character in tier but would like to play the pregen Enora (Arcanist 7) and apply credit to a first level character.

Player: noral
Character: Aab Khiis
PFS: 314670-8
Faction: Exchange

Hi GM, I am withdrawing from the waitlist. Thanks again!!

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