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GMEdwin's The Pharoah's Race

Game Master Insnare

A motley group of adventurers fixing to find the pharoah's tomb first.

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Shot Putter Funkmeister

The desert wastes of Osirion have always been
home to competing clans of nomadic elementals of air and sand, best known for ushering in the blinding khamsin on a seasonal basis.

Something changed this year, though, and the
elementals went berserk, scouring the desert
with tireless fury. Thousands of tons of desert sand shifted, with entire towns buried and valuable oases lost. As a result, the caravan
roads have become incredibly deadly. But one
man’s disaster is another man’s opportunity,
for in the valleys and canyons left behind by the
storms, ancient wonders from fantastic myths
have resurfaced.

A dozen previously unknown pyramids now miraculously rise from the sand.
Word has spread. Renowned treasure hunters from across the globe congregate in Sothis, Osirion’s bustling capital, to prepare for some
of the most anticipated dungeon delves in centuries. Within this community of rogues, bandits, mercenaries, and tomb robbers, a rumor
has spread like wildfire.

One of these resurfaced
structures towering out of the desert floor is
none other than the legendary pyramid complex of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension

Grand Lodge

HP: 17/17, AC/FF/TCH: 14 /10/14, Perception +0, Initiative +2, F/R/W: 4/2/3 | CMD 15 Half-Orc Magus (Kensai) 2

Of course right as I am about to leave for work *sigh* I won't be able to post until midnight or so PST or 7am ish PST tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience :)

Female Aasimar Bear Shaman / 1

Full of youthful energy and eagerness, Kirsteen heads to the office of Jalden Krenshar, a pathfinder contact given to her by the elderly head librarian she serves under. Having heard dozens of stories from him about his youthful adventures and the artifacts and scrolls that he found and donated to the temple's library, Kirsteen now yearns to do the same.

Grand Lodge

Male human Bard 5 / fighter 4

first aplogies for the long intro post but just making the transition from character backstory to adventure begining.

The desert winds blow across the small encampment several men taking shelter from the blowing sand by the side of a tent, holding their spears trying to maintain their guard.

A lone horseman approaches the main tent wrapped in cloth to protect his skin from the desert sands and the sun’s heat. Alistair, he calls as he enters the tent.

There is another man in the tent, sitting on his bedroll going over several maps, he rises upon hearing his name called. Kalim, old friend, what brings you here?

I bring news from Jalden, you are requested at the lodge in Sothis Kalim responds handing Alistair the message.

As Alistair reads the notice Kalim continues to question him. Is it Zuri? he asks

No Alistair replies we both know Zuri vanished in that gate along with that infernal cube. But these shifting sands… Alistair responds not finishing his sentence glancing out the open tent flap.

Alistair turns to Kalim Kalim take charge of the men, Hell most of em’ are your own tribesmen anyway Alistair puts on his leather coat and tucks his pistols in their holsters at his side, slings his ammo bandolier over his shoulder.

Packing the rest of his belongings in his satchel, Alistair pauses as he grabs the amulet in his hand; looking at it, lost in a memory for a moment.

She is gone fiend, you must let her go. Kalim says to him as if his words could have any comfort. Alistair puts the amulet about his neck and starts to head out of the tent. I need your horse! he says as he leaves the tent.

Within a few short seconds Alistair returns and grabs his scimitar forgot this. he says; checking the blade and slamming the sword back into its sheath pinching his finger on the hilt.

Don’t wait up Alistair says as he rides north toward Sothis.

Arriving at the Lodge in Sothis Alistair enters looking for Venture Captain Jalden. Seeing the young girl heading the same direction you, Girl, Please tell Jalden I have arrived. having no idea who she is, only seeing her from behind.

Alistair is addressing Kirsteen as he enters having no idea that she is a fellow pathfinder

Alistair is an average built man standing 5’ 10, with short brown hair not in any particular style and blue eyes, his skin tanned from many a day in the desert sun. He is clad in a leather jacket and a bandolier slung over his shoulder two pistols tucked into holsters at each side and a scimitar hanging from his belt.

Female Aasimar Bear Shaman / 1

Kirsteen turns to address the man that she thinks is talking to her with a rather annoyed look upon her face. "Girl? I do happen to have a name if you would care to inquire what it is. As for Mister Jalden, I am about to announce my own arrival to him. You may come with me and announce yourself if you wish."

For Kirsteen's appearance, she stands at about five and half feet tall and her skin is only lightly tanned from spending her morning prayer hours under the bright sun. (The rest of her time being spent of course in the temple's libraries.) Her thick, dark brown hair reaches down to her waist when unfettered, but is usually kept pulled back into some sort of braid. Her large, almond shaped are a most unusual color and betray her other worldly heritage. They are a brilliant golden color, like the mid-day sun and if you stare into her eyes the color of her irises appear to flicker like a flame.

Kirsteen typically wears loose, linen clerical robes in yellows and white. She rarely wears any armor except during training exercises or if she thinks there might be a fight. A gilded holy symbol of Sarenrae hangs about her neck.

Grand Lodge

Male human Bard 5 / fighter 4

Alistair looks a bit taken aback by her response.

Well, I do happen to inquire, miss... waitings for her to finish the sentence with her name.

Female Aasimar Bear Shaman / 1

"Kirsteen. May I ask for your name as well?" They must keep this one out in the field often. Not bad looking at all, but he seems a bit lacking in the social graces.

Grand Lodge

Male human Bard 5 / fighter 4

Captain Alistair Cooper, Miss Kirsteen he responds.

Since you seem to be new here, follow me Alistair leads Kirsteen to Jalden's office, at least where he remembers it to be.

What brings you to Sothis? making idle talk as they proceed. She must be new here

perception to notice detail about her: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (1) + 11 = 12
hope the others arrive soon
everytime the board has loading problems it defualts all my rolls to a 1

Female Aasimar Bear Shaman / 1

A bit put off by the young man's abrupt manner, Kirsteen nonetheless chooses to follow him since he appears to know where he is going. Perhaps he is just used to training new recruits?

"I may be new to this office, but I have lived in Sothis all my life. I do confess that I don't get away from the temple or its libraries much though. At least I haven't up until now, I plan on changing that you see."

Grand Lodge

Male human Bard 5 / fighter 4

I want to give the others a chance to join

also Alistair is not trying to be rude he just hasn't been associating with women for a while and is afraid to get to close since what happened in his past

Male Human (Osirian) Wizard 6 (HP 62/47; AC 17, touch 13, FF 14; Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +5; Init +12; Perception +13)

Khaldrun brooded in the back of his litter. He loved his family, of course he did, in an abstract way, but up close and personal they were a group of arrogant virtual strangers more concerned with petty politicing and their own aggrandizement than with the glory of Osirion.

Curled upon his lap Azule, his tiny dinosaur familiar watched him through hooded eyes, "Never fear Azule, we are not going back to that mausoleum, I tire of familial interaction. I am sure this Jalden Krenshar is not fool enough to call forth Kaldrun the Rapid on a whim."

Azule chirrups her agreement even as the litter draws to a halt outside the Pathfinder Lodge. The wizard nods to himself rises and rises after retrieving his pack, tasking pleasure in the ease with which the muleback cords enable him to heft it. Azule skitters along running rings around her master's feet head darting about warily.

Nodding to the bearers he says, "Speak with the senesahl when you return and tell him I have asked that you be rewarded for your service," before turning and stalking forward into the lodge.

Once inside he spies two people bickering and his keen ears catch the words, "As for Mister Jalden, I am about to announce my own arrival to him. You may come with me and announce yourself if you wish."

He makes his way towards the pair, hearing their introductions and filing them away, before offering a slight bow,

"Excuse me, I overheard you are here to see Master Jalden Krenshar. Pray permit me to introduce myself; I am Enigma - a title akin to Master Wizard - Khaldrun, known as Khaldrun the Rapid. I to have been called to audience with Master Krenshar. Might I presume to join you?"

Khaldrun's Appearance:
A gaunt man with sharp features, a neatly trimmed black goatee and a dark bronze skin. He is dressed in fine silk robes, and wears a number of pieces of finely wrought gold jewellery mostly shaped as Osirion's styalized scarrab emblem. He has a curious tattoo upon his right cheek stretching up and around his eye, intricate and beautiful, it is hard to see, being rendered in gold and silver inks. A tiny bird-like dinosaur peers up at you from the floor beside his feet.

Shadow Lodge

Female Human Fighter(Two Weapon Warrior) 4/Alchemist (Internal Alchemist)2: AC 25, FF 22, touch 14; HP 54/54; Init +3; Fort +11, Ref +9, Will +3; Perception +9

Lanfear woke up gasping for air as she sat upright in the linen bed. She was sweating profusely. She has been dreaming again...this time a dream of a girl with a slit throat with bloodstains down the white dress pointing a finger towards her screaming. Lanfear clutched her head.

By Calistria's wrath, this heat is killing me..

Lanfear stood up as the sheets fall from her naked form and walk towards to the makeshift armory she designed. It is hidden behind a false wall which is pivotal and can be turned by pushing the side of the wall. Inside she took the golden Tatami-Do piece by piece from the wooden mannequin and started wearing it. She has left the iconic color of red and black of the Red Mantis since she was excommunicated. Favoring the golden colors of her eyes; a by-reaction of the alchemistry infused in her, she dyed her Red Mantis armor gold. While donning on the armor, her mind began to drift the events that have passed for the last 1 month since she arrived in Sothis.

With nothing to hold on and even her deity Achaekek left her the day she was excommunicated. Embracing a new belief in revenge against the Red Mantis, she now follows deity Calistria. Recalling the last words uttered from her Red Mantis Vernai's dying breath..

Your father is Endo Rosil of the Pathfinder Society...

Determined, she decided that she will go to the Pathfinder office located in Sothis to find out more about her father and to find the people behind the murder of her family. Strapping on 4 Saw Tooth Sabres and Tekko Kagi, she made her way towards the Pathfinder office direction.

The Pathfinder lodge in Sothis in Osirion is a converted jail. The local Pathfinder Society rents cells out to hold city prisoners, and is also available for private customers. They have a side-line in bounty hunting. The wall of the compound contain the two story main structure, underground vaults and gardens.

Lanfear walked into the lodge and saw 2 men and a woman standing around in the hall.

Lanfear puts you in mind of a deadly demonic peacock with red metallic blades fanned out from her shoulders arching slightly over her head. She has slanted golden eyes, a byproduct from the alchemistry infused in her since young. Her luxurious, wavy, golden hair is long and is worn in a simple, dignified style. She has a busty build. Her skin is pale. She has a defined nose and high cheekbones. Her bright golden body armor is of an eastern heritage which is a full-body field armor that combines both metal lamellar and kikko components into a suit of mail with a cloth backing. It includes a collapsible armored hood, as well as arm, shoulder, and thigh guards.It has a slight modification has been made to cater to her unique body build.
She has 4 arms, 2 of which is attached at the torso. Her lower left hand is wearing a Tekko-Kagi also known as the iron claw, this device consists of a fanlike structure of five 10-inch blades secured to a sturdy handle strapped to the forearm of the off-hand. Her lower right hand rest on the jagged pommel of a Saw Tooth Sabre attached on her belt with the ease of a seasoned veteran ready to whip it out in a flash. She has 2 more Saw Tooth Sabre strapped across her back for easy access for her 2 upper arms to draw it. Another hidden Saw Tooth Sabre is attached at the back of her belt should her arm with the Tekko-Kagi requires it.

Good afternoon. I am here to meet someone of importance, someone in charge. Tell him that I am here to offer my services in exchange for some delicate information that I require.

Lanfear with 2 lower arms resting on the handles of the sabre looks at the trio half expecting Kirsteen to run off carrying out her orders.

Grand Lodge

HP: 17/17, AC/FF/TCH: 14 /10/14, Perception +0, Initiative +2, F/R/W: 4/2/3 | CMD 15 Half-Orc Magus (Kensai) 2

Torsk traveled to Pashow to gear up with the gold the monastery had so blessed him with. Once in Pashow he asked of new news and was told of the new tombs opened up in the neighboring country to the east near Sothis. So Torsk headed to Sothis using the main roads.

Once in Sothis Torsk took in the sight and sounds before receiving a message from his teacher. It said to go seek out Jalden Krenshar so Torsk headed to the Lodge to seek out Krenshar.

Upon arriving at the lodge he overheard a group people taking and picked out the word Krenshar. Waiting for a break in the commentary he asked the man with a strange pet on his shouler, you know this Krenshar person? I go too to see him?


Torsk stands at 6'0" and is built to be a powerhouse. His olive green complexion leaves a lot to be desired. His left tusk is like his speech...broken. probably from fighting as a youth, the tusk that is. He is dressed in simple garb to allow maximum flexability (even though its quite obvious strength is his primary attribute) and bound with sashes. His face has a long scar over his left eye from fights as a youth and he is lucky to still have full eyesight.

Male Human (Osirian) Wizard 6 (HP 62/47; AC 17, touch 13, FF 14; Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +5; Init +12; Perception +13)

Khaldrun regards the half orc, and the four armed woman for a moment, expressionless and replies,

"I do not know him as such, though we have corresponded. I am here to meet him as are these others. I should imagine he would qualify as someone of import to. I suppose we might seek him out as a group, I have no desire to wait in line. I am Enigma, its a title that means something like Master Wizard - Khaldrun the Rapid, and you are?"

Khaldrun's familar is actually on the ground, and generally will be unless there is significant danger.

Shadow Lodge

Female Human Fighter(Two Weapon Warrior) 4/Alchemist (Internal Alchemist)2: AC 25, FF 22, touch 14; HP 54/54; Init +3; Fort +11, Ref +9, Will +3; Perception +9

Looking around the room so as to attuned herself to the environment.

Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15

Visibly relaxing, she let down her lower left arm from the sabre's handle though her other lower hand is still resting upon the other.

Well met Master Wizard. I have worked for many of your kind before and they are very prompt with their payments. I am familiar with your title too Enigma. I am Lanfear Xinskarr but you may call me Hydra. If someone of your title regards the person we are meeting to be of importance, then yes it would interest me alot to meet him.

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (20) + 0 = 20

wow a 20...kinda makes me wish that was an attack on

Shot Putter Funkmeister

The main entrance to the Pathfinder Lodge passes through
the double doors of an immense archway towering over the
12-foot-high exterior walls surrounding the grounds. The
doors stand slightly ajar and unbarred.

Beyond the archway, sunlight illuminates the approach
toward a natural garden of shade trees and undergrowth
occupying much of the inner courtyard and blocking view of
the lodge itself on the far side.

Two guards one female and one male stand holding typical Osiron spears and have Khopeshi on their belt. As you try to enter the two guards cross their spears in front of you and the woman says in Osirani,

"Halt, who goes there? State your business
as she squints at you in distrust.

Male Human (Osirian) Wizard 6 (HP 62/47; AC 17, touch 13, FF 14; Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +5; Init +12; Perception +13)

Just noticed I did not have Osirani as a language, which obviously I should him being from here, so I'll swap out Terran.

Khaldrun nuds to Lanfear and steps forward to address the guards raising himself up imperiously and replying in in Osirani,

"We are here to meet with Jalden Krenshar. I am Khaldrun the Rapid, Enigma of The College of Mysteries, and these individuals are Captain Alistair Cooper, Kirsteen, Lanfear Xinskarr, I do not know the half orcs name, but he also seeks Master Krenshar. Kindly admit us, or inform Master Krenshar of our arrival."

Grand Lodge

Male human Bard 5 / fighter 4

First to Khaldrun since he approached first

Ahh good.. our finacial backer is here.Alistair mentions as he approaches taking note of the noble bearing he seems to present himself with. but after he approaches and introduces himeself Alitair's thoughts of him change a bit. and a wizard. just great

of course you may join usI am Captain Alistair Cooper and this is lady Kirsteen... but before he can finish he catches sight of the four armed woman.

By the gods he mutters to himself after she introduces her self Well I am Captain Alistar Cooper and this is lady Kirsteen and she is not the crier remembering the results of his mistake.

then as the half-orc appraches well this must be big to bring agents from all over he says as everyone gathers.

Right, Since some of you are new here and to same time I am Captain Alistair Cooper and since we all are here for the same purpose I would presume, I might as well show you the way.

Approaching the lodge the guards stop them.

responding in Osirani:

You have got to be kidding me...Captain Alistair Cooper and companions to see Jalden Krenshar

Shot Putter Funkmeister

The woman looks at him and winks... and then turns to the others and says I know the captain, however, you I do not know waving at the rest. We also heard your conversation and know you just met the Captain, so I will regretfully have to require your letters, please

Male Human (Osirian) Wizard 6 (HP 62/47; AC 17, touch 13, FF 14; Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +5; Init +12; Perception +13)

I thought I recalled us getting letters, but when I looked back for it I could not find the reference.

Looking faintly affronted, Khaldrun produces his letter from within his robes and hands it over.

Shadow Lodge

Female Human Fighter(Two Weapon Warrior) 4/Alchemist (Internal Alchemist)2: AC 25, FF 22, touch 14; HP 54/54; Init +3; Fort +11, Ref +9, Will +3; Perception +9

Recalling the letter left on the table when the Red Mantis left her in a ship at Sothis, she reaches into her pouch and took it and pass it to the woman.

Your security is pathetic, you do know I can always walk in if I want.

Intimidate: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (7) + 0 = 7

Female Aasimar Bear Shaman / 1

Why do people keep thinking I'm a servant here? Before Kirsteen can say anything though, Cooper introduces himself and her. She continues following Cooper and the group. When the stopped by the guards Kirsteen will take her letter out of her backpack and hand it over to them.

This is looking to be quite an interesting group of people. I wonder if that woman's extra arms are actually real or just some kind of illusion? I've never seen anyone with real extra limbs before.

Grand Lodge

HP: 17/17, AC/FF/TCH: 14 /10/14, Perception +0, Initiative +2, F/R/W: 4/2/3 | CMD 15 Half-Orc Magus (Kensai) 2

where my manners, me Torsk Torsk nods slightly to Alistair.

Torsk hands the letter over to the guard. He then tries to imtididate the guards for the inconvienence

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (15) + 7 = 22

Grand Lodge

HP: 17/17, AC/FF/TCH: 14 /10/14, Perception +0, Initiative +2, F/R/W: 4/2/3 | CMD 15 Half-Orc Magus (Kensai) 2

Now Torsk remembers to himself why he had no major desire to leave the monastery he had called home. The world is filled with annoyances abound. But he couldn't stay cooped up forever, its just not in his dna so to speak. Although this Shiva person sets him offguard because quite frankly its the first time he has ever seen a human with 4 arms.

Miss Hydra is it? If you not mind me ask, how come you have 4 arms? Never see one like you before.

El Kapitain, made a mistake in his background .... :)

After hearing the commotion, the tall slender elf wizardress with black hair and copper skin wearing a white dress walks over to the front gate and says, "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, you should not be upset at someone trying to do their job properly, which is something that Cooper can definitely appreciate."

She turns to the guard woman and says "Good Job! But you shouldn't question the Captain."

She then puts on a big smile and turns back to the group, "Follow me, we will conduct the meeting in my office. Would you like anything to eat or drink?"

feel free to rp with her

You follow her through a large garden where sycamore trees dominate this central courtyard. Strung between them, a wooden framework
supports a variety of grapevines and hanging plants, obscuring
much of the view ahead. Beneath their shade, dark paths wind
through the lush undergrowth.

Grand Lodge

Male human Bard 5 / fighter 4

I didn't have much reference to work with in my research thats the second time I made that mistake (last time was in a Skull & Shackles game --- how was I to know Grok was a female) at least this time I wasn't trying to seduce the wrong gender.

Grand Lodge

HP: 17/17, AC/FF/TCH: 14 /10/14, Perception +0, Initiative +2, F/R/W: 4/2/3 | CMD 15 Half-Orc Magus (Kensai) 2

"I would like an ale and thank you Miss Krenshar," as Torsk smiles at her broken tusk and all.

Perception check to notice any distinguishing characteristics about her. 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (17) + 10 = 27

Broken tusk?

Jaldan looks at the half-orc and says "You must be the student of Jamarl, he has told me much about you through his letters"

She then claps and then a servant girl runs over to them. Ale and a raki, please!

Torsk [spoiler] you notice she has a slight hardly noticeable scar on the inside of her left elbow.

Female Aasimar Bear Shaman / 1

"Water would be fine for me Ma'am."

Grand Lodge

Male human Bard 5 / fighter 4

Alistair accompanies Jaldan
Well it is nice to see you again Jalden giving her all the common pleasttries for a woman of her postion. he eye casting a glance toward Kirsteen.

but more to the point. why are we here? and he leans closer

whisper to Jaldan:

seriously though... why would you call on me? unless there is something else you would rather tell me.

Grand Lodge

HP: 17/17, AC/FF/TCH: 14 /10/14, Perception +0, Initiative +2, F/R/W: 4/2/3 | CMD 15 Half-Orc Magus (Kensai) 2

Torsk suffered a broken tusk during his childhood on the streets and early on in the monastery. He was bullied a lot before being taken in and shortly after until his teacher took him aside and taught him the Dragon Style to better defend myself. Plus I have a charisma score of 8 so I figured I had some sort of physical defect that made me less "pretty"

"I notice faint scar on elbow. What happen to you to cause scar?", Miss Krenshar.

One would assume that if it is faint then it has been there adn healed up some?

She orders a drink of water for Kirsteen and then says, Patience is a virtue to Cooper.

That old thing, I got that while I was a Venture Lieutenant in Azir, we were looking for some evidence on why religion was outlawed their but I was bushwacked by a dire scarab and it cut me.. that must've been 40 years ago.... Hahahahah!

Grand Lodge

HP: 17/17, AC/FF/TCH: 14 /10/14, Perception +0, Initiative +2, F/R/W: 4/2/3 | CMD 15 Half-Orc Magus (Kensai) 2

"O, before my time it was. How long you been in Sothis?"

Male Human (Osirian) Wizard 6 (HP 62/47; AC 17, touch 13, FF 14; Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +5; Init +12; Perception +13)
Jaldan Krenshar wrote:
She orders a drink of water for Kirsteen and then says, "Patience is a virtue to Cooper."

"I have never been convinced, impatience is a whetstone for the will - though it must be tempered with common sense," Khaldrun says, before vanishing and reappearing inside the compound, pointedly waiting for the rest of the group with a brief narrowing of his eyes at the guards.

"But then elven longevity lends itself to patience whereas we humans must strive to make our mark in a fraction of a century," he continues falling with the group and waving off the offer of refreshment.

Using his swift action Shift ability to teleport fifteen feet, past the guards with Azule. 7/8 uses remaining.

Female Aasimar Bear Shaman / 1

Kirsteen gives a little start of surprise when the wizard disappears and then sighs when he re-appears. Does anyone in this group possess any patience?

Shadow Lodge

Female Human Fighter(Two Weapon Warrior) 4/Alchemist (Internal Alchemist)2: AC 25, FF 22, touch 14; HP 54/54; Init +3; Fort +11, Ref +9, Will +3; Perception +9

Patience always lead to one's revelation of another's weakness. That is the moment you strike with no reservation. Well met Jaldan Krenshar. I bear the gift of my father Endo Rosil, a member of the pathfinder society.

Lanfear stretched out all 4 arms with open palms.

Grand Lodge

Male human Bard 5 / fighter 4

Alistair takes a seat in Jalden's office once they reach it.

pulling up second chair next to him and waiting for the others.

Grand Lodge

HP: 17/17, AC/FF/TCH: 14 /10/14, Perception +0, Initiative +2, F/R/W: 4/2/3 | CMD 15 Half-Orc Magus (Kensai) 2

Torsk pulls a chair next to Alistair and drinks the ale in two-swigs, waiting for the others to arrive.

Female Aasimar Bear Shaman / 1

Kirsteen will take a seat in the chair that Cooper pulls out, assuming he is at least a gentleman enough to pull out a chair for a lady. "Thank you."

Male Human (Osirian) Wizard 6 (HP 62/47; AC 17, touch 13, FF 14; Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +5; Init +12; Perception +13)

Khaldrun enters the office and begins to inspect its contents with interest, having found that his fellow wizards have a tendency to accumulate fascinating collections.

Looking rather wistful he says to Jaldan,

"I would love to preuse your spellbooks at some point, and would offer you the same prviledge in return - though I feel that like to be a bargain weighted heavily in my favor. Still, perhaps at some point when I can offer a suitable gift by way of thanks - I fear my recent purchases have left me less than fiscally fluid."

Grand Lodge

Male human Bard 5 / fighter 4

"your welcome" Alistair replies to the Lady Kirsteen.

Shadow Lodge

Female Human Fighter(Two Weapon Warrior) 4/Alchemist (Internal Alchemist)2: AC 25, FF 22, touch 14; HP 54/54; Init +3; Fort +11, Ref +9, Will +3; Perception +9

On that matter Khaldrun, I have taken an interest in Alchemy due to my father I never knew. i believe that if I explore more I can find him in my studies. As such i would like to read through your wizard book to see if I may learn more arcane for my research.

Lanfear turns to Khaldrun nods and sits beside Kirsteen.

What is that you have place on your face? It seems to be very colorful and your skill to apply it seems delicate

Refering to your make up Kirsteen

Female Aasimar Bear Shaman / 1

A bit surprised, Kirsteen turns to the four armed woman. "You mean my cosmetics? It's, uhm, just for decoration."

Male Human (Osirian) Wizard 6 (HP 62/47; AC 17, touch 13, FF 14; Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +5; Init +12; Perception +13)

Khaldrun's eyebrows raise at Lanfear's request and he strokes his goatee several times while leveling a piercing gaze at the four armed woman,

"If, as it may be supposed, we are to travel together I see no reason you could not peruse my spellbooks. However, I am very protective of them, as a Wizard must be, so you would need to take great care, and be aware I do not plan on letting them leave my sight. I am glad to see there is someone else with an interest in the arcane - the world could do with more intellectual curiosity."

Shadow Lodge

Female Human Fighter(Two Weapon Warrior) 4/Alchemist (Internal Alchemist)2: AC 25, FF 22, touch 14; HP 54/54; Init +3; Fort +11, Ref +9, Will +3; Perception +9

Lanfear nods at Khaldrun.

I am an honorable woman despite my past. I always honor the contract. I will offer my contract to you and you may ask of me anything. If it is within my means I will seek to fulfill it. Similarly if you should require my services, I will request a favor in time to come which I should expect you to honor it.

Turning to Kirsteen.

Hmmmmm cosmetics? a new word...and for decoration for what purpose?

In response to Torsk's query, I have been Captain here for about five years and in Sothis about ten total. I have done most of my tours in Garund

She looks at Khaldrun a little annoyed and says Son, the spellbook which you would be able to benefit from is in my home where I leave the junior spellcasting material. You are an insolent little man aren't you? But I digress...

Two sphinx statues flank the approach to the main portico
of the Pathfinder Lodge. The windowless, white limestone
structure rises two-stories, surrounded on all sides by date
palm trees, which stir softly in the daytime breeze. Three
copper-bound doors gleam in the light provided by two oil
lamps hung from the portico’s columns.

She leads you through the doors which magically open with a twitch of her nose and then through the common room and finally to her office.

A small oil lamp reveals a large wooden desk in this office.
Several maps and scrolls lie piled upon a nearby table to the
north, positioned across from the open doors of a matching
cedar cabinet. The smell of lamp oil fills the air as evidenced
by several puddles on the stone floor.

Female Aasimar Bear Shaman / 1

Kirsteen is rather put off by Lanfear's questions. Seriously? Is this strange woman attempting to taunt me in some way or has she been living in a cave most of her life?

Since she is unsure of Lanfear's intent behind her questions, Kirsteen decides to try to answer politely. "Well, I guess for the same reason anyone wears decoration, be it cosmetics, jewelry, brightly colored scarves or pretty dresses. I could go about unadorned in naught but a shapeless gray robe, but that is hardly pleasing to the eye and I would feel rather dull in it. I prefer to dress and ornament myself in a way that I like to look at and that expresses my personality."

Shadow Lodge

Female Human Fighter(Two Weapon Warrior) 4/Alchemist (Internal Alchemist)2: AC 25, FF 22, touch 14; HP 54/54; Init +3; Fort +11, Ref +9, Will +3; Perception +9

I see. It is similar to me when I "decorate" my armor.

Flashing the 5 feet front claws attached to her lower left arm before Kirsteen.

You right to say I like to look at this and the look at the fear of my target when I use these claws. It really does express my personality very well. Maybe someday we can teach each other our decorations. I am most definately curious about your cosmetics. If you do not mind i can offer you a contract for you to teach me the arts of cosmetics and in return you may ask a favor from me.

Male Human (Osirian) Wizard 6 (HP 62/47; AC 17, touch 13, FF 14; Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +5; Init +12; Perception +13)

Earlier to Lanfear.

"That seems a equitable system providing there is some sort of equivilance between the services rendered. But I think travelling together, if that is what we are to do, provides its own implicit covenant, which can be summed up with, "you watch my back and I shall watch yours.""

After Jaldan speaks.

Khaldrun's eyes flash and he stiffens while Azule hisses at Jaldan from between her master's feet.

"You asked me here Miss Krenshar, and I fail to see what I have done that would necessitate your words. Evidently with all your focus upon arcane learning you neglected manners. I daresay you were already a Master Wizard by my age? No, wait, you would have still been in swaddling. How old do you calculate I will be when I surpass you utterly? In a decade, in a year?" The Orisian mage says coldly,

"Am I insolent from seeking to learn from those more capable than myself? I think not. And were I in your place I would have taken such an expression of interest as the compliment it was intended to be. Now do you wish to address the business at hand, or should I take my leave?"

Female Aasimar Bear Shaman / 1

Kirsteen's eyes widen a bit at the sight of the claws. "Uhm, sure. I'll give you a lesson in applying cosmetics at some point in time. I have no idea yet what I'd care to ask for in return though."

Kirsteen looks at Jaldan and the wizard as they exchange words. "Perhaps we could turn the conversation to why we are here?"

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