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GM Brayden's "Rise of the Runelords"

Game Master Brayden Green

Rise of the Runelords was the first adventure path released in the Pathfinder Adventure Path line and debuted in August 2007.
“ From the idyllically peaceful coastal town of Sandpoint to an ancient lost city at the top of the world, Rise of the

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It will be up to the players and I'll be the deciding vote if any is necessary. Currently at my sisters wedding so ill be signed off until tomorrow.

Sovereign Court

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Brayden is a solid-gold GM, it's a shame to see people dropping out of his game.

Work got crazy and interrupted my creative writing for the Ulfen. I'll get on,though.

After poking around a bit, I'm not sure the Two-Weapon Warrior will do the job that needs done as far as balancing the party. I'm still open to it, but I'm really just trying to fill that need. The class/build won't change the character's personality/concept too much, and that's what I'm really excited about in the end.

Threw it at the advice forums and they came back at me with a "switch hitter" ranger (they brought up barbarian as well, but I don't want to step on Krojun's toes ;) or a ranger/skirmisher.

Figured I'd throw it back at you guys and see what sticks.

Personally I am a fan of the switch hitter, but I'm not sure that'll be the best fit for the group. Personally I'm hoping for someone who can throw open the door and take whatever comes through it. The switch hitter's not ideal for that role, but it can be done.

Krojun is going to end up being very resilient with an outstanding hitpoint pool and very strong saves.

His AC will be uninspiring but he makes up for that with good other defenses. It's worth pointing out that he currently has the same AC your previous barbarian had and Krojun's will end up being higher.

GeraintElberion wrote:
Brayden is a solid-gold GM, it's a shame to see people dropping out of his game.

Aw shucks. Now I'm blushing! :)

Our Dwarf showed up, and blamed his absence on the "auto updating" thing "(3 new) thing".

I am putting the group on short leash though, as we have been just inching our way along til now, so stand by people in the recruiting thread, and thanks for the submissions.

No problem! I'm going to keep working up my ranger/fighter/whatever. I'm sure it'll see some use. I'm stuck in Ohio on work, so at the very least it gives me something to do.

After some reading, I realized that Linnorm has a pretty big population of dwarves, so I might fuse both characters into one. Seeing as how there's actually more logic in a Mul being born there.

Thanks for the consideration, and let me know if anything opens up!

Fair enough. I will keep an eye on the thread :-)

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