GM Brayden's PFS First Steps (Group 1): To Delve the Dungeon Deep (Inactive)

Game Master Brayden Green

We are starting recruitment for (2) players to jump in on the INTRO series for PFS.

You will be getting credit for the 1st session so that you are on the same level as the others and can continue moving on with the rest of them.

In the group we have a

- Sneaker

- Bruiser

- Bruiser

- Cavalier/Diplomatic type

The group will be voting on a winner soon. PFS rules for submission. If you don't know them, you are welcome to ask.

I am mostly interested in new players, that don't have normal access to PFS, so that they can experience it, too.

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I'd like to submit either a mage/bruiser or a healer/bruiser, whichever is best for you. Can provide more details if required.

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I would definitely be interested in starting a PFS character, particularly since I've never done it. I'd most likely submit an arcane spellcaster. Is there a PDF covering the PFS character creation rules or would it be better to simply ask you? Thank you!

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I would like to express interest, as well.

I would like to present Gormogon Locke, a Neutral Inquisitor, for consideration :-)

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I have a Elven Treesinger Druid or a Human Life Oracle I would like to submit for this.

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I have this Inquisitor (Gryne Skystone) who has just completed his first scenario but never did the First Steps. I'd love to do it if you'll have me.

Please see all of his information in my profile.

I enjoy the PFS concept and now that I have done it once, I want to bring this character through the rest of the way.


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Mikael Sebag wrote:
I would definitely be interested in starting a PFS character, particularly since I've never done it. I'd most likely submit an arcane spellcaster. Is there a PDF covering the PFS character creation rules or would it be better to simply ask you? Thank you!

If you look at the free downloads here on paizo, you can get all the necessary information for creating a character and for the background concept. I had to read it several times before I was able to completely understand it.

Think of it as adding a backdrop and greater community concept to the free form style of Pathfinder. It provides consistency and equality to the randomness of RPG's.

I am in no way an expert and am only learning the structure of PFS but I find it fascinating and unique. Feel free to ask questions, I have had a lot of help from users on this site, they are great resources.

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Fextor also just finished the same Frostfur Captives adventure with Gryne.
He's a level 1 gnome sorceror (infernal bloodline), but he's already a member of the Chelish faction.

I would recommend reading the FREE field guide in the pathfinder society section on this website in order to fully understand the rules.

Any specific questions I would be happy to answer.

I know that many of you are just "dotting" your interest, and are coming back to fully flesh out your character, but for those that aren't, I recommend doing a backstory with your players personality, and at least a general idea of what to expect from him.

- I'm not saying to fully stat out a character, (unless you want to). I'm saying that the players and I want to get an idea of the FLAVOR of your character.

- In other words, if your character speaks with a lisp, or is insanely curious, to the point of walking into a dragons mouth just to see what it is like, then that is something that we want to know, and something that will help the decision out for them.

Thanks for all the submissions. And if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask.

And, in full disclosure and honesty, I have no intention of clicking on any of your "profiles" until you are chosen for the group, so if you have something cool on your characters page that you think would help your cause here, I suggest posting it here, in either open or "spoilered" fashion... Whatever takes your fancy.

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For those that wanted it PFS PDF guide and rules

Valmoon wrote:
For those that wanted it PFS PDF guide and rules

What a scholar and a saint you are!

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I would like to present Gormogon Locke, a Neutral Half-Elven Inquisitor, who wields a scythe :-)

Gormogon is a rather dour-looking Half-Elf, with raven-colored hair, and dark, coal-black eyes.

He typically dresses in a well-worn explorer's outfit, which covers a threadbare, albeit still functional, suit of leather armor.

His most distinguishing features are a broad-brimmed hat, the brim of which is decorated with teeth from a wide variety of creatures, and a large scythe, which has also clearly seen *quite* a lot of use.

Originally from Karcau, in the Province of Sinaria, part of the Immortal Principality of Ustalav, Gormogon was shunned by the great and good because of his mixed blood. Never quite able to forgive his Elven father for 'cursing' him with human blood, he has vowed to dance on his sire's grave - not by killing him, but by outliving him. To that end, he was drawn like a moth to the flame to the Cult of Urgathoa; the promise of immortality was too good an offer to pass up.

Not content with the 'lesser' forms of unlife, he set his sights on Vampirism, currying favor with the Cult's Dhampir and Vampiric members. Of course, they viewed him as little more than a disposable grunt, but he was initiated into enough of the Cult's mysteries that Urgathoa began to grant him some small crumbs of power.

He would probably have beavered away in quiet obscurity for decades, but as luck would have it, he was given a 'break' when one of the Cult's Dhampirs had a mid-life crisis, swore-off the Pallid Princess, and 'converted' to the worship of Pharasma. Understandably, this annoyed the Cult sufficiently that they put a bounty on the miscreant's head - a promise of vampirism to the minion who brought back the traitor's head.

This galvanised Gormogon, and he followed his quarry to Absalom, where he learned that the Dhampir had sought sanctuary with the Pathfinder Society. Knowing that as an outsider, he would have no luck prising his quarry out of such a protective cocoon, he joined the Society, as well; all the better to track the traitor's movements. Gormogon takes the long view on things; he can afford to be patient, biding his time for decades, if necessary, until the traitor makes a mistake, and he can then strike. Of course, the opportunity, as a member of the Society, to track down any number of lost Urgathoan artifacts also appealed more than a little bit...

Knowing that the Pallid Princess is not welcomed by all, Gormogon normally 'moonlights' as a 'travelling devotee of Pharasma' (the irony of his ruse is not lost on him), and he describes his 'sin eating' as 'shriving the victim's soul', even though he knows full well that his ministrations sends them straight to Urgathoa's arms.

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I would like to present Morvyn d'Bellerac, a Half-Elven Cleric of Calistria. I've got the mechanics stored on Hero Lab and shall import it into the profile later.

Morvyn has spent much of his life in the Calistran temple in Absalom. Although he didn't work as a sacred prostitute, he did spend a lot of time listening to the people who came to talk. He developed an excellent sense of diplomacy and the ability to gather information.

However, the glamour of the temple has worn off as time has passed and now Morvyn finds himself seeking adventure and so he has turned to the Pathfinder Society.

An impulsive creature, few in his class thought he would have what it takes to make it but he has proven through his devotion to Calistria and his ability to glean information that he can, one day, be a valuable addition to the Society.

He was approached by the Sczarni at an early point in his career and at the moment seems to be happy enough to work with them, but this could change in years to come if he decides that one of the other factions seems to be presenting him with better opportunities.

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Alright, here is my Inquisitor, Gryne Skystone.

The allure of Air has called to Gryne Skystone since he was a child. He always had a unique connection to finding forced air fractures in stone and the origin of drafts within the mines. It wasn't until he began to mature that he felt the calling to the surface world. His willingness to volunteer for caravans making trips to the surface were used as research into the Air above the surface. He felt free out there and began to show subtle manipulations of the wind and other elements around him. His brother teased that his lanky build was punishment for this connection to the air(Cha-8).

During a routine trip, his caravan was attacked by Orc bandits. Gryne still learning where his abilities were coming from let loose with an elemental storm of wind and lightning killing the Orc's and saving all but one of his fellow Dwarves. Upon return to his home, he was greeted with skepticism and hesitation. It was decided that his abilities were better served above the Dwarven sanctuary, living in exile for following the ways of the Air rather than the Earth.
Gryne vowed to return to his family a hero to be proud of.

Lanky for a Dwarf. 'nuff said

Armor Class - 15
Touch AC - 12
Flat Footed - 13
+4 Dodge AC against Giants

Fortitude - +3
Reflex - +3
Will - +6
+1 against enchantments
Magic Resistant - 5+lvl = 6 Spell Resistance
CMD - +14
+4 to CMD against Bull Rush or Trip

Melee - +2
Ranged - +3
+1 atk against Orcs & Goblins
CMB - +2

Knowledge Arcana - +4
Knowledge Nature - +4
Knowledge Planes - +4
Perception - +8
Sense Motive - +9
Spellcraft - +4
Survival - +8

Air Domain:
Lightning Arc
Obscurring Mist

Monster Lore

Spells Known:
Lvl 0:
Detect Magic
Read Magic
Create Water

Lvl 1:
Ear Piercing Scream
Shield of Faith
Divine Favor

Loyalty - +1 on saves against enchantments
Touched By The Sky - Stabilize a dying creature with a touch

Point Blank Shot


Light Crossbow
50 bolts
Battle Axe
Caltrops (5)

Leather Armor
Armored Kilt
Cold Weather Outfit

Empty Sack
Winter Blanket
Trail Rations (20)
50 ft. Hemp Rope
Grappling Hook
Iron Spike (10)
Waterskin (3)

Gold (43)
Silver (4)
Bolts (50)
Caltrops (5)
Iron Spikes (10)
Manacles (5)
Trail Rations (20)

Cool guys, looks good! Also, I am looking for one player in my other group due to work concerns, so I suggest posting over there as well to increase your chances (I don't consider that spamming, they are two completely separate groups.)

You can post the same character there, or submit another. You can't play the same character (if one is selected for both, for example) per PFS rules, so maybe have a backup just in case. Because this group has 2 people to fill, and I stole a player from this group, they have first say on whom they want.

*** HERE IS A LINK *** to that thread, just in case you need it.

Silver Crusade

Mylvwara (Mylie, to her friends) is an enthusiastic, scholarly young pathfinder who grew up in Westgate and began her apprenticeship amongst the society's researchers. She became well-versed in all manner of lore but as she learnt more of the society she felt that she could make a larger contribution, at the same time the tales of adventure in the pathfinder journals filled her heart with a restless desire.
And so, she resigned her commision amongst the libraries and collections of the society and rejoined as a pathfinder, eager to lend her magics to the quests of discovery.

Mylie is a wizard who comes with obscure languages, an array of knowledge skills and an array of battlefield-control and buff spells. Her chosen class is conjuration, but that's really looking ahead to level 3 when the delights of Summon Monster 2 can be realised.
Outside of spells, her class abilities include a nice touch-attack and, as an elf, she wields a longbow and (if push comes to shove) a longsword. Hopefully the longsword will remain purely ornamental and gather much rust during her adventuring life.

Great submissions, we will hold it open for a day more or so, and then be selecting by saturday or so, and get started by Sunday or Monday

If you're still accepting, I'd like to throw in Aesantiel, an elfen monk from the deep wastes of the Rahadum deserts east of Shepherd's Rock. Aesantiel embodies her people's periodic desire to reconnect with the broader world. She was recruited to the Pathfinder Society soon after walking out of the desert at Manaket.

Aesantiel's tribe of deep-desert elves has a view of time, and life, and relationships that is almost naively minimalist - all of the complexity and nuance boiled off by the unrelenting sun.

Morvyn and Fextor have been voted in for this group. Please join the discussion thread promptly and we will work you into the game.

Everyone else, thank you for your submissions, and stand by as a fill-in if they can't make the time constraints, or if anyone else needs to drop.

Also, my other group is picking one, and I gave them this thread to look over as well, so stay plugged in - there is still a chance. :)

Hey Brayden - we had corresponded by PM - I have given it some thought and think that I am fully booked for the moment, thanks though for the opportunity.

Mylvwara, they want you in the other group ** Found at this link ** .

Jump into the discussion tab and let's get this party started!

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