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GM Blood's Rappan Athuk (PF) (Inactive)

Game Master David James Olsen

Current Map

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Hermann von Rabenstrange :
Everything looks good, no further questions

Quirmydt Dephroug:

No further questions but how do you come up with that crazy combo? :)

Karissa Valerius:

What progression with your ranger do you see you going and your role in combat? Picking ranged or natural weapons?

Background is good, I really like it!

Your weapons didn't have your to hit or damage on it.

And I would have like to seen your AC, HP, CMB, CMD and Saves broken out like your skills were.

Also I didn't see what enhancement you chose for first level


Great background and loved the way you folded in your traits. Any reason you picked Iomedae over Sarenrae?

Stats are off, in your favor. You either forgot to add 2 to your charisma or you forgot 2 points somewhere.

I didn't see your enhancement pick.

More to come tomorrow

Build Reasoning:

Bard(Dawnflower Dervish) - I am a warrior of the Dawnflower.

Monk(Many Styles/Lotus) - Not big enough to do damage with my hands, so I use the martial training to avoid attacks before they happen (Crane Style/Monkey Style). Lotus gives Touch of Serenity. Since I am too small to do real damage, this gives me a feat right up Sarenrae's alley - attacks that don't do damage and disable a person. (See the Blade of Mercy trait).

Fighter(Lore Warden) - more study on how to fight defensively and with light/no armor.

Inquisitor - the ultimate holy warrior (yeh, there are those Paladins out there, but Grippli have Wis not Cha, so Paladin is a poor choice).

Result - the ability to maneuver through the enemy and deal out lots of AoO while using Butterfly Sting to give my big hitting friends lots of free crits.

GM Blood:
I'm away on a work trip for 4 days, I'll try to reply to any questions about the gardener but I suspect I'll be out of contact.

My reasoning was that I wanted a 1handed reach weapon, and there basically aren't any, so i was forced to improvise. Sizing down a two handed weapon let's a medium creature use it one handed. Putting an appropriately sized grip on it would negate the improper size penalty (would probably make it useless for a small creature though).

What I really wanted was a pole-mace, but the game doesn't have them. Lucern Hammer is the closest thing. Heck, really what I envision him wielding is a lamp-lighter's staff, which basically looks like a metal wall-torch on the end of a long pole.

I'm fine with whatever stats you want to give it.

Yes, torch is the name of his mace. It is actually a sconce-style torch designed to hold burning material (like the kind usually seen on castle walls).

I'll update the sheet tomorrow night. Thanks.

GM Blood:

I did 20 point buy, Peri are +2 Dex and +2 Wis so that may be throwing you off, I'll recalculate.

Sarenrae would've been Xanyon's first choice but since he was found by a paladin of Iomedae that's who he worships. Mechanically I just went with a LG goddess instead of NG but would be open to change it.

Haven't picked an enhancement bonus yet but it would most likely be armor.


Ah yes my mistake I see it now with the Peri Aasimar.

Great thanks for the update on your background, you don't have to change it at all.


Thats cool, I had allowed something similar for a player in my home game. And you can skin it however you would like, but it will take an exotic feat to use properly.

Edmund Gwenn:

Didn't see your known spell choices. Assuming magic missile of course


Looks good, no further questions

Ariella Hearth:

Didn't see you level enhancement pick, though it appears it is for armor as you have listed chain shirt as giving you +5 armor. Please have a spot to list all the choices out clearly.

Otherwise put together nice.

It's listed in the first line at the top, at the end of the line along with my other choices for first level. I bolded it for emphasis. You are correct that I chose armor.

I knew it was there somewhere, but I see it now, thanks!

Is the recruitment still running?

I am very interested in participating

Sorry Edeldhur, it closed on Tuesday

Additionally, are there already members recruited? If I am accepted and it is ok I am planning on going for a druid.

Le me know

Ahhhh ok, no problem. Thanks anyway.

Lucerne Hammers are actually Martial weapons, not Exotic.

If I still need to take an Exotic WP, I think I'll pick something else to base the stats on.

Jonas Hearth wrote:

Lucerne Hammers are actually Martial weapons, not Exotic.

If I still need to take an Exotic WP, I think I'll pick something else to base the stats on.

Huh, I thought I checked that twice. Very well, move along nothing to see here!

The Gardener:

The only think is the enhancement bonus to Armor is just an armor bonus

No further questions. Traits are fine

Ser Arak of the Warrens:

I like how you flavored the traits and everything looks tight, so no further questions


Great layout and back story. Easy to figure everything out. No Further questions

Final Two:

Jokbur Oakenshield:

All questions have been answered previously, no further questions

Numair Nejem:

Great backstory and wasy to read layout that helped me go over everything easily. No further questions for now

Thank you everyone for your interest. I am going to spend a couple days thinking this over and will announce the finalists on Sunday night.

NOOOOOOOO - a frog's life is toooooo short. I cannot wait. Qui suddenly sees another bug and hops off after it completely forgetting about the bloody apparition waiting to render judgment on those gathered before him.

GM Blood:
They're listed under the consumables spoiler at the top. He has an extra cantrip from favored class and first from the Expanded Arcana feat.

The original inspiration for his build was to construct a sorcerer, not so much along an IC theme, but the theme of my favourite arcane spells. The IC justification is that he studied magic by reading books a few spell books and otherwise looks at magic from the results (different spells) approach and what the spells do, rather than how magic works. He's following the examples of several different wizards whose spell books and personal libraries he has, subconsciously copying their choices in spell repertoire.

GM Blood:
ok I see what I did. Should be all fixed now.

Added my first level Enhancement (and a category to keep track of them), and finished up buying my equipment (nothing significant added, just basic adventuring gear)

Looking forward to the results.

Hi GM Blood,

I'm going to have to drop out--I have a resurrected campaign and got into another, so I wouldn't be able to give this the energy it deserves. Thank you for the opportunity!

After chasing flys for a while, Qui suddenly looks up and realizes that yet another person has wandered off. Where did the orc go? He seemed like a good man?

Then suddenly his eye catches the fly from before and his long tongue snaps out and catches it. You then hear a loud crunch and see a satisfied smile on his face as Qui happily devours the insect.

Arak snorts and shifts his massive shoulders sending his armor jingling, yawning slightly he rises and selects a nearby tree as a target, cutting a careful notch into the bark before backing some twnety feet away.

Nodding to the frog man he growls, "One must train, if one wants to be particular good at what one does." Then he bursts into motion, yanking the scabbard from his back in a fluid practiced motion sending the sheath with its razor sharpened metal edges flying towards the tree even as he frees his great blade.

Swift action Combat Scabbard hurl at tree: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19 damage: 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

As the scabbard thumps home sending splinters flying the huge orc roars and surges forward greatsword arcing out even as he charges. the blade thunks home with a satisfying thwack! And the tree shudders ominously showering Arak in leaves, to add to the sap and fragments of wood.

Charge Greatsword at tree: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20 damage: 2d6 + 9 ⇒ (2, 3) + 9 = 14

Taking a claming breath, and shaking his head as if to clear it, the big orc steps back and surveys his work. Then he grunts approvingly, and retrieves his scabbard. Nodding to Qui, with perhaps the faintest hint of smugness, he heads back to the stump he was previously occupying and withdrawing a whetstone from his pack, begins to hone the blades, of both scabbard and sword, intently.

Qui draws a tiny curved blade from the scabbard at his side.
All I have is this tiny thing.
He then goes into an intricate dance about the Orc and before the Orc can blink he has carved a intricate pattern around the stump on which the Orc sits.

Swift action: start battle dance
Attack-scimitar: 1d20 + 4 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 4 + 2 = 22
Damage: 1d4 + 4 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 4 + 2 = 7

The froggy person smiles: Both speed and power are useful in combat.

Arak quirks a brow, obviously surprised, but impressed,

"I have seen soom sword dancers, though not quite particular like that. This is good, I am strong, but I am slow. It is like cheeses. Many are different, many are good. Cheddar is simple and strong, bree is soft and smooth, both are good."

Sadly the hurl scabbard trick, is really not very effective. Being ranged its dex based to hit, suffers from range increments, and since he won't take presise shot the -4 if foes are in combat. I cannot wait to get Improved Disarm to trigger Capture Weapon and flip enemies blades out of their hands and into my scabbard - that is just cool.

Heh - at level 5 when I take my second level of Fighter(lore warden), I will get Butterfly Sting. If you have given up on that silly sword and switched to something more orcish, like a great axe or an earthbreaker, I will be able to gift crits to you all day long.

Mmmm, cheese is good. But bugs are better. Small flies and mosquitoes make a good snack. But it is the horseflies and deerflies I like. Big and crunchy, with a juicy middle.

The orc shrugs, "Had fried crickets, they weren't bad, particular crunchy as you say. Need a lot of flies for me though."

I doubt it'll happen, I enjoy the scabbard stuff too much. He does have quickdraw though, so I could pick up a scythe, x4 would be nasty!

Qui looks at the former orc with great confusion as he suddenly appears to have turned into a human wizard.

Didn't know he was a shapechanger. What a strange orc-human.

You used the wrong avatar.

No idea what you are talking about Sir. Good day - I said good day! ;) I do wish you could set a default alias for each thread, ah well.

Fixed speed, also noticed that saves were -very- wrong and fixed that, added K(Religion) for the human skill. Thanks for pointing those out!

With a composite longbow, favored enemy, and some deadly aim by level 5, I think the archer will be able to deliver some decent crits versus undead.

Since there is a frog in the thread, and one of my favorite vampire movies had a character named Frog, time to quote the late Corey Haim.

The Lost Boys

Edgar: Frog Listen, just so you know, if you try to stop us, or vamp out in any way, I'll stake you without even thinking twice about it!
Sam Emerson: Chill out, Edgar.
Edgar: Frog Right.

Jokbur says, "We are hunting undead, frog, so listen. Just so you know, if you try to stop us, or vamp out in any way, I'll stake you without even thinking twice about it!"

Qui gives Jokbur a rather strange look: I prefer some good bugs to steak any day.

Having caught, and consumed, most of the bugs in the area, Qui sits down and waits for the bloody apparition to reappear figuring that dead people usually attract flies.

Now that the frog has settled down somewhat, the old man with the beard pulls a pipe and velvet pouch of tobacco out from a pocket in his waistcoat. A single incantation later, a small coal floats over from the fireplace to light his pipe, then returns to the hearth while Edmund puffs contentedly, closing his eyes in a brief reverie.

Seeing the tension amongst the others waiting judgment, Lueck calmly lowers himself to the ground and listens to the spirits that surround them all.

Ok, here are the accepted characters. Thank you everyone for your entries, they were all good enough to make it.

Please make your way to discussion to read up on some things I wanted to see and how things will general go. I've updated the campaign tab about Zelkor's Ferry, the "safe zone" if you will. Also dot yourself in gameplay.

I will be sending each of you a private message about some of what you have heard about Rappan Athuk and Zelkor's Ferry

Hermann von Rabenstrange --> Human Fighter

Jonas Hearth --> Ifrit Hospitaler Paladin of Sarenrae

Quirmydt Dephroug --> Grippli Bard (Dawnflower Dervish)

Edmund Gwenn --> Human Sorcerer(Sage)

Ariella Hearth --> Aasimar Cleric of Sarenrae

Jokbur 'The Thorn' Oakenshield --> Half Elf Ranger (Trapper/Infiltrator)

Congrats folks, wish you luck in the deadly dungeon :)

Good gaming all.

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