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GM Blood's Age of Worms in Golarion #2

Game Master David James Olsen

Group 2 Map
Loot spreadsheet

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Female Dwarf Witch/8 - (HP: 57/74; AC 16; FF 14; Touch 16; Fort +6/8; Ref +5/+7; Will +8/+10; Init +2; Per +11/+13

Yay football - we get to listen to six months of men with brain injuries attempt to discuss how the intellectually challenged might further damage their brains, while simultaneously discussing that the sport must still be allowed to continue its hyper violent nature or it might loose viewership.

Ok, I enjoy watching it, but with all the concussion discussion, it will be interesting seeing what happens.

Next generation football helmet prototype.

Male CG Male Dwarf Bard (Arcane Duelist) 7 HP 73/73; AC 18, T 12, FF 16; F+5, R+8, W+6(+2 v. Charm); Perc +10; Init +1

I'm game to keep going. Let me know!

HP70 of 82 - AC 24 (T 13, FF 21) - F +8, R +5, W +11

Just so you all know that I am still about and wish to continue the game with you all (since I have not chimed in yet). I check the boards daily, so I should notice when GMBlood is ready to continue.

Thanks everyone, means a lot to me that you are all hanging in there. If it was up to me I would be insanely wealthy, not have to work, and invite you all to game one long game session!

But alas, crisis at work, son in a lot of stuff, birthdays, school again, blah blah. :)

Doing goof though. First work crisis almost past, new one just beginning. Sigh if only it was over, I miss Kilthan's poor dice rolls!

Lizardman hp=86/86(AC24/ff24/t11) {F=+11/R=+5/W=+8} CMD 24 Paladin 8 (Shining Knight) Smite evil 3/3 - Lay on hands 6/7

We can wait for them to resume.

Went to a party with a bunch of Auburn fans. They are waiting for another good year of football.

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