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GM Blood's Age of Worms in Golarion #2

Game Master David James Olsen

Group 2 Map
Loot spreadsheet

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You are going to need it....

As for betting, throw in another 10,000 gp in there from winning via bets.

Female Dwarf Witch/10 - (HP: 86/92; AC 16; FF 14; Touch 16; Fort +7/+9; Ref +6/+8; Will +9/+11; Init +2; Per +13/+17

What do people have for wealth? Aarakess seems to only have around 22k. WBL for level 10 is 62k. She might have a little more in spells, but I am pretty sure it is nowhere close to 40k,

Also, any thoughts for what she should get? I have never had a character this level who was a caster, so my ideas are a little spartan for more valuable stuff.

Lizardman hp=108/108(AC24/ff24/t11) {F=+12/R=+6/W=+9} CMD 26 Paladin 10 (Shining Knight) Smite evil 4/4 - Lay on hands 7/7

We spent 5500 gp for bets and license when our odds were set.

I still have the frost greataxe +1 I found a while ago. As an old school guy, WBL never really concerned me. Just try to maximize the resources and opportunities I am given.

For high level spellcasters I always like magic rods. The +4 INT headband is definitely good. I would try for +4 STR and +4 CHA as a paladin, but you get what you get.

I will try to update the loot spreadsheet.

We had moved from rank 3 to rank 6, but the table is confusing. I think we bet about 5K gold for us to win it all.

Rank 1 1gp pays 10gp
Rank 2 1gp pays 5gp
Rank 3 1gp pays 3gp
Rank 4 1gp pays 2gp
Rank 5 1gp pays 1gp
Rank 6 2gp pays 10gp
Rank 7 3gp pays 10gp
Rank 8 5gp pays 10gp
Rank 9 10gp pays 10gp

HP 110 of 110 - AC 24 (T 13, FF 21) - F +10, R +5, W +12

Rohara has... about 68.600gp + Diadem of Zosiel + (which I was not aware of until recently and anyone is welcome to them) necklace of fireballs (1 orb 7d6, 1 orb 5d6, 3 orbs 2d6 remaining)

The Phylactery of channeling (11000) and prayer beads (45,800) are the big items she has... and the Diadem of course.)

And teleportation is fine...

Aarakess (can take 3 others) ---> takes Skorhold, Kilthan, and Jagdbach
Rohara (can take 3 others) ---> takes Justin and his mount (which counts as 2 people)

The wager limit was 500gp, I was going to figure out what amount you could have won with the odds, but figured 10,000gp covered it and more without having to do math!

I also wouldn't be surprised if some of you are behind in wealth. I tend to run this one with a tad more in character stats and a little more behind in wealth. I think Rohara has been the beneficiary of some items that work with her class. But hey, if any class deserves more stuff its the person keeping you alive!

Lizardman hp=108/108(AC24/ff24/t11) {F=+12/R=+6/W=+9} CMD 26 Paladin 10 (Shining Knight) Smite evil 4/4 - Lay on hands 7/7

And we have an artifact!!!
That makes Aarakess' wealth infinite as artifacts are priceless.

10k sounds good. I have the +1 frost great axe and +1 returning trident and +1 morningstar of spell storing we found. +2 Str belt was a purchase. Plan was to buy a +4 Str belt ASAP and pass it to Kilthan.

Vitals (Kilthan):
(HP: 119/119; AC: 22(24)/14/20(22); CMD: 25; Fort +11, Ref: +8, Will: +4 [+6]; Rage: 8/8)
Male Half-Elven Ranger (Infiltrator): 9/Bloodrager (Spelleater): 1
Vitals (Jagdbach):
(HP: 81/81 (105/105); AC: 25(23)/13(11)/22(20); CMD: 23 (25) {27 (29) trip}; Fort +9(+11), Ref: +10, Will: +3(+5); {+4 v. enchantments})

I do recall something about that. ;)

Female Dwarf Witch/10 - (HP: 86/92; AC 16; FF 14; Touch 16; Fort +7/+9; Ref +6/+8; Will +9/+11; Init +2; Per +13/+17

The biggest problem with Aarakess is that I have no clue what to buy even if I had the money. I suppose she should have a haversack and stuff like that. Perhaps Bracers of AC and a better Cloak of Resistance. There are a ton of cool things, there are just too many. Guess it is time to see what might be useful.

In the end, I am enjoying playing her as sort of a gritty avoid getting in trouble and help her companions keep her from getting into trouble type of character. Better that Justin and Kilthan have lots of strength and AC, to make a very bad day for anyone who might threaten her.

Female Dwarf Witch/10 - (HP: 86/92; AC 16; FF 14; Touch 16; Fort +7/+9; Ref +6/+8; Will +9/+11; Init +2; Per +13/+17

Ok, not sure how much money we each have, or what people are buying, but the following two items look fun, and flavorful.

Corset of Dire Witchcraft (22,000 gp) <-- Aarakess wants this for its slimming effect, although the armor and hex bonuses are a nice bonus

Hexing Runes (10,000 gp) <-- a little boring, but buffs to hexes are always nice - landing Misfortune really helps with BBEG fights

Other possible items
- Cloak (+2 or +3)
- Handy Haversack (god only knows why I don't have one)
- Ring of Blinking (Can't hit what you can't see)
- Ring of Evasion (Aarakess really does not like getting hurt)

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