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GM Blood's Age of Worms in Golarion #2

Game Master David James Olsen

Group 2 Map
Loot spreadsheet

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Vitals (Kilthan):
(HP: 107/107; AC: 22(24)/14/20(22); CMD: 25; Fort +11, Ref: +8, Will: +4 [+6]; Rage: 8/8)
Male Half-Elven Ranger (Infiltrator): 8/Bloodrager (Spelleater): 1
Vitals (Jagdbach):
(HP: 81/81 (105/105); AC: 25(23)/13(11)/22(20); CMD: 23 (25) {27 (29) trip}; Fort +9(+11), Ref: +10, Will: +3(+5); {+4 v. enchantments})

Wow.. 3 years. That's absolutely crazy. And yes, this has been my most "successful" PbP ever -- thanks wholly to the great group of players and an excellent GM -- such that it's pretty much the standard by which I judge all the other PbPs that I've ever been in (short-lived as most of those end up being).

It's been a lot of fun, and I agree -- to 3 more excellent years, 9 more levels, and a saved world ;)

FYI, I will be at Gary Con Thurs through Sunday. If you are interested here are the games I am playing:


Thursday Noon - 4PM Gargoyle Gulch (Castle's and Crusades)
Thursday 8PM - Midnight The Jungle of Lost Ships - Greyhawk (5E)


Friday 8AM - Noon DCC: Hole in the Sky (DCC)
Friday Noon - 5PM Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works (OD&D)


Saturday 9AM - 1PM Tales of the Unexpected (AD&D 1st Ed)
Saturday 7PM - 11:30PM Help Me Out! (AD&D 1st Ed)

And maybe "Tower of the Moon" (Shadow of the Demon Lord game system) on Saturday Aft if that game is still open and I feel like playing. If the Badgers are still in the tournament on Saturday I may have to skip a game!

This point on 2012: You all gathered in Diamond Point for a job to investigate the Whispering Cairn.

This point on 2013: Under the city deep within a mine, you discovered a cult's HQ. Now in the third wing you are fighting Morlocks that follow a chaotic evil deity.

This point on 2014: Skorhald joins the group and Rohara returns as you explore the doppleganger hideout.

Today: You become gladiators to infiltrate Raknian's games and find out what he is up to after his assassination attempt on you and purchasing the Apostolic Scrolls, an artifact meant to destroy the word.

HP 90 of 90 - AC 24 (T 13, FF 21) - F +8, R +5, W +11

Thanks for the support all. :) Matters are sorting themselves out and today is a better day then others. I am hoping for less issues, but who can say with the joys of our children.

Wow, three years and counting. It has been some good times since we have started this campaign. Here is to another 3 years and the completion of the AP.

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