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GM Blood's Age of Worms in Golarion

Game Master David James Olsen

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AC 21/13/20 (raging 19/11/18), HP 109/109 (raging 131/131), F+10 R+5 W+10 (raging F+12, W+12), Init +3, Per +21

See you on the 15th. Will be interesting to hear how Kirthfinder goes for you.

I'll be curious to hear about Kirthfinder as well. I've read some of it, and it is intriguing.

Well plans they do tend to get smashed....

So one of my friends sold his house, finally, and is closing on this Friday so he had to cancel. Then his mother's retirement party ended up on that Saturday at the last minute so we spent the day there instead of gaming.

However I have started up my Monday game again. (Although with my son starting baseball games he has them on the next three Mondays so after two weeks I have to take a three week break) We are trying out some of the unchained things, mainly at this point skills and some of the new classes (Barbarian, rogue and monk). If anyone multiclasses I will probably use those rules too. I need to spend more time reading the magic changes, but I like some of what I see!

So maybe we'll all get a chance to do some Kirthfinder in August!

AC 21/13/20 (raging 19/11/18), HP 109/109 (raging 131/131), F+10 R+5 W+10 (raging F+12, W+12), Init +3, Per +21

Hey folks, I'll be back once I'm back from Gen Con! Hope the ability to post from work continues!

Hope I nailed the stream of consciousness discussion vibe I was going for! ;)

I certainly got that feeling, though I can't say I'm thrilled with the content! ;)

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