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GM Armadillephant's Fallout Extravaganza

Game Master Loup Blanc

Life in the Wastes is a constant struggle. Let's see if our heroes have what it takes to survive...
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No problem boss just give me a day or so. Working 15 hrs tonight and its still bed time lol

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

still room for a character in this Fallout gig? :)

I belive so sir as we have lost several people. But dont take my word lol.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

lol k, I'll be checking in every now and again and I will write up something in the meantime. :)

Ok, Fitzgerald's background is up and everything should be complete. Only thing he is missing is the miscellaneous equipment.

Well Fitz old chap come pay in the bar next door.

Indeed, Fitz, feel free to enter Discussion. However, only one piece of armor is free, so you'll have to pay for either your lovely hat, or your lovely outfit :( Hehe.

Corerue, I believe that we do indeed have room...considering only two people have posted in Discussion. I thought we still had more. But, whatever. I look forward to what you can bring to the table!

Also, note to the ghouls: because the Succubus club is out-of-game, feel free to join in the RP there even if you want to be introduced elsewhere (like on the way to the Vault in the first adventure.

Ah, but I figured the clothing to fall under the free outfit that everyone gets as part of pathfinder rules, and the helmet as my free piece of armor.

Yeah but for this game I think the gm is considering anything that gices dr armor

Yeah, considering that it gives some form of DR, it counts as armor. I guess I'd consider the Pre-War outfits that'll give all of 0 or 1 DR clothing, so if you really want, you can have one of those.

8 caps is not that big of a deal. I'll stick with it.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

My knowledge of the Fallout games spans from the very beginning until present day New Vegas. My only issue is I can never stand being a bad guy, somehow being the Savior of the Wasteland is stuck in my head. :)

Favorite group is the BoS baby! I always seek them out for membership in each game. Of which that is why I loved Fallout Tactics, this was before Fallout 3+ but Fallout Tactics was one of my favorites, the movies stuck with me whenever I played the other games. Especially the very end...

Good Ending ;):

Deep in the Warrior's heart the decision had been made long ago, to forfeit one's life for the security of others what nobler end could there be? Sacrifices were always expected but to lose one's mortal shell and join with a machine is not an ending, instead it is a new beginning revolving around the rebirth of humanity. The first command to speed through the new Calculator's relays is the disabling of the active robotic forces averting the sterilization of all life on the continent. The Warrior's mind had proved itself exceptional time and again in the field of battle now working in conjunction with the Calculator's sheer processing power a union between the Brotherhood of Steel and the robotic forces quickly takes shape.
The region sees new laws established to ease humanity back into civilized life laws that are strictly enforced by the combined patrols of Brotherhood soldiers and pacification robots. To speed the unification process discrimination against mutantes is outlawed, many prejudices are eliminated through education or the harsh implementation of Brotherhood Justice. The willingness to overcome differences opens avenues of recruitment that would otherwise remained unutilized. Mutated creatures that wish to live in peace under the new regime are welcomed, though hesitantly into the population. Old hatreds and fears are soon forgotten as the task at hand becomes apparent; humans, ghouls, super mutants and deathclaws all work together to begin transforming the wastelands into a post nuclear utopia. The combined knowledge of the Brotherhood and Calculator's databases are a powerful tool for reshaping the world and no time is wasted. Technology is slowly re-introduced into the land; irrigation systems are established bringing water to the barren soils for the first time in decades.

New settlements spring up as land becomes fertile once again, with places of learning becoming the hubs of the fledgling civilization. A combination of old world science with new world wisdom paves the way to higher understanding and unity amongst the population. The new regime begins to expand across the wasteland absorbing towns and villages and quickly dispatching those who would halt progress. Soon the Brotherhood is protector to a string of settlements, as the Brotherhood's power grows so does it's hold on the wasteland but one question remains; what will happen when this young civilization encounters the original knowledge hording Brotherhood of Steel? The Scribes and Elders prepare for the meeting and hope to put differences in the past as the future of mankind hangs in the balance but that is a battle for another day and perhaps another hero.

It may take me sometime to patch together a character, so please bare with me. Working 12 hours a day is rough and I am in a few other games that are a bit slow at the moment. Once my character is done it'll be very easy to keep up with things, so hopefully I don't end up testing your patience. ^.^;

Character Concept & Background - Paladin Kirion - Human Brotherhood of Steel Scribe turned Junior Paladin:

Kora Kirion is eighteen years old and a Scribe turned Paladin when the Brotherhood of Steel saw the need to reinforce their flagging forces in the continuing onslaught of raiders, ruthless mutants and other savage denizens of the wastelands.

Despite being one of the youngest members in the BoS Kora was intelligent and very capable at utilizing and understanding the old technology brought into the BoS fort. He tried to access the archive's to expand his findings. Due to his limited experience, and lower rank, he wasn't allowed to work with much more then the lesser tech's. This also mean't that the archives remained far from his reach and halted his development until he was deemed ready by his betters to obtain the rank of Journeymen.

That was until he was one among many asked to step up into a higher position.

He accepted the position with gusto, using it to not only expand his knowledge of the BoS available tech but as a way to increase his rank so that he could hopefully access the archives. With the change in position came new duties as well and he found himself out on patrol more often then trying to peruse the library's archives. After a time his earlier purpose was forgotten, especially after he saw the depredation of marauding raiders and the destruction of a small settlement that fell under their savage assault.

When he saw what they had done to the children of the villagers, to the young women, something broke inside the Junior Paladin. A rage rose within him and from that moment on he swore to deal out swift and immediate justice to those that prayed on the weak. He turned his focus on training with energy weapons, namely laser weapons and rippers as they were the only tech he was allowed to touch at his current rank.

Kept it simple for now, will expand later but its bed time for me so sorry won't be able to reply for a bit. ;)

Oh this will be fun. Me and you. Lol.

Skeck, your playing british too? This should be a jolly good time!

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Darius Darkblade aka Legionare wrote:
Oh this will be fun. Me and you. Lol.

we shall indeed. B-)

Kora fights much like a warhammer 40k space marine if your trying to picture him on the battlefield. Laser rifle blazing until he closes or the enemy closes with him, then he draws his chain sword and tears into their flesh. he is however young and reckless unlike our old legionaire. ;-)

i thought about selecting the prototype medical armor as a way to justify his ability to heal often. mechanical LoH lol.

Yeah but my character doesnt dig the brotherhood and wait till I get my powerarmor working and get a powersword built I will show you spacemarine lol. For they shall feel not pain and know no fear.

Nah it will be good rp the tension between us. Just remember sell him out to the brotherhood and it will get ugly lol.

He does hate just doesnt think they are worthy. They are children playing with things they dont understand and have no right to in his mind. They neglect the responsibility they took up when they became the inheritors of the military. And job to help the people not to hide in bunkers til their stolen toys break.

Very interested, Corerue! Don't worry about time, I can adapt. Right now everybody's having fun in Discussion, heh.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

@GM ArmadI will have my character concept fleshed out today.

Was the medical armor allowable or because its a specific type its no good to pick as a starting armor?

Mainly thought of it because it gives warnigns about on coming enemies and since it is possible it gives away Kora's position he uses it as a means to start a fight with raiders instead of avoiding confrontations as the BoS tends to do if they can.

His attitude doesn't win him any friends with the higher up but young junior paladins may be won over enough to follow his lead.

The armor also gave me a means of how he could Lay on Hands, I can just say since it is medical armor it has so many uses per day. ;)

Let me know if it isn't acceptable and I will got for regular Power Armor.

Second Question. Is the setting chosen yet? Is it a hombrew or familiar setting like IE Meagton and other F3 cities are going to be used~

I will ask more questions as they come up but those are the most pressing.


It's going to be interesting when You and I meet as Kora will not care who you are so long as your not a raiding, pillaging, raping scumbag of the waste. If you were they were would be problems, some chainsaw and laser wounds to go with. Kora is Not fond of Raiders at all...

I'm sure the GM is gonna teach me a lesson but in the eyes of his particular chapter Kora is slowly becoming known more as a Loose Cannon and he may/may not be facing a coming judgement from his betters. This is something that will be in his background, whether or not it comes up in game will be up to the GM. But I am going to build Kora as a Scribe/Paladin. He will continue striving to gain access to higher tech for his one man war against the waste land.

See the brotherhood wants darius for what he knows. He is number one with a net. No bullets they need his brain lol.

Also we are in Chicago. The bar we are meeting at is the sucubbus club. You can find my rl description of it up thread.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

True, but Kora is a Junior Paladin in my mind, so i'm not so sure what he would or wouldn't know as the BoS, depending on the chapter, are sticklers for mind blowing amounts of protocols.

Kinda like I work. :P Oilfield, safety, paperwork, paperwork, safety, THEN work. >.>;

I only say he's a Junior because he is lvl 1 after all. ;) Can't be a BA Paladin or Knight just yet lol!

This is of course up to change from the GM. His world his rules and I can update to please. No matter what though i'm looking forward to the experience of meeting Darius!

I know but even then once realizes what Darius knows he will want him to come with him. AndDarius has already had bad run ins with the brobrotherhood lol. Hes over two hundred years old and a bit nutty. For that matter hes nit even in his thirties physically

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

lol True! I look forward to meeting up with you and we'll see where we go from there. :)

Still working on getting Kora together. working 14's so time is either work, eating or sleeping. Slipping the books in and getting things together though~!

Some Character Crunch and explanation please double check me~ :D:

Had to drop the ripper for a knife so that I could afford a full suit of power armor, that is if i'm doing this correctly. Taking the costs off the sites you provided GM. I'm a bit limited in Ammo but I think I can make it work. ;)

I placed his stats in a way that made sense to me, it is all average but to me I saw the Brotherhood having Rigid Training and Medical programs for there people. So a lot of people receive the same training in terms of strength, dexterity and health monitoring. Since he was a scribe previously he is slightly stronger in terms of Int but because of his sudden slide into a violent and reckless disposition towards Raiders and other scum of the waste his wisdom is lacking.

Stats -
Str 14
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 16
Wis 10
Cha 14

As for Traits I picked some that both emphasize his work as a Scribe and his paranoia he's gained in the field as a Junior Paladin.

Rich Parents would be a bit of an abusive trait for this setting so I didn't select it. It would be useful for Ammo though lol!

Traits -
Mathematical Prodigy

For Equipment I have:

Knife - 20 Caps
Power Armor - Free
Power Armor Helmet - 110 Caps

I will work out the details on which once I here about whether the Medical armor was acceptable or not. ;)

Laser Rifle - Free
Microfusion Cells - 31x 3 caps = 93 Caps

Scribe Robes - 6 Caps

Consumables -
1x Pure Water = 20 caps
1x Apples, Fresh = 5 Caps
1x Rad X = 20 Caps
1x Stim Packs = 25 Caps

Total Caps = 300 Max for Paladin 299 used. 1 cap Left over.

I will have the rest of the character fleshed out by tomorrow :)

Character Idea:
Strange, I was just thinking to myself how I'd really like to GM a Post-apocalyptic campaign (as I've been cracking out to mods on New Vegas), but I'd certainly rather play in one than GM it.

I'd like to submit a place as a wasteland archaeologist who studies Pre-war ruins, and also modern day anthropology. He/She (haven't decided) would be a former Follower of the Apocalypse, but has since become more independent and a total wasteland transient. I'd say definitely high CHA and INT, with DEX for combat jam.

I'd probably do human (delver or trekker), with a multi-class Alchemist (Mind Chemist, Vivisectionist)/Rogue (Scroll Scoundrel). Definitely a computer expert, as he/she would need access to such lovely pockets of information. I'd say this cat would rock a gnarly looking machete and a pistol. Let me know if you have room! I definitely enjoy the RP, but action is certainly a must (especially in Fallout). I'm well acquainted with most of the lore, so I think it'd be fun to play an unspoken archaeologist. I'd say his/her ultimate goal with his/her findings is to educate communities with history (maybe she even collects history as an independent contractor to bigger organizations: BoS, NCR, etc.). His curiosity is reason enough for him to be a part of any party.

I may have missed this info in an earlier post, but will you have a VATS type system? Like Called Shots? Just curious! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Note: He/she could also be a capable healer, as she'd have a high K-nature, which is used in place of Heal for Vivisectionist.

The gm has said yes there will be a vats system. Also keep in mind giving up bombs may not be the best idea as they bypass dr....... as for scroll scoundrel im not familiar with it enough to provide you anything coherent. The chem specialist would be greatly appreciated as we seem to have most other crafts and roles covered we sdid however loose our chem guy. But your idea sounds awesome.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Still looking into the traits and I saw the notes on no one taking Vault Dweller, I don't mind doing it and making an interesting background as to why a Vault Dweller was picked up by the brotherhood if the Gm is okay with that. :) Because personally i've been having a difficult time deciding between the other templates. Mutie Killer or the Engineer one and Vault Dweller would be fun I think. ;)

What is included in that template or where can I see it?

The vault dweller template was scrubbed by the DM because no one chose it, and we are all going to be getting pip-boys first off anyways. You can still be a Vault Dweller, I think a few of us are, but you can pick something that will help for longer. You can look through the different ones we have chosen, and maybe pick something different, or not. Doesn't matter to much.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Okay :) good to know! Thank you Wofguy. :)

Thanks! And yes, that's a very good point. I'd drop vivi then, though the sneak attack stack would be nice. I should familiarize myself with the DR system to see what other options there would be. I've always been an explosives fan, though.... d8's are nice as well. Haha. I may play her mega-Quick Draw style. Perhaps a chakram, machete combo. I don't want to get too far out there. But I like the mixed melee/thrown attacks within a round. Probably a better style for with a higher BAB though. 94% probability it'll be bombs :) Equally fun and much better suited for a medium BAB.

Would sneak attack be able to bypass DR in most situations? I'll read more of the thread once I get my post in for a game I'm running. I like what you have from what I've read. Also, I'd like to vouch for Corerue. He's GMing a game I'm playing in and I give him big-props for creativity.

Abbreviated backstory:
Deidre is a wanderer of the waste; a transient of modern day Postapocalyptia, bouncing from ruin to ruin, uncovering pre-war mysteries to better understand modern day anthropology. She was orphaned in an abandoned home, at an age she cannot wholly remember. Eventually, a Followers of the Apocalypse scavenging party found her placed safely in a crib, though she was soaked in her own filth. She was raised as a foster child within the organization, and received some of the best education and "down to Earth" ethics the Wasteland could offer. Her G.O.A.T. exam would reveal that she is savvy with computers, and also a capable naturalist, but what it wouldn't reveal is her down-right, low-blow, dirty fighting style. When cornered, there are no regulations, and no mercy. She would eventually leave the Followers at the ripe age of 18 (longing for some wild wasteland action), and for the past six years she has continued her own independent research on Pre-war history, often taking up employment with prominent organizations as an expeditionist, going into Wasteland ruins that few would dare enter (nor do they have the proper skills to enter). Other employers include rich brahmin-barons, and others of that sort, that pay her to retrieve artifacts from pre-war ruins. She is a naturalized archaeologist, affiliated with no organization, only driven by her own burning curiosity. What drives her to unlock pre-war mysteries is beyond even her understanding. Perhaps she hopes to uncover some powerful tech that can make Wasteland life a better place? Maybe she'll find ways to create clean water? Or is there something about knowing where we came from that allows people to guide where they're going to be? The reasons are endless and timeless, not unlike the treasures she seeks to find.

Deidre is kind, but has a very dark sense of humor. She is good at relating to many different kinds of people, as her time with the Followers gave her much exposure to the Waste. Rarely is she unhappy, often seeing the glass half-full, though she's not a manic.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

@GM Tsuga Good to see you Tyrn, I haven't forgotten about you guys in Skyfall. Work has been hectic and it apparently takes me 3 hours to make a character nowadays because I do it all though pdf's... Glad to see you hear and it woould be awesome to play with you as a Player. :)

Didn't know what to do for AC but the DR is kinda high, since it's based off the Fallout site. >.>;

Kora Kirion - Junior Paladin:

Human Paladin 1

LG Medium Humanoid (human)

Init +4; Senses Perception -1
Armor - DR 48 (Power Armor + Helmet)

HP 11 (1d10+1)

Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +1
AER9 Laser Rifle +3 (3d10 19-20/x2) Microfusion Cells x33
Knife +3 (1d4+2 19-20/x2)

Speed 30 ft.

Special Attacks smite evil (1/day)

Spell-Like Abilities Detect Evil (At will)

Paladin Spells Prepared (CL 0):
Str 14 +2, Dex 14 +2, Con 12 +1, Int 18 +4, Wis 8 -1, Cha 14 +2

Base Atk +1; CMB +3; CMD 15

Point Blank Shot You get a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at ranges of up to 30 feet.

Rapid Shot When making a full-attack action with a ranged weapon, you can fire one additional time this round. All of your attack rolls take a –2 penalty when using Rapid Shot.

Wasteland Tinkerer: Most people see the heaps of metal and rubble strewn across the Wastes as garbage, but to a mechanic like you, it’s a veritable treasure trove! With the right materials, you can craft some very high-quality goods... even if they blow up every now and then.
--Master Tinker: +1 Disable Device and Knowledge (engineering) checks; automatically proficient with any weapon you craft
--Craftsman: +2 to all Craft and Profession checks to craft armor, weapons, and ammunition

Traits Mathematical Prodigy (Knowledge [engineering]), Reactionary +2 Initiative

.............................AB RK CS (8 SP 2+4+1+1 SP Per level)
Class Skilles

Athletics.(Str)..............+2 +1 +3 = +6
Appraise.(Int)...............+4 +1 +0 = +5
Craft:.(Energy Weapons).(Int)+4 +1 +3 +2 = +10
Craft.(Power Armor).(Int) ...+4 +1 +3 +2 = +10
Knowledge.(Engineering).(Int)+4 +1 +3 +2 = +10
Knowledge.(Technology) (Int).+4 +1 +3 = +8
Profession.(Scribe) (Int)....-1 +1 +3 +2 = +5
Heal.(Wis)...................-1 +1 +3 = +3

Non-Class Skills
Disable Device.(Int).........+4 +0 +0 +1 = +5
Escape Artist.(Dex)..........+2 +0 +0 = +2
Use Computer.(Int)...........+4 +0 +0 = +4

Languages Common, French, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish
SQ aura of good, variant channeling (protection variant channeling [±1 sacred ac])

Other Gear
Knife - 20 Caps
Power Armor - DR 40 - Weight 45 (25) lb's - Free
(+2 STR, -2 AGL, +10 Radiation Resistance)
Power Armor Helmet - DR 8 - Weight 5 lb's - 110 Caps
(+3 Radiation Resistance)

I will work out the details on which once I here about whether the Medical armor was acceptable or not. ;)

Laser Rifle - Free
Microfusion Cells - 31x 3 caps = 93 Caps

Scribe Robes - 6 Caps

Consumables -
1x Pure Water = 20 caps
1x Apples, Fresh = 5 Caps
1x Rad X = 20 Caps
1x Stim Packs = 25 Caps

Total Caps = 300 Max for Paladin 299 used. 1 caps left over.

Special Abilities
Aura of Good (Ex) The paladin has an Aura of Good with power equal to her class level.
Detect Evil (At will) (Sp) You can use detect evil at will (as the spell).
Protection Variant Channeling (±1 Sacred) AC bonus/penalty
Smite Evil (1/day) (Su) +2 to hit, +1 to damage, +2 deflection bonus to AC when used.

Armor Proficiency - Light, Meduium, Heavy and Power Armor
Weapon Proficiency- Light, Martial and BOS Bonus: Energy Weapon- Laser Rifle


Kora Kirion is a young member of the Brotherhood of Steel, he started off as a scribe and proved fairly skilled in understand the older tech's that the patrols found. He had a hard time however gaining the access he needed to see the archives without a higher up watching over his shoulder and huffing impatiently. Advancement within the scribes was a stifling process as well, it would literally be years before he could advance in rank and Kora was too impatient to sit stagnant for so long.

He started to spend more time in the tech repair wards, repairing combat armor, power armor and a lot of the energy tech that he was allowed to touch. It was during this time when he had the opportunity to transfer into an even more active role. Junior Paladin. It sounded good at the time, a way for him to advance more quickly, gain the respect needed to access the archives in the Brotherhood bunker and learn the higher techs before he was an elder.

The training had been brutal, his drill sergeant took pleasure in breaking in a low down, desk chomping, pencil pushing scribe. Eventually though he earned his power armor, albeit at a quicker pace due to the dire situation the bunker was in as the raiders and denizens of the waste were injuring more and more of the patrolmen on duty. He performed almost half a dozen patrols before he truly saw what horrors occured in the wasteland. It started with smoke on the horizon, a nearby settlement was under attack by the Reavers, a known cannibalistic group of raiders and extremely violent. The patrol commander gave the order to move in and the patrol was able to hit the Reaver's before they were aware of the Brotherhood patrol.

In the End the Patrol suffered minor injuries, while the Reavers suffered heavy casualties before they routed. The settlement though was in ruins, most had either fled or died horrifically at the hands of the raiders. Men, Woman, the Elderly and children were horrifically killed by their attackers, some suffered worse before being executed by their tormentor. At this sight Kora couldn't help but lose his guts on the ground, he had been a scribe. He'd read over hundreds of reports and yet nothing had prepared him for this level of violence. It was that day he swore to savage any raiders he found, known would escape his judgement for such depravity.

From there he became more reckless, short sighted and a little bit of a loose cannon in the eyes of his superiors. He hasn't faced judgement yet, but he knows that if he continues his reckless abandonment of the RoE that his superiors will hammer down on him. Until then he had to do whatever it takes to clean up the wastes while he still had the power to do so...

Personality and Appearance:

Outside of his power armor, Kora is usually dressed in his scribe robes and continuing his work on learning techs or updating his equipment.

Kora is very tall over six foot and near two hundred pounds with a lean athletic figure. He relies a lot on his power armor to enhance his strength in the field but his training has kept him in peak physical condition. His hair is completely white, a genetic defect he inherited from his parents. He also suffers from vitiligo and is the primary reason he never moves around without some type of heavy clothing. The autoimmune disease effects mainly his chest, legs and the back of his hands. This disease has left him covered by several white spots in unusual and ugly ways, as it doesn't follow any specific method or path as it attacks his skin pigmentation. Kora is embarrassed about it and remains covered.

When Kora isn't working he can come off as warm and charming but distant as his thoughts always drift to what he has seen on patrol. He doesn't drink like some of the soldiers do, he loses himself in his work instead until either he goes to bed or back on patrol.

@Corerur: No worries bud! Things have been crazy for me to but now that the semester is over, I can focus on some good ol' D-rollin'. Besides, GMing is more work that playing, if you ask me. It certainly would be cool if we were able to play together. We'd have fitting characters as well, though she resents the Brotherhood just for what it stands for, but not necessarily any individual within it.

Dr is 1/2 the fall out listed. And the gm says he will be implementing some sort of armor degeneration system.

Also reflavor your magic abilities as tech so something like channel would be perhaps a small swarm of med nanites you can use however many times perday. Smite would be some sort of bio or power tech item you use on your weapon that only works for you because its gene locked. That sort of thing.

Also look on the first page there is a link to def variant that we are using. So ac is def bonus dex and some other stuff if you have it. Then dr is armor. If you are wearing armor over 5lbs you lose def bonus ac.

Oh no worries. I got the magic/tech conversion down. I'm running a space-fantasy campaign so I've been burning many calories trying to think of magic/science conversions. Easy enough for me to imagine!

Reading up on the variant rules now. Looks like you guys have six in the discussion thread. Hopefully I can get in. If my build isn't helpful, then I can see about changing it. Also, I'm kicking her age down to 22. Just feels more like "lvl 1" that way. Haha. I like starting out low. I feel... threatened? Maybe that's just a sick pleasure of mine. Haha.

K got the DR fixed, don't know if the power armor does affect his stats or not but we'll see. Didn't see anything reading over the thread. Thanks for the help Darius. :D

Updated his sheet with a field report, its a bit explicit but it shows how Kora has changed in the recent weeks. >:)

I added a description for Kora, still working on eye color and such. But his skin color, height and weight are there~


So with the armor variant, I get ac per a paldin when unarmored and when armored I would use my armor bonus instead. Sounds good to me. :)

That is if i'm reading it right~

No I asked no bonuses from armor unless we make it think of stats and skill bonuses being like master work....

No when armored you get dr instead of the def bonus to ac its a trade off. The more dmg you can ingore the easier to hit you are. If that makes sense its why my character has a dr 6 3lb. Armor and power armor. The power armor is for heavy fire situations where movement is as important as ingoring dmg.... if that makes sense.

Kind of. ^^;

I understand tahat a guy in power armor is going to make an easier target then a guy in Merc clothes. Because the merc will be on the move hard and fast while the power armor wearing guy is going to be trudging in taking fire and slinging it right back. :)

So my character sheet should be good for the most part if AC isn't really a big deal. Because of the DR is the reason I went for a full Power Armor set. I was assuming that the helmet wasn't free. ;) If it is please correct me lol!

I will re-read the thread as apparently I mentally skimmed it like a tool. >.<; See if I can pickup on other things I may have missed~

Thanks again for the help Darius. :)

3 of us have laser rifles. It'll be fun splitting the ammunition.

I can recharge them if we can find a power plant.

Also sorry but Darius isnt going to stay in a room with Bos if he can help it. Not a whole squad when he doesnt know if anyone has his back.....

Also to the new people sorry if im being bossy about character stuff but im just trying to help so when the gm gets back we are ready to roll out like autobots lol.

Variant rules.

1.Races see first post of thread.

2.Def bonus based on class linky on first page

3armor as dr

3 double class hp

4 fallout weapons and armor see linky on first page

What am I missing guys?

I could go with a bigger gun if you guys want me too. ;) I just didn't think it would be realistic for Kora to be hefting a Plasma rifle just yet. Even with being a BoS guy, I assumed such weapons would be higher rank only. :p

Thanks again Darius, I think Kora is all ready to go, he doesn't have as much equipment and only about 33 shots with his laser rifle but he's ready I think.

Or are we doing ammo differently?

Because MIcro cells go for 3 caps each and I bought over 30 lol so 1 = 1 shot right?

Since we are in Chicago (area) I have based Kora's story more around the Cannon that talks about the BoS there. If there is anything extra I need to change let me know. But Basically I am basing ti off the BoS from Fallout Tactics, ranks bunker names you name it. :)

Tried to put some good detail in his character sheet, hopefully it wasn't too much. ^^; Also is their a repair skill? or would that fall under Craft, K or Profession checks?

No your gun will tell you how many shots you get per cell.

As for repairs I think its some freakish combo of craft know engineering and in my special case knowledge technology. Which I have as a high profile military prototype tester. But is otherwise unavailable. Hence the reason the BoS and everyone else wants me. I understand the principles underlying the tech not just how to fix it.

Roger that and I need to make one more change to my character sheet. My bad for misunderstanding that K-Tech was only specfic o a single character >.>;

Thats what I get for perusing character sheets lol!


Sorry again there Darius, didn't mean to keep making mistakes, turned that extra rank over into my Disable Device skill. Trying to keep my guy as a Scribe/Paladin. He's into reverse enginneering and gathering tech items but he's so new he doesn't have it down yet. :)

But Got it fixed :)

OH! I see what you mean, so I have a ton a shots >.>; I need to change my equipment again, maybe I can carry some tool's. :O

K updated the sheet one final time, have all the gear I need now. :) And plenty of ammo, I was also able to get the ripper! Ha! So my idea of Kora lives on!

Now I have to determine the rippers damage which will be fun~

I also have some artisan tools now and a crowbar which fits him being in the Repo Squad of the Midwest chapter.

Thanks again Darius :)

Edit1: K found the page again for ripper stats. :) This is gonna be fun!

And as for knowledge tech I think I can teach it later. But me having it represents my having gone to college and gotten what we would consider a doctorate in high energy physics and nuclear tech. Its my template perk along with some knowledge abiut military hard sites when ever the dm needs a plot hook he can be like your near blah blah research bunker you remember blah blah blah being there Darius thinks he should go make sure the blah blah blah isnt about to blow up the world again lol.

I'd say repair might fall under disable device.

@Fitzgerald: It'll be good to know eventually and thanks for the input, like I've been saying he's going to be a scribe/paladin of the BoS. As such i'm going to make him a heavy crafter of the higher tech's that he knows of the brotherhood. so far the only things he does know is his own personal gear. Once he gets access to other items he can branch out, so to speak, since as a scribe their used to cataloging and reverse engineering things for brotherhood use.

Since he was still so new before his transfer to JP status he doesn't quite have it down yet. ;) But that's why I have his skills set the way I do, so he will be moderately useful.

@Darius: Understood Darius! I just made the mistake of thinking it was an available skill, which I have corrected. ;) It'll be neat to see what the future holds.

@GM In answer to a question you had earlier I normally don't read In Game spoilers. I do for character sheets unless they say DM ONLY KEEP OUT or something like that. Then I known they have some hush hush info they don't want read.

I hope our gm comes back soon but I think hes busy with family for the holidays.

@kora yay we can tinker with power armor together once I get over wanting to kill you.

Rose you still there?

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