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GM Armadillephant's Fallout Extravaganza

Game Master Loup Blanc

Life in the Wastes is a constant struggle. Let's see if our heroes have what it takes to survive...
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War. War never changes. Since the dawn of human kind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage. In the year 2077, after millennia of armed conflict, the destructive nature of man could sustain itself no longer. The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear fire and radiation. But it was not, as some had predicted, the end of the world. Instead, the apocalypse was simply the prologue to another bloody chapter of human history. For man had succeeded in destroying the world - but war, war never changes. In the early days, thousands were spared the horrors of the holocaust by taking refuge in enormous underground shelters, known as vaults. But when they emerged, they had only the hell of the wastes to greet them...

Welcome! A little ways back there were a couple of Fallout-based campaigns starting up on here, and it seemed like there was a lot of support for them. Because of this, I’ve been in the process of getting together a campaign of my own. It’s been a while in the making, but in the end, I think I’ve got it planned out enough to start recruitment.

Who I’m looking for: A handful of dedicated players who are willing to give a game with a ton of homebrew and system-meshing a go! I’m hoping for between 4-8 good players here. Will I check your activity on the site? Yes, I will; I want people who want to play and who will follow through; I’d hate for this game to fall through. Will I hold it against you if you’re a board noob who hasn’t posted much? NO! We were all noobs at one point; we all have to get started somewhere, and newness doesn’t mean you aren’t dedicated.

What I’m looking for: A good character concept: race, class, background. I’d also like to know how much you know about the Fallout games and setting, as well as what kind of games you like (Role-playing vs. dungeon crawls, etc.) and any particular ideas for a first adventure that you’d love. I DON’T need a full alias or stat sheet right now, because there’s a lot to be put into this. I’ll get some info up in the Campaign Info tab, and I’ve got some info in spoilers in this post, but here’s what you really need to know right now:

Alchemist*, Barbarian, Cavalier, Cleric*, Fighter, Gunslinger*, Monk, Paladin*, Ranger, Rogue.

--Alchemists: Upgrade your bomb damage dice to d8s, rather than d6s (they count as Large, to bypass armor DR). Also, you can swap out the Brew Potion feat for Extra Bombs, or another feat to improve your alchemist abilities.
--Clerics: Your spells will be reflavored as applications of technology and whatnot. Obviously, some spells might not work with that, and we’ll see what we can do about that. You would probably also have connections with the Brotherhood of Steel, or, possibly, the Enclave. I may be willing to add in Druids or Oracles along with this system, and a Sorcerer/Wizard has a VERY slim chance of being allowed; give me strong points on why it’ll work, and how it’ll work, and I can check on allowing it.
--Gunslingers: Obviously, Exotic Weapon Prof (guns) isn’t going to be helpful in a Fallout world, where everyone knows how to shoot guns. So, you have two options: either A) gain proficiency with EITHER one type of energy weapon or one type of big gun; or B) gain Gun Training starting at Level 1, but it only applies to EITHER pistols/1-handed small guns or rifles/2-handed small guns. By the way, you still get the free gun with your Gunsmithing ability, meaning you have two free guns right off the bat. Congratulations!
--Paladins: You will almost definitely begin play with Brotherhood of Steel membership. This means you’ll get a suit of Power Armor as your free armor, and any one gun (including a big gun or energy weapon) as your free weapon.

Humans as a race:
Humans in this campaign are the same as humans in normal Pathfinder, no changes. However, every human character gets to choose one of the following “templates” to add to their racial benefits:

Wasteland Delver: You’ve spent many hours exploring old ruins from the bombs. Maybe you were born with good eyes and keen senses; maybe you’ve honed them from years of time spent in dingy, burnt-out old buildings. Either way, you’ve gotten good at it.
--Ruin Dweller: +1 to Knowledge (dungeoneering) and Survival checks made in ruins
--Low-light Vision: See twice as far in dim light conditions
--Stonecunning: +2 to Perception to notice unusual building features, such as traps and hidden doors; receive automatic checks to detect these within 10 feet

Wasteland Mutie Killer: The Brotherhood of Steel aren’t the only ones with a burning hatred for Super Mutants. Even regular folk can easily learn to despise the abominations, and you’ve turned that anger and fear into a source of skill for you. You’ve probably already helped track down and kill a Mutie or two in your time.
--Defensive Training: +4 dodge to AC vs. Super Mutants
--Hatred: +1 to attack rolls against Super Mutants
--Weapon Familiarity: gain proficiency with 2 small or big guns

Wasteland Resister: There’s radiation all over in the Wastes, and frankly, most people avoid it. You, however, have a special resistance to the strange effects still lingering from the war, which is helpful when you run across irradiated areas.
--Radiation Resistance: racial bonus on saving throws against radiation equal to your HD

Wasteland Stalker: Whether you used to be a Raider, a Merc, a Caravan Guard, or just a hunter, you’ve become very skilled at moving quietly and quickly in the Wastes--the better to kill your foes, or avoid fights you can’t win.
--Camouflage: +4 to Stealth checks in the Wastes
--Silent Hunter: reduce penalties for moving in Stealth by 5; can run while using Stealth at a -20 penalty

Wasteland Scavenger: In a world without white-collar jobs, potentially one of the most lucrative professions is that of a scavenger: finding and trading scrap and goods from the Wastes. You have to have a keen sense of what’s worth taking, though; fortunately, that’s a sense you’ve honed.
--Greed: +2 Appraise to determine price of goods
--Scavenger: +2 Appraise and Perception to find hidden objects and determine whether food is spoiled

Wasteland Tinkerer: Most people see the heaps of metal and rubble strewn across the Wastes as garbage, but to a mechanic like you, it’s a veritable treasure trove! With the right materials, you can craft some very high-quality goods... even if they blow up every now and then.
--Master Tinker: +1 Disable Device and Knowledge (engineering) checks; automatically proficient with any weapon you craft
--Craftsman: +2 to all Craft and Profession checks to craft armor, weapons, and ammunition

Wasteland Trekker: There are no cars or planes anymore, or at least, there aren’t many in a good-enough condition to run. What’s a guy/gal to do but take the shoe-leather express? You’re a traveler, and your time out there in the wastes has made you good at picking your way across the broken land and being able to survive that extra mile.
--Desert Runner: +4 racial bonus on Constitution checks and Fortitude saves against fatigue, exhaustion, and ill effects from running, forced marches, starvation, thirst, and hot or cold environments
--Terrain Stride: move through natural difficult terrain in the Wastes at normal speed

Ghouls as a race:
Ghouls used to be humans, but they were caught outside, above-ground, and unprotected when the bombs fell. Most people were killed instantly, but some survived, the radiation seeping into their skin. What was left was a human with skin grayed, burnt, and blistered, often thinner. In fact, their appearance is reminiscent of film zombies, which spawned that nickname for them. (To get an idea of what ghouls look like, do an image search of “fallout ghouls.” Keep in mind that very thin ghouls, often shown running at someone, are feral ghouls, poor saps who’ve gone mad and, well, feral.)

Ghoul Racial Traits
Medium Monstrous Humanoids
Base Speed: 30 feet
Abilities: +2 to any one ability score; -2 to Constitution. Ghouls are as varied as the humans they once were, but the radiation has weakened their physical endurance.
Bonus Feat: Ghouls gain a bonus feat at first level, the same as humans.
Darkvision: Ghouls can see in the dark out to 60 feet.
Low-light Vision: Ghouls can see twice as far as humans in dim light.
Radiation Born: Ghouls were made what they are by the intense radiation from the bombs, and while it has affected them negatively in many ways, they have also grown used to that level of danger. As such, ghouls receive a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against radiation, chems (including chem sickness; also, they have to take this save every time they take a chem), and becoming nauseated or sickened.
Languages: Ghouls start play speaking Common (English). They can learn any other language, except secret languages.

Please note that Ghouls cannot join the Brotherhood of Steel.

No Super Mutants:
I’m serious, I’m not offering them as a PC race in my game. Sorry.

Basic Character Creation Rules:

You will be Level 1.
Ability Scores will be based on a 25 Point Buy.
You will get 2 Traits (but see below).
You will get Max starting caps (gp) for your class at level 1.

I’m going to run traits a little differently than normal: you can get the effects of two traits, and work them into your backstory in your own, logical way. I’ll allow a little leeway to change the exact applications of traits; for example, the Hunter’s Blood trait could be changed to apply to Super Mutants, Ghouls, Raiders, Slavers, etc. The Hellknight Ancestry trait could be changed to apply to the Brotherhood of Steel, the Enclave, or another appropriate group. Please note that I’ll be checking traits for balance, logic, etc. if you use this system. You can always just take a trait as is.

Some important notes if you want to start building:

1) New Skills: There will be the Athletics skill, with STR as its base ability; this replaces Climb and Swim, as it rolls them into one. There will also be the Use Computer skill, with INT as its base ability; this is used primarily for hacking and other complex computer usage.

2) Non-existent Skills: Bluff, Climb, Diplomacy, Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana, nobility, planes), Spellcraft, Swim, and Use Magic Device. Please note that I’ve done away with certain skills I don’t see being used in this setting as well as ALL THE SOCIAL INTERACTION SKILLS (barring Sense Motive, since it has other uses as well). This is because I don’t like the idea of a perfectly good argument or threat failing because of a poor roll of the dice. I expect you to do good roleplaying when it comes to lying, negotiating, or threatening, and I also want you to take your Charisma score into consideration. Likewise, I’ll look at your CHA and the enemy’s Wisdom/Sense Motive/whatever, and take into account what all an NPC would know, like, fear, etc. This does promote good roleplaying, and it will be tough if you’re just not great at coming up with stuff--however, there are always the go-to methods (flattery for Diplomacy, simple lies for Bluff, a gun to the head for Intimidate...)

3) New Skill Uses: Appraise can be used to scavenge for goods (and there is Profession (scavenger) as well). Disable Device can be used to disable or jam weapons and technology (other than hacking computers). Heal can affect the amount of HP you heal with the application of a StimPak or other item of that sort.

4) What All is Open for Use: EVERYTHING! Well, not everything; for example, I laid out above what Paizo-published classes I’ll allow, and Human and Ghoul are the only races to pick from. But I’m very open to 3rd-party feats, archetypes, etc., as long as you and I both understand how it works and I give you the OK. If you spy a 3rd-paty class that you think would fit, by all means shoot me a link and I’ll take a look. I’m here to make you happy to play the game, after all!

Whoo! That’s all for now. Hopefully all this work pays off somewhere... I’ll get some info on really creating characters and purchasing weapons/armor/gear once I get some feedback.

This sounds like a really fun idea!

Basic character concept:

Inspired by the Wasteland Tinkerer template above, what I'd like to create is a character whose main interest in life is scavenging, repairing and recycling old-world tech, with an emphasis on the exciting and destructive side of things. Will start as a Rogue, but may m/c into Alchemist

A bit of background:

Name: Winter McAllister

Background: Raised on a remote rural commune run by a cult who'd split off from the Children of The Atom, Winter (or Nuclear Winter, originally), had an odd childhood. Social interaction outside the compound was forbidden, with the heavily armed congregation and their thoroughly unstable leader forcibly discouraging any attempts at contact, while working themselves into a frenzy of anticipation for the Dread Hour when the great angel Oppenheimer would descend in his glowing chariot to take his chosen people to glory while the rest of the world was consumed by cleansing fire.

Since they wouldn't trade, combing the wasteland for tech and supplies, and jury-rigging what equipment they had, were essential skills - Winter was unusually good at this, and it also ended up saving his life, as he was out attempting to fix a damaged robot when the compound was attacked by Talon Company mercenaries hired by traders who were fed up at having their caravans jumped and wiped out to the last soul. He is very good at finding, making, fixing and destroying things, but his social skills are extremely limited, and he is still devoutly religious, in his own way. He more or less worships bombs of all kinds, and his small frame is covered with burns, scars and craters, caused by a somewhat lackadaisical approach to Health and Safety procedures. He has scruffy blonde hair, glasses, and is dressed in a stained, ripped and charred boiler suit which he never takes off.

Nice DOT for interest

O yes... love this game

Paladin, Thinking something like the mind set in the film Equilibrium

Maybe a Ranger (Wasteland Resister), but I don't know much about FallOut.

Good stuff so far! Glad to see some interest.

Limey: sounds neat, should fit well. I'd be interested to see where you go with this.

Spugly: Paladins are always nice to have in the group, especially for tanking in a game like this (Power Armor=rare damage to you!).

Belle: Rangers could also be very nice to have. Any thoughts on which route you'll go between focusing on ranged combat or looking at dual-wielding? I mean, either way you'll probably be using guns, but... Oh well. As for Fallout knowledge, you can check out the wiki online if you're interested. The basic idea is this: in 2077, nuclear warfare broke out across the world, and most of it was turned into a holocaust, a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Especially America was ravaged, although several thousand or even million humans were able to survive by hiding in special Vaults--fallout shelters.

Also: how would you guys feel about me tweaking the Fallout setting? In particular, removing some of the pervading elements of 1950s America. It's nothing against that time period or anything, I just find it hard to believe that the entirety of cultural and societal advancement would halt for over a century.

GM Armadillephant wrote:

1) Belle: Rangers could also be very nice to have. Any thoughts on which route you'll go between focusing on ranged combat or looking at dual-wielding? I mean, either way you'll probably be using guns, but... Oh well. As for Fallout knowledge, you can check out the wiki online if you're interested. The basic idea is this: in 2077, nuclear warfare broke out across the world, and most of it was turned into a holocaust, a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Especially America was ravaged, although several thousand or even million humans were able to survive by hiding in special Vaults--fallout shelters.

2) Also: how would you guys feel about me tweaking the Fallout setting? In particular, removing some of the pervading elements of 1950s America. It's nothing against that time period or anything, I just find it hard to believe that the entirety of cultural and societal advancement would halt for over a century.

1) Maybe ranged with some close combat abilities.

2) Don't mind about either choices.

Dot for interest, let me sort through the ideas running around in my head and get back to you.

Edit; I've played the games, first one up, extensively though not the dlcs for 3 and new vegas and I love the theme of them but, although I do love the theme, I'm cool with seeing what you come up with in changing it up.

Edit: Edit: I like a good mix of rp and combat though I favor rp.

I love fallout! I've played Fallout 3 and New Vegas extensively. As for RPG game style, I lean slightly towards the combat aspect of the game. I do enjoy roleplaying though.

Character-wise I'm thinking a Human (Wasteland Tinkerer) Alchemist (Grenadier). He'd be a mercenary demolitions expert and general tech savant.

Edit:Part of what makes Fallout great to me is the weird 50 sci-fi feel, but if you changed the setting I'd probably still like it.

A close-to-middle-aged cloistered cleric. A Follower of the Apocalypse, former NCR foot soldier forced into medicine by the necessities of war as a rookie, went wandering after his service ended and joined the Followers of the Apocalypse. With a special interest in neurology, psychology and nano-biology as it pertains to the bodies ability to heal itself and elevate itself to higher levels of performance.

Avenus Rolin is a born and bred Californian brahmin farm boy who left home as early as he could to join the NCR with childish visions of glory and the greater good. Upon surviving his first battle his visions were stunted by the gruesome reality that is war.

Hiding in trenches, getting shot at and watching your friends bleed out and die for a week does wonders for a mans mental growth Rolin often reflects. The screaming, the whizzing of bullets and the dull thud of impact does wonders to a boys psyche, he either hardens himself to the cold reality of it and finds a job to do or he crawls up into a shell where his spirit withers and dies. Rolin found himself a job. Finding the screaming disquieting at best he had worked to quiet them and soothe them as best he could. Calling on his limited knowledge of healing from his years on a farm Rolins used his natural streangth and bound wounds, set bones, administered painkillers and generally worked to quiet the screaming. The battle was won in the end, superior numbers and equipment proved once and again that might is right and Rolins received a clap on his back and a medal and then was promptly whisked away for medic training for his work.

Rolin served two stints for the NCR, dedicating 8 years of his life to them, assisting and leading many revolutionary researches in the field of his chosen study and developing several methods to increase and decrease the bodies hormonal balance, power and distribution to beneficial or devastating effect but at the end of his service he left without many words.

Fed up with blood and war, along with the echos of his somewhat less ethical experiments stealing his sleep, he decided it was time to for a change. Joining up with the Followers of the Apocalypse Doc Rolin went out into the world with the with the aim of aiding the common populace.

Ooor... An oracle of Battle (haunted curse flavored as hallucinations brought on by experimenting with meds on himself) from the Brotherhood of Steel. His abilities will be flavored as tinkerings with his power armor and developing new devices that generate different effects that affect the hormonal balance of bodies.

[Cure x Wounds f.ex.= Avenus has developed a gauntlet that allows him to deliver meds through needles that he can produce through the fingertips of the gauntlet. The charge machanism for the gauntlet is under constant development in regards to capacity and mixtures.]

Great! Let me just post to recap what I'm seeing so far...

Limey: Winter McAllister, human rogue/alchemist.

DM Hetero: interest, no concept.

GM Spugly: Human Paladin

Belle: Ranger; any definite plans for race?

Sigz: Cloistered Cleric OR Oracle of Battle, presumably human in both cases (definitely for a BoS character).

What, no ghouls?

And Sigz, your background brings up another point: any opinions on where to set it? I personally only have Fallout 3, so the Capital Wasteland is the area I know most about, but I'd be fine basing it in Cali, near New Vegas, or really anywhere, for that matter. I'd be happy to create my own regions and landmarks, so if you LOVE the idea of a midwest-Fallout game, I can work with it.

GM Armadillephant wrote:

Belle: Ranger; any definite plans for race?

Human Wasteland Resister.

Had an idea about a Rogue Wasteland Tinkerer, but it's more a "I want my character to build something cool" than anything.

Any character with good crafting skills could potentially build something cool, and even mediocre crafters can follow instructions on a schematic--crafting skill just improves the quality of your creation! And a ranger with some radiation resistance could be hugely helpful.

while not official content, i recommend this for possible inclusion into your game:

Engineer (Alchemist Archetype

I am playing one in another Fallout game right now.

GM Armadillephant wrote:
Any character with good crafting skills could potentially build something cool, and even mediocre crafters can follow instructions on a schematic--crafting skill just improves the quality of your creation! And a ranger with some radiation resistance could be hugely helpful.

Making a Gundam is out then... ranger it is.

Tenro wrote:

while not official content, i recommend this for possible inclusion into your game:

Engineer (Alchemist Archetype

I am playing one in another Fallout game right now.

Ahh, yes. I quite enjoy your posts in that game, Tenro--I've been following it. Hehe.

I am fine with the use of this 3rd-party archetype.

Guess I got overlooked. Human (Wasteland Tinkerer) Alchemist (Grenadier) he's gonna focus on bombs, use computers, disable device and crafting explosives.

I'm from the midwest, so I'd love a midwest fallout as well. I think basing it around the ruins of a city makes it more interesting. I'm running a post apocalyptic game set in Cincinnati in real life at the moment.

I'll work on crunch and backstory once I know for sure where the campaign in set and what house rules we're using besides armor as DR.

Sorry Jelani!

Hm, midwest set in a city... Fallout Chicago? That could be very interesting...

House Rules: I'm using armor as DR, yes, and there are others, including.... Wait...


Below are some spoilers including info for character creation. Beware, there are a lot of links you'll have to use and sites to look through to decide on stuff...


Use this page for weapon costs in caps; also can navigate to Fallout : New Vegas weapons

Use this page for weapon damage

I’m willing to allow lots of different melee weapons from other sources, (e.g., Pathfinder) on a case-by-case basis dealing with balance AND sense in the setting

Use this page for ammo types and prices. Both this page and the others should have info on which guns use what ammo.


Use this page for armor names, DR, prices, and weight. Note that you cannot take any specifically named armor or unique armors, please; basically, just ask me about the armor and I'll tell you if it's viable.

Here's the breakdown of armor types:
--Any armor/clothing on the wiki that weighs less than 5 lb. DOES NOT COUNT as armor; that means you can wear it, get the DR, AND keep your Defense bonus. You can also wear it without any armor proficiency.
--Armor/clothing that weighs equal to or greater than 5 lb. and less than 20 lb. is light armor.
--Armor that weighs equal to or greater than 20 lb. and IS NOT power armor is medium armor.
--Power armor is heavy armor, but note: only individuals with connections to the Brotherhood of Steel (i.e., you’re a member) have training to wear power armor or access to it.

I'll also be using the Defense Bonus variant rule in this game, because it makes sense: without armor you're a little quicker to dodge, but if you get hit you're going to take (a lot) more damage.

A man after my own heart! The same exact houserules I use in my home post-apocalyptic games. I'll start working on a character now. I might just play a Fallout version of my eccentric uncle. How far after 2077 is this game taking place? Were we all born after the event, or could we have been alive before?

Edit:May have missed this somewhere, but are guns all Martial weapons? Simple weapons?

Nice to hear I'm doing something right! As for time period, I'm thinking long enough that humans were all born after the Great War, so maybe somewhere around 80-100 years later at the least. I don't care if we put it before or after or during other games, though. I think it'd be interesting to have ghouls know about the world before the bombs, but humans only have second-hand information.

Dark Archive

Just thought i would say if i wasn't in three campaigns and about to GM another i would be in this(or try at least lol). This sounds really cool man. I may read some of the gameplay when you guys start :)

Is the defence bonus variant rule listed anywhere else but d20pfsr? 'Cause I can't open the page from work.

I'll start on the detailed stuff when I get home from work (I'm on GMT). Depending on what Jelani wants to play, I may re-jig Winter into a sneaky scavenger type so I'm not duplicating what his grenadier would be doing.

Sigz - It's a 3.5 variant from Unearthed Arcana. Just Google it, it's on multiple sites I believe.

Limeylongears - Should have my crunch up soon, but in one words my focus will be BOMBS.

OK - here's Winter, who I've built as a scavenger/scout type. Traits are summarised in the background - let me know if anything needs tweaking/scrapping.

Looks pretty good. However, could you include a spoiler on your Special Abilities? Specifically, which human template you picked up. The background is interesting, and rife with possibilities; how does Winter feel toward merchants or mercs, or does he know nothing about the way the homestead was destroyed?

On the live uranium-tipped shell: if that's radioactive, that's dangerous, and could constantly be blowing up your RADs.

Also, with regards to equipment, you mention goggles; you know you can buy a pair and add their DR to your armor's, right?

Please see below, as well.


I screwed up and forgot something, everyone. YOU ALL GET ONE (1) FREE WEAPON AND ONE (1) FREE ARMOR PIECE ALONG WITH THE CAPS. This means, yes, you can get a free Sniper Rifle if you really want. Likewise, if you feel like grabbing a set of Combat Armor, go for it.

Is Psion allowed? I am thinking off a Wasteland Stalker Cavalier musketer sniper.

I'm very hesitant to allow much if any psionics in the game, but if you can give me some specifics, I'm happy to give it a look-over and a ruling. Any specific powers you're interested in?

As for the.... er... all that, sounds like it could be interesting. Keep in mind that focusing on a bit of niche weapon like the Sniper Rifle could affect your capabilities in different settings and situations; for example, I'm seeing a couple people with ideas that would flourish in ruins, where snipers are less useful. And I'm going to be enforcing the fact that snipers are almost strictly long-range weapons, and therefore have vast range but take a bit extra to aim and fire accurately.

Just keep it in mind! :)

DM Jelani:

Okay, I think you're having the same issues with spoilers that I always do--namely, there doesn't seem to be a good way to fit spoilers within spoilers. I wish I knew a way to fix the issue.

I'd prefer that you refer to Armor Class as AC, rather than Defense, just so I don't do a double take every time I look at it, heh.

You sure you can't crank any more points into Intelligence, there? ;)

Looks pretty good, all in all. Pick up a weapon, and spend your caps!

Winter (forgot something earlier):

I notice you bought a waterskin, which would probably be reskinned as a canteen or a bottle or something... be aware that water isn't super-common, especially clean water. Certainly you can fill that up when you get to a water source, but I'm not sure how useful it'd be in the long run (I'm still not quite sure how to deal with starvation and thirst in this world...) Just something to think about.

Also, no one has responded to my question in my original post: any opinions on a good first adventure? Wilderness trek? Dungeon crawl? Search and destroy? Find your dad? Wake up from a guy leaving you for dead? Anything?

"Wake up from a guy leaving you for dead?"+"Search and destroy?"+"Dungeon crawl?"

Dude leaves us for dead, we're motivated by revenge to search and destroy him. Which leads us to dungeon crawl his gang's secret hideout thingy. Classic post-apocalyptic plotline.

Are ghouls and humans work hand in hand? I can consider a ghoul too

Okay, here's a link to the actual alias I'll be using.

Levi Walstad

What can we buy with our caps? Just normal Pathfinder stuff? What about ammo? Grenades? Can I craft grenades?

GM Armadillephant:

Re; waterskin, my reason for including that was, due to the fact that water is so scarce, you'd be inclined to stock up on it whenever you found a decent source, even if it meant keeping it for weeks... However, if we're not tracking that sort of thing, it can just be there for fluff.

As far as the other equipment goes, I'll sort that out this evening - if we're allowed one free bit of armour and a free weapon, I'll be able to find a use for the spare caps.

The 20mm shell isn't radioactive in its present form - things would get unpleasant very quickly if it took enough damage to set it off, though.

Again, I can add this into the background, but Winter would have no particular issues with mercs in general - he was expecting the Second Apocalypse to come, and bore as much resentment to the Talon Company troopers who razed the commune as you would towards an avalanche or earthquake (he knows who did it - they left a couple of casualties at the scene). Re: merchants, he doesn't know who ordered the hit - again, he wouldn't bear a grudge himself, but if one of them remembered him or his insignia from a past encounter...

I like the idea of a dungeon (vault?) crawl a lot, or maybe a trek through some ruins

How are you breaking down weapon proficiencies? Something general like Simple = small guns, melee, unarmed? Martial = Big guns? Exotic = Energy? Or are you going to be doing it on a more case by case basis?

Avenus Rolin:

Human oracle of battle 1
Medium humanoid (human)
Init +6; Senses perception +6
AC 17, touch 17, flat-footed 16 (+4 dodge vs. Super mutants, +1 dex, +6 class)
hp 10
Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +4
DR 40
Speed 30 ft
Melee +2
Ranged plasma rifle +1, 70m, 4d10, 19-20/x2
Space 5, Reach 5
Special Attacks +1 to hit super mutants)
Spells known (CL 1, DC 14 + spell level, concentration +7)
Orisions; light, mage hand, ghost sound, resistance, stabilize, virtue
1st, bless, cure light wounds, divine favor,
Str 14, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 18
Base Atk +0; CMB ; CMD
Feats improved initiative, warrior priest, Armor Proficiency (All), Weapon Proficiancy (simple, martial + 2 small or big guns)
Traits Wasteland Mutie Killer, Armor Expert,
Skills craft (armor) +4, heal +6, knowlede (engeneering) +4, perception +6, use computer +?
Language english
SQ Mystery (battle), oracles curse (haunted), orisions, relelations (skill at arms)
Combat Gear ; Other Gear medic power armor (45), 180 caps

You realize that someone with DR 40 is going to be impossible to damage without large weapons right GM? Do big guns count as large for overcoming Armor DR?

Ah, yes, weapon proficiencies.


Okay, here's how it's going to work: remember that link I used a while ago, this one? On that page, weapons are divided by Fallout type, then into their own subcategories.

Simple Weapon Proficiency: Small guns (pistols), Explosives, Melee, Unarmed. Everyone is proficient with explosives, melee, and unarmed weapons, even monks and other characters without explicit Simple Weapon Proficiency.

Martial Weapon Proficiency: Small guns (rifles, shotguns, OR SMGs), and EITHER one Big Gun or one Energy Weapon.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Single guns of other kinds.

If you craft a custom-built weapon, like railway rifles or Rock-It Launchers, you're proficient with that weapon.

ALSO, don't include an alignment on your character. I'm going to be using something like the Karma system, I'll let you all know about that by the time the game actually starts.

DM Hetero: Ghouls and humans can get along rather fine, at least some of the time. Ghouls are a totally acecptable race choice; that's why I included them.

DM Jelani:
Crunch looks pretty good. Get me a background and whatnot, I'm excited to have you! You can buy basically wahtever with your caps; if I don't like something you purchase, I'll let you know. Also, use common sense as to what makes sense in the Wastes; for example, a big clock won't be very helpful.

Sounds fine. Just wanted to make sure you knew what's up! The cannon shell sounds interesting,l and I like the opportunities you give me in the backstory.

Looks good! Brotherhood of Steel, huh? Make sure to read up on them! Feel free to spend those caps, and write up a background.

EDIT: Yes, I know that. The thing is, a lot of the "dangerous" enemies that you'll be facing ARE Large (Super Mutants, Yao-Guai, big robots, radscorpions...), Yes, Big Guns count as Large, as do Alchemists' bombs. I'm contemplating letting certain weapons bypass DR as well... Maybe laser and plasma weapons bypass half of it. I want bludgeoning melees to bypass it too, but I'm trying to reconcile that with an armor-wearer's lessened AC...

Ahhh I can't wait to do the character sheet but overseas now so....yea ..will continue to visualise my character.

Just to check, are rogues proficient with any weapons other than those listed in the Simple category?

Hm... Rogues... I shall allow you to grab SMGs, I think. They seem fitting for a rogue.

So I guess I'm not proficient with my shotgun. I'll need to rethink my free weapon I guess. Still need background too, are we on a deadline here?

Roll me a few Craft checks to make the shotgun yourself, and it's yours, Jelani! Isn't that what the Master Tinker thing is great for?

As for a deadline, not really, no. Once I have a good party of characters and concepts, I'll take you into Discussion. Ideally, I'd like between 4 and 8 characters in the group.

So far I'm seeing Jelani, Sigz, and Limey with aliases at various stages of completion. DM Hetero and Belle have both offered interest, but no solid character work yet (which I totally understand!). So recruitment is definitely still open, at least for a while.

I'm thinking of a ghoul, monk/barbarian. He has battled with the feral aspects of his kind and has come out in control. He now uses the ferocity inside to survive. Would you want me to take martial artist, or can I bypass alignment restrictions. Also I feel like ghouls should probably have claw, or slam attacks naturally. Otherwise feral ghouls are going to be pretty chumpy.

I'll give you the monk without alignment restrictions--honestly, I've always hated that. As for claw and slam, feral ghouls have those by nature of their being feral. Humans don't have slam attacks, but human zombies do; it's sort of like that. There's something about going wild that gives them the insanity to strike with extra force.

Well, I only took craft (Explosives). If I can craft explosives with something like Craft (Weapons) then I'd gladly switch it.

Well, I'd be willing to allow you to craft grenades and mines with craft (weapons), and you can build anything using Crafting if you have the schematics. So if you'd like to switch, go ahead. Or try and make untrained Craft checks; you'd still have a +5 bonus.

K. Don't really know how crafting works, but here are some rolls.

1d20 + 11 ⇒ (12) + 11 = 23
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (17) + 11 = 28
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (13) + 11 = 24
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (16) + 11 = 27
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (16) + 11 = 27
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (19) + 11 = 30
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (20) + 11 = 31


...Well, doing the math, you nearly crafted that shotgun half again (285 caps worth of crafting, that!). So, feel free to grab a fair amount of ammo to go with it!

Got your PM, Spugly. Sent one back.

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