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GM Agent's Skull & Shackles

Game Master Heaven's Agent

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Male Human Barbarian (Sea Reaver) / 1

If we're getting technical it's four cp. ;)

M Human (Mwangi) Druid of Gozreh 1

I like the plan; and don't mind some of the handwaving for the daily duty type stuff.

female sylph transmuter 1

Some suggestions (now that I'm on the train...):
--put a hard limit on the length of a day's actions (e.g. 48 hours real world time). Anything not completed by then is completed for us by the GM.
--write posts such that they complete actions rather than leaving things open. For example, Šeherzada's interaction with Grok could have ended in the previous post with "Grok gives you the statues and the following items".
--write posts in abstract rather than in-character. For example, Šeherzada's interaction with Kroop could have been much shorter if it were written in prose GM-voice rather than in-character. ("Kroop wakes up, and while he's grateful that you put out a fire, when you negotiate with him for the release of your turtle he eventually tells you that if you want it back, you'll have to find a way to get him some other delicacy for the Captain's table.")

I would prefer all of those to the proposals currently on the table, but like I said, I am happy to go along with the majority.

Does that make it 6cp now? ; )

Male Human Barbarian (Sea Reaver) / 1

As long as we're using the correct currency, yes. hehe

Male Halfling Cleric 1 HP:9/9 AC18/T14/FF15

I've no problem with the way GM A wants to continue. I'm not worried if Cecic hasn't got much to do, provided someone's making progress (I've got something to read) and I like the 48hr rule.

So how much did it cost for those words .. 2cps.

Male Halfling Cleric 1 HP:9/9 AC18/T14/FF15

GM Agent, would you place the links to the ship and its crew on the Campaign Info page, as it will make it easier to find, rather than looking for the correct post. Well it would be a great boon for me ... :)

Sorry for not posting an update tonight; I'm afraid I'm having trouble focusing. I'll get some good sleep and get an update done in the morning.

female sylph transmuter 1

Heh, I know the feeling! No need to worry, we'll be around. : )

Hope you get a good night's sleep!

It was good sleep indeed. Now I'm off to celebrate ENnie gold!

Now I really wish I had been able to attend GenCon ...

Male Human Barbarian (Sea Reaver) / 1

Guys, just an update; I've been swamped at work the last few days and been struggling to keep my head above water there. I hope you can all be patient with me while I get that crud worked out. I'll get in as soon as I can and get posting again. Thanks for being patient! Or at least not acting impatient! :)

Wiki admin 5, artist 1, game master 1

Keyboard and mose acting up; gotta figure out what's wngack again soon.

Sorry for my absence. My computer was possessed for a bit: Seems I should have uninstalled WoW a few years ago, when I last cancelled my game account. I started the updater while considering playing again, and it turns out they optimized the client files in that time. The launcher started the process on my machine, and for some reason it played havoc with my system files.

female sylph transmuter 1

I am likely to only post sporadically over the next few days. Deadlines looming at work. : s Sorry in advance for any absence, feel free to adjudicate Šeherzada's actions in my absence.

M Human (Mwangi) Druid of Gozreh 1

The semester just started, the hordes are at the gate, but I'll be here defending it.

Come back soon!

Male Halfling Cleric 1 HP:9/9 AC18/T14/FF15

Away at Music festival 7-9th Sept, no posting during that time.

Away with family 15-16th Sept, no posting at that time

Arg, I can't believe I never posted an update here. I'm extremely sorry, folks.

My financial structure collapsed out from under me a few weeks ago, so I'm scrambling to secure new employment and basic necessities at the moment. It's not a great situation, but I'm surviving. Unfortunately, it takes most of my time, and when I finally finish for the day I'm usually wiped out.

I do intend to continue this game when things settle down again, but for now I have to officially put things on hold. I had a promising phone interview today, though; I've got my finders crossed.

female sylph transmuter 1

Hey GM Agent, thanks for letting us know. Good luck!

I am also still alive, but am completely swamped with work. I should be back on deck (ha ha) tomorrow sometime. If anyone/everyone is keen, we can always talk amongst ourselves on the Gameplay thread.


Male Halfling Cleric 1 HP:9/9 AC18/T14/FF15

GM Agent, hope things turn round for you soon. When you're ready again, PM us to get us back in the game. In the meantime, I'll join any conversations that go on to keep the dots there.

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