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From Deathmatch to Deathworld

Game Master Finwa

A new world for people from Meowselsworth's Prisoner Deathmatch Extravaganza! and natives of the world (if anyone is interested in that).

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Female Helmet Cat

Mittens hops down from her hoverboard onto the cart, for once touching her paws upon something that is not hers. A light goes off on her helmet and the hoverboard starts to collapse in midair, folding down and then landing next to the helmetcat. "I'm pretty sure I'm still tripping. Maybe time travel isn't real?" She does not seem pleased with that thought.

Leoian sighs a bit with relief when Finwa touches his hand, but cries out and quickly drops the amulet, he backs away from it and holds his head as if in pain his eyes tightly shut. "W-what was that? k-keep that thing away from me..."

He seems rather rattled by the Amulet, but does take Finwa's hand when she tries to lead him into the cart, which the others seem to be able to see once more, but he again sees nothing. He hesitates as Finwa climbs in, knowing there should be a cart there. With her help he manages to get on board and sit down. He looks towards Bryn when the man pats his lap, and grabs at Finwa's hand squeezing tightly a sort of silent plea that she stay with him; he wasn't doing well with the invisible cart ride and if she needed to sit on someone she could sit on him.

He nearly falls out of the cart when Millie takes off, he gropes blindly for something to hang onto. If she stays with him he'll get his arms around Finwa, and cling tightly to her.

Female Cimelocarn

Finwa worries as Leo drops the amulet and while he has trouble getting into the cart. She gives Bryn a worried look but does not get in his lap as it is much more important to keep Leo steady.

The little lady figures that with how rattled Leo was if she were to sit in Bryn's lap that would surely upset and worry him even more. Instead she pressed against Bryn's side and pulled Leo to her, holding the halfling close, her cheek against the top of his head as she rubs his back hoping that Bryn would get the idea and hold onto them to make sure they do not fall.

"Oy! Ye'all hold'on! Ah think ah be trippin! Ah talkin' cat? Oy, wha be next?" Hugh seemed to be unsure but turned back to keeping the mule on course.

Millie moved with a good amount of speed but when it came to the turn she slowed down and stopped. She shuffled her feet back and forth as she snorted at dark shapes between them and the town. There was no other way for the mule to go but when Hugh started to turn her towards the other route two dark shapes flowed into the middle of the road.

"Ah neva seen em dis much." Hugh considered as the shadows fought to stay in the dark patterns on the ground but as he was trying to figure out how to get past those two the mule had different ideas of her own, "Oy! MILLIE!"

The mule moved quickly across the road towards the two dark shapes, running over one and making the other jump backwards. The sound of squishing as well as the feel of the cart going over something was strong and Finwa fought to hold onto the cart and Leo.

A clanking sound could be heard from the side and a hissing shape clamoured to get in. It must have been the second shadow.

Lost soul

Charlene leaps to her feet with a hiss of pain, balancing in the bed of the moving wagon as she whips the silvery sword zipping in a downward arc, slicing toward the darkness trying to board.

balance: 4d3 - 8 + 3 ⇒ (3, 2, 3, 3) - 8 + 3 = 6
swordery: 4d3 - 8 + 5 ⇒ (2, 2, 3, 1) - 8 + 5 = 5

Long training overcomes the bumpy ride and the strange sword bites into the shadow, leaving a streak of black ichor along the gleaming silver which swiftly burns away into trailing smoke.

He looks to the nervous halfling; 'If he cannot see!' Bryn is astonished at the bravery of the man and how trusting he is of Finwa. Bryn leans in and softly his arms gently encircle the pair, trying to make the feel secure.

"Do we attract them?" he whispers to himself as at first he feels them, then sees the shadows.

The jostling bump as the run-down the creature causes Bryn to let go of the pair, however they remain secure upon the cart. He slews to one side his head bouncing off one of the side railings, seeing stars through dark eyes Bryn watches Charlenes dazzling display.

Female Cimelocarn

Finwa holds onto Leo thankful that Bryn understands and wraps his arms around them to hold them there. As he accidentally lets go Finwa grabs for the back of the cart behind them and holds on while making a worried sound in the back of her throat, almost inaudible.

She doesn't even look up but she can hear Charlene killing the second creature and the sounds of the dying beasts as Millie trods on away from them.

The cart slides to a stop in front of a mill alright and much of it is made from stone and ... metal? Yes some of the structure looks like metal but that should not be around in medieval ages. Not this kind. The building looks strong as it is actually two connected. There is no air of magic around this building and the lights that turn on seem to be automatic.

The little lady almost falls off the cart as it stops because of the speed in which it stops and yelps in fright.

Hugh jumps off the cart looks about quickly as dark beasts jump back from the light, "We had best be inside dere quick ye ken." He says as he works on getting the harness off the mule.

Lost soul

Charlene jumps from the cart, landing with a pained hiss as her wounded leg gives a bit, but retaining her footing. She crouches in a combat stance near the mule and the carter, watching the shadows for anything venturing out and prepared to slice into it to protect the group's benefactors.

"Inside, quick!" she calls to the others, "Unless you can help fight."

Bryn blinks away the spots at the edge of his vision, rolling out of the cart in a crouch. Quickly he starts to regain his senses; making sure that the pair of smaller people are in front of him he hustles towards the doorway. There's a guilty nagging that he's leaving Charlene to defend their rear once more.

His head turns quickly as he sees her injured leg slightly crumple. 'I know I should help Hugh, but the cartier has more skill and experience.' Bryn stands and waits near the doorway, a silent sentinel ready to protect and fight.

Female Helmet Cat

Mittens hops onto her hoverboard and seems at first to turn tail and run, before her board curves back around to float near Charlene, "I'll watch your back. You're here because you're as tough as nails and sharp as a tack. Can't go losing that resource, eh?"

Leoian does fall out of the cart when it stops, landing with a thud on the ground. He picks himself up seeming a bit shaken, but unharmed and rather glad to be out of the cart and on solid ground.

When Bryn tries to hustle towards the door, he pushes past to join Charlene "I don't expect you have a bow, but if there's something I can use as a spear I can certainly help." He looks around quickly for something he can use, he manages to find a metal pole with a broken jagged point, it must have come off the mill. It isn't ideal by any stretch, but Leo's hardly in a position to be picky, he stands by Charlene ready to fend off the darkness.

Female Helmet Cat

When Leoian arrives, Mittens says, "Welp, you're pretty well covered! Catch you later!" With that, she zips on back to follow Brynjard.

Female Cimelocarn

Finwa drops off the cart and rolls into a crouch looking around with fear in her eyes. While Leo and Charlene set up to watch there backs she stays in her spot terrified but then Bryn gets her moving to the doorway.

She has no clue what exactly is going on or where everyone is as she's only moving on instinct as the shapes writhe just outside of the light's length.

Once she has stopped she starts to shake without knowing what to do. She's not one of the brave ones and she knows it but is also not happy with being so scared and unable to help.

Hugh fights with the halter and finally gets it off the mule who rushes forward accidentally knocking him over and moves straight to the doorway that the other two are in so she could get inside.

The shadows stalk just outside of the lighted area as Hugh gets up, "Come a'ya. We need ta get inda mill!" He limps towards the doorway and a dark arm shoots out of the mists trying to grab his leg.

There are 5 shadow creatures. 1 has gone after Hugh. The mule is running towards Bryn and Finwa and Finwa is too scared to move on her own. The creatures do not seem to wish to get inside the area of light but will put an arm or leg ... or other body part ... but not all of itself within the area to try to get it's prey. Enjoy :)

Bryn grabs Finwa softly around the waist as the mule comes flying towards them in a blind panic. His powerful arms curl around her soft waist, the donkey rushes towards him and just as he thinks; 'I wonder is my super-power to control animals....STOP MILLIE!'

He moves mostly out of the way as he tries to stop the mule, whilst getting the beautiful cat-girl completely away. The donkey falters for a second, then moves towards him and crash into the Norse-man jamming his leg between the architrave and the heavy sweaty animals body. There's a loud snap.

Sorry short post will post more in am.

Female Cimelocarn

Once again Finwa feels herself being moved out of the way and she drops as she hears a snap. The little lady turns to see the mule backing away and then moving towards the opening of the building. She notices Bryn down on the ground and sees the bone through his clothing, his leg bone having torn through the skin and cloth.

Finwa screams at the animal who just moves into a stall but the little lady finally has a reason to not freeze up. It's not herself now. It's Bryn and she can't let him be hurt any more than she can let Leo, Charlene or Mittens.

She grabs Bryn behind the arms and pulls him towards the inside of the door but the dark creatures notice the smell of blood and start trying to rush the light. With some hauling she gets Bryn into the room and yells out, "We're in! Bryn's hurt!"

The little lady watches Bryn as dark maws snap out of the darkness and are forced back by the light but they are starting to get more daring, almost getting their bodies part way into the illuminated area.

He stumbles under the tender care of Finwa; "Thanks." he gasps but the words come out hoarsely. Opening his eyes it reveals that his pupils have dilated so wide they take up the whole eye. Taking in her beauty and worried features; he smiles wanely glad that she has pushed away her fright.

The instant stretches as his eyes meet hers and he sees some shock in her features. Taking this as a slight or rejection of whatever is happening to him, he looks away scanning the doorway.

'They are covering the doorway, Hugh is under assault. And how will the others get in here, past them?' Then he has an idea, foolish and theatrical, as seems to be his want.

Rising to a crouch her dives to the doorway, one leg giving out on him part way putting him off balance but he still gets there to confront the maws.

"rrraaaAAARRRRGGGHHH!" he shouts in an attempt to scare the creature.

With his long muscular arms he wraps it around the creatures muzzle, then rolls back into the building holding on. It's partner flicks a claw at Bryns leg, the blow glancing but illiciting a gasp.

Bryn with a grip around the shadowy creature's muzzle attempts to strangling and grapple it whilst the light does it's work. Motes of darkness and ash fly from the creature trapped in the light by Bryn. It struggles to escape, claws raking against the Norsemanss clothing.

The sounds of the struggle and screams verberate in the confided space as the shadow starts to die. The second in the doorway backs away slightly, whether afeared or with some plan. Thus allowing Mittens others the get past it into the buildings protective light.

Leoian is almost immediately upon the second creature in the doorway, not seeing Hughs the halfling is oblivious to the man's peril, but the creatures in the door are a clear danger. With a quick flash the makeshift spear plunges deep into the creature spilling black ichor. Using the shaft of his spear as leverage Leo heaves the beast away from the doorway to open it up completely. Seeing Bryn struggling he moves into the mill and thrusts his spear into the creature's chest, it may have already been dying but he couldn't tell that from the door. Once satisfied that Bryn, Finwa and Mittens are safe he moves back to the door.

"Hurry Charlene, they won't come inside we should be safe here." He calls to the brave woman and positions himself to fight off any of the dark creatures that try to block her from the door.

Lost soul

Charlene whirls to slice at the arm reaching for their benefactor, barely missing as the thing jerks back into the darkness. But the distraction of the swordswoman and her short but stalwart companion are sufficient. As Leoian runs for the doorway, two dark arms reach out of the darkness in the cover of Charlene's shadow and grasp her ankles, yanking her feet from underneath her. She keeps hold of the sword hilt as she falls, scrabbling for the mule's harness to keep from being dragged into the night.

Hugh turns with a cry to grab the shoulder of her shirt, trying to pull her further towards the mill, his gnarled fingers twisted in the tough fabric. Stretched between the wagon and the darkness, she cannot bring the sword to bear effectively and can only nick the binding arms. She releases the harness, sitting up against the pull of the old-man's grip, and clears the clutching arms with one silver stroke of the lovely blade.

Hugh retreats, calling for her to follow. As she rises from a crouch, one of the creatures, crazed with pain or desperation, leaps full into the light, crashing into Charlene and pinning her to the wagon wheel. Claws tear at her shoulders and teeth at her head as she instinctively tucks her chin to protect her throat, bringing the sword forward in a short stabbing motion, then sawing downward to release its vitals to the light. With a horrid shriek, the thing disintegrates into wispy black smoke.

Female Helmet Cat

Mittens zips past the shadow creature once it is moved to get through the doorway. She pauses for a moment at the doorway, and her helmet gives off a very bright pulse of light, blinding if it were anything but a flash, but if someone was looking directly at her, they might still have a spot in their vision. With that, she continues into the building to safety.

Bryn rolls out from under the shadowy being as it dissolves it the light Leoian's spear through it. Covered in dark lines of black ichor where the creature has clawed at Bryns skin. He rolls over and where the ooze is rubbed away is left faint pink scratch marks.

Curled up in a ball upon the floor a dark oil dribbles from the side of his mouth. Slowly the Norseman tries to regain his senses.

Female Cimelocarn

Finwa jumps up as Bryn tries to kill one of the creatures and does a pretty good job of it hand to hand until Leo comes along, kills one then finishes off the other. She literally has to hop to the side as Bryn rolls across the floor and notice the black ooze coming out of his mouth but there is yelling outside.

She looks outside and sees a shadow attack Charlene pinning her to the cart but Charlene gets out of the grasp and kills it. Another is rushing towards her but as it is about to attack the human woman she can see a tree root sprouting from the middle of it's head as it was attacked from behind by a root.

"Run Charlene!" Finwa screams and she sees this man, Hugh, grabbing her to get her inside so the long eared female goes back in and tries to comfort Bryn.

Hugh moves along quickly for his age probably because of the scare of the creatures but it is also possible that he's just well maintained being a farmer. He gets Charlene in through the door and throws it shut on a grasping claw ripping off the digit as he forces the bar through and stumbles back onto his rump huffing and puffing.

His eyes are wide as he looks at the rest of the group and shakes his head, "Aye ye lass! Ah thought ye be good at de sword but ah neva thought ye be havin' two fledge drui types."

Leoian sighs in relief when everyone's safely inside, he tosses down the jagged pole he'd used as a weapon. He comes over to check on Bryn's injuries. He furrows his brow finding the scratches are only faint pink marks, although the biggest problem is his leg, that was likely more than Leo would be able to take care of.

"Mittens can you come over? I need your emergency kit again, thought I don't know if I can really treat this properly." Leo gives Hughs a confused look while he waits for the med kit "Sorry sir... what`s a drui type?"

The older man cocks his head to the side and points at Bryn's leg, "De drui. Ah ma talk myten be messin wif ye. Drew eeds. Drewid. De girl, she not be a fox'un methinks and de lad dere. De lass she calls de wood and de leg of da lad be healin' aready, see."

As the man mentions, Bryn's pants no longer has a bone out of it but they could hear a crack sound as it snaps back into place. If anyone checks under the slacks they can see the leg slowly healing.

Lost soul

Charlene stumbles in as Hugh shoves her, blinded by the blood running into her eyes from her lacerated scalp. She sets her back against the wall and slides down to sit on the floor with a plop, gently setting the sword at her side while her left hand pushes a flap of scalp back in place.

"Guh," she says, wiping her eyes clean and looking at her blood-slicked hand with some amazement. She doesn't seem to be in any pain at all, but rather surprised at everything.

"Did it bite me?"

Female Helmet Cat

"My tools are here for anyone's use," says Mittens, approaching Leoian to give him access to the newly sterilized tools. "Focus on taking care of Charlene first. She looks like she got seriously messed up."

As he watches the scratches seem to fade even further to pink lines and the nearly disappear.

There's a slightly strange angle to Bryn's leg as he looks over to the others concerned. 'Useless, I was useless when I got my followers killed and still am now.' A wave of melancholy hits him. He blinks away the black liquid and looks to Charlene injured, as he lays on the floor.

Breakink out from his self-pity; he cracks and eye. Charlene lays slumped against the wall; a bloody mess. 'I abandonned her, twice. Now she is in such trouble. I must let her know I am her for her.' Slowly uncurling from his foetal position, he crawls with his arms towards her.

Each movement causing a shooting pain through his body, but determined not to let her down once more - he moves forward. Inexorably his movements draw him closer to the woman, his friend. Just wanting to be there for her, even in his current state. He reaches out and arm.

His hand falls upon her ankle, there's a flicker, a whisper at the back of his mind. He reaches out to it, his groggy mind not being able to concentrate - it slips past like mist. Charlene opens her eyes slightly The merest flicker at his touch on her injured ankle, the feeling becomes more tangible.

Bryn grasps it, holding it tightly. There's a stillness to Charlenes mind, a surprised peace. He feels such tranquility, intrigued by this new power he pushes slightly further. Before him lays a dark well and he pauses. In his daze the voyeur curiously pushes onward.

He touches the darkness and it floods all over him. A tsunami of pain and suffering, Bryn opens his mouth in a wordless scream unable to draw any breath. His body contorts and stiffens but his hand is locked in a rictus death-grasp upon her ankle.

Ragged gasps rip through his body and his muscles start to burn, the world turns grey. Threatening to pass out, but his heart jack-hammering against his chest brings him back. Then his skin starts to tighten and it bursts in a gout of blood pouring from the open wounds.

Flesh tears and is rended as if under invisible claws until his wounds match Ms Oftenseens. Covered in his own red vitae, his eyes wide open but unseeing. The Empathetic Norseman feels all the pain and suffering in a instant rush.

To the observer; the Charlenes wounds close like Bryns were doing minutes ago. An impossible healing; as the destruction and injury was transferred. Slowly she is returned to health, though covered in her own blood and rents to her clothes.

Bryn finally lets go rolling away, a low moans is torn from his lips as the pain roils through his body. Softly the man whimpers like a child during a nightmare. These healing powers partially supressed, he lays curled up.

Female Cimelocarn

As the amazing situation between Bryn and Charlene happens Finwa watches astonished by it but once it is done sh moves in and grabs Bryn, holding him to her with her chin on the back of his head, giving him a tender kiss there. The little lady rocks him while brushing his hair with her right hand. She tries to soothe him as best she can as she feels her own weariness starting to close her eyes.

Finwa does not wait to ask about bedding. She simply creates one underneath herself, Bryn and Charlene but big enough to include Leo on her other side like the one they had in the tree but it forms under each person to cushion them for sleep then beckons with her hand for Leo to come onto the bed with them so he could curl up at her other side.

"Do you need a bed too? She asks Hugh who shakes his head in awe of their abilities then says he can get them pillows and blankets to keep them warm before he goes to a bedroom close by, "Come on Mittens. You can have a pretty pillow you. Leo ... please, here , slee..."

Suddenly Finwa yawns loudly and her ears flick as her eyes close. Once Leo is beside her she will roll a bit to kiss his cheek then fall asleep purring.

Leoian takes the emergency kit from Mittens ready to patch up Charlene but watches as Bryn seems to take her wounds upon himself. He stands somewhat confused not sure how to help now. He nods slowly when Finwa asks him to come join her, he comes over but instead of laying down with her he leans over to kiss her forehead "In a bit Finwa, I need to talk with Mittens again... but don't wait up for me, seems like you're pretty tired." He smiles at her and slides his fingers through her hair.

Looking towards Mittens he sighs softly, he really would like to just curl up with Finwa, but the best chances to talk with Mittens were when everyone else was asleep. "Meowsie... if you have some time I could use your help."

Female Helmet Cat

Mittens's ears perk up slightly, and she seems quite ready to sleep, but she sits up again so that Leoian can speak to her. "What do you need my help for, Leo?"

Bryn rest peacefully, the sweet embrace of Morpheus nearly as rewarding as Finwa's. If he knew how much he tested Finwa's endurance then he would have been chastened and embarrassed by her kindness.

Leoian comes over to talk with Mittens "Whatever this is that's stopping me from seeing the village and people. Do you trhink there's anything you can do about it? After seeing the amulet... I'm not sure it's because of magic resistance... if so then wouldn't it just not effect me?." He leans in a little closer so that the others won't hear unless they're making a real effort to."I tried to run a diagnostic, and found sensor interference, would you be able to make an adjustment to block it it out or something?"

Female Helmet Cat

"Something I can do about it? I have a hard time with magic you know. That's why I engineered you to be immune to the awful stuff! But okay, I think I should be able to work something out so that you will resist most magics, but this amulet will be added as an exception to your magic firewall... I think it creates physical distortion in the space around you! That might be what's gumming up the sensors. If Kittingsley created a fireball, you would perceive it, and the air around the magic fire would still burn, but not the fire itself..." explains Mittens, sounding a bit unsure about this whole thing herself. "Welp. Is that all?"

Leoian shrugs not knowing anything more about the amulet than he's already said "Well I don't know I think magic stuff just doesn't work on me, I guess like you said with Kittingsley. But this amulet is different I don't know if it makes magical interference, electric, radiation" He shakes his head "Diagnostics just says interference, maybe if you hook up to the log dump it has more info. I just know that whoever's using that amulet or things like it I can't perceive... and when I held it that was a real mess... my sensors went haywire. That's all I have for now though, unless you have some advice on how to get more attention from Finwa."

If Mittens does have advice he'll pay careful attention before going to curl up with Finwa, if not he'll skip right to the snuggling.

Female Helmet Cat

"I mean, if they're already invisible to start with, you should be able to see them just fine when there's no interference... and if the magic makes them visible to the rest of us, then that would explain why they're not visible all the time. Some kind of natural magic? Like... sugar into tea, I suppose, where the invisibility is the sweetness," decides Mittens, "I'll run a diagnostic and... I still don't understand humanoid romance. If you want more attention from Finwa, set up a timeshare agreement with Brynjard? That way, less time would be spent in this 'competition' thing and more time would be spent getting attention. Remember to include Finwa in the timeshare contract agreement, or else you will likely have problems." This is probably bad advice.

Bryn snuggles up the the warm body of Finwa, whilst in his sleep he slowly heals from the wounds. Though the speed of recovery is remarkable, wounds that would have scarred Charlene for life will have left him by the morning.

Leoian follows pretty well as Mittens explains Finwa had talked about the magic being like sugar in tea before as well so he supposed that must be correct, Mittens and Finwa were both really smart after all. She lost him a bit when she started talking about timeshares. "I'm sure that's good advice Meowsie... but I don't really understand... I guess I'll just keep trying as I am now, though if every so often you think of an excuse for her and I to be alone together that could be helpful."

He looks towards Finwa sleeping next to Bryn "Do you need me to stay up for the diagnostic, or adjustments? If not I'd kinda like to join Finwa for cuddling... I love when she rubs up to me and purrs in my ears."

Female Helmet Cat

"Ew, gross! I didn't want to hear that about the ear purring, man, isn't that where kittens come from?" Mittens might be a genius when it comes to technology, but she is a young feline and has neglected her studies in biology in favour of transdimensional physics and spiritual android engineering, though her androids are indeed indistinguishable from the races they are based on. "Gotta be careful about making kittens, Leoian. Real careful. And like I said, the time share gives you plenty of time with her alone! Anyways, sleep during the diagnostic, just consider a timeshare. That's where there's like a schedule, where she is your girlfriend half the time, and the other half she is Brynjard's. Based on my observations, you spend about twenty to thirty percent of your time in conflict leaving you with a measly twenty five to thirty five percent time spent with Finwa. If you make a fifty percent schedule with Bryn, then you are increasing time spent together by fifteen to twenty five points. That's a significant increase!"

~~~In the Morning~~~

Bryn slowly wakes up, rousing into conciousness; his mind kicking into gear remembering the previous night as a bloody nightmare. However the coppery smell brings the reality home to him. Finwa's warm form besides him warms the stark reality, though he rolls away from her barely disturbing her slumber.

Getting to his feet in the mirk he looks upon the scene and realises that she must have created the cosy dell. 'But she was exhausted, did I force her to do that for me...' sorrow takes hold, but he realises his selfishness has caused so much pain already. Quietly he goes and finds a bowl of water cleansing the wounds that now are open furrows upon his skin. Washing away blood, both his and the 'shadows' he tries to turn it into a cleansing ritual, forcing his thoughts.

Silently afterwards he remains crouched in the gloom of the tower, watching over the others. 'I need to talk to Charlene, or ask advise from Mittens.' he awaits their waking.

Hugh opened a door and looked in at Bryn and spoke quietly so as not to wake the rest but his voice could possibly do it alone being so new to the group and unusual, "Ay. Yer up already, lad. Ave ye cookin' skills? Ye ken help with de orsefud. Oats n de mornin' shud do ye nice. Ah thought ye ken sleep more afta las' night. Wha a night. Ye lookin' little whiter den ye ken when ah firs' met ya. Ye wanna talk, aye?"

He was holding a pot of water, surely having come from the kitchen and he gave Bryn a look of sad reflection that comes from someone like a father noticing his son just realized what sex was. He waited at the door to see what Bryn would say seeming almost like an apparition in the morning light that came in from the windows.

It almost seemed surprising that the creatures had not gotten in that way but then when one looked at the windows they would notice the thick bars running along them horizontally to keep things out but let light in.

Bryn looks forlornly at the group asleep; "Yes, I am a good cook. And it's the least I can do." he says in a hushed whisper. "It would be good to talk to someone." Then he follows the clever older man.

Lost soul

Light was growing, but her eyes wouldn't open. She tried, but they seemed gummed shut by something. Pulling her hands from her hair proved they were also stuck, then she remembered. First there was the beast, then being hustled inside the mill, then trying dazedly to hold the pieces of her scalp in place. Then Bryn had crawled over and taken hold of her ankle. Waves of warmth and relief from the growing pain had spread through her, and she'd passed out.

She listened for danger but could hear little beyond soft breathing and Hugh's quiet voice. Rubbing her eyelashes between gory fingers freed them enough for her to crack open her eyes and see the gloves of dried blood covering her hands. She gingerly poked fingers into her crunchy hair, trying to find the wounds, but they were indistinguishable in the general mess.

But all in all she felt... fine. Absolutely fine. Charlene levered herself into a sitting position and peered around through slitted eyes. Surprisingly, she still felt fine, though she surely looked a bloody mess. "Water. I need water," she whispered, and rose quietly to her feet.

Leoian's eyes widen when Mittens mentions making kittens "What that's how kittens are made?? So she's... trying to make kittens with me?" This relationship was a lot more serious than he thought. He didn't think that's how it happened in nature, but he'd never met one of Finwa's race before. He nods slowly "Yeah you're right Mittens, I better be careful, not that I don't necessarily want some kittens... just this is pretty sudden." He probably shouldn't believe everything Mittens tells him, but that's sort of how he was programmed. "You sound like you know what you're talking about with this timeshare thing, I'll have to talk to Brynard and Finwa about it, but for now I'll sleep and run diagnostics."

He moves over to his spot in the little nest and wraps his arms around Finwa to settle in to sleep, he still appears to be fast asleep when Bryn and Charlene wake, perhaps the diagnostics is still running.

Bryn is in the kitchen quietly examining the root vegetable. Getting ready to prepare it for breakfast. Although the cartier had asked if he wanted to talk and he did desperately, however the words would not come out. Quietly he gets the knife a drags it down the skin, peeling it.

All is still and silent, patiently Hugh watches and prepares the coming meal. Then Bryn hears the soft words and there's a pang of conscience, he moves forward. Turning round and picking up a dish he moves towards Charlene; "Here drink this." He kneels before Charlene with the dish of water.

At first he brushes her dry lips with the liquid, to moisten them. Then he gently pours some down her throat slowly. "There you go."

Hugh watches as Bryn starts cutting the root vegetable not knowing whether the young man wanted to talk or if he just did not want to talk to a newcomer. Either way Hugh decided he would be there for him when he did wish to talk and started up some tea to help refresh the group.

He heard Charlene ask for water and walked to the large door, seeing Bryn bring her some and help her. He waited quietly as the kettle sat on the stove starting to heat up.

The older man turned his head and smiled at the other two cuddled up together. It was incredibly cute with Finwa's arms wrapped around him and head on his chest. It had also been cute with the three cuddled together.

Youngsters. He thought with a smile.

Lost soul

"Thank you," Charlene murmurs, "Where did you get it? Is there a place I can wash?" She peeks at Bryn with some curiosity. "What did you do last night? You stopped the pain."

His heart skips a beat to find she speaks; face lighting up as he delicately feeds her more water. "Yes, wash there." he points to the room in which he did his ablutions. But as she opens her eyes and ask him a question he looks away from her fearing judgement but realising it's inevitable.

He stretches out an arm; "Here, I'll help you up." the words are quiet and filled with shame as he evades the question.

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