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From Deathmatch to Deathworld

Game Master Finwa

A new world for people from Meowselsworth's Prisoner Deathmatch Extravaganza! and natives of the world (if anyone is interested in that).

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Female Cimelocarn

Finwa takes a glance at Charlene to see how Ms. Oftenseen was doing then over to Mittens but notices Bryn changing from the sides of her eyes. She turned her head slowly so as not to dislodge Leo, still playing with the halfling's hair and watches the progression of clothing off to on.

It seems amusing that watching the singer put his clothes on was rather pleasant. So it worked both ways. That was interesting to note until she heard Leo sigh and felt him get up.

There was a stiffness to him getting up and gets dressed quickly then directly to the tree. It was strange and it made her curious, especially since his scent had been changing before he had gone to the tree.

She looked at the others again then got up, pulling her clothing lithely over her body. Even though she did not try to move in any specific manner it was still noticed that she too was a gymnast with a power that belayed her small size.

The little lady walked past Bryn, touching his arm as she did so then over to the tree, hopping up the bark like a squirrel. She got up to where Leo was and looked at him, holding onto the bark, "You ok?" She asked quietly, "Did everything today tire you out too? You seem ... I don't know. Stressed maybe."

Leoian blinks at the woman who followed him up the tree "Finwa... what are you doing? I'm ok, I can climb a tree on my own. Besides you're tired... He leans in to speak quieter, although it probably isn't necessary since they're almost 30 feet up a tree. "And you didn't ask the tree permission, what if you lose your grip? I said before we sat down I would climb the tree after we ate to see if I could spot anything." He sighs, and rests his cheek against the tree. "Of course today has gotten to me too, you almost died... I thought you had. But I'm trying my best. I know I'm not smart like You and Mittens, I'm not good at planning like Ms. Oftenseen, and I'm not muscly and fun to look at like Bryn. Just a little halfling who talks too much, I can't blame folks if they don't pay much mind. Even if I talk a lot, I don't know very much about most things."

"Climbing really is something I'm good at though..." although, judging by how she scampered up after him, Finwa was probably at least as good "I guess you like climbing too, but if it's ok- He starts climbing again "-I'd like to spend some quality time with the tree, and learn what I can about the forest. Maybe we can have quality time when I come back down?"

Female Cimelocarn

She looked at him with a brow raised, one ear cocked and the other down, completely confused by what he was saying. Yes she was tired but she was concerned. That seemed to be an ongoing thing with her. The part about her almost dying having gotten to him made her blush.

"Wha... Leo. Of course you're not like others. You're Leo and that's what makes you special. You don't talk too much and I pay heed of what you say even if I don't say anything about it at the time. And you do know stuff! You knew how to save me, how to bind my wounds and you know woods. And you can climb really well."

Finwa breathes out as he starts to climb again, "Yeh." She says then starts back down, figuring on working on the inside of the tree.

Lost soul

Charlene watches the others eat, accepting a plate of fish and nibbling gingerly on it, but eating very little. She sits off to the side, looking out at the pond and listening carefully to the conversations when they are within earshot.

Finally, she looks to the furry hostess. "Ms. Meowselsworth, can you give us any insight into why we are here, or how? Is this more of the show? Are we still in prison? I'm certain the confusion is all very entertaining to the audience, but I don't recall anything like this on the waiver I signed. That was specifically for killer robots."

Bryn watches with a certain jealousy at the way that Leoian manages to elegantly climb through the trees. 'A child of the forest, to think I was wanting us to head to civilisation!' a small snort comes out. 'Civilisation, what a stupid construct of man. Amongst the forest we are probably more civilised than all the bureaucrats and politicians in towns and cities.'

He stirs the fire gently; 'No, I should be happy here. I might have to rely upon these woodsmen more.... but I'll try to help them as much as....what was that?' There's just the faint flicker of a dark shadow at the corner of his vision, across the side of the pool. "Excuse me." he says getting up; "I'll get more firewood." his words distracted as he lamely excuses himself.

Moving away from the others, towards where there seemed to be a disturbance he softly plods. 'Maybe it is another cute lady in the bushes, someone for Leoian to woo? Another refugee?' Around the Norseman, he feels it get darker and cooler despite not entering the undergrowth yet.

As he walks into the damp verdent undergrowth his steps careful, Bryn shivers slightly. The unease he feels seems enhanced, not just the usual fear of being alone in the wilderness. There's a movement, a shadow that seems to flicker nearby. A soft thrumming growl that doesn't reach his ears but he feels it in his heart.

The dark North-man spins around at an implied prescence, what seems like a dark claw whips across his torso as he falls to the ground away from it. A line is drawn across his abdomen, ripping a fine line in his shirt. Bryn gasps in shock and scrambling to his feet run towards the clearing, the fire and the others.

As he approaches the comfort of the fire; Bryn senses that the creature has faded back into the woodland... maybe it was afraid of the fire or the sunlight? Wide-eyed he looks to the others.

Lost soul

Charlene springs to her feet as Bryn lurches back to the clearing, shirt gaping open at a tear from a razor-sharp object. "Mr... Bryn, are you alright?"she gasps, grabbing the primitive spear and staring off into the brush from which he emerged.

"Maybe there are still killer robots, hmm?" she muses, looking at the pointed stick in her hand and realizing how useless it would be against some of the machinery she'd seen in the studio. Still, it was what she had to work with. Shrugging, she strides off into the underbrush.

Female Cimelocarn

Finwa gets to the bottom of the tree and feels a shudder through the bark as something passes through the forest. She gasps at the feel of the malcontent, the pure apprehension from the inner being of the tree and she gets an image of some shadow going after Bryn. The little one yelps in astonishment but it is more a squeek than anything.

With a rush she starts off towards the others, realizing that the tree extended a root into a small spear for her which she grabs as she skids to a hault beside Bryn and notices Charlene going towards the woods.

"NOO Charlene!!" She calls as another dark form awaits the woman just at the edge of the woods, watching for her to step past the underbrush.

Looking down at the cut, his fingers play across the scarlet line. The blood seems to dissappear at his touch leaving just a faint pink line across his firm flesh. 'Is it real? What happened.' Bryn thinks confusedly as Finwa moves to him and Charlene starts into the bushes.

Leoian looks down towards Finwa as she starts back down the tree, she had looked just about as confused as he felt. He sighs as he continues to climb 'Smart Leo, just push her away, she could have come... no she distracts me, I might miss something important. Worry about helping the group first, and getting close to Finwa later. Why do I need to be close to her anyway? Everything's so confusing, I need to talk to Mittens if I can manage to do so without having it broadcast to the world.'

Having disappeared into the treetops Leo was blissfully unaware that Bryn had been attacked. Coming to the top of the tree he pushes his jumbled thoughts aside to concentrate on the task at hand, and peered out across the forest. The tree certainly did make a good vantage point, it easily cleared the canopy towering over most of the other trees. His eyes widen and he looks back at the tree "Something's wrong in this forest, and you can't tell me what. I should get back down."

Bryn shouts up to Leoian; "Can you see anything from up there? Your vantage might help." Bryn shouts his clear voice carrying to the tree tops.

Female Helmet Cat

"Questions questions questions questions! I don't have time to answer questions!" Meowselsworth complains in response to Charlene's query, though it's clear that the feline has plenty of time, and is not really all that busy. In fact, she's just on her back pawing at the sky for the most part. "And I already told you, I neither know where or when we are. You are not still in prison, clearly. You are presumed dead. And by being legally dead, you've pretty much waived all rights to having rights. My treating you with courtesy is a courtesy. Besides, I like all of your spunk. Spunks?"

Female Cimelocarn

Finwa leans over Bryn to check him over and see what she could do and notices the wound closing up as he touches it. She gasps and looks at him in surprise then figures it is best to think of that later and turns towards where Charlene had gone, "Damned it all."

That is what you get for being too complacent. Time to deal with it though.

Paying no attention to the self absorbed helmet cat, Finwa runs towards where Charlene went and looks into the underbrush for their friend. This was truly going to be survival after all. She stays at the edge of the clearing, warily watching and yelling for Charlene as she can feel the darkness move between the trees in the shadows.

((ooc: this was my 100th post :-) ))

Bryn's querry is answered with a surprised scream from Leoian, followed fairly shortly by the halfling tumbling through the leaves to where he can be seen again. The small man bounces against branch after branch in a clearly uncontrolled descent. "Ow, oof, ow, ow, pain, ouch." He makes a small noise of complaint at each branch he hits, before running out of branches to hit, and falling the last approximately 15 feet. He lands with a thump at the base of the tree, then slowly picks himself up and dusts off his pants "Well not the ideal dismount, but I'll take it."

He then notices Bryn "Bryn! There's something wrong with this forest, something huge just tried to knock me out of the tree!" It apparently succeeded. "There are lots of animals that I don't recognize... that I didn't know existed, and some of them seem especially hostile, we should be really careful." He blinks at the taller man "You managed to lose your shirt again already?I guess when you've got it flaunt it."Where are the others?"

Bryn winces as the halfling falls through the boughs of the tree. As Leoian approaches Bryn move worriedly towards him; "You alright?" he brushes his shirt; "No, it's just cut. Something in the woods sliced my shirt....I thought I was cut! The girls have gone off into the woods after the shadow." Bryn is distracted, something has affected his concentration and he looks up to Meowselsworth upon the hoverboard.

Blinking his eyes and with a shake of his head he sits down; "You should probably make sure they are alright...sorry I'm a bit....." he slurs slightly.

"Me? sure, it's not the first tree I've fallen out of, probably won't be the last, and it did its best to catch me." Most likely meaning he hit every possible branch on the way down. Leoian frowned listening to Bryn he still wasn't real clear on what happened, but apparently something cut Bryn, and the girls ran off after a shadow. "What? are they trying to get killed?" He quickly looks around spotting the trampled bushes, and broken branches which must be where they went, and quickly starts off in that direction. He calls back over his shoulder "Mittens, take care of Bryn, I'm not sure what's wrong, but make sure he doesn't pass out or anything. Hopefully I'll be back soon with the others."

Lost soul

Charlene pushes into the undergrowth in the direction Bryn came from, clutching her sharpened stick. She could feel the oppressive threat, the darkness, but it only increased her determination.

"We've met before. You know how it turned out. It will be the same way here. If you don't believe me, let's go!"

She brandishes the stick and turns with startling speed when she hears a rustle behind her, jabbing reflexively with the improvised weapon. It meets resistance, and something wails, starting in the subsonic and rising through ear-ripping supersonic pitches.

Hands clamped to her head, Charlene drops to her knees, retching, as the sonics disrupt her inner ears. She looks up as the wail scales out beyond hearing range, seeing Leo approach through the brush.

"Hello." She rises and looks at the speartip, covered with black ichor which swiftly dissolves into a vapor. "That only injured it. It'll be back. We should have a fire tonight." She meets the halfling's eyes and nods, then realizes her leg is damp, pantsleg soaked in red as the gash on her thigh pours out blood.

She grimaces and claps a hand hard on the gash. "It's deep. I need to sit down and put some pressure on it. I don't suppose we have any needles or thread or antibiotics?" she asks the woodwise little man.

Female Cimelocarn

Finwa walks throug the undergrowth leaving very little trail to be seen. Even though she was no woods woman she should have been able to find Charlene but the opening where the woman had gone through had been closed when Finwa did, changing back once she was past. It did not seem like she was getting any nearer to the forest even though she had been walking for a bit.

The little woman hopped onto a rock to see better and went stright to the woods looking for the other woman but once in the wood she felt the trees agonizing over the dark creatures, giving her clues enough to jump back when the strike came just in front of her face. Her breath came out raggedly in fear as another strike swished over her ears which were just then moving to squish against her skull.

She backed up and fell as she put her small lance up to avoid the attack, holding it horizontally in front of her. Whatever it was decided to push against the stick while slashing out at her face with its claws.

Suddenly she saw red almost like a berserker and screamed as she asked branches to pierce her foe. Black ichor ran out from the creature and all over Finwa as it screamed with the little woman but in pain. It thrashed against the branches, tearing them and then dissappearing from sight.

Female Helmet Cat

"Yeah, yeah, make sure he doesn't pass out, alright Leoian..." says Mittens, not seeming really to properly commit to taking care of Bryn, though the helmet cat floats on over to him on the hoverboard, getting the camera up in his face. "So are you drunk or something? Is your superpower synthesizing higher blood alcohol levels? Mine's keeping a shallow interest in observing spontaneously developing superpowers."

"We have a fire right now! Why didn't you stay there? I thought you were the calm organized one, what kind of plan lands you alone in the woods chasing shadows?" Leoian looks down at Charlene's leg when she says she needs to sit "Cripes you're bleeding like crazy... keep pressure on it, if you can try to keep it elevated, gravity will help slow the bleeding." He grimaces when she asks about needle thread and antibiotics "No, we've got lots of plates though! Those are real helpful right?"

He kneels down next to Charlene and sighs his voice softening "I'm sorry Charlene... err. Ms Oftenseen I don't mean to yell at you, It's not your fault that we don't have any supplies. I'm just stressed, and frustrated. Don't worry I'll help you, I can find something to help keep away infection... and something to help stop the bleeding, but it will take me a little while. I need to get a look at it, sorry about this." He take hold of the tear in her pants, and rips it open further to expose the wound. "Is the bleeding slowing at all? You didn't hit an artery did you?" He can't tell just by looking so he tears a strip off his tunic folds it up, and places it against her wound putting Charlene's hand on top of it. "Keep this there, and press hard, I'll be close by so keep talking to me, if it soaks through that let me know right away."

He gets up to go collect supplies "Where's Finwa? Didn't you come after the shadow together?"

Bryn closes his eyes for a second as Leoian talks to him; "Sorry, I ...I am sure..."

When he opens his eyes again the cute Mittens vaguely observes him from atop his hover-board. "That'd be good, save quite a good amount of coin in taverns." His words unsteady as his feet; whilst he places a hand upon the loam attempting to raise himself to the vertical.

"Superpowers... that'd be interesting. Although I am sure it'd be quite interesting and gritty show without them. I cannot think of many interesting super-heroes." the Northman smiles blinking rapidly.

Lost soul
Leoian Mousekewitz wrote:
He gets up to go collect supplies "Where's Finwa? Didn't you come after the shadow together?"

Charlene clamps the cloth pad down on the wound. "At least it doesn't hurt. What do you mean, where's Finwa? If she came out here, she was behind me. We better find her - let's go together. This place isn't safe," she says levelly.

She rises, still keeping the pressure on and hobbles back the way she came, ensuring Leonian is coming along, using the spear butt-end down as a prop. "Finwa? FIIIINWAAAAA!"

Female Cimelocarn

Finwa was shaking when she stood, covered in dark ichor and grossing out about it. This was disgusting. She turned back towards the way she had come in and walked away, moving under the bushes with a determined attitude, wanting to find Charlene.

Charlene's call came from not far away and made the little one jump to look over the undergrowth she was under, "Ms OFTENSEEEN? CHARLENE?" She ran towards the sound of Charlene's voice, knowing that dark forms were watching her but not really caring. They didn't seem to want to tangle with her yet after that last attack.

She came towards the others then stopped, waiting, as she remembered some training she'd learned to stay in one spot and found the rock she had stood on before. Looking out at the forest she called, "Charlene? Come out of the woods! Please be ok. Please be ok."

Female Helmet Cat

"Sure, I can think of million interesting super-heroes," says Mittens to Bryn, staring at him. "You're looking a little off. You poisoned there? If you're poisoned, I can get Leoian over here, he can suck the poison right out of you. Actually, I don't really know how to treat poison. You might be dying." Her tone is pretty neutral, though she adds, "Wouldn't that be a shame! Just die on me after all you've been through. Hey, Mousekewitz!"

"Ms Oftenseen stop! you're going to agravate your wound, if it doesn't hurt you're probably in shock. If you're well enough to walk then go back to camp, and concentrate on stopping the bleeding, use this moss it's a... I don't remember the term but it helps stop bleeding. He gives Charlene some spongey moss, and realizes he can't very well just leave an injured woman on her own to get back to camp. "I'll take you back, then I can track down Finwa and bring her back too." His ears perk a bit when he hears Finwa's call. "Finwa! Stay put, I'm coming to get you soon."

He starts moving towards the camp and clearing some undergrowth so Charlene has at least somewhat of a path she can hobble along. He hears Mittens call his name and groans softly "I'm a little busy right now Mittens! Can it wait?"

Female Helmet Cat

"I guess it can," decides Mittens, still staring at Bryn. Leo said to watch him, after all. "Hey, Mousekewitz! If you need my Helmetcat Excellent Lifesaving Medical Emergency Tools, let me know! I have a set to spare, and it's not like I can use the stupid things!" She even uses her announcer voice so that she is easier to hear over a distance. More quietly to Bryn, she remarks, "A little bit of poison never killed anyone."

"A million, great your breadth of consumer knowledge is quite extensive." Bryn tries to shake off the poison his thoughts confused and he gibbers slightly.

Squeezing his eyes tightly he answers; "Poison, yeah. You're poison running through my veins. You're poison, I don't wanna break these chains." He softly sings remembering his childhood. Opening his eyes he seems more stable on his feet, except his pupils must have expanded to fill all his eyes. They are dark black pits, he looks around the clearing as if seeing something different.

"Poison!" he slowly says, bending over and splashing water into his face as he tries to look around to see what has happened to the others.

Female Cimelocarn

Stay put. Leo will come get me soon. Right. Just stay put and everything will be fine.

Finwa kept up the mantra as she listened to the rustle of leaves and could feel the eyes glaring deep into her from the woods. They were out there and they were now angry.

She sat on the rock watching the woods but the creatures would not come out where there was sunlight. No. It seemed that they preferred the dark comfort of the woods. Interesting. What if ...

A couple of trees upper limbs moved allowing sunlight into the woods near where she had heard Leo's voice. It wasn't exactly where they were but close by. Screeches could be heard from that area and she clasped her hands to her ears to block them out.

Well that worked to get them more upset. Good work girl. If they weren't enemies before ... they were enemies so no big deal there. She just made them more interested in her than the others though. Good. It will keep them busy watching for a way to get to me instead of thinking on how to get to Leo and Charlene.

Now she sat there. Waiting and working on ideas of what to do for camping tonight because these, whatever they were, were not happy. Get food. Grab herbs. Create sleeping quarters. I can get Leo to get more of those herbs he had Bryn chew and show her what they were so she could grow more in their quarters. They could get more fish to cook up for in case. She looked up and sighed. They'd better in case the weather turned nasty. And if Bryn and Charlene were hurt they would have to take care of them for a while before moving on.

I hope you are getting this on film Mittens because you have got yourself a survival show. Good ratings at least for one episode. Let's see how they survive. She snorted as she laid her chin in her hands.

The darkness starts to shimmer and coalesce, the thickening into a sludge upon the cornea. It trickles down his face, the viscous fluid leaving a trail until it drips from his countenance upon the mud floor. Where it hits the soil with a hiss.

Bryn looks around the clearing, his eyes normal once more. Seeming composed and healthy, his whole stance has changed from moments ago.

Lost soul

Charlene limps back into the clearing leaning on her spear and pressing a pad of spongy moss to one thigh, and sinks onto the soft grass near the water with a grateful sigh. "Stop fussing, Mr. Mouskewitz, I'll keep pressure on it and the bleeding will stop. It's not like I have not been injured before. In the meantime, I'm going to wash as best I can. Blood is so sticky. Please go find Ms. Finwa."

Keeping one hand clamped on the makeshift bandage, she hefts a couple of large rocks until she finds one with the appropriate curve and quickly swaps it for her hand, using it to keep the pressure on her leg. She scrubs her hands in the water, sighing at the awkward position and keeping the spear nearby, just in case.

"Mr. Silenoz, are you well? Mr. Mouskewitz has some helpful moss if your injury needs tending."

Eyes widening at both Ms. Oftenseens appearance and words. Taking in what seems to have happened to her, undoubtedly she'll have put up a good fight. He lowers his head slightly ashamed and embarrassed at the question; Charlene had been injured because of something he had started whilst he was uninjured. "I'm fine." he almost whispers.

"You're right, what do I know about treating injuries in the wilderness? Leoian asks as he comes into the clearing with Charlene, then looks around seeing Bryn near the water, and Mittens approximately where he left her. At least Bryn seems healthier than when he left, maybe the man had just been shaken by the attack.

"Yes Mittens please get your tools ready they're all we have right now, and as much as Ms. Oftenseen insists I not fuss, without treatment that injury could kill her, especially if it gets infected.

He sighs looking over his shoulder towards Charlene "The moss just helps slow bleeding, it isn't magical or anything. I'm going to find Finwa and bring her back, please everyone stay out of trouble."

The halfling disappears into the bush back the way he came without a sound. Finwa's trail isn't quite as obvious as Charlene's but is still easy enough for Leo to follow, he finds her fairly quickly sitting on the rock. 'Thank Erastil she actually listened to me and didn't wander off.' He quickly slipped over to the woman, to her it probably seemed like he appeared out of nowhere. He wasn't trying to startle her, he'd just been taught not to be seen or heard when you're tracking. "Finwa, what do you think you're doing out here?" He probably looks like a mess with a torn tunic and Charlene's blood on him.

Female Cimelocarn

Finwa had been sitting on the rock, listening to the sounds of the dark creatures and worrying that they might figure a way through the bush and into these light ferns and small shrubs. She was worried that if anything happened that anyone else would be in trouble just coming to help her and it preyed on her mind making her more and more nervous.

The sound of Leo's voice and him coming out of nowhere startled her and her emerald eyes went wide as she threw up her staff in front of herself horizontal to the ground as if warding off an attack. She had no clue how to fight with the pointy end so she only used the staff as a defensive maneuver.

A little yelp followed but when she realized it was Leo she threw the staff down and jumped into his arms holding onto him, shaking with her head on his chest, the dark creature gore sticking against his torn tunic, "I saw Charlene go into the woods and I was so scared that I followed her to tell her to get back but I couldn't find her and I thought she'd get killed or hurt like Bryn and I guess I got lost and now I'm all gooey and they're out there they really are out there and they want something from us. I was only trying to help but ... I messed up. I messed up and couldn't find her. And one attacked me but I kept it off me but it almost got me. I was only trying to get her back safe and it's a mess."

She choked out the words, scared and not knowing what exactly she was saying.

Female Helmet Cat

"Looks like Brynjard isn't poisoned anymore, I probably healed him or something," decides Mittens, seeming rather self-satisfied. She kneads on the board for a few moments, making a horrible scratching sound, and then starts licking her front paw. "You know, Mousekewitz spent a lot of time lost in the woods as a kid, he's kind of a woodsman. Can kill a squirrel with the best of 'em."

Lost soul

Charlene looks curiously at the helmet cat. "I thought Mr. Mousekewitz was your creation. How could he have ever been a 'kid', Ms. Meowselsworth? And good work on curing Mr. Silenoz of the poison, however that happened." She peeks under the rock and makes a face as the blood still trickles. "What we need is a knife. And needle and thread. And a round of antibiotics. Come to think of it, food, shelter, and security would be handy. At least we have water," she finishes with a little sigh, looking at the waters for a moment then leaning back on one elbow in the grass.

"Ms. Finwa didn't happen to create a cup, did she? And how are you feeling, Mr. Silenoz? I thought you were injured?" She peers curiously at the tall man through the rapidly dimming twilight.

Leoian sighed softly and hugs Finwa against him, how's he supposed to stay mad at her like this? "Alright Finwa, calm down I'm here now, and I'm not angry, just in a hurry. Those things are still around, I can hear them and smell them... We'd better get moving, I don't think we have much daylight left, and we still don't have any supplies or food." He gets a twinge of frustration at that and can't keep quiet. "We really need to focus on what's best for everyone. This power you have is a far bigger asset than even my experience in the woods, but it doesn't mean anything if you squander it. I need you to think about what we need most to survive, and not just jump to do what Bryn suggests."

He takes Finwa's hand and starts to lead her back towards the camp. "Right now I may need your help, even if you're scared and covered in goo. Which is odd when Ms. Oftenseen poked one of those things with her spear the black stuff just disolved, but yours didn't. Anyway we'll worry about it later, Bryn seems to be alright, but Charlene has a deep gash in her leg that we need to tend to. Thankfully Mittens has an emergency medical tool kit, I know what she needs, but I don't know the medical terms for them, and I doubt the tool kit will have them labeled as 'stops bleeding' and 'kills infections'" He looks over his shoulder at the woman and smiles a bit "And remind me later to teach you how to use a spear."

Female Cimelocarn

Still nervous and fearful, Finwa takes some deep breaths as Leo hugs her making her feel better and safer. Somehow Leo could do that and she did not know how. He was so much smaller than Bryn like she was but he had this feeling of safety.

It is true that they need to focus on everyone and what is best for them so she nods in agreement. She finally looks up at him as he mentions about jumping to what Bryn suggests and gives the halfling a completely confused look, "Wha... I ..."

That was such an intelligent response that she became confused even more. What was he meaning by saying that? "Jump to what Bryn suggests?" Was he suggesting that she always did things that Bryn wanted and only listened to the sexy singer? He'd said something strange in the tree earlier which was similar. Did he think she was only listening to Bryn and was she? That was something to ponder but not right away. Leo was right that they had to think of the group first.

"The goo might be a bit different. I had the tree limbs pierce the one attacking me so it was ripped up pretty bad as it tried to get away. I ... I'm not sure but it may have had internal organs cut up from that." She nodded, "Mittens is allowing us to use emergency medicine? Ok. I can find what is needed in the kit and give them to you after a quick dunk in the water. I don't want to get any of this stuff on anyone."

Finwa blushed with embarrassment about the spear, "I suppose I should learn spear work. They make me nervous but it's the first thing I thought of."

Female Helmet Cat

"I also programmed his childhood," remarks Mittens to Charlene, "I also programmed his wilderness survival skills. I wrote the story of his life, and while he knows it, he has tangible experiences to draw from. And the tools provided have a small knife, like a scalpel sort of thing, a needle and thread, and some small amount of antibiotic among other things. Good for saving lives when under the guidance of a Helmetcat who knows first aid. Which... I am not. But Leoian will know what to do with them."

"Yes, thank you Ms. Mittens for saving me....for a second time." his voice is soft taut with emotion that he cannot shed. He looks to the injured manager and his stomach churns, no result of the poison but instead guilt.

"I am sorry, Charlene..." he winces hearing his voice. "This was good for Miss Finwa's injuries." He starts to chew some of the herbs Leoian identified earlier, to place them upon Charlene's wound.

Bryn watches the petite pair as they move back to the fire, his full lips quirk into a smile at them. 'They are so nice, I am glad to have companions as generous and kind.'

"I'm glad you were able to fend it off, and you weren't hurt. Leoian looks over his shoulder at Finwa "Of course, Mittens is trying to help everyone survive as well. This isn't controlled like the deathmatch, she's part of our group now, and at risk just like us." He takes a quick look at the blood and ichor down his front and chuckled "Anyone but me? I suppose I should take a quick dip too. You'll need something to defend yourself with, it doesn't have to be a spear, whatever you're comfortable with, I can help the most with spears and bows though."

He lets go of Finwa's hand when they come into the camp his focus switching to other things, and moves over to Charlene "How are you doing? Has the bleeding stopped?" He sniffs the air they must have used some of the herbs he'd found earlier, he looks towards Bryn, and smiles. "You must have used some of those herbs from earlier, I'm guessing that was your idea, good thinking. Can you maybe get the tool kit from Mittens, and lay it out by Ms. Oftenseen? Finwa and I need to quickly wash off this..." He gesture to the black stuff covering his front. "Whatever it is."

Female Cimelocarn

"No wounds as far as I can see and it tried for my face a couple times. Why... I don't understand why it didn't get me the first try." Finwa considered this a moment and put it to the back of her mind with everything else, "I'm glad Mittens is thinking of us all. And ... oh I'm sorry Leo! I didn't think of... I'm so sorry I didn't mean to get you messy too. I just needed a hug and..." She sighed, "We should test later to see what I'm good at, I guess. Weapons were never my specialty."

Finwa walks into the campsite and looks at the others wondering how the others were and smiles at them, glad they are alive, "It won't take long to wash up."

With that she walks to the lake and strips off her dirty clothing at the side, leaving on only her underthings then dips into the pool, swimming a bit then started scrubbing off the gunk with her hands. She went under and got some sand then some other plants to wash it off but nothing was doing as well as one plant which she picked and gave some to Leo, "This seems to clean it up nicely."

Bryn looks on in concealed horror as Finwa reveals her confrontation with the darkness; 'It probably couldn't mar that visage, surely it must have some soul.' To take his muddled mind off what's happening he starts laying out the kit for Leoians skilled hands. "So Ms. Oftenseen, can I call you Charlene or do you prefer the later?" Bryn tries to engage the lady to take bot their minds off the situation.

He also tries to keep his eyes away from the bathing form of Finwa, resolutley turning his back to her. However the delicate splashing sounds and the anxiety of more potential dangers mean that he occasionally looks over his shoulder. Feeling like Orpheus, he tries to babble on to the manageress. "So, you are the best manager in the world?" he asks banally.

"Well I suspect you fended it off so it couldn't get you. Your defensive reaction with the spear when I found you wasn't bad, you just need to learn the pointy end is more threatening. If it helps don't think of it as a weapon, think of it as a survival tool."

He sheds his clothing as well, and gets into the water with Finwa "You know you don't have to be so sorry, I didn't mean it was a bad thing for you to do; you can have a hug whenever you want... well unless I'm really really busy, then you might have to wait. I'd rather hug you and get messy than not. I needed to clean anyway, I fell out of a tree and someone bled on me."

He's trying to clean quickly, and not be distracted by washing with Finwa, he accepts the plant that she offers him."Oh, thank you." He pauses then points to one of her discarded plants "Umm Finwa, did you rub that on your body? I think that's sting reed, you shouldn't really be touching it. It takes about ten minutes, but then it'll really start to hurt. Your fur might protect you from it, but I think I'd better get something to soothe the sting after we treat Ms. Oftenseen, in case it doesn't."

With the help of the plant Finwa found (the cleaning one, not the stinging one) Leo gets cleaned up pretty quickly, and pulls himself out of the water. He leaves his clothes to clean when he has some more time, and goes over to Charlene and Bryn in his undergarments "Thanks for getting the tools Bryn. So Ms. Oftenseen how's the leg?" He takes a quick look over the tools Mittens provided, some were pretty obvious, a knife, a needle and thread, but the rest he couldn't differentiate very well, a bottle with a label he couldn't pronounce, or a syringe with what seemed to be gibberish written on it. 'Why don't they label things by their use instead of those ridiculous technical terms? Oh well, Finwa will know what they mean.'

Female Cimelocarn

"I like hugs. They make me feel better and ... you fell out of the tree?" Finwa gasped, astonished, "But you climb as good as me or maybe better! How did you fall out?

She looked at the plant and nibbled at her bottom lip and nodded at the plant he said was sting weed. That told her true enough that her abilities didn't include analyzing everything. Just what she needed: something to put her out as well as the other two.

Finwa nodded as he said about the treatment and got out of the water, shook her head so the drops flew all over but away from the others then looked at her dirty clothing and decided to leave them for a bit. She walked in beside Leo and sat on her heels to take a look at the medical supplies.

"Ok Leo. You tell me what you need to do and I will give you the proper equipment to do it, like a nurse to your doctoring. Sound good?" She gave her attention to the fixing up of Charlene as she knew that she couldn't give it to anything else at the moment. Leo might need her to help in one way or another and she had no idea how hurt her female friend was. It was best to keep centered.

Bryn nods to Leoians' gratitude and backs off as he and Finwa check upon Charlene. Feeling slightly useless and not certain of his medical knowledge, he takes a step away. Rubbing the soft fur of Finwa's shoulder, he leans in and whispers softly in her ear.

"Is it alright if I wash your clothes. I am feeling slightly useless and it'd be helpful." he says hopefully. "Nothing kinky of course." the tone of this cheeky but with a hint of anxiety.

With some grace the Norseman picks up the shed clothes and moves to the waters edge to gently wash them of the vile black ichor. Although he does scrape a sample upon a nearby stone, just in case.

"Mittens, you have probably got the right idea. You don't need to wear clothes and you clean yourself... I am sure if we did that the ratings would go through the roof!" he says with a wink.

Lost soul

Charlene picks through the medical supplies. "Thank you all for your concern, but I assure you, it looks worse than it is. It's deep but not very wide. Here's a goo with a name that ends in '-mycin', so that's sure to be an antibiotic. I'll wash the wound and then if somebody will insert some of the antibiotic and do the stitching, I'll be grateful. It's so hard to sew up oneself."

She scoots to the edge of the pool and carefully cuts away the trouser from the injured leg, then sighs and cuts off the other pants leg to match. "That won't look so off-balance, and we can use the fabric for bandaging and tying." She starts slicing the excess fabric into strips.

"In the meantime, what will we do after tonight? Obviously, we need to take provisions to survive. Given the things in the woods, that means a shelter and probably fire for tonight, right away. This injury can wait. It's far more important to live through the night. Then tomorrow, we can begin seeking out civilization. Of course, if we start a fire, civilization may find us."

Female Cimelocarn

The gentle rub of her fur makes Finwa sigh contentedly then she looks over her shoulder directly into Bryn's eyes and smiles with relief,

"I would appreciate that very much, Bryn." She chuckles lightly, "Oh no the kinky stuff is on me so I'm not worried. She teases, giving him a kiss on the cheek and a bawdy wink.

Charlene's turn of actions makes Finwa grin thinking of how tough the woman must be to be able to keep going as she was. The little lady could not imagine not yelping in pain with every move if she had a gash like that. She looks at her calf that had been torn up and remembers how she'd been with that. Such a cry baby. If they had seen her then they would think she was weak.

Her ears moved and then she looked up at Leo, "Uhm ... should I help with this or did you just want me to explain each item? That one is Erythromycin but that's for respiratory infections. Normally they are in capsules but apparently this is in case the person is having trouble swallowing properly. This is ampicillin and is what she should take."

Finwa looks to Leo and realizes he doesn't seem happy with the names so gives him an awkward smirk, "You don't need to know the names. Just what each one does. Here, this is to make sure there is no infection. This is to stop the pain. This one is stitching material and needle. If you need more help just yell. I think you two can do this while I work on that tree for making our sleeping camp."

She kisses Leo on the cheek then forehead and puts a hand on his shoulder, "You will do fine." The little woman squeezes his shoulder, give him another smile then goes to the huge tree to work on their night accommodations.

"Well knocked out of a tree I guess would be more appropriate, but it ends up being the same thing. I'd suggest not climbing above the canopy."

Leoian sighs softly at Charlene downplaying her injury "With all due respect Ms. Oftenseen, you are a very strong and independent woman, but I do not believe you are an expert in woodland survival. Out here a wound that looks worse than it is can quickly turn to one that is worse than it looks. We have very little medical supplies, and it's just too easy to get dirt, bugs or parasites into a deep wound like that, also the scent of blood is likely to attract animals."

He picked out the medications he expected to need as Finwa identified them, and smiles at her. He gets a warm fuzzy feeling that he doesn't understand when kisses him and makes a note as one more thing he needs to ask Mittens about."Yeah I know as long as I know what these do, I know what to do with them. I won't have any trouble, as long as she holds still." He turns back to Charlene "It won't take long so just let me treat it. I promise your chances of survival will be much higher afterwards" Not going to give Charlene a choice he sets about caring for her wound, and despite not knowing the names of any medications he seems to be quite skillful in their use, and is soon stitching the wound closed. "Ok you're cleaned and treated, and I didn't see any signs of anything entering your bloodstream. We should clean around the stitching again before you go to sleep though."

He gets up and looks towards Bryn who's washing clothes, and Finwa in the tree "Of course you're right about needing provisions, and with those things in the woods, we should stay in at least pairs. Maybe if Bryn and yourself catch some fish, Finwa and I can collect more firewood, and supplies from the woods. If it's not too hard maybe Finwa can make fishing poles."

Lost soul

Charlene lies flat and looks stonily into the trees as Leoian stitches, only her rigid muscles, holding her firmly in control, and fingernails digging into her own crossed arms betraying any pain. When he signifies completion of the task, she relaxes and sighs in relief, giving him a rare smile. "The stitching is always the worst, I guess because you know it's coming. Thank you for doing that so quickly, Mr. Mousekewitz."

She sits up, looking a bit pale, and examines the stitching, then lays a pad of folded cloth over the wound and binds it with the cloth strips made from the ruins of her trousers. "I think Mr. Silenoz and I can manage to tie strings on sticks if you think we should catch more fish, though - with the things out there in the woods - perhaps we should focus on a secure shelter. I'm guessing Ms. Finwa is getting the tree set up for our night's lodging, so perhaps the rest of us should help you gather firewood, Mr. Mousekewitz, and perhaps some soft branches for bedding. Of course, if Ms. Finwa needs anything, that should come first. Perhaps Ms. Meowselsworth can catch some fish, being more naturally suited to that than gathering wood." She glances slyly at the helmet cat.

The smile from Charlene is a pleasant change, she's usually so cold, Leoian smiles back "No sense in dragging it out, and we still have lots to do."

He sighs and closes his eyes rubbing the sides of them 'Why does she have to challenge everything I say? Does she not trust me, or is it that she has to lead "Yes Ms. Oftenseen, tying the line isn't the hard part, it's making the line and hooks, unless you happen to have some strong enough string to use as a fishing line on your person. The tree seems to be the most secure shelter around ,I didn't notice anything else while scouting from the top of it. There's only one entrance to the tree, save possibly a few knot holes higher up, so it shouldn't be hard to defend or keep lit by the fire, and it is big enough for all of us. However we've only eaten once today, a bit of fish each, we called it breakfast, but I believe it was about midday. We don't have anything left, and if we don't eat we won't have any energy if we do need to defend ourselves, you especially having lost a fair amount of blood. Fish seem to be readily available, but if you have another suggestion I'm open to it. I suggested Finwa and I get dry wood and supplies because we are more subtle, and less likely to attract the things attention, because I can identify what plants are useful to us, and Finwa can then grow them close to our tree, and finally because I don't want you tromping through the bush due to the risk of catching your stitches on something, and splitting them open we just don't have the supplies to replace them. Mittens doesn't have any thumbs to hold a fishing rod, nor will she get in the water, or even let herself get wet I don't think she'll have much luck fishing. Maybe she'd be willing to use her hoverboard to ferry soft branches in for our bedding?" The last bit is directed as a question towards Mittens, before returning his attention to Charlene "I really do think things through and choose what I think will keep all of us alive the longest. It's ok if you don't agree, or have other suggestions, but please don't just dismiss what I say as a silly little halfling."

Female Cimelocarn

The area inside the tree was quite large making it the perfect spot to work on for them to camp out in overnight or for a couple of days depending on what exactly they did. It could take a while for Charlene to be ready to travel any distance.

With some thick grasses in hand she started at a corner, setting them down then thought of thick, soft branches like from a conifer. There was a conifer close to this tree so it shouldn't mind lending it's help as long as she was able to help it grow bigger. That wasn't a problem. After getting the branches settled into a fluffy bunch she worked on the grasses, making them twine all around the branches then settle out a lattice work all around to soften all the edges. Once she was done it looked basically like a green lattice filled nest.

Finwa sat back and rested for a few moments while looking over her work. Once given the form to create the plants had gone with what she required. It worked very well.

She got up and went to the front opening, touching the edges and working on ideas as her mind thought of a potty house and didn't realize that the tree had created one as she thought of what she wanted. It was located across from the "nest" built out of the tree with it's base and having a door to go into it.

Finwa soon sat down and leaned against the opening of the tree, her eyes closing as she rested from all that work.

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