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From Deathmatch to Deathworld

Game Master Finwa

A new world for people from Meowselsworth's Prisoner Deathmatch Extravaganza! and natives of the world (if anyone is interested in that).

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Female Helmet Cat

"Death has to seem real to be properly faked," is all that Mittens has to say on the matter. "You're still alive, and that's what's important here!" The feline looks down to the (ick!) plants and the (yum!) fishes, and back up towards the others. "Because if you're still alive, that means /I/ have a chance!"

The helmetcat tilts her head back and forth, which would seem heavy with that bulky helmet and then says, "Hey, that was good CPR, there, Leoian! Gold Star for you!"

Lost soul

The pain was sudden and unexpected, starting with her feet and legs then swarming all over, sharp bites that were as much shocking as painful. She gasped involuntarily as it hit, stubbornly biting back screams, thrashing helplessly in the underbrush in a futile attempt to get it to stop. When the agony suddenly ceased, the relief was so great it brought a wave of utter darkness, whether sleep or something more. She could no more stop the oblivion that followed than she could stop the pain that preceded it.

Leoian returns after a little while with an armful of herbs to find Bryn and Finwa hugging "Hmm, am I interrupting? I don't mean to, but maybe we should get you fixed up m'dear. If you get an infection, you are going to be one unhappy girl." He holds out a batch of herbs to Bryn "Chew this for me will ya? It tastes gross, but should keep down the chance of infection... It's for her though, don't swallow it, also if you swallow a lot it might be poisonous."

He smiles up towards Mittens when she says he earned a Gold Star as he prepares the other things he'd gathered to dress Finwa's wounds."Thanks Meowsie, I'm just glad she's ok. Momma made sure I knew things like this, she said and I quote 'Kid, if you ever find someone stupid enough to be your friend, you're gonna know how to keep them alive.' Err not that I mean you're stupid Finwa... just that's what she said. You're probably the smartest girl I know. Smart, pretty, and really nice, momma wouldn't believe I have friend like you.

Female Cimelocarn

Curling up against Bryn was like a dream and she started to wonder if it was one. She closed her eyes with her nose nuzzled into his neck and smiled when he asked if she felt anything, "I feel a lot." She said as she lifted her head to touch his nose with hers, "And I feel the same."

Finwa touches his cheek with a hand then looks up at him when Mittens suddenly decided to speak. She didn't even turn her head but rolled her eyes so that Bryn could see her do it, "Faked? Mittens, I think we need to have a real talk over breakfast."

Her ears flicked to a sound in the bushes and she wondered if an animal had caught another one not far from them. It was a strange thrashing sound that Bryn probably couldn't hear as well.

Leo returned making her sigh, "You could cuddle too." Her back was much cooler than her front and she chuckled at the thought of using the men as blankets, "Oh. Right the bites from the hellhound and cuts from the guard's whip."

A laugh escapes her as she brushes away from Bryn but only enough to give them access to her leg, tail and back. Now that they know what the marks on her back were it was easy to tell that it was from a whip but seemingly must have had razors put into the rope of it.

"You're not stupid either, Leo. You know just what to do in the woods and I'm glad to be your friend." She opened her hand towards the herbs and nodded, "He's right. Don't swallow it or at least not much. In quantity it will hurt. Good for outside the body though."

Finwa glances to the woods but lays her head back down near Bryn, letting the men work on her wounds, "I heard something in the woods. I guess we should check it out after this."

'Mittens, has a chance? At what?' his view flicks to the cunning helmet-cat before the insistant warmth of the figure before him takes his concentration away.

As Leo returns Bryn, looks away slightly embarrassed. "The water's so cold, retaining body heat. " he says with a knowing twinkle in his eye. Taking the herbs, he starts masticating. Breaking down the fibous tissue of the plant to release their antiseptic and medicinal properties.

Finwa's light words of the guards brutality, Bryn hands comfortingly stroke her head even as his ire rises. 'Well now we are in a better place.... hopefully.'

Leoian smiled widely at Finwa when she invites him to cuddle, seeming not to notice her sigh when he arrived. "Well... maybe a quick hug, there's still a lot to do." He sets down his herbs for a moment, and slips his arms around Finwa giving a gentle squeeze. "It seems early, but I don't know how fast the sun goes down around here... I'd feel better if I were familiar with this area, or if we at least had a decent place to spend the night."

He looks over Finwa's shoulder at Bryn and chuckles at the man's slight embarrassment. "Relax Bryn, I didn't mean to put you on the spot." well maybe a little bit. "I've never been invited to cuddle before... It's nice." His smiled fades quickly when he hears what made Finwa's cuts "They did that to you? They'd better hope I never find them."

He has a small war with himself eventually the need for survival preparations overtakes the need for cuddling, so he moves away and goes about dressing Finwa's wounds. He looks towards the bushes when Finwa suggests they check out the noise and nods "You're right we should go look,I think you're about patched up. Maybe just a curious animal, or it could be someone else that woke up! How many people did you save Meowsie?"

Female Cimelocarn

It was nice to get cuddles from another and since Bryn and Leo were her favourite people it felt very good to have gotten it from both of them. She feels more secure now knowing how she had them on her side, with her and for her as she felt for them.

"Yeh the one who kept glaring at me. He's ... a couple of them are ... different. Like me but not. I can't remember well. Whatever it is a few of the guards certainly hate me."

She stood slowly and looked towards the woods, not knowing whether to put her outer clothes back on yet or not but with actual bandaging she felt she should not go back into the water.

Finwa noticed a large tree with a hole in the bottom, "Do you think we should stick to this area for a few days before going anywhere? Just to get an idea of what the place is like. We could make shelter here. There is a hole in that huge tree over there we might be able to make into a den." She had taken some survival training long ago so she wasn't completely out of knowledge but it was still long ago making it difficult to remember a lot.

She turns towards where there had been that noise. How well did they all know how to fight? She was a skirmisher but not very large so it could be trouble. Maybe they should let Leo go first since he had the stake?

Female Helmet Cat

"I don't know. I don't know if I've saved them yet or not. I would say, three, with a margin of error of sixteen," says Mittens to Leoian.

She turns her attention over towards Finwa and says, "I am not terribly sure what there is to say over breakfast. I can't really explain much, I still don't know where or when we are... it's rather complicated. And it's not your field, it's mine! As a scientist, you must respect that? I guess what I'm saying is that I have very little to say!"

Female Cimelocarn

"So basically what you are saying is that the Deathmatch was a cover to try to make a new living for yourself and some criminals?" Finwa rubbed her chin for a few moments, "I'm curious. Why would you do such a thing unless you thought there was something more to us then our criminal records?"

The analytical mind tried to work out everything but all she was doing was going into circles because she could not understand why Mittens would do this. The only thing she could figure is that maybe she thought they were not really guilty. Or at least not guilty of meaning to do so much bad.

Finwa shook her head and stepped towards where she heard the sounds, "Whatever it was thrashed over here. Hey Mittens, you might just get interesting shots of at least something over here."

Leoian looked towards the tree Finwa mentioned, it would probably do fine, at least temporarily, so long as nothing else has already moved in. He stops for a moment, and looks towards Finwa "Wait... somebody hates you?" He seems genuinely confused as if he can't picture that at all then shakes his head to put it aside.

He moves over to catch up with Finwa, and puts his hand on her shoulder. "Wait for me, don't go off into the bush on your own chasing strange noises. If it's an animal it probably would have ran off, but I almost lost you once already today, I'd rather not take any chances. let me go first ok?" He cautiously moves over to the bush where the noises came from, and peered in, even if it ran off he could learn a lot from the tracks.

As Finwa moved away from him, Bryns soft but masculine hands stroke reassuringly down her ankle. 'Not the bole of a tree, although a squeeze would be nice.'

He nods to the helmet-cat respecting her privacy, "If you don't wish to tell us fine, I hope it won't cause us too many problems. But compared to death.... I thank you."

Staying seated Bryn appreciatively watches the pair move towards the tree-line, petite forms in their undergarments as the sunlight plays off them. Slowly he shakes the thoughts from his mind, trying to concentrate on the need to survive above others.

Rising he moves to their clothes before getting some kindling from the shrubbery. With his lighter the fire is quickly under-way as he squats beside it watching the cute pair whilst he gets dry. His crystal eyes looks to the hovering Cat; "Shall I get these little fishies all prepared?" His hands quickly move to the piles of fish and skillfully prepares them; a strange feeling of deja-vu.

Female Helmet Cat

"Well... that's a charitable way to interpret my words. You must think highly of me! That's very sweet of you, Finwa." Mittens doesn't seem particularly keen on saying anything else relevant other than what she has already said.

The feline activates her hoverboard to go check out the sound and find out what it is, though making sure to keep her distance.

Lost soul

Brown eyes open slowly at the rustling nearby and gradually take in the fuzzy lady, the halfling, and the hovering helmetcat. "Did you catch the gargoyle? Was it the real estate developer?" she asks dazedly, still aching.

Leoian blinks at Charlene as he peers into the bush, he had fully expected to find only traces of some animal that had run off when they got close. "Hey it's that lady..." What was her name again? "Off... Oftenseen, Ms, Oftenseen isn't it?" Gargoyle and Real estate? what the heck was she on about, maybe something that happened in the Deathmatch after Leo's head was perforated. "Umm sorry, I don't know what you mean, but we're about to cook up some fish if you're hungry." He offers his hand to the lady. "C'mon I caught some myself." Leoian sniffs at the air "Smells like Bryn's already got the fire started. We'll have food in no time."

Female Cimelocarn

"Ms ..." Oh didn't she remember her name earlier? What was it now? Memory seemed to come in and out but once you had it with other people it seemed to stay. It's just that the ... manager of a ... a what? She hadn't been around them but the memories should stay once they got them.

Finwa comes a bit closer, "That's it Leo! Ms. Oftenseen. Are you ok? I guess ... you lived longer than me I think. Please come with us. We're in some strange place and even Mittens doesn't know where we are. And ... no your memory must be messed up as well. Wait. Finwa started looking around, "Is that why you were thrashing? You found gargoyle!"

The little lady backs up under a bush to look up and grabbed Leo to pull him under the foliage as well as she thought if it couldn't get Ms. Oftenseen it was ok for the larger people but them, who knew?

Lost soul

"You were on that TV show. She's filming it. Are we on it now?" Charlene points at Mittens. "I was trying to protect the humans, but... I failed. And died." She shudders, sitting up suddenly.

"How can you eat after.. that?," she asks the air, "Or didn't you feel it?"

Female Cimelocarn

"We are not on that show anymore because Mittens saved us. For some reason." Finwa could not help but glance to the side with curiosity written all over her face as she put a comforting hand on Ms Oftenseen's shoulder.

"We all felt what seemed to be our deaths and it hurt like nothing one could easily imagine. But we are still alive and that is what counts in the here and now. We have to survive this place first and part of survival is eating. After that we will have to obtain shelter. Now, Ms Oftenseen, I know it was traumatic but we have to carry on or die for real. Please. Come with us. We care and want you to be well as well."

She felt strange making such orders but it did come natural as she had run a huge lab and that meant giving orders. The problem was that if someone did not start some sense of order and to try to make her friend realize the stakes of the matter.

Female Helmet Cat

"I feel uncomfortable with so much emphasis on my saving you. It's more that you survived because of something I did!" replies Mittens to Finwa, cheerily. "It might not be the best for my reputation to say that I faked the deaths of a bunch of death row criminals and have hidden them. And it's more complicated than that anyways."

"Whatever. The four of you are still alive. That's four with a margin of error of fifteen. Not bad!" says Mittens, floating up with her hoverboard. "I'll have to make you people watch the Deathmatch, though. It was a hoot!"

With deft fingers he has gutted and skewered the fishes to cook them lightly above the open flames. They flicker across the de-scaled skin of the soft flesh. Bryn has found that a couple of the lake plants have a sharp taste that really adds something to the flavour whilst not over-powering or being repugnant to the hovering cat.

Bryn listens to their talk of how they came to be here, although he doesn't really care. Just pleased to be here, with Finwa and the others, rather than dying an ignominious death. He looks to the new-comer: "Miss Oftenseen, you managed to make it here?" he says still crouching above the flames drying his body.

"I think we should make for a town, we have some light but..." Bryn ponders.

Lost soul

Charlene stands, brushing off leaves and other detritus. "Ah, I see you're here too, Mr.... uh... Good to see you."

She looks around the woods, taking it all in. "Whatever has happened, I do know I failed to protect you all once. It's not going to happen again. Nobody would happen to have a saber, would they?" With that rhetorical question, she begins scouting around for potential weapons. She picks up several rocks and strikes them together, finding a couple which fit her hand well, but they do not shatter to her liking. She pulls a couple of stout branches from trees with some difficulty, strips off the smaller branches and leaves, and begins rubbing the end on a rough rock surface, trying to grind it to a point. "Once this is sharper, I'll harden it in the fire. Rocks are always useful."

"Bryn, just Bryn." he says simply eyes flicking to the competent and smartly dressed woman. Then he takes care of the fishes rotating them.

"I like to Rock!" he states to Charlene's last statement.

Female Cimelocarn

"All good ideas." Finwa says as she walks over to Bryn and sniffs at the cooking, "You retrieved the seaweed too. I vote Bryn as the cook." She partially teases while smiling at him.

There are many things to do and she starts thinking of the steps they have to take for preparation, I think we should try for a town as well but until we know what exactly this area is like, shouldn't we stick to one spot? We can supply ourselves with what we believe we need then go looking for a village or town or whatever is in the area. We might want to watch the place for a bit before going in though, to see what they wear and how they act. We don't know if they are phobic of other peoples or if they accept all and that could be our deaths."

She walks over to the tree and looks into it hoping that there are no insects to bother them when suddenly insects do leave the hollow, zipping around the tree and away from the group then towards other trees leaving this one alone. Even insects higher up leave.

Finwa stands there looking at the huge oaken monster, blinking at the now empty hollow, "There's no bugs here." She states, frozen in a gaping shock.

"Wonder what that means?" Bryn ponders, his thoughts roiling. 'Is the tree a natural insecticide, or is there something in the soil? Or something more supernatural.'

His eyes widen as he looks to the lady near the tree, the subtle movement to the balls of his feet bely a subtle readiness...just in case. For an instant the consideration flicks to Charlene with her hardened thrusting stick.

Leoian picks himself up out of the bush where Finwa had pulled him. "Ooooh I hope that's not poison ivy... He looks at the plant a little closer "Phew, no looks like sumac... He picks some berries from the plant in question. Then takes them over to Bryn "Here Mr. Bryn can you make use of these berries? They have a pretty tart taste on their own, but maybe you can do something with them." He looks at the man as he talks of looking for town and shakes his head "I'm afraid I have to disagree with you, I think Finwa's right, we should stay nearby, at least for a time. We have water and a sort of shelter here... although if we are quite close to town then maybe we could make it before dark. I'll climb up the tree after we eat, it's a pretty good vantage point, maybe I can spot a town. Then we can scout it, but we shouldn't go far it has been a... hard day for everyone; I don't think we're all up to tromping off into into this strange forest."

He comes over next to Finwa to peek into the tree "No bugs? What about bears? Usually they're a bigger problem... of course if there's nothing at all alive in there at all there could be a reason. Should I go in first to make sure it's safe?" He's already starting to move around Finwa to get to the opening in the tree.

Lost soul

"I don't see the problem with fewer bloodsuckers in the world, myself," Charlene says, turning the stick in the fire to ensure uniform hardening.

Female Cimelocarn

"Uhm... I don't know. The bugs just ran out and away. Maybe with a big pole. I wish there were some kind of luminescence in there. Maybe something like a moss that glows a bit."

As the humanoid female mentioned a luminescent moss some started to grow along into the hollow of the tree showing nothing in there besides dirt and tree roots.

Finwa stepped back, "Ok. That's weird. I wanted no bugs in there and they all left and I wanted to be able to see in there and we can. That's very strange."

Lost soul

"In my experience, Ms... uh, anyway, in my experience, wishes are not instantaneously fulfilled. They require hard work, and lots of it." Charlene uses the rock to polish and sharpen her stick, then goes to search for vines and more supple wood.

Leoian watches the moss grow in and furrows his brow "Well... just like you asked for, but I agree with Ms. Oftenseen it seems too easy. Momma taught me don't trust the easiest path, it is usually the one that leads to the biggest predator's den." He steps back to look up at the tree. "Hmm... it's certainly big, what if the tree itself is a predator? Maybe it offers whatever it is you want to get you inside then seals up and eats you."

He addresses the tree "Ok Mr. tree... or Ms. tree, sorry I'm not familiar with your species, if you give what we want, I want an explanation about you... and a map with our location." He watches the tree waiting to see what will happen.

Female Cimelocarn

The tree does nothing, only stands there like any normal tree would.

Finwa's brow rises and she backs up to look at another tree, "Well it does not seem to be the tree." She puts her hand on a branch and closes her eyes. For a few moments nothing happens then the branch moves, curls around itself and creates a mass of branch in the form of an animal that looks between a mouse and a skunk but no colour except the branch's normal colouring.

The little woman stops concentrating then looks at what was created out of the wood in shock. She picks up a stone and tries the same thing but when she opens her eyes it is still stone.

"It seems to be me." She says quietly, "But only with flora and telling bugs to get lost."

Bryn looks to the feline Finwa in her underwear; 'I guess wishes do come true!'

Handing the first of the cooked fish to their rescuer Mittens, Bryn look on with awe as the tree warps and changes. "You couldn't do that before could you, Finwa?" he asks with awe in his voice at her skill handling wood.

Female Cimelocarn

Finwa goes over to Bryn for some food and considers his words, "No I couldn't, Bryn." She states softly then calls out to Charlene, "Ms. Oftenseen! Let's see if I can set those up the way you want without having to search all over. Just tell me what to do and I'll try. I want to test this."

Leoian blinks, and looks to Finwa "So you can make plants grow, control them, and make bugs do what you want? Wow! That's great, we won't have to worry about food or shelter, or even supplies, you can just make things out of plants... or at least as much as you can make. Oooh can you make a statue of Meowsie?" He reconsiders knowing that although a plant statue of Mittens would be amazing, it would hardly be useful. "Or maybe something to hold water? And I wouldn't mind a bow and some arrows in case we run into something unfriendly?"

Female Helmet Cat

"A statue in my image," muses Mittens, eating the fish presented to her by Bryn. "I would have to be some conceited to ask for such a thing! However, I mean, if you make one it's not as though I am going to complain. Spontaneous superpowers, though. Interesting side-effect..."

Lost soul

"I most certainly agree with Mr... Mouse?... that we could use bows and arrows. If you feel ambitious, large, flat pieces of wood might work well for shelter. Stools to sit on would be handy -- that sort of thing. Try whatever you feel like. In this situation, we could use almost anything. Even a wooden sword, if you can manage it." Charlene stops her rummaging around and returns to watch what Finwa can do.

"Actually first order would be some plates." Bryn says looking at the fish on a stick he has handed to Finwa. Slowly rotating the other fishes that Leoian skillfully caught; "I'm not too sure how to cook the greens, just a quick crisping?"

Stroking Finwa's arm "Well your ability will enableus to survive better. then he whispers; "Sorry if we are putting this all on you."

Female Cimelocarn

Finwa sits there thinking of what to make but starts with Bryn's concept of plates and thinks towards the roots she knows is under them. One large root comes up in front of her and generates a plate that is curved at the ends so it looks like a combination of plate and bowl for each of them. the bowl/plates separate from the root then what seems like a spork gorws, then a knife for each of them and drops from the vine.

The little lady thanks the tree the root came from then looks up with a huge smile. She leans against Bryn happy for the comforting arm rub and to have him to lean on because she is very tired from all that work.

"It worked! I ... how are they? I tried to get them like if they had been sanded so we don't get splinters." She yawned as she looked at her food, "Just crisp the seaweed a bit like that, let it cool a moment then crush over the fish. It should taste good."

Leoian gives Finwa a bit of a guilty smile "Sorry, I didn't mean to open up a flood of requests for things. We're going to overwhelm you with all this." He takes the small woman's hand and pats it gently "We can't just pin all the work on you, just because you have umm... superpowers?" He takes the word Mittens used. "There are a lot of things we can make without needing to push it on you. Take it slowly and concentrate on things that are harder to make... So if you could make a bow, I can find my own arrows. Since the tree seems not to be harmful, we can use it for shelter. We dont' want to wear you out." He furrows his brow when she leans on Bryn and yawns. "Actually you already seem tired." He rolls a rock over that is a decent size for someone of their size to sit on. "Here, why don't you sit? Save your strength." That seemed like an awful lot of work just for some plates, the fish were already on perfectly good sticks.

Lost soul

"If Ms. Meowselsworth is correct, it may not all be on Ms... Finwa!" Charlene says somewhat triumphantly, "All of us may have previously unknown talents. Now, Ms. Finwa, what did you do that triggered the phenomena you just caused? We others should attempt something similar."

"You posit an intriguing conjecture, Ms. Oftenseen. That the movement to here can caused some change in the essence of our being." He puts one arm comfortingly around Finwa, stroking her damp fur. With his other hand he continues to cook the food before serving them in the bowls.

"But it could be that they are based upon our previous abilities, you seem like a skillful crafter with your sciences?" Bryn ponders.

Female Cimelocarn

"Oh no no, Leo. It is fine. We do need all those things but I believe that I am so tired because of all the stress from before, the death match and being ... and all of the other stuff with being arrested and all as well as what has been going on today. I can make all those things that you requested. I am sure of it! I just need a good night sleep finally, I think."

Finwa sits on the rock and purrs from the gentle stroking of her fur and the closeness of both men. She thinks over what bryn and Charlene had said, "Now those are excellent thoughts. As I said before, I was working on how sound affects things. the only living things I used were insects for the deadly tests. I did not mind scaring animals but could not get myself to kill anything except insects. I used tissues and yes, I made wicker and grass baskets to use in the tests as well. All I did to make the bugs move on was to think of them leaving and how I would have used my machines to make them do so. For making things I thought of the wood in that form and after thanked the tree for its contribution and told it we would bury the bones and unused items by its base."

"You're very good at Science! aren't you? So it's that your powers are your experiments. Mine could be linked to music? Interesting..." Bryn ponders he is very calm; somehow he is very relaxed in this situation.

"Well... if you're sure, but don't push yourself. I... well we, are still here to help." Leoian finds himself a log of suitable size, and uses it as a seat next to Finwa. "You don't have to do all the work yourself."He gets somewhat lost in the science talk, sciencey things tend to go over his head a bit. Bryn's hand stroking the feline woman's fur catches his attention, and he suddenly points to the fish on the fire. "Ahh! Mr. Bryn, don't let the fish burn!"

"Waaaah! Bryn bounces up, nearly dislodging Finwa as he moves forward. His hands move brushing the flames as he grabs the fish upon the stick. The stick is darkened, but the fish seems to flake off the bones. The beautiful plate is soon filled with pale fish and topped with greens.

Bryn shrugs an apology. "Good catch Leoian. I wouldn't want to waste your efforts." he says in a heart-felt manner. He pokes the fire with a stick as the Norse man finally feels dry and warm again.

Female Cimelocarn

"Ah!" Finwa feels Bryn move and is surprised by the speed of his reaction. She blows out a breath as she sees the food has been saved and uses her spork to pull the meat from the bones which isn't too difficult as it is already falling off the bones. The crushed up cooked seaweed tastes great with the fish and she makes a note in her mind to get more of it when they go swimming again.

"It should be interesting to see what happens with everyone. Maybe you will have some new ability too, Mittens." Her scientific mind is working on what may or may not be abilities the others may have but puts it to rest so she could consider how to set up the tree for their sleeping quarters.

Leoian leans over and puts his head against Finwa's shoulder "Rough day isn't it? Mmmm this fish is tasty though isn't it?" He turns his head without moving it away from Finwa's shoulder looking up at the huge tree. "That'll be a real great vantage point. When I climb up I'll be able to see maybe the whole forest." He keeps looking up at the tree but isn't really focusing on it. "Finwa, you really think we all have some kind of... super power?"

Female Helmet Cat

"Why would I need some kind of ability? I'm brilliant as a thousand exploding suns," says Mittens casually. "You all know my 'ability' fine enough, but I really really doubt I've developed any kind of superpower." The tuxedo cat lays down upon her hoverboard, moving it through the air using a wireless signal from her helmet. "If I had a superpower, though, it would be eye lasers."

Bryn smiles at the thought of laser cat, with red glowing eyes.

"True Mittens, we cannot rely upon some helping force a mystic crutch. Between us we have enough ability to survive without relying upon new-found powers; especially if it drains Finwa so." the last holds a note of concern after his rhetoric. He casually rises to put his clothes back on.

Female Cimelocarn

Finwa brushes some hair from Leo's face then plays with hisThe thought of Mittens with eye lasers hair, and stays leaning against Bryn while slowly eating her food. The sun is at just the rigt level to be warm and she was close to completely dry now.

She answers Leo with positive murmers while savouring the fish then looks up at the sky for a moment, "I don't know if you have any or if anyone else does. All I know for sure is we are here and I'm happy that we all are." She did not mention the others from the death match as she is not sure if they could make it and did not want to bring that pain. It was nice for now.

The thought of Mittens having eye lasers made Finwa chuckle softly against Bryn's arm and she purrs contentedly thinking of the helmet cat on her board zipping around blasting evil creatures away with impunity.

Bryn's words make her smile and blush a little, "I agree that we should not count totally on any current or possible future abilities but if there are any we should use them as required. We don't want to tax ourselves though. I would suggest that if you have any ideas of what you may be able to do to try it but make sure we can all help. If there are any more they will show sooner or later."

Finwa moves to let Bryn up to get dressed but does not get up as she feels like resting a bit longer.

Leoian smiles enjoying the attention as Finwa plays with his hair, he listens to the conversation of the others and his brow wrinkles as he wonders; why when he says they should do as much as possible without relying on special powers it's simply brushed off, but when Mittens says she doesn't need an ability, not relying on these super powers is a great idea the Helmet Cat just had. On top of that when he says they're wearing Finwa out, it is dismissed as if a foolish suggestion, but Bryn says the power drains Finwa and it's like he's the greatest thing. Is he just not loud enough? or maybe it's too hard to take an uncivilized little halfling seriously.

He lets out a fair sized sigh for a small guy, then having finished his fish he moves away from Finwa, and over to their pile of clothes to get dressed. Once clothed again he looks up at the tree, comes over and lays his fish bones by its roots "Thank you for all you've provided, and will provide my good tree. If you have no objection, I would very much like to enjoy a nice climb with you." After the little chat with the tree Leo circles about halfway around it until apparently finding an area he approves, and starts climbing; small hands and feet finding holds where there don't seem to be any.

Bryn moves over the the pile of folded clothes and takes his trousers. Turning his back on the rest; out of slight embarrassment or ritual, he bends over and placing his feet into the black leather. Slowly he draws the shiny tight material over his muscular legs. The contours misted with just a light dusting of hair, are slowly obscured by the jet cloth that moulds to his lithe form.

As he straightens he has to hop to pull the waistband over the taught rounded buttocks. With a deft flick he secures the trousers again. As Leoian retrieves his clothes, Bryn grabs just his shirt. With a stretch, his muscles lithely roll. The shirt covers his broad shoulders, the product of years of gymnastic training.

Standing back he watches Leoian commune then climb the tree, before he goes back to the fire. Ensuring everyone has had their fill of the delicacies.

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