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Forged in Steel - Chicago & Gary by Night - A Second Edition Vampire the Masquerade Story

Game Master Dennis Harry

Forged in Steel - Connections

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9th Generation Ventrue | Bloodpool: 9/14 | Willpower: 7/7

James makes sure to make eye contact with J.D. and Lewis before joining Morgrym in the cab.

11th Generation Malkavian [ Blood Pool 9/12 | Willpower 5/5 | Humanity 6/6 ]

Charlotte remains quiet on the ride with Kent and Dalton, her thoughts elsewhere, some still remaining in Gary. She wonders if Jeremy had known this might happen, if that's why he hadn't gone to the Prince's gala. "Coward." She thinks to herself.

When they arrive and stand outside of the Sears tower, she's content to let the boys flex their mouths and muscles to try to gain entry, staring off into the night, seeing the Chicago streets for the first time. "There is more death here." She notes to no one in particular.

As Morgrym flags down a cab, she wonders for a moment how they'll all fit into it. A little yellow clown car, stuffed with grinning monsters, ready to spread delight or despair to anyone they should happen across. Turning to Kent she has a large smile on her face. "We're all clowns." She says.

Blood Pool 9/10; Willpower 7/7

Rick follows the others on his bike to succubus club.

Shadow's Status

BAPTISM OF FIRE - Friday - January 1, 1993Outside the Sears Tower

As Morgrym tries to flag down a cab, Rick hustles back to the parking garage and grabs is bike.

Six is a damn tight fit. Charlotte not wishing to be stuffed in with the boys opts to take a lift on Rick's bike.

The cabbie turns back to the group and laughs, "You Americans, never enough drink and drugs out all night. Party. Party!"

Quickly enough the ride is over and Morgrym pays the man and the group once again assembles this time before the Succubus Club. The Club's neon lights are still on and the crowd out front shows that this party might well go on till dawn!

The Cure song Just Like Heaven blasts from within loud when the doors are closed and really loud when they are opened. A line forms, even at this late hour, at the front door. The mix of patrons varies from Goths to Preps to the plain odd. Two bouncers, one massive and one of average height and weight man the front door.

The bigger bouncer approaches, "Excuse me sir but you can't park your bike there, we have a lot in the back".

Shadow's Status

The car continues to speed along until all you can see are the Wastes. Industrial revolution commercial zones in decline. Rusted and rotting buildings as far as the eye can see.

Juggler shrugs, "Who cares how long your dick is when yer dead. I get the analogy though.

Well, tell you what, regardless of what comes next, I'll bring you to meet the boys and girls. You convince them that your skills are worth having around and I'll share the keys to the Kingdom with you. F%~% up and it's a long walk back to Modius'. Fair enough?"

Blood Pool 9/10; Willpower 7/7

if i may, i'd like to use my Presence ability to sway their opinion.

presence diff7: 5d10 ⇒ (6, 9, 6, 3, 8) = 32

"Hey guys, if I could leave this here, that'd be awesome. I don't wanna have to make this beauty" he says, referring to Charlotte, "walk around front from the back lot. Unless there is a V.I.P. entrance on the side we can slide through. I'll bring you each the best bottles I can find from inside, eh? Nice end to a long shift?"

that should be enough successes for two folks, and once i leave they should remember me fondly, and i am gonna try to swipe two bottles haha

Shadow's Status

BAPTISM OF FIRE - Friday - January 1, 1993Outside the Sears Tower

The bouncer's demeanor shifts radically, "S@@+ man sorry, you're cool. Tell you what, to make it up to you, I'll bring you right in! Just you and your girl? And don't worry, your bike is safe with me keepin' an eye on it".

Blood Pool 9/10; Willpower 7/7

"Thanks, brother. Yeah me and her, and I got some friends over here too." indicating the others that took the cab over

male Toreador (8th generation) 3xp saved

Morgrym again nods to his associate and will move through the vip back enteance into the club.

9th Generation Ventrue | Bloodpool: 9/14 | Willpower: 7/7

James surreptitiously places two twenties in the friendly bouncer's hand as he sweeps by. "Happy new year to you and your friend here."

11th Generation Malkavian [ Blood Pool 9/12 | Willpower 5/5 | Humanity 6/6 ]

When Rick mentions not wanting to make a beauty wait, Charlotte looks over at Tara. "I think he likes you." She whispers to nothing, an uncharacteristically teasing smile spreading across her face. A hushed song escapes her lips, "Tara and Rick, sitting in a tre-", before she's seemingly interrupted. "Oh hush, he is not too old for you. Besides, danger is sexy." She pauses before adding, "Sometimes."

Blood Pool 9/10; Willpower 7/7

Rick contemplates making a comment about ménage à trois, then thinks better of it.

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