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Flesh and Bone-A zombiepocalypse story

Game Master concerro

The party enters a world much different than the one many of them left 3 years ago. Many cities have been abandoned. Those cities that are still occupied are under martial law to a large extent.
People are very afraid of the world, and for good

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Male Human [Fay Blood] Power level 8

Nope still thinking about it and yes the Chain is just "decoration" what holds his PSI Crystal in place, now if it was Adamantium then that would be a thing of mechanical impact.

The way a lot of GMs play profession is that others of the same profession know you are and act to help or hinder depending. Your "In the know" in other words, with spy profession/ craft as its called. I see that is being the way it work, lets face it Saxton is not a sneak kind of spy, most spys are not. They the sit and a room and hear the minds of others kind, he a head spy.

I will say nothing about the Gloves as that's done and dusted but hes a spy by profession that's all that really matters in may book.

As for feats yes was looking at PSICRYSTAL CONTAINMENT [PSIONIC] its a great feat as you keep your focus, really do not like any thing that
expend focus,if you having running powers they end, but with PSICRYSTAL CONTAINMENT you get a one shot pow. nice.

still thinking. Still have to pick two more powers as well,

are the joys of leveling.

O just has an Idea back soon, running numbers

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

So which should we go for first. Weapons or Supplies?

Haundo is going for weapons first, supplies second. If outvoted he isn't going to whine. :)

Male Human [Fay Blood] Power level 8

I have had a think about what De'ohge said about Saxton not being a spy and I think he has a point. Think I made Saxton wrong from my orginal idea. Hes not a "spy" hes was meant to be a kind of inter plane Detective, Hes job is to find things out for the Elan counsel in a snoop around until some thing bikes kind of way. but not in the sneak around and like a Ninja spy way, that is more what De'ohge has in mind and yes there is a class for it so why not just take that. So I'm changing his Profession to Detective, Sounds nice and odd for a being from another planes and it means hes more like toned down ESP powered interpanes cop than a Ninja, much more what I had in mind.

Well Thats my idea, I hope the group likes it.

I think that works better also.

Bard 4/Gun 1, HP 39, AC: 17 Tch 12 FF 15 F: +5, R: +8, W: +4, Init: +2, Per: +8

Haundo Weapons then Supplies is good Andreas will not argue.

Male Human [Fay Blood] Power level 8

Happy with Weapons or Supplies

Male Half-Elf Oracle (Juju) 5

As long as we get both done, I don't mind the order we scrounge in :-)

male Dwarf Fighter 7

I believe supplies are the best bet besides, ale falls under supplies.

Saxton I misread that request the first time. You would have gotten the potion, and the orb was left behind.

Andreas you got the thieves kit.

Haundo it is mass combat, but due to the numbers I will adhoc the numbers. Unless you roll poorly they might not make it past the first round.

Everyone put yourselves on the map.

Wizard 5, HP 20, AC 13, Touch 13, FF 11, F: +1, R: +3, W: +4, Init +6, Perc +8, Darkvision 60'

Since there are only six zombies so far, how about breaking the militia up into support groups?

Assign 2-4 to each fire team leader (the pc's) as support/guards, and controlled by that player (or at least directed and die rolls).

I am still watching the thread. I am just waiting for everyone to show up. I will start the battle on Monday night with whoever is there though. If I am being blind and you are on the map then let me know.

Right now I see Haundo, Klor, and De'oghe.

What is everyone's Time Zone and availability?

I only ask because it would be nice to do this in real time one day, but if it is not possible then that is cool also. I have crazy work hours so I can meet almost any time.

It would not be for more than 4 hours though, most likely.

Male Human [Fay Blood] Power level 8

GMT+8 GM China

Wizard 5, HP 20, AC 13, Touch 13, FF 11, F: +1, R: +3, W: +4, Init +6, Perc +8, Darkvision 60'

I'm in AZ, so my time zone remains the same while everyone else changes twice a year.

Male Half-Elf Oracle (Juju) 5

GMT+11, East Coast of Australia

I have always wanted to go to China and Australia. Do both of you just work there or are you citizens?

Male Half-Elf Oracle (Juju) 5

Well, I was born in the US, but I was raised in Australia...

...and I am currently working here ;-)

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

Alaska Time here~ lol we're a spread out group!

Male Human [Fay Blood] Power level 8

cool world over group, I'm based in China now but from UK, my life sends me all over the place, Been based here 3 year but been coming to China for 10, once place I have never been to is Australia never had the need but thinking of going next year but we shall see. I work in new business development and China is the place to be for VC just now.

Bard 4/Gun 1, HP 39, AC: 17 Tch 12 FF 15 F: +5, R: +8, W: +4, Init: +2, Per: +8

Boston, MA -5

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

I tried to clear the way lol but the others moved in... Blasted Fallen! XD

Would you mind me rolling automatic perception checks for the party? That will stop us from waiting a day or so just to resolve a perception check.

Male Human [Fay Blood] Power level 8

cool with that gm and any other roll

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

FIne with me, my Perception is in the long line of text by my name at the end :)

Also guys after this HQ falls I see the fighters, IMO, going back to securing their city on their own. I mean they'll possibly have a new supply of weapons. The Undead MAster is dead and lets be honest we have been bringing the hammer down on the undead. All of us. So after this HQ raid I think they will be done helping us, I don't want to unbalance encounters as I stated in the main thread. It was just a fun idea to have a bunch of lvl 1-2 warriors backing us up as we makes some major moves in the city and help them save their city.

But as I said above once they get their weapons Laden will probably begin leading them more aggressively.

Thats just one hounds opinion. :)

If I ever drag down the group let me know! :( Because that's not my goal at all, I love all the characters and the dynamic we have going on.:)

Male Half-Elf Oracle (Juju) 5

Fine by me.

male Dwarf Fighter 7

fine here as well.

I also have used passive perception (kind of like taking 10) a static perception roll to notice something when the character is not actually searching for anything.

Wizard 5, HP 20, AC 13, Touch 13, FF 11, F: +1, R: +3, W: +4, Init +6, Perc +8, Darkvision 60'

I'm cool with passive rolls by the GM as well. Especially when it keeps a pbp from dragging any slower than usual.

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

What I find as neat is that I can use my clerical powers to see the otherside of the door like clairvoyance spell and De'ohge can do that and pass through the door! Ha! If only we had more mithril armor and less ACP we could be a REAL sneaky party. :D

I'd love to get a pair of those gloves for Haundo someday but I'm good for now as the high AC and healy guy. :)

Wizard 5, HP 20, AC 13, Touch 13, FF 11, F: +1, R: +3, W: +4, Init +6, Perc +8, Darkvision 60'

Once we get some materials and down time, I'd love to make a pair for the entire group!

Male Human [Fay Blood] Power level 8

liking the sound of that

Bard 4/Gun 1, HP 39, AC: 17 Tch 12 FF 15 F: +5, R: +8, W: +4, Init: +2, Per: +8

Sweet those gloves are awesome

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

Heheh one of these days there's gonna be a ghost on the otherside of a door I peer through and the bastage is gonna rip me out of my body and Possess me.

And if Watcher didn't have that Idea already he does now... lol

Haundo the avenging spirit dog. Who can't pass on until he's killed every Fallen, with enough ghost touch items I could pull it off. :D

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

Found a problem in my character sheet lol, I had missed typed my AC as 36 but it was 26 but by my name it was correct. :)

I am still around. This is quiet entertaining. :)

Good job...

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

Sorry I missed where De'ohge went in as well. My bad watcher. :( at least the door is open now xD.

Wizard 5, HP 20, AC 13, Touch 13, FF 11, F: +1, R: +3, W: +4, Init +6, Perc +8, Darkvision 60'

Looks like the mechanics are that he can get a +4 to his saves by burning a psi point.

Male Human [Fay Blood] Power level 8

Yep on that Good DC roll Saxton made it DC15 10+5 but I bumped it with a PP spend from the Edlan race Triat because as soon as he felt something mucking with his mind he would have done that in response useful of not.
Its what he would have done, With the Crystal he has part of his focus in it so, part of his mind. It how ever has its own mind so, if he gets taken over, unless they do it as well, it will know and say some thing, even drop his focus to snap him out of it. Really its an Familler is all but name but also a GM NPC so its down to you GM what it dos, per your game. I just had it state what it had seen as it would know that Saxton used a power to as it would see over ride some kind of mind effect. It knows this by the way the other have acted and what they have said.

Go in -> bad thing -> not going in again.

When it knows (or thinks it knows) that no they have done no such thing.

I understand psionics. It was just that the post with the spoiler seemed to be written from a flavor point of view.

Saxton this is what I was asking about.

if they go can i pop the lock with a sonic hit
ill take some rounds to aim

Wizard 5, HP 20, AC 13, Touch 13, FF 11, F: +1, R: +3, W: +4, Init +6, Perc +8, Darkvision 60'

i think he forgot that aiming doesn't exist in pathfinder, that or its more fluff.

Male Human [Fay Blood] Power level 8

You misunderstand my intent De'ohge as the door is lock + door, I was thinking of using the energy ray (a ray from ones finger) on only the lock not the door. 'Poping the lock'. I have payed in Pathfinder games where GMs have said yes to this kind of thing but it takes time to set up, it means getting close to the lock, looking at it and then putting your finger on the right place.

As it is not much point now as the door is down and we are in the room.


The "setup time" was what got me. I get it now.

The system that lets us know when someone post is not functioning like it should. If someone is not posting I will shoot a PM out. If I don't answer question feel free to shoot me a PM also.

What is the party's next move?

male Dwarf Fighter 7

Ibeleive we found the hidden door and Huando was doing is magic look through thing to see what was on the other side.

Bard 4/Gun 1, HP 39, AC: 17 Tch 12 FF 15 F: +5, R: +8, W: +4, Init: +2, Per: +8

Andreas was standing quietly upset that his mind was messed with.

Wizard 5, HP 20, AC 13, Touch 13, FF 11, F: +1, R: +3, W: +4, Init +6, Perc +8, Darkvision 60'

De'ohge is looking for the invisible creature. Saves to disbelieve again?

De'oghe I responded to this but I think the board ate the message, since I can't find it.

No need to make any will saves..

The game will resume tomorrow.

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

@ Saxton:

If you read the thread earlier then you'd know the militia came in with us and Haundo bolted the door behind them. He's trying to avoid detection, leaving them outside would be foolish at best. Besides if something comes and knocks the door down it still has to try and push its way through 20 men holding a door instead of a massive, indefensible courtyard. I hadn't expected this place to be as small as it appears, but they are in the front lobby area while we explore the rest of the area. Haundo wouldn't have given Tom his pistol if he was outside, with a bolted, iron backed door no doubt between them. Because we'd never have heard the shot. This building is made of stone, the perception check would have been astronomical...

It's also not a good idea to put anything Sharp in a bag of holding, or you won't have one for long. Forgive me for being by the book but your honestly sticking 299 bolts, and a hundred plus arrows in your bag of holding? On top of a ton of weapons, books and gear. Aside from the fact that they have a size limit + a weight limit, that's a lot of sharp objects. So I assumed that not everything in the room could fit in the bag.

Bag of holding - 1 - 250 lb's - 30 cubic feet

If a bag of holding is overloaded, or if sharp objects pierce it (from inside or outside), the bag immediately ruptures and is ruined, and all contents are lost forever.

equating 1 cubic foot with 100 gp encumbrance. Since an arrow/bolt has an encumbrance value of 2 gp, there would be 50 arrows per cubic foot, following the same simple math you can break down what will and will not fit in the bag.

123 Arrows - 2.5 cubic feet, 299 Bolts - 6 cubic feet, 4 heavy crossbows another 4 cubic feet.

12.5 Cubic feet thus far

Light Crossbow's - 10 - 350 gp cost - 7 Cubic Feet

19.5 Cubic Feet

The bows you wouldn't include the +2/+1 composite cost but their base price is 100 gp each and they Length signicantly cuts into your bag's holding size. still thats at least 1k gold and that equates to 20 cubic feet.

You get the point, we can't fit the remaining bows let alone the books the shield or anything else. That is why Haundo had suggested bringing the cart, despite how painfully loud it would have been. It would have kept the Militia and ourselves from being over loaded with gear.

I understand i'm a complete ass right now and despite it being a bag of holding its not a Portable Hole. Thats my only pet peeve in all of the pbp's i'm in, keeping track of items and not pushing an item beyond it's specified limitation's. This thread was also supposed to be about survival in a zombie apocalypse so I expect it to be harder to stay well supplied and being able to pick up every item and carry it all with us would defeat the point.

Sometimes a Survivor has to leave something useful behind to save himself the weight or face wasting resources to avoid fatigue.

This isn't a hit on You Watcher, nor anyone else. I just want people to think of what they're doing sometimes. I'm speaking from experience as in a game i'm in my dragonrider overloaded his saddlebags and during a battle they were lost from belt failures while we were airborne and we weren't able to recover them. On top of losing everything of my scavenged/captured goods on top of several of my own items.

If Watcher is fine with us piling it all in the bag of holding then please ignore me completely. I was just trying to be realistic with why Haundo did what he did.

Wizard 5, HP 20, AC 13, Touch 13, FF 11, F: +1, R: +3, W: +4, Init +6, Perc +8, Darkvision 60'

I have always looked at it like a small room that gets bigger, the more you put into it. 30 cubic feet is a hole 2' X 3' X 5', or 2' X 2' X 7.5'.

Your fridge has an internal capacity of around 20' cubic feet.

We would probably have a hard time fitting 1000 MRE's into that space. A case of 12 MRE's measures (google) 17" X 9" x 10", or .87 cubic foot, so 83 cases (and 4 extra's) would be 72 cubic feet, or a pile of boxes 4 X 4 X 5, and measuring 3' deep, 5' wide, and 3' high, roughly.

I think I have to agree with Haundo on this one.

Don't put anything in the bag of holding (except maybe the books), stack everything near the front door.

Until we get a protable hole!

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