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Flesh and Bone-A zombiepocalypse story

Game Master concerro

The party enters a world much different than the one many of them left 3 years ago. Many cities have been abandoned. Those cities that are still occupied are under martial law to a large extent.
People are very afraid of the world, and for good

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Silver Crusade

Watcher Uatu wrote:
Jumping someone in a surpise round does not mean you automatically get init on them in regular combat. Once the surprise round is resolved regular init takes over, and Uchendu goes after the zombies.

Right, but what I'm talking about is the ready action, which can be done in a surprise round. The ready action changes initiative, unless it doesn't trigger. If both sides acted in the surprise round, then using a ready action would effectively give up a round if the trigger occurred in round 1. But, in a situation like this, using ready is usually a win-win. It should look like this... (omitting Anth, Grey and Andreas)

Surprise round
Dagor readies to use melee
Uchendu readies to use sling
Haundo readies to use pistol

Round 1
Dagor readies to use melee (again)
Zombie moves - all ready actions trigger
Dagor melees
Uchendu slings
Haundo pistols
Triggering zombie acts
Remaining zombies move and act

Round 2
Dagor fights
Uchendu fights
Haundo fights
Zombies fight

Without ready actions, it looks like the following.

Suprise round
Dagor delays
Uchendu delays
Haundo delays

Round 1
Dagor delays
Zombies fight
Dagor fights
Uchendu fights
Haundo fights

Round 2
Dagor fights
Zombies fight
Uchendu fights
Haundo fights

By the end of round 2, the players (except those with higher initiative, in this case, Dagor) are getting one less move action by using ready action, but putting the zombies at the bottom of the initiative order is a win.

I see what you are saying, but that means you are not doing anything on your surprise round. The tactic does have its spots though.

Has everyone taken their readied action yet? I am just making sure you are not all waiting on me.

Anyone still here?

Male Half-Elf Oracle (Juju) 5

Still here :-)

I have posted Uchendu's Round 2 action...?

I saw that. :)

I'm a dwarf, and I'm digging a hole.

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

I'm still here, I try and post when its my initiative so I don't mess things up. If you want me to pick up the pace I can post more quickly. Let me know.

@Watcher: to keep things going you can always put in the 24hr rule. If someone doesn't post actions in 24hrs then you can post it for them and keep your story going.

Just a suggestion. =) loving it so far, I wanted to do a zombie thing for awhile now. xD

Since there are less of us now I would prefer to do it in order since everyone seem to post regularly. That will start in the next fight if nobody has any objections.

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

Roger that~ =)

Male Half-Elf Oracle (Juju) 5

That does not bother me unduly, but just so people are aware, I am based in Australia, so my posting will be around 12 hours out of synch with you US-based types ;-)

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

True! I didn't think of that >.<; hmmmmmmmmmm I guess it will just ahev to be by a case by case basis.

Where is everyone else based?

I'm in Alaska, U.S. =D

I am on the east coast of the U.S.

Bard 4/Gun 1, HP 39, AC: 17 Tch 12 FF 15 F: +5, R: +8, W: +4, Init: +2, Per: +8

I am East Coast US as well.

Mountain time, though I've got an oddball sleeping schedule.

I keep forgetting I am at the top of the initiative. I will make post in the gameplay thread later tonight.

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

+1 Breastplate.

10 torches
2 pints lamp oil.
3 bull lanterns
20 rations
5 waterskins.
wand of lesser restoration(25 charges)
2 masterwork healer's kits
1 wand of create water.

3 modified beartraps, [b]not set[b]. (disable device 26) 4d6 damage. DC 25 escape artist check or DC 22 strength check to open the trap.
3 special keys to open the bear traps.

6 mastwork longswords
5 masterwork daggers
1 masterwork glaives
+1 scalemail

And all of Haithan's gear.

@Uchendu: Sounds good to me!

+1 cloak of protection.
Zheng Lu's Encyclopedia of the Deities-A large book on the various religions of the world (gives +3 competence bonus to knowledge religion checks when used/ 1 move action).

@Andreas: Haundo can use any type of firearm, but we have two muskets. so you can have the magical one since Haundo is more of a close range kinda guy. Haithan has some ammo so claim his ammunition as well. Abundant Ammo is a good spell to know too. ;) If you need someone to train him in firearms Haundo can provide easy access to that. =D

+1 musket
+1 chainshirt


+1 battleaxe (Haundo is currently wielding it, but if someone is more versatile with it just ask and you can have it :D )
1x masterwork glaives

I need to look up if any of the armor will benefit me, my piecemeal armor gives me minimal ACP, besides my tower shield. But more AC would be nice~ I got the crud pounded out of me in the first fight. >.<;

Everyone level up.

Post here after your leveling is complete.

Male Half-Elf Oracle (Juju) 5

Level 4!

+1 Cha

+1 level of Oracle

+1d8 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7 hp

+1 BAB

+1 Will

Skills: +1 rank in Diplomacy, Heal, Knowledge(Nature), Knowledge(Religion), Perception, Survival

Spell Slots: +1 1st, +3 2nd

Spells Known: Stabilize, Hideous Laughter, CMW, IMW

The Unbreakable fighter gets both Diehard and Endurance at 1st level, it would have been smart to have had my 2nd level be this. I'm planning on going a feat-intensive build. If I may, could I add this level as though I had done that at 2nd level, and reallocate the two feats spent on Endurance and Diehard?

Male Half-Elf (Varisian) Cleric of Sarenrae 1

I am trying to figure out whether to go gunslinger(mysterious stranger) or sorcerer to make up for our arcane loss.

Silver Crusade

That would be Andreas Merona, aka LackofFocus.

I think you should stick gunslinger.

Bard 4/Gun 1, HP 39, AC: 17 Tch 12 FF 15 F: +5, R: +8, W: +4, Init: +2, Per: +8

That is what I am leaning towards with the buffs for the first 3 bards levels and then the range with the +1 musket. I am pretty sure that is the way to go. My other question is retraining on feats is that allowed in PF, I didn't think it was built into the rules.

I will post the character with the Gunslinger Level tonight.

Silver Crusade

Retraining feats isn't in PF, with the exception of fighters being allowed to retrain their bonus feats like bards can repick spells when leveling. In my question above, I realized it would have been optimal to have taken the Unbreakable archetype fighter at 2nd level, but of course this is after the creation. If Dagor gets unbreakable fighter @ 4th and can repick the two feats, it'll be as if he did take the level at 2nd. But if Watcher doesn't like that, then going Unbreakable would be utterly out of the question, so we'll see.

I've seen GMs go both ways about it, some say its a potential abuse to empower low level characters (as fighters are designed to do, namely with Cleave), while others don't mind (a cleric taking heavy armor proficiency, leveling into holy vindicator, replace heavy armor proficiency)

Dark Archive

Male Human

Yeah, What I was looking at switching out because if I continue with Gunslinger for future levels Eschew Materials wouldn't be as good for the Bard/Gunslinger. Switching that to Point Blank Shot.

I am hoping to trade out Animate rope for Abundant Ammo, But still need to ask Watcher.

We will just have to see.

I will allow you guys to retrain for this level since you had time to see how they would work out otherwise. I will be reading the PbP's post again to make sure I did not miss anything important. Once I have done that, and everyone has leveled up we can move on.

Going back through the gameplay thread Ifound that I said a certain commoner died, and later I said he lived. I have corrected that.

Here is the current list of people you saved
Jack 24
Cory 18ish
Browan, Mary's uncle
half-elf draven LE --the only one who appears to have any martial training
Little Girl-Mary

As far as my notes go the only PC that was bitten was Dagor, but it is possible to fight it off with saves.

Silver Crusade

Alright, I'll get goin' on makin' him level, expect it'll be done tonight. Then we can get into the meat of zombie hell!

Bard 4/Gun 1, HP 39, AC: 17 Tch 12 FF 15 F: +5, R: +8, W: +4, Init: +2, Per: +8

Ok so Andreas is going to work with Haundo to gain a level in Gunslinger, I will post the full sheet soon.


4th Level

+1 Con

Gunslinger 1

+2 Fort, +2 Reflex

+1 BAB

7 Skill Points: Knowledge Religion +2, Perception +1, Knowledge Nature +2, Knowledge Dungeonering +1, Use Magic Device +1

Gunslinger Traits: Gunsmithing, Grit, Deeds



Spells: Changed Animate Rope to Abundant Ammunition

Feats: Eschew Materials to Point Blank Shot


Haundo do you remember How much Ammo Haithan had?

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

27/30 shots were left from what I saw on his last post. :)

Bard 4/Gun 1, HP 39, AC: 17 Tch 12 FF 15 F: +5, R: +8, W: +4, Init: +2, Per: +8

Thanks and Excellent I should have checked there. Lol

Actually, before I do choose feats (sorry for delay), would it be a bad idea to be going for a sort of a legendary smith character? That was my plan.

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

I will have haundo updated tonight, working 18hrs a day atm sorry!

Been thinking about it, and since I have the opportunity, I'll just get rid of Die Hard for now. Might pick up a fighter level later.

Advancement- Invulnerable Rager
HD- 1d12 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15
STR- +1
Fort +1
Skills +5 Craft (Weapon), Craft (Armor)x2, Survival, Perception
Rage power- Surprise Accuracy: The barbarian gains a +1 morale bonus on one attack roll. This bonus increases by +1 for every 4 levels the barbarian has attained. This power is used as a swift action before the roll to hit is made.
Feat replacements- Die Hard replaced by Cleave
Ability improvements- Rage: +3 rounds/day (favored class bonus), Reckless Abandon now +2 hit -2 AC, Invulnerability is now DR 2/-

Bard 4/Gun 1, HP 39, AC: 17 Tch 12 FF 15 F: +5, R: +8, W: +4, Init: +2, Per: +8

Forgot these :D

hit points 1d10 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

Take your time. I am going to write out certain parts of the story that I had only outlined.

No problem Haundo.

I am going to officially continue the journey tomorrow....well I guess later on today if everyone is leveled, and you might be, but I just skipped past all the post.

I will also be running an actual module(another PbP).
Starting level is 15. Here is the link
Feel free to apply.

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

Sounds good!

Here is Haundo's lvl up,

Gunslinger 3

1d10 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5 Hp = 27 now =)
+1 BAB
+1 Will
+1 Str (Str 16 now +3 bonus)
6-skill points I will update those later when I get my Herolab running.

New Deeds:

Gunslinger Initiative (Ex): At 3rd level, as long as the gunslinger has at least 1 grit point, she gains the following benefits. First, she gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks. Furthermore, if she has the Quick Draw feat, her hands are free and unrestrained, and the firearm is not hidden, she can draw a single firearm as part of the initiative check.

Pistol-Whip (Ex): At 3rd level, the gunslinger can make a surprise melee attack with the butt or handle of her firearm as a standard action. When she does, she is considered to be proficient with the firearm as a melee weapon and gains a bonus on the attack and damage rolls equal to the enhancement bonus of the firearm. The damage dealt by the pistol-whip is of the bludgeoning type, and is determined by the size of the firearm. One-handed firearms deal 1d6 points of damage (1d4 if wielded by Small creatures) and two-handed firearms deal 1d10 points of damage (1d8 if wielded by Small creatures). Regardless of the gunslinger’s size, the critical multiplier of this attack is 20/×2. If the attack hits, the gunslinger can make a combat maneuver check to knock the target prone as a free action. Performing this deed costs 1 grit point.

Utility Shot (Ex): At 3rd level, if the gunslinger has at least 1 grit point, she can perform all of the following utility shots. Each utility shot can be applied to any single attack with a firearm, but the gunslinger must declare the utility shot she is using before firing the shot.
•Blast Lock: The gunslinger makes an attack roll against a lock within the first range increment of her firearm. A Diminutive lock usually has AC 7, and larger locks have a lower AC. The lock gains a bonus to its AC against this attack based on its quality. A simple lock has a +10 bonus to AC, an average lock has a +15 bonus to AC, a good lock has a +20 bonus to AC, and a superior lock has a +30 bonus to AC. Arcane lock grants a +10 bonus to the AC of a lock against this attack. On a hit, the lock is destroyed, and the object can be opened as if it were unlocked. On a miss, the lock is destroyed, but the object is jammed and still considered locked. It can still be unlocked by successfully performing this deed, by using the Disable Device skill, or with the break DC, though the DC for either break or Disable Device or the AC increases by 10. A key, combination, or similar mechanical method of unlocking the lock no longer works, though knock can still be employed to bypass the lock, and the creator of an arcane lock can still bypass the wards of that spell.
•Scoot Unattended Object: The gunslinger makes an attack roll against a Tiny or smaller unattended object within the first range increment of her firearm. A Tiny unattended object has an AC of 5, a Diminutive unattended object has an AC of 7, and a Fine unattended object has an AC of 11. On a hit, the gunslinger does not damage the object with the shot, but can move it up to 15 feet farther away from the shot’s origin. On a miss, she damages the object normally.
•Stop Bleeding: The gunslinger makes a firearm attack and then presses the hot barrel against herself or an adjacent creature to staunch a bleeding wound. Instead of dealing damage, the shot ends a single bleed condition affecting the creature. The gunslinger does not have to make an attack roll when performing the deed in this way; she can instead shoot the firearm into the air, but that shot still uses up ammunition normally.

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

Skill Points - 1 point for each
+1 Hp for favored class, forgot about that lol!


Is everyone leveled up? Better yet post here when you are completely done. I am finally ready. I would have been ready before, but real life took a few hours of my time away.

Male Half-Elf Oracle (Juju) 5

Uchendu is levelled-up.

Dark Archive

Male Human


Level 4, check.

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

Leveled and ready, darn post monster ate my post again!

m half-elven Lich 15 DM/10 Grandmaster DM

Trying using Firefox and getting the Lazareus add-on. If I can't use firefox I post in wordpad first. It seems the postmonster only shows up to get my post if they are very long, and I have spent longer than 15 minutes on one post. I swear it is out to get me.

Abasi is missing. I will try to hold off for 12 hours.

Dagor I forgot to call for your fort save, but since a couple of days have passed in game I will say you made them, along with the NPC who was bitten.

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

Abasi I think is long gone Watcher =/ Its just Dagor, uchendu, Andreas and Me still posting. Maybe we will have to look into some type of arcane support...

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

As everyone has noticed Haundo has his own vocabulary for the different types of undead their are.

Walkers - Zombies, slow moving/normal ones.
Eaters - Fast moving zombies, normally ghouls or ghasts
Learned - Intelligent undead, can be of any kind. Learned Walker/Eater/Etc.
Skell's - Skeletons of all types

Just something I did to spice things up~ =)

Bard 4/Gun 1, HP 39, AC: 17 Tch 12 FF 15 F: +5, R: +8, W: +4, Init: +2, Per: +8

Arcane support wouldn't be a bad idea with the bard as the only arcane caster.

Andreas will probably start asking Haundo his reasoning behind that and start writing those down so future generations will have the terminology.

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