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Flesh and Bone-A zombiepocalypse story

Game Master concerro

The party enters a world much different than the one many of them left 3 years ago. Many cities have been abandoned. Those cities that are still occupied are under martial law to a large extent.
People are very afraid of the world, and for good

Current Characters

Cayden Cailean
Andreas Merona

Bard 4/Gun 1, HP 39, AC: 17 Tch 12 FF 15 F: +5, R: +8, W: +4, Init: +2, Per: +8

played by LackofFocus (202 posts)
Erdrinneir Vonnarc

Wizard 5, HP 20, AC 13, Touch 13, FF 11, F: +1, R: +3, W: +4, Init +6, Perc +8, Darkvision 60'

played by fnord72 (178 posts)
Dr Davaulus
GM Spugly Fuglet

Human being Game Master and all round good egg

played by Johnny_Panic (815 posts)

Gun 3/Clr 2 - HP 36/36: AC 26: Touch: 12 Flat: 24 - F+7, R+6, W+5 Init +5; Darkvision (60 feet); Per +8

played by Corerue (351 posts)
King Ezelgar
Klor Kragsson

male Dwarf Fighter 7

played by Edward Sobel (437 posts)
The Lady of Pain

played by Johnny_Panic (301 posts)
Dr Davaulus
Saxton Quinn

Male Human [Fay Bound] Power level 8

played by Johnny_Panic (252 posts)
Tobin MacGregor

played by YuenglingDragon (77 posts)
The Cinderlander
Uchendu Kybwa'ka

Male Half-Elf Oracle (Juju) 5

played by Luke_Parry (331 posts)
Watcher Uatu

played by concerro (1,698 posts)

Previous Characters

Silver Dragon
Liberty's Edge Corerue

The Explored Lands Downrightamazed
(360 posts)
Edward Sobel

(2,527 posts)
Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal

Male Goblin Paladin/1, Father/15
(1,823 posts)
Dark Archive LackofFocus

Male Human
(490 posts)
Lloyd Jackson

Male Human Minion 1
(886 posts)
Red Reaver
Silver Crusade Nightskies

(714 posts)
Sheriff Hemlock
Abasi Omondi

played by Lloyd Jackson (27 posts)
Half-Orc Warrior

Male Half-Orc Ranger (Shifter) 3/day

played by Joshua Hirtz (15 posts)
Snowcaster Sentry
Aylya Lafina

AC 17 : HP9/9 : F+1 : R+3 : W+5 : Init +8 : Pers +4

played by Johnny_Panic (149 posts)
Dagor Boilkar

played by Nightskies (76 posts)
Setrona Sabinus
Grey, the Lady's dog

'Human Boy'
Perception DC 15:
That's not a boy. It's a Halfling man!
Spiritualist (Haunted) 2, HP 17/17, AC 12/t 12/f 11, F4 /R2 /W4, Init +1, Sp:. 1st 3/3

played by Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal (406 posts)
Sargava Vignette
GSV "Yet more Gravitas"

What ever I feel like what ever I feel like What ever I feel like

played by Johnny_Panic (61 posts)
Hathin De'Lark

WS 40, BS 20, S 35, T 35, Ag 35, Int 30, Per 30, WP 40, Fel 43, Wounds 14/14, FP 1/1

played by Mark Sweetman (496 posts)
Simulacrum of Vraxeris the Illusionist
Manx Serimus

Male Human (Varisian) Wizard 2

played by fnord72 (198 posts)
Brother Swarm

m half-elven Lich 15 DM/10 Grandmaster DM

played by concerro (36,586 posts)

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