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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

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First Steps

Game Master CRobledo

In your first mission as a Pathfinder agent, the head of the Grand Lodge sends you on a number of missions throughout the metropolis of Absalom, pitting you against traps,thieves, and even an unruly devil, all in the pursuit of knowledge.

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Bresann Inmondeep (Sorcerer, Serpentine Bloodline)

Hailing from the desert wastes of Osirion, Bresann Inmondeep was the pampered and well-off son

of a noble house whose small merchant empire dealt in fine luxury goods, from spices to fine silks,

that were exported all over the Inner Sea. Bresann was a somewhat isolated child in a society where

the wealth and status of a household was of paramount importance. However, scandal dogged the

Inmondeep household, as it was whispered that one of the family's ancestors had the blood of a serpent

in their veins. The other wealthy houses looked upon the Inmondeeps with suspicion, and after a

bungled shipment to Korvosa went downhill, the resulting scandal (combined with the lost wealth from

Korvosan taxes and levies) left the merchant family in a rocky position. Old blood and even older

vendettas were bared, and after a grudge duel left both Bresann's father and a wealthy nobleman dead,

the vestiges of justice in the society of Orisian nobility hunted for a scapegoat.

That scapegoat was found in the form of Bresann, whose status as the oldest male child of the

household placed him in line for immediate succession to his father's substantial fortune. Bresann was

summarily banished from the borders of Osirion, launching him upon a lifetime of wandering and

searching for the truth. Hearing that the Pathfinder Society consisted of seekers of truth and

explorers as well, he immediately sought them out, hoping to find both more about the ancient

serpentine cultures that swam in his blood, as well as enough coin to help clear his name in his


bejan paknia wrote:
Bresann Inmondeep (Sorcerer, Serpentine Bloodline)

Just to let you know, GM Nel, that this is the first of my friends that I recruited and recommended to this game. I'm hoping to join with him in a group. Sorry that we're just barely squeaking in under the wire, but hopefully you'll still consider us.

My own submission:

Harek Harper (Elven Bard, Archaeologist)

Harek Harper was not the product of typical Elven society, to say the least. Far from the typical leafy canopies of the Elven homelands, Harek was raised in the far-flung desert society of Osirion. He was a curious child, forever questioning and trying to learn about both his surroundings and the ancient monoliths that dotted the landscape beneath his feet. He was a bit of a loner as a child, forever exploring off on his own rather than tending to his father's business as a historical curator for the national Osirion Museum. He often snuck away with writings, inscriptions and papers from his father's study, using the theoretical essays as practical guides to help him plunder the depths of the Osirion tombs and retrieve artifacts for his father's museum.

However, while venturing deep into a tomb one day, he found to his surprise that his intended target had already been plundered, and that someone had beaten him to his prize. He burst into the room just in time to find a group of scholars from the Pathfinder Society packing away the artifact and meticulously examining the wall carvings. Upon speaking with them, Harek was excited to find that there existed a society and organization that actively encouraged his explorations and discoveries.

Packing up his extensive supplies, Harek took his father's old diary writings and research and embarked for Andoran. Arriving at the Grand Lodge within a few tendays, Harek Harper adjusted his signature jaunty hat and stepped inside, curious about what lay in store for the adventurous young Elf...

I'm posting as part of the group Xisifer was mentioning.

I know this archetype doesn't affect level one, but I think it fits given the character's thematic dedication to his chosen weapon. Speaking of which, I'd like to ask if we're allowed to make use of the Alternate Racial Traits from the Advanced Players' Guide.

Rogash Rasksvard (Half-Orc Fighter, Weapon Master)

The son of an Orc raider chieftain from Belkzen and a human slave girl, Rogash was born into slavery at the hands of his father's band of raiders, allowed to survive infancy only at the insistence of his father, who recognized his heritage as especially valuable in a slave. Much of his early years consisted of manual labor and near-endless marching as the nomadic group of bandits roamed the countryside. For at least sixteen hours each day, the young half-breed would hear the endless jingling and rattling of the chains that bound him and his fellow slaves, the manacles biting into his wrists and ankles relentlessly.

His servitude continued until the raiders were finally tracked down by a militia brigade just within the borders of Molthune. As the soldiers came down on the raiders, Rogash was able to escape in the confusion and make his way into the wilderness, certain that if the soldiers found him they would slay him for his resemblance to the Orcs. After days of wandering, he was found in the woods by a hunter, who took him in to his village to relieve him of his chains and help him gain his strength. Months later, after a time repaying the hunter with chores and aid in catching game, Rogash departed with a purpose in mind, intent on using the hatred that had boiled up within him over his years of slavery to dole out justice on those like his captors, forging for himself a chain studded with sharp spikes and hooks to use as his weapon, and a large, heavy cloak of linked chains -- two eternal reminders to himself of the burden he bore for so long, and the strength he gained from it.

Submissions are now closed. I will sort and go though all the characters hopefully by EOD tomorrow time permitting.

Thank you everyone for applying!

Allright guys, thank all of you for the applications. They were all quite a good read. I truly wish I had time to run two groups through.

The party selected is:

Xavier Charlevasque, Magus 1

Sohali Haddad, Paladin 1

Luccinus de Lorenzo, Figher 1

Vermin, Druid 1

Dunn, Son of Absalom, Gunsliger 1

Once again, I really toyed with the idea of running two groups, but alas, real life would conflict.

Thanks everyone once again.

Party, you may report to the discussion thread. Make sure to post soon so I know you are ready to get started!

Dark Archive

Well have fun everyone! Congrats to the toons that were selected! Good luck everyone and most importantly have fun! :)

The Exchange

Congrats! Enjoy and good luck :)

Liberty's Edge

I emailed my character sheet. He is a L1 Dawnflower Dervish Bard. Please let me know what I need to do to possibly be added to the group. Thanks again!

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