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Finkmilkana's Carrion Crown

Game Master Finkmilkana

Since it seems that no PbP Game I get into either on this or another forum lasts for very long I have now decided to try GM one for once and choose Carrion Crown for it.

First some words of warning: Since this is my first try at GM'ing a PbP (I did GM quite a few normal games) and because English is not my native language I can't guarantee that everything I do as a GM is done "right" by the standards of this forum.

I'm looking for 4 to 6 characters (considering the usual loss in PbP I may increase that number if there are enough fitting applicants) and recruitment will be open as long as it takes (at least until Monday 7 pm GMT+1, but I expect something like Wednesday).

Everyone should read the Carrion Crown players guide and since at the start you are invited to the professors burial and even named in his will your characters need a connection to him.

Character Creation Rules:
- 20 point buy
- maximum starting gold for your class
- 2 traits (one campaign trait would be nice, but is in no way required)
- all paizo material is open (besides leadership), 3rd party up to approval
- generally I'm open for all alignments, but your character has to work in a party
- nothing to exotic please, it's unlikely that I'll allow more than one or two non standard race characters

For combat I plan to use a mix of descriptions and maps. Everyone will act on their own initiative, but you can post your action when you have got the time, and after 24 hours (or when everyone has posted) the actions resolve. Should an action become useless or impossible to perform it will either be adjusted if an obvious option presents itself ("I attack skeleton 1" but Skeleton 1 dies => "I attack Skeleton 2 which stand directly next to Skeleton 1") or I'll give you 16 hours to change it (during the "posting phase" you can also change your actions should it become apparent that it will be useless).

I'll also add a few houserules in campaign info.

Dotting for Interest.

I'll need to read the players guide before submitting a character. But I too continue to hope for a truly ongoing game.

BTW.. If you hadn't said English wasn't your native language, I would never have known. Yours is better than many who claim it as a first language.

As for "not being right" just declare your decisions a GM "ruling" instead. Hey, you're the GM, who's gonna argue?

Let me read up and see if I can give you a good proposal...


I would like to play in the Carrion Crown Campaign. I'm thinking of playing an Half-Orc Oracle of Battle. Decent to average stats, nothing to extreme.

What do you think?

Similar to Apocalypso, I plan to apply for this, but only after downloading/reading Player's Guide. For now I am thinking human, fighter type, nothing too exotic. Let me read the guide and see in what way I could connect him to the overall backstory. Cheers

Dotting for interest.

I'll probably have a character done when I get home. I'm assuming starting at level one? Will probably submit either a sorcerer or wizard.

I am definitely up for long running campaigns. Been in one for 6 years that one is still going strong.

Yes, level one.

I have had similar problems to yours in that I have had this character start 3 CC pbp games, but they all have ended very quickly. Only one got a little bit past the funeral. I am a regular poster in another campaign on this forum which has been running for 8 months.

Background and numbers in the profile. I will make adjustments to your house rules if you choose the character for the game. Thanks for your consideration!

I'd like to submit a Dwarven priestess of Iomedae with the campaign trait Making Good on Promises.

Have an idea for a dwarf hunter hunting in the name of Apsu (Dragon God) and trying to get rid of the chromatic dragons. On his long journey he met the professor Lorrimar. Surrounded by horde of undead, you managed to slay a few of them, allowing an escape for the professor and guiding him to you.

Together you run from the undeads and after that day the professor had a high opinion about you. Together you adventuring for a while until you parted away. However, Lorrimar promised to repay that favor on that faitful day you had rescued him. Little Angmar know that it would be his last time that he would see professor alive

[Chance Savior Trait] [---] Will get statblock at somepoint if it appears to be necessary

I'm definitely interested. Probably a cleric or inquisitor of pharasma or sarenrae.

Campaign trait would be subject of study

I age about the PbP games slowing to a death, so i will be around for a wile, means I dont have to keep finding a new game,

Please meet Doctor Ruby Redhat he knew the professors well and once saved his life from a swarm of rats, i liked his work, he would love to be along and hes most helpful in all manner of way GM.

Hmm, well it seems we already have several submissions for divine casters, so I propose a fighter with the unbreakable archetype (ultimate combat)

20 pt buy breakdown:
STR: 14 (5p)
DEX: 12 (2p)
CON: 16 (10p)
INT: 11 (1p)
WIS: 12 (2p) +2 Human racial bonus - total 14
CHA: 10 (0p)

I would like to submit Kruegar Wolf Heart the Half Orc Packlord Druid for your perusal and consideration.

Kruegar was originally born at the border between Belkzen and Ustalav, the product of an unfortunate and undesired union between an orcish warlord and a peasant girl. Soon after his birth, he was left for dead by his mother in the forests of Lorzeri. However, instead of perishing there he was discovered by a pack of wolves led by an awakened dire wolf named Grolgath. Once the companion of a noble druid, he assisted his master for many years in eradicating the forests of Ustalav from the undead taint deeply entrenched within the land. After his master perished, he gathered the wolves of Lorzeri together in defense against the undead scourge. Upon discovering the abandoned infant, Grolgath was moved to pity, and decided to take him into the wolf pack and raise him as one of his own. He named him after his deceased master, and began slowly teaching him about the land and the threat that the undead pose against it. Kreugar showed a natural aptitude for the druidic arts, and assisted his adoptive father in his crusade to rid the forest of the undead. Two years ago, the undead in the area conspired to destroy Hrothgar and the forest once and for all. Led by some unseen master, wave after wave of carrion came against the wolf pack in the heart of the forest, slaying Grolgath and driving them out of the wood. Kruegar and a handful of his brothers and sisters were all that remained. Cut off from his home and driven to desperation, Kruegar was forced to travel to human lands and steal livestock in order to survive and ensure the survival of his pack.

Set upon by trappers and disgruntled farmers, Kruegar and his pack were captured and would have been put to the sword were it not for Petros Lorrimor. Lorrimor, interested in Kruegar and his strange aptitude for nature magic despite no evidence of contact with civilization, payed for the livestock that Kruegar and his pack killed in exchange for the chance to study Kruegar. At first he viewed Kruegar as a unique curiosity, a wild half orc with an affinity for wolves who could only speak in the Druidic tounge. He gradually began teaching Kruegar common and little by little taught Krueger how to live with other humans, treating the half orc as a grand and noble experiment, a chance to introduce society to the savage. Then as he learned of Kruegars past, he grew in admiration for the adversity that Kruegar had suffered and the resilience he had shown in bearing up against it. Kruegar likewise gained respect for his newfound mentor, thanking him for the great kindness he had done in rescuing him and his pack. Over the years, Lorrimor began to look less and less upon Kruegar as an experiment and more and more upon him as a son. Kruegar served the professor loyally as a bodyguard and groundskeeper, defending him and his estate. Three months ago the professor left Kruegar and his pack at home while he went off to do some reaserch. He has yet to return. In the meantime, Kruegar is dutifully defending and looking after Lorrimor's estate, anxiously awaiting his return.

The role the character would play in the party would be something along the lines of melee/battlefield control, swarming the field with animal companions and summons then charging into the field as a wolf. Let me know what you think of the character concept. If you like it, I can probably have a full character sheet up by this weekend.

Hey Finkmilkana.

Just wanted to bid you good luck on DMing your first pbp and mention a feature that has I.M.XP smoothed out combat in pbp; Posting up the baddies AC, saves, hp and conditions so the players can narrate the success or failure of their rolls themselves.

It's an honor system found in DM Barcas's games, first introduced by him I believe, that eliminates the need to retcon combat posts if used in conjecture with posting in initiative order.


Anyway. Good Gaming :)

Here is ash windfinder, he is set for 3rd level but I can re-adjust the statblock, background and story included in his profile. Please let me know if you're interested in me

I would be interested to participate in your campaign with this character.

English isn't my native language too, but I think that my skills should suffice.

My Time Zone is GMT+1


Grand Lodge

I would like to submit Kalina, a dhamphir oracle for consideration. I hope a dhamphir isn't too overpowered. It seems to be on a level playing field with the other races.

More than anything, Kalina wants to be good. As the child of a mother who was forcibly charmed by a vampire, Kalina has been told every day that she was unwanted and corrupt by nature.

She was lovely, but something about her was eerie and always scared off the other children. Her situation worsened when, at puberty, she began to develop unnatural abilities.

Only a chance encounter with Professor Lorrimor saved her from heading down the bitter, lonely path that was expected for her. He delighted in her unusual mind and abilities. And he was the one who told her that she could decide her own destiny. If she wished to use her special gifts to good purpose, than she could.

He took her away from her relieved mother so she could receive tutalage at a temple of Pharasma. Not actually a cleric, at least her unusual gifts were respected there, even if no one was yet comfortable around her.

Professor Lorrimor kept up his correspondence with Kalina. He was always curious and supportive of any new abilities she discovered. Kalina was deeply saddened to learn that her only friend had died. Having no idea what to expect, she makes her way to his funeral.

While I was working her up, there seemed to be several other proposals for divine characters. If the background is appealing, I could also re-tool her as a sorceress.

Thanks for the consideration.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Dotting for interest.
Will come up with a character soon... leaning towards summoner or monk.
Two questions, though:
- Would you allow an eidolon with a different alignment than that of its summoner?
- Would you allow a monk with a vow of silence (I was thinking of taking sign language and spoilering his signs)?

Scarab Sages

I'd like to toss my name in. Haven't developed much background yet but I was thinking about a human ranger.

Grand Lodge

I would love to get in this but seeing as I just started running this ap for my home group, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to play in it. After reading the first two books it seems like a good one to play.

Best of luck to you and all who apply.

I'm interested, and I'll submit character after reading the guide.

Pedro Coelho wrote:

- Would you allow an eidolon with a different alignment than that of its summoner?

As long as you don't try to mechanically abuse it in any way and give a good RP reason, why not.

Pedro Coelho wrote:

-Would you allow a monk with a vow of silence (I was thinking of taking sign language and spoilering his signs)?

Generally speaking I also wouldn't have a problem with this, as long as it is well played out. But remember that such a character would have quite a hard time doing much concerning NPC interaction, since almost no NPC (and not even every PC, but that I MAY be ready to handwave once they know each other for some time) will have spend a language known on sign language.

I would like to Submit Raoul Calvisi. Cureently a human fighter with the unarmed archtype, I plan to have him take the rest of his levels in rogue.

Throwing an elven magus in for consideration. She was developed for a Carrion Crown pbp already-underway, but I can edit a couple of lines in her background and it should work just fine.

Alright, character sheet up, including background. I'll be fine tuning gear, but that will mostly be random stuff like backpack, rope, flint etc.

Let me know if you have any questions.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Finkmilkana wrote:

As long as you don't try to mechanically abuse it in any way and give a good RP reason, why not.

Don't worry, I'm not looking to abuse the rules. I've pitched this idea in another thread but the alignment restriction got in the way.

The concept is a girl (young template, but I can make her an adult if you have any issues with that) who has a "guardian angel" eidolon that is trying to set her on the right path.

Although she's evil, she is not the disruptive kind and doesn't have an "evil" agenda; instead, she lies, tries to manipulate people, doesn't respect laws, and can't really tell right from wrong. She basically just wants to do things her way. Being a team player is actually in her best interest, since she can benefit from the protection and aid of others. On the other hand, her eidolon is virtuous, kind and generous and tries to discipline her when she misbehaves. She's NE, the eidolon is NG.

Backstory and crunch coming later, if the concept is ok. ;)

[EDIT] Is there a deadline?

Application for Davachido here, Character sheet and background up. I just need to update for a basic adventuring kit with her remaining gold otherwise everything should be done.

This character is an Elven wizard whose focus will be utility spells and crowd control with a few useful knowledge checks here and there. Might also pick up magic item crafting later in the campaign.

Dotting for interest with this character, Vanos Galerion. Will post crunch, bio and backstory tomorrow.

Basic concept is Elven Druid working to research the blights effecting Ustalav; both the poisoned land in the wake of the Whispering Tyrant and to the plagues, illnesses and other horrible afflictions that harm its people. Worked with Professor Lorrimor over a long period of time in this area of study, so plenty of reason to take campaign traits.

Will be mostly if not all core material.

Sounds like it could be a lot of fun, good luck to all!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I've got an idea that's been kicking around my head for a Carrion Crown character. I'll get stats and more details up over the weekend.

Basically he's a Paladin out of Lastwall who will shortly discover that he has dragon blood and worse that it's an evil dragon's blood. This will provoke something of a crisis of faith and send him down the sorcerer/dragon disciple path.

I've got an idea for how he knew the professor, but I'll have to go through the player's guide again to see how it fits.

Pedro Coelho wrote:
[EDIT] Is there a deadline?

As I said in the opening post, I planned to wait until there are enough applicants. Considering how many there allready are I'll now fixate the deadline at Monday 7 pm GMT+1.

I respectfully submit Brennan Darkblade, a half-elven rogue with...issues. I'll tailor the backstory to fit the campaign this afternoon.

He's a knife master rogue, possibly headed for the Scout archetype, who can provide all manner of skills, trap disabling, lock picking, and knife-wielding stabbity goodness.

Here's Lyla, young female summoner, and here's her eidolon, Lord Bramwell. Backstory is in Lyla's profile. I'll add some more info like personality and appearance later.

Grand Lodge

I would like to be considered. I will mod my background to know the professor in a bit.

Character completed, along with appropriate backstory. Everything is in profile and I am submitting it for your review. If there is anything else you might be interested, I am at your disposal.

I'd like to submit Dantrian Almaeus for consideration. I've submitted him to several other Carrion Crown games (I recognize some earlier applicants from some of those other recruitments!) but he's not yet been picked up.

Should Dantrian be selected, all I'll need to do is adjust his starting wealth/equipment and give him Weapon Finesse. Thanks for giving him a looksee and good luck to everyone!

Leon Ravencourt all ready to go. Leon is a Dex based freehand fighter.

His backstory ties him into the AP well, and I am a fantabulous poster. Ask anyone. :) (or just check my posting stats for the other games I'm in)

I have been trying to get a ranged inquisitor into a game but there are quite a few divine applicants already. I will write up a Magus this evening for the application but if you would like another divine caster i can rewrite my skulls and shackles applicant.

If you check my posting history on Menas i can see i post between one and three times a day depending on how fast the game is, i normally check up on posts during my lunch break at work.

riding his dog to the funeral hoping something interesting will be in the will for him

The majority of the Magus i would like to run (Egoish here), i haven't done all the equipment as yet or all of her stat block but the majority is there.

Would i be able to spend some of my starting cash on scrolls for my spellbook if i have the money spare?

Edit: Finished off equipment, i have 75gp spare for scrolls if i am allowed to buy 3 extra level 1 scrolls to copy into my spellbook.

Sure, but remember that it costs 35 gold to get a new 1. Level Spell (25 for the Scroll, 10 to copy it)

Silver Crusade

How do you feel about MCAs?

You mean Multiclass Achetypes I assume?

Well as with any homebrew/3rd Party I have no fundamental problem with it and would need to decide on a case by case basis.
A few of them look slightly unbalanced to me, but not all.

If you want to apply with one, go ahead but remember that I'll close recruitment in ~6 hours.

Grand Lodge

I retract my submission for consideration. Thanks hope everyone has fun!

Cool, forgot i actually have to write them in my spellbook as well, i'll spend 70gp on two more spells and pop the rest on my leftovers.

Ok, recruitment is now closed. I'll either later today or tomorrow post my decisions.

Ooooh the anticipation... Fingers crossed here.

Checking in. Good luck to all.

So the decision was quite hard. In the end there indeed were to many meele applicants. Considering the number of excellent characters and the usual loss in the first few days I decided to try to take 9 characters to begin with. Since I already established the hard limit of 24 hours for waiting I don't expect it to clutter up gameplay to much (I'll adjust the battles to account for the number of players and should the numbers not dwindle until then may need to widden some corridors in harrowstone so everyone can reach their targets).
The lucky (or unlucky considering the circumstances of the campaign) are:

Kalina, Oracle of Heavens
Torald Othric of Griffonston, Paladin
Cerana Whisperwood, Wizard
Lyla, Summoner
Dr. Benedict Darcy, Alchemist
Jolienne Vara, Fighter
Ash Windfinder, Ranger
Raoul Calvisi, unarmed Fighter
Tahlaera Silverbow, Magus

I'm sorry for everyone who didn't make it. It was a quite hard decision, but it would have been impractical to take even more players.

I would like to ask the accepted players to finish the fine tuning of their characters and then "check in" in the discussion thread (I'll get it online soon).

have a great game all the best.


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