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Feast of Ravenmoor (Inactive)

Game Master mathpro18

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If you guys split off I'll need stealth checks from Tomnus and Linflass.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Linflass looks at the two women. "Should we seperate or stay together?"

Stealth if needed: Takes 10 + 13=23

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"If we split up it'll be easier for them to take us down, so I don't recommend splitting up."

Male Human Ranger/3

"I will go with the majority." Tomas says to the group.

If Linflass and I go off on our own to check out the farm.
Perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (6) + 10 = 16


Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Sighs. "That's one for splitting. One for staying. One for whichever gets the most votes. One for...what did you pick, Eldwin?"

Looks at Norn with eyebrows raised.

He shakes his head. "Forget it. Let's just take it as it goes and stick together."

Thinks a moment. "I don't think he'd attack us openly at the Festival. Might try something beforehand, I suppose. But sneaky."

"I don't see the whole town rising up against us because we're looking for a missing tax collector."

Starts walking towards his hut. Come with me. I'll drop off my gear and you can see where I live. At least you'll know of one place in town if it all falls apart. Though if it gets to that, someone will probably be watching here."

Female Halfling Rogue 3

"Well maybe if you guys showed up for some of the festival and broke off near the end?"

Male Human Cleric/Level 3

"I think Norn has a good point. We will all go in together, then Linflas and Tomas can investigate. That is if we feel safe enough to split up."

As you guys are leaving the theater I need perception checks.

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"I really don't recommend splitting up, but if it's the majority's wish so be it."

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Perception Takes 10+16=26

Female Halfling Rogue 3


1d20 + 10 ⇒ (19) + 10 = 29

Male Human Cleric/Level 3


1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

Perception:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16 +2 If it's about humans

Male Human Ranger/3

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18

DM eyes only:

1d20 ⇒ 11d20 + 7 ⇒ (15) + 7 = 22

Everyone notices a set of feet sticking out from behind a tree. You get the feeling that you're being watched. A few seconds later you here a mans voice.

"oh crap" and the feet move to try and re-hide behind the tree.

Norn and Linflass:
You notice another set of feet sticking out behind a bush.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

"Tomas, Eles, grab him!"

"Eldwin, with me."

Linflass sprints to a nearby bush and reaches in to grab something. Or someone.

Male Human Cleric/Level 3

"Linflas?" Eldwin follows Linflas confused.

Linflass grabs the man in the bushes. His head is covered in a very strange mask. His eyes are covered by what look like insect eyes and his nose is replaced with a very large beak. He looks like a giant mosquito.

"Unhand me" he shouts, though its muffled by the mask.

Male Human Cleric/Level 3

Eldwin pulls out his mace.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

"What in the...?"

Linflass glances quickly over to see how Eles and Tomas fared, keeping a firm grip on the masked figure in front of him.

"Norn, cover someone."

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"Lets see who you are."
she goes and unmasks them

Female Halfling Rogue 3

Norn draws her crossbow ready to shoot if any more masked men appear out of the bushes

The other man is also wearing a similar mask.

Eve unmasks the two of them and they appear to be two local teenagers.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Does Linflass know them?
Knowledge Local 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (7) + 10 = 17

You know them as Adar and Edar Breck. They're twin brothers and generally they keep out of trouble. You've had a few run in's with there father who was...very unpleasent to deal with to put in nicely. You've often got a sense that there was always something a little off about the family but you've never been able to pinpoint what. The masks don't help your feeling go away.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Linflass releases what turns out to be a youth. Who looks exactly like the other one that Tomas has a hold of.

"Adar. Edar."What in Avistan are you two doing? And why are you wearing these ridiculous masks?"

Shakes his head. This town gets stranger by the week.

"Well? Out with it!"

Edar puffs up his chest and looks at Linflass "We don't answer to you outsider. What we were doing here is none of your concern."

Adar struggles against Tomas and tries to get free but doesn't succeed. "Yeah besides we were only spying on you" he says.

Edar shoots his brother a look and then shakes his head "Idoit"

Adar blushes and hangs his head "Oops"

I can see a whole pinky and the brain kind of thing going on with these two.

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

Then have one say "Narf"

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

loved that cartoon

As Eve towers over the two goofball locals (and everyone else), Linflass says with a grin, "My attractive friend over here enjoys smacking around people who annoy her. And I would bet you two fall into that category."

I figure an Intimidate check for her would be more appropriate than from me.

"Now, why were you spying on us?"

Picks up one of the masks and looks at it.

Its made out of leather but you're not quite sure what animal the leather came from. It doesn't look standard and as you look at it in your hands the color of the mask seems to match your hands.

"Silence Adar they won't do anything to us. And if they do they'll have the others to deal with."

The other brother does what he's told and remains silent.

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"Oh really?"

Funny thing is she is refering to what was said,
not to the challenge, but making it appear so.

Edar looks at Even and scoffs.

"No woman can ever scare me."

Adar looks at his brother and shakes his head.

"Funny she does a pretty good job scaring me. We were sent here to keep an eye on you. The Mayor asked us to do this."

Male Human Cleric/Level 3

Eldwin stares at the two boys, mace still in hand. "The Mayor asked you? I'm hardly surprised.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Linflass stares at the brothers. "An imp's bottom!"

"They'll just run back and tell the mayor we caught them snooping on us."

Looks meaningfully at Eve and mouths "scare them." Then back to the boys. "Of course, that's if we let them go." He takes a dagger out of a sheath.

"We could knock you boys out, tie you up and decide what to do with you later."


"Unless you gave us some reason to be nice. Like, say, telling us why the mayor wanted us watched, and who these 'others' are."

He twirls the dagger on his palm.

I'm not rolling for intimidate because I'm holding out for Eve to.

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"I would talk if I were you,
as I have seen some very interesting techniques for getting people to talk.
Including some that could put some devils to shame."

Bluff: 1d20 + 2 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 + 2 = 15

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2


Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

I'll post after the wonder brothers respond.

The two boys look at Eve and then at Linflass and sigh.

"We were sent to make sure you didn't 'muck anything up' as the mayor says. I'm not really sure what his problem is with you...must be that you're outsiders." Adar responds.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Linflass shakes his head.

Sense Motive
1d20 ⇒ 1

Oh, for the love of....I rolled a 3 attacking a wererat this morning.

He believes the boys. "I don't see how this helps us any.

1d20 ⇒ 12

Glares at the brothers"Go about your business, but DON'T tell the mayor we found you and that you talked to us. Just tell him we wandered around the town, but you don't know what we were doing."

Points the dagger at Adar. "Got it?"

Now get! Before I change my mind."

Sighs. "You might as well drop off the rest of your belongings at the mayor's. I want to go to my hut and then see somebody before the Festival. She might know something, but it's better that I go alone. I'll meet you later."

Pauses. "Be careful. He said he'd take care of us, but not when. Just that he'd meet the others after the Festival. Watch him."

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3


Linflass is going to watch them go, head towards his hut, then sneak out to the Chenowitz place by himself to look around. He will go via the forest/woods/swamp as best he can.

I'll make Stealth and Survival rolls that you can apply if needed to get things going.

Stealth Takes 10+13=23
Survival for Tracks Takes 10+12=22

He will do his utmost to avoid being seen, letting possible avenues go unchecked if needed. He's looking for clues related to Eles but doesn't want to encounter anyone at or near the farm.

My Ranger is going rogue...

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"I don't think anyone should go off on their own,
take Norn with you as she is harder to spot them me."

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Linflass looks over to Eve. "No, this is an errand just for me."

Puzzled as he reflects on her words. "Spot? To talk to a woman? I'm not stalking her"

Adds quietly "This time..."

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"I'm thinking about the safety of everyone here.
If you go alone and get caught, it'll be difficult to rescue you.
Hence why I said to take Norn with you as she is more likely to hide better than me or anyone else."

I'll let this resolve before you sneak off lol.

The boys head off, their heads downcast but before he goes Edar will kick you in the shin and take his mask from you.

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

kick who in the shin?
and a taking the mask is a disarm attempt

He will kick Linflass in the shin and I would rule that taking the mask would be a slight of hand check.

slight of hand:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3


"That's the kind of thing I'd expect from a Breck! Probably learned it from your father."

Mutters, "Miserable little..."

Gods, I should have stayed in the River Kingdoms.

Linflass would have had a loose grip on the mask, his attention being shifted to the dagger when he used it to menace the brothers. The mask would pretty much have been an afterthought at that point.

But the next person who kicks him is going to get the base of a dagger hilt upside their skull!

Female Halfling Rogue 3

Norn attempts to hide her amusment at the Shin kicking.
"Why dont you want anyone coming with you? You visiting your girlfriend or something?"

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

He looks down at Norn with a wink.

"I'll let you know when I'm taking applications for the job."

Male Human Ranger/3

Tomas watches the boys run off and mutters, "That is one of the reasons I don't like kids." Hearing Linflass's plan to go off on his own Tomas says, "Before careful and if we don't hear from you within an hour we'll come looking for you, but I agree with Eve it probably isn't a good idea to split up knowing that the mayor plans to deal with us in some way."

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