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Feast of Ravenmoor (Inactive)

Game Master mathpro18

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It was about a week ago that each of you got a letter in the mail(see below).


Dear Brave Adventurer,

I have heard much of your accomplishments and am very impressed with what you have been able to do in such a young adventuring career. Words of your bravery and ability to think before blindly getting into a fight is what has caused me to contact you. I have a bit of a sensitive matter to discuss with you involving backtaxes and I fear either theft or murder. I feel your skills as an investigator will be of great help and I request that you meet me at the Drunken Dog in Ordellia where we can discuss the matter in more detail. Don't worry you will be rewarded for your time.


Jeminda Anikee

You have all traveled to Ordellia and have been able to find the Drunken Dog and currently are sitting around a table waiting for Jeminda to show up.

Please take this time to introduce you're selves to eachother

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

A Human(Ulfen) looking woman of about 6 foot 3 enters the Drunken Dog.
She has a muscular yet curvy human build with comely features and pale skin.
Her face looks attractive for a human. She has Emerald Green and Sapphire blue eyes and lose Golden Blonde Hair that ends at her mid back.
She is wearing a Green pants, a brown short sleeved shirt and a Green bodice that assists with her figure.

she walks to the bar, and says to the bartender
"I'll have a drink, Dragon's Ale if you got it?"

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Assuming the others are sitting at the table as the first post stated. If an option, Linflass sits with his back to the wall.

Though his features favor his human heritage, Linflass' ears clearly indicate that he is a half-elf. Of average height, he has brown hair cut short and openly meets the faces of those who look at or talk to him.

He is wearing studded leather, colored a mix of grey and brown. A pair of hilts jut from their scabbards on each side of his waist and a bow rests against the wall nearby.

Linflass watches the blonde woman enter and go to the bar. That's a tall one. He turns his attention back to his table mates.

Without haste or menace, he plucks a silvered dagger from his side and firmly but smoothly pins the edge of his letter to the table in front of him with it.

So, we all received this same letter. Someone wants us here, together.

His eyes scan the room, looking for anything amiss.

My name is Linflass and I have never heard of Jeminda Anikee. Have you?

Female Halfling Rogue 3

"Nope can't say that I have"

The speaker is a relativly young halfling standing at 2'10 with a somewhat slight build with Chest length brown hair done up in a pony tail and Brown eyes. For clothing she is wearing a white short sleeved white shirt with a sleeveless tan leather coat, brown gloves, tan trousers, Sturdy brown boots that come up just below the knee and a pair of Goggles on her head. She also currently has a crossbow tied to her back.

"Anyway I'm Norn Jural pleased to meet you"

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

I'll assume the bartender has Dragon's Ale and gives her a stiener full of it.

as she walks around, she spots the letter Linflass had pinned to the table and takes a seat at the table.

"I am guessing your also all looking for Jeminda Anikee as well?"

she pulls out her letter and then puts it back.

"I guess I should introduce myself.
I'm Eve Abia, or as some call me Eva."

She chugs some of her Dragon's Ale and sets the stiener down on the table.
as she listens for a response.

Male Human Ranger/3

A tall lean man with an athletic build; wearing dark green almost black studded leather walks up to the table. The man has short black hair and a neatly trimmed beard covering his face. His icy blue eye distracts from his large hooked nose His dull black boots come up to the top of his calf; sticking out of the top of his right boot of is the handle of a dagger. The black wide belt around his waist has a scabbard longsword attached to it, along with a couple of pouches and across his back is a quiver full of arrows and backpack. In his left hand is a finely crafted longbow, which he leans against the table and shrugs off the backpack dropping it to the floor as he sits at the table.

He glances around the table and nods to everyone and says in a low deep voice,"Name is Tomas Reynolds; I received a letter as well from this Jeminda Anikee and have no idea who she is. I was close to not caring and returning to the forest, but I see that I am not the only one who received the letter I might as well stay and have a drink."

Male Human Cleric/Level 3

For a while he seems to be staring at the table stroking his goatee, the hood of his cloak covering his head.

He raises his head up, looks around, smiles a little, and pulls back his hood.

"It's nice to be the company of strangers, when I'm meeting a stranger."

His expression is serious, but his brown eyes are warm. His light brown hair is shoulder length with streaks of gray throughout. His dark grey cloak has symmetrical designs around the edges. He's is of a medium stature.

"I am Eldwin."

He pulls a flask from inside his cloak, smells the contents, and takes a drink.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Linflass eyes Eldwin. So, mage, you did not answer my question. Was that intentional?

Gently pulling the dagger free, he returns it to its sheath. The movements reveal more knives about his person.

He continues to glance about the room. So. Who brought us here? Maybe one of you. His gaze returned to his companions.

"I don't have a clue why I got this letter. And we don't look like we have a lot in common."

Giving each a frank expression, "Any ideas?"

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

Eva replies
"I don't really know either."

Female Halfling Rogue 3

"Well...." Norn begins while opening her letter "Assuming we all got the same note something to do with taxes, robbery and/or murder."

A little while later a young human woman walked in. She was dressed in a tight fitting shirt and a skirt and had her long brown hair tied up in a bun. She scurried in the door and quickly started to look around, as if looking for someone. She seems very nervous and on edge as she walks from table to table looking at the various drunks that fill the establishment. "no no no your not can't be're drooling on your self" she says to herself as she goes from table to table.

She finally comes up to your table "Um...excuse me...but would you happen to be a group of adventurers waiting for someone by the name of Jeminda Anikee?" She bites her lip nervously as she waits for your reply.

Female Halfling Rogue 3

Norn looks the woman over for a second or two not really sure what to make of them "Yes we are." she finally replies "I take it you are Jeminda Anikee?"

Male Human Cleric/Level 3

Eldwin looks into the young woman's eyes as if searching for something.

He casually reaches around his side, a moment later his hand is wrapped around a wooden handle of a weapon.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

If Linflass needs a Perception check to notice Eldwin's movement

1d20 + 12 ⇒ (13) + 12 = 25

LInflass notices Eldwin's surreptitious movement and rests his right hand on the hilt of one of his daggers at his belt.
This is below table-top level.

He stares at the newcomer for a few moments then looks about at his table mates. Are one of you in league with her? Is this a trap?

After studying each one, he returns his gaze to the nervous woman but says nothing.

Male Human Ranger/3

Tomas looks up at the young lady and nods in agreement with Norn. "So, why have you summoned us here and are you expecting trouble or something?" he says as he glances are trying to figure out what is making the young woman nervous.

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"I would like to know that as well."

Male Human Cleric/Level 3

Eldwin sighs in agreement and says "Yes, please state your business with us"

The woman lets out a bright sigh and then takes a seat. "Thank you all for coming. I know that my letter left much to the imagination but the situation is a little hard to explain. I'll try to do my best to do so quickly." She bites her lip nervously and then takes a deep breath before continuing.

"About a two months ago I was doing an audit and I found that the small village of Ravenmoor hadn't yet paid its taxes. Further investigation uncovered that they actually hadn't paid their taxes in about fifteen years. On a year to year basis they didn't pay much in taxes so I'm sure it was a clerical error on our part and that we just simply forgot to send a collector to get the taxes. With penalties and other fees Ravenmoor now owes 500 gold. I didn't see the need to alert my superiors for such a minor debt so I decided to send a personal friend of mine to collect the taxes but my friend has disappeared." She pauses to get her breath and she flags down a barmaid and orders an ale.

"Its been about 2 weeks since I've heard from him and I'm very worried that something's happened to him. I would ask that you help me figure out what happened to him and that you go recover the back tax money from Ravenmoor. I have a feeling the second task might meet some resistance since this is the second time that the taxes have been tried to be collected and Ravenmoor probably had a hard enough time raising the funds in the first place. If this is the case I'd be willing to accept a letter from the Mayor stating why he refuses to pay the taxes. For your service I will gladly pay you 200 gold pieces each." She now waits for any questions that the party has. When the ale arrives she takes several long pulls of the drink but it does little to calm her jaded nerves.

Being that you're from Ravenmoor I figured you'd have some inside information. As far as you know the tax collector did make it to town, collected the taxes, and then left. Where he went you're not sure but being that it wasn't of very much importance to you, you didn't give it much thought.

There you go folks. You now know why you've been brought here and can take your hands off your weapons. Suspicious of my motives already...I'm hurt.

I'm sure I don't need to mention it but you can make sense motive checks if you wish.

Female Halfling Rogue 3

"I would be more than happy to help."

Male Human Cleric/Level 3

"I will also assist. I have done this kind of thing before"

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"I'll take the job."

Male Human Ranger/3

"Two hundred gold pieces, that is a lot of gold. I'm not a sellsword but I could use the gold so I will accept your offer. I'm assuming we get paid on completion of the mission." says Tomas. He looks around at the rest of the group and then back at Jeminda and asks, "Why do you look so nervous? A missing friend would make someone worry not nervous. Is there something you are not telling us?"

Sense Motive: (Checking to see if she is holding back information) 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Linflass puts his hands on the table and grins. "I'll take your gold to look around Ravenmoor. I know the place a little."

He watches her face. "You said that this is the SECOND time that there has been difficulty collecting. Do you have any idea what the problem is?"

Perception relevant here or just Sense Motive?

Just sense motive linflass.

As far as you know Tomas she is telling the truth and isn't holding anything back.

She seems to relax a little as you all agree to give her your service but as Tomas raises his question she bites her lip and blushes a little. "The tax collector I sent...was my brother in law and my sister isn't to pleased with me at the moment. She's threatening to go to my superiors..." she pauses as Lanflass asks his question. "Well the first time is when I sent my brother in law and I'm not even sure he made it to Ravenmoor. Last I heard from him he was in Galduria. The letter he sent me boasts about how he made it to Sandpoint in record time and that, if weather held, he should have been back in Maginimar about 3 weeks ago."

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3


Linflass would have taken ship from Ravenmoor to Galduria. How long would that take, normally? Thanks.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Looking around the table, then back to Jeminda.

"So, how did you come to select us to aid you? 'The reason in you letter seemed a little...thin"

"You each came highly recommended actually. You're previous employers all loved the work you did for them so it wasn't hard finding out who I should ask to look into this for me. I needed people who were not that well known that they're apparence in Ravenmoor wouldn't sent off alarms in the locals but people established enough to know what they were doing. I specifically picked you, Linflass, because your native to Ravenmoor. Do you know...did he at least make it to town?"

I'm not really sure Lanflass. All the module says is that Ravenmoor to Magnimar is 250 miles and there are 2 different ways to get there.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Linflass stares steadily into Jeminda's eyes. "There has been no talk of a missing tax collector that I have heard of. As far as I know, he collected his assessment and left. What is his name?"

His name is Elias.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Linflass would like to do a Knowledge (Local) check to see if he knows at all of Elias' name in Ravenmoor; not specifically related to any tax collector issue. Maybe he ran into him in a tavern or something.

1d20 + 10 ⇒ (8) + 10 = 18

Male Human Cleric/Level 3

Eldwin watches the conversation unfold before him. He says nothing.

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

Eve listens to the conversation, and thinks on the information she does get.

Male Human Ranger/3

Tomas sits back and scratches at his beard as he listens to the conversion waiting for a plan of action.

you haven't had any run ins with him. You are pretty sure someone by that name had come to Ravenmoor last month but as far as you know they left. You could at least offer her that information so that she knows that he at least made it to Ravenmoor.

Female Halfling Rogue 3

"Is it possible he did a runner with the money?" Norn asks looking a little uncomfortable asking the question

How did you know to ask

Jeminda frowns at the question and then hesitates as she speaks. is possible sadly. He has quite a few addictions that the money could have gone to supporting...but I would hope he would know better than to steal money that wasn't his.

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"The answer to that question will be answered in time, and after we all investigate it."

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Linflass had been silent, searching his memory after being told the collector's name. When the conversation quiets down, he speaks.

I am fairly certain there was a visitor to Ravenmoor named Elias. As I recall, nothing of note happened regarding him and I assumed he left.

He looks at his new companions.

I know of some people we can talk to when we get there. I take it all of you are committed to this venture?

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"I'm in,
as it'll be a good break from Bandit hunting,
guiding some pompus no name nobles on a hunt,
and a few other jobs."

Male Human Ranger/3

"I'm in as well. I've never been to Ravenmoor perhaps there is some good hunting nearby." Tomas says as he stands up from the table. He bends over and picks up his pack slinging it over on shoulder and grabs his bow with the other. "Lady Anikee, you have my would that I will do everything in my power to get to the bottom of this missing man." he says and bows slightly to her. He looks to the others and says, "I'll be outside when you are all ready to leave." He turns and walks out of the Drunken Dog without a backward glance.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

He watches Tomas go. He really does not like to be indoors. The woodsman type.

Linflass shakes his head and looks at the others.

Well, we have two choices. We can take the overland route to Sandpoint, from there to Galduria, then by boat up to Ravenmoor.

Or, we can follow the river from here to Wartle and head north. That's a water route all the way. By boat takes a bit longer but is much easier. There isn't much of anything except lots of time for conversation between Sandpoint and Galduria.

What say you?

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"I would vote for the land based route."

Female Halfling Rogue 3

"I'd prefer land as well."

Male Human Cleric/Level 3

"Things have been slow as of late. Let us find out what happened and restore law and order to this place"

Eldwin looks at Linflass.

"The route taken does not matter to me. Lead the way elf."

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

Anger flashes across Linflass' features at Eldwin's words, but vanishes quickly.
My mother is a human.

Composed once more, he turns to Jeminda.

What does this Elias look like? What type of clothing does he usually wear? What about these addictions you mentioned? What else can you tell us? One cannot make bricks without clay.

He looks around the table. What other things would you ask?

Looks like the vote is for the land route.

Jeminda smiles "Well he's short and kind of stocky. He has red hair and, thanks to the many bar fights he's been in, a rather ugly face. Not really sure what he would be wearing. As far as his addictions...he was a fall down drunk until about 6 months ago when he got himself clean but I'm afraid that he might have fallen off the wagon again."

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

Eva looks at Linflass and asks
"Is there anything we should know about Ravenmoor, before we arrive?"

I hate doing this but I'm going to DMPC Linflass just for a second so I can get information out

Linflass nods "People in Ravenmoor don't really like strangers. We're a tight knit community that really likes to keep to its self and we view outsiders as people who want to disturb our way of life. While I'll be with you don't be expecting a warm welcome. We also have a custom that others find...strange. Are you all familiar with Stirge? Well we like to keep them as pets. With the swamps that surround the village we had to do something with them so we made them pets."

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

"Well that's good to know. A little disgusting, but good to know."
She takes a good chug from her steiner

Fort: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

She's gotten a little drunk (Dragon's ale DC 15)

Male Human Cleric/Level 3

"Hmmm. I've run into a few of these creatures. I didn't know they could be trained to be pets."

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