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Feast of Ravenmoor (Inactive)

Game Master mathpro18

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Just an FYI guys I'm going to be with out a car until tomorrow at the earliest and possibly longer so I won't be able to get online. Need to get some break work done. Feel free to role play as you wish and I'll get back as soon as I can.

I see that if you've filled out the race/gender/class/level fields in the alias form, that info shows up with your game posts. minor thing but a nifty improvement.

I'm starting a series on my blog based on a Gary Gygax book I found. Gary took his roleplaying seriously!

Role Playing Mastery

Human Jack of All trades

Gary Gygax did take it seriously,
even going so far as knowing recipes that you used to make food.

Tomas Reynolds wrote:
"I'm willing to stake out Chenowitz Place, but do you think its a good idea to split up. I wouldn't doubt it if they sent someone to follow me."

Uh oh. Tomas is on to Linflass' plan to get rid of him. There's only room for one Ranger in this party.....

Male Human Ranger/3

lol, he failed his sense motive. :)

The Order of the Stick reprint drive is breaking records all over Kickstarter. And the cartoons are cute.

OotS at Kickstarter

Rolls!! My paladin just used power attack, giving him damage of 1d8+4+4 against a wererat. got a solid hit.

Paioz dice roller treats me to a "1". Damage reduction 10 negates that blow.

In three attacks, I've rolled a 1 to hit, blown up a wererat using Smite Evil and then rolled a 1 for damage. Yeesh.

I can't wait for the law of averages to catch up with the dice roller!

Lest it seem like Linflass is trying to take things over...

My last post was a way to get everybody involved since Eve seems keen on nobody going off alone.

As a group, we haven't really done anything in about three weeks (when we questioned the brothers) and since Linflass only knows of one other place to investigate (from the GM earlier) I wanted to get something going.

No criticisms: just an explanation based on an observation.

Played Wrath of Ashardalon last night. Fun game. Highly recommended for some non-complex gaming.

Pathfinder minis make nice repacements for the included one-color ones.

The spirit of the paizo dice roller inhabited my 20 sided die. At one point, I rolled a one for my attack and a twenty for the monster. I felt like I was in a PbP...

Just in case the party has some confusion on where we are at the moment:

My thought is that Linflass, Eldwin and Norn would find Eve and Tomas at the Festival, move them to a quiet place and then have the conversation I posted as having happened at Linflass' shack.

Which would leave Eve and Tomas to respond to the proposal to go take over the farm.

Does anybody else have something different in mind?

Guys I'm going to be off and on until Monday. My girlfriend is spending part of spring break with me so I'm going to be spending time with her.

Hey guys I'm going to be disappearing again after tomorrow morning. Apparently my girlfriend didn't get enough of me last time and she is making a quick weekend trip to see me this weekend. I'll be out of commission from Friday night until Sunday night...if she decides to untie me.

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Girlfriend and her parents came into town on Thursday and her dad ended up passing away while they were here so...its been a rough couple of days and haven't had time to get online.

Bueller? Bueller?


Just checking in.

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

I'm still here.

hey guys sorry for the long delay. Got hit by a car on Tuesday and have been in the hospital since. Dislocated my knee, broke my tibia and fibula, and fractured my ankle all on my left side as well as scraped up my left arm pretty good. The foot was 90 degrees out of socket when I got to the ER Wednesday. They decided as they were relocating it for the second time that it would also be a good time to pick the shards of glass out of my arm...

Had surgery yesterday to place a plate and some screws in my foot and am on the mend. Got up and walked with a walker today for the first time since Wednesday. Going to be hopefully going to rehab on Monday if we can find a place that has beds otherwise there sending me home. 6 weeks of no weight on my left leg and no driving.

Not sure what my posting schedual is going to be like. I'm borrowing my girlfriends laptop as we speak to finally get you guys an update and if I go to rehab I might see if my mom can bring me my laptop so I can get things moving again.

Thanks for your patience and prayers.

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

Hope you recover and get well.

Just wanted to just drop by and give everyone an update. I am going to be released to my house today. I'm doing well enough on the walker that I won't be needing to go into a live in rehab place at all. 2 weeks and I'll be in a removable boot and then 6 weeks and I'll be learning to walk again.

The bad part is that I don't have internet at the house and don't know how often I'm going to be able to get out to the libraries now. Not supposed to drive for at least another 6 weeks if not longer. I'll get back when I can to give you updates.

Goodness! Recover well.

Good luck on your recovery. I'll be here when you are ready.

Had a doctors appointment today so I was able to talk my fiancee into taking me to the library after the appointment. Things are starting to heal and if the tingling in my foot is any indication the nerve damage I suffered won't be permanent...needs to hurry up and fix its self though because the pins and needles feeling gets really old especially at 2 AM when you're trying to sleep.

Going in next Monday to get the "cast" off and getting fitted for a walking boot. Still won't be able to walk for another 4 weeks but they want me to be able to shower and for the wounds to properly be taken care of so the boot makes that much easier. Getting more moble every day and I've pretty much mastered my walker.

Going to be looking into internet with in the next week because I'm going mad with out being able to get online. Day time tv gets very old very fast lol.

Good luck!

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

Looking for video demo ideas

Sorry guys will be another 2 weeks until I can get here reliably again...doing well though and things are healing the way they should.

Hang in there!

Hey guys. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I should be on on a much more regular basis now. I have been given the all clear to start walking and driving so that means I can start getting online again.

Still having some moderate pain and swelling but now that I'm walking on it again its to be expected. Should be off the walker by Friday but we will see...foot still feels a little unstable for that.

Hope things progress quickly for your recovery.

Just so you guys know I'm going to be in training for a new job I start tomorrow so I don't know how often I'm going to be able to post...I'll still try to get on daily it just depends on my training schedule.

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

You'll need to re-dot any campaigns your in as the system has wiped them out to a degree

I'm out of town all next week but will have periodic ipad check in capability. Formatting might be a bit weak.

Back from vacation! Last post I see is mine from October 31...


Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2


Is our game dead?

Don't know.

We're marked inactive and the GM is busy running a mythic rules game he started.

I think we've been abandoned and this one is done.

Mathpro is active in several games currently. I'm disappointed he couldn't even be bothered to post here that he was letting this one die, or why.

I don't plan on playing with him again.

Character, or lack of, shows through actions.

Hope to see you folks in a PbP again.

Merry Christmas

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