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Fatespinner's Darkness Rising

Game Master Fatespinner

A campaign set in Golarion that explores the darker side of the coin and chronicles the adventures and tribulations of some of Golarion's most unpleasant people.

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Male Human Supreme Overlord

The light of the setting sun struggled to pierce the gloomy autumn skies above Ustalav. With the dying light of summer disappearing behind the foothills to the west, the citizens of Caliphas knew that night would soon be upon them. It was the eve of the autumn equinox, a time viewed by many with dread as the cover of night would soon outpace the daylight, each day shrinking further and further into darkness.

For many, it would be the last opportunity for earnest celebration until spring. After a long day of festivities, revelry, and rampant mercantilism, the citizens rushed to pack up their stalls, secure their wares, bar their doors, and brace themselves for nightfall. Yet even as the sun still waned beyond the misty foothills at the base of the Hungry Mountains, a handful of citizens remain brave, foolish, or drunk enough to remain at the marketplace tavern: the Raven's Nest.

Within the warm and inviting tavern, the concerns of the populace seem to fade away before the promise of hearty ale and a roaring fire. Still, the crowd had thinned at dusk and only a handful now remained. The tavernkeeper, a powerfully built Varisian man by the name of Grigor, remains mostly quiet as he goes about the business of cleaning cups and pouring the last mugs of his summer brew. Not far from the door, a dark-skinned man thumbs a few gold coins pensively, perhaps considering business opportunities or wondering how things could have worked out better.

Outside, the marketplace is rapidly diminishing as merchants and performers of all kinds gather their goods and make haste towards their residences both permanent and otherwise. A few bold merchants remain, particularly a few foreigners selling alchemical reagents gathered from all over Avistan. A pale woman browses their wares with interest, but ignores their over-eager sales pitches. Her interest in shopping is momentarily distracted, however, as a red-robed man clad in traveling leathers enters the market square. He smiles and tips his feathered hat towards a few of the merchants who appear to recognize him, keeping his other arm cradled around a scroll case bearing elaborate scrollwork. The man briskly crosses the square and enters the Raven's Nest, his numerous trinkets and buckles jangling as he passes.

The robed man's entrance draws little more than a cursory glance from the Garundi near the door, but his accouterments and attire alone draw lingering stares from the other patrons. He glances around the room for a moment before approaching the bar, shaking hands with Grigor and addressing him in perfect Common: "Has he left yet?"

"Just a moment ago, Milo, but if you go quickly you can catch him before the caravan leaves!" Grigor responds in his thick Ustalavian accent.

With nothing more than a curt nod, the robed man turns on his heels and moves with haste to the doors. At a table near the bar, a well-appointed man and his somewhat surly-looking companion make note of the man's lavish trappings, the latter of which barely manages to hold back a fiendish smirk. The man's hurried exit and subsequent slamming of the tavern door seems to jar the Garundi man from his previously contemplative state.

The marketplace collectively takes note of the man's re-emergence as the tavern door closes loudly in his wake. His step quickens, nearly bowling over an elaborately-dressed Chelish man in his path. With a muttered apology, he presses on, fishing out a sealed scroll from his case and begins to break into a run. Not two steps into the road beyond the square, however, he stops abruptly and shudders before falling to the cobblestones, a trio of black arrows sprouting from his chest. For a moment, the marketplace is deathly silent with the shock of this event. It is only a moment, however, for immediately thereafter the square is filled with the shrieking of women and the rallying of the town guards outside...

Shadow Lodge

Male HP 27, AC 19/11/19, F+5 R+2 W+5, Init +1, Perception +3 Cleric / 3

Ventar leans over and whispers with a small chuckle

Perhaps this caravan will be less unfortunate than the last one we encountered, eh Albrekt?

Turning back to his drink with a smirk, he reacts as he hears the screaming women outside, walks briskly to the door, opens it and peers outside, taking in the scene.

Perception:1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17

Male Human Supreme Overlord

The scene outside is one of relative chaos with citizens cowering from the unseen assailant. The robed man lies prone in the street, his fingers still gripping the sealed scroll while his other hand grasps at the black shafts piercing his chest weakly. Already the blood is beginning to pool beneath him, but his life has not yet completely faded.

Let's give the other players a chance to make an intro post before Ventar goes any further here. Assume that Solace and Haruk are both able to plainly see what I've described here as well. Also, Ventar, please use quotation marks when speaking. It makes it easier to read. :)

Human Antipaladin 3 - Scion of the Rough Beast; Plight Trothed to the Pallid Princess…

Albrekt grunts his response back at Ventar and downs his second ale; liquid soaking his wild beard and armoured frame;


When the screams erupt, the North blooded warrior briefly tilts his head towards the sound in apparent curiousity... before shrugging his broad shoulders and nonchalantly pouring himself another ale...

Male Human Urban Ranger 3

The Garundi by the door shoots half out of his chair when the screams started. He leans his head slightly to see out of one side of the Nest's front window, looking over the beginnings of the panic. When it's clear that no fight or ambush is going to tumble through the doorway, he settles himself back to his chair for a moment. Two sharp tugs tighten his black boots, another moment of fussing secures the red silk ties streaming from his elbows and shoulders, and at last he takes the two vicious, curved blades from their crossed post against the wall near his corner table.

As he stands, he carefully hangs them off of the crossed leather straps on his back, letting them rest points-up, with the hilts near the small of his back and within easy reach. Thusly prepared, he takes the short strides to the door, opening it a crack to peer out again and double-check the scene before shutting the door behind him.

Kamau notes the direction the three arrows jut from, and stares off that way, trying to figure out where the shooters would have been - after all, for work like this, you don't try for some kind of trick shot. No... you bring more than one assassin.

And that meant that this was a very important hit...

Perception to try and see where the sniper(s) are. Kamau is going to take cover relative to the direction the arrows came from. If 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25 (Perception) is not enough to spot out the shooters, he will assume that they have fled immediately after downing their quarry, and will head toward the victim. If he does spot someone, though...

Male Human Infneral Sorcerer 5

Haruk looks disgustedly at the man who almost runs him over. "How dare you put your hands on my person?" He says indignantly. Then the man is shot full of arrows.

"Serves you right for trying to touch a disciple of Asmodeus." Haruk says quietly.

He keeps an eye on the body and what happens to it, staff in hand.

Shadow Lodge

Male HP 27, AC 19/11/19, F+5 R+2 W+5, Init +1, Perception +3 Cleric / 3

Rushing to the fallen man, Ventar tries to communicate a sense of urgency to anyone standing in his way

"Let me through, I am a trained healer and this man is in dire need of help"

He tries to assess the medical condition of man the barkeep called Milo (Ventar doesn't use his healer's kit, not willing to spend the supplies on this patient)

Heal check 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7

Fumbling a bit while supposedly checking for vital signs, Ventar is not wholly committed to the task as he is also trying to assess the value of any visible possessions this Milo character has about his body.

Regardless of whether Milo is alive or dead, Ventar shouts to Albrekt, hoping he will hear over the ruckus

"Albrekt, my friend, please help me carry this poor man to safety"

DM, how familiar are we now with Caliphas? Am I aware of a secluded place where we can have some privacy while examining the body?

Male Human Supreme Overlord
Ventar Lister wrote:
DM, how familiar are we now with Caliphas? Am I aware of a secluded place where we can have some privacy while examining the body?

There is a temple of Pharasma not far from the square. Your knowledge of religious rites brings to mind the Pharasmin custom of allowing friends to mourn in private for a time before funerary services are performed. It's also possible that one or more of you may have a home here (particularly Kamau and Haruk, who have been established in the city for several months).

Ventar's cursory inspection of the man's wounds suggest that the man is beyond saving without the intervention of very powerful magics. As the cleric rushes to the man's side, he reaches a bloody hand towards him, still clutching the scroll.

"Ab... sa.... lom..." the man gurgles, coughing up a gobbet of thick blood. He loosens his grasp on the scroll, dropping it at Ventar's feet. Upon closer inspection, the man's possessions are valuable indeed. Beneath the robes and leathers, the sheen of fine mithril links are evident and his clothing itself was woven of fine silk. At his hip, he bore a strange gilded device on a chain that bore some marking that the cleric couldn't quite place but seemed familiar somehow. He was laden with trinkets, jewelry, and all manner of exotic collectibles... many of which were quite likely enchanted. The dying man bore the hallmarks of a seasoned adventurer, and it appeared he would be adventuring no longer.

Your keen eyes determine that the angle of the shots came from higher up and as you scan the rooftops across the street you catch a glimpse of a humanoid figure that stands up before spreading wide, black feathered wings. It quickly takes flight, disappearing into the twilight mists beginning to roll in from the east. In its hands you spot the unmistakable silhouette of a compound longbow.

Shadow Lodge

Male HP 27, AC 19/11/19, F+5 R+2 W+5, Init +1, Perception +3 Cleric / 3

Glancing about Ventar notices a few familiar faces closeby. Maintaining the sense of urgency in his voice Ventar urges Kamau closer and speaks in a loud voice for the benefit of any onlookers.

"You there, will you help me? There is still a chance we might be able to save him if we act quickly!"

If a bluff check is required: Bluff 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (5) + 0 = 5

Discreetly lifting the scroll with the intent of studying it in more detail later Ventar makes a mental note of the dying mans last word. Under his breath he whispers to Kamau

"Assist me in finding a more private place where we can investigate this fool, and I will share the spoils with you"

Does Ventar know of a place called Absalom? If it is a Knowledge (Geography) roll: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (19) + 0 = 19

Human Antipaladin 3 - Scion of the Rough Beast; Plight Trothed to the Pallid Princess…

Nodding to himself as he heeds Ventar's words, Albrekt rises from the table, petulantly spitting some ale as he does;

The armoured brute lumbers to where the unholy priest crouches at an prone, critically wounded man. He reaches down and grabs the soon-to-be-corpse's collar with a blank expression and begins dragging him in the desired direction, before pausing and questioning both the merits of his actions;

"He is død nei? Leave him to the kråkene..."

kråkene = crows

apologies DM, just noticed your comment in the OOC regards Albrekt's ignorance due to the noise... want me to edit above?

Male Human Supreme Overlord
Albrekt Wreth wrote:
apologies DM, just noticed your comment in the OOC regards Albrekt's ignorance due to the noise... want me to edit above?

We'll just assume that you followed after you finished your ale in the previous post.

Male Human Supreme Overlord
Ventar Lister wrote:
Does Ventar know of a place called Absalom?

Why yes, you have heard of Absalom. It is one of the largest cities in all of Avistan, situated on the Isle of Kortos in the Inner Sea surrounded by Taldor, Qadira, Andoran, and Osirion. It's a major trade center, and it is very, very far away from here. Without any actual ranks in the Knowledge, you can't get more info than the DC 10 check permits.

Shadow Lodge

Male HP 27, AC 19/11/19, F+5 R+2 W+5, Init +1, Perception +3 Cleric / 3

Coaxing Albrekt along, Ventar explains in hushed tones while he is trying to ascertain if anyone is following them.

"This fool has drawn his last breath, in that you are correct my friend, but letting the commoners think there was still hope justifies us spiriting the body away without too many questions. Let us find a secluded place and investigate further. We must try to grasp the opportunities where they present themselves to maintain the lifestyle to which I have grown so fond, neh? And Albrekt, how well acquainted are you with Absolom?"

Perception: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11

Leading Albrekt to the nearby temple of Pharasma, Ventar tries to negotiate a room for the newly departed and offers double the coin for the burial to take place immediately after the customary private mourning session.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18

If successful, Ventar proceeds to collect the valuables off the corpse, dividing them between Albrekt and himself so as not to be overburdened by the expensive armour. Having relieved the corpse thus, he signals for the clergy to begin the funeral ceremony.

I have no idea how much the funeral service will cost, but since I'm assuming commoners can afford it I'm hoping Ventar has no problem paying double price

Male Human Urban Ranger 3

Kamau follows the pair, keeping a vigilant eye to the sky and the rooftops, and for any guards that might follow, for they surely will. He does not speak up yet, seeming willing to let Ventar lead on the events for now.

Human Antipaladin 3 - Scion of the Rough Beast; Plight Trothed to the Pallid Princess…

As they strip the corpse, Albrekt almost childishly plays with dead man's jaw, opening and shutting it repeatedly;

The big man's scarred brow knots as he mulls Venter's earlier question;

"Absolom..? Nicht... Nothing I know of this place..."

Despite being in his company for some time now, the brute turns to eye Kamau;

"Who... ist this?"

Female Half Elf Gravewalker Witch / 3

Sorry, having internet problems. So I haven't had much of a chance to ask how well Solace knows her comrades.

Solace gives a growl of frustration that her quiet day at the market is disturbed by some idiot getting feathered with arrows. As she gives an annoyed glare at what she hopes is now a corpse, she witnesses the odd sight of her associates appearing to assist the man. Wondering what they are doing since they are not the altrusictic types, Solace will follow after them and wait for the chance to ask what they are up too.

Male Human Urban Ranger 3
Albrekt Wreth wrote:

Despite being in his company for some time now, the brute turns to eye Kamau;

"Who... ist this?"

Without a trace of irony or sarcasm, Kamau replies in a low, smooth voice, "A concerned bystander." He doesn't add a knowing smile or a sly wink, nor cease his careful scan of the crowd and the rooftops, as though he expects another attack at any moment.

Male Human Supreme Overlord

**MINOR RETCON!** For the sake of continuity, assume that you have not yet left the market square with the body. Ventar and Albrekt are currently in possession of the man, and he is still not quite yet dead. The events at the temple are stricken from the record and you can proceed accordingly. You're still together.

Shadow Lodge

Male HP 27, AC 19/11/19, F+5 R+2 W+5, Init +1, Perception +3 Cleric / 3

Discovering that there is still a spark of life in the man, Ventar reconsiders his plan of taking the man to the temple for now.

"Albrekt, it seems our companion here is quite tenacious. He is not quite død yet."

Addressing the dying man he asks

"Absalom? What do you mean?"

Not knowing where his course of action will take him, it's certainly more exciting than drinking in the tavern...

Ventar notices the scowling Chelish man that was almost run over before the hail of arrows keeping an eye on them, wondering if his interest is based on simple curiosity or something else. Glancing about Ventar also finally notices Kamau and Solace nearby and acknowledges them all with a curt nod. Since he doesn't know them all that well he sticks to his cover story, hoping Albrekt will play along, and tells them:

"He is fatally wounded, we should get him to a temple where they might be able to save him."

DM, when you said strong magic is required to save him, I assume that is beyond the limits of a simple cure light?

Male Human Supreme Overlord
Ventar Lister wrote:
DM, when you said strong magic is required to save him, I assume that is beyond the limits of a simple cure light?

Considering you rolled a 1 on your Heal check.... it might work, it might not. The choice to take a gamble on spending the spell slot for nothing is up to you. :)

Male Human Supreme Overlord
Ventar Lister wrote:
"Absalom? What do you mean?"

The man is already beginning to pale from the extensive blood loss. He opens his mouth as if to speak, but nothing resembling speech escapes his lips. His hand manages to point to the blood-spattered scroll he had dropped to the cobblestones at Ventar's side. His eyes widen a bit, looking into the cleric's eyes, and he begins to shudder and cough up another gout of blood.

Shadow Lodge

Male HP 27, AC 19/11/19, F+5 R+2 W+5, Init +1, Perception +3 Cleric / 3

Sensing an opportunity for adventure and being the curious type, Ventar cannot resist attempting to glean more information from the dying man. He produces a wand from his pocket and reluctantly activates it, trying to heal the dying man.

Healing 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7

Having done all he possibly can for the man, Ventar waits to see if the magical healing will have an effect. He gives Solice, Albrekt, Habruk and Kamau a look, raising his eyebrows and shrugs.

Wand of cure light wounds: 49 charges remaining

Male Human Supreme Overlord

The restorative magics of the wand do as Ventar expects, knitting together some of the punctured flesh and forcing the blackened shafts out of the man's flesh. The arrows tumble to the ground, still slick with congealing blood.

The man's countenance remains dire, however, and his face seems drained of color. Another look at the ghastly holes suggests something far more sinister than the arrows themselves is at work. A rime of rust-colored ichor surrounds the edges of the wounds, mingling with the blood of the unfortunate victim. It is clear now that no mere healing can save him. He has been afflicted by a particularly noxious poison.

Male Human Urban Ranger 3

With no further attacks forthcoming, Kamau slowly steps from the corner of the wall that he had been leaning against, crossing the short distance to Ventar, Albrekt, and the unfortunate victim.

"The attacker was no normal man," he says, meeting Ventar's eyes hard. "We should get indoors. Now."

Male Human Infneral Sorcerer 5

Haruk looks more closely at the man, and suddenly recognizes him. He moves over to the dying man. "This man is a fellow worshiper of Asmodeus. Therefore his care, or arrangements if required fall to me. Come. We will take him to my place."

Any who look at the Infernalist while he speaks will notice his eyes, which are distressingly black in coloration.

Human Antipaladin 3 - Scion of the Rough Beast; Plight Trothed to the Pallid Princess…

Albrekt looks at Ventar with a quizzical look playing across his rough features;

"You heilen him? Why? He ist spoiled meat."

At Kamau's advice he merely looks around, as if expecting the attacker to reveal themselves.

Shadow Lodge

Male HP 27, AC 19/11/19, F+5 R+2 W+5, Init +1, Perception +3 Cleric / 3

Looking appreciatively at the tight spread of the three arrows in the victims chest, indicating an excellent marksman, and recognizing that the foul poison must be costly, Ventar agrees.

"I think Kamau is right, someone has invested a large sum of gold in making sure that this man does not see nightfall. Perhaps it is not a healthy prospect to be associated with him. We should probably make haste. Haruk, how far to your place?"

Ventar quickly considers the small gathering and how to address the situation. Followers of Asmodeus is not known for being particularly holier-than-thou, and the mercenary attitude of... well, the mercenary, Kamau is reassuring. Solace though is a rather unknown quantity so far. Hmmm....

"Solace, as Kamau here is pointing out, remaining here is potentially perilous. If you have no better suggestions I advise that we follow Haruk."

Turning slightly away from Solace and speaking in hushed tones to Albrekt:

"Sometimes my friend, one needs to make an investment for future potential gains. Call it a gamble, or a hunch if you will. This man has piqued my curiosity and if this small respite will enable him to share more of his tale with us, then it is an investment well spent... Regardless, he seems to be losing the battle with the poison quickly and if we are to gain some more information from him we need to move him quickly"

Gathering up the scroll Ventar intends to investigate it at the first opportunity, hoping that it will give some clues as to which questions might be pertinent to ask of our dying "friend" before his departure

DM, spellcraft roll to investigate the scroll? 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Male Human Urban Ranger 3

Having been satisfactorily heeded, Kamau lifts his eyes back to the city streets, pacing around the scene and warding off the curious. He and his compatriots had claimed whatever spoils or information were to come of this event, and he was in no mood to fight over a dead man's remains.

He kept an eye on the small cluster around the victim, but began to thread through the nearby stalls of the marketplace, blending back into the thinning crowd.

Kamau will follow if/when the group moves, but for now, he's just keeping watch on the scene and the nearby cityscape.

Kamau will specifically be watching for the approach of, 1) City guards, 2) The shooter, or 3) Anyone looking like they're going to interfere with the party's investigation.

Male Human Infneral Sorcerer 5

"I live not far from here, a few blocks walk"

Upon seeing Ventar snatch up the scroll Haruk says "Do not be so quick to take that which should rightfully belong to the Church"

Human Antipaladin 3 - Scion of the Rough Beast; Plight Trothed to the Pallid Princess…

Albrekt eyes the well heeled Chelish man with belligerent interest;

"Kirche? Are you a holy mann? Wir will pick his bones... you bury him."

Male Human Supreme Overlord

Ventar: The scroll is sealed with a wax signet stamp which matches the dying man's ring. Inspecting it would necessitate breaking the seal (which you can do if you wish), but a brief inspection with detect magic reveals that it is not magical.

The guards, though relatively sparse in the city of Caliphas, quickly rally towards the cries of the populace. Seeing the group carrying the wounded man from the scene, the guards do not seem particularly bothered in light of the more pressing matter of hunting the assassin. It is not long before torch-bearing search parties are assembled and scouring the surrounding districts.

Your journey towards Haruk's residence is unhindered, with Solace being identified by several concerned citizens as an herbalist and healer. However, during your retreat, the wounded man shudders in Albrekt's hands and releases a death rattle only a few doors down from your destination. His skin is deathly pale and his eyes red with hemorrhage. The poison, it would seem, has finally claimed its victim.

Haruk opens the door to his home, permitting the rest of you to enter before closing it. The group stands just inside the modest foyer, now safe from the prying eyes of Caliphas.

Male Human Urban Ranger 3

Kamau is last through the door. He picks a spot just inside the doorway, leaning one shoulder against the wall and keeping an eye back out toward the street, seemingly still not at ease.

"He had wings," Kamau says to no one in particular.

Shadow Lodge

Male HP 27, AC 19/11/19, F+5 R+2 W+5, Init +1, Perception +3 Cleric / 3

Coming in from the streets and its prying eyes, Ventar drops all pretense of caring for the mans welfare.

"So, off he goes to see the hells then. Too bad, he could have had the common courtesy to delay his departure a few moments to answer some of our questions, seeing as how we carried him all this way. Nevertheless, he seemed to be indicating this scroll, even as he was drawing his final breaths. It must hold some significance, at least to him. The wax seal matches the symbol on his ring, does anyone recognize it? Haruk, if you claim juristiction over this man, what is your suggested course of action?"

Ventar studies the matching symbols, seeing if he can recognize them, while replying to Albrekt pensively

"If the only followers of the Gods were the holy men, the congregations would be pitifully small, hence being pious does not necessarily indicate a member of the clergy."

Shooting a glance at Haruk, and glancing about in Haruks abode for revealing clues about the infernalist

"Of course, he could be for all I know..."

Having completed his survey of the symbols Ventar looks up at Kamau and muses:

"Yes, he did, didn't he. Seems to me to be a singularly useful anatomical addition for an assassin. And a rather distinguishing feature if we should ever happen upon the assassin again..."

Male Human Supreme Overlord
Ventar Lister wrote:

"...The wax seal matches the symbol on his ring, does anyone recognize it?"

Ventar studies the matching symbols, seeing if he can recognize them...

Knowledge: Local DC 20 for anyone interested in trying to ID the symbols. Kamau - this particular flavor of Kn: Local is not human-centric nor related to Caliphas itself, so neither of your situational bonuses apply should you wish to attempt it. Remember that, if you have no ranks in the skill, you cannot attempt it since the DC is higher than 10.

Male Human Infneral Sorcerer 5

After ushering you all in, Haruk ask "Would you all care for some wine?"

If any respond in the affirmative, he sends his butler to fetch a bottle.

Turning back to the body, he replies "Allow me to be the first to break the seal on that scroll and read its contents. Provided it isn't something overly secretive and private regarding the Church of Asmodeus, I will then give it to you to read as well. Beyond that, let us see what we can learn of him, before deciding what to do with his body."

Human Antipaladin 3 - Scion of the Rough Beast; Plight Trothed to the Pallid Princess…

Albrekt shrugs his armoured shoulders as he scowls at the sorcerer;

"Ich care nicht for letters or signs of the educated..."

He then claps a mailed hand on Haruk's shoulder and smiles; a broken grin wreathed in beard;

"But the wein of the educated... Das ist different! Har!"

Female Half Elf Gravewalker Witch / 3

Having nothing better to do for the day than indulge her curiosity, Solace follows the group into Haruk's home and will answer yes when asked about the wine.

"When you are all done with the body, I wouldn't mind taking a few bits and pieces from it for a few projects of mine." Hair, bones and teeth will definitely be useful for some of my dolls.

Shadow Lodge

Male HP 27, AC 19/11/19, F+5 R+2 W+5, Init +1, Perception +3 Cleric / 3

"You are most kind, I would love some wine, thank you Haruk. Running around the streets carrying dying men always bring on a thirst in me"

Ventar looks around Haruks abode, really noticing his surroundings for the first time. He tries to learn more about this follower of Asmodeus by observing how he lives...

"Haruk, you knew this man? Just before his unfortunate rendezvous with these arrows he seemed to be in a hurry to catch a caravan and an unknown person, judging from his brief conversation with the barkeep. Mayhap the scroll will be more informative? Else we could always go back and ask the barkeep what he knows, though that is markedly less subtle"

Sipping the wine, Ventar appreciatively nods if it is good and leaves the glass on a table if it is not.

Male Human Urban Ranger 3

"Subtle?" Kamau asks with a slightly derisive snort.

"This man was slain by a flight of arrows on a busy street. The great and good of Caliphas watched him fall before they fled, shrieking to the sky. His blood stains the stones even now, and the guard surely wonders what transpired. All this, and you are concerned with subtlety? The murderer surely is not."

Kamau folds his wiry arms, turning away to look back out the window. The jagged-edged swords on his back clink gently as his shoulders move against the wall.

"You speak of asking after this murderer as though this man's fate concerns us all. Why? None here are strangers to inevitable death."

Kamau's speech carries a peculiar accent, in that it utterly lacks one. His Common is oddly pleasant to listen to, somewhat academic in its thorough enunciation. No word is wasted, no 'Um' or filler, as though he has completely decided in advance what to say, and how.

Male Human Supreme Overlord

No one attempting to identify the symbol on the scroll with Kn: Local? It looks like Ventar is still in possession of it, though Haruk has requested to see it. It is still sealed at this moment.

The streets outside are still bustling with guards bearing torches, scattering through every alleyway and road through town... at least as much as their relatively meager numbers will permit. In the distance, the last bits of sunlight are finally vanishing beyond the foothills to the west and the mist-shrouded sky has fallen completely beneath the cloak of night. Kamau can see the last stragglers from the marketplaces and businesses around town retreating to their homes across the cobblestone path in front of Haruk's abode. The shutters are drawn, doors bolted, and lanterns always burning within.

Human Antipaladin 3 - Scion of the Rough Beast; Plight Trothed to the Pallid Princess…

Albrekt nods slowly at Kamau's words;

"Inevitable und willkommen..."

The brute then stands motionless and waits patiently for his wine.

Female Half Elf Gravewalker Witch / 3

I'd try to id it, but can't make that dc untrained. :(

Solace shrugs at Kamua's last comment. "Though no stranger to death, I am a bit curious about an assassin plying his trade so brazenly. It suggests that causing this man's death quickly was more important than doing it more cautiously and secretly. I confess to having an overabundance of curiosity and wonder what he learned or did to warrant such a swift and untimely death."

Shadow Lodge

Male HP 27, AC 19/11/19, F+5 R+2 W+5, Init +1, Perception +3 Cleric / 3

Looking at his glass of wine and swirling the content Ventar muses

Ah, yes my dear Kamau, but subtelty for whom? I must agree with Solcae, the assassin had no such qualms. As for ourselves, well... As far as the public is concerned, we are still only concerned citizens who have committed an act of mercy in a dangerous situation, heroes of the moment if you will. If pressed by the watch, that is as good a story as any. Haruk may even claim some duty towards his fellow disciple of Asmodeus."

"Now, if we start asking too many questions too obviously, we just might attract the wrong kind of attention. Our friend with the arrows here can testify to the hazardous nature of that game. I'm sure the merits of a minimum of subtlety is not lost on a follower of Asmodeus at least. "

"As for how we should be concerned? We surely needen't be, and we could all walk out of door without giving this matter a second thought and be better off for it... I am of a mind with Solace, I feel compelled to learn more, but chances are that is the exact knowledge that got our friend here killed, and so may very well be dangerous knowledge"

As Ventar trails off, he is holds the scroll up, offering it to Haruk and gives each of the people in the room a quizzical look.

Untrained... Know(local) 1d20 ⇒ 12

Male Human Infneral Sorcerer 5

As Ventar looks around his dwelling, he sees nothing obvious about Haruk's religious leanings, other than perhaps a bit more red and black than normal, but nothing blatant or obvious.

In regards to questions about the body and death "I do not know this man. However, I am curious why a fellow worshiper of Asmodeus was randomly assassinated, and in broad daylight no less. I doubt highly this was some righteous do gooder seeking to the end the life of a vile foe."

Opens the seal, and examines the scroll.

Female Half Elf Gravewalker Witch / 3

Solace snickers at Haruk's last comment. "I highly doubt it as well. Poisoned arrows aren't the weapons of the righteous."

Male Human Supreme Overlord

Haruk cracks the seal on the scroll, tiny bits of red wax tumbling to the floor. He unfurls the parchment, revealing a note in hastily written script though the penmanship is clearly that of a practiced scribe.

My most distinguished Paracountess,

In my journeys to the blighted lands of Ustalav I have delved considerably into the legacy of this place and have found that your previous suspicions are indeed correct. It would appear that agents of the Whispering Way are seeking a means to open the vault beneath Gallowspire and release Tar-Baphon once again. Fortunately for us, the enchantments preventing that act are powerful indeed. Details are somewhat incomplete at this time, but what is known is that the vault is sealed by six artifacts. Based on the interrogation of one now-deceased cultist, I have determined that the Whispering Way is currently in possession of only one: a magical ring of some kind called "The Infernal Key." I am uncertain of this item's capabilities or its history, but perhaps one of your associates in Egorian may know more. I am sending you this missive as a request for aid as I am about to embark on a quest to collect the five remaining artifacts. The Society should be most interested in their acquisition, which should make convincing the Decimvirate quite simple. Whatever the cost, we must ensure that these artifacts are not assembled by the Whispering Way. Whoever possesses them would surely gain power over life and death itself. I trust that you will give this missive your utmost attention and respond with haste. I am certain that agents of the Whispering Way will find me soon.

Your humble servant,
Milo Ventiglio

Male Human Urban Ranger 3

While Haruk looks at the scroll, Kamau finally speaks up again.

"No assassination is 'random,' Haruk. This was not an assassination at all. This was mere murder. Assassination is an act of holiness, and as you say," he finishes, tilting his chin toward Solace. "...this is not righteousness."

The smoothness of his voice gives way to a sort of fervor as he speaks. Whatever else the mercenary might think, this particular concept seems important to him.

Shadow Lodge

Male HP 27, AC 19/11/19, F+5 R+2 W+5, Init +1, Perception +3 Cleric / 3

Ventar seems absorbed in his wine, before finishing it off and looking for a refill. He saunters to the window and peers out at the diminishing activity of the guards.

"The caravan is likely leaving soon" he mutters mostly to himself

Human Antipaladin 3 - Scion of the Rough Beast; Plight Trothed to the Pallid Princess…

At the mention of danger, the wine vigil of Albrekt is broken and he slowly turns his block neck to regard Venter;

"Knowledge... dangerous? Mehr than Ich?"

The brutish warrior flashes another broken toothed grin, this time at Kamau;

"Har! Feuer in your belly! Ich like you auch!"

Male Human Infneral Sorcerer 5

Haruk shakes his head "Assassination is not holy. More often than not, it is merely a political tool, used to remove opposition in a swift, unseen and often un-trackable manner."

After reading the letter, his eyes grow wide "Apparently, this man was attempting to gather artifacts which would allow one to open Gallowspire and release Tar-Baphon. He was collecting them to prevent the Whispering Way from accomplishing this."

He hands the letter to Ventar, to read for himself.

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