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Game Master acecipher

A Fate/Stay Night based game taking place in its own metaplot universe.

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No, actually, Caster is absent. He did leave a note saying he had "very important business" to attend to tonight. That's... strange.... You seem to be unable to find him. That isn't too much of a surprise.


You finish treating your brother when you hear a loud crash against the oceanfront side of your house. You hear screaming and rush outside to find a minorly wounded brother (he has a sprained shoulder at least after being hit with a cargo crate from the nearby docks) And... is that two servants there? Are they causing a massive rainstorm?


OOC: Sorry for taking so long, one of my NPC players has disappeared off the face of the internet, and I know not where they are.

You enter the waterworks peacefully, and the servant seems to quickly depart, vanishing utterly from your senses. Nevertheless you rapidly make your way to the central area of the waterworks, the best place to cast the curse. Your hand drops it and it drifts down towards the water.

Suddenly... its there. The presence from before zips forward in a blur, running past before you can even react. When you turn around you see a... girl, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, in a purple paramilitary uniform. She holds the charm in her hand behind her, a serene, stoic expression upon her face.

She then spreads her arms, as a thousand black horrific masses emerge, each with a single star of energy at their center. She cracks a smile, a murderous, bloodthirsty smile.

The glint in her eyes is terrifying.

Undisclosed Location

A pair of masked heroes are joined by an old ally.


A man comes together with his friends... no, they are his family, one and all. Standing on the large porch, they all steel themselves to do their duty, as it has been done before, again.


Somewhere hidden, robed men stand in a circle, chanting. They perform miracle after miracle, all with one unified purpose: to save the world from destruction.

....what pittiful pawns they are.

Kotomine Makoto

A man stands in a chappel, preaching to the choir.

"And so it begins. I, Kotomine Makoto, will be your host for the 11th Holy Grail War. It will surely be an excellent one, and I hope it is most entertaining for all of those involved."

All present ccrack the same exact smile.

"Now, as they say, let us get this show on the road!"

A God in his haven laments the inevitable, knowing all.


A man sits with a Maid dressed in Pink.

"Thank you for lending me your services, sir. I will surely let you propagate your research freely wherever you may please when this is all done and over with," says a man in a formal business suit from many miles away.

"Oh, it is really nothing," the purple-clad man says. "After all, this just gives me more data now to work with. How... electrifying."

"Excellent. I hope your tests go well. As for myself, I must be going, And I b id you Adieu," he says, signing off.

All three involved smile... one more than the others.


Excellent. The suspicion... the paranoia... the fear.... they all are as they should be. The predestined time has come. That which fears must have its fears realised as the great being returns again.

Everywhere, yet nowhere

A girl in white sits upon a park bench. It is her duty to do this, to watch. She preparres to fill the role she has always had.

Everywhere, the clock hits midnight.




"And here I was going to tell him that he was free to act as he, he'll be fine. He probably went to find a relative, in which case..."

The familiars circling over the countryside change course and return to the city, watching over the area for any sign of anomalous activity.

Etrius writes under Caster's note.

"That's fine. Just don't die taking care of it."

Having taken care of the things bothering him, Etrius returns to sleep, though with the expectation that it will be a short night. Any of the familiars seeing anything would be enough to wake him, as could any of a few bounded fields. Furthermore, any of the mercenaries could call his earpiece directly.

Some how, Beserker's words failed to reassure him; but Isamu relented, knowing it best to let Bessemer act for now, he was clearly lucid enough to make his own decisions. "Alright, just..." He trailed off feeling rather awkward for what he was about to say "careful. Wouldn't want you to suffer some grievous injury because I wasn't around to assist you," he added even if the displeasure of being left in the dark ate at him, Beserker's finally words just salt for a man who thirst for answers. "I'll do what you ask for now, but I hope to get a few answers next time,"

Isamu took a moment to compose himself as his spell fell through, before snapping his fingers; causing the dark sphere which had encased the pair to lift, even as the inner lights faded away one by one. The young magi lowered his hood, raised his goggles, and sighed as he turned to face his family.

Apparently, the enemy wasn't willing to give Ishida enough time to finish his business. So unrespectful. And Ishida was willing to repay the debt - the blonde, who appeared before him was pumping collossal amounts of energy into her spel, yet she seemingly forgot, that powerful spells are usually take hell of a time to cast. Emphasis on "usually". Ishida didn't resort to arias and charms, yet in a flash, bright saphire-colored radiance filled the room [spell]. And the same radiance for a second glippsed in Ishida's eyes, returning the peaceful, tranquil but no less unnerving glare to the man's enemy

Roger was feeling more and more out of the water, and he was glad when the ensemble looked like it was wrapping up.

Then dinner came.

Hiding his despair, he turned to the homonculus who asked the question. "Ah, Of course! I am Roger Archibald, and let me just say it is a pleasure meeting you all." Secretly glad that he no longer had to serve everyone, he decided now would be a good time to actually participate. Or perhaps not, something about her smile was putting him on edge...

Eh, he'd break the ice if it came to it.

She needs to pull her brother to safety. She needs to pull her brother to safety immediately. After all, how could one move carelessly in this overbearing pressure, this terrifying aura, this otherworldly presence; any magus could tell they were in front of two Servants. Amelia could only stare at the docks as the two heroes gauged each other. Neither making a move, neither showing an opening.

However the blue haired woman snapped back to reality and pulled her brother back into the house. This time the did a full body scan, healed any wounds she found and laid him onto the bed for rest.

Amelia swiftly made her way to her workshop, nearly tripping over Rajei in the process, who hissed in response. Rummaging through her things she found the object she was looking for and pouring some mana [censored], an image of the two Servants appeared briefly before getting static and a sharp ringing noise.

“I suppose that wouldn’t work, was that an inherent Servant ability to avoid being spied on or a Class skill? Assassin perhaps?” She said shaking off the dizziness still holding onto her determination to find any information on her enemies she started on plan B.

She brought out a large box, something she worked on tirelessly in preparation for the war. Inside are hundreds of beads each varying in color and size, after a bit of looking she finds the one she was looking for, a blue bead no bigger than her thumb with the image of a bird.

She finds herself once again outside, and the harsh winds and rain makes it difficult to see what is happening at the docks. Holding the bed close to herself, she casted a spell and a white dove burst forth flying into the eye of the storm. Unfortunately for her and her familiar as soon as the bird came near it was struck by lightning. Whether it was from the Servant, their Masters, or the weather she could not say.

Back to square one, she fell to her knees in frustration. In fear of being spotted by an Archer or Caster if she came any closer, Amelia stayed on the balcony hoping to find any clues of the two’s class or even better their identity.

-1 Familiar


Your spell... simply doesn't go off. The other caster there just shrugs off the fire with a burst of Mana. In return, she sends out a maelstrom of fire at you.

Archer jumps in front of youm pushing you back. "I suggest you take your leave, Ishida-sama," she says, putting a barrier up.

As you flee, you see your servant charging forward towards the enemy.

Your servant quickly follows you.

Later, the same location

The blonde caster from before goes up with the same paper charm, chants a few verses, and drops it in. The paper seems... different when it hits the water.

The stage is set, but the curtain has yet to be lifted.


You're able to keep your head down and not say much.... largely because the Homonculus talks all during dinner. Her body appears to be that of someone in their late teens, but her mentality more closely matches that of someone aged 8 or 9. This makes the already large dinner (more close to a feast, though all 30 maids do join in at the table after some point) into quite a long affair, going from sunset well into the evening, by which time the Homonculus is all tired out of telling you of her favorite cutesy anime and magical girl ideas. She ends up being wheeled out of the hall half-asleep already, with the [moon] following her. Touko retires to her room, warning you not to cause any trouble at all while she's asleep, "be~cause you know what will hapen if you do~" She says with a glasses-clad wink.

[Moon2] simply... vanishes, having nothing better to do, while [sun] appearantly heads out on some sort of "predestined" business. You're left all alone, and realise that... your servant is still in your room. You might want to go check on him, since you never know what he's up to.

" me, ma'am, I do not need reminding..." he replied to the redheaded terror before heading back upstairs. His Servant, being the kind that puts knives into people's backs as a happy pastime, had not appeared during the dinner. Roger hadn't blamed him - after all, it would have been awkward as hell for... those people to sit down for tea with [servant name].

Still, though? Untrustworthy as hell. Putting his eyes to good use, he examines the upstairs area for any sign of treachery and traps, while thinking to himself: If I was a mass-murdering monster, where would I hide?

Perception 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (11) + 20 = 31

Five minutes after resuming his attempts to sleep, Etrius sits bolt upright. Were there any lights on, and were anyone present, Etrius's "vivid" expression would be sufficient to paralyze.

"What is he thinking! Composure...I am Etrius, born to [Censorship!]. Though I have abandoned their edicts, I will at least maintain my composure; my dignity."

Fifty of the familiars flying over the city veer off towards the location of the incident which had awoken Etrius. Meanwhile, Etrius is heating up some tea.

Somehow, Fujou managed to return to his temporary hideout. the first battle was less then pleasant - the spell was lost, and even worse - it was stolen, so it now worked for the enemy. He really needed to re-think the plan. But first:
"Archer, I want your opinion on what the hell that was. Also, please monitor the [stuff] once every hour and give me the report by morning. I'll throw in another information sorse, so we'll have a more or less adequate picture tomorrow"
[performs magecraft]

Day 1, schedule

Get up, recieve the report. Will fynalyze the rest, based on given information. If nothing substantual, explore the [phenomenon]

Day 1 Schedule:

Shall be PM'ed tonight or tomorrow morning. Expect it to be a setup/prep day.


You step off the plane just after midnight in a fancy suit, Sentinel in tow.

"Ah, so we have finally arived, my friend!" Sentinel says. "The stars are so different from our homeland, my brother. But let us not dally, for it is best to move before our enemies become wary of our presence. Let us be off to our base of operations."


The familliars cannot reach the location, as strong gales constantly push them back.


OOC: Just noticed you made a perception check. The skill you're attempting to use is observation. I have your score so you don't need to roll, but for future reference, please use observation for searching, everyone

Etrius sips the tea, now heated to just under the boiling point.

"Of course. Familiars are good at force projection, but vulnerable."

The familiars fan out, and begin circling the area warded by the gale. Etrius taps his earpiece twice. As he speaks the name, software routes the message to its proper recipient.

"Lieutenant Ordion, there is an event at the docks. What can you see?"

He turns to sentinel and says, "Let us not terry, but go forth on our way to our new place of residence."


"Sir--" He says over a very crackery radio, "Its li-- a massi-- typhoo-- here. Th-- --n hav-- to take shel-- from the win-- We know Cas-- fight-- --thing big, an-- lots of --plosions." Several loud booms are heard in the background. "That's all-- can tell, sir."


You make your way to your base. Quite nicely, it seems no one has bothered to touch it, and your base defences have kept all others away from it. Its just as crampt as always, but that's nothing new for you and Sentinel.

OOC: Loud explosions and a typhoon at this distance? So much for stealth...

"Retreat within the building for now, then. Thank you."

Etrius frowns at the report that weather is disrupting the operation, then remembers that the bounded field against weather had been omitted for being too conspicuous. That would change when he had a few spare hours. A quick tap on the ear-piece closes the connection, allowing Etrius to think aloud in peace.

"My familiars can't get close enough to engage with any accuracy, and the snipers are unable to engage. A squad could probably make it there using a vehicle, but with so little information...

I suppose that I'll just have to trust Caster for now. I wonder if I can make use of the mana feed from here, or if he needs to be in my presence for it to, worth a try."

Etrius addresses the bond between himself and Caster, and tentatively presses mana into it.

<50 mana transferred to test the connection>

OOC: Turns out that the information was incorrect, invalidating the above post. Unfortunately, the edit button appears to be missing...

"Thank you. Carry on."

Etrius taps the earpiece again, closing the connection.

"My familiars can't get close enough to engage with any accuracy, and the snipers are unable to engage. A squad could probably make it there using a vehicle, but with so little information...

I suppose that I'll just have to trust Caster for now. I wonder if I can make use of the mana feed from here, or if he needs to be in my presence for it to, worth a try."

Etrius addresses the bond between himself and Caster, and tentatively presses mana into it.

<50 mana transferred to test the connection>

OOC: Okay, watcher is taking a bit too long, I shall move us along a bit. Do note that Caster and Berserker both survive after unleashing wave after wave of Noble Phantasm, and essentially destroying the port. Otherwise, consider that chronologically the large berserker-caster fight goes somewhere over here.

A cloud of dust envelops the circle, and sitting in the middle is a man with a apron full of tools at a workbench.

"Ah, Hello there! Summoning ritual complete, I am your Fool class servant [Name]! How do you do? And what an unusual place... but... its so interesting...." Fool begins to fiddle with your circle components, tinkering with them.


OOC: If you wish to do more actions tonight, do them now, otherwise I presume you will go out and get dinner or something similar.


Monster is right behind you. "Ah, My apologies my master. I merely wished to take a slight nap, as they're something I enjoyed greatly in life."

His words are some of the most convincing you've ever heard. You also know they're Blatant Lies. You didn't take naps during that period of time lest ye be accused of sloth by a rival nobleman, and then challenged by the church. And you know his dedication to that.


Your father smiles at you. "Come on, I'm sure berserker will be fine. Let's get some rest for you. I'm sure Aono is worrying about how the summoning went."

As the man starts fiddling with the junk I push back [name2] into the shadows for protection.

"Did you say [name]? As in THE [name]?"


(OOC: Sorry for the wait, I blame my school. Just so everyone knows this takes place just before the end of day 0)

Battle at the docks length:

In a silent shipping dock A tall warrior in black and white armor walks out into a clearing between the shipping crates. Berserker calls out to the empty dock, "(COME OUT OF HIDING...CASTER.)"

A man clad in green appears with a gust of wind. “…You’re late.”


The man in green snickers, "Ah, but was I sneaking, or was I pretending to sneak so you would think I was sneaking? Further more was I sneaking pretending to not be sneaking pretending to sneak to make you think I was pretending to sneak to make you think I was sneaking? And yet I could have been..."

Berserker cuts him off, "(I SEE YOU'RE AS TALKATIVE AS EVER CLOWN.)"

“I see you’re as unfriendly a barbaric oaf as ever. After all these years… and this, this is how you treat me. I think I’m going to cry.” Caster makes a comical gesture of whipping away a fake tear.


“Indeed, two wars ago.”

Berserker draws the long blade from his back. “(LET US SETTLE OUR UNFINISHED BUSSINESS FROM BACK THEN.)”

“Indeed let’s.”

Berserker raises his sword in front of him.
I AM ------- THE END HAS COME!)”

As he speaks those final words Berserker brings his sword behind him and rushes forward in an explosion of wind. Caster, ever nimble, jumps backwards to avoid the menacing blade. Through the shear force of the swing the sword creates a shockwave that tears up the ground, however this shockwave only serves to rustle Caster’s cloths. Caster leaps back and throws a series of daggers at berserker.


Berserker slashes the daggers aside and rushes forwards. Caster responds by firing a black projectile at the rushing Berserker, which explodes on contact. Berserker leaps up, out of the smoke and slashes down on Caster. Caster dodges off to the side, and Berserker’s blade cuts a metal shipping container clean in half. Caster takes a step back and throws more daggers at Berserker. With one hand Berserker bashes the daggers aside, with the other he slashes his sword through the shipping crates to slash downward at Caster. Caster blocks the sword with his staff and is thrown back by the force.

He rights himself than dives out of the way as Berserker charges forward and thrusts his sword at Caster’s throat. The sword narrowly misses Caster’s head and plunges into a crane behind him. “Close one, close one…”

With a roar, Berserker drags his sword in a cutting ark from within the steal crane, sparks flying as metal scrapes against metal. He draws his blade around and down for another strike with enough force on impact to explode, creating a cloud of debris.

“How utterly predictable.”
Suddenly, 13 copies of Caster dart in different directions.

Berserker deftly reaches out at what would appear to be thin air with his left arm and grabs the ankle of the invisible Caster.
Berserker swings Caster up over his head, and then down into the ground with a heavy thud, shattering the concrete beneath him.

*Cough* “And you seem to have forgotten something as well my barbaric oaf… What goes up, must come down.”

With that Caster creates an intense flash of magical light and an explosion. Berserker loosens his grip on Caster’s leg who jumps back out of the way as the gigantic crane comes crashing down on Berserker. In one swift movement, Caster straitens himself out, dusts off his clots and snaps his fingers. There is a flash of black light and the pile of rubble on top of Berserker explodes.

Then from within the dust cloud…“(AKATSUKI!)”
A crescent shaped shock wave bursts forth, heading towards Caster, who dodges the attack which hits an oil tank that explodes. Caster whistles.

“(GUREN!)” Berserker dashes from the smoke slamming the hilt of his sword into caster’s stomach, sending Caster flying. “(WHAT’S THE MATER CLOWN? SURELY YOU DIDN’T THINK THAT WOULD FINISH ME DID YOU?)” Caster retorts, “Well a guy can dream can’t he.”
Berserker raises his sword above his head “(KOKUUJIN, SHIPPUN!!!)” Berserker unleashes a massive shock wave that cuts clean through several ships docked near by. However, Caster dodges the attack and counters with a large blast of magic. Berserker slashed uses his sword to slash through the blast, which demolishes the storage facility behind him. Berserker grips his sword behind him and deepens his stance “(CLOWN…PREPAIR YOUR SELF!)” Berserker grips his sword behind him and deepens his stance, and a large amount of magic energy surges around him. Caster raises his staff which begins to transform as if unwrapping. Lighting begins to ark in the sky above the two servants. (A dove familiar is struck down completely on accident.)
“(TEAR THE HEVENS ASSUNDER…-----------------------------------!!!)”
“Destroy him --------------!”
The dock explodes

Amelia Abendroth Martelli

All of a sudden you turn into a guy. One of your brothers, who has always hated the fact that you’re better than him at everything, laughs, “Haha! It worked! Serves you right!”


"Indeed I am. Who might you be?" He continues fiddling with several of the things around him on his workbench.

Roger raised his eyebrow. "A frequent napper, eh? Really let yourself go in the centuries, haven't you... I was there for your life, [servant name], and I am VERY sure that late to rise and early to bed made you healthy, wealthy and dead back then." He folded his arms and sighed. "You're going to have to put a bit more effort into it, I'm afraid. Now, tell me what you were doing while I was Touko's guest." he said, mentally beginning to search his mind for the Command Spell should things go awry.

"I'm asking the questions here, first off where did that workbench come from!?!?!, and second"

holds up book on command seals, "are you telling me this s+&* is real, like the war and everything?"

Despite the distance, Amelia was in a good position. Through the wind and rain she could make out the figure’s movement and despite missing most of the fight because of her earlier theatrics, it would seem that the armored Servant had the advantage. Suddenly a monstrous wave of mana surged forth around the large Servant.

“A Noble Phantasm?” the woman exclaimed eyeing the battle closely, if she could see this, she would be able to discern his identity. However before Amelia could see anything, she keeled over, despite the bitter winds and frigid rain all she felt was searing heat. It’s really hot. It’s really hot. It’s hot. It’s hot. ItshotItshotItshotItshotItshot. The pain subsided as abruptly as it appeared, and the young magus could hear a voice in the distance but the heavy daze prevented her from hearing what was said clearly.

Amelia tried to make it back to the workshop. Unable to spectate the rest of the battle, through tripping and falling several times along the way. The body felt heavier than normal. Her sense of perception and depth seemed off. She could not located her center of gravity. In her current state she could not fathom what had just happened.

Inside the safety of her workshop she could hear her evidently faithful familiar, “Well, --ll, ----, th-- is qu---- --e si--- to b----.” Though the words escaped her comprehension she could feel the sarcasm.

As the headache slowly receded she took a deep breath and faced the mirror to find her bearings. However what she saw shook her beyond belief. She... was a he.

"Yeah, rest sounds good." he agreed with a nod, part of him wondering who Beserker was going off to meet. Isamu stretched his sore muscles as he walked up the stairs; upon realizing the hour the young magi sped up his space. Hardly having notice time go by, he did not wish to keep Aono waiting longer than needed. After all, they both needed some sleep; and he had a long day ahead of him tomorrow.

The familiars close in as the storm dissipates, seeking out Caster. Once he is located, one dives down while the others watch the situation. In the distance, within the Oni's Spine, Etrius prepares himself for combat, forming the mental construct which, when mana is applied, would result in the strongest bolt of lightning he could muster.

The familiar lands beside Caster, and opens its beak. From it, Etrius's voice issues.

"You'll get your chance to finish this battle later. For now, it would appear that the best course of action would be to retreat and regenerate. If you are presently capable to doing so, then please enact this course of action. If you are not, I will provide transport."


"Indeed it is, my young master. And I always have my workbench with me," he says, standing up. The workbench moves with him. "After all, what use is thought if you're going to forget the idea before you get back to work on it? This way I don't have to worry." He begins building a wall to.... something. Its sloped at an odd angle. "First, however, let us get proper accomodations so I may do my work, yes?"


OOC: skipping you a bit for now but congrats have a Beast servant when you wake up tomorrow... in bed with you.


"Ah, well I was just checking upon... certain subterranian areas, and found we are at quite the advantage, my master." He whispers something in your ear.


Your familliars don't find him at the scene of the fight. Five minutes later he turns up on your roof, a bit beaten and bleary but OK.


You go upstairs to your room, where your wife is waiting, cha--sitting freely on the bed. Her eyes are wide open, even though you're fairly sure she's dreaming, because she always has such a happy smile on when dreaming, and a bit less fake. You get into bed next to Aono, and she wakes with a bit of a start. However, she puts her arms around you, and the next thing you're aware of, its morning. Aono always loves to use her secret method to make you instantly fall asleep.

"How did you make that... never mind"

Seeing that [Name] is relatively harmless, and immune to Damian's attitude, Damian decides to treat the man with a little more courtesy

"If your talking about my home its through there"

Points to a small hole in the piles of junk "Ive dug a nice little spot underground, I don't like people touching my stuff so the more out of sight the better, so don't go making anything too elaborate up here, I'd like to remain inconspicuous"

"[Name2], come here.... I want you to go inside for now, I'll be back later with food, wait there until I get back"

Name2: "But Damian its not even that late, I wanna go to the park, wont you take me to the park come on pleeeeeeeease"

Damian: "No. I'll take you some other time, now go inside and wait, you got that?"

Name2: grumble grumble "yeah I GOT IT" *goes inside*

*whispers to Shade* "he seems fine but I want you to keep an eye on him and [Name2], make sure he doesn't harm [Name2], I'll be back, I wanna grab a couple books from the library, might give me some more info, ill be back later, if anything goes wrong you know what to do, and give me one of your mini-Shades just in case"

Shade: You got it boss!!

Goes up to [Name] "I'll be back, don't you do anything to harm my sister or I'll be sure to make you pay"

Note: I'm hiding my Servant name on purpose, but the other person [Name2] simply doesn't have a name yet so yeah :D

Also for GM: [Name2] is a girl in case you didn't notice, works better for back story and character interactions

Roger's expression changed subtly, losing its hardness ever so slightly as he was given the message. Stepping back, he paused for a moment before ploughing right into another plan. "That... is an interesting observation, to say the least. Sterling work. Follow me, if you would."

Heading back to the ice bedroom away from eavesdroppers and sitting down on a nearby chair, he crossed his leg and got on with the plan already, keeping his voice to a whisper. "Better keep it down, just in case... hmm. If what you've said is true, it could be very useful indeed. Several thousand times less subtle than what I'd go for normally, but... judging from what you've seen, how long would this take to set up, and where could it be activated?" he asked, wondering if Touko got the newspaper out here.

Hundreds of questions flooded her head, yet no answer came to her. Despite her distress and discomfort she shook her head and tried to focus on the important part: Her family is in danger. After all two Servants were just fighting in their backyard. Even if it was just a coincidence that they choose that location, she shouldn’t count on luck to save them twice.

She needed to summon her Servant. Unfortunately Angelo is still unconscious so she must find it herself. After wandering the house, (and relearning how to walk) she found what appeared to be a catalyst, and as expected of her brother, that was all that was prepared. Not wanting to put her family in any further danger she went ahead with the summoning. Grabbing some [censored] from her workshop she then prepared the ritual outside, yet still in the safety of the boundary field. After she finished writing the circle with the [censored] and placing the [catalyst name] in the middle Amelia took a deep breath trying to clear her mind. Away from her body. Away from the threat outside.The young magus needed to connect herself with her Servant. Hopefully a strong one, to win the war for her family’s honor.


Sky shines on mountain, rivers, water and sky.
Nothing left to remind you of the hard cold days
Stash away both what you lost and gained, for life continues on.
As the Winter went by, and spring flows along.
Approve freely, prove it as ablutions.
Nature is in its full bloom
I announce.
Thy body shall be under my command, my fate shall be determined by thy sword.
Follow the call of the Holy Grail.
If thou wouldst obey this mind and this reason, then answer my call.
Make an oath here.
I am the one who shall become the virtue of all afterworld
I am the one who shall lay out the evil of all afterworld
Thou art Seven Heavens clad in the Three Great Worlds
Emerge from the ring of control, guardian of balance.

After a flash of light and a surge of energy, Amelia felt a sharp burning pain in her left hand, as if someone stabbed it with a molten dagger. A command seal. The holy mark that proves her authority as a Master in this war. Finally she has her Servant, finally she can protect her family, finally she can prove her worth. The sense of relief washes over her, clouding her senses, along with the barrage of questions about the upcoming War and her body further plunges her mind into confusion...

End Day 0 for Amelia Abendroth Martelli

OOC: Sorry for taking so long to post, didn't realize I was holding everyone back from day 1. I was out this weekend and was unable to get any internet from my hotel so I couldn’t post until just earlier. Anyways this is the end of day 0 for Amelia. Everything that happens after this will be discussed through flashbacks on day 1 as a “blur”. Just think of it as “waking up from hard drinking the night before” kind of scenario due to everything happening at once for Amelia.

One of the numberless familiars speaks as Caster appears, arresting the action of the soldiers on the roof. A good thing, too, since their weapons were already trained on Caster.

"I'm glad to see that you have returned. Please do come inside."

Since the familiar had recognized Caster as an ally, five of the team members went back to watching the city for targets of opportunity. The last kept his weapon readied in case of an attack.

"Lieutenant Ordion, please return to your post. If Caster were a threat, he could only be defeated through ambush."

A tad reluctantly, the Lieutenant returns to his spotters scope, to resume his search for potential Masters.

(day 0)
@ Amelia Abendroth Martelli
(ooc: your summoning has to fail because you would not be able to summon the servant you are supposed to have with this ritual. your servant comes from 7 worlds: 4 hells 2 neutral and 1 heaven and is a counter guardian)


As Amelia attempt to cast his/her summoning, one of her/his brothers, who has always hated the fact that she is better than him at everything, laughs, “Haha! It worked! Serves you right!” breaking your concentration. As he/she turn to complain to her/his idiot brother...

[Berserker]“(TEAR THE HEVENS ASSUNDER…-------------------------------!!!)”
[Caster]“Destroy him --------------!”
The dock explodes

and a stray shipping container lands right on top of the brother who has obviously cursed Amelia crushing him. Then the blurred forms of the two servants from the docks explode into the beach next to Amelia, still locked in combat. The two notice you and stop their fighting.

Caster: "Ah, a witness...sorry but the rules state all witnesses of the war must die."

Amelia staggers backwards as she/he sense impending doom. Just as the two servants begin to attack, there is a flash of light and a surge of energy, Amelia felt a sharp burning pain in her left hand, as if someone stabbed it with a molten dagger.

[???] "Goshujin-sama watch out!!!"

Amelia sees the figure of a girls standing before her, that is obviously not human. The girl deflects the attacks with [weapon], and the other two servants jump backwards.


??? taunts, "Hugh Berserker, I couldn't understand you, oh that's right you can't talk."

Caster laughs, "No, no Beast, this barbaric oaf is just an idiot."

Beast: "Oh I see =3"


The three servants take their stances, ready to fight, when suddenly...


Caster: "ah..."

Berserker: "(GEH...NEESAN...)"

Standing behind the three servants is a beautiful woman with an angry expression on her face.

???: ”The war hasn’t officially started yet and you morons have already destroyed the dock!”
She points behind her at what used to be the dock.


Berserker is interrupted as ??? throws a mirror at him, knocking him over.

???: “I don’t want to hear your excuses! Seriously attacking each other before all the servants have been summoned yet.”


???: “No buts!!!” Berserker is interrupted again as ??? throws a bow at him.

Caster: “Oh come on its not like anyone cares abou-”

???’s eyes narrow and focus on Caster as she raises a sword to throw at him.
Caster: “Shutting up now…”

??? bows to Amelia “I apologize for any inconvenience these two have caused you. I’ll take these two children back to their master.”

Berserker: “(WAI-)”
??? throws the sword at Berserker which narrowly misses him and lands in the ground between his legs.

???“Come on you two!” ??? walks away dragging Berserker by his hair and caster by the neck of his robe behind her

Caster and Berserker: “Ow, ow, ow we can walk on our own.”

(Day 1)
A girl with long white hair stands atop the tallest building in Fuyuki city, looking down on the landscape that she has seen countless times before. There are bandages wrapped around her right arm and the right side of her face. Her white dress stained with blood flutters in the wind as the last servant of the war is summoned.
???: "And so it begins again. This play that has been played out countless times already shall begin again here in Fuyuki, only to be played again countless more times. Though the actors change, the ending is always the same. And so we begin again the play known as The Holy Grail wars."

After bringing some food for Joseline (formaly [name2] ) and [name], Damian made a trip to his favorite library across town. By the time he got there night had already descended on Fuyuki, all the better for Damian

With the shadows thick around Damian, he lock picked the library dour open. As it opens the alarm begins to go off, Damian casually strolls up to the alarm code and puts in the alarm code 7261957, the library's opening date.

He looked through the books and found a textbook on [name], a few books on the Holy Grail War (specifically those regarding fool class, and history of the war), and a couple picture books for Jo, as well as the 2rd book in the Night Angel series.

He puts them in his backpack, which strangely doesn't get bigger or heavier, and starts to leave the library

The coming morning Isamu happily stretched in bed; welcoming the new day with a pleasant morning haze. He made sure not to disturb Aono upon rising; having learned early on that the poor girl had trouble resting at night. Even if she had rejected his offers in the past to aid her as she aided him; he at least insisted on letting her sleep in.

So it was with renewed vigor that Isamu began his day in search of his way ward servant; hoping Beserker had gotten himself into too much trouble the previous night.

Roger didn't sleep that night, for what [servant] had told him was far too interesting. And besides, what good would sleep be, anyway?

It didn't take him long to tell his Servant to get to work on their little scheme, which gave him plenty of time to ruminate on his next move. He sat upon his frozen throne in foreboding silence as a fairy floated up to him with the morning paper. It was funny, he thought while staring at the paper's headlines, that even through this catalogue of tribulations there must always be a morning paper to report all of this. Ah, well, no point worring about that now.

Thumbing through the pages, he took a cursory glance out of his window and at his pocket watch. Ah, yes, 9am. If his servant started late last night then... he sighed and put his watch away. Looked like he was being the manservant again...

@Roger Archibald: you manage to get through the morning relatively uneventfully... well as uneventfully as a breakfast with Sun Moon and Tokou can be. you are free to move around as you see fit as long as you don't bother them.

@Matsuoka, Isamu:you find Berserker sitting calmly meditating in the living room, manifested, with his sword laying next to him, although he doesn't visibly react you can tell he knows you have entered the room

@Etrius:when you turn to speak to your Lieutenant Caster is already inside making himself quite comfortable on a couch.

@Damian:a voice comes from behind you
???:"Doing a little shopping are we?"

@Amelia Abendroth Martelli: you wake up to a groping sensation fallowed by crying

@Ryder45: you arrive uneventfully (what do you do now?)

@Matthew Swift: OOC:what are you doing?

@Idaliseviel von Einzbern: you feel a gentle hand shake you awake at a time you specified earlier
Rose:"Ojousama pleas wake up"

@Fujou Ishida: OOC: your plan has failed what are you planning on doing?

@Ryou Harlow: when you wake up you find an unfamiliar warrior by your side. He has long black hair and carries a {sword}
Unfamiliar warrior: good morning Master, did you sleep well
(what happens to you depends on if your plan)

OOC: I think that's everyone, If I missed you please let me know, Please contact anyone who has not responded in a while to let them know the game is back on and if you are not in the game yet you may feel free to write your self in at this point through a morning routine. (also if I ever ask for a servant's role just role a D20 and I will calculate the rest for you more to come on servant control later.)

Roger folded up the newspaper and put it to one side, preparing to spend his long-awaited freedom. He turned to his servant, a slight grin on his face. "Ah, [servant]! There you are! I was thinking we could do some, ah, reconaissance today. How did your little project go today?" he asked, getting up from his frozen throne and looking out over the town of Fuyuki from his window.

Turning to see Caster already inside, Etrius shelves his annoyance in favor of getting information.

"I see that you're not too worn out from that display. I'm afraid that the storm you created prevented me from seeing too much, so I'll ask. What happened?"

Amelia woke up slowly from the loud exclamation her mind felt fuzzy and her body felt extremely sore for some peculiar reason. Scanning the room she found herself in her workshop slash living quarters and her eyes fell onto a young woman laying next to her on the bed. Normally she would be worried about a stranger laying next to her but she could not take her eyes off the beauty in front of her. The magus rubbed her eyes thinking it may be a morning hallucination but alas there she was.

”Who... is she...?” The blue haired lady thought; then she remembered an amorous scent, a soft touch, a zealous night. In that second Amelia blushed so furiously she felt her ears on fire. Amelia opened her mouth to say something to the woman in front of her who she shared these eventful memories with only to blush even more, an event she thought that was already impossible, and shyly hid herself by curling into a ball under the blankets. A small “Uuuuuu” sound could be heard, “Did last night really happened? Am I unmarriageable now?” she asked aloud to no one in particular.

OOC: Happy Halloween everyone. I do check the RP everyday but I only see the discussion updated ie the Discussion(#) and didn't notice that the new IC posts since my tab didn't show the Gameplay(#) being updated . Sorry for the late reply.

(everyone makes a perception check the next time they drink water 10to notice it's poisoned by magic before you drink it.)

@Roger Archibald:
(please tell me what Cypher told you about your servant's plan and don't bother hiding your servant's class so you can refer to him as monster.)
Monster: "It would seem some one has beaten us to the punch. It would be very risky to intact such a plan any time soon, however I will continue setting it up."

Caster: "Oh nothing much. Just teasing the four to five brain cells of a barbaric oaf I know, nothing important, nothing special, though the dock looks rather nice on fire. As for a storm I never said I made a storm, of course I never said I didn't make a storm."

@Amelia Abendroth Martelli
Beast: "How can you say that Goshujinsama! You're already married to me!..."

"Perhaps. You description doesn't lead me to believe that your opponent was responsible for the storm.


Etrius smiles, a thought having occurred to him.

"I suppose that it would make a lot of sense were that the case. Were you, by chance, facing [censorship!]?"



1d20 + 20 ⇒ (7) + 20 = 27

Elizabeth glared at her alarm clock, willing it to stop. Years ago, she had developed the habit of placing across the room, so she couldn't simply turn it off or hit snooze.

She really hated herself sometimes.

Cursing whatever god had decreed that getting out of bed be so damn hard, her fatigue made worse by lingering jet-lag and a less-than-perfectly restful night, Elizabeth stumbled across the room. As she did so, she thought back to the events of last night....

Quick summary of Servant behavior, please.

"M-Married!?" Amelia gasped “No my family wouldn’t allow such a thing...” the girl’s shoulders drooped at the thought. “Ah! No I was always a girl! I think I was cursed last night... by an enemy Master... or Servant.. maybe...” she trailed off trying to remember the events last night only to find herself flustered once again at her only vivid memory. For now she should focus on today, when can discuss about last night’s event when her heart has calmed down.

“Speaking of which, you’ve been calling me Master, a-are you my Servant?” the young magus timidly asked.

(OOC: I'm so so so sorry about being so inactive, I hate holding things up because of my busy schedule, I wasn't aware of this being started back up as well so my apologies everyone!)

Idaliseviel pinched her eyes shut and then reluctantly sat up in her bed. She yawned and rubbed her eyes with balled fists before her eyes fluttered open to see Rose, standing beside her bedside.

"Oh! Good morning Rose!" The silver haired maiden said with a bright smile. She brushed an extra strand of her hair away from her eyes and tucked it behind her ear, then wrapped her shoulders in her blanket to warm herself up from the slightly chilly air. It was much warmer in her bed anyway.

Idaliseviel took a deep breath before sighing slightly, "Time to get out of the warm bed I suppose." She pulled her feet out of her blanket and stepped down onto the floor of her bedroom, "Where's Saber, Rose?" She asked her maid as she started to tidy up for the upcoming day.

Caster: "Ah that muscle headed ape? True they are rather similar, but very different he's really only good at making [censor]. But they are very different infact this barbaric oaf in a way is more like me than the muscle headed ape"

@Elizabeth CraigYour servant is standing at the entrance of your room watching you
Avenger: "How slovenly of you to only just get up at this hour magus. The days starts as the sun rises, therefor one should already be prepared to great it when it does."

@Amelia Abendroth Martelli
Caster: "Ah I see so that's the cure that was placed on you. You don't need to worry about your family for LOVE CONQUERS ALL! and besides..." a grim smile crosses her lips "A few rodents are quite easy to exterminate with the right bait. Indeed I am the servant summoned under the Beast class, so feel free to address me as either 'Beast' or D-A-R-L-ING. Kya I said it!"
(OOC: Goshujinsama also means husband)

@Idaliseviel von Einzbern
The knight kneels besides your bed
Saber: "I am here"
You notice a made who resembles Rose standing behind the two in the doorway wearing a light Purple dress.

Etrius begins to sip at his tea, then stops. A smile spreads, as he looks a tad more closely at the beverage.

"It would seem that someone has seen fit to launch an attack. More fun for us, I suppose. That will come later, however.

Three things before I return to sleep.

Firstly, I'd like to know what you know thus far regarding the war.

Secondly, something that I forgot to tell you earlier. You are free to act as you please, so long as you remain capable of fulfilling your role within the present engagement plan.

Finally, I'd like to know your present status."

Etrius goes downstairs after making his requests, entering his alchemy lab. The tea is poured out into a flask, which is sealed, and quickly labeled. A small message is then sent over the PA system, reading: "A potential contaminant with unknown properties has been detected in the water supply. All personnel are to use sealed beverages until more information becomes available."

OOC: In short, how much damage did Caster take, and how much mana did he use in the battle against the soon to be known Servant?

Damian turns around and sees a man with glasses leaning against the bookshelf reading a book, He closes the book and walks towards Damian

"yeah, whats it to u"

"you won't find any books on the Holy Grail wars in a library, at least none that aren't fiction." he holds out the book he was just reading and a cellphone, its old so you know it isn't valuable, but you also know its old so it doesn't have a GPS.

quickly snatches the book and puts it in the bag "why would i need a phone, and who are you, you got a thing for little boys hmm?"

he chuckles, "that's an amusing reaction. Not at all, I am just a business man, and business revolves around making valuable contacts. Perhaps you will find it useful."

"im listening"

"You've become involved in a war you know nothing about you would be wise to keep your options open, at least until you fully understand your circumstances. You never know where you could find an ally."

"thats a fair point" grabs the phone "so how did you find me, and more importantly who are you"

“[Name3]. As I have previously stated I am just a business man with a very smart computer"

"and how much do you know about me"

"that you are the master of the fool class servant and that you would be stopping by here tonight, as well as the wish you seek the grail for."

"wish? what wish"

"this war is a death match over a single wish, and although it isn't necessary most of the competitors will kill each other off to get that wish"

"ha, seems your "very smart computer" isn’t that smart since I didn’t even know about the wish thing, I assume all the info on this war is in that book you gave me then?" *starts to become relaxed since no harm seems to be intended*

"of course, and for any specific details regarding the war you may ether call me or the church outside of town is considered neutral ground and its members serve as judges for the war."

gives [Name3] a death stare "i don't trust churches, you don't work for them do u?"

"Not at all. It is just another piece of information; personally I wouldn't trust those religious nuts as far as I could throw them."

"good... i hope you'll understand if i don't trust you...yet anyway, you don't know where i live do u? or my powers?"

"No not yet, though I don't expect you to believe me”

"then how about this, you show me one of your powers, and ill show u one of mine"

"Oh how very un-mage like of you, very well." he snaps his fingers and *****

"so you have ****** then? ha, that’s funny" produces ******* "my ****** are in contrast to your own magic it would seem, now is the thing standing behind me a friend of yours? because hes starting to creep me out"

"Ha ha, Indeed ***** come on out."

Danian turns to see *******

"and who might you be?"

“I am ******”

"Never heard of ya, well its been fun and all, but my intuition is saying I have no reason to keep talking to you. ill contact u later if i need to, till then cya later Glasses"

walks away and goes back to the ****** and get food/water (so i can make the check) and to check up on my servant/sister

***** = censored by either me or GM
[Name3] = undecided name, GM will make soon

Elizabeth gave her Servant a bleary, glare-esque glance.

In the next few minutes, she would think of several decent responses to the needling, running the gamut from sarcastic to philosophical, succinct to long-winded: "I'm just not a morning person", "Since one of us didn't sleep, the other had to make up the difference", "Awwww, lonely?", "The sun is, functionally, in all ways as far above us as we are above microbes; I feel no need to adhere perfectly to its schedule", or perhaps even a rambling musing on the various possible causes of her not-a-morning-person-ness, including but not limited to long hours on most nights, low blood pressure, habit, or some Freudian whatever.

At that moment, what came out was a tired and uninterested "#### you."

Having deactivated the despised mechanism of her awakening and made herself decent, she moved to shove down something for breakfast.

Poison Ingestion Avoidance Rolls:
Perception, Memory (dat front page report, + Knowledge, I guess?): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (2) + 10 = 121d20 + 10 ⇒ (4) + 10 = 14

She clasped her hands together and smiled brightly enough to put the sun to shame, “T-Then it worked? I am now officially a Master and participant of the War, my family will be happy to receive this news. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance Beast, my name is Amelia Abendroth Martelli, please take good care of me.”

While her Servant wasn’t one of the famous knightly classes but rather an enigmatic class Beast, Amelia was glad that her partner had a friendly disposition. She honestly wouldn’t know what she would do if her Servant was overbearing.

Taking notice of the time the blue haired woman quickly excused herself and made her way to the washroom, freshening herself up and changed into a light brown sundress which extends to her knee, complimented with a black tank top underneath and a matching black accented ribbon tied neatly along the waist. Finishing with a short white cardigan Amelia headed towards the main house, but quickly turned around and asked while tying her hair into a side ponytail. “I need to prepare breakfast for my family but perhaps we can introduce each other in greater detail afterwards?”

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