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Game Master acecipher

A Fate/Stay Night based game taking place in its own metaplot universe.

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A circle is laid out, one with a 6-pointed star. A chant can be heard.

There once was a man. A wise, noble man, of a great and noble family, a great seeker of knowledge.


(Drive. Pride. Fear. Panic.)

He found what he sought... and that revelation drove him insane.

*Thump thump*

(Knowledge. Piety. Divinity. Destiny.)

*Thump thump thump*

Then there was a curse. A great and terrible one. One that claimed many who were unsuspecting of its effects.

*thump thump thump thump*

(Law. Freedom. Terror. Death.)\

*thump thump thump thump thump*

Together events come to the center, as per Iron and Silver. Death spreads from the east, and north, and south, and west. It will carve out atrocity to be remembered in history. Death and loss and fear. Bloodlust and Wrath and Madness and Strength and Independence and Divinity and Galantry and Bravery and Eternity.

*Thump thump thump thump thump thud*

(Five of six to be filled. I call forth...)

And now. Behind Him, a God. Ahead, a Leviathin. Besides him, death.

This is.... the 11th Holy Grail war.

--Serial Phantasm, the Ghost in the Machine



Fujou Ishida

....This was most unexpected.

After all of the work, after all of the preparation, all of the research, and all of the single-minded effort... the wheel of fate has cheated you.

The sister of the servant you wanted stands in front of you. So close, and yet so far away from what you asked for.

"Servant Archer, summoning complete." she says. "I ask of you, are you my Master?"

The rite of summoning was successful, and yet, Ishida had to face abberant tendencies from the very beginning - he could take his original battleplan and throw it into the shredder. Not only he summoned another Heroic Spirit from the one he was intended to summon, but he summoned it as Archer - along with all troubles, that its "Independent action" could bring. But even despite his idea weren't supported by the grim reality, he looked calm and concentrated on the present - after all, the Tao teaches to be fluent and keep up with the world as the leaf, that is swimming down the stream. So he looked at the spirit he summoned and displaced the long sleeve out of his left forearm to demonstrate the command seals.
"Yes." - he answered - "I, Fujou Ishida, have summoned you to fight and win in this war. And as you're here, the war will start right now"


As you finish the ritual, a pink smoke gathers around the circle, frying it dry. A very lithe man with long white hair, and suspiciously spiked pauldrons, stands there holding a scythe. His grin is cruel, his face is wicked, his posture is sinister. He opens his eyes and says,

"Servant Assassin, summoning Complete. I ask of you, are you my master?"


(OOC: No last name for you, since it gives away a bit. But I think you're ok with that.)

As you finish your summoning ritual, a lithe man clad in green stands in front of you. His slender form and lack of... well, any visible weapon or shield puts you off. It doesn't even seem he has Invisible Air hiding one of his weapons. Then, he opens his mouth and says slyly:

"Servant Caster, summoning complete. I ask of you... Are you my master?"

He grins slyly, and you INSTANTLY know who he is.

This will be fun.

Matthew Swift

(OOC: Sorry for the PM, I don't know why the edit didn't go through.)

As the sun finishes setting, a whirlwing od dirt envolps your circle, foring you to close your eyes for a second. When the winds abate and you open them, a woman in red stands in front of you.

"Servant Bruiser, Summoning COMPLETRE! I ask of you, Are you my Master?!?!?!" She says, taking a bold, enthusiastic pose.

(OOC: I left it off of the alias for that very reason.)

Etrius lowers his staff, taking in information. After but half a second, a decision is reached.

"Welcome to the war, then. I'll serve the role of Master for you, so let's have a bit of fun."

Not the one that was sought, but the one which had stood second among those desired. One couldn't hope to make a good plan which wasn't flexible, after all.

Etrius removes a small glass vial from within his robes, and pours a bit of its contents onto his hand.

"This site isn't very secure. Though I doubt that we will see an attack this early, we should still probably move to a safe position while we prepare ourselves.

If you'll excuse me for a moment, I'll remove this circle so that no-one will be able to guess at who was summoned through it."

Etrius began a chant with which to scour the ritual's remnants with a spell of water.

Caster Smiled. "Ah, a wonderful idea. However, I believe it's already done." When his words finish, he snaps his fingers, and the circle evaporates. As do the bodies. "There, now it's like we were never even here," He says, still smiling Coyly. "Come, let us get going."

"Right, right."

A large disc rises from the ground, with Etrius standing at the middle and Caster just on the edge. Etrius sits down, presumably to be more comfortable.

"It will be about two kiloseconds, so if you'd prefer to make yourself comfortable, go right ahead."

The disc rises further, then begins to move towards Fuyuki City at a good pace.

"I suppose that I should properly introduce myself. I am [character name], a magus living in Fuyuki. I am the [censored] of [censored], based within Fuyuki city.

We'll be having an asset review once we arrive, so you'll get to meet them.

Before then, though, do you have any questions?"

Fujou Ishida
The girl in front of bows

"I look forward to working with you. I see you are disappointing with both my class and my identity Ishida-sama. Please do not worry yourself over it. I am pleased to see I have an understanding individual as a master. Please do not allow my class to deceive you Ishida-sama, I am fully aware of the identity and class of the servant you intended to summon as well as many things about you and your magic. I do hope we get along"

OOC: Guys, I did tell her my name. And, maybe some description?

Ishida nodded "Dissapointed? Probably no - it is not wise to mourn over things, that haven't happen. I'll focus on present instead" - he made a long deep breath. "So tell me, Archer" - he continued "What is your wish for the Grail?"

At the top of the hill at the southern edge of Fuyuki City, there stands a church. A person walks up the steps to the church.

Slowly the heavy wooden doors to the church creak open.

The person enters into the dark alter room.

[???] Welcome to my humble church…
Potential Master of the Holy Grail Wars

A priest steps out from behind the alter

[Priest] You have been invited to participate as a master in the Holy Grail Wars.

I am the priest who serves at this church and the one who oversees these Holy Grail Wars.

Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself…

The Holy Grail Wars is a contest that has been held at semi regular intervals to determine one who is worthy of possessing the Holy Grail…

And with it the prize of any one wish to be granted by the Holy Grail.

This is a ritual that has been going on for many years now in this very city. And though the rules have changed over the course of the wars, the essential goal has remained the same.

The pries walks forward towards the center of the alter

[Priest] 16 Magus Masters are chosen to fight each other, and of those 16 contestants, the last one standing at the end of the war shall be declared the victor. This war is a survival game between mages.

But fear not, for you shall not have to walk this path alone, as the Holy Grail has seen fit to grant every master the right to summon a ‘Servant’ under one of 16 classes. Picked from the finest legendary souls from throughout all of history.

Your servant shall be your sword and your shield in this war.

To control their servants each master is granted three command spells which take the shape of three red marks somewhere on the masters’ arms.

Each one has the power to demand absolute obedience from your servant one time as well a being the proof of your duties as a master. Use them with care.

Which hero shall grace you with their loyalty?
Which servant will you draw?

The swift Rider?
The silent Assassin?
The wise Caster?
The brutal Berserker?
The vicious Beast?
The crafty Fool?
The merciless Avenger?
The violent Reaper?
The merciless Monster?
The mysterious Phantom?
The honorable Lord?
The grand Ruler?
The gallant Slayer?
The stalwart Sentinel?
The fearless Vanguard?
The mighty Bruiser?
The cunning Archer?
The agile Lancer?
Or perhaps the noble Saber?

The Pries turns to face the altar and spreads his hands.

[Priest] Come let us make haste and set a course for the stage where the noblest of souls through out all of history shall defy the bounds of time to gather, to the stage where the finest heroes from all of time shall dance, and where the dreams and wills of those who have been deemed worthy by the Holy Grail shall clash with one another! Let the waltz of ambitions and desires begin!! Let the chose dance across the stage until one remains!!! LET US RAISE THE CURTAIN ON THE HOLY GRAIL WARS!!!


He shimmers for a second, then vanishes completely, even though his voice remains strong.

"Ah, if I have any more questions. Such a loaded question in and of itself. There are always more, but the real question that you must answer is, which of them do you want me to ask? And don't worry, I already know the answer to that.... but I already know the answer to all those questions" Even though he is in spirit form, Etrius cannot help but feel his servant's wide smirk. "Of course, seeing as you've OBVIOUSLY considered my summoning, you should alerady know that yourself. So my question is this: Why waste words on such a question in the first place?" After this, he drops silent.

Matsuoka Isamu

As you finish chanting the ritual your father lovingly prepared for you in the basement, a storm lashes out. It fills the bvaulted chamber inside the Villa, and your parents exhanged worried looks before sho--Smiling discussing the situation calmly. Looking at the figure in the center, you're... not sure who he is, but he most certainly is of the Berserker class by the way his magic Aura exudes madness. The sound of storms echoes throughout the room.

After a few seconds your Father comes over and scow--smiles reservedly at you, saying, "Don't worry, I'm sure this won't set us back much. Berserker is a powerful class, after all; I'm sure he'll be able to defeat almost any opponent you send him against."

The wrathful spirit howls.


A violent wind erupts from the summoning circle tearing up the walls and ceiling of the room. The servant that appears in the center of the room begins to speak, however its voice is garbled with excess noise by the mad enhancer ability to the point of hardly being recognized as words.

"H--U-rS- --Ur-RE T--rON- --OrDAR--rT- -A-Lr r---Nrr -Errr
-ERrrYrr rW--LrrI S---L r-EE W--T --U -Orrr"

"Let's just say there is someone I would like to meet... And you Ishida-sama?"

Ishida smiled - "I don't know. I'm mostly here for the war itself, so right now I'me fine with fighting for your sake. But I'm sure, I'll have a wish when I'll hold the Grail in my hands. For such is the Tao" Then he looked at he summonning circle. "Now, I'll dismantle the circle to conseal the ritual, and then, I'll need an hour of uninterrupted meditation. I need you to stay on guard in the mean time" - saying that, he began to remove the components of the ritual - physically, without resorting to magic. Soon only the spirit gate will remain on the place of summoning - and tha could easily be mistaken for the part of an old shrine.

Von. Einzbern
Standing in the center of the summoning circle is a tall and violent looking man.
He wears a stern emotionless expression on his face as if ready to go to battle any second.
His eyes peaking out through his pail white hair are narrow, cold, and unfeeling as if filled with a blood lust intent on ripping the person in front of him in half.
In his dark, steal grey armor with its claw like gauntlets, his presence appears as that of a demonic warrior and not that of a heroic figure.

Then suddenly without a change in his expression the man drops to one knee and bows his head before his master.

"I am the servant Saber. You have summoned me as my master.
I hereby swear to you that as long as you are my master and as long as I still draw breath, I shall not allow any harm to come to you.
I swear this to you on my life and my pride as a knight."

"I see. Then may we enjoy the journey together."
Archer begins helping remove the traces of the ritual.

The young woman allows a smile to pull across her face as she gazes down at the kneeling servant. The ritual had indeed been a success.

"Excellent! I'm pleased to hear your noble oath, Saber." She pauses as she claps her hands together with a welcoming smile, "As you've observed, I am your master, Idaliseviel von Einzbern, and you may address me however you please to."

Idaliseviel paces around the kneeling servant for a moment, observing his cold expression and dark aura that enveloped him. The two couldn't have been more opposite with her warm expression versus his. Despite his intimidating aura and outlook, her warm expression or gentle tone did not waver one bit.

"Now then, I'm sure you will treat me very well Saber! I'm very pleased to be in your presence." Idaliseviel curtsies before the knight and rises quickly with another smile. She extends out her hand towards Saber, "Rise for me, if you please."

Serial Phantasm wrote:

Matthew Swift

(OOC: Sorry for the PM, I don't know why the edit didn't go through.)

As the sun finishes setting, a whirlwing od dirt envolps your circle, foring you to close your eyes for a second. When the winds abate and you open them, a woman in red stands in front of you.

"Servant Bruiser, Summoning COMPLETRE! I ask of you, Are you my Master?!?!?!" She says, taking a bold, enthusiastic pose.

OOC: Sorry for the late reply, I have to go to bed early since I have to wake up early.

Matthew is surprised by this! Surely he didn't expect to have such a bold character as a servant. Sure, it wasn't the class he was hoping for, but after thinking about it he realizes this could be for the better! This class would surely be useful, especially with his abilities!

But he quickly recovers. "Yes, I am. My name is Matthew Swift. As soon as week clean up these marks we'll get going! We have a lot of things to accomplish ahead of us. And if there's anything you need, just let me know, I'm sure we could get it." He says, making a quick but warm smile at his servant before starting to splash water over the marks. He was thankful that it hadn't rained that day, he would of had to gone elsewhere for the ritual!

"So tell me, what do you hope to get out of this war?"

Etrius smiles at this answer.

"Simply to make you feel comfortable should any questions need to be asked. We seem to be arriving, now. It seems that the sun hasn't quite set, yet, so we have a bit of time."

The familiar descends to the roof of a rather tall building, and as its eight wings fold into itself the disc seems to meld into the concrete.

Etrius puts on a small earpiece, taps it, then speaks.

"All personnel to lecture hall 'Moriya', 10 minutes, priority three."

Etrius's voice is reproduced throughout the thirty-five floors of the building. After the message is delivered, the earpiece gets tapped again.

"That should give us around eight minutes to be there. I expect that there will be a rather large number of questions once we arrive. You don't have to answer them."

"Well hello there you look like a gentleman...well equipped for the task at hand, come we shall discuss things further someplace a bit more private." Ryou said motioning towards a nearby appartment complex.


Bruiser boisterously replies "To defeat all of the mightiest warriors of this land and claim it for my own!" She points her signature weapon towards her master. "And what of you, My master? Why do you fight?"


Caster simply nods, and awaits his welcome. Wait--he's in spirit form, How did--

"Are you unimpressed with my abilities?" He smirks invisibly, but you're sure its there.


"Ah, it is good to know I have a lord who appreciates my methods fully. Indeed, let us get to more appropriate quarters," he says, vanishing into the shadows.

"I'm afraid that we'll have to go over them all later. All of mine, and this company's, as well. That will wait for a short time, though.

So as to not leave your question unanswered, however, I find myself unable to pass judgement while not knowing the full measure of your abilities at this time. After all, an incorrect assumption here may later become a fatal misunderstanding."

Etrius stands at the front of the briefing hall, before a podium with an in-built computer. A map of Fuyuki city is being projected on the wall behind him, while the company files in in varying states of readiness.

saber stands silently without changing his expression

Matthew grins at this. He had gotten a live one for his servant.

"Well, mainly to learn more about magic! Yeah, bringing honor to my family is another reason, but not my main one. I just want to know everything there is for the magics I specialize in, and surpass all in those fields!"
He answers with a grin.

"Well, I've finished erasing the seal. Ready to go? My place isn't too far from here, although we have a lot of preparing to do." He says with a sigh. He was not looking forward to tonight, probably would have to take an all-nigher to finish his preparations!


Even though you were sure he was smirking before, now it feels even wider. And he's STILL in spirit form.

"Ah, but I believe you already know that. Or at least, you really should. Or did you leave home before learning the basics of the war you wanted to participate in?" What a [Caster] thing to do. This is going to be a FUN war.

He remains silent the rest of the way.


"INDEED WE DO!" She says, walking up and hefting Swift over her shoulder. "FIRST WE NEED PROVISIONS! WHERE IS THE NEAREST DISTILLERY FOR US TO CONQUER?" She walks off, her gun held forward in her other hand.

OOC: Ok, that just made me laugh :D

"................... Can you put me down? We already have a base with provisions and men guarding it." He asks kindly. His face stuck an odd balance between amusement and anger. Something I'll have to get use to, he thinks to himself.


"Soooooodeska. Well then, let us survey the grounds of our Fortress! Where is it located?" She continues to walk straight ahead, ignoring your pleas to be put down.

"You won't let me down, will you?" He says, and proceeds to smack his hand to his face is frustration. Although if he was an onlooker, he can't say he wouldn't be rolling on the floor laughing right about now at his own situation.

"Anyway, its in that direction" he says as he points in a direction. "Its not a fortress, since we can't stand out too much, and I already stand out anyway. A lot of people unfortunately know my name. Do you mind travelling in spirit form, at least until we get there? I don't want others seeing your form quite yet? It'd be nice if we can catch at least a few people off guard. "

"I've done some research. I'm afraid that the results leave much to be desired, however."

To make his point, Etrius indicates the monitor of the podium computer, which displays a listing of known (three powers populate this category) and suspected powers (the page counter for this listing runs out of space to display itself).

"At any rate, it's time to start our briefing."

Etrius brings his hands together, and closes his eyes for a moment. When they open, his posture changes. Now addressing the assembly, Etrius's tone changes significantly as well. No longer is it the tone of one who is amusing themselves, but that of a warlord addressing his army before a battle.

"In the past four years, we have participated in and ended three wars. The fourth war in which we are participating began approximately two kiloseconds ago.

Our primary battleground will be here, within Fuyuki City. Our opponents consist of fifteen magi, designated as Masters. Each Master will be supported by a heroic spirit; a familiar of the highest order, designated as Servants. The identities of the opposing Masters and Servants are as yet unknown.

Each Servant must be supported by a Master to remain within the world. Without the support of a Master, the Servant shall fade. Once all fifteen opposing Servants have been eliminated, the war will end with our victory.

For the duration of this war, all personnel are to be on combat alert, and prepared for any attack. The primary mission of this company is to be Force Projection. If an assignment comes up, there will be as little as five minutes notice, so I would like everyone to be ready for potential deployment. As always, if injured or sick, report to medical; I don't want to lose people due to walking into a battlefield injured.

Are there any questions regarding this conflict?"

Ryou casually walks through the apartment with Assassin following unseen "I know it doesn't look like much but believe me this place will hide us far better than any towering fortress will or armored battalion can. not only is it nondescript enough to deter unwelcome attention, it also comes armed the latest in security technology you see my family pulled some strings an- oh we're here." Ryou opened a nearby door nonchalantly to reveal a room filled with screens displaying surveillance footage "Of course that's not where we're going to be staying that would be right here." Ryou entered the adjacent door to a nondescript apartment room "So tell me friend are you the drinking type or shall we get right down to business".


" Well... come to think of it is odd for such esteemed lords as ourselves to walk there on foot. Fine then!" She says, setting you down. "Summon your finest palaquain to take us to our fortress!" She stands there expectantly.

Oni's Spine

Caster has remained in spirit form throughout the briefing without saying a word. He is still smirking. In spirit form.

One of the veteran soldiers, however raises a hand. "What of the rumors that there are mass serial killers who take advantage of this every four years to commit mass murders? Have we taken outside factors like that into account, Sir?"


Assassin let's out a snakelike smile. "A small drink would be nice. Not having anything in hell was quite a disappointment. However, let us not dally, and do let us get down to business soon." He chuckles sinisterly.

"Planning has taken such factors into account. If, to use your example, we discover such a murderer taking advantage of this war, we will remove them as per our policies and as our resources allow. If such a murderer were to participate, however, they would then be removed as an enemy combatant.

Though we are going to war within this city, this does not suspend our normal policies. A criminal discovered by us will be apprehended and turned over to the police. We will remain kind and courteous to all non-combatants as far as circumstances allow. We will seek to end this war as we have ended the others: with minimal disturbance to the citizens of the area.

Are there any other questions?"

(OOC: Feel free to do stuff in between dismissal and retiring, but yeah. Just post them at the start of your next post)

No one asks any other questions. After you dismiss the men and later retire to your personal quarters, Caster sits there on a throne, clad in gold armor, sipping his ale.


At the gate of heroes, someone let's out a sneeze. Then many others do.

back to the present

"That was an excellent answer back there at the meeting. To declare who your enemy was, and then declare that any who would harm you are your enemy... such noble ideals. Now if only you can keep them. But I wish the best for you, my master. It was indeed an inspiring speech, even I was impressed. And as you surely know that is no small matter. Now. We must not dwell on the past forever. So... what is our next move to be?" He leans forward, smiling genuinely.

"Well, we don't have palanquins in these times. However, I do think I possess something you will greatly appreciate. I just ask that you be careful in it, it was quite expensive......." He says, with a grin on his face. No matter how many times he drove it, he still loved his vehicle! The wind hitting his face, the gentle warmth of the sun as he drove down the highway......

Anyway, he turns around towards the door and opens it. Instead of heading straight down, however, he holds the door and gestures at his servant. "However, I must insist ladies first."

As they walk down, he leads her to his car, the finest one he possessed. Sure, he had another almost the same, but nothing could match this fine beauty. He proceeds to open the door for Bruiser and gestures for her to sit in it.

"We will be traveling in this beauty! I just ask that you please wear your seat belt, as I don't feel like dealing with the police." He says, a wide grin on his face. Perhaps she'll enjoy it more than his wife. She never had the passion for vehicles he had, even though both of them loved technology!

Briefing conclusion
If there are no further questions, then this briefing is hereby concluded. Company dismissed.

Battle Commander Rosara, Special Operations Overseer Finch, Chief of Medicine Langley, Lieutenant commander Pibald, and Field Manager Mortimer, report to the thirty-third floor anteroom in three Ks.

First Deployments
Lieutenant Ordion, you have a special assignment for the time being. Pick out a squad, arm up with the .608s, and head to the roof. If any Masters expose themselves, I'd like someone ready to take a shot.

Briefing, part 2
The quality of abject boredom is back in Etrius's voice, though the firmness with which the speech was given remains faintly in the background.

"Now, we begin phase two of the planning. The first layer of force projection, my familiars, are already in place, allowing for remote surveillance and response to any incident which may occur. The second is arming itself now, while the third and fourth are right here."

A chair is pulled from the far wall when Etrius gestures at it, allowing him to sit.

"As you saw back at the meeting, there are a great many powers which I suspect that you have, but I am uncertain of which ones you actually possess. In this case, I feel that it would be best for me to ask directly rather than skirting the issue. I am almost certain of your possession of [censored1], and that you [censored2], particularly in [censored3], as well as great proficiency in [censored4]. Suspected are...well, just about everything, really, so I'll ask.

What abilities do you possess?"

Isamu lowered his goggles over his eyes and braced himself against the sudden violent wind; eventually being forced to shield himself and his family from the cutting gales unleashed by the summoning, and quite thankful for the wards keeping a lid on this fiasco. That said, he couldn't help but feel there was something wrong in the air.

Oh sure, he had been assured of his servants power, it was to be expected that it's emergence would be quite the show; yet something was off. The young magus replayed the ritual in his mind, finding himself unable to determine the cause for this violent outburst. However, once the storm begin to clear the reason was clear; his champion had been called under the sign of the devil.

"Ah mou,"he muttered with a grimace upon spotting the aura of madness as the beast wailed to the heavens above, before sighing in disappointment after ensuring his parent's were well. He had hoped, nay, prayed for this not to occur; it was truly one of the worst out comes he had considered and yet there it was. The fruit of their labor in all it's maddening fury. He took comfort at least that this was the greatest boon he could have gotten, trying not to think of the possible alternatives that would make this least of all evils.

He turned to his father, raising his goggles now that the storm had begun to die down, and quietly listened to his optimistic view. "That's true, atleast when it comes to the stupid ones. Archer and Caster are gonna be tricky pair to deal with. Though moving him around's gonna be e the real trick; especially if a fight breaks out." he commented as reached up scratch the back of his head while studying his handwork; his mind already noting the needed adjustments, being forced to discard so many avenues of attack and simplifying procedures to accommodate it would take a heavy toll on their adaptability and coordination.

His attention was however drawn back to his servant, and it pained him to hear it speak; he couldn't help the pang of guilt he felt for trapping this great hero in this state. Isamu looked up at his servant and took several steps forward to approaching; standing at the border of what remained of the summoning circle.

"My name is Matsuoka Isamu, I have called you here by the Grace of the grail to help champion my cause in the coming war in our beloved Fujuki City. What say you to this?" he inquired meeting Beserker's gaze with his own; studying his motions and eyes in search of something spark beneath the tempest of his emotions, as Isamu awaited Beserker's response or reaction.


Bruiser looks at the car with a great deal of confusion, as if you said that you would be transpirted inside the stomach of a duck. "What... what kind of wagon IS this? However does it function? And how would it transport us? I see no room for kneeling inside, nor do I see a point for anchoring a steed... Is this some kind of demon's trick to send us to the netherworld??" She slowly backs away from the car, weapns at the ready.


OOC: This was handled by PM, since it is effectively VERY telling of his identity as R*REDACTED( so it would be unsuitable for open posting.

"Perfect. I'd say that we have around a kilosecond left before the commanders get here. If possible, I'd like to get your opinion on where the defenses on this place could be improved. I've done my best with them, but I've been working with them for so long that I've quite lost the perspective of an outsider."

"Good answer I suppose we should start with introductions." Ryou replied pulling a bottle out from under the counter and pouring it into two glasses "I am Ryou Harlow and I have summoned you on the behalf of the Harlow bloodline." Ryou lifts one of the glasses towards assassin "Now normally this would be the part where you say your half but since you seem like the sort who holds a good deal of value in secrets I suppose I'll settle for the answer to one of the pressing questions of the moment, were do your talents lie?"

(OOC: So sorry for the late late reply! Been occupied today)

Idaliseviel glanced up to her servant's stern expression, my he was certainly much taller than she'd imagined. "I assume you're not much of a talker then?" She glanced at him, half expecting a response, but his face remained stoic and cold.

She glanced about her ritual and crossed her arms, "I guess I should clean this up then, or I could call someone for some help..." She thought out loud. She glanced towards the hall for a moment before sighing, then used some sort of miscellaneous piece of furniture in the room to lean on.

"Alright, so you've been summoned in my personal residence, the Einzbern's. If there's anything you'd like then just let me know so I can make things comfortable with you." Idalieseviel smiled at Saber once again. She didn't mind that he was the silent type, as long as he was by her side she would appreciate his company, dark aura or not. She narrowed her eyes for a moment to focus her line of vision onto her servant, only to put her hand to her face due to the obvious strain.

"Sorry, I should probably say that I have a sort of... Vision impairment." She gave a weak smile as she furrowed her brow to regain her vision, everything was starting to shake and become hazy, not to mention the splotchy darkness that was beginning to envelop her sight. "Whenever I use too much mana or strain myself too much, my vision goes away. That's what I get for being an Einzbern Homunculus I suppose." She chuckled for a moment before glancing back up to where she assumed her servant was.

"I apologize for your master's clear handicap, but I'm depending on you to help guide me during these times, Saber." She let out a sigh and shook her head in dismay, she sincerely hoped that Saber wouldn't be disappointed in her. She gazed around the room at one last attempt to make out any sort of object, but it seemed just to continually deteriorate before her. It must have been one of the down curves of her unstable vision, along with the summoning ritual.

Though unseen beneath the mask of the Black and white helmet he is wearing Berserker smiles at his master's words.

"H---Urr -O -OU -EIL--Er --rrrTOr r--r UN---Err -Orr D-ALr W--Hrr --E C-ST-Rrr A--rrrr-RC--R C-A--ES?"

he draws the massive sword strapped across his back and swings it to his side as if to demonstrate the sharpness of his blade and his skill with it.

"W--L --EN l-- U-rrr-EE H--rr -ONG --U F--LrrrT--Tr -AY. WI---UT -rrr--UBT r--CH IN--GNIF--ANT CLA---S W--Lrrr-OSE -O ---EATrrr-O -Y rr--ADE...

Irrr-- rT--r -LACK CH--Srr,
Irrr-Mr T-- -UR-ING RA--rr,
IrrAMr --E J-STrrr--ADE
WI--rr--ORDrrrINr H---r Irrr----L S--TErA--r --OS- --rOrr O---SEr -- A-D -RUSH --EM -ITH--rrTHErrS--RMr O-rr-Y r--RY!!
rIrA-rrrr SrU---Orrrrrr!!!"

(OOC: there is a pattern to figure out what he is saying it is VERY hard and involves guessing but it exists and the rules are simple)

saber kneels down before Idaliseviel and reaches out a hand to stroke her face even through the cold black armor his hand bears a gentle warmth

"As long as this body exists in this world I shall see to it that no harm comes to you."

Serial Phantasm wrote:


Bruiser looks at the car with a great deal of confusion, as if you said that you would be transpirted inside the stomach of a duck. "What... what kind of wagon IS this? However does it function? And how would it transport us? I see no room for kneeling inside, nor do I see a point for anchoring a steed... Is this some kind of demon's trick to send us to the netherworld??" She slowly backs away from the car, weapns at the ready.


OOC: This was handled by PM, since it is effectively VERY telling of his identity as R*REDACTED( so it would be unsuitable for open posting.

OOC: error

this servant has riding rank B and thus knows what a car is and is more likely to demand to "take the reigns"

[B]Roger Archibald[B/]
A tall figure in black armor appears in the summoning circle.
His blood red eyes stair deeply into those of his master.
He then then tosses back crimson cape around his neck and makes a slight bow.

"Greetings one who shall me my Master from here on.
It would appear the grail has a sense of humor, for it has seen fit to grant the servant class of Monster to a monster in a manor of speaking...

I look forward to working with you.

I think we shall get along splendidly"

Roger looked at his servant critically, before breaking out into a grin. "Indeed we shall, [SERVANT NAME], indeed we shall." he said, regretting not bringing his own billowing cape to the occasion. Getting out-caped just wouldn't do for a man in his position, but fortunately that was a trifling worry compared to the ones he had right now.

Or should that be unfortunately?

No matter, he thought as he prepared to get started. "So, I suppose we should get started. Fifteen other mages, fifteen other servants, blah blah lah di dah KILL EVERYONE. I think that about covers it. Although..." he paused in thought for a moment, before remembering something rather important. Keeping his own contingency magic up, he carefully erased part of the circle. "Now, we must leave. Someone will notice what has happened here..." he gestured to the corpse with a sharp object through its heart over yonder, "and I'd like to not have to deal with rowdy locals as well as our competitors."

Serial Phantasm wrote:


Bruiser looks at the car with a great deal of confusion, as if you said that you would be transpirted inside the stomach of a duck. "What... what kind of wagon IS this? However does it function? And how would it transport us? I see no room for kneeling inside, nor do I see a point for anchoring a steed... Is this some kind of demon's trick to send us to the netherworld??" She slowly backs away from the car, weapns at the ready.


OOC: This was handled by PM, since it is effectively VERY telling of his identity as R*REDACTED( so it would be unsuitable for open posting.

OOC: Retcon Bruiser upon recieving updated character sheet information and clarifying an opposite-world confusion:


Bruiser glares at the car. "What... what kind of Cart IS this? Come! Let me pilot it to see how far the wonders of technology have come! I must see how it functions firsthand! I MUST PROPEL THIS STEEDLESS CART TO VICTORY!!"

She idnores the door held open and gets in the driver's seat, starts the car, and yells "ONWRARDS! ONWARDS I SAY!!!" as she sticks her sword out of the window while revving the engine.


"The defenses of this place? Oh, for me, they would be simple to take apart or avoid. Child's play, really... little can be kept secret from me." He says this casually, as if it was peeling an orange.

"However, the magi of this day and age are not me, thankfully. They will not have such an easy time taking down the defenses; against them it is well-fortified and manned as if it were a fortress.


"I was wondering when you would ask that," he says. "I, obviously, am great at carrying out the art of making things dead with stealth and grace... it is something I take great pride in. Though I may be a bit more... direct, than many of this class, I certainly do make up for it with the battlefield, for the fight... will always favor the natural victor." He goes on to a detailed description of various methods of how to kill people, taking a great deal of pleasure from the greusome, torturous methods he employs.

Saber's gentle touch took her by surprise, she didn't expect him to be so kind to her on their first meeting. Idaliseviel blinked her eyes, hoping that her vision would return but it was always unpredictable about how long it lasted for, or the severity of it.

Her hands slowly reached up to touch the hand that was cupping her face, "Thank you Saber, I'm glad I can count on you." She smiled brightly at him, hearing his voice made the uneasiness float away knowing that he remained by her side through the ups and downs.

"There's not much you need to worry about with my sight though, this has always happened ever since I was a child, so I've become accustomed to it." Idaliseviel smiled warmly again at Saber. She stood up again, "I'll call someone to clean this up. Is there anything you'd like to do in the meantime? I can show you around here, or we can go outside and enjoy the nice scenery and cool air." The young woman suggested as she started to make her way towards the doorway to exit the room, as soon as she opened the doors she heard two of her maids enter the room and start to tidy everything up.

"My, that was quick. Thank you! Shall we head off, Saber?" Idaliseviel turns to where he was last, his presence was hard to miss after all.

At first Matthew is surprised. But then he realizes what might happen if Bruiser drives his car. She may have an idea of how to drive it, but if she....... she...... Wrecks my car, then.....

Well, may the heavens have mercy on her.

Matthew takes a deep breath before saying anything.

"Bruiser, did you forget you don't know the way? And that you'll stand out? Not that I don't enjoy how spirited you are, but many people in this day of age are not as energetic or spirited as you are, meaning you'd stand out quite easily. I'll drive for now, and show you around the city for a bit after we have had a chance to prepare for this war. Afterwards you can drive if you show me that I can trust you driving; as it is right now I know next to nothing about you and your abilities, let alone your driving abilities. Ok?" He says, and then with a very quick motion turns off the car and takes the keys. He has a grin on his face, like all the other times, only this time, it's very easy to tell it's forced.

"For now, I WILL drive and take us back to my place. You are excited to see this place aren't you? It has quite the view." He asks, hoping this would tempt her more than driving HIS car.

When the clearing the traces of the ritual was done, Ishida walked to the edge of the spot, where he left a fully stuffed tourist's backpack.
"Now, follow me. I'll explain some basics as we walk" - and he moved into the deep brush. As he walk he began to speak, confident it hte fact, that Archer is following him
"This is the first time I participate in the Grail war. That means, that I'm definitely no match for three major families, and probably for even more expirienced magi, whose families have already been here. Not in power, no. They've got expirience, established footholds, and ton of mundane and magical backing here. That's why, if we are to win this, we'll have to go asymmetrical. And the path of asymmetric warfare is not filled with roses. That's why, before I can fully rely on you, I need to ask you - what actions are not acceptable by your ethical principles? Tell me now, so I can consider it in creating a strategy. And of course, I need to know of your ablities

"Then the attack on this place will be left a task for Servants, most likely. We can pr-

It's time, it seems. Rosara, Finch, Langley, Pibald, Mortimer, you have permission to enter."

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