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Game Master acecipher

A Fate/Stay Night based game taking place in its own metaplot universe.

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lol understandable, ill try and communicate with him

if you haven't already posted you have until this Friday to start posting again, then I will start doing arbitrary public posts for you until you get back. If you do not start posting again by the end of day 1 I will ask the players to start looking for a replacement. everyone who has contacted me already in any way is safe from this. Also It turns out we still need a Rider and a Lord servant so if anyone knows someone who wants in and has a servant idea of ether of these classes have them contact me ether through pm or email me at

Lord is a servant class that focuses on commanding troops

Known magus in Fuyuki city

Renei Millrose, Christofer Harway, Clarra Maximillion, Etrius, (a Von Einzbern)

Idaliseviel von Einzbern, Amelia Abendroth Martelli, Roger Archibald, Waver Velvet, Bazett Fraga McRemitz,Elizabeth Craig, Maxwell Enderson, Matthew Swift, Fujou Ishida, Matsuoka Isamu, Touko Aozaki,

These are the mages I expect everyone to know about and the ones only Etrius should know about, do note that not all of them are masters and you don't necessary know very much about them. For other people's specific known ones, PM me your information network Since Paizo is being stupid and won't let me check. also keep in mind these lists are neither complete nor are they stagnant, you can learn more.

Time-frame on that plane crash, please?

Also, first person to (publicly) hit a save-flag (I think)! Woot! Yayifications!....


....*shivers slightly*....

Elizabeth Craig wrote:

Time-frame on that plane crash, please?

Also, first person to (publicly) hit a save-flag (I think)! Woot! Yayifications!....


....*shivers slightly*....

8:00 AM (everyone is around this time)

mostly just a precaution but yeah if you make the wrong moves in the next two or three turns things could be really bad so I give you a save since there is no way for me to tell you what not to do without making things too easy for you.

My apologies for being gone. Things happened and basically I have been playing Internet Whackamole.

I sahll be posting in a few seconds.

Anyone here? Are we waiting for something in particular?

Idk, Im waiting for day 2 to either progess or end cause I dont have much left to do for this day, the GM is prob making sure no one else is taking turns

I've declared my action for most of day 1, now. I'm just waiting for the inevitable interruption to it.

Its thanksgiving everyone is probably taking a few days off to stay with family or whatnot. I'd say wait till maybe Sunday or so and the RP will pick up its usual pace

Could you define "usual pace" for me?

You + a few other people write what you do, within 2-3 days the GM usualy response, then u respond to what the GM said when u get a chance, rinse and repeat.

sorry for taking so long holiday shopping rush at my job and midterms are killing my free time so I may be a little slow for the next two weeks but I am still here

Sorry I've been gone for so long. After the slowdown I thought this died........

Only for me to randomly check on this (it popped up as a most visited page on an old laptop of mine I hadn't been on in a while) and long and behold, it's still here!

I'm about to e-mail you the sheet for Mathew Swift, will be posting IC soon.

Again, sorry for not posting for so long.

Do you need bruiser's sheet too? acecipherzero had e-mailed it to me.

Expect the e-mail to be from:

PM'ed you a bunch of stuff instead of e-mailing.

So I found someone who may be interested in filling one of the vacant Master spots. So, um, yeah. What info do you need?

Also I forgot to post time on that last post; I'd guess it was shortly before 8 AM.

Has your person designed a character yet? If not have him/her fill out one of the character sheets and then create an account here on paizo so he/she can message the GM and send him the files.

Also you can edit your posts if you forgot to add something :)

like so :D

Edited: Rawr more editing hehe ^.^

AkaiNeko wrote:

So I found someone who may be interested in filling one of the vacant Master spots. So, um, yeah. What info do you need?

Also I forgot to post time on that last post; I'd guess it was shortly before 8 AM.

we ether need a master for Rider, or a master for Lord. Rider is obvious, but Lord is a servant that specializes in commanding armies or fighting with allies or underlings (Joan of Arc was last game's Lord). Or if they would like, and/or don't want to make a character sheet, they could take over ether "Fujou Ishida" or "Matsuoka, Isamu" who are both critical for the plot

Three things for Watcher.

1: Important question: Are my (Elizabeth's) Command Seals reacting and you just didn't/forgot to mention it, or are they actually not going off? Second important question, related to the first: Are we doing that thing where we can communicate with our Servants telepathically?

2: Just wanna say: Both Elizabeth and myself realized from the get go that bluffing was unlikely to work; we both tried it to see if our respective opposing parties, you and ???, might go for it/fall for it, respectively. The glare was as much for being an uncooperative ass as anything; Elizabeth doesn't like Avenger very much yet. Let's not get into a fight, ok?

3: Quick apology: My person has yet to get back to me, I'm sorry; I'll keep trying.

Sorry if I take a while to post stuff I have a final that counts for 100% of my grade on Monday

1-command spells don't react unless a servant is present, so yes they are working but you can't sense his servant so you didn't notice anything. If you have a general type of magic, or your servant has telepathy than yes. your servants can talk to you from in spirit form secretly

2-sorry, was slightly unclear from your post. Just wanted to make sure you didn't misunderstand (I had someone not realize that type of thing before so I like to just tell people.)

3-thanks, no problem

I'm back.
Sorry for taking so long.
This RPG keeps going up and down in attendance

I know there was somewhere I was forgetting to post!

What was the result of Mathew doing X (as discussed in PM's + Email)?

I'm trying to find time to get stats put together for the mercenaries so that I can make those rolls. Unfortunately, finals are making that slightly difficult at the moment.


@Swift: I'll resend you the PM

@Etrius: those soldiers are desposable grunts so you don't have to make sheets for all of them just role a few D20s

@Damion: *hands cough drop*

Why thank you :D

Hey, guys. While I love both my family and Christmas - Merry Christmas a little early, by the way - they can get in the way of other things. I should be able to post later tonight.

Sent PM. I should of been specific when asking, sorry about that.

Bumping in honor of the world possibly ending today.

I think we are ok ^_^

Bumping for Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, whoever sees this.

Merry Christmas ^_^

Sorry for not being on Paizo just hasn't been working for me for like the past week and a half. every time I tried to update -_-

Welcome back. Could you PM me any details about those roles (that I'm allowed to see, obviously)?

I was pretty close to giving up, I admit. It's nice to have some hope.

Not to be rude but:

Amelia Abendroth Martell
Idaliseviel von Einzbern
Matthew Swift
Roger Archibald

You all have turns to take in response to the GM's posts

I do as well but my turn takes place later in the day and since most of you are still at 8 or 9 in the mourning I wanted to wait

I also understand its holiday time, but yeah if we could get the ball rolling I'd appreciate it.

just to clarify:
Amelia Abendroth Martelli
Fujou Ishida (MIA)
Idaliseviel von Einzbern
Roger Archibald
Matsuoka, Isamu (MIA)
Matthew Swift

all ether have prompts in previous posts or have not given enough information to allow me to prompt them and need to DO SOMETHING please ^_^
hope everyone is enjoying their holidays

.Damian is supposed to be posting when people reach 12:00-1:00
Ryou Harlow is taken care of for now.

I have been trying to safely end this creepy tense conversation with a random older man on the street for weeks now. Don't blame me. I wanted to investigate an anomalous energy signature. But noooo....and stupid Avenger doesn't even mention the Servant right behind me?! What an a!+$&*&.

LOL, would u like a suggestion? :P

I'm open.

Always look for the 3 W's

Who are they

What do they want

Why do they want this

If you can answer 1 or more of these questions you can usualy figure out a next step, so with the introduction of this mysterious character find these things out

So ask and you will get information :)

Also if you share a little of you own information regarding these 3 questions (you can lie but u'll have to roll for deception) then you can usualy get alot more info out of them too

Bleh....I have this terrible feeling I've missed something very important. Also double 13s on those rolls. Not a good sign.

13 is ok as long as the respective stat is like 10

FYI: I know no one wants to give away their stats but it's a real pain to look them up every time someone roles so for YOUR characters (not servants) please include your stat in the calculation (Paizo's messaging system sucks) and hide it under a spoiler called

Don't read other people's spoilers if they are titled this and put any in game data stuff I ask for here or send it as a PM to me.

this will make my ability to respond much faster when school starts back up again.
(If you don't give me your stat I might just consider it a 0+D20 depending on if Paizo lets me read your stat sheet which it doesn't always do)

Don't forget your time stamps :P

role call!
just seeing where everyone is.

I might as well also re explain servant fighting so you can learn it a little at a time.

Servants attack each other with 3 passes per engagement.
When you (or I) declare your servant attacks another servant, I will need the following

What you give me:
Init:1d20 ⇒ 18 Use:1d20 ⇒ 2 Vs:1d20 ⇒ 8 Power:1d20 ⇒ 1 (What each of these mean is explained in later sections)

*a section:
this is your "priority" it says how your servant tries to attack and defend. the priorities are
R=Rush:Make an immediate decisive attack, strong and fast enough that your opponent can't guard against it.
S=Strike: use rapid shallow strikes to distract your enemy until they make a mistake and get hit.
Z=Zoning:Distance keeping, positioning one's self where one's weapon is strongest, while your opponent's is weakest (this does not always mean staying far away, if your opponent was an Archer for example it might mean getting in close)
F=Feign:pretend to attack one way, but actually be using a second/hidden attack to hit.
C=Crush:Smash through your enemy's defenses with shear force
P=Pierce:Look for an opening in your enemy's defenses and exploit it with a subtle and/or fast strike around their guard.
E=Engage:this is simply your servant tries to lock weapons with the enemy ether to block or knock the weapon away to hit
I=Invite:intentionally leave an opening in your guard to trick your opponent into attacking, then hit them with a counter attack
(These have nothing to do with the weapons you use)

*b and *C:
You are allowed to specify certain details of the fight by adding these modifiers to the round
<NP>=Noble Phantasm: request that your servant use their Noble Phantasm this attack (If your servant has more than one you may specify by name should you wish)
<P>=Phantasm: request your servant use a peace of their Noble Phantasm, but not all of it. (ex: Gilgamesh using Gram is only part of his noble Phantasm.) These may give away only part of your servant's identity or just simply not be their ultimate attack like Fate/Zero Berserker's ability to use a telephone pole as a weapon.
<Sk>=Skill: this means you want your servant to use its Mana reserves to unleash "special attacks" or other abilities.(you will learn these as your servant demonstrates them to you and may request them by name later)
(St)=Strike: request your servant use Melee combat
(Ra)=Range: request your servant use Ranged attacks
(Mag)=Magic: request your servant use magic or a spell if it can
[]=support action: you are allowed to take one supporting action during these three rounds. they can include buffing or healing your servant with magic or items or crippling the enemy with the same.

-C:<NP>[Cast electric spell to hold enemy in place. Magic Use=1d20 + 15 ⇒ (11) + 15 = 26 Magic Atk=1d20 + 13 ⇒ (18) + 13 = 31 ]
Init:1d20 ⇒ 13 Use:1d20 ⇒ 20 Vs:1d20 ⇒ 7 Power:1d20 ⇒ 13

So basicaly:
"-type of attack" ie engage, clash, rush etc
followed by:
"<intensity of attack>" ie if its noble phantasm, phantasm, or some skill they have
followed by:
"(method of attack)" ie melee range or magic
or "[details about an attack]" ei channel your lightning through the conductor cables on the wall to electrocute them (bad example but yeah)
Only problem I have, do we need to use the abbreviations? it seems a lot simpler to just be like

-Rush <Skill:_______> (Range)
Rather then
-R <Sk:____> (Ra)
Also makes it easier for you

Also I'm here :) usually check this everyday or every other day

The first one requires a looking back at your key for which abbrivations are which.

Example with your method:

1)-R <Sk:Spear Thrust> (ST)
2)-C <NP> [open up the wormhole and bury him in snow]
3)-S <P> (Ra)

While the Second does not
Example with my method:

1)-Rush <Skill:Spear Thrust> (melee)
2)-Crush <Noble Phantasm> [open up the wormhole and bury him in snow]
3)-Strike <Phantasm> (Range)

Also looks nicer in my opinion

I'm here. Also that looks terrifyingly complicated. Yay! That probably means it's better suited than most to the Nasu-verse!

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