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FatKids Zeitgeist Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master broderick

A Play by Post campaign following the Zeitgeist AP from EN World. This is a private campaign, so there will be no open recruitment.

Open for discussion...

Female Human Primal Fire Sorcerer 4

The server time seems to be GMT -1 or GMT without daylight savings. As far as I can tell Iceland is the only country that fits that description.

Female Human Primal Fire Sorcerer 4

Never mind, there's a setting in your account that defaults to GMT.

Female Human Primal Fire Sorcerer 4

Are we going to house rule the critical confirmation? Seems like if you roll a crit, you should get it.

Rules for Disputing a posted action or ruling

  • All players and the GM are entitled to dispute the action or ruling of another player or the GM.
  • To lodge a dispute, you will need to make a post here in the Discussion forum detailing the issue, the reason for your opposition, and your proposed resolution.
  • All players and the GM have 48 hours to respond to the dispute.
  • If a majority of the other players/GM agree that your dispute is valid, the GM will take action to adjust the story accordingly.
  • If a player or the GM abstains from the discussion, it is assumed that they do not agree with the dispute.
  • If a majority of the other players/GM do not agree that your dispute is valid; that is the end of the discussion.
  • If your dispute is not accepted, you may not dispute another post for the next 7 days.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know ASAP.

Female Human Primal Fire Sorcerer 4

50+ posts! We've made it to the second page! Make sure your bookmark has a &page=last stuck to the end, so you go straight to the newest posts.

Male Dwarf Rogue/3

Tom, would you take a look at my equipment? I need to get a ruling on how my explosives would work. They aren't really intended to be used in combat, more as a way to open stubbon locks/doors/windows. Let me know what you think. My profession skill is a fireworks manufacturer so I figure these are like really big m80's.

Gav, I'm on board with using them for that purpose. As a weapon, they would do 1/2 point of damage.

Female Human Primal Fire Sorcerer 4

Hey Gavrilo,

Take a peak inside the fire pit to see if it's full of raging fire elementals.

Fire Gem

Male Dwarf Rogue/3

Third page! We are on a roll.

Female Human Primal Fire Sorcerer 4

Fun with rules:

Because of Molpaedia's enlarged status at the time she bound Sokana, the DC for escaping the ropes is 20 + Str Bonus (6 at Str 22) + size mod (+1 because of large) = 27.

So, to even attempt to escape the ropes, Molpaedia needs 1 of 3 things: A Strength higher than 24, an Escape Artist skill of 17 or higher, or a friend with a knife.

Without any of those things, a natural 20 won't set her free.

Good evening everyone, I'd like to have a discussion about posting frequency. I know that we get busy sometimes and that makes it difficult to post. But in order for the game to function and keep momentum, there needs to be a certain amount of activity from everyone. Can we all agree that posting 3x a week is a reasonable expectation? I don't expect people to be on every day, but at least every other day would keep things moving.

I'd like to get some consensus before we move into the next chapter of the story. I've been enjoying the game so far, but I've noticed that Matt is really the only one posting on a consistent basis. If you feel that you can't commit to the game right now, I certainly understand, but I'd like to know where everyone stands.

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