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Farewell2kings Eberron Campaign

Game Master farewell2kings

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On top of whatever duty calls or needs the party has, Mirrim will spend her time hobnobbing with the upper crust of the dwarven kingdom and corresponding with House Deneith. She would prefer to stay in the castle, or one of it's royal houses, as her station would require. If the ceilings are all too low, she'll settle for the best inn in the city and make a show of being there. If the party is staying at the forge, she'll spend at least some time in the city doing all of this. She'll do random tricks for the dwarven children in the streets (prestidigitation) and try to get the scoop on everything high up by dining at the best facilities or with the highest class people. She's politicking. Let the Chronicle take all the pictures and interview her about what happened here..... She'll help the local orphanage and homeless shelter (100 GP each) or whatever the random street urchin and hobo place is called. She'll let some of the children run errands for her. She'll teach some of the older hobo children to look for certain safe herbs with her herbology skill. 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (12) + 12 = 24 Herbalist roll... She will always have Renzor by her side looking as Elite Gurad-ish as possible...all bright and shiny and scary. The people will love her when she leaves here. That is her pwan.

Finally, we are not running off to a new adventure. A little time to … a time to visit with the sick and heal, both body and soul. I will see if Jughead will wander around town with me, while I help strengthen the people, help strengthen the church. Finally, I can use my talents of laying on hands and curing disease for the common people and encourage their feeling for the true faith. I wonder if Helix will help me fix part of the outer building of the church. I will have to see if more food and clothing can be purchased for the children and the elderly.

While out for the church I will be listening for any information about where to seek out and destroy evil.

gather information: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (10) + 9 = 19

I may look into strengthen myself and my companion as we can only help the church and cleanse the world of evil abominations if we are alive and able to obliterate the creatures that will be put in our paths again and again. One thing I will look into. I don’t ever want to feel helpless again. I still feel the tentacles grabbing me and not strong enough to do anything about it. Helix says he can make something to prevent that from happening again. I hope so.

It will be nice to be inside a room with a bed and bath, good food and fun. The Church of the Silver Flame does encourages fun.

“Well another adventure successfully completed with no one becoming part of an undead army or being disassembled! Splendid!” Helix addresses his fellows. “Now we must take time to spend this fine gold for the sale of the forge, and to craft wondrous and magical items to help us in further endeavors!”

Helix will take a few minutes to jot down notes as to items he will create, and proceed to the Dwarven King. “Sire, would you be so kind as to direct me to the most accomplished and skilled leather worker you have in your fair city?”

After commissioning the crafting of a high quality leather satchel with brass fittings, Helix returns to the Forge.

Propping the large double doors open, so to let the air flow Helix pauses to admire the exquisite workmanship that went into the forge. My birthforge must have looked much like this. Helix muses as he strides forward his long legs easily taking him towards his goal. Dropping his pack next to the table, he notices that it has cranks on the sides. It can be lowered or raised to the worker’s specifications. Needing to meet his six foot seven height, Helix raises the polished surface to the correct level.

First I must reduce the penalty on this amazing glove, the Grasp of Droskar is very useful, but does impede my skills a little. Step one. I have to remove it. I believe, remove curse shall accomplish this. DC 29 Use magic device roll-remove curse 1d20+24=36

A minute later, Helix lays the glove on the worktable. Taping into his own magical energies, Helix forms a reservoir for them. Focusing his will into a tool in its own right, he redirects the stored magic into the Grasp of Droskar. Without breaking concentration he invokes an additional infusion while crushing a ruby; sprinkling the pricy dust over the glove. As the powder 200gp ruby is absorbed, Helix incants its new name, “Hand of Helix” and the glove takes on a reddish tint to its black luster.

Placing the glove back on, he immediately notices that it is more agile, and no longer feels as if he is moving his fingers through mud.

Helix pulls out his master artisan tools from his well worn pack. Their expert craftsmanship brings pleasure to his being. If anyone were watching they would be unable to determine whether or not Helix was happy or sad. His face a frozen blank of stoicism does not allow such….emotes.

[i] Lets see. I have four things, the Lady Panzadeya 2 items, and the Lady Deneith 1 item. First I will create my masterpiece.

Helix removes the adamantine magical battleaxe from his pack’s straps. I have been lugging this thing around for months now and finally have the time to make use of it. It is insufficient in volume for my newest weapon. Tis a good thing there is extra adamantine here. I am glad to have discovered a weapon worthy of creation, a Talenta Sharrash. It will need to be adamantine, keen of edge, and enhanced to attack and damage.

To make MWK Talenta DC 20 Weaponsmith skill 10, Magecraft 5, Forge 4 (1d20+19=25). To make it keen, DC 29 Use magic device 1d20+24=42

The competed weapon has a ten foot long haft that ends in a scythe style blade, of dark grey adamantine. It glows with a deep blood red hue, accenting the black runes on its curved sides. Wickedly sharp, Helix swings it about, enjoying the heft and balance of this master weapon.

Setting the weapon to the side, Helix pulls out small ingots of platinum, gold and mithril that Ladies Mirrim & Panzadeya provided him.

Ah the Lady Paladin desires a belt of beauty and strength, and Lady Deneith beauty and grace. The Lady Paladin’s I can imbue this with mystical strength of the bull. The Lady Deneith I can imbue with the mystical grace of the cat. Also the Lady Panzadeya would like for me to increase her blade’s effectiveness.

Helix, takes out Lady Panzadeya’s longsword. Remembering how not long ago he placed the keen edge to it. Now I will give it more power!

[ooc] DC 20 weaponsmithing masterwork, weaponsmith +10, Forger +4, MWK tools +2, magecraft +5 1d20+21=39 Her blade is now a +3 keen longsword

As Helix weaves the mystical energies into the Lady Panzadeya’s weapon, he places an additional signature mark into it. After wiping the last soot from the shining steel, Helix utters that last incantation, sheaths the blade.

Now I am asked to make two belts, first I need to create the molds for the links and buckles! Sculpting craft check DC 15 for the Paladin’s belt Sculpting 6, magecraft 5 (1d20+11=29) Sculpting craft check DC 15 for the Sorceress’ belt 1d20+13=31

The molds are complete, now to make multiple molds…. Helix casts Fabricate twice using the raw mold material to mimic his original crafted mold to make the appropriate amount of molds to cast all links at once.

Helix smelts down the ingots and pours them into the molds. After cooling and removal from the molds, he will proceed to the next step [i] Now to craft the belts.

black smithing craft check DC 18 for the actual metal link belt for grace, Blacksmith 6, magecraft 5 (1d20+11=27) and gemcutting craft skill DC 18 for the elegant inlays 1d20+13=30
black smithing craft check DC 18 for the actual metal link belt of strength, Blacksmith 6, tools 2, magecraft 5, forge 4 (1d20+17=36) gemcutting craft skill DC 18 for the elegant inlays

Helix places both belts into separate plywood boxes of plain make. Taking his polishing cloth one last time to both belts, he cannot but feel good about their beauty.

Taking a break, Helix checks the entrance of the mountain and finds that his leather satchel has been delivered. The reddish scaled leather of a Fire lizard was an excellent choice in material. He infuses it with the necessary magic to create the bag of holding, [ooc] Casting Leomunds Secret Chest DC 32 roll Use Magic Device 24, Magecraft 5 (1d20+29=33)

Now to make a cloak to enhance my being against magical and poisonous effects. I will make it out of fine mithril to match my form. [ooc] armorer skill check in making a fine linked mesh cloak DC 20 Armorer 11, magecraft 5, tools 2, forge 4 (1d20+22=36) with a clasp made with a ruby inlay, craft DC 15 gemcutting gemcutting 6, tools 2, magecraft 5 (1d20+13=22)

One last project. This headband of intellect is still too limited. I will enhance it using up my last magical dagger (+3) to use it energies to enhance this headband to the next level (+4 total enhancement should take a little over two days to accomplish with a DC 20 Blacksmithing roll Blacksmith 6, magecraft 5, forge 4 (1d20+15=19), I thought it was a failure, but I forgot to add +2 due to his masterwork artisan, and blacksmith weapon smith tools.


Helix exits the mountain, only to realize it is morning. The sky is clear and crisp and it is with an energetic bounce in his step as he leaves the forge. He takes care during his trek to the Dwarven City, keeping his companions items in his new satchel and his Talenta in hand.

After entering the city’s gates, he asks the gate guard directions to the Golden Hammer Inn. Having arrived early he asks the Innkeep to make a private room available for breakfast and to have a messenger sent to ask the Ladies to join him.

“ Ladies, greetings of the morning to you. I have completed the tasks you requested, and I have them ready for your inspection.”

Helix pulls out the long plywood boxes from his satchel, watching out of the corner of his eye to see if they notice that there is no possible way they could fit in it. Seeing their eyes widen slightly, he grins internally.

“Yes, you are not mistaken Ladies. Tis a bag of magical dimensions that I have recently created to hold far more than any regular container can.” Helix sets the boxes on the table and indicates for his friends to opens them. Wishing that he could beam with pleasure, Helix does the only thing he can, he claps.

The belt of grace for the Lady Deneith is gold and platinum links with jade and citrine worked into the family crests that make up each link. The buckle made of silver and mithril is an elegant piece that depicts the Lady Mirrim’s personal sigil in emerald and yellow saphire

The belt of strength has the Silver flame made of silver encircled with gold, and platinum designs to accent the flame motif, with a martial buckle of Mithril embossed with a Silverflame made of a bluish white opal.

“Ah I am so glad you like them! I was hoping that using your mystical symbol of your order and your house coat of arms would be pleasing! Would you like to try them on?”

Glad that his face cannot reveal his inner thoughts for once, Helix thinks to himself as the women try on the belts If either of the Ladies gain weight these will not fit!. Having such slim waists verses a waist like mine surely saved in material

“Lady Paladin, you shall notice your strength increase at once. Now you must take time to acquaint yourself with this new strength. Why the first time I tried to use this magical glove, I broke that poor innkeepers latch! Lady Deneith, the belt is very fetching on you, your beauty brings out its luster”

Mirrim takes the box that Helix offers her, careful not to let show on the outside that she is as giddy as a young child! "Why, this is like opening gifts on the day of my naming!", she thinks to herself. She manages to allow only the perfect measure of happiness and gratitude grace her features, but, anyone who is looking at her and not at the belt will notice that her eyes betray her joy by sparkling with the ferocity of the emeralds in the belt she is holding.

"Master Helix! I do believe you've outdone yourself! I shall be proud to don this beautiful item! It's a work of art, it is!" And with that she puts on the belt and, after allowing Helix and the others to get a good look, excuses herself to find a looking glass!

The month passes uneventfully. The King is nervous about the arrival of D'Neith mercenaries and more Silver Flame converts, you can tell that, but what can he do.

Apparently his clan is not well liked by House Kundarak, because it doesn't appear they are in a hurry to set up an enclave here.

Helix works on his stuff without much incident.

Mirrim is bored of the entire town within about 5 days. She does learn that her house will be sending a caravan to the town by the end of the month and the airship might return as well.

Panzadeya has much success converting Silver Flame folks. By the end of the month several dozen new converts flock to the shrine here and her church will be sending a higher level cleric to tend to them soon.

What do you guys want to do now?

After giving out the crafts he made, Helix will wander about asking residents, "So do you know of any foul creatures that need slaying?"

Gather Information roll 1d20+5=6

"No ma'am, I cannot slay your husband because he likes the serving wench at the Foaming Mug" Helix will continue to wander through town, hoping to find a hint of a next adventure.

While out for the church I will be listening for any information about where to seek out and destroy evil.

gather information: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21

Mirrim would like to wait for the arrival of the caravan and airship, if it's coming. She wants to personally greet the Deneith people and be accesible if there is anything they wish to know. After that, anything is better than walking around in a "stooper" all the time! Everyone here is so short! She'll be anxious to be gone. "Maybe we can depart on the airship!" she thinks to herself. "I believe I need a little luxury!"

Panzadeya's information gathering reveals the following information, which may or may not be accurate:

*The Ghaash'kala barbarians are always looking for assistance in fighting the demons down in Khyber and the Labyrinth. They don't pay real well, but if it's a fight you want, you'll get it.

*The Lords of Dust are going to overrun The Eldeen Reaches soon. They have been restoring their power for thousands of years now and soon they'll strike. There's little outposts and dungeons all over the mountains and wastes where their hordes gather strength.

*The Houses are coming. House Kundarak doesn't like Glimmerhold because our clan's checkered past. Once they set up their banks here, we're done for."

Mirrim learns little new. When the airship arrives, the Deneith advance party consists mostly of lower ranking envoys, who bear a message asking her to return to Sharn to help the house with a series of intrigues in the City. Gang warfare and dangerous things stir in Sharn too and adventuring there promises riches, with comfort.

IT is now Sypheros 27. It is cold in mid autumn in these mountains. Snow flurries and biting wind. The airship will be the last one out, flying south. The envoys from House Deneith and House Orion grumble about spending the winter here, but they brought a squad of troops and cash to buy buildings to set up in.

On the airship, the Silver Flame sent a letter of credit for the local cleric to buy a bigger church and a promise to send supplies and acolytes to help spread the faith even more.

Sypheros 28

Storms move in, but the Airship "Firewraith" (much smaller than the Golden Dragon), leaves anyway. Your passage costs 1500 gp each, but will take you all the way to Sharn.

All of you must make Fortitude saves to avoid getting air sick due to turbulence.

Noticing the others strange green visages, Helix ponders as to the why as the erratic movements of the airship only cause him to hold on so as not to fall on his metal butt.

Vola 1d20+11=17 holds her gorge through the turbulent trip.

The storm tosses the airship about until it is able to climb out of the storm. The air gets thin and the other passengers complain about not being able to breathe.

Everyone must make a that aforementioned Fort save and then another Fort save to avoid being 'shaken'.....

Helix watches the others affected by the wild gyrations of the ship and wonders amazed on how delicate the soft skins constitutions are. Vola Fort Save (1d10+11=17) appears to have come through the ordeal without any difficulties

DM Note Warforge are not affected by any nausea or sick condition here is a fort save for the Shaken effect if it is not a sickness cause 1d20+11=18

Wow, this is certainly not the Golden Dragon. The movement of the airship is making it hard on the passengers. I think I will see if I can administer to some of the passengers. Help the sick and spread the word of the Silver Flame. Luckily, Jughead and Helix aren’t affected by airsickness.
Panzadeya Fort rolls: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (7) + 18 = 25 ; 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (5) + 18 = 23
Jughead Fort roll: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (8) + 10 = 18

Mirrim's Fort Save: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
Renzor's Fort Save: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26

Scenario 1: If Mirrim starts to feel sick, she will excuse herself to her cabin (or whatever it is she's sleeping in) in order to get sick in private. If Renzor gets sick, get out of the way.

Scenario 2: If Mirrim doesn't get sick, she will excuse herslef to her cabin in order to avoid the smell and grossness of everyone else that is getting sick. If Renzor gets sick, get out of the way.

Mirrim does get sick and excuses herself to the cabin to retch into a chamber pot.

The air is thin up here. Your ears pop and you and other passengers gasp for breath.

Mountain peaks still slip by ,sticking out of the clouds like ice covered daggers.

Looking off to starboard, you all notice another airship closing on you. It's not Lyrandar, you are certain. It looks square, almost like a huge palanquin. It is drawn by four flaming horses, their hooves kicking up sparks in the sky. A hooded creature sits on the top of the palanquin. Its fingers arch out towards your is about 500 feet away.


Helix HP 96/96 AC 19 lesser globe of invulnerability round 1/12 stops all 3rd level spells
Vola HP 95/95 AC 21 resist energy round 1/1000
Helix&Vola Initiatives 1d20+2=13, 1d20+2=8

Helix will attempt to identify the palanquin and it specific nimbus of magical propulsion (Knowledge Arcana roll 1d20+14=32)

hmmm, seems to me that this should do for that creature’s fireball, for only a fireball has the range, or maybe lightning bolt or well something nasty Helix’s thoughts do not stop him from drawing from the mystical weave and while crushing a glass bead that he withdrew from his component pouch he encloses himself and Vola (and anyone close enough) in a 10’ sphere of shimmering magic.

Vola will cast resist energy mass for whatever energy spell that the enemy casts as her initiative is more than likely after his/hers/its and if she does go before the enemy then she will cast it to protect against fire. She will cast it to envelope as many of the party members as possible trying to get Mirrim included as the ship’s walls do not prevent inclusion. She is able to affect 8 creatures, so whoever is within the 30 feet from her point of impact get 20 point reduction from whatever energy is decided on. She will tell Helix to step out of his globe to receive the benefits o f her prayer. She and Helix will step out to receive the spell and then go back into his globe. (this will only be necessary if she casts the point of origin outside of the 10’ globe, if she is able to cast it inside the globe and still include Mirrim in her cabin she will do that instead)

Panzadeya will yell, “Friends, it looks like we got company, welcome or not, off the starboard bow. Spotter, look to see if there any other unwelcome visitors.”
Spot for Panzadeya: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12
Spot for Jughead: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (7) - 1 = 6

That airship is too far off for me to detect any evil, but my intuition is telling me the occupants are up to no good. I am going to move toward the middle of the ship but keeping Helix and companion close enough and cast Divine Protection (+1 AC and saves). It has a 20ft radius. With any luck it will get our companions in the cabins. Next, just wait until they are within bow range.

Initiative for Panzadeya: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4
Initiative for Jughead: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12
Panzadeya will pull her Flaming Composite Bow and Jughead will pull his light crossbow. They will wait until they are within range.

The palanquin draws nearer--a massive fireball takes the fo'csle ballista mount and lone crew member. He doesn't even have time to scream, but the rest of the passengers scream and dive below decks and for cover. Mirrim hears this from her cabin and feels the wild evasive maneuvers of the air ship.

The rest of you accomplish your goals. Mirrim can now also roll initative. The palanquin is now 400' away.

Helix HP 96/96 AC 19 lesser globe of invulnerability round 2/12 stops all 3rd level spells

Vola HP 95/95 AC 21 resist energy round 2/1000 DR20 fire for her Helix and anyone else that was in the initial casting.

Not knowing the order of initiative, I will post and the DM can place the events as they unfold

Helix sees the Palaquin drawing nearer, doubting that it will close to melee range, he will have to take things into his own hands. He moves over to the damaged ballista. He quickly makes an estimation as to how severely the ballista is damaged To determine the amount of structural damage (1d20+8=23)

Hmm, the enemy did quite a number on this machine, I will fix it up nicely

Helix will draw on the mystical energies that make up the arcane and divine powers and weave them into the blasted and burnt ballista Repair Serious Damage (3d8+12=19)

Note to DM, Helix is surrounded with a lesser globe of invulnerability that will protect the ballista for any 3rd and below

Vola knowing that she has done her duty in protecting against the fires of the enemy will focus on bringing the pain to them. She will call to the Silver Flame, picturing a full moon in her mind she calls on the cyclical energies of that celestial body. A bolt of shimmering moonlight streaks from her outstretched hand spearing the creature on the palanquin. Another bolt branches off of the main one and slams into the rear left horse. Note to DM Moon Bolt can target up to two creatures undead or living that are no more than 15ft apart. DC 17 Fort Save for living DC 17 Will Save for Undead

Spell Penetration if needed, 1st for driver, 2nd for horse (1d20+8=19, 1d20+8=14)

First number of strength lost by a living creature. Second number is number of rounds an undead is struck helpless if the will save is not made. The first set is for the driver, the second for the horse (2d4=8, 1d4=2, 2d4=8, 1d4=4)

If the creatures are living and make the fort save then they lose half of the rolled strength. If undead and failed the will they will be helpless for the listed rounds, and afterward will have -2 penalty on attack rolls and will saving throws for the next minute

Panzadeya HP146/146 AC33 (+1AC and saves Divine Protection)
Jughead HP 133/133 HP2 (+1 AC and saves Divine Protection)

Panzadeya realizes the palanquin is too far away to engage even with a bow. The cowards do not seem to want to employ a hand to hand test of arms. I need to change that situation or my sword is of no use. Panzadeya goes to the helm and tries to fly the airship above and closer to the palanquin.

Jughead will go to the ballista and see if he can be of any help to Helix.

Campaign soon to restart.

Initiative Order: Panzadeya, Palanquin, Helix, Vola, Jughead

Panzadeya heads off to the ship's helm.

The palanquin closes relentlessly. It will be upon you next round.

Helix and Jughead are able to fix the ballista.

Vola's spell hits the horse and driver. They are obviously distressed now and the palanquin falters.

Once Panzadeya makes sure that the airship and the palanquin are closing in on each other, she will wait with her bow for the palanquin to come within range. Assuming the hooded figure will try another spell, she will hold her action, watching for it to perform any kind of spell casting before sending arrows at the figure in order to disrupt its spell. She lets three arrows fly. The first arrow 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (20) + 15 = 351d8 + 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (4) + (3) + 6 = 13 goes flaming through the sky. Panzadeya wonders, “Just because that creature sent a fireball, I hope the creature is not immune to fire. ” The second 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (12) + 10 = 221d8 + 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (7) + (2) + 6 = 15 arrow and then the last arrow. 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 221d8 + 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (2) + (5) + 6 = 13
Panzadeya looks at the hooded creature and tries to determine what kind of creature is attacking them. Knowledge of the planes 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21
Once Helix repairs the ballista, Jughead will load and fire it at the largest target, the palanquin. 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 151d10 ⇒ 9 Wow, my companion is handy to have around. He can fix anything. I sure hope he is around if I need fixing. Copper Robot, this weapon is heavier than my crossbow.

Helix HP 96/96 AC 19 lesser globe of invulnerability round 3/12 stops all 3rd level spells
Vola HP 95/95 AC 21 resist energy round 3/1000 DR20 fire for her Helix and anyone else that was in the initial casting.

Looking at the ballista, Helix will take in the distance, wind conditions and movements between the ship and the palanquin. Realizing that this machine is cumbersome and slow, Helix will draw on the powers of magic to infuse it with speed Helix spends an action point to speed the process up from 1 minute to 1 full round, this should reduce the loading speed to 1 full round v 2, normally this augmentation allows for an extra attack on full round action

“Anyone qualified to operate this machine?” He will yell out, while he infuses the weapon.

Vola, will take up her magically enhanced holy composite strength bow, lining up her shots she will aim at the distressed horse, I took off the -2 for distance, the 2d6 is holy v undead or evil disregard if does not apply (1d20+9=29, 1d8+4=11, 2d6=7) Natural 20 possible crit, confirmation crit confirmation with damage (1d20+9=18, 2d8+8=24) So if the 18 hits the horse, he takes 42 points of damage if evil or undead, 35 if neither.

Seeing her arrow streak away truly under the Silver Flame’s guidance, she hoots with holy glee!

Panzadeya's first arrow seems to hit the hooded creature, now revealed to be wearing a shimmering grey robe, a rope belt with a wand case and a scythe across his back.

The palanquin controller is having troubling controlling the three remaining flaming horses. He definitely has a wand in one hand and reins in the other. His path wavers slightly, buying you all one more round of time, it appears.

Two crewmembers react to Helix's command, running over to the now fixed ballista and starting to aim it towards the palanquin.

Vola's arrow shots finish off the horse. It seems it was either evil or undead.

Jughead misses.

Several missiles flare out from the Lyrandar airship at the palanquin, the horses and the hooded figure. Some might have been magical. Helix is certain he detected a flash of cold energy briefly enveloping the thing.

Panzadeya takes aim and fires. 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (10) + 15 = 251d8 + 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (3) + (3) + 6 = 12 The second arrow 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (9) + 10 = 191d8 + 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (7) + (6) + 6 = 19 and then the last arrow. 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 61d8 + 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (1) + (4) + 6 = 11 {the d6 is flame} Panzadeya yells, "Jughead, we don’t want to lose the palanquin. Attach a rope or chain to the next arrow for the ballista."
Jughead looks for a rope or chain to carry out Panzadeya’s suggestion. Search 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7 Use rope 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 1 = 13

Helix HP 96/96 AC 19 lesser globe of invulnerability round 4/12 stops all 3rd level spells
Vola HP 95/95 AC 21 resist energy round 4/1000 DR20 fire for her Helix and anyone else that was in the initial casting.

Helix instructs the crewmen, “Careful now, I have augmented its speed so that you may fire more rapidly and I will now endow it with magical energies to enhance its aim and damage”. Helix will cast Magic Weapon Greater gives +3 to hit and damage, lasts for 12 hrs.

Helix will stand near enough to keep the ballista under the protection of his globe, but out of the way from their endeavors to kill the enemy.

Vola grins, while she rapid fires three holy arrows at the hooded creature, 1st shot the -2 distance was taken into account (1d20+8=15, 1d8+3=6, 2d6=5), 2nd shot (1d20+1=11, 1d8+3=11, 2d6=5) 3rd and final shot (1d20+6=7, 1d8+3=9, 2d6=7)

The palanquin veers off, losing altitude. A flash of spell energy that Helix cannot identify and then the palanquin disappears. Damage to the ship you're on needs to be fixed, but it doesn't appear to be fatal.

The augmented ballista crew fires several bolts at the palanquin in rapid succession, scoring some hits, it appears.

It is gone.

"Really not sure what that was," the Captain states. "We are going to put in at Erlaskar south of Lake Galifar to make repairs. We'll be there in a couple of hours.

The crew busies itself with repairs and within a couple of hours Erlaskar pulls into view.

You can catch a light rail from here if you want to go to Sharn before the repairs are finished, otherwise it will be a 3-4 day wait.

Helix HP 96/96 AC 19 lesser globe of invulnerability round 5/12 stops all 3rd level spells, weapon augmentation on Ballista 3/120minutes, magic weapon greater on ballista 2/12 hrs.
Vola HP 95/95 AC 21 resist energy round 5/1000 DR20 fire for her Helix and anyone else that was in the initial casting.

Seeing the strange flying craft flee, Helix will turn his attention to the Captain, “Sir, I can be of assistance in the repairs and speed the effects up. We may not even need to land. Let me inspect and I can address the damage according to the most dire to the least as we travel”.

Helix will inspect the ship Knowledge engineering, knowledge carpenter (1d20+14=30, 1d20+8=9) Assessing the damage,Helix can cast repair critical damage 2 times if needed, or 3 repair serious, 3 repair moderate, 3 repair light, along with fabricate and major creation as needed.

Vola will keep an eye out for the enemy for the next 4 hours.

Panzadeya HP146/146 AC 33
Jughead HP 133/133 AC 28

“Is anybody hurt?” yells Panzadeya. She will heal the party and then stabilize the crew. She can Lay on Hands for up to 60 hit points and will try to help the worst cases first. Once everybody has been seen to, she will try to talk to the captain of the ship. She will use Detect Thoughts – DC 27 and her natural gathering information skills 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23 to gain intelligence from the captain and any crew member in front of her with 60ft. She will ask questions about Elaskar? What is there? What kind of people are in Elaskar? What is the culture? Why were we attacked? … She will also ask about the palanquin and the hooded creature.

I don't like this flying, being as heavy as I am, thinks Jughead . He will try to help repair the ship, asking questions about the functions, and try to learn the workings of flying an airship in case that might be needed in the future.

Erlaskar is a major fishing town and trade port in the southern edge of the Eldeen Reaches. It is almost independent, but all the major houses have mansions there and the lighning rail terminus reaches it. The city is considered safe.

With Helix and Jughead's help, the ship repairs are completed quickly. The captain thanks you profusely and pays 1000gp.

"Now we don't have to put into Erlaskar! I don't know who our attacker was. Probably some dressed up brigand. We'll spend most of our night flight tonight over Lake Galifar, then we're stopping at Drum Keep to drop off passengers tomorrow afternoon.

We'll double our watch tonight just in case the attacker comes back. That enchantment on the ballista was quite handy. Can you do that again?"

"Thank you much for the payment, the protection spells are easy enough to cast, but they do not last for long" Helix explains to the Captain, "The enhancements will last longer, the magical enhancement to the third circle will last 12 hours total. As for standing watch I can do so as I do not require rest"

Helix will stay on watch just resting in place to regain his infusions, while Vola will go to bed to get her full nights rest.

Panzadeya HP146/146 AC 33
Jughead HP 133/133 AC 28

Once Panzadeya circulates around the ship spreading the word and goodwill of the Silver Flame, she will go below and sleep. Jughead will stay above and keep watch. Spot: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

That evening the skyship is lashed by a thunderstorm and encounters heavy turbulence. The captain climbs high to avoid the worst of the weather. Your ears pop and it gets devilishly cold in short order, yet the high thunderheads seem to go ever higher than the ship. The ship is lashed and tossed about terribly. The captain's evasive manuevers don't seem to help much and lightning flashes nearby. The captain orders everyone below. Most everyone complies because it is hard to breathe and very cold.

Are you all going to go below or try to ride the storm out on top?

Helix informs the captain that as having no need for oxygen, and the cold doesn't affect him much he will stay topside to keep a watch for any enemies.

Helix will ask a sailor to tie him to the mast just to prevent being swept overboard. He will order Vola below decks.

“Good idea, Helix. Sailor, please help me get lashed,” yells Jughead. (But tie the rope with a length to move around and a knot that will tighten with body weight, but able to untie tugging on the other end.)

Panzadey is sleeping. Fort: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (17) + 18 = 35 Panzadeya is unaffected by the turbulence and sleeping like a baby.

The airship climbs higher and higher. The crew orders the passengers into the interior hold, where the ship's wizard has summoned a small air elemental to help people breathe.

Helix and Jughead are lashed to the masts as the airship is pummelled by the storm. The turbulence is heavy and the ship creaks and pops like a ship at sea.

Helix spots two creatures on the deck in front of him after passing through a particularly dark cloud. Two giants, purple skinned, silver hair, carrying silvery battleaxes stand on deck, looking around. Surefooted, their 20 foot tall frames move lithely with the deck.

Helix HP 96/96 AC 19 magic weapon greater on ballista ?/12 hrs. Not sure how much longer on this spell.
Vola HP 95/95 AC 21 resist energy round ?/80 minutes DR20 fire for her Helix and anyone else that was in the initial casting.

Helix will try to determine the intentions of the giants, ready with an infusion if needed. Knowing that speech would be moot due to the noise of the storm, he waits.

Sense motive from the body language of the giants (1d20=9)

Vola is below decks unaware of the actions topside

Panzadeya HP146/146 AC 33
Jughead HP 133/133 AC 28

Panzadeya is sleeping. Jughead is walking around on deck and tied to the mast.
Spot 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (9) - 1 = 8

The giants advance, their weapons out and ready. Upon seeing Helix tied to the mast, one of them nudges the other one and they both smile. Their booming voices can be heard over the weather:

"Are you captive? Is there a prize for freeing you?"

Jughead doesn't hear them yet. No one else does either at this time.

Panzadeya HP146/146 AC 33
Jughead HP 133/133 AC 28

Panzadey Fort: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (20) + 18 = 38 is sleeping. Jughead is keeping watch; walking around and looking around. Spot 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (7) - 1 = 6

Helix HP 96/96 AC 19 magic weapon greater on ballista ?/12 hrs. Not sure how much longer on this spell.
Vola HP 95/95 AC 21 resist energy round ?/80 minutes DR20 fire for her Helix and anyone else that was in the initial casting.

“Prize?” Helix cocks his head to the side while readying his Talenta and infusions, “Nay, I am here to prevent the illegal boarding and theft on this ship, and you?” Seeing a little bit of confusion cross their features Helix continues “Is there a prize for you two?

If the giants attack Helix will try to encase one with Wall of Force in a cylinder 10’ diameter and as high as the 10 square foot / level will go for his 12th level. He will then concentrate his fighting on the other Initiative if needed 1d20+2=18

"Illegal boarding of this ship? You are in our realm? We can seize this ship in the name of the queen, but that would bring every House Lyrandar airship within 500 miles here and we don't want that. Why are you here?"

Jughead is keeping watch; walking around and looking around. Spot 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (11) - 1 = 10 Listen: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (5) - 1 = 4

Helix HP 96/96 AC 19 magic weapon greater on ballista ?/12 hrs. Not sure how much longer on this spell.
Vola HP 95/95 AC 21 resist energy round ?/80 minutes DR20 fire for her Helix and anyone else that was in the initial casting.

“As to why we are here is a question that I may only answer with an educated guess” Helix answers making sure that the giants aren’t attacking, “The only person who may give the correct answer would be the Captain, and he is below deck. I believe we are here due to this ferocious storm that has forced us up in an attempt to over ride its turbulent currents. So where is here? I am just a passenger of this vessel and I can assure you that neither I nor my companions meant to enter your realm as we had no idea that this realm existed. If we have offended by our evasive actions, then allow me to be the first to apologize.” Helix will bow his head slightly as he has seen humans do, but keeping his eyes on the two and trying to make sure that none are approaching from behind him.

“So what is the name of your realm? I am a seeker of knowledge and magic and have been accused of unrelenting curiosity. If this offends I apologize again, but as I have little familiarity with creatures of the ground I must confess to having even less of those of the air. If though you wish to bring harm upon this vessel and my fellow travelers then I must advise that would be most unwise and painful”

Helix will stand ready to case wall of force as needed or pull his release of the rope so that he can go full defensive. he has a total diplomacy score of +4

"We are warriors of the Sky Queen Idra. Your captain has lost control of his ship. The lack of breathing air must really be affecting your breathing friends down below. The sky queen is not a cruel queen, but reaching her realm is usually impossible by flight for those who must breathe air without the benefit of storm giant upbringing."

As if to accentuate his words, a lightning bolt strikes the ship near Helix. He automatically fails his reflex save, since he is tied up and takes 18 points of electrical damage.

"If your captain wants our help, he can ask for it," one of the giants says, unaffected by the lightning.

Helix HP 78/96 AC 19 magic weapon greater on ballista ?/12 hrs. Not sure how much longer on this spell.
Vola HP 95/95 AC 21 resist energy round ?/80 minutes DR20 fire for her Helix and anyone else that was in the initial casting.

Shaking off the jolt, Helix will un-tie himself using the quick release, “Let me inform the Captain and my companion at the bow, as I do not wish any misunderstandings” Taking care to keep his feet Helix will head to Juggernaut’s position and advise him that there are visitors and not to attack unless he is attacked. He will then go below decks to the Captain and inform him of the events topside.

Panzadeya HP146/146 AC 33
Jughead HP 133/133 AC 28

Jughead will watch the giants while Helix goes below and informs the captain. He will keep himself between them and the door to go below.

As Jughead appears, the two giants look at each other and ask him.

"So, is your kind the exclusive crew of this vessel? That can explain why you're up this high."

Down below:

The air elemental has kept the air breathable, but most people are very lethargic. The captain is able to move, however and he states:

"Yes, our helmsman is trying to regain control of the ship. We rose too high, but the storm persists. Inform the giants that we will not be taken prisoner and they will be compensated for their assistance. I cannot go topside; the elemental's air breathing effect won't reach there. Thank you, friend."

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