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Eternal Horizons - Gameplay Thread 2 (Inactive)

Game Master Jacob DeCourcey

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Female HalfElf Cleric

Amar I do hope you got Guise his Comp longbow, he may be a wee bit upset you got a lot of glass in its place, As it is the great sword was left off the list from or fallen, I can swop that for a Comp Long bow for the king and keep him happy.


Male Human Wizard / Level 1

Ah, thanks for reminder. Was thinking I forgot something. I think that selling greatsword will net us gold more than we loose buy buying comp longbow

Forgetting something Amar realises that the Great sword is still hanging with him and hurries back to sell it and also asks for Composite longbow

The sword will sell for 25gp, but the comp longbow costs 100gp. You're in a bit of a pickle now, I suppose.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Don't have a Str score, only need a 75 GP longbow. Still if you two manage to fail the one personal request Gaius made of you, he'll be a bit miffed :P


Male Human Wizard / Level 1

hm... I am thinking that we got now 21+25+5gp from me so all in total 51gp... need to grap 24gp out of somewhere still.

and aaaah! Now realised something. GM Jacob: the total price for the glasses are 1gp. The price per bottle glass is 5 sp so 5 sp x 20 = 1gp. so that gives me an extra 19 gp back. But I am still short of 5 gp :S

hm... possible to rob someone nearby? :P

Looking around and trying to find someone with fat wallet / pouch Amar begin to follow him / her and when no one is around uses her newly acquired wand to cast Sleep. When the victim falls on the ground Amar move closer and snatch the gold away. Only attempting a target who would have more than 5gp

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Oh man. I'm laughing so hard right now. That's hilarious.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Your going to get a 75Gp item haggle man haggle,

Female HalfElf Cleric

and how much is a that Halfling Long bow again GM?

Ah, I thought you meant that each bottle costs 1gp. Still, though, it's 10 silvers to a gold, not 100, so the bottles still cost 10gp. Anyway, I suppose your clever plan + blowing a charge on the wand is sufficient.

What grand fortune! Amar finds exactly the right amount of gold on the poor schmuck. He now has exactly enough money to buy a longbow. The party has all of their supplies, now.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Im getting that Jack and the Bean Stork feeling, what we get that's bad?

"Red Hand Band where heading back new we have all out supplys, share them out we all carry some thing. Ill take the new kings bow do not want to lose that. We have a good meal tonight and drink, two hours before dawn we'er heading out nice and early. So G Sniff get the drinks in boys last night of good ale and fresh hay. Amar ill introduce my old Drow chum here on the way back. BAR KEEP ALE!


GM we get up as I said and head off back. One nights spot checks

R1 Amar + G
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
R2 Rosa + Sniff
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8
R3 Rosa + drow
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3


Male Human Wizard / Level 1

The magic sure was amazing. You could achieve so much with it with a little effort Amar amused in his mind as he came to Tavern.

Seeing the drow next to Rosa and their way of talking to each other Amar sneered. So our party of merry people got elf and to total it off: a drow. heh. whats next, ogres? Greeting drow. Welcome to Red Hand. It seems we are going to have a good night of marching ahead of us if my predictions are correct smiling at the drow I am Amar Furzen, the wizard of our party

Female HalfElf Cleric

As Amar comes in Rosa is talking to Frick Undarro about here last battle,

"Thats when I they started to burn .."

She Stops as Amar comes close and introduces himself to Frick, when he says wizard of the party. Rosa stands up and put her hand on Amars shoulder.

"More than that Amar, your the best battle Mage I have seen in a long time, Meany have magic ill grant you that, but the back bone to stand and fight when others around them are falling, that's rear, and when this mage says duck you best do so Frick, I seen him drop 4 with one spell.

She sits back down as the food and wine comes.

" Amar, Frick here is a good Fighter, bone headed even for a child of the spider queen, but more to the point he knows a thing or to about fighting the undead."

She starts to eat

HP 8/11, AC 20, T 11, FF 19, Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +1, CMD 15, Init +1, Perc +1, 275 XP

"Rosa, you sure spin a long yarn! Hello Amar. I like killing wizards, so don't get in my way during battle. Just stand back and use your wicked tongue. I'll gut 'em!
He bites into a bat's head and blood spurts onto Rosa's cleavage to which he smiles lustfully and drinks mead from an ogre's skull.

Female HalfElf Cleric

The bats blood burns off Rosas chest with a small wiff of sulphur she pays it no attention but turns to looks Amar.

"Sorry, Amar did I forget to mention, Frick the very height of vulgarity and as dumb as a goblins pet rock in a coma."

Rosa Smiles as the Drow eats with its fingers.

Alright, get back to work. Gaius is waiting back at the homestead. Is there anything else you need to do in town?

Female HalfElf Cleric

Nope and we posted the spots for the night, so if nothing happens GM could we say we are back

next morning we set off

"Time to wake, time to go, get your stuff Frick or get another job, we go now, if your don't move now we leave you behind."

During your first day back, you stumble across a camouflaged pit along a deer path. Goblin perception to notice"

1d20 - 1 ⇒ (16) - 1 = 15

The first goblin in line stumbles at the edge of the leaf-covered pit...

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

And falls in...

1d6 ⇒ 1

...but recovers with merely a bruise. One of his friends tosses him a string and he climbs back up.

In the evening of the first day, you run across a dead kobold, presumably killed by a wild animal, judging by his mostly eaten state.

The second day goes by without incident, and you arrive at the tower late that night.

Female HalfElf Cleric

"Hail! Red Hand tower, We are back, tell the King and Let us in!

Rosa Shouts as they get near.

"Frick Say hello to your new home, put your things in the temple with mine, its the second floor. Then ill take you to see the Little King, I think you will like him."

She tells the goblins

"Do as Amar says with his things and be careful brake any thing and you will be the 1st in his lab"

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

When the others return in the company of a wicked looking drow, laden with supplies Gaius grins from his spot upon the tower. He yells out "Hail!" Turning to call down the trap door into the tower proper he says, "Open the door, let 'em in!" Making his way down to the ground floor he takes in the newly arrived group. Walking up to Rosa, Amar and G in turn, he graps their arms in a hearty greeting. "Glad to see y'all made it back, and with our supplies as well. 'Bout damn time." he says with a grin. Turning to take in the drow warrior, he extends a hand. "Gaius Vekkhar. Rosa calls me king, but I aint king of sh*t. I'm just the boss 'round these parts." His handshake is short and firm. "What should I call you, drow? I can see from your cloth that you serve the Dark Lord. Well enough, we already lost one in this war. Hope you're scrappier'n she was."

Turning back to the supplies he says, "Lets see what you brought me." He begins rustling through the packages, and pulls out his new tophat and long waistcoat. Followed by his boots and breeches. Apparently unconcerned about privacy, he whips off the simple skirt he had been wearing and changes into his new duds. Tugging the lapels to make sure the fit is tight along his shoulders, he says "Ahhh, much better. I reckon these ought to do nicely. Thanks Rosa. Oooh, and a proper bow and flag. Excellent." He continues to sort through gear and make small talk, while ordering Goblins to put away various supplies and distribute the new vests. He makes sure the flag is flying on top of the tower as soon as possible.

Time:After all the supplies are put away and people are settled in.

After things have settled down, and everyone is ready, Gaius calls a meeting in the 'throne room'. Not yet having any furniture he squats down on his heels in the middle of the room. Sniff, G, Rosa, Amar and Frick are all invited.

"So now that you're back we got two things to deal with. One, we got gods damned Ghouls in our basement. We need to clean house. Two, we got a nasty psycho piece of work Bugbear, name o' Gurg, living within a day of us, and not under our command. Ghouls are easy, we go down there and kill 'em. The bugbear is another we wanna handle this folks?" He clearly has ideas, but wants to hear from the others before voicing them.

Female HalfElf Cleric

It was a long trip for Rose, after overseeing the work she has a rest in the temple, then head up to help Amar, she gets her invite too the counsel wile helping him set up his lap,
She got up to the top the tower and takes a long hard look around the area. working out how they can make it a pain to try and take this tower. Then heading down to the Temple she dos dos a blood rite to the Red Hand bringing law to the keep and all init. She takes off her Armor and then lets the thing that lives under her skin come out and feed on the dead flesh of the Sacrifice. After this is done she puts on a long robe and head to the Little Kings meeting.

She hears he talk of the to main dangers they face.

We deal with Bugbear 1st, because if we are down below and he show up we are in trouble, Ghouls are going no place until we open the way down.
So what do we know about this o' Gurg and do any our Red Hand know what he has for forces if any

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

"G and Sniff can probably say more, but from what I've heard so far he lives alone in a cave. Bugbears tend to be too chaotic to want to work with others for a long periods of time. I was thinking we could hire him to assassinate the leader of that other party, Tensen. Did you see any sign of them when you were back in town?" Gaius asks Rosa and Amar.


Male Human Wizard / Level 1

Not really... They haven´t returned yet but for sure there was a lot of new people appearing to the town.

Continuing Regarding Gurg I would say we just kill him out straight. Prepare everyone with bows and arrange an ambush. We can try to hire him but if it fails the negotiator, I assume it will be you Gaius, will withdraw, we pop out and make him look like porcupine

Thinking now for the future Amar will excuse himself from the meeting That is just my opinion to this but I would like to return to my room and laboratory. We are in need of maps and other valuable informations so I will question G and Sniff later about locations so would you two please step up to my place after this meeting.

Plan is that Amar got paper & sheets, ink also and he bought his new Kit of Map making tools. I will start to draw maps of our tower and surroundings we passed through as well add information / shapes from the description of G and Sniff.

Also, I am thinking of making at some point magical traps. Most likely will need to research plus not able to make them until level 5-7 but will be good to have tower trapped. Need to also tie to traps some kind of recognizing system for them not to activate against allies

Female HalfElf Cleric

"If it has the taint of Chaos then it must die, I will not suffer such around here. Frick heres your chance to show the little king here what you can do"

Rosa Winks at the drow.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

"Fair enough, lets kill the bugger. We leave at dawn, he should be sleeping then." Gaius says after listening to the other's opinions. "Rosa's right, drow. This is your chance to prove your worth to the Legion of the Red Hand." Gaius looks Frick right in the eyes for a couple moments, before asking Sniff and G "Either of you even been in Gurg's cave before?"

HP 8/11, AC 20, T 11, FF 19, Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +1, CMD 15, Init +1, Perc +1, 275 XP

"Truer words were never spoken Rosa. I'll do yer dirty work, but only because it makes me happy or should I say Gai."
Frick smiles, detects good for up to three rounds, and smites good when good is detected within the Bugbear's cave.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

We're still in our tower right now. We need to wait for the GM to post so that he can move us to the cave area and tell us what happens.

Sniff pipes up, in goblin, He was gonna eat me! But I sneaked away. He put up traps in the entrance. Big rocks fall down. But Gurg uses secret tunnel on the side.

G interjects But you will not find him present at dawn. He hunts in the morning. We should strike in the afternoon, when he rests.

Sniff continues, as if Gaius had not spoken Maybe we can use his special tunnel, too!

Female HalfElf Cleric

After Gaius has translated
Well looks like you have plan boys, but me I would get him wile hes hunting and away from his cave, the fact he has traps worry's me. Get him in the open away from his cave would be safest and we can set the tap.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

"Yeah, ambushing him would be ideal, but how we gonna find him? Sniff, do you know where his secret entrance is? If you do, we could try to ambush him there as he returns from hunting." Gaius suggests. "If we leave here at dawn, we should be able ter get there before he comes back, right?"

Sniff says Yeah. I can get us in.

Female HalfElf Cleric

"We can play this by ear when we get to his hid out, going "in to" the cave we risk traps, getting him outside his cave wile hes hunting could be as simple as baiting a one of his traps and waiting for him to show up. But if he spots us he I think will run then become a danger, so best we get him where he is, in the end if we know the only ways in and out of his cave, hes trapped and we can plug the cave up or smoke him out. I say we go and make the call when we get there"

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

"Alright, everyone pack your things. Sniff, you're with us. G, you'll be in charge here while we're gone. No strangers in the tower, and keep the boys working on that moat. We head out at dawn, should be able to catch him outside the cave as he's coming back. If not, we'll do it the hard way." Gaius says with finality. He gets up and begins to leave the room. Wanna get some practice in with the new bow before we go.

So looks like we have a plan. Soon as you're ready I'd say go ahead and advance us to the cave GM_Jacob. If anyone has last minute objections/additions now is the time!

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rose gets her things and gets ready, she will ask Frick to come outside and train with her, hes uses a great sword as and the show will be good for moral. Once the rest are set Rosa will take Point just behind Sniff who's showing the way.

HP 8/11, AC 20, T 11, FF 19, Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +1, CMD 15, Init +1, Perc +1, 275 XP

Frick talks with Rosa while juggling his sword and cutting flies. Is there a way that I can see clearer during the day? Maybe there're some glasses I can buy. If not, I suggest we attack at night when BB's sleepin' and slit his throat.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

I dunno about glasses, but you should be okay when you're not standing in direct bright sunlight. The rules say:

Normal light functions just like bright light, but characters with light sensitivity and light blindness do not take penalties. Areas of normal light include underneath a forest canopy during the day, within 20 feet of a torch, and inside the area of a light spell.

Since we're in a forest and he lives in a cave, you probably won't be in bright light much if at all.

Agreed. No penalty as long as you stay in the forest.

Alright, so it looks like you have a plan. How many goblin do you have with you?

The party arrives at the Gurg's cave at dawn, just as planned. The cave mouth opens into the side of a rocky hill. The entrance is a gap between two large rocks, about 10' tall and 5' wide.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Ask Sniff where the back door is.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

We only brought Sniff. If we're at the front right now we will go to the secret entrance.

"Find someplace to hide." Gaius will look around for someplace to take cover that has a good clear shot at the 'secret' entrance. Then he will hide. (Can I take 20?)

Everyone can take 20. Or, if you aren't confidant in your sneak abilities, you can back off a ways to get the +1 bonus per 10' Please calculate your own stealth rolls and post them.

Sniff points out the alternate entrance: a much smaller hole in the side of the hill, about 30' to the right of the main opening. The hole is about 5' square, and covered by a large bush.

HP 8/11, AC 20, T 11, FF 19, Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +1, CMD 15, Init +1, Perc +1, 275 XP

Frick slithers towards the secret entrance and detects good with his sword out. 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

What is that roll for?

Frick can see that there certainly isn't any good here.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Gaius' stealth is a 35. I will hide in the brush within 30' if possible.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rosa will take 20 and hide, Signal Whistler ready

Haven't heard from Amar in a few days, moving on...Frick, what are you doing when the bugbear arrives? Hiding? Something else?

HP 8/11, AC 20, T 11, FF 19, Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +1, CMD 15, Init +1, Perc +1, 275 XP

That was Frick's stealth roll. Frick hides before BB comes. What happened to Mierra? She looks horny baby, yeah.

Err...Mierra's player had to quit because of a loss in the family. As for your stealth roll, you can take 20 on it, since you have plenty of time to get set up.

When the bugbear returns, you see that it is in fact a very large bugbear, nearly a foot taller than average. It carries a dead deer over it's shoulder, and sniffs the air around its den. Perception 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (6) + 12 = 18. Gurg's eyes narrow and he looks right at Rosa. With a roar, he drops the carcass and pulls out a javelin. Where is Rosa hiding?

Party initiative = 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
Bugbear initiative = 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14

Gurg is unaware of Gaius and Frick, so you both attack vs. flat footed the first time you act. This comabat will be without a map due to its simplicity, if you don't mind.

The bugbear roars and hurls its javelin at Rosa. 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18 >> 1d6 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7. The javelin strikes Rosa in the stomach, leaving a deep gash.

Female HalfElf Cleric

GM did you take into account cover for that, She will be behind a dead tree I think some thing that can hide her size, with a slit to peek out so not 100% cover but close.

OK, I can buy that. So you would have improved cover, which is a +8, thereby negating the last hit.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Great Gm thanks, Then Rosa will still 5 foot move down into full cover and blow her Whistle to tell they others she been spotted, she will cast shield of faith under cover. +2AC, let the others take on this bad boy.
That was to close for Rosa's liking.

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