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Eternal Horizons - Fallsvale Tavern (Inactive)

Game Master Jacob DeCourcey

This is where players in the eternal horizons campaign all come together to plot out their adventures.

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Male Goblin Ranger 1

Looking Gimlet up and down But he might get stuck in the tunnels! I will make sure you always walk out of trouble. It's like not walking into trouble, but funner.

HP 50/50; AC 23, (T 13, FF 20); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 3, CMD 17; init +3; cleric (theologian)/5 F gnome
diplomacy 9, heal 7, knowl history 6, knowl religion 6, linguistics 7, perception 13, sense motive 7, stealth 3, profession cook 9, spellcraft 4

perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20

Finn looks over the newcomer and lofts one eyebrow but smiles as she walks back over to Gimlet. "Seems we have another newcomer to talk to. She has an odd look to her, and all those interesting tattoos, but she has the look of a warrior, and we could use one in our group."

She walks over to Ira and looks up at her with a big smile. "Hi there. I'm called Finn. Who are you? You look nervous. Is everything okay? Can I get you a drink before the bar closes down?"

Male Human Lion Shaman 1

Starting to look rather frustrated as everybody is speaking languages he recognizes, but does not understand, Tensen lets out a roar. "ENOUGH! We have not even left yet but there are already clear divisions in those who are here. The goblin can go with the paper coward. Small ones, you come with me." Tensen turns around, staring down the newest one to enter the tavern. After his routine stare-down while he sizes her up, he walks brusquely towards her. "Quiet one. If you are seeking this bounty, you may join with the small ones and I. Leave the demon and the goblins to their own vile deeds. I am Tensen. And I am growing quite tired of this tavern already.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Gaius walks over to the new girl standing in front of the poster. He proffers a hand. "My name's Gaius. I'm putting together an outfit for the purposes getting some kinda order going in these parts. Plan on getting rich in the process. I've got a contract I could go over with you if you're interested." Seeing the girls discomfort he doesn't take his usual hard tack. However the two other people simultaneously addressing her probably have her freaked out as is.

Psst. Hi, who dat?

HP 50/50; AC 23, (T 13, FF 20); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 3, CMD 17; init +3; cleric (theologian)/5 F gnome
diplomacy 9, heal 7, knowl history 6, knowl religion 6, linguistics 7, perception 13, sense motive 7, stealth 3, profession cook 9, spellcraft 4

Finn bites her lip and shuts up as Tensen talks to Ira... She walks back over to Gimlet and whispers to him. "I think we may have a group if the new lady joins up with us. I'm gonna go to my room... see you in the morning?" She grabs her pack and walks over to Ira and Tensen to find out the results of his offer before heading to her room.

Male small aasimar (angelkin) Paladin (Shining Knight) 3 smite evil 1/1 LoH 5/5 Std action heal 2/2 AC 23[21 no shield) touch 12, flat-footed 22(20 no shield) CMD 18 Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +6

Gimlet follows Tensen to Ira, "Look at those muscles and that huge sword. I definitely want to see her larger than life."

Addressing the muscled barbarian, "Ira, I think two groups are forming, Tensen is impatient as am I. We would like you to come as our warrior and my number one candidate to fight as a giant."

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

I was going to say Dutch, but Google tells me that Gnomes in fact speak Afrikaans. I like Azerbaijani better because it has more non-english characters.

Edit: Oh it's you Koldir! Yay. Nice to see you in this game too.

Male Goblin Ranger 1

Following Tensen to the quiet one, If you have a animal you can join. That's the rule for tall people. It's not really a rule, but if you have it horse we could call ourselves Hoof, Paw, and Claw, and that would be neat.

When this happens and if she isn't trying to be noticedChuffy follows Fionn out of the common room. Her head maybe squished and her skin an ugly pink, but she is still a girl about his height. This demands exploration, and possibly slimy things placed in bedrolls as signs of endearment

Female Hungerseed Tiefling Wild Rager 1

Ira is completely and utterly overwhelmed by the amount of attention she has just drawn. She speaks in quiet and slightly accented common.

"What...? I..." Ira looks down at Finn, and has begun to respond when Tensen walks over to her. At the mention of a demon her eyes grow sharper and harder, and she shifts instantly into a more relaxed and combat ready stance. She looks around, eyes resting on Mierra for a brief moment before turning back to Tensen, who is interrupted in turn by Gaius offering his hand. She makes no move to shake it, but appears to think for a moment about his offer. "...I don't care for contracts, but—" She is once again interrupted, this time by Gimlet and Chuffy, and at the conflicting offers of joining and needing an animal to join and the one part about horses she becomes horribly confused, and stops talking altogether.

Why did this happen...? I look at a wanted poster and suddenly I am the wanted one. Heheh, that's pretty funny... Everyone is still staring at me.

She seems to remember Mierra, and straightens up.

"Tensen, if you would accept me as a companion, and you are not travelling with the demonspawn, I would join you. I am sorry for my shyness, I do not care for crowds."

HP 50/50; AC 23, (T 13, FF 20); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 3, CMD 17; init +3; cleric (theologian)/5 F gnome
diplomacy 9, heal 7, knowl history 6, knowl religion 6, linguistics 7, perception 13, sense motive 7, stealth 3, profession cook 9, spellcraft 4

well, Gimlet and I are definitely not demonspawn. Finn smiles at Ira and gives her a little wink before heading off to her room. "See you all in the morning!"

Male Goblin Ranger 1

Chuffy follows Fionnbharanel

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

I wonder when 'Magpie' will realize that Tensen kicked him out of their group? And for the simple crime of speaking in Goblin, our own blessed mother tongue. Perhaps the poor little fellow is simpleminded, or else terribly naive. It remains to be seen.

Gaius watches the exchange with Ira, and then Chuffy slinking off after Finn with a worried expression on his face. He goes to sit next to Mierra and says to her quietly, "Well that leaves us the goblin for now, if Tensen doesn't take him back in. He seems a bit off, but we share a racial bond and he can probably be enticed with a simple reward system. What do you think? I feel like we could use one more. Oh, and just for my own clarity you are a demonblooded tiefling sworn in service to Asmodeus, correct? Or is it devil's blood that runs in your veins?"

HP 50/50; AC 23, (T 13, FF 20); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 3, CMD 17; init +3; cleric (theologian)/5 F gnome
diplomacy 9, heal 7, knowl history 6, knowl religion 6, linguistics 7, perception 13, sense motive 7, stealth 3, profession cook 9, spellcraft 4

At her door, Finn turns to look at Chuffy and smiles at him, tilting her head to one side slightly. "Hi there, are you lost or are you following me?"

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rosa finishes off her meal, wipes her mouth with a napkin then folds and puts away her eating utensils in to a belt pouch, she drinks the last of her tea and pushing her chair back stands, all 7 foot 2 of her emblazoned Diabolical form. She looks around the inn to note it has filled up some what. She reaches over to the wall by the fire where a very vary Large rune'ed sword rests. She hefts it up and hooks it to the back of her strange looking clerical Armor that seem to be living. She gazes around the room with contemplating eyes, as she views the gathered ensemble of
miscreants, glory seekers,cut purses, vagabonds, thugs, debauchees, tricksters and the just plane bizarre. She thinks to herself This should be interesting Then in a voice that seems as if two voices talk hers and another that echos ever word she says as if from a vast space, she says at just the right level to be audible throw out the room.

I am Rosa Luminass, Cleric of the Hells, My Sword arm is for hire, now who here will pay the price?

Standing there, a soft heat haze coming off her frame, even as she stands by the fire. Her all black eyes never blinking, wile odd looking patterns on her skin slowly shift, Rosa waits to see if there are any takers.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Gaius will stand up from his whispered conversation with Mierra, and scribble something on one of the pieces of birch bark. He will approach Rosa and say, "I've already got one servant of Asmodeus signed on with my outfit. Here's the contract if you wanna look it over." As he says this he indicates Mierra with a nod of his head, holding out the piece of crude parchment in the other.


Contract for Membership in The Red Hand:
  • You will submit to the leadership of Gaius Vekkhar as first amongst equals.
  • All sentient beings encountered on the expedition will either submit to our authority, or be subjugated for use as chattel.
  • All material goods found will be held in common, to be utilized by whoever can use them best. Currency will be divided evenly.
  • Nothing discovered will be shared (locations, or information included) with anyone outside the group, except via sale as controlled by Gaius. Proceeds will be split evenly.
  • Once signed on you may leave the group during the interim between expeditions, however any material goods obtained, as well as any information learned remain the property of The Red Hand. On pain of death.

Sign here _________

"I intend to make sure everyone gets a fair shake. If you got the Will for rough work, I have a plan that I think can make us all rich and powerful and bring some order to this little corner of the world. Let me know if you're interested." He then goes back to sit with Mierra.

Male Goblin Ranger 1

Definitely following you. You haven't said what our name should be yet, and normal sized people should stick together. Do you think Mask could make Nose giant-sized? Then all three of us could ride him! Why are there so many people in there with weirdness. There is the one with the eyes, and the one the horns, and the nervous one. They're weird I tell you! His manner is totally earnest.

HP 50/50; AC 23, (T 13, FF 20); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 3, CMD 17; init +3; cleric (theologian)/5 F gnome
diplomacy 9, heal 7, knowl history 6, knowl religion 6, linguistics 7, perception 13, sense motive 7, stealth 3, profession cook 9, spellcraft 4

"Sorry, I guess you missed it, but my name's Fionnbharanel, but you can call me Finn for short. What's your name?" She smiles at Chuffy, her usual good humor taking over despite a small amount of distrust.

"As for the weirdness, I don't know.. maybe the marches draw them here. Who or what is 'Nose'?" She seems as full of questions as Chuffy is.

Male Human Lion Shaman 1

Tensen nods at Ira and grasps her forearm. "It is settled. The small ones and I will meet you back out here in the morning to head for this bounty. Goodnight."

Tensen follows the goblin, who is following Finn. He gives the goblin a poke with the butt of his spear as he starts chattering excitedly again. "Green one... In case I was not direct enough, we are travelling without you. Go make your strange dealings with the other of your kind, that paper coward. It seems he has recruited another hellspawn for his expedition. Tensen gives Finn a nod as he starts to head for his own room for the night. "If he does not leave you alone, come fetch me. Lillith has not tasted goblin in some time." With one last cold glance at Chuffy, Tensen heads off.

HP 50/50; AC 23, (T 13, FF 20); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 3, CMD 17; init +3; cleric (theologian)/5 F gnome
diplomacy 9, heal 7, knowl history 6, knowl religion 6, linguistics 7, perception 13, sense motive 7, stealth 3, profession cook 9, spellcraft 4

"Oh," is all she says to Tensen as he goes by. "My." Still, she waits for Chuffy's replies...

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rosa smiles at Gaius and takes his contract, from her belt pouch she takes a small silver point pen and a note book.

I hope you do not mind me reading this over, I may need to make some small calcifications before I agree to sign it, Ill bring it over once I have done she bows her head to him simply as he walks away.

Then to the rest of the room she says

Are there any other offers?

Then she sits and starts to write.

HP 50/50; AC 23, (T 13, FF 20); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 3, CMD 17; init +3; cleric (theologian)/5 F gnome
diplomacy 9, heal 7, knowl history 6, knowl religion 6, linguistics 7, perception 13, sense motive 7, stealth 3, profession cook 9, spellcraft 4

Almost as an afterthought, she comes out of her momentary reverie to wish Tensen a quick "Good night, Mr. Lionfriend Tensen. See you in the morning."

Male Goblin Ranger 1

Looking at Tensen with an expression of outrage, But he steals words! He writes them down on a piece of paper, then makes you sign, and keeps it so he can steal you name! Turning to Finn, Oooh, that vysoký, that.. that.. TALL PERSON! See what they are like, do what they don't like and it's 'I'll have my lion eat you' or 'Sic the dogs on them' or with abject horror they have a horse step on you! And it's fine. Oh no one gets upset if they do that. But, say, 'I'll eat your baby.' just once and suddenly you're a monster. Hypocrites, everyone of them, except for one or two. Dangerous, evil, crazy hypocrites.

Anyway, I am Chuff and Nose is my wolf. Together we are Chuffnose. Just sneeze. It sounds kinda like a wet sneeze when you say it.

HP 50/50; AC 23, (T 13, FF 20); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 3, CMD 17; init +3; cleric (theologian)/5 F gnome
diplomacy 9, heal 7, knowl history 6, knowl religion 6, linguistics 7, perception 13, sense motive 7, stealth 3, profession cook 9, spellcraft 4

Well it's nice to finally meet you proper-like, Chuff. I do look forward to meeting Nose as well. As for Tensen, who knows, by morning he might have a change of heart. I think we were all put off a little when you were speaking goblin with Gaius. I didn't know you were so much against Gaius' idea of contracts and stuff. I have to say I wasn't crazy about it either. I'm sure if you talk to Tensen in the morning and explain yourself, he'll at least listen. Of course, I can't guarantee the results, but you never know. Can't ever tell anything about tallfolk, right? Anyway, I've got to get some sleep, so good night, Chuff. She gives him an engaging smile and slips into her room, closing the door slowly but firmly behind her.

Inside her room, she whispers to herself softly, "Sarenrae please watch over us all... we're gonna need all the help we can get."

Female Hungerseed Tiefling Wild Rager 1

As Tensen agrees to traveling with Ira, she gives him a brief smile, revealing razor sharp fangs. When he leaves she finds a seat and takes it, glancing warily around the tavern, especially in the direction of the second, enormously tall, tiefling.

What are the odds there would be three of us in this tavern? Those two, though, they are nothing like me. Demon and hellspawn, arrogant enough to think they are acceptable company. I have no such thoughts, my place is far from here.

Male Goblin Ranger 1

Returning to the main room and spying the perhaps unfortunately unoccupied Ira, quickly moves to her and repeats his previous questions, ...and it's important. Names are always important. Looking between Ira, Rosa, and Mierra. Why aren't you with your friends? You look like you should be friends, but you don't look at them like you look at friends, so what's with the looking but not looking? Why are you quiet?

Female Hungerseed Tiefling Wild Rager 1

Ira looks down at the short, green, creature. She sighs.

"I don't like them, because they aren't nice... But also they remind me too much of myself, and I don't like myself either." Ira slumps back in her chair. "This is silly, why am I talking to you... I... my name is Ira." Unsure of what else to say, Ira offers her hand to Chuffy. "It's, er, nice to meet you."

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rosa walks over to Gaius and hands him a 5 page document

I think makes things a lot more clear, please sign here and here

Rosa amended contact



[Insert name of employing organisation]*
[Insert name and address of employee]

1. [Specialty COMBAT CLERIC]
[Associate Specialist Fighter]

1.1. Your job title is [Combat Cleric]* in Party[ Name here ]*.

1.2. The appointment is subject to the national Terms and Conditions of Service for Specialty Combat Cleric/Associate Specialists Fighter her after know as (“the TCS”) which may be amended by collective negotiation from time to time.

2. Commencement of Employment
2.1 Employment under this contract [begins/began]* on [insert date]*.
[pay scale code to be equal shares and any Objects, Magic’s, Information and its subject rights.
+ any future wealth generated in equal share by the party. [Insert name here]*]*.
2.2 Your continuous employment with this employing organisation, for the purposes of group enrichment [begins/began]on [insert date]*.

2.3 For the purposes of certain conditions of service, previous service within the Party’s whether with this group in part of whole or another NHS employer, although not continuous for the purposes of the Employers Rights with consideration with in the TNCs to the groups rights my for some purposes have dates set prior to the dates set out above.

2.4 The incremental date is [ ]*.

3. General Mutual Obligations
3.1 While it is necessary to set out formal employment arrangements in this contract, there is also a need to recognise that you are a senior and professional employer and employee, therefor it is essential that work is undertaken in a spirit of mutual trust and confidence.

The signers of this contact agree to the following mutual obligations in order to achieve the best for patients and to ensure the efficient running of the party:

3.1.1 to co-operate with each other;

3.1.2 to maintain goodwill;

3.1.3 to carry out our respective obligations in agreeing and operating a Job Plan;

3.1.4 to carry out our respective obligations in accordance with appraisal arrangements; and
3.1.5 to carry out our respective obligations relating to the organisations policies, objectives, rules, working practices and protocols.

4. Location

4.1 Your principal place of work is [ ]*. Other work locations including off site working may be agreed and incorporated in your Job Plan where appropriate. You will generally be expected to undertake your Programmed Activities at the principal place of work or other locations agreed in the Job Plan. Exceptions will include travelling between work sites and attending official meetings away from the workplace.

4.2 You may be required to work at any site within your employing organisation, including new sites provided that they are within a reasonable travelling distance from your home address.

5. Duties

5.1 Main Duties and Programmed Activities
Except in emergencies or where otherwise agreed with the party as a whole, you are responsible for fulfilling the duties and responsibilities and undertaking the Programmed Activities set out in your Job Plan, as reviewed from time to time in line with the provisions in clause 5.5 below.

5.2 Associated Duties
You are responsible for the associated duties set out in Schedule 3 of the TCS.

5.3 Objectives
The purpose of including agreed personal objectives in your Job Plan is to set out in clear and transparent terms what you and your team leader have agreed should reasonably be achieved in the year in question. These
objectives are not contractually binding in themselves, but you have a duty to make all reasonable efforts to achieve them.

5.4 Emergency Responses
We may in exceptional circumstances ask you to return to a site for emergencies if we are able to contact you. You are not however, required to be available for such eventualities. Where emergency recalls of this kind become frequent, an interim job plan review may be triggered in accordance with Schedule as set out in the TNCs Job Planning

5.5 Job Plan
You and your party Leader have agreed a prospective Job Plan that sets out your main duties and responsibilities, a schedule for carrying out your Programmed Activities, your responsibilities, your accountability arrangements and your objectives and supporting resources.
You and your party Leader will review the Job Plan annually in line with the provisions in Schedule.

6. Programmed Activities

6.1 Scheduling of Activities
your party Leader will agree in the schedule of your job plan the
Programmed Activities that are necessary to fulfill your duties and
responsibilities, and the times and locations at which these activities are scheduled to take place. You will seek to reach agreement in the scheduling of all activities. Subject to the provisions for recognising work done in Out of Hours (see clause 8 below) a Programmed Activity has a timetable value of four hours. Each
Programmed Activity may include a combination of duties.

The Job Plan will contain [insert]* Programmed Activities per Trip on
average, subject to the provisions below for recognising emergency work
arising from on-call rotas. A standard full-time Job Plan will contain ten (10)

Programmed Activities subject to the provisions in clause 6.6 to agree
Additional Programmed Activities (up to the maximum permitted by the Working Time Regulations) which can be contracted for separately from time to time.
[Note: the number of Programmed Activities will need to be adjusted for if risk becomes too high for the employee.

6.2 Flexibility
Attaching a time value to Programmed Activities is intended to provide greater transparency about the level of commitment expected of members by the party.
However, you and your party leader can agree flexible arrangements for
timing of work.

6.3 You and your party leader may agree, as part of your Job Plan,
arrangements for the annualisation of Programmed Activities. In such a case, you and your party leader will agree an annual number of Programmed Activities and your Job Plan will set out variations in the level and distribution of Programmed Activities within the overall annual total.
You and your party leader may agree, as part of your Job Plan, other
arrangements for flexible scheduling of commitments over an agreed period of time.
Any variations in your scheduled weekly commitments should placed in the
the provisions of the Working Time Regulations.

6.3 Balance between risk and Programmed Activities, Most Programmed Activities will be devoted to Direct combat be related to Supporting Professional Activities. There will be local agreement as to the appropriate balance between activities. The precise balance will be agreed as part of Job Plan reviews as described in Schedule 4 of the TCS.

6.4 External Duties
Where you have External Duties included in your Job Plan you will provide written notice of the dates upon which the External Duties will be carried out. Shorter notice periods may be agreed by local arrangement or by agreement between you and your party.

6.5 Recognition of Emergency Work and Duties Where emergency work takes place at regular and predictable times, your
party will seek to schedule it as part of the Programmed Activities in
your Job Plan schedule. You may as part of the Job Planning process
however, be required to participate in an on-call rota to respond to
unpredictable emergencies. The provisions of Schedule 6 of the TCS apply to unpredictable emergency work arising from on-call rota duties that takes place other than during a Programmed Activity scheduled in your Job Plan.
6.6 Additional Programmed Activities
You and your party may from time to time agree that you will
undertake Additional Programmed Activities over and above the [ten (10)]
[Note: add contracted number for part-time doctors] Programmed Activities that constitute your standard contractual duties, up to the maximum permitted under the Working Time Regulations. Remuneration for Additional Programmed Activities is covered by clause 20 below.

Without prejudice to clause 6.7 below, you do not have to agree to carry out more than [ten (10)] [Note: to be adjusted for part-time work] Programmed Activities on average per week. However, where you do give your agreement, you must undertake such activities. Any agreement to carry out Additional Programmed Activities will be made in writing. The Additional Programmed Activities will be incorporated into your Job
Plan schedule.

6.7 Additional Programmed Activities And Spare Professional Capacity
Where you intend to undertake private professional services other than such
work carried out under the terms of this contract, whether for the party for the independent sector or for another party, the provisions in Schedule 7 of the TCS will apply.

7. Out of Hours
The provisions in Schedule 8 of the TCS will apply to recognise the unsocial nature of work done Out of Hours and the flexibility needed by the party who work at these times as part of a more varied overall working pattern. On any occasion where a member is scheduled to work during the Out of Hours period, the employing organisation will ensure that the member has adequate rest both before and after this period of duty.

8. On-Call and Emergency Duties

8.1 On-Call Rotas
Where you are on an on-call rota, the provisions in Schedule 9 of the TCS will apply. Your on-call duties will be set out in your Job Plan and the published rota or in accordance with any alternative arrangements that you agree with your colleagues for providing on-call cover.

8.2 On-Call Availability Supplements
Where you are on an on-call rota, you will receive an on-call availability supplement calculated in accordance with Schedule 14 of the TCS. The level of supplement will depend on the frequency of your participation on the rota.

9. Requirements
It is a condition of your employment that you are, and remain alive or Undead for the work needed]

10.1 Minimising Potential for Conflicts of Interest
In carrying out any Fee Paying Services or Private Professional Services, you will observe the provisions in Schedule 10 of the TCS in order to help minimise the risk of any perceived conflicts of interest to arise with your work for the [Name here of party]

10.2 Fee Paying Services and Programmed Activities Examples of Fee Paying Services are set out in Schedule 11 of the TCS.
You will not carry out Fee Paying Services during your Programmed Activities except where you and your party have agreed otherwise. Where
your party has agreed that you may carry out Fee Paying Services
during your Programmed Activities, you will remit to us the fees for such
services except where you and your paty have agreed that
providing these services involves minimal disruption to your duties.
Schedule 12 of the TCS sets out the principles governing the receipt of
additional fees.

10.3 Private Professional Services and Programmed Activities Subject to the provisions in Schedule 10 of the TCS, you may not carry out
Private Professional Services during your Programmed Activities.

11. Deductions from Pay
We will not make deductions from or variations to your share other than those required with party agreement and only with your express written consent.

12. Appraisal and Governance
The team leader / Party leader must co-operate fully in the operation of the appraisal scheme. You must also comply with our governance

13. Gifts and Gratuities
You are not required to comply with our rules and procedures governing the acceptance of gifts and hospitalities.

14. Policies and Procedures
You are not required to comply with our Policies and Procedures as may from time to time be in force.

15. Grievance Procedures
The grievance procedures, Should your employer become a risk facter, then you have the right to place their Grievance to a vote of the whole party
[ ]. [Note: employing organisation to add reference to local procedures] in signing this contact the leader agrees that should the party leader fail to protect or lead in such a way as to minimize at all times risk (as defined by the party as a whole TNCs) to any or all of the party embers then his life shall become forfeit at once and soul dammed to hell for all time.

16. Disciplinary Matters
Wherever possible, any issues relating to conduct, competence and behaviour should be identified and resolved without recourse to formal procedures. However, should we consider that your conduct or behaviour may be in breach of our code of conduct, or that your professional competence has been called into question, the matter will be resolved through our disciplinary or capability procedures [15] and will be subject to the appeal arrangements set out in those procedures (which will be consistent with the 'Maintaining High Professional

17. Intellectual Property
You will comply with our procedures for intellectual property which reflect Innovative Organisation, Framework and Guidance on the
Management of Intellectual Property own by you.

18. Other Conditions of Service
The provisions in Schedule 13 of the TCS will apply.
19. Salary
19.1 Basic Salary and Pay Increments Your basic salary on commencement is [n/1 N being party members ]. *[Note: employing
organisations to complete based on Schedule 14 of the Terms and Conditions] This has been calculated in accordance with the provisions in Schedule 14 of the TCS and in accordance with transitional arrangements. Your salary will be payable monthly.Your basic salary will increase when you receive pay increments in accordance with Schedule 15 of the TCS. Where a pay increment is awarded your salary will increase on your incremental date (see paragraph 2.4 above).

19.2 Criteria for Incremental Pay Progression
You will not receive pay progression automatically, but it is expected that you will progress incrementally according to the criteria set out in Schedule 15 of the TCS and in accordance with transitional arrangements. We will make all reasonable efforts to support you in meeting the criteria for pay progression.

20. Rates for Additional Programmed Activities
The annual rate for an Additional Programmed Activity is 10% of full time basic 7salary (see Schedule 14 of the TCS). Full time basic salary is set out in the latest pay circular issued by NHS Employers.
Any Additional Programmed Activities that you carry out during out of hours, will be calculated in accordance with Schedule 8 of the TCS.

21. On-Call Availability Supplement
If you are required to participate in an on-call rota, you will be paid a
supplement in addition to your basic salary in respect of your availability to work during on-call periods. The supplement will be paid in accordance with, and at the appropriate rate shown in Schedule 14 of the TCS. The frequency of your on call availability will be detailed in your job plan.

22. Weighting Allowance
The provisions in Schedule 14 of the TCS shall apply.

23. Pension
The provisions in Schedule 16 of the TCS shall apply.
You will be entitled to become/continue to be [delete as appropriate] a member of a Pension Scheme subject to its terms and rules, which may be
amended from time to time. Pensionable pay will include basic salary (up to ten Programmed Activities, but not any Additional Programmed Activities above ten for full time doctors), oncall availability supplements and any other pay expressly agreed to be
pensionable. You are contracted out of the Pension Scheme.

24. Leave and Holidays
You will be entitled to annual leave with full pay each year. Full details of annual leave and public holidays, professional and study leave, sick leave, special leave, maternity leave and sabbaticals are as set out in Schedule 17 of the TCS. Paternity, parental, carers and adoption leave entitlements are set out in Temporary Schedules 24 and 26 [Specialty Doctor TCS] / Temporary Schedules 25 and 27 [Associate Specialist TCS]. [Note: employing
organisations to delete as appropriate.]

25. Expenses
You are entitled to be paid expenses, which should be submitted in a timely manner (normally within one month), for travel, subsistence and other expenses. Expenses will be as set out in the model provisions in Schedule 20 of the TCS or any local alternative (which must be at least as favourable) [Note: employing organisations to delete as appropriate.]

26. Charges for Residence
Except where facilities are provided for you to be on-call a charge may, where appropriate, be made for residing at your Place of Work in accordance with our local procedures.

27. This is a permanent post. [Note: Employing organisations should amend this paragraph as appropriate for a Fixed Term Appointment].

28. Provisions governing termination of employment are set out in Schedule 18 of the TCS.

29. Loss of life
Should the employ die it is expected that the explorer will attempt Restoration BUT not as Undead, all rights and religious processes will be provided and paid for by the employer.

30. Entire Terms
This contract and the TCS and any local agreements contain the entire terms and conditions of your employment with us, such that all previous agreements, practices and understandings between us (if any) are superseded and of no effect. Where any external term is incorporated by reference such incorporation is only to the extent so stated and not further or otherwise.

I [insert name]* and [insert employer]*
have understood and agree to honour the terms and conditions set out in this
contract of employment
[ Rosa Luminass ] signature
[ Party leader Gaius Vekkhar ] Representative of employing organisation’s
Date of this agreement [ ]*

Asking a cleric of hell to sign a contact really that was novel.

Female Hungerseed Tiefling Wild Rager 1
Rosa Luminass wrote:

29. Loss of life

Should the employ die it is expected that the explorer will attempt Restoration BUT not as Undead, all rights and religious processes will be provided and paid for by the employer.


19.1 Basic Salary and Pay Increments Your basic salary on commencement is [n/1 N being party members ].

Make sure you're reading the fine print ;)

Also he doesn't even have a copy of the TCS, this is a bureaucratic nightmare! Precisely the reason it's better to just go crazy and hit stuff.

Male Goblin Ranger 1

Taking the offered hand. You are talking to me because I am talking to you. It is polite. I am Chuffy. Now leaning forward Do. You. Have. A. Horse? If you do, you should eat it. Horses are vicious, evil creatures, that delight in squishing you.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Its just a simple contact of Employment, one needs to be clear on such things, we do so like our rules

Female Hungerseed Tiefling Wild Rager 1

Ira chuckles awkwardly, "No, I don't have a horse, I don't get along too well with animals, or anyone else for that matter. Are you coming with me and the lion man and the other short ones? I think we will go and get a reward tomorrow."

Pleased at her rapidly growing skill in idle conversation, Ira is feeling a little better about being in the tavern, although she is getting rather sleepy by this point. After some parting words with Chuffy she heads off to her room.

I keep needing to remind myself, 7 Intelligence, 7 Intelligence, no big words :D

Waiiiiiiit a minute, someone said Rosa was demon spawn, she's oni spawn like me :o, oh well, I can still dislike her for being all lawful, that's awful. On that rhyming note, I'm clearly tired, and so both I and Ira will be heading off to sleep now.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Gaius takes one look at the sheets, and says "No. This is far too specific for our purposes. No part of our contract will be administered by a third party in any way. It's purpose is to set my expectations, and clearly define them. There is no authority beyond my own and the other signatories to enforce it." He looks around the now mostly empty tavern. "I'll wager aint anyone else round here willing to hire a tiefling cleric of Asmodeus anyway. My terms are fair enough. If you have a request or problem speak it plainly, this aint no court. I assure you, you'd find plenty of opportunities to do your Lord's work in The Red Hand."

I've been asking everyone to sign the same contract, not just the cleric of hell :P

Female HalfElf Cleric

"O Gaius, your contact nothing more than a pledge of allegiance to you as the signers absolute ruler, in signing one agrees to becomes nothing more than than chattel to you, with no recourse under any law but your own. You have all ready agreed to an amended contact, this is nothing more than that one more amended contract. I can not sign yours contact as it is for I all ready have one and masters and they would not take kindly to me signing myself over to another.

Rosa Places what at 1st looks to be her tattooed arm on the tabel but in fact seems to be some living moving thing under her body's skin.

If you wish to make your kingdom number, I offer this, I will for a time travel with you and observe your leadership skills, if I feel they are to hell's liking I can agree we can talk some more about yours and my contacts, if you do not feel you can agree to this, then I shall talk to others here now looking for held, what say you.

In Infernal she adds "Sister but keep an eye on our little king here, our lords and masters ask us for more than what he seeks.


Male Human Wizard / Level 1

All the commotion so far has been quite interesting for Amar. Different looking people and even goblin plus hobgoblin were in the tavern Strange people... and more strange creatures. Seems like this place attracts more than just normal "humans".

Lazily looking through his pages Amar stands up and grab his gear to move closer the table of others

Your contract I assume is about the expedition and seeking new placese in that hell burn place yes? Wondering if I could join or if there is still place? I am Amar and practitioner of "arts of universe" or just for short: magic, wizard and offers his hand for shaking.

Strange odors hovers around Amar and the black dress with golden runes twinkle in the light

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter)/1

Mierra looks to Gaius and whispers "My mother was a demon, but I have pledged myself to the hells and to Asmodeus, so I consider myself more of a devil in name only."

Mierra then notices Ira glancing at her from time to time, and wonders if she had met her at some time. She's about to get up and ask and then see's that everyone has swarmed her, and decides not to bother.

She smiles to Rosa after her exchange with Gaius, she speaks back in Infernal "Not to worry sister, I will watch him very carefully. But I will admit that it will be a comfort for you to company us. If Gaius will not sign that contract, what if I agree to be your employer for this adventure on our behalf? That would get us on with the adventure at least as it appears we will be racing another group."

Mierra gets up from her seat to return her empty glass of water, she switches back to common "And if our business is concluded, I will get some rest before we head out"

She nearly bumps into Amar as she gets up from the table.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rosa back in Infernal to Mierra, "I agree we have no need of a contact for we work for the same master who shall be lord of all, it would be good to travel with one of the faith, let this human have his dreams of kingship he may be of use to our master."

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter)/1

Mierra nods to Rosa, and resumes speaking in Infernal "Then it is agreed then sister, we will tame these wilds together in the name of our Father. She holds out her hand to Rosa.

Female HalfElf Cleric

She nods as Mierra get get up to go, then walks over to the wanted sign,
then in common, "I will be sleeping by the fire they do not have a bed that I can sleep on, wake me when its time. Rosa walks over to the down dying fire stokes it, she moves two tables and makes space for a ling bedroll and frame. she places her huge grate sword by her side and lays looking up at the roof opened eyed.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

"Long as you agree to take an equal share of the loot, and not to sell our secrets. Can't have no problems with slave takin' either. The reward for that bandit's only 100 crowns alive. Hell, we can make 40 or 50 a head for goblin slaves, easy. Not to mention once they're slavin' in chains somewheres they won't be robbin' folks no more." He pauses for a moment, then turning to include Amar he says, "Maybe the wording is somehow unclear. I am not your king, this is going to be a group venture. I simply seek to lead The Red Hand to glory, and a hand is nothing without four fingers. Together we will use those crimson digits to tear a kingdom out of the heart of this darkness." His eyes gleam a bit madly in the firelight, as the tieflings speak to each other in their devilish tongue. That hand might still have room for a thumb. He thinks, considering a certain small goblin. "If there's nothing else you three?" he says to Rosa, Mierra, Amar. "I'll head to bed now. We've got to start early in the morning"

Either way one of the groups is going to have 5 members. Chuffy is the swing vote!


Male Human Wizard / Level 1

The bumping with woman is avoided although close call I... apologize for the almost collision ma´am as Arwen nods to the the woman and raise his hand with palms visible.

To the Gaius Interesting... I do find the contract useful but regarding with all the hasle and how careful you have to be with them especially when you deal with beings from outside of this world... regarding contracts with more powerful beigns you have to be... precise what you want. I do only ask one thing if I join the party and hope to have... exclusive contract. Of course, I assume you can talk with others whom you have signed contract already: All the magical books and knowledge of ancient times will be given to me without expection.

HP 50/50; AC 23, (T 13, FF 20); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 3, CMD 17; init +3; cleric (theologian)/5 F gnome
diplomacy 9, heal 7, knowl history 6, knowl religion 6, linguistics 7, perception 13, sense motive 7, stealth 3, profession cook 9, spellcraft 4

Finn practically bounces into the common room of the tavern, surprised to see none of her prospective traveling companions up and about yet. She orders breakfast with a weak beer to wash it down while she waits. She is obviously prepared to leave on a moment's notice, her pack and all her traveling gear are with her.

She waves and smiles at the other party as they chat among themselves, but sits separately, alone for the time being.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Edit for clarification: This convo is still happening the previous night.

"All useful goods will be property of The Red Hand to be used by whoever can utilize them most fully. Since you are our only current arcanely-minded individual, they would be yours to use by default for as long as you stay with the group. Divine magic would currently go to Rosa." Gaius says in response to Amar.

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter)/1

Mierra laughs "Guess that means I get all the nice pretty armor, I could use some nice demonic armor!" She pats Gaius on the shoulder and heads over to the fireplace to sleep besides Rosa.


Male Human Wizard / Level 1

Tapping the board and thinking the situation Amar slowly nods Hm.. true. I will, so far, acknowledge the contract and write my name down Amar decides and grab the contract and write his name down

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

"I will do my best to make sure you don't regret it. That goes for all of you." He says indicating Mierra, Rosa and Amar. "With that, goodnight. We leave at first light." Not waiting for anymore talking, he heads upstairs and goes to sleep.

Fast forward to the next morning, a while before dawn

Gaius slinks quietly downstairs before the first cock has crowed. He goes over to the fire and nudges Rosa awake gently. "Rise and shine sweetheart. Soon as those other two are down here, we hit the road."

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter)/1

Mierra wakes up from her nap in front of the fireplace and tries not to disturb Rosa. She grumbles at Gaius and rubs sleep from her eyes, gets up and heads over to the bar. She orders a single glass of sweet red wine to perk herself up. She takes up her glass, downs the glass of wine in one shot, and puts down the glass.

She pats Finn on the head as she walks back to her table and sits down and gestures for Gaius to join her "We might as well have something to eat before everyone gets down and we head out"

Female Hungerseed Tiefling Wild Rager 1

Ira comes downstairs a little while after Fion. She takes a seat by the gnome and also has a small breakfast. Not making any attempt at conversation, she stares at her food and chews loudly.

Ira has no sense of this being a competition, besides the fact that she doesn't care for tieflings in general. If the other party has already left, this does not concern her nor hurry her breakfast.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rosa see Finn come bounding in and get his brake fast, She has not moved from the night before her open eyes still staring up, now she ends her contemplation. "Time has passed, I feel it, the Gnome is back, that means a night has passed, I must get up and start my tasks, free me for the day so I may do my work" for a moment the tattoos on her face shimmer and shift then fade almost from view. Rosa stands and rolls up her bedding, she tucks it away into her backpack and moves the tables back into place. She throws some logs onto the last embers of the fire she holds them in place until the fire starts to take. Rosa Riches out and picks up her grate sword and walks over to the Gnome. Waking Mierra she says

Time to get up,[b/]

Then to the Bar keep [b]Broth and bread for two
she flips a silver onto the counter as she sits down next to the Gnome.
"I hope you night went well Fionn Haranel, do you have any idea when the others may awaken?

HP 50/50; AC 23, (T 13, FF 20); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 3, CMD 17; init +3; cleric (theologian)/5 F gnome
diplomacy 9, heal 7, knowl history 6, knowl religion 6, linguistics 7, perception 13, sense motive 7, stealth 3, profession cook 9, spellcraft 4

"Good morning, Mierra! Did you sleep well?" the irrepressible Finn asks as Mierra pats her on the head.

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter)/1

Mierra shurgs at Finn and waves to Rosa, "As well as I can, I don't usually sleep much when I am away from home. I'm used to much warmer environments"

She orders a bunt of bread with some cheese and onions and takes it over to her table, she gathers up her things and pack and gets everything ready to leave.

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