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Eternal Horizons - Fallsvale Tavern (Inactive)

Game Master Jacob DeCourcey

This is where players in the eternal horizons campaign all come together to plot out their adventures.

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This is where you form parties and decide where to journey to in character.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Since you haven't stated otherwise I'm going to assume that we are literally in a tavern of some sort.

Sitting in a booth by himself is a tall, mostly naked hobgoblin. Though he must stand over six foot, his lean body is hard and wiry. Clothed in a simple skirt that ends at mid-thigh and a pair of sandals it is easy to see that much of his grey-green flesh is covered in thick black hair. His face is striking for a goblinoid, rimmed about with a beard. His narrowed eyes take in the room as he nurses a largish drink. Resting on the table is a handwritten sign in common. It says Seeking lawfully minded partners for expedition to subjugate wilderness

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

Fionnbharanel ("Finn") almost bounces into the tavern, wearing a sun-blazoned tunic over her chain shirt. She bears a small scimitar at her belt and a small crossbow slung over her back. Her blue-black hair flounces as she walks and her grey eyes flash from patron to patron. Finally her gaze falls on Gaius and his sign. She reads and smiles slightly. Finn walks over to Gaius' table and climbs onto a human-sized seat, her short gnomish legs not quite reaching to the ground. "Hi there. I'm Finn. I'm not particularly lawful minded, but I agree some order is needed from time to time, especially in a totally chaotic environment like the wilderness. I'll bet you could use a healer on your adventures. Hey, Barkeep! I'd like an ale please! So what do you say?" She changes who she is talking to as fast as she talks, switching from Gaius to the barkeep back to Gaius again in a flash. She turns a winning smile to Gaius and awaits his answer.

Switched her alignment to NG so she can adventure more logically with all these lawful types.

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter)/1

Mierra gives the tavern door a shift kick with her boot as she enters the tavern. She bows her head slightly to allow her horns from striking the top of the door frame. She checks her two urumi's that are wound around her waste as she sneers at the barkeep and tavern "locals".

Mierra glances over to a small pair, and see's what appears to be a hobgoblin and a gnome and sighs as she reads the sign, her eyes light up as she reads the word "subjugate"

She appears to think something over before turning herself towards the table with the pair. She draws herself up to her full height of 6'1 as she strolls over.

"If you need something subjugated , I'm your woman. I have a... talent for subjugation" She smiles with her teeth as she sits down at the booth

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

The blue-haired gnome pipes up immediately after Mierra sits down, "Hi, I'm Finn... cleric of Sarenrae and aspiring adventurer. A pleasure to meet you, Miss Subjugator. Like I was telling tall, dark and gruesome here, I'm not much into law or chaos, I like a balance of the two, but I am a healer with a knack for making fire as well. I'd be good to have along on a foray into the wilderness!"

She takes a deep breath, followed by a sip of her ale. "You're very tall... nice horns, too. You must be a tiefling. I've heard of you before, but I've never met one. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter)/1

Mierra smile fades as she takes in the gnome with boundless energy, she may need to drink a potion of haste to be able to keep up with her.

"You seem to have a lot of energy; are all gnomes so... excitable?" Mierra laughs to herself. "Little Finn, you may call me Mierra. I consider myself an enforcer for my master. I believe you might know him, he's worked with Sarenrae before."

Mierra takes out the necklace that was ducked away inside her armor and shows the pentagram symbol to Finn. "No need to worry about your fire around me, I was born of it". Mierra smiles again with all of her teeth.

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

Finn smiles at Mierra. "Excitable? I'm not sure I'd call myself that, but yes I guess I do have a lot of energy. I'm looking forward to searching the west marches with a good group of adventuring types. This should be enlightening and enriching at the same time. I've taken no vow of poverty yanno." She gives Mierra a little wink.

She looks at the pentagram and her face takes on a thoughtful expression. "They did indeed work together in the past, bringing down the beast and binding it. No reason why we can't do the same. Work together that is." Her eyes sparkle again and she grins happily, sipping her ale.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Gauis takes them both in with a somewhat bored expression on his face, then issues a grunt. "Name's Gauis, read this over." He reaches over to a stack of birch bark, with crude charcoal writing on it. It looks similar to the sign. He takes one leaf and shoves it across the table to rest between the Gnome and the Tiefling. It reads as follows:

Birch Bark Leaflet:

  • You will submit to the leadership of Gaius Vekkhar
  • All sentient beings encountered on the expedition will either submit to our authority, or be subjugated for use as chattel.
  • All material goods found will be held in common, to be utilized by whoever can use them best. Currency will be divided evenly.
  • Nothing discovered will be shared (locations, or information included) with anyone outside the group, except via sale as controlled by Gaius. Proceeds will be split evenly.
  • Once signed on, leaving the group will be punishable by death. As will hoarding, thieving, rapine, or breaking the above rules.

    Sign here _________

"If you're still interested feel free to sign at the line. We leave town once I feel the group is strong enough." After that he lapses back into silence.

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter)/1

Mierra looks down at the bark leaflet and laughs lightly to herself. She takes one of her long fingernails and taps the first point on the "contract"

"I'm afraid I don't submit to the leadership of anyone that I don't know or admire" She continues to tap ths first point as she thinks for a moment. "Answer me this Gauis, would you have signed this contract if I was the first one here and had my name as the leader?"

Mierra takes her long nail and begins to scratch out parts of the leaflet between her and Finn, she then carefully scratches in an amemdement and passes it back to Gauis. The contract now reads as You will accept the leadership of Gaius Vekkhar on a trial basis until he proves himself a wortly leader

Mierra smiles down at the hobgoblin "Do we have a deal?"

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

Finn laughs a little as she reads the note... and nods to Mierra as she speaks. "I have to agree with Mierra here, Gaius. Your leadership skills are untested, as far as we're concerned. I might be willing to sign on with you as a trial leader though. One more thing too... point five. Should have an exit clause, stating the agreement is only for while we are in the Marches. Once we return to Fallsvale, we are free to separate, leave the group, even go adventure with others.... or stay with the group as we please. I won't sign up for anything that's a lifetime commitment, which is what this contract is pretty much asking for." She smiles winningly at Gaius and Mierra, then shrugs.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

He looks first to Mierra. "That is a reasonable point. I do have a plan, or at least the outline of one. I do not seek to own you, that is for others. I seek only status as first amongst equals, in order to raise us up to our rightful places of dominion. The ability to set the agenda as it were. You will find me a very hands off leader, especially with people of your caliber." Turning to Fionn he says, "You may leave the group, but you may never share the information or resources gained while with the group. If you choose to leave, you forfeit your portion of the wealth as well."

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter)/1

Mierra thinks for a moment and looks down at her birch bark leaflet. "As long as you accept my amended contract, I have no issue with you wanting to be first among equals."

Mierra takes the index finger on her right hand and pricks the tip against one of her urumi's that are wrapped around her waist. She places her bloody finger upon the line at the bottom and signs her name. Her bloody quickly fades into the birch and glows slightly like if on fire. Her signature is now clearly burnt into the bark.

Mierra nods slightly "With that business concluded, I'm getting a drink". She heads over to the bartender to get herself a drink.

Male Human Lion Shaman 1

A man preceded by his musty scent, Tensen approaches the table where he sees a few individuals talking about an exploration into the wilds. His vivid green eyes look over each of them standing there, seemingly sizing them up. He shakes some of the dirt and twigs out of his untamed shoulder length blonde hair before picking up the contract and giving it a read.

"Hmm.. You think you even know the first thing about the wilderness? Answer me this, hobgoblin, what makes you so certain you are strong enough to subjugate it? How much time have you spent out there, really?" Tensen stands impatiently, continuing to try and assess Gaius' strength.

As you all discuss your plans, a uniformed man storms into the tavern and slaps a poster on the wall next to a crudely sketched map of what must be the Horizons. The poster says:


For the capture of Bawldok Greenham.
100 Crowns alive, 50 dead.
Wanted for larceny, murder, and general vagrancy.

The map has an unlabeled town squished between mountains, clearly representing Fallsvale, and a large X a ways off in the forest.

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

"Well, Gaius, I can appreciate a 'first among equals' basis, of course you've got to prove your worth, but you've the look and aura about you that you might well be able to pull it off. I'm willing to give you a try, under the amended agreement as discussed."

Finn pulls out a quill pen and ink and signs her name.

"May our first foray into the wilderness prove to be the first of many," she says with a smile.

She turns to Mierra and says, "You and I should discuss our spell selections to coordinate without too much overlap. That would seem the wisest course of action, anyway, if you're willing of course." She obviously doesn't mean to dictate action, but to suggest it only.

Finn looks over at Tensen and smiles at him warmly. "Hello, another tall-folk it seems, looking for adventure." She looks Tensen over and blinks, wrinkling her nose slightly. He could use a bath though... I wonder if he'd mind if I did a little prestidigitation on him... well, not without asking, but he could use it, nonetheless.

Finally, when the uniformed one walks in, she turns to look.. "Excuse me a minute," then hops off her chair to go over and read the poster. After reading the poster she returns and climbs back up on the human-sized chair and sits dangling her legs.

"Well, there's a reward for capturing a criminal... Something to do in the wilderness, a start anyway. Who knows what else might be found along the way. She looks over at Gaius to gauge his reaction.

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter)/1

Mierra wrinkles her nose slightly at the new comer and looks down to Finn. "Spells? Mierra shakes her head and unfurls her urumi's, her twin sword whips, "These are my spells, and the only thing I need!"

Mierra follows Finn over to the board to reads the notice. "A live capture is usually difficult. If we get more bodies to join us, it might be possible. But there is still a reward for a dead body!" Mierra smiles at that.

She grabs her drink and heads back over to the table, wrinkling her nose again as she passes the newcomer. "Hey Finn, you got any holy water you can splash on our new friend here?

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

my bad, Mierra - I had you confused with Rosa, ignore the comment about spells lol

No holy water on me, but I do have a prestidigitation spell that might alleviate the aura about him... but I hesitate to use it unasked.

She turns to Tensen. "Hello there, I'm Finn and well, there's a ... well, to be honest... you're not fresh as a daisy, if you don't mind me being forward. I can fix that in a jiffy if you don't mind... It'll take just a few seconds and doesn't involve water or anything, if you've an aversion or anything like that. Please don't take offense, but you are in a public place, yanno... " She trails off, as if aware she's probably said too much, but she gives Tensen her most winning smile.

Male Human Lion Shaman 1

Tensen lets out a booming laugh as the two comment on his scent. "If your nose is already bothered, you will hardly last any time out there. I am Tensen, a shaman raised among lions. Lillith, my companion, sits outside eager to hunt. And if you think I have a strong scent, wait until you break camp with an animal for weeks on end! I will not linger here long - just long enough to gather companions for a hunt."

Tensen glances over at the posted capture request and smiles down at Finn. "Even a small one like you thirsts for adventure, it seems. If you are leaving promptly I will join, as soon as I get an answer from he would who lead. Fear not, small one, I have many doubts that the powers I call upon would overlap those given to you by your gods."

Male small aasimar (angelkin) Paladin (Shining Knight) 3 smite evil 1/1 LoH 5/5 Std action heal 2/2 AC 23[21 no shield) touch 12, flat-footed 22(20 no shield) CMD 18 Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +6

A gnome with a lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) mask strolls in. The mask in the form of a lion and tiger together - a Ligre if you will. It obviously took Gimlet hours to get the shading on the eyes right.

"I am a master of the wild sorcery. I leave to hunt Bawldok now. Fionn, you seem to be able to heal, I can buff and incapacitate, let's grab some nongnomes and get on the road."

"Tensen and his companion and Mierra look to be good targets of my spell that puts them almost ten times their original mass. I am leaving as soon as two or more say they are in. I want to be in the FIRST group to claim a bounty. WHO IS READY?"

"By the way, it is Gnome versus wild, I only carry a single dagger and my magical arts."

Gimlet grabs a quick drink and looks at the poster.

"Tensen, can you get us there?"

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

Finn whispers to Mierra "I think that was a 'no thanks'."

Then she turns back to Tensen with her usual smile. You have a lion?... that's so neat. Can I meet her? Does she like gnomes? In a good way, not in a dinner way, I mean."

When Gimlet enters she grinz and waves him over. "Hello fellow gnome. What's your name? I'm Fionnbharanel, but everyone calls me Finn. It's good to meet an arcane caster and adventuring together sounds good... but Gaius here wants to be in charge, so we kinda agreed to go with him and let him say he's in 'first among equals'. But it looks like maybe we can get a group together despite him. Let's see what happens. He's been quiet for a while now."

Male Human Lion Shaman 1

Tensen gives the new gnome with the Ligre mask a strange look before giving him a big smile. "A strange combination of animals, but both are fierce predators! If you do them justice I will most certainly set out with you. My skills in the wild are unrivaled - I can get us anywhere we need to be and keep us safe along the way."

He turns his attention back to Finn. "She is outside, yes you can meet her once we are ready to go. She is a proud warrior, but is often playful and would give you a ride if you dared to hop on.." he trails off and gives Finn a wink.

"Although the two of you are small, you seem to have the heart of a lion! I would go out with this strange masked gnome who has yet to introduce himself, and Finn as well should you choose. A man who hides behind papers to protect himself is not much a man at all, and this hobgoblin is quickly losing friends.. Shall we strike out right away? Or shall we wait on another to accompany us?"

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter)/1

Mierra looks at the exchange between the two gnomes and the smelly human from her seat at the table. She finishes her glass of water and adjusts her two urumi's around her waist. She glances to Finn and Tensen.

"I'm afraid that I already signed on with the illustrous Gaius here, and I keep my word, even if it costs me. Without order we would have chaos, and my master Asmodeus has tasked me with keeping order."

Mierra looks specifically to Finn. "I am not certain that Sarenrae has the same code of ethics, but if you leave with this group, then I wish you luck on your travels." She stands up to grab another glass of water, making sure to draw herself up to her full height of 6'1, her height augmented by her horns. She smiles at the group as she passes, making sure to show all of her teeth, almost seeming to snarl.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Looking at Mierra, Gaius smiles and says "You made the right choice." Turning to Finn he says, "You just signed a contract little one. That is binding. You owe me at least one expedition, or you have formed a blood-enemy before even setting out." Taking in Tensen, stench and all he says, "Subjugate the wilderness is merely a figure of speech my leonine friend. It is impossible to 'tame' nature, and that would be a fool's errand. I seek to bring order and some form of industry or productive society to the Horizons. One with your skills would be well met."

He considers the Reward poster for a moment. "It is unlikely that a bandit dangerous enough to require a reward will be working alone. Step one of The Plan is to aquire some slaves...Yes, I had hope for some Goblins or Kobolds as the first test of our group. But this will do nicely."

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Standing up and coming right up to Tensen's face, their noses almost touching Gauis flashes his incisors and growls for a second. "I hide behind no papers. If you are so eager to hunt, sign your blood and lets be off. The four of us and a lion can certainly handle some bandits." Turning to look down at Gimlet he says, "As for you, we have no need of any clowns."

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

"Well, we could all go together, the five of us... how would that work?" Finn shrugs and smiles, as she usually does. "And as for signing on with you, I agree, I might owe you one expedition, but we also said it was revokable at any time, with loss of one's share which there hasn't been any yet... but that's beside the point, since I think we could all go together and make a fine team... two fighters, a shaman, a sorceror and a cleric. Who could stand against us?"

She looks at Mierra and gives a sheepish little smile. Sarenrae has ethics, but perhaps not the same code that you follow. But personally, I don't see why we can't make one group and all go together."

assuming Jacob will allow a group of five to adventure together rather than just groups of 4

"Gaius, I don't believe he's a clown at all, and having a sorceror among us can only be helpful."

Male small aasimar (angelkin) Paladin (Shining Knight) 3 smite evil 1/1 LoH 5/5 Std action heal 2/2 AC 23[21 no shield) touch 12, flat-footed 22(20 no shield) CMD 18 Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +6

15 player max/3 parties max = 5 So I don't know what the three characters do if four parties of 3 are out?

"Asmodeus is not a friend of mine. I have found the devil and his followers to be quite.....nongood."

I could let a 5-spot slide this time. Usually I prefer 4, so just know that, if you aren't posting pretty regularly, I may just move on if the situation dictates.

As you discuss your plots, a grizzled, one-armed, hooded man in the corner pipes up in a gravelly voice. If you're going out west, your going to want some information. I'm the only person I know to ever come back from the wilderness. I haven't gone far, but I know things.

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter)/1

Mierra laughs upon hearing Gimlet's comment. She strolls back over to the booth with her full glass of water. She touches Gaius on the shoulder and tries to grab his attention from his stare down with Tensen. "Calm, we don't need any blood shed before the expedition"

She places her glass of water down on the floor in front of Gimlet and leans down so that they are closer. She places her fingers into the water glass and slowly begins to twirl them. The water around her fingers slowly begins to steam. She looks down at Gimlet with a smile.

"I am a devil, and Asmodeus is my master. If you are unsettled by individuals who are Non-Good, then I would suggest that you stay away from Gaius and myself. We both think of the World in different terms then do-gooders "

Mierra's eyes snap up at the new speaker. She gathers up the glass of water and walks over to the table of the old man. "And just how much gold are you going to charge for this information?! hmmm?

Male Goblin Ranger 1

Chuffy sidles over to the one-armed man, What took your arm? Was it the wilderness? What information? What's out there? Who are you? Why are you telling us?

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Replying to Finn, Gaius says,"Then why is he wearing a mummer's mask? Also, he didn't even bother to read the contract, and has shown no interest. Apparently he doesn't have a name either." Gaius turns to regard Gimlet. "Well 'master of sorcery' are you even interested in joining my enterprise? Do you have a name?" He turns back to Fionn and raises one eyebrow. "Yes, I agreed you could leave the expedition so long as you did not benefit from it. However, my intent was not that you would do so in less time than it took your signature to dry. The fact that you even considered such a fickle move makes me wonder if I shouldn't strike your name out myself. Are you even reliable?"

Since this is a play by post game I'm going on the assumption that this is all happening in about thirty seconds to a minute of game time. Gaius would have responded to them immeadiately, but I live in China and was sleeping. You have to give people a little time to respond in PBP. Also Gaius sees Gimlet as bouncing in and trying to scalp his new recruits, which he basically is doing. More power to him too, Gaius is not for everybody :P

Ahem...I charge no fee for my knowledge. I am but a simple tavern patron with a large repository of rumors about the world we live in. You may call me "Trope." As for my arm, it was the bugbear. He could have killed me, but he ripped off my good arm instead. The blasted thing did it just to spite me.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Seeing Chuffy for the first time, Gaius calls out "Və az cousin, bir padşah olmaq üçün maraqlı ola bilər?" Waving him over to read the contract.


"And you little cousin, might you be interested in becoming a king?"

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

"Not a friend of mine in particular either, but the dark one and the Dawnflower did work together to take down and bind the Beast. I could work with one of his minions for a joint cause from time to time. And I'm a do-gooder, too, Mierra, but I care not for law or chaos... If this is going to be a problem, then perhaps it is best if I go with them, Gaius willing of course. Perhaps we could find you another cleric of more suitable leanings for your group, and then it will all be no-harm, no-foul for all." Finn takes a sip of her ale and continues. I still think the five of us could work together for one journey at least - to find this miscreant Bawldok. I think we are all of a mind that he is worth bringing in to face justice, whether it's for the law, or the good of it, does it matter if share the same goal? If it doesn't turn out that we can work together, then we can amicably split up when we return to town."

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Gaius leans over and scratches Finn's name off the contract. "It seems like your commitment is less than complete. I understand if you would rather have your options open, but I will not tolerate it in my group. We will have the strength of unity. Your offer to work together one time is interesting, I would consider a separate one-time contract for such an arrangement." He turns to Mierra and says, "Acceptable?" Looking back at Tensen he says, "You however are a man of the caliber I need. I can promise you endless ever-greater hunts, and position of respect within the pride. I am willing to make other promises as well, if it is required to command your loyalty."

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

Finn sighs and shrugs... "As you will, Gaius... perhaps we may end up working together in the future anyway. We'll see. I go where Sarenrae leads me. Obviously it's not with you this trip."

She hops down off her seat and walks over to Gimlet and sits down with him for just a moment. "Well, it seems like we are on our own unless Tensen decides to join us. I hope he does... I would love to ride a lion! That sounds exciting!" She sounds like her usual chipper self again as she talks about the lion.

Finn hops off her seat again and walks over to Trope and sits down at his table. "I'd hear what you have to tell about the west as well, friend Trope, and if you won't have payment, at least let me buy you a drink. What'll you have?"

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

Looking at the small masked Gnome he is still unsure what to call him. "Devil? Good and evil? Pfah! Concepts for children. There is only your Will and the universe out there seeking to prevent you from exercising it. Gods are simply powerful beings unafraid to exercise their Wills on lesser creatures. Best of luck to you Master of Sorcery." He then turns his attention back to Tensen and the Goblin speaking with Trope.

Trope. Hehehehehe, good one.

Male Human Lion Shaman 1

Tensen snorts derisively at Gaius, not backing down an inch. "You would do well to watch how you speak to me. Out in the wilds the predator can quickly become prey.. I will not sign your paper. I see you carry a bow - so you hide behind not only paper but the real fighters as well."

Tensen crouches down next to the masked gnome. "I would have your name. And then, we set out with Finn and Lillith. It would be wise if we could grab the company of one more... But it sounds like we may have a race on our hands! Especially if that coward thinks he has what it takes to tame the beast that is the wilderness, hahaha! I will happily take us out that way."

His wild green eyes float over to the new goblinoid that was excitedly questioning Trope. "With all that chatter you may well fit in with the other small ones I seem to be setting out with. You have the scent of somebody who knows the wilderness, join us and make this adventure even easier than it needs to be!"

Tensen takes a seat next to Finn and listens to what advice Trope may have about venturing out west.

Well at least now there is no party of 5 :P

Male Goblin Ranger 1

Možno. Najprv mi dovoľte, aby som sa tieto dva trpaslíkmi, a trochu sa pobaviť. Goblin legrace.

Maybe. First let me take these two gnomes out and have some fun. Goblin fun.

Hopping to and fro between Fionn and Gimlet How about the three of us, huh? Moolah for munchkins! GG, Goblin and Gnomes! 4' tunnels all the way!

Looking at the looming Tensen Your vertical challenge could be an issue, but I would hate to separate Nose and Lilith. They were meant to be.

Yeah, I had to have a way to pass on a few rumors and hooks, and I figured I might as well embrace the silliness rather than try to sidestep it.

Trope says Gather round, gather round! Now, when you leave the city, you can go straight west into goblin territory. That's where I spent my days, and if I could make a bet on it, I'd say that's where Bawldok would camp out, too. Most safe. That not to say there's no adventure there, though. I've heard of rare, powerful herbs deep in that forest, and the goblins sometimes talk of an abandoned mansion on an island in the river to the far west of their woods. Anyway, north of the goblins is the orcs. They're mean, but somehow tamed. They don't just rampage the countryside like they ought. South of here is where the Gnolls stay. I'd steer clear of there 'till you got a few skulls on your pikes. Them gnolls are little devils. And sometimes you can even hear a terrible roar coming from down that way, too. I've never even been down there, let alone explored it. I think that's enough to get you started. I'll always be here if you have any questions or something.

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

Finn is sitting over with Trope, not with Gimlet, right now

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

"So west is goblin territory, northwest is orcs and southwest is gnolls. Good to know. Well, you'd be welcome to join us, friend goblin, if that's what you want. As Tensen says, you have the look about you of someone who knows the wilderness. And having someone along who speaks the language would be helpful as well."

Finn has no sense motive, but I'll try it anyway 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23 omg i got a great roll, something tells me Chuffy's offer was less than sincere. Am I right?

Male Goblin Ranger 1

Excitedly I am wilderness! And there are goblins, and I'm a goblin! And we can that you are a goblin, and Mask is goblin! Nobody will expect gnomes! Then we can be sneaky about it.

Oh who said chuffy wasn't sincere. Goblins have all kinds of fun. It could be totally sincere. Or.... I could be lying to you, or to Gaius. Who knows, maybe even Chuffy doesn't know.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

"Ikiqat agentləri ikiqat ödəmək almaq" Gaius says to Chuffy with a grin. "Necə zəng edir?"


"Double agents get double pay." and "How shall I call you?"

Edit:PS, where did you get the wolf? Is it just a normal wolf that follows you?

HP 40/40; AC 19, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 2, CMD 13; init +1; perc +13 F gnome cleric (theologian)/4

"I don't think pretending to be goblins would work. I'm not good at pretending, I don't speak the language, and I don't see the point, yanno? Besides, I don't think Sarenrae would like it much." Finn shrugs and gives Chuffy a little half-smile, still trying to figure out if he's for real, or just pulling her leg.

She looks over at Gimlet and says, "Eifo werdwe wofie sleipne grashnik. Hifon oifej whieofhe weoir vlokno Gaius om grashnom"

"I'm not sure I trust the goblin. He's hiding something, he keeps talking to Gaius in goblinish."

Male Goblin Ranger 1

answer in discussion
Laughing Double je dvakrát tak dobrý. Straka. Ak chcete hovoriť súkromne, spýtajte sa miestneho barmana na "pivo", miesto beer.

Double is twice as good. Magpie. If you want to talk privately, just ask the barkeep for 'beer' instead of beer.

It would totally work. Trust me, no plan I've made has killed be yet. What do you think on the name though. It's really important, especially if we have a belly with us.

HP 38 | AC 25 | T 14 | FF 18 | CMD 21 | F +6 | R +6 | W +1 | Init +3 | Per +8

The best part is I'm speaking Azerbaijani and you're replying in Slovak. lmao. What a fun little tavern.

"Şeyi getmək harada biz görəcəksiniz. Indi üçün, Gnommen ilə Əylən və nə edə bilərsiniz məlumat. Qələbə, əmisi oğlu!"


"We'll see where things go. For now, have your fun with the Gnomes and learn what you can. Victory, cousin!"

Female Hungerseed Tiefling Wild Rager 1

A a young woman of indiscriminate race and definite oddity walks through the door of the tavern. She's not particularly tall, but her armor, muscles, and tattoos, together with the greatsword on her back, make her rather imposing. Despite the variety in the tavern's occupants she manages to look out of place, and she looks as though she's not particularly comfortable with that. Her eyes have strange coloration, and some of the many tattoos on her face and arms appear to be natural skin coloring.

Perception DC 10:

The woman's tattooed face shows obvious anxiety, and her hands clutch at the sides of her battered and heavy looking armor. She seems reluctant to be in the tavern at all.

She walks shyly between the tables of the tavern, not seeming to trust herself to look anywhere but the floor, and stands in front of the wanted poster. She continues to stare at it for a full minute or so, as if she's not used to reading words.

Psst, hi Jevon.

Male small aasimar (angelkin) Paladin (Shining Knight) 3 smite evil 1/1 LoH 5/5 Std action heal 2/2 AC 23[21 no shield) touch 12, flat-footed 22(20 no shield) CMD 18 Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +6

Gimlet spits in his hand and shakes with Tensen, "I look forward to seeing what your companion can do much larger. I am Gimlet Bravo, sorceror and dragonkin. A handshake and our word as bond is good enough for me."

"Finn, the signing contracts type of arrangement can be dangerous when dealing with Asmodeus. Always read the fine print."

Gimlet looks Chuffy up and down and speaks, "It is dangerous to judge by stature alone. Would you be up to being our scout and keeping us magic types from walking into trouble?"

Male Goblin Ranger 1

Indeed. Azerjaijani is a turkish language, right? Hmm, switch to same language family or just let goblin have really awesome racial dialects. So, what are those sneaky gnomes using. Never can trust a gnome.

The barkeep shouts Last call! I'm goin' to bed!

For simplicity's sake, we are assuming that you all have paid for rooms and food. We won't track that.

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