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Elven team in Campaign Elves vs Dwarves -- Dwarves and Gnomes Keep Out (Inactive)

Game Master Chainmail

An old school homebrew campaign for a party of Elves. They will interact with a party of dwarves on an increasing basis.
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Yes there are a hell of a lot of choices, hence you choose a character and then get going, developing it as you go along. Don't forget that Pathfinder gives you bonuses for single classing in the form of the keystone abilities. I know that this campaign might never get that high, but there is still no harm in being the best you can.

As far as sea elves go, we have regular contact with one who ferries us around and is pretty awesome. I suspect that that question is behind the spoiler tags now.

Talon Moonwalker wrote:

Yes there are a hell of a lot of choices, hence you choose a character and then get going, developing it as you go along. Don't forget that Pathfinder gives you bonuses for single classing in the form of the keystone abilities. I know that this campaign might never get that high, but there is still no harm in being the best you can.

As far as sea elves go, we have regular contact with one who ferries us around and is pretty awesome. I suspect that that question is behind the spoiler tags now.

Hey, I gots lots a character...t'is workin' whut class t'be takin' whut's causin' me some hassles. :P

Okeys, got's a page up an' dunn'in.

Bard/Fighter be okay with folks?

Nothin' permanent at th' moment.

Sounds fine to me, put it up and lets go lol

Sounds good. Might want to go with a wood elf.

A lot of possibilities with that. Take a look at the spells and cantrips we usually have and plug a hole or 2. You'll always find use for a little CLW, and you have the skills to be a passable face.

And we always need some muscle, so fighter is great.

Okeys, should be ready to play by next time some one reads this. (^_^)

Also, ready fer me lead in an' introduction, type thing. (^_^)

Sorry fer bein' th' bother, but how's HP workin' out agin'?

DM Chainmail, A question of 'Size':
Okay...and I apologize for being...weird, but can I have/start with a pair of 'small' (As in built for half-ling/Gnome sized) Elven curved blades? happy to take the -2 for being 'weird sized' and such, along with the lesser damage (Again for being 'smaller' weapons) But wielding two of the things? Since, now, they become effectively 1Handed weapons?

Curve blade, elven(Small): 160 gp, Dam: 1d8,Crit: 18–20/x2, Weight: 4 lbs.

Sorry if this request rubs you the wrong way. I have made a similar proposal to another DM where in I have another character and they knocked this idea on the head.

Much cheers to you and yours.

Let me think about it. I am a big fan of scimitars (Drizzt uses them and he is an elf) so don't want to make something that makes them look silly. Don't get me started on falcatas.

Now I assume you want these curved blades to be designated light, which is not going to happen. Even a scimitar isn't considered light.

Fek no, I dun't need 'em t'be 'light' (I prefers a Stout, by-th'-by).

Am happy with 'em bein' whut they is by the rules. (^_~)

T'is jus' not somat whut be usual...or 'normal' all...

Hence me askin' yer feed back an' input, as be yer right an' requirement as th' hard workin' Dm o' things.

Much cheers t'ye an' yours.

A kukri is 1d4 crit on a 18-20.
A scimitar is a curved blade 1d6 crit on 18-20.
Sorry, can't see a small curved elven blade. Dual wielded kukri knifes can be quite fun :-)

DM Chainmail:
Ah...but there is a listing for a 'small' curved blade. You can see the stats in the same line as the listing for a 'medium' one in the Core Rule Book. (^_^)

Stats: Curve blade, elven ,Price:80 gp , Damage(Small):1d8, Damage(medium): 1d10, CritRange: 18–20/x2, Weight: 7 lbs, Type: S,

Now, I can also understand you saying no and am happy to adjust the page accordingly. So, other than this little debating point, the page -hence character- is goo to go?

Much cheers to you and yours.


The answer is in the Od20 website. -2 to use a small curved elven sword as an elf since you have proficiency and since it is small you can use it one hand. Maybe better to use a scimitar?

Weapon Size

Every weapon has a size category. This designation indicates the size of the creature for which the weapon was designed.

A weapon's size category isn't the same as its size as an object. Instead, a weapon's size category is keyed to the size of the intended wielder. In general, a light weapon is an object two size categories smaller than the wielder, a one-handed weapon is an object one size category smaller than the wielder, and a two-handed weapon is an object of the same size category as the wielder.

Inappropriately Sized Weapons: A creature can't make optimum use of a weapon that isn't properly sized for it. A cumulative –2 penalty applies on attack rolls for each size category of difference between the size of its intended wielder and the size of its actual wielder. If the creature isn't proficient with the weapon, a –4 nonproficiency penalty also applies.

The measure of how much effort it takes to use a weapon (whether the weapon is designated as a light, one-handed, or two-handed weapon for a particular wielder) is altered by one step for each size category of difference between the wielder's size and the size of the creature for which the weapon was designed. For example, a Small creature would wield a Medium one-handed weapon as a two-handed weapon. If a weapon's designation would be changed to something other than light, one-handed, or two-handed by this alteration, the creature can't wield the weapon at all.

DM Chainmail:
*nods* Aye, I have the workings for that/those penalties factored on the character page. Am happy to wear the negatives etc. SO...we both seem to be on 'the same page', are you okay with the character having the weapons?

Much cheers to you and yours. (^_^)

Is Suny ready? We can work Suny in anytime now.

*Nods* Yuppers! Suny is ready to plaaaaay! (^_^)

Sorry I missed your question, was working.

So I hear from Brask that you folks could use a frontliner. Is this still true?

Shadow Lodge

I heard much the same, from the same fine individual.

Indeed, I am sure Chainmail would like another frontliner. I play Wil the Paladin, who has mainly averaged stats and alot of curing ability, I was aiming for Hospitallar but the archetype isn't allowed as of yet. So I am heavily armored with average combat ability. :)

Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing what you come up with :D

Doomed Hero here with my (somewhat unusual) submission.

Background fully detailed in the profile. Mechanics to come once I figure out what the point buy is (I can't seem to find that info).

I'll need GM approval on either the Eldritch Heritage feat, the Fiendish template or the Half-Fiend template (for an ECL or Wealth cost. I'd be fine with any template or cost)

Let us see - Party = Ranged ranger, paladin, fighter/bard, wizard.

First - Core only - so cleric is definitely needed.

Barbarian/fighter/rogue or a combination of them is desired.

I was interested in playing a fighter (I think I'll take 2 levels of Monk at some point, but really I'm just a fighter).

Shadow Lodge

A cleric is needed? Very well, I shall work up a core-only cleric. Back in a moment.

EDIT: question. How many slots are open in the party? Because if Doomed Hero and I are both in, I would prefer making an archer cleric to making a front-lining cleric. If, however, we are to compete for a spot, you need the front-liner more than you need another archer, and I'd spec for that.

Both are in. Full party is six. Build to be level 2 -- level 3 is coming up fairly soon. Max hp at first, HD/2+1 each after

Note: Elves can choose +2STR; +2DEX; -2CON and be wood elves. Recommended for cleric and fighter builds as 15 pts is all you get.

Note also: No traits but a full extra feat including some sweet campaign feats.

So, no traits but one more feat at start. Players may choose to add one or more to their beginning feats (a fighter could pick all of them)

Luck of Lady Ciedrel- The Blessing of the Lady grants +1 to AC (touch, save and FF) as well as +1 to all saves). Upon a circumstance of death, an immediate appeal to above may (very rarely) stay your death. In this case, you are restored to perfect condition, but all the benefits of this feat are lost to you forever. This feat is only available at level one.

Elven Caster you receive +1 to DC of ALL spells you cast (arcane and divine) and +1 to all rolls to overcome magic resistance. This feat may only be taken at level one.

Elven Dodge. Has the same bonus as dodge, has no DEX requirement, but will stack quite well with the regular dodge feat. This feat is only available at level one.

Chainmail, can I get your thoughts on my background?


I'll need some information about a powerful evil guy that Azlain could have worked for at some point.

I also need your thoughts on a demon-ish template or the Edritch Heritage feat.

The campaign is retro and old school. Eldritch Heritage is non-core and any archetype would be non-core. Wil the paladin is concentrating on healing, but no hospitaler archetype exists, he is doing it through RP. Stats look good. A scarred creature that may have demonic or eldritch blood is not problem as part of the background. The party is all elf so far - human is allowed too, but the party has been 100% elf except for a few human guides or allies.

Ok, got it. Means I can rearrange my stats a bit more.

Sovereign Court

Brask sent me. Presenting Shrike Lithas, Elf barbarian/monk, using speed and cunning to undermine the enemy. If it's what you're looking for, pm me and I'll throw together a sheet and such.

Shadow Lodge

Chainmail wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

What deities are present in this game, and what domains do they offer?

Same as Golarion - elf gods are encouraged.

Assuming we're starting at 2nd level (like the rest of the PCs), what's our wealth?

1000gp to start.

I think I'm ready. I still have some cash to spend, but the important stuff is all there.

If the cleric is in, it will be a cleric who has found a shrine in the city of Garrison where the party is. Azlain is a tortured soul looking for redemption from the cleric.

Both hear news of the elves in the city and will be joining the party to both advance their patron god's agenda (cleric) and redeem themselves (Azlain).

Well, yesterday was May Day and thus I got nothing done, but I'll be ready by the end of today.

It's odd. Normally I have a background in mind before I start making a character. I don't know whether it's that the campaign has started already, or that I'm trying to patch a hole in the party's capabilities, but I'm running dry on background ideas. I suppose I'm gonna go with amnesia as a backstory, and self-discovery as a motivation, for now. Azlain's need gives her a purpose, I guess.

Putting that aside, Lienilda's ready for when you meet her.

Lienelda and Azlain are drawn by the sounds of horrible screeching in the tunnels. An underground sanctuary to Gozreh offers a secure refuge in the sewers. Investigating the noise you are three rounds from the fight at maximum speed.

Got it. Should we start posting in Gameplay now?

Yes, if you are done, move to gameplay AFTER you work some of this below into your background.

The undercity used to be above ground, but sank over the years. An ancient shrine to Gozreh still exists that caters to those who hold the old ways. A cleric and former tainted one both were drawn to the sanctuary. Here the wounded one, Azlain, was made partially whole by the wandering cleric somehow driven to find the old sanctuary in a daze.

Ok, here's my thoughts on that

Chainmail and Lienilda:

Azlain could have been returned to the world in the undercity (after having been in hell).

If Leinilda was exploring there, probably looking for something else, she could have found Azlain laid out on an ancient demonic altar. She patched him up. All his gear is antique stuff pulled out of chambers in the undercity.

Literally no one before in his entire life has been selflessly kind to him, so all of a sudden Azlain has a profound reason to want to protect her and hang around.

It also means that Azlain (having no idea how long he's been gone) has no knowledge of the world as it is now, which fits, since I (as a player) don't know much about your world.

What do you think?

OK looks good.

Can you give me the name of some ancient evil guy that Azlain could have worked for? Whoever this world's original BBEG is?

Azlain wrote:
Ok, here's my thoughts on that ** spoiler omitted **

As for why Lienilda would be in the undercity, all the time she can remember she has been driven to find and preserve old things. It matters not what they are, who made them, or to whom they owe allegience. This is linked to her need to discover something about her past - maybe something will trigger some memory sometime. When she heard of the undercity, it drew her like a magnet. Azlain was the first person she met down there, and his immediate need, and his apparent displacement, kept her around.

Lienilda's rather shy, a persona she's developed after decades of avoiding people's questions about herself. So she still doesn't know all that much about Azlain, and vice versa. But they work well together. She hopes that one day he'll tell her of the ancient world. For now, though, she has yet to find the altar to Gozreh, whose import lies in its age and in its sanctity.

Big bad guy is an undead knight named the Ebony Knight. He or she is who Azlain worked for.

am interested in this game, elven side, but can't find details on character creation, or if there is room at all

EDIT: just found mention of char creation, but still the question is up about free room for a player, and also a question of the feat that gives a char two additional traits would be allowed to get traits at all

EDIT2: none of the archetypes for any of the classes is allowed, is this true?

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